The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1954 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1954
Page 14
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PACK FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILL1 (ARK.) COURIER HEWg THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER f, Summer Treats: Peas and Beans I ^ Here Are Two Here's Dish for Lusty 5r.l5riS.5i" | I ^X A m * * Like beans? Peas? Lima beans? I /"I r}/ 1 "^/* I jf*1\/ /I ft n&l I I f^^ Lima beans make a wonderful Lm\JLU\JI I—/L*. V /"^ LJLJ^LL LV.TO combination vegetable, an£ are one ' ' of the few vegetables that contain I toes: sprinkle with paprika. Broil significant amounts of protein. ' about 6 inches from high heat un-! When they're added to other vita- Lobster Tails Make Delicious Shish Kebabs THEY MAY SAIL, they may swim, or they may play tennis. But whatever is on the sports agenda, you can be sure that when suppertime comes around they'll be interested in food. Yes, we're talking about teen-agers. So if you are likely to have a group of youngsters at your house during the Labor Day weekend, you might like to try a menu that we have found meets with applause from lusty appetites. I've noticed that my teen-age nephew and his friends are addicted to the same main course at their get-togethers: hamburgers or frankfurters. When I complained of the monotony of this fare, my nephew replied that since food was my profession, he would let me make some small variation on the; same theme! His mother and I took him at his word and served { these spud-stuffed frankfurters with his and his pals' full approval. To go with the franks, be sure to have a pot of hot-dog relish and one of prepared mustard. A big bowl of sauerkraut is also a must; sprinkle it with finely grated carrot and garnish it with sprigs of water cress or parsley. Frankfurter -rolls, split and buttered before heating, will also be relished. Since these franks are knife-and- fork food, have paper plates on hand. For dessert the' youngsters will like Checkerboard Cupcakes, and we are giving you directions for putting them together. A big ice-bucket full of cola drinks, for the cold beverage, will please everyone—and seem lavishly hospitable. You might have some cans of popcorn on hand for tfae youngsters to prepare, and munch during the evening. I find they also welcome bite-size shredded wheat or rice biscuits that have been toasted in butter or margarine and lightly sprinkled with salt. Use a large iron skillet for the toasting on top of the range: you can put about half a box of the cereal in at one time. Use low to moderate heat and stir often during the three minutes or so necessary for the toasting. A quarter cup of butter or margarine •will be just right for three cups (about half a box) of the cereal. SPUD-STtJFFED FRANKFURTERS Ingredients: 8 frankfurters, 3 medium-sized (about 1 pound) potatoes, V< cup hot milk, 1 tablespoon butter or margarine. J /z tea- spon salt, 1.4 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese (packed down), paprika. Method: Split frankfurters lengthwise, but do not cut entirely through. Cook peeled potatoes in boiling water until very soft; put through ricer. Beat in" hot milk, butter, salt and cheese. Using about 1/4 cup for each, stuff mashed potatoes into frankfurters. Run the tines of a fork over pota- til hot lightly through and potatoes aremin and mineral-packed vegeta- browned; watch carefully because this may take only 5 minutes or so. Serve at once. Frankfurters may be stuffed ahead of time and refrigerated; broiling time will be about the same. CHECKERBOARD CUPCAKES Ingredients: 9 chocolate or gingerbread cupcakes, 9 white cupcakes, 3 tablespoons butter or margarine, 2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar. 2 squares (2 ounces) unsweetened chocolate (melted over hot water), 4 tablespons (about) bles, the combination is very nutritious. Limas are available all year long, with largest supplies on the market through October. And here are recipes for two other favorites of the bean family. Snap Beans, Rosemary Butter (4 servings) One pound fresh snap beans, *£ inch boiling water in pan, % teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons margarine or butter, J /s teaspoon ground rosemary,leaves. undiluted evaporated milk. Wash and snap tips off end of Method: Put cupcakes on a large beans. Place whole beans in board and cut each in half. Cream j saucepan containing 3 / 2 inch boil- butter and sugar; beat in melted! ing water and the salt. Bring to- For $wank Wedding Breakfast: We asked Arm and Kauffman, chef of the swank Carlton House in New York, to help us plan a wedding breakfast de luxe for our read- | ers. Chef Kauffman, formerly assistant chef of the old Ritz Carlton before taking over the new Carlton House, gave us the following menu and recipes. Wedding: Breakfast al la Ritz Carlton Menu Assorted canapes, hot or cold chicken broth, cold salmon al la . Parisienne, cold roast tenderloin of i beef Printahiere 'flanked' by 2 matching bowls of mixed green salad i, cold turkey, ham or tongue, served with French style potato salad; tomato and string bean sal- j ad. hot lobster al la Americaine in patty shells, wedding cake, mixed ices, assorted frosted petits fours (mouth-full size>. Salmon al la Parisienne Make a jourt bouillon by boilmg 1 carrot, 1 onion, a few sprigs o. parsley. 1 stalk of celery and a bay leaf for half an hour in enough water to cover the salmon. Then add the salmon to the bouillon and simmer until fish begins to set flaky. Length of time depends on size of salmon. (In the grande cuisine francaise. the salmon is cleaned and then cooked whole, with scales, head fins and tail left intact.*. Pour off the liquid without disturbing the fish and let it cool thoroughly. Place chilled salmon on a long, narrow fish platter and decorate the top with sliced tomatoes, hare- cooked eggs and pimientos. (If head is left on, place lemon slice in mouth). Garnish with single, cupped lettuce leaves filled with mixed cooked, chilled vegetables: string bear.5, pea.3, razor- • thin sliced cucumbers. Sprinkle paprika on vegetable mounds. : Serve with Green Saute. Green Sauce: Fis.eiy chopped chives, fresh, tarra^cz:. .Wfcllions. : pete, spinach, p&.wid through a ; •ieve and mixed urJs mayonnaise. ; Mir a bottle of capera is tb.e sauce MM! serve in sauc% 'bo&i. \ Glace a TEte < (Mixed Ice* for fe«u»m«r) i Serve small scoops of hrne ice, '• raspberry ice and pineapple See i with & spoonful of wild strawberries which have been soafced in white win*. (Crushed frozen strawberries • that have thawed out and been;' ulifhtly chilled can be substituted for the tiny wild varietal. chocolate and enough evaporated milk to make good spreading consistency. (Makes about 1 cup). Join one haof of a chocolate cupcake together with about half a tablespoon of the frosting. Now halve the cupcakes again, cutting across the colors so that each half is part white and part chocolate. Join cupcake halves with more frosting so the white and chocolate quarters alternate. boiling point uncovered 3 quickly, and cook minutes, to allow acids to escape in order that beans will retain their natural green color. Next, cover and cook ONLY until tender (10 to 12 minutes). If there is any water left in the pan, drain and save for gravies, sauces or -oups. Add margarine or butt?r and sprinkle with ground By GAYXOR MADDOX NEA Food and Markets Editor Rock lobster tails from South Africa are rapidl. becoming familiar on American menus. So we asked Edith Barber, one of America's most famous fooc 1 authorities and a personal friend of ours, to give us two of her favorite ways of preparing lobster tails. Here they are: South African Shish Kebabs Thaw South African rock lobster tails. With scissors, cut under-shell around edges and remove. Pull out meat and cut each tail in 4 pieces. Arrange alternately with halved Strips of bacon on skewers. Broil about 5 inches from medium heat, 5 to 6 minutes, until meat is' transparent and bacon is lightly browned. Turn and broil 1 minute on other side. Before serving, arrange a stuffed olive on pointed end of each skewer. Serve garnished with sliced tomatoes and Watercress, and accompanied by boiled rice. MAYS 421 So. 21st Phone 3-9910 Come to Mays if you are looking for Nationally Advertised Brands and a store where you can shop with confidence. FREE Hand Painted Plate with each purchase of $10.00 or more. Enriched Shortening- CRISCO CIIPAD Domino'or Godchaux Factory Packed P| AMD Southern Daisy ...3 £890 10 H* 890 95 Ibs. P. L. $199 AU or S. R. I In pillow case .... Country Fresh Every Egg Guaranteed Doz. OLEO Margold 2 1/2 lb. Patties *» for QPA^HFTTI Franco " Ameiican 9 303 di ft (I IIC I II torn, sauce-cheese *• cans 2 no. 2' /2 flCrf cans *vy PORK & BEANS HOM|NY 1 Tomato Sauce•• cans HA A CH An Bonus Brand UUUTUUU foi Cats and dogs Til IIII Fancy Royal Hawaiian lUllH 190 4 cans 290 rosemary leaves. Toss lightly and serve. Buttered Peas (4 servings) Two tablespoons margarine or butter, 2 pounds fresh peas, 2 large head-lettuce leaves, % teaspoon salt, Vs teaspoon ground black pepper. Place margarine or butter in a. heavy sauce pan or skillet. Add shelled peas. Wash lettuce and place, dripping wet, over peas. Cover pan tightly. Cook gently until tender (10 to 15 minutes). Season with salt, ground black pepper and margarine or butter. South African Ravigote (4 servings) Four 6-ounce rock lobster tails OR 2 G^-ounce ^ans drained rock lobster, 2 table-poons salad oil, a / 4 cup herb vinegar, 2 hard-cooked eggs,.chopped, Vz cup diced celery, 2 tablespoons minced parsley, y s teaspoon salt, \-> teaspoon pepper, 4 tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 teaspoon prepared mustard, 1 teaspoon aromatic bitters. Cook tails according to directions. Drain. -Remove meat and reserve shells. Chill and flake. Mix salad oil, vinegar, chopped eggs, celery, parsley and seasonings. Add flaked lobster. Pile mixture into shells. Combine mayonnaise, mustard and bitters, and top each stuffed lobster with mixture. Serve in lettuce cups. Garnish with lemon wedges. Directions for Boiling'. Place South African rock lobster tails, either thawed or frozen, into large kettle boiling salted water (1 tea- spoon salt for each quart water). (When water reboils, lower heat so water boils gently, and being counting time. Keep covered. Boil tails 1 minute longer than their individual weight in ounces. For instance, boil a 6-ounce tail 7 minutes. (Add 2 minutes to all boiling times when tails are cooked frozen.) To remove meat easily from shell, drain off hot water, drench with cold water. Using scissors, cut lengthwise through center of membrane covering flesh and insert fingers under meat at open end and pull meat out. Do your youngsters go for pea- j nut butter sandwiches? Then vary' this standby sometimes and mix the peanut butter with crisply cooked crumbled bacon and a little chili sauce; spread between slices of whole bread. Mlghett piled Inland sand dunes in the United States are the white sands of New Mexico, M t« feet high. Work, Sleep, Play In Comfort Without Nagging Backache Nagjrfng backache, loss of pep and energy. headaches and dizziness may be due to slow- <lfwn of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function is very important to good health. When some everyday condition, such as stress and strain, causes this important function to slow down, many folks sufE ernag- ging backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or-wrong diet may cause getting up nights or frequent passages. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Doan's Pills—a mi]d diuretic. Used successfully by millions for over 50 years. It's amazing how many time* Doan's give happy relief from these discomforts—help the 15 miles of kidney tubes and fjj- ters flush out waste. Get Doan's Pills todayl ^ gait should encourage food flavois... not disguise them. Try "pure white Featured at • SAFEWAY] l/aiLu>jeek-&wL... "P Jfiefresh without fillim Today's taste is for lighter food and drink — including Pepsi-Cola, dry (not too sweet), reduced in calories M Solid pack 2 tins TFA TetJe >' ?s I CM BOX of 64 Bags 540 Swift's U.S. Government Graded Beef GIGANTIC BEEF SALE RIB STEAK OR ROAST 39c CHUCK ROASTS ...« 290 LOINSTEAK lb 490 ROUND STEAK Lb 590 SHORT RIBS lb 190 BRISKET STEW lb 150 ORE fun at picnics this year titan ever before! Reason: today's wholesome diets are keeping modern people healthier, trimmer of figure, more it and eager for active play. They're eating lighter, choosing lighter foods and beverages. And that's why you'll find that Pepsi-Cok is more popular than ever, at picnics, at beaches, in homes—wherever people celebrate this Labor Day. For Pepsi-Cola has kept up to date with today's taste. Dry (not too sweet), reduced in calories, today's Pepsi is die modern, the light refreshment. This week-end, whenever you want refreshment, refresh without filling. Have a Pepsi, FRESH PRODUCE GREEN BEANS Fan K CORN BELL PEPPER Wonder Pole .... Ib. Wisconsin Yellow ft 0 ears Firm Green 190 190 POTATOES Red 50"9 s r FROZEN FOODS & JUICES CHICKEN BACKS ;LSSH£ 450 ORANGE JUICE ^± t 2^390 OCEAN CATFISH C S -£510 ft Payt to Shop at Moyt! Pepsi-Cola "T&, PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE

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