The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 296. BLYTHRV1LLE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 19-13 SUBSCRIPTION RATES ON REQUEST TH* BLTTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS p\*UAhed dilly except 6und»ys In 'the Interest of .the personnel of 'the , Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flyliu School of• BIythevUle, by tb« BIythevllle Courier Newi, It contains the new of UM All B&se. . i , . Flak in the Algerian Sky CIS SIDPS Picnic At Park Dampened But Group Carries On At USO Clubhouse THE ONE-TWO-THREE Or INVASION FROM SHIPTO SHORE Showers lnlemi)>tcd llic picnic Monday hlylil nt Walker I'.uk wllli Dlylhcvlllc Coinmnnity -Scvvlce Corps 1 Girls entertaining • the .soldiers, b\il (iimililics of sandwiches, polnlo chins mid pickles were dniiL> away wjtli, find Ihe party ndjoitrn- etl lo Ihe UBO clubhouse. There Ihc llrignh 'sisters, Hie MUscs Nora F.ilwjr, llcglnu, Ge- ncvB mid Gcncvlcvo, arrived willi 50 more sandwiches, which helped while everybody played cards, table Icnnts.mid olher (jamcs, or diince'd and vislled. ' : . Ai'i'mieciiienUs were made by ,a committee composed of the MJs,scs Marie Bombolaskl, Eileen HiiyKn, Manilla. Modlngcr, AniL'lln Modlii- Ijer and June Workman. The plnitc lunch was provided by a group of women, Including Mrs. Paul Giecnwcll, Mrs. Sterling Mnrlln, Mrs. Cornelius Modlnjjer, Mrs. John Hombolaskl, Mrs. John LciHI, Mrs. Jack Thro, Mrs. John Mortens, Mrs. Joe It. llainby, Mrs. Lien Clime, Mrs, Dick Hobcrts,. Mrs. Eiiucnc Brown, Mrs. Gerald Henley, and MLss Rose Soncrwllch. Mrs. Tom lluller provided-'six (tuni'ts of homemade frull Ice cream nd cones, and 79 Ice cream cones verc served. | 'Algiers' defense against axis inr raiders was this concentration ot I anti-aircraft fire, making a vivid pattern of flak in the night sky. V ' Several of the attacking bombers .were brought down. ± s WRTS * * NOTES A soldier's edition of The Sporting News, international sports •weekly published in St. Louis, has teen received at the Air Base and Koch To Take Course copies have been distributed to squadron day rooms. . . . V — Sergt.-^Gordon Donbhue, , aviation mechanic whr. once pmnmeled New York pro welterweights from pillar to post, can swim "as well as he can box. He served 'a hitch as life guard ut a New York pool. Now he hies himself 'to the " 'Community Pool after work each day. ' - . '. ' . . . V — : Corp. Bill" Bakcrsvillc, fencing enthusiast, is back in circulation after a. minor opcralion at the Base Hospital. He had a good lime dur- them inlo first place in Ihe Inler- squadron soflball league? Is Iheii success due lo the master minding of Sluff Sergt, Dan Fowlslon, thcii manager? Or is it that they're' just good? Second Lieut.. William Kclso ot the Ale and Quail team, Is one of Ihe best first basemen in Ihe sofl- ball l=auue. He and Sergl. Mack McWhorlcr of ihe Alliletic Deparl- meul sqimd run neck and-'neck when it comes lo ability at the initial sack. V —- , < Whien Licui."M.""i:**Xngcll' r second^ baseman for, the. Athletic Deparl- ment, gnllngis nround the bases lie- looks Jtist like what he was, a crack broken Held runner. Guys who've pltxyed against him say he was so shifty you .-hail to set n bead Irap to get him once lie got through the scrimmage' line. The Guitrri Squadron has a swell library in their new Day noons Second Lieut. William C. Koeh, assistant signal ^fflcer at the Blyilievlllc Army Air Field, left this week to tnke it course at the Signal [Corps School of Administration and Supply at Ft. Muninuulh, N. J. ' • •••'• Lieutenant Koch came to BIythe- vllle In'February. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Koch, 3223 Marshall St., Little Rock. A 1032 graduate of liltllc. Rock Junior College he attended the University of:Arkansas. . • • ' V Amphibious American forces use iniiny types oi landing craft in their drills for invasion of enemy shores. In jiiancuv.drs on the Atlantic.const, troops .swarm down bidders into bo:ils, left. Marines who ntliicked Guadalcanal iisnd armored, "alligators" in :idvnncc from ship to shore, top, and brought tanks lo the beach in "crocodile" boats, bottom. 'rotective Covering No\v Used To Stop Low Velocity Missiles Body armor lo shealh the wearer from neck to hips has been developed by the United Slates Army's Eighth Air Force in England lo pro. tcct members of bomber crews from misslTs of relatively low velocity, which have been found to cause the vast majority of wounds, (he War Department announced. The protective covering 1 was devised by Col. Malcolm Grow, inir- gfon of the Eighth Air Force, whose research determined tiiatVa thin steel plate would stop low velocity missies, such as flak. .'-, The armor weighs twtdjy pounds. Us base is a sleeveless can'- was slip-on with transverse pockets Into which plates of steel are sltppzd. It consists of front arid rear covers suspended from the shoulders and laced together along the sides. The garment can be removed instantly by pulling a release cord threaded through eyes joining the two sections along the shoulders. •. The body armor has been found lo be particularly effective fo/ waist and turret gunners, who expose the upper part ot llieir bodies. Complications 01 lic'coming Wed Finally Overcome 11 look •lime and perseverance, Wanes Shutter Tr.iililioh VANCOUVEli. Wash. (UP)—Tradition of nearly u century bowed out al Vancouver barracks here rc- cenlly when 12 Wanes from Fort- liind, Ore., marched side by side to artermasler recruits in close- ing his convalescence. Did nothing bnt eal and sleep. Now lie forsecs heavy*training.-ahead. An hour of calisthenics-a day won't be enough. He has about -tin pounds of excess weight" to" gel rid of. i ... V — *. Speaking of busman's holidays, Lieut. Cecil Garrison, junior physical training director, is taking one. When '.he left on leave he Informed his. pals he expected to rest by Shelves and everything. Just one thing is missing—booksl . . . V This really happened. A soldie roaming where he had no buslnes to be, over on the flying line, starert at an airplane, pointed al the pro peller, and asked: "What's lha thing for? To cool Ihe motor?" . . . V — What, did Staff Scrgt. Wallac Hoke do when he had a day off ii fishing and playing tennis 24 hours Osceoln? Went lo the Gem Theater a dav' of course. And saw the same pictui *'•• v _ that was showing at the I 3 os Pfc. Walter Lenke, musician who Theater, where .(you guessed it) h has spent most of his adult life as is assistant manager, an orchestra leader in Europe, is ' t ' learning^ the fine points of the! fiOnCU PrOttUCtlOtl National Pastime. He was called on • to umpire a game the other day. He didn't feel too well qualified and asked for advice. Lieut. Cecil Pinner told him. "Just remember that you're the boss. Don'l pay any attention to gripers." Lenke digested .the officer's suggestion, .look his place behind the ' catcher, and was one of the finest arbiters yet seen on the : diamond. "'•'.,..:. V'-— Sergt.p5leel Crane of the 702nd Softball-team is currently wearing a .slipper on one foot and limping badly. There's a science to sliding into a base, he's leanud. . -. v - ,.*-.: Who gave the Medjcs the shot in the arm that suddenly skyrocketed At Hangar No. Tech. Scrgt. Roy nranlley an jtaff Sergt. Jerome Davidson, ai craft mechanic crew chiefs of tl 703rd. Squadron, are raking the own honey. They have a hive fi of black honey bees back of Hang No, 2. The bees are busy as bees a ihe sergeants are looking forwa to having honey on their whca cakes, 7 ~T All Ihcy have to do now is~'rea< up on how lo take the honey away from the bees, when Ihe time cflmes. They leave it lo Ihc bees lo prolcct themselves against pabo- lags or imwarranlcd inlerfercnce wilh food production. Sixteen Club Provides Cake and Pies For USO Hospitality Hour Full of pie and cake, soldiers galhercd mound the piano and sang white Mrs. Ralph Berryman played, during the Sunday afternoon hospitality hour. The Sixteen Club, composed of Home Demonstration Club members from near Manila, provided 10 pies and four cakes. They were brought by Mrs. Houston McCaim, president; MLss Cecelia Wires, Ihe home economics teacher,, and her mother, Mrs. Ell/Jibeth Wire of Fayettevillc, Mo,,.and Miss Vivian Still.. The members' of 'Ihe .club, who provided the cakes and pies from liieir own kilchcns, and whose handiwork received an enthusiastic Corporal Hamcl Returns From Furlough With Bride Corp. Roland Hamel, aviation mechanic assigned to the 702nd, is back from furlough with his bride, the former Miss Nonna but Pfc. Virgil Chatficld, a trumpet Parro ti, of White River, Vermont. baml - Iln! >"y BOt. Tllc ccl]1 ,i c wcre niiiiTlcil during I the bric>groom's furlpugii and was to' per- j Mrs. Hamel gave up her job as a player in the :nairicd. The first problem suade his. high school sweetheart j bEanly operator lo crane from San Diego, Calif., and ! hlisfonml ijecomc a" soldier's wife. She got to be . with her here last week on Monday. •.;, 'then they spent a couple of days I'rying to Hud Chaplain Gerald J. Hugaii, who was in process of returning from a leave of absence in Uoslon. it was Tuesday when Ihcy confronted him, and he asked from their and groom for the dLspensalion church in San Diego. Prospective bride faced eacli other and both spoke at once: Said he: "You brought it, didn't you?' 1 Corporai name* reported at this station January He attended technical school at Roosevelt Field, New York, after entering the Army Aug. 1, 13-12. In civilian life he was a salesman. Good Behavior 01' Private Awol Brings Stripes USO Plans Dance And Birthday Party There will bo two affairs IU the USO center tonight. Soldiers, whose wives live in Blythevillc now, will be guests at a dance,'beginning at '.Said she: "You sent for it, didn't ]8i30 o'clock and cintimiing unlil you?'' | u o'clock, and soldiers' whose - So Chalfiekl telegraphed, am! 1 birthdays fail in June will be guesU the dispensation came promptly, I at n party from 8 until S:30 o'clock the bant: hicV Private Awol hasn't been AWOL for some lime, so he has been pro- moled again lo sergeant. iAwol is the police dog which accompanies Ihe Town Patrol on their nightly vigils in Blylheville. He is brown, has a while spot on iiLs throat, and has b«n a member of Ihe Guard Squadron since he was given to the Town Patrol as a puppy four-months ago. | Awol got his name because he! invariably ile-scrlcd his MP pals as ioon as they got to town, going off jy himself to explore alleys and yards without official authoriza- :ion. Three times he reformed and each time his transgressions were forgiven and he was promoted to strgeant. And three, times he yielded again to .the impulse • lo go 'Absent Wilhout Official Leave and was busied back to buck private. Recent good conduct and evident devotion lo duty and capable performance were cited in an announcement of his new promotion lo triple-stripe status. Tubbs Gets 4 Hits In Softball Game The Athletic Department defeated the Medic Masters 14-5 In a non-league Softball game, at the Athletic Area Monday afternoon-. The outstanding player for the vlb- tors was Sergl. Robert Tubbs, third baseman, who got fonr hits out nf four trips to the plate, two doubles and a triple. Lieut. Allen Hurley, pitcher for victors, and Owens, center fielder, hit home runs. Hall, pitcher for the Medic Masters, was outstanding tit the plate for his team, getting two for SIKIICC and Miss Nancy Ware. Roses Arc Keel, And So Are Beets-- Wil'e Serves Verse- Along With Eats When Staff Sergt, Andrew J. Mbert, n clerk in Ihe Plans and 'raining Office, got home the thcr evening, his wife was oul, but he hadn't forgotten him. iOn Ihc <llchen lable was her note in verse. Andy I f Inlo the ice box you will reach, You'll find a lunch that is a Private Chalfield's seven-day furlough was all used up, so Tuesday morning he was back on duty . again, married sure enough, but without Ihe honeymoon. ' Private and Mrs. chnUicld arc at home at 124 East Kentucky Street. The bride is the former Miss Socorro Franko. ETOflNY BUSINESS Theodora "Bubbles" Dryer, a 1 ; die polisher at the Ohio Tool Company in Cleveland, is the war plant's pin-up girl for June. Her picture will be sent to all of the firm's men in the armed forces and a new queen will be chosen monthly. Cold pork salad on your sandwich lo spread., 'lease don't mention pork again Or will my face be red! Potato salad seasoned lo your flavor, Eat it all. yon will do me a favor- Slice some tomaloes, if yon care to Indulge, Partake of two, your secret I'll never divulge. Then if yon want something a little bit nice Help yourself to the fruit salad, I have it on ice. Are yon full? Love. Virg. Soldiers Confer Masonic Degree A soldier degree team conferred the Inter-Apprentice Degree upon First Sergl. Paul Yost at the Iifa- sonic Lodge in Blythevillc Monday night. It was tlie first time in the history of Arkansas loilges, members believe, that an all-military team lias conferred a degree u|x>n a service man. Members of the team included Staff Serijt. Raymond Bomar, worshipful master; Tech. Sergt. Anthony Costanza, senior warden; Llcul. Durward Matins, junior warden; Sergl. Sherman Sword, senior deacon; Pfe. Horace A Higgins, punior deacon; Cap't. M. S. rar- rish, master Lieut, R. B. ceremonies. of ceremonies; and Jaeggin, master of Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn AcroM frtra Rich BekMl PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Pri«« Kirby Drug Stores Skating Every Afternoon And Niglil! GUY GEAN'S SKATING RINK Located on South Stcnnd St. Across From Nail. {lunnl Armory SPECIAL RATES F»» Service Men i M l i Repair Service That Is Fully Guaranteed! Kxpert Mechanics—Body Men Lee Motor Sales tornado gbe» .through this . 510 Earl StMW, Sh*p M7 F, Main .The Modern In Box COOLERATOR For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone III Fun Parade Coming Another USO Camp Show i coming to the Air Base. It will be here next Monday, at the Pos! ThEater. It is called The Fin Parade and Is a musical variety revue, direct ironi the Chicago Loop. i; There are girls in loe, precision and tap dancing; comedy; a Iroop of puppeleers; acrobatics, and music. "Hcmembcr way back when we couldn't cross the road?" SMALL LOANS OB Aarthiiif <t TOM. Ea*t Main Lou Co. W I. Hate _ FhMM MM Daughter Is Born An infant daughter was born to taff Sergl. and Mrs. Williani Villis Sunday morning al Walls' lospital. The child weighed 8 1-2 ounds. Sergeant Willis is a clerk nt. roup Operations. He enlisted July 1941, and reported al \liis sta- ion with the" first cadre;July 1, 042. WE/FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVK YOU MONEY | STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 282'i Flowers For Every Occasion ... Funeral designs, wedding flowers, corsages. THE FLOWER SHOP WE DELIVER GLENCOE HOTEL BLDQ. Phone 491 FITTED BY i; Doctor* J. L and J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dw*r & Wmlnmt Ph. IU IN BLYT SEVILLE SINCE 1922 Officers' Uniforms Compare the fabric and workmanship of these fine garmenls before buyinj! Better Blouses 37.75 Klasliquc Trousers 13.75 I'inks 13.75 Summer Trousers 7.90 Summer Shirts 8.90 Why buy new • shoe* when we can put months or teal seivlee, good appearance, eoroforl. In S««' present footwear at modest cost. H-flLTCRS QUflLlTY SHO€ SHOP Hi w. MfllN ST. BPTICBL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 .lust Krccivcci New Assortment CHROMIUM FOG LAMP SETS and ' DRIVING LIGHTS LOY EICH Chevrolet Company I'honi It ROBINSON'S -THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of »hartng needs, eosmetla, noTelt!»», etc., In BlythevillB than »t Robinson'.. Utest Uto icrTlce—undwichett Service Men! Mwt Yonr Friendi «t Robinwn'$I HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations BODY OF UNIFORM SHIRTS M/VHE SMALLER Khaki 75c; Tropic*! 5'! 3-day Service Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia

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