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The Uintah Basin Standard from Roosevelt, Utah • 2

Roosevelt, Utah
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a t. II t. UINTAH BASIN RECORD DUCHESNE UTAH Uintah Basin Record Published Every Friday At Duchesne Utah nt it oa class second matter matter- ii May 26 1922 at the at Duchesne Utah under the act of off March 3 1879 Published by the DUCHESNE PUBLISHING CO Geo S. Bowers Manager G. L.

NancoNance Ass Mgr SUBSCRIPTION RATESKATES One Year SLY Six Months Three Months 75 I have hn never caredmuch for tor for- thetheIho question Whosefault was it It seems to memo far tar more Important Im lm- to ask How can cane we cure it l' Let us ug get busy with that andmeantime help each other over the rough places Dr Henry Henry Henry Hen Henry Van Dyke I The City's Budget By Frank Connor I Of a n. total of the amount amount a- a I a-I i mount of cash on hand and arid dis disbursements disbursements dis- dis diS 1 I for the year 1932 was paid by the city of Duchesne as ns interest on its bonded I I Indebtedness Thisis nearly one- one third of the city'srevenue I I I The City of Duchesne ought to to- be to- be to- be toI be interested in the proposal of Mayor Hoan of Milwaukee which i I would freecities from the burden burden of interest Mayor Hoan ought to have our whole hearted sup support The relief that the use of nearly a third of our municipal income forother purPoses purposes would aford would start this city on a anew a a- newnew era of itsexistence I I Mr Borah Speaks By Frank Connor We are undoubtedly in a position position posi- tiontion where we are going to have to take over therailroads if we continue our present course And i not only therailroads but insurance insurance insur- anceance companies as well Well We'll I make the Soviet government ashamed ashamed a- a shamed of Itself I a-I Thus speaks Air Mr Borah He thought he was uttering a word I of warning of a dangerous I I dure In reality he uttered words I of hope If the government is I forced to foreclose on the railroads railroads railroads rail rail- roadsandinsurance companies to whom it hasloanedmillions of dollars it will not bring about na national national na- na I I calamity Rather it will will- be will- bebe a great economic advance I II I I I As it is therailroads are striving striv- Ing striv- inging to pay dividedividends ds on oceans of watered stock and salaries to executives executives' executives executives executives' ex ex- all out of proportion What a foolish spectacle it is is- is executives of bankrupt concerns getting from sixty to one-hundred one thousand dollars yearly If the government due to the inability of the present railroad owners to manage their business should be forced to foreclose on them as Mr Borah threatens it will mean a saving to the postal department as well as the people I who travel and ship goods Presumably Presumably Pre Pre- the railroads would then be operated at cost As for the insurance companies J. P. Morgan is the treasurer of one which renders its service at cost to a small group He has definitely proven that insurance can be provided at a cost much lower than the prevailing rates of the companies operating under the profit system supported by the the- RR R. F.

C. If If the government were forced to foreclose on these companies companies companies com com- and Mr Morgans Morgan's example was followed it would be a splendid splendid splen- diddid thing for the public And what care we if we shouldshame Soviet Soviet Soviet Sovi Soviet Russia I i Higher profits I Many DianY ranchers and farmers the telephone telephone telephone tele telephone to advantage to call the market before bringing in livestock or produce It enables them to select times when prices are better When you telephone yoyou get the person you want and wet the facts with facts with with- outout delay Ask Long Dis Distance for tor an rates 1 any you ou I would lilo to know I TheTho Mountain State Telephone Telegraph Co PROTECT Wh WHAT AT YOU HA HAVE VE WITH INSURANCE Your first concern is of course to retain re retain tarn what you now possess by protecting it against thoseperils which may threaten your ownership Modern insurance indemnifies ag against property loss from almost any hazard Consult us without obligation GEO S. BOWERS Agent Duchesne Utah WE VE NEED VOLUME fE to operate economically Cream is Cash Eat Maid 0 Clover Butter and Cheese for economy and quality MUTUAL CREAMERY COMPANY Wholesalers of Maid inlaid 0 Clover ButterButtor and Cheese Duchesne Utah Patronize Home Holne Industry If n. NEWHOUSE HOTEL MRS J. H.

WATERS VATERS Salt Lake City Utah lr I ROOM RATES 2 50 TWO PERSONS 2 L. 50 JU A Out Outside ide room with bath 5 00 Four FAMILY or 01 Five ROOM Persons 5 00 Rates 2 to 14 1 Single Two Members In Family SIngle Family Single Rate Plus GO 50 Cents W. E. SUTTON C. W.

WEST Gen Mgr Gen Mgr 4 POWER 8 6 LIGHT GO CO ELECTRICITY IS MR YOVO MOST EFFICIENT SERVANT SERB Legal Blanks We have the following ving Legal Blanks in Stock I I WARRANTY DEEDS QUIT CLAIM OLAI I DEEDS I PROMISSORY NOTES BLANK RECEIPT BOOKS I MORTGAGES CHATTEL MORTGAGES BILLDILL OFSALE SECTION MAPS 1 1 LOCATION NOTICES PLACER OLA CLAIMS IS Printed on Good Stock andthebest legal formfarm The Uintah Basin i RECORD WANT ADS I All AU Want Vant Ads Cash in Advance anco FOR SALE SALE Old Old Newspapers fic t- aa bundle Call at This office i 1 WANTED WOOD WANTED WOOD on a bons Call Can at Record i ii i 1 I LOST Rotary LOST Rotary Barrel Pump between between be be- I tween ThornsThorn's road camp camp- and 1 I Fruitland Finder please return I to Record office Reward I I Professional Cards Cards' ar Si i I I WM H. FITZWATER VATER I Notary Public i i Duchesne Utah HOMER nOMER LIDDEL Blacksmith Utah 4 i E. F. EVANS Painting Decorating SIGNS Duchesne Utah j. I L.

A. A HOLLENBECK it Law at fP Utah it 1 I I fJ ROBERT G. PO PORTER 1 La Lawyer ner i Duchesne Utah i I BABY CHICKS Leghorns Leghorn Barred Rocksflocks and Rhode Ehod I Island Reds Write for prices and place orders or- I orders or orders now I WILL VILL DI DICKERSON Duchesne Utah BILLS BILL'S BARBER SHOP Duchesne Utah Announces their New Low Prices as follows vs HairHall Cut ShaveShavo Shampoo Shampoo Shampoo Sham Shampoo plain Massage 1 Tonic Your Patronage Appreciated Advertisers get t. the business business- watch the ads and results I Insull According According- to press reports several several several sev several Insull companies that have survived will pension Samuel Insull Insull Insull In Insull to the extent of eighteen thousand thousand thou thousand dollars annually This Is Is- I done over the protests of large groups of Meanwhile Insull resides In- I in Greece a fugitive from justice Millions upon million of pf dollars of i innocent investors have been lost through through his financial While the life savings of many people are gone through hisbis activities he lives In luxury in a foreign land where the arm of American justice cannot reach him Insull we call it I I Japans Japan's War Tai Hysteria I Twice within a week Japan caused international complications and made herself appear extremely extreme extreme- extreme I ly silly in the eyes of the rest of of the world Her latest outbreak of ot of war hysteria was the detention of oft I the passengers and crew of an- an an A- th ship which had run a- I a- a- a I a-I I ground inTokyo Bay Destroyers I stood by the ship not to take off i persons in danger but to prevent I sketching and photographing of the fortified area while Japanese guards boarded the ship for the same purpose Only a day or two 1 before the Japanese arrested the crews o- I of four Russian whaling ships that tha had put into a fortified port fo for water In 1931 two American flyers flyers flyers fly flyers Herndon and were detained several weeks and pu put put- I through an absurd grilling because they they had unwittingly flown over fortified areas The idiotic examiners examiners exam examiners even tried to make an issue of the fact fac that one of the flyers had a young brother attending a military school The Pathfinder travel editor was once arrested in in- the in- the in- thethe Interior of Japan and forced to leave All countries take precautions against espionage but all substantial substantial sub sub- facts regarding a rivals rival's fortifications and plans are known to any other nation which feels it worth while to do a bit of spying Information ig is not gained however however however how however by sending flyers ar aroundund the world even crossing two oceans so that a photograph may be tak tal- en It would be much easier to buy a secret Japanese photo or map from a clerk whose wifewile needs a new obi Again our Intelligence depart department depart- mentment menu is not so hard up for Information information information inform inform- regarding the fortifications around Tokyo that it must run aground an expensive ship so that photos may be taltaken en and drawings drawings drawings draw drawings made Are the forts so obvious obvious obvious ob ob- that they may be sketched from theharbor Those who were old enoughin 1917 18 will recognize the toms Theseidiotic espionage charges are just part of a war hysteria and are enlightening in that they show that the Japanese people are in the frame ofmind which would permit their leaders to make war not only on China but on Russia America or any other nation America passed through the same period of hysterical i ity ty while we were at war If a a- man a- man a- manman named Schmidt should board a train at Baltimore to attend the races at Laurel he was dragged dragged drag dragged ed from the train becausehe was carrying field glasses with which he would spy out thethc secrets of Washington The fact that helie had been carrying glasses to the races for years years only showed his guile In building up for this opportunity op opportunity for tor perfidiousness If a small boy forgetting himself himself himself him himself for a moment should order a hamburger sandwich It was not unlikely that his whole family would be persecuted as German sympathizers even though though the boys boy's two older brothers should beat be beat be- atat the Ule front Everyone knew kne that that- aa real patripatriot tate only liberty sandwiches Let a householder In Ohio have trouble with his window curtain and have to raise and lower It several times to get it to stay put He was promptly arrested for Cor signaling to a German submarine sub submarine When he pointed out that that- aa submarine couldn't get close enough to hishouse by several hundred miles to see the light the citizens went into a conference and emerged with the idea that it I must have been a Zeppelin and burned his barn as a warning Absolutely silly wasn't It Well VeIl I the Japanese are going through I just such a time now Its It's all very I I exciting while it lasts but it I makes makesmaltes you ou feel sheepish when the scare is over The The Pathfinder I Magazine I The New cv Era I In economic theory there are three factors in the production of wealth viz land labor capitol Man in his early savage state was was- I entirely dependent upon land and I labor His life was sustained by consuming from day to day whatever whatever whatever what whatever was Vas natively produced upon the land He saved nothing for forr future need until taught by tempestuous tem tem- tempestuous experience the advantage advantage advantage advant advant- tem tem-I age of garnering the produce of summer for consumption in wint winter The grains and the berries and the meats andskins of wold animals were his earliest probable accumulationof capital His lif life life was then no longer imperiled by by- the by- the by- the And the barren fieldsof winter he was no longer compelled to occupy occupy occupy oc occupy his whole time in search of food He turned to his larder to satisfy his hunger Life became I easier Moved instinctively in an I attempt to satisfy his inherent curiosity he exploited new fields which afforded new stimuli for new wan wants sand provoked new attempts at at- temptstempts to satiate them This continuous continuous continuous con con- I exploitation of the field of the unknown has directly led to the creation of our great variety of weal wealth tho Family tribal pastoral and communal organized social orders were successively invoked to gain the mutual advantage of every membersmember's individual genius Inthe In Inthe In- thethe communal state each person became a specialist pursuing a particular task Each became an efficient producer and soon discovered discovered discov- eredered that in his field he could produce produce pro produce a surplus beyond individual need These surpluses were exchanged ex exchanged exchanged ex exchanged directly and thus each member received the benefit of his neighbors neighbor's skill and its it's resultant creations Barter was the earliest form of exchange It had many inconveniences It was cumbersome cumbersome cumbersome cumber cumbersome and limited the exchange of commodities to a very small terri territory The inherent desire of man man- to man- to man- toto obtain the products of remote communities provoked the use use- of some commodity that would be generally accepted relatively scarce hence something of small volume that could be traded for- an for for- an for- anan immense amount of other goods Oxen wampum silver and gold are among the most important commodities successively used The political sovereign in an at attempt attempt at- tempttempt to banish fraud and confusion confusion confus- ionion from his realm provided provide by bylaw bylaw by- lawlaw that a piece of silver or gold of certain weight and fineness should be a standard by which the value of all other goods and se services services vices v- ices should be measured Thus the precious metals which became automatically became a medium of exchange were coined at fixed weight and fineness as standard measures of the value ofall other I commodities A momentous blunder blUn- der blunder blun blUn- der was then We have inherited that blunder It has provided provided provided pro provided a haven for greed and power pow power er It has permitted the shrewd speculator to exploit the innocent toiler and investor It is a cardinal cardinal cardinal cardi cardinal cause of these baneful depres It is the direct cause of ot what Professor Irving Fisher calls the money Illusion The grave fallacy of minting coins at a fixed metallic content is thatthe supply and demand of gold does not always vary directly direct directly with the supply and demand for other commodities and vitiates them as a measuring device Thus during a period when confidence In profitable Investments wanes loans are not renewed credit In Instruments instruments instruments in- in which circulate as money under our financial system diminishes in volume and bank deposits deposits deposits de de- deI posits shrink and demand for gold cash and currency is greater than its supply The gold dollar I Increases in value It purchasing I II I power Is then greatly increased I II resulting In a general lowering of th the price level This Is exactly I what occurred during the panic of 1893 to 1896 To alleviate the I I strain placed upon pen gold and thus I lessen the purchasing power of the dollar William Jennings Bryan Bry- Bry I an campaigned for free and unlimited unlimited un unlimited coinage of silver as a means of restoring this country I to prosperity Mr Bryan as a a- II presidential candidate was defeated defeat defeated but good fortune camecarne to the Republican an victors not so much from policy pursued as by acci accident Great neat reat deposits of gold were I discovered shortly after the election election elec election of McKinley in the Rand district dis dis- district in South Africa in Australia Austra- lI Austral- Austral iala in Alaska a and the Klondike I This gre great increase in the supply of gold cheapened goldgola everywhere including that coined into dollars There was an immediate decrease I in the purchasing power of the dollar and a corresponding rise in commodity prices a prices a return of I confidenceand an expansion of credit which led to a new era of prosperity The most vital question before the world and particularly before I I America at present is whether or not we are going to trust to fortune fortune fortune for fortune again or utilize a means which is immediately available I There are three expedients which I are proposed to restore us to prosperity prosperity prosperity pros pros- Namely Expansion of the currency by fiat of ot silver and expansion of credit OTHERS VIEW VIES MOMENTOUS QUESTION Heres Here's a question that us us In these days of three thirty-three Questions all aU are right momen- momen tyous Present time it pears to me I debts are some To us folks foUts among the sticks But well we'll leave these problems To the game calledcaned poly ticks For the question that us After all aU isdone and andsaid Is thefear that some poor kiddie Trudges hungry up to bed I have heerd a faint suggestion I to Alabam That th beersbeer's th vital question In this bis landof Uncle Sam Pro hi they're hunk Cuddy-hunk to Golden Gate Wets and drys are cus- sin cus- sin cus- sin cus- cus sin of weight Yet this problem so Should jest be an issue dead Til were we're sure no half-fed half young- young un Trudges hungry up to bed issue Farm relief's a pert-nent pert We Ve should with Us true And the taxes never miss you Allus Anus run your surplus through Tariff must be Customs levied high and low Rever-noo Rever cant can't be abated Uncle Sam must run his show All An these problems are But they're to the dread Of a hundred thousand wee folks hungry up to bed Unemployment is the question That should sound us to our soul Brother what Is your suggestion What will help us reach the goal I Can you offer one daysday's labor To someone in direct need Your neglect is like Mike a saber Your support a deed Your support though but a pit pit- ence Ah twill be on record spread Blest for savin some Bome wee tot from hungry up to bed You receive your stipend weekly You dont don't wish to be annoyed Pause and ponder kindly brother I One in ten are unemployed Will wm it hurt to SHARE my brother brother brother bro brother Half as much as we believe Wont Won't theblessin richen rather Blest to give and not receive I Aint I it grand were we're neighbor Praise th Lord our kids are fed Lets Let's make sure NO wan wan-cheeck- edcd young-un young Trudges hungry up to bed C. C.

R. MILLSLULLS Fryeburg Maine READERHEADER CRITICIZES THE SPOILS SYSTEM Duchesne Utah February 26 1933 I Dear Editor Shades of Andrew Jackson Jackson- I originator of the Spoils System in politics politics Iwonder what Old Hickory would say If he were here and able to comment upon the conduct of the Democratic Democratic Democratic Demo Democratic Central Committee of Carbon Car Car- Car- bonbon county in their efforts to distribute distribute distribute dis distribute the lootof their last great victory to their favorite sons Over the grapevine telegraph comes the news that In their eagerness eagerness eag- ernesserness to distribute largess to the sons of the Wild Jackass they are attempting to undermine a service that is vital to the people of this section and which has survived I several administrations of the past both Democratic and Republican unhampered hampered and unchanged That Thatis I i in is thE Star Route mail service be be- 1 tween Price and the Uintah Basin Basin Basin Ba Basin towns In carrying out the old Democratic Democratic Democratic Demo Democratic Policy of To the Victor belongs the Spoils a movement is is- on is- on is- onon foot to oust from their jobs first the Superintendent of the Star RouteMailMall Service who in 1917 18 was perfectly capable of serving hisbis country and did so faithfully and well and who hasbas conducted the dutiesof his office as superintendent efficiently under both Democratic and Republican administrations Furthermore and what is of more vital importance import importance they propose to replace the fourteen truck drivers who are are- now are- now are- nownow on the job and who likewise I have served in a partisan non-partisan spirit spir spirit through several changes of administration administration administration ad administration many of them passing passing pass passing up better and more jobs in the past under the assumption assumption assump- tiontion that their positions with Uncle Uncle Uncle Un Uncle Sam were secure The lamentable thing about the whole matter is that for the post of Superintendent they have Indorsed in indorsed indorsed In- In not one man but four for- the for for- thethe job and not fourteen but six sixty-five ty for the driver personnel BiX-j enough to handle the job for the entire state of Utah let alone the route in question Perhaps the Committee wishes to express it itself itself itself it- it self in favor of the new idea of I rotation of labor which has swept the country Four bosses working alternate shifts and men working every fourth day In viewing the list of applicants for the job of Superintendent Iwonder I Iwonder I- wonderwonder also why the Committee and the policies of their predeces- sorssors which ich given preference to service ex-service men The present incumbent incumbent incumbent in in- is an service ex-service man whereas the sole qualifications of the four who would replace him are that they are loyal to their party If he must go surely it is not impossible to findsome man who has been not only loyal to his party party party par party but faithful to the service of his country in its time of need As for the other I do do- not do- not do- notnot know what their politics may maybe maybe may- bebe but I do know that they have taken no part in active political matters and furthermore at least least I I half of them are are service ex-service men I and men of character and ability capable and loyal to their service and the service of ththeir ir country and held in high esteem by all who know them The excellent care caro which they have taken of the equipment to them and and- their untiring efforts winter and summer rain or shine to live up to the tradition the service that the mail should go through on I schedule is worthy of I 1 tion To arbitrarily remove them at this time would not only impair the service but would be a gross injustice and a reflection on the of the Democratic party In censuring the actions of the i Central Committee the writer wishes to commend the business business- menmen of Carbon County fortheir justifiable stand in indorsing by petition the present drivers and employees Their sense of fair fair- play fair- play fair- playplay is not only commendable but reflects I believe the attitude of I the general public throughout the I Basin towns as well wen as all fair I minded and thinking people of Carbon County Yours forfair play E. W. CROCKER I- I CEDAR VIE Royalty was pleasantly surprised by her friends Thursday Thursday Thursday Thurs Thursday night Games were played and at a seasonable hour refreshments refreshments refreshments refresh refreshments were served The event was Yo anas ana's birthday a I Mrs Lucy Timothy mother of of- Earl of- Earl of- EarlEarl and Oran Timothy is in from Bingham on a short visit 0 Mrs Price returned to her home in Salt Lake City after a short visit with her mother Mrs Florence Bacon and brother Chancey Clarence and James E. Bacon a Quite ite a crowd from here enjoyed enjoy enjoyed a dance at Friday night 0 Frank Timothy is moving from Bennett onto the Sturgeon Duffy-Sturgeon place where he will farm rm this year o- Just Just Plain Folks will be presented presented presented pre pre- by the lokaIoka dramatic club here Thursday night A free dance will follow 0 o- RuthRuth Mitchell was visiting at- the at at- thethe home of bishop Bahrahr Sunday a o- Wayne Wayne Vayne Mitchell left Tuesday morning to work on the state road between DUCh Duchesne and Myton Dayton o- The The M.

I I. I A. A dramatic club will present resent One On Bill a three act drama at on Thursday evening In the Latin AI American r- lies the Sons and Daughters of ot the Revolution couldn't be u- ve 2 ive ve as they would have to include I 1 everybody Experts have delved deep and come up with the statement that 75 per cent ofthe automobiles now In use are unsafe Wish I they hey had delved still sUlI deeper and 1 told old us how many ofthe new ones ones- II are unsafe unsafe afe I.

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