The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1943 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1943
Page 7
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•THURSDAY, MAY G, 1943 BLYTHEVILLH (AM;? COURIER IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner Ntwi Will Be CASH OM/r |ieept U htabUsbe* Bntiani Flnoi. - the lew coat *l »d* dot* nofjiwllfy the ei- Htnse ot bookkeeping and col- tlons, we have adopted tliU lcy rstlier Una • raise ID Me. . No Excepltons to this Polity 1 Still linvo a few more 5 and 10- IIITC IrnctJi froiiUng Highway 01 just south-of niythevlllc. If interested In owning a home, come in niul sec me. These tracts cm be bought on levins 1/3 down, 5 years on balance. Have scvera nice forms in Southeast Mlssour which have recently been oflem for sale, 1UAI/ES I/AND CO. Golf Hold Rli.s.vell Rlales 5-C-pk-O CLASSIFIED J ADVERTISING [INFORMATION Lilly rate per line fur cmisccn- nlmuiit. Choree '. BOc line per line 15c lines |ier line per day I2c lines per line per clay Sc Imcs.per line per day 7c times |>er line per day 5e Month per line. gOc \<ls ordered for Ihrec or .six times (1 stopped Ijefoic expiration will cliargeil for Hie number of times ; ad appeared and adjustment of made; ill Classified Advertising copy ted by persons residing out- c ot the city must bo accom- nlert by cash. Rate's may be easi- compulcd from the above table. MverlLsing ordered for irregular :crlio)>.s l.'ites the one time rate, •lo responsibility will be taken • more than one incorrect inser- n of any classified ad. Kor Kent Soybeans. Aiksoys. J. A. Bage, nil. S. of Manila. 5-G-pk-lS 1040 DeUixe Chevrolet Conch. Excellent rubber. Mrs. Colieii, i>lie> 2525 or 2480. (i-ck-9 COKN AND ALFALFA LAND, n goort ns best Innil In Mississiiip Counly. NKW STRICTLY MOD KItN' SIX-KOOM HOME, WITI UASKMKNT, FURNACE, UGHTS 1SATII ON S1!CON)> H.OOK I.AVATOKY ANrt COMMOD* ON FIRST- FI.OOK. Home nicel amused, plenty clotlies clo.sels Also, new double-crib mid gran my, fait 1 tarn mid tenant house Fiinn well fenced. On grnvellc road and electric Itlie. Tolal tax es about $08.23 hist year. Bes level black land, containing 31 acres, about, 300 .cultivated. Thl is as good Innd as any land h Mississippi* County; H Ls loealei in Slotldnrd County. 1'KICK $8 per acre. Terms. NO TRADES. Caleh Smith, inn East Malone Slkeston, Missouri 5-4-ck-i Parm for wile. Must sell :t once. 40 or (iO acresof good farm land. Only two miles from Blylhevilie. Just off U. S. Highway (il. See 01 write I'hillius KohiiiKun Hl.vt Neville. 4pk' Practically, new Cavalier clarinet Reasonable price. 520 Nortl Broadway. 4-pk-l rgc. cool bedroom with kitchci ileue.s. Army pyi'sonncl pre ___^____^_ ferml. 927 smith Lilly. 5-1*8 Electric Range, market cooler am • cn^f* Phmin 1000 in.«i.c foot 0. E. Meal case. G. B. Drill)* Box, Cash Register. Dayloi Scale.?, and other store fixtures All used less than year. O. N Morse, 1 mile west of Osceoln on Highway 40. Phone 4GO. l-pk-0 nail bedroom foi- employed wotn- :in. Clase lo town. :ilo Walnut. 5-pk-8 ccly fiiniisliccl fron; bedrooni, cle- lishtfiilly ccol. Genllctnen. plione •(Irooin for men. Twin beds. Two closets. Private bath. Corner 10th and @hickas:i\vba. Plione 2413. •l-ck-ll irnLslied room, ticljninlng Ijalh 40n North Sixth. • 4-pk-ll )iu- room furnished apartment, liiari Wi-st Sycainarc. 30-pk5-7 men. Harry Atkins. 4-2l)-pk-28 oo<t erocer;,- store buildtne and fixtures. fi!7 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ck-tt case, phone 3998. 30pk5- 2 bedrooni suites. Kroehler sofa bed. Overstuffed chair. 3 lawi chairs. Moore's Airtight con heater. 2 small kitchen tables. A a group or by the uiece. May b seen at 1138 Willow alter 0 Phone 2208: d|,-t 1M1 Chevrolet Pickup. Good condl lion. I.. U Anderson, 30 E. Main 4-27-pk-2 GOLDFISH MIN.NOWS- "Grapple's favorites." G. O. 1 Hawks, 300 E Main. I>h. 3292. 4-13-ck-I3 Used Sewing Machines bought anc sold. Singer Sewing Center, 11' StKitli Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck' Wanted To Buy inifoitalile bedroom. Twin beds. Steam heat. Chlckasawba & 10th. Phone 2413. 11-ck-tt Jmfortahta bedroom. 1017 Walnut 251B. 11-7-ck-t! Farm Weeds Ing us your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tones and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Livestock you arc looking for a good registered tour pig to build „„ yolll . Iwrrt, Dtiroe or O. f. C., see A I, Whistle and Rons fine herd at Parafeoiilcl, Ark., phone 24'JWl. 5--pk-10 Services iholes reasonable prices Telephone 3S38. , ;_ plc _ 8 >rll Spcclnl—Pernianenls two for SS.OO.: : I«inrty*' Beauty Shop. Main and 21st. Phone 3TO. '7-pk-7 wing machines repaired. Singer offers .C war-time service specials to suit your machine and its con- lit ion. From' $1.50 up. singer Sewing Center, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7-e.k-7 Two lo four year old setter Wei trained. Box ES, Courier. 5-1-ph-l Will pay cash for J10.000 worth of good used furni lure. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ek-tJ Will pay 20c per dm. for wire coa s. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ClC-tI Help Wanted Man for general service station work. Permanent job. Simpson State Line Service Station. 5-0-pk-l Middle aged la<ly for housework and companion, that, can drive car. Ada Brooks, Steele, Mo Pho OF1 I- ' S-pk-19 Wanted—Experienced meat culte ideal location, good pay. Apply Kroger manager. 5-pk- Mcn with accounting experience needed by essential industry. An swer giving age; qualification., and type of business of present employment. Box CW, Courier News. 4-30-ck-lf Experienced seamstress wanted. Hudson Tailor Shop. 2Ccktf Lost La tiles round gold Westficld wris tcli. Call 831. 5-C-pk-l PIANO, ORGAN ;m ( ] VOICE Classes announced for S P R I N G Mrs. Hnrolhy W. Fowtslon, B A M S M ORGANIST' * TEACHKR Minisler of Music, First Pr Mrs. l^yl slM . 110| FORD PROTECTIVE SERVICE I he life of Ford, avoid major re- Pairs save gasoline and motor oil, enjov'ihaf snumlli now cur performance with genuine Ford: NRW PISTON RINGS & HEARING INSERTS $39.00 PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Tel. ,|r>3 Authorized Ford Dealer 5th & Walnut ! HORIZONTAL j >,10D«pictcrf T i body of water i 5 It has a - _ | . arta ol 8940 sq<iarc miles ' 14 Russian clly : IS Indian social ! group jJS Face part [17 Mountain I' summits .>9Shclter<xl.<ildo 20 Czars 21 Not Irfsh :22 Retinue 23 Alleged force •25 Upon Answer la Previous I'wiilc ISKyes (Scot.) 18 national 20 Unlit knock* 23 Vat 24 linn olT 27 Ilescmnds 28 Percussion instruments fabbr.) '27Pftid'( f29Saltwat« • Si Scoff, i f 33Aurlcl* 34'Grc«-K loiter 35 Witch's , i 'sailboat' 3 8 Sacred song 1 Sacred . 1 <log-head«d 1C Steamship (aliyr.) ^ 47 Frotecllvp 7 • • eoverlnf; 4S'Hnng about 50 Title ot •-. Jiobilily 52'Rubbor Irpp 54 Roman odicial 57 Asseverate 58 Sleeping , "• vision .'i 1 60 Walk 61 Pfomontory 62 Netted «3 Italian royal (finally name VERTICAL 1 Trim 2 Exist '! 1,11 rge parrols 4 Town in 5 Size of shot fi Stiield beprlnii 7 Bind 8 Encourage S Frcricli article 10S(,in<larci sheepsWn 12 Israel 32 Letter of the Crook alphabet 30 Fantastic ideas 37 Merit 38 Floor with brick 39 1 ,ar,,p, heavy hammer •13 llabltimte" ' 44 Fraud M Ihnvalian bird 47fio<Vuf war 4D Narrow Inlets SO Piibllo otllct M Hail! 53 Lease' •S5 Ignited • M Summer (Fr.) 58 Deblj note (nbbr.) SO Mine : - RATION CALENDAR Maj 21: Gasoline Coupon 5 Expires. Jim*.15: Shoe SUmp 17 Expires. W» want to bnj Homfs. w« ha»e pnrchuen for all klndi of borne*, if Jau WJm , te Mil quick, •« THOMAS LAND COMPANY H, C. CamjbrU, WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. ZMZ IZ15 Mutn If yon want to buy more War JJoiKls SKM, US THK FUKVITUHP YOU ARK NOT USING for osli Alsa liberal trade-in allowance fo old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. SOI K. Slain Phone 2SO Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blylbevllle, ArVaniu SPECIALS Cxtractlona jujj FuJI Vp'r & lower riatcs ?SS iip 1812 Blytheville 194;) Defoe Furniture Co. 1ZC E. Main Dial 3221 Wanted: U»d Furniture. Al- 10 T»a can trade jour oU furniture in on new. J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE M2 N.'2iu1 Street ^Better Safe Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points Better Brands! —Get More and Heller Food fnr your ration book*. C. L. HABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. DltlsioB St. HI DRS. NIES & NIES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:30 Clinic G14 Mafn Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 TRUCKS and ESSENTIAL PASSENGER CARS Will Receive PRIORITY on parts and repairs in ow' shop This is an effort to keep essential, transportation rollinc/. LOT OCR CHEVROLET CO. •*"*•'•*» KIWR1GERAT10N and ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! v - Vf. Tatum, Jr. l>h. 557 Klyllievlllo, Ark. Best tallies USED CARS F0ltl)<m i-i MKiunmv TOWN sv- MAX IMJr.l nil:', niKVKouiT snco. SIT. SI.'DAN'. 'I'hi'Ki! Hi],. ! Cl u, low tntlfiiKf, . lirlcc. Iflll CHI'.VItOI^KT (!ONVI5I(TI- I I.H (!. 0. low milliner, tin's "lie iinw, It. ,t H, S|)«IH|r)ll, /ji-iiy clilnr. •" Hill FOR |) v>« Ool.Cxi,; coil- I'll. l,:ii|{(i ii'iir i>»iuiuir(nii>nl., Kiiod ItiTH, A-l. cuiKllllon. HIM' F«RI> V-8 1'KJKIII- THK. Unusually RODI!'. iilck'un. with <lc. TVI'IIS. ii Tfi-ins, Arcepled. Phillips Motor Co. '•VI. '111:1 NEW TIRES tor Curs, Trucks, Tnirlnr* T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. FOR 8AI,B Our corner sloro uml 4 cottar™ —clow lii-lYire WSHM f ( ,r nil Flvr. THOMAS LAND CO. fiTOim SK I'V Siilc A 1,1, SI'/ US CoNert C«. 's ami ,t do >. H. J,H!ir)> Osrriilii, AlU. WK NKKl) USED CARS tnt TRUCKS Top prices for l.nt« Miidel* - - "See Stxj Before You Brll." T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. New PlvmoOu .1- f;li 121 W. DON EDWARDS "Tim Typewriter Man" ', SMITH, COnONA. AND REMINQTON I'OHTAIH.E I no N. 2nd iXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK JTO I >RK I HARRISON I Auto Parti & Carafe Oliver Farm Kifiilpmcat ; 517 W, Anh n. M5t I 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE VBleanlilng-Tlre ' and T«ae All Work Guarantee*! I WADE COAL CO. I AKibunu Reil Ash Coal. 'N. Hwr, II pl^ NEAR-NEW USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM TlicKe' Curs 1 CIIIHC . ,. C'lly-ilrivi'ii, with l.tiw CIIKVItOM'/l'S At« Sli IMIRIKS PON'l'IA'CH DOllHKS 'l-i)OOHN S MOM KTDDJCIJAKKIJH !!),'!« TO I!M2 MANY OTHICUK TO CHOOSK J-'KOM—?7o m>. Knsy G.M.A.G. I'iiyment Plan *<* We. Never Close Sul«s Deptc Open UnlU 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 ry Transuctlon M «,l llo WASH TUBHS Auywiiy, UO'H Kriiiik .I:RE BECAUSE WE DIPN'TSIflHTA THHIS.CF THEM PlVEt> B6FOREICOULP «ET l(Jp W5ITIOWI U-BOftT VDUR FIRST TIME OuLEAi/. THS OTHER WAS A PUSHO^ER-A WW HAPPENEO? W, 1-aOT SO u TM6RE ABE FELLOWS IN WASTAL ' COMMAND WHO'VE BEEM FIVIW ALMOST EVERY DAV FOR TWO VEARS AMD HAMF K|V|ft SIGHTED 0«e ^^^S^^^^^^HII i^S : ^^>^yi^^^gl^l§gi RED RYDER SHOT— HOPE irt' \ Br«illiin>f Si)«ll llv FRRl) HARMA'V = ^00 jNRE ,^Uf ?\tl XOUR ^•b.Wfx^ys \o w vwSt By V. T. HAMLI! WT...LEtwe TELLYOJ ' NO..AND NOW WE'VE 5UQPA5SED THtH..,MOEE „„ T- -..^. / P-EA5ON V.MHV DIDN'T QUITE MAKE / WE C/SN GET IT, DID THEY? L\W THINKS ' BETTEB CvF Vv'lTH \Qu IN JML. 60 THEY KEAUZE T>£ FOTILITY OF TRYING TO MKTCH US IN EXISTING TYPE 6O THEY'VE ON SOMETHINe FW3. . M02E DEADLY... ...WHICH WILL PEVCLUTIONUE W8.WRFA8E? CAIJ6HT OFF BALANCE. OUH PLANES \YIU- SE MADE OBSOLETE, OVEC> BY ROCKETS.' .. HOPED FOC VlCTOCfV WTH THEIR CVECVVHELMlN ^T I ^^\H^^^T^ RKCKLES ANF) HIS FUIRNDH MERRILL BLOSSEB YES! now DOEO THIS SOUND? you AND LAP.D DIS UP A STORY ABOUr SOW.ETHIWS TflATb HAPPENED OM THE CAMPUS—OR,sowfitwif^G THAT COlJLO HAPPEN/--GIVE 1 IT WYSTERV AMD SUSPENSE AND RIL TUB READERS' MINOS' , .1 SOUNDS WtW IS ROOW KO NO LOGGER USED BV SCIENCE CUSSES? WHV IS THE GLASS PAIMTEO 'BLACK. —AMD vm is T^E / (\ DOOR ALWWS / 6 LOCKED?' WYBE ViS CAN SAVE >T FROM A MVTURM. OITATM / •

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