The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1937
Page 4
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, (ASK.) SATURDAYS KVENTS Chapter? 'D"' and "N", P. E. O, having luncheon meeting at |>om<! o[ Mrs, T, J. Million Social cMenda ( Daring Bid Wmg Top SATURDAYS KVENTS TV71 n Tiff When Squeeze Effects lias Me$]c_»p Luiifhcon Monitors of (he. Thursday BUdge - c\ub a.r\fl s?yeral were invll- ert to the "La.nd. of Me\|cp" when Mrs Fred j^utheiford entcttalned, ^itli n luncheon insleai( of I" usual afternoon game. She had dccora,t-fd her house with cacti, In gay pols, and tho centcrpjece of the luncheon la-, ble vf} a blooming cactus on n lefiectoi. Coloiful dishes, a lyplcaj Mexican mea.1 and appropilalc place cards were In' keeping \v the occasion, In Ihe bridge games Mrs Loy 'Welch iecei\cd Mexican mixing hon Is for the club prize ami tne guest prize,"" n McMran hcartl\ broom, v\enl to Mrs Ufnry Hurn- phrey pthei guests sere tfre C H. \Vllley, Mis P L Feeler nntl Mrs J H. Elk Ins Entertains Bridge Luncheon Mrs y. L Englci had eight ladies for gucsli Wednesday foi n biidse luncheon nt hcf apartment Spung flowers decoiqted tho room wheie lunch was seived Ornamental book ends went to Mrs Guthrle King and a bowl to Mrs 0. H Willey foi prl?es in (ho bridge ga,mes which followed • • » Club lias Luncheon Mis G. G.' Cnudlll enleilainec members of the Thursday con- tracj, club with a luncheon Instead of the usual *a(tei noon mecl- Ing ft hen Mrs. George Pollock an Mrs. K D 9orpenter weie guests She had ?ria.nged a bouquet of yello\\ blosspmsf for the centerpiece of her luncheon table and the Valentine place 'card? ridded another miniBlimc. note In the card games which fol- loi>cd Mrs John P. Lent! \\on a. baking set foi (he prize flub Meets Mrs, C W. -Affllck. had the •' - - BV WM. K. McKKNNEY Secretary, American JirhU* !<«JHP Edwin Goldsmith is one of hlcago's outstanding bridge stars. While he has not dcvolcd much IP Ipumninen^ bridge, he nl| thp iticks of tl\e' trade, After winning the opening lend H his own. hnnd, Goldsmith t 00 * ,hrcc rounds of clubs, West dls- jarding t«-o hearts. Then, to free ills' ' own holdings • from any :, he cashed the king of 3* u 3» fs Pass Opening lead—VJ, 15 . , i. v\as (iip|(s apparent \]^i real West ]md a poiis(a«.l!y i^ory dlf- jlcuU Insk. of niidlnj Discards, as the lart Ipi|r s\\\tyi \\\ as his pi Jl, a t nd Ills , t . and daring blc\, op today's hand. Clcaily ihows , , The inanpcr h) V(liic|i Roldiinith handled i\\t Ipng su,U h( du,mrny, to squeeze his opponent, y'i\\\e lct|vjng Ills own cucnllal holdings Intact, h an <;xarnp!e that will beef careful studj" . \Vh.en his . . partner icpeattxl his plub b|cl, ho flpurcit lhat, since he held foul caids of th'al suit, tho bidding must lnd.Icn|e a long suit, as w.ell as some outside strength So G9ld- smltji made the slam bid at once, preferring the no trump contiact |o 9lub;, because of tl\e belter sccorQ Bits of New? Mostly Personal , (caving su^ uppai cliosp . s, ieiai|ilng he hclcj filsl to a. , i, with A tllflHIy different (hie g( aUack, sl|ll would, Imvc nil the (i|oks, except tho acg £pl)th, (s p\ayuig {he fgnlr^ct nt low spftdcs, S'ticc he h as two we ?lde SM\\ Ips^rj, he ?an affor^l (o glvo a\yay prie Iryrop (rick. SJipujd he lead ^hrec rpunds of (rurpp at once, w 'opk fpr Q safer method o! ploylrtg the trump suit? (Blind) , Nulie ,uil Ojicnci—ifcK. Soluli.0(\ in next issue, 15 , at (he monthly business meclinj of the Bapllbt church Wednesday night to attend the Baptist Sttjte Convention meet- ln B i» Paiagould pe\t \veek The "•.*u, v ,^1 • "- JifiUlh, JIltLi LUi; ""fa *»• * *»»^«^wu*w \ty\v VlfC^IV A*' c "Thursday Luncheon club vvhci R e \ and Mrs. E L Cqle, Mmes ™i.. u._. ...L..'. , _.. 1a Tucker, A. L. Boyce, I. S. Burn and R. H, Jones. . only members, were present Bridge followed lunch \\ith Mrs. Bsron Morse winning the prize * • Have quests \\ CluV, Mrs A B Falrfield and Mrs C R. Bab'cock were guests of Mrs M O Usrcy ^hen she had the Micl-Week Biidee club Thun- daj r for lunch nn<} cards A nipfijd bouquet of gay spring flowers was tho centerpiece of tho dining loom, table. Mrs O P Moss and Mrs Babcock won prices i —^ — PORTLAND, Ore (UP)—Oregon motorists hai,e discovered a, simple yay of cleaving Jog wtlh their headlights 1 Instead of fniearlng such compounds as onion oil on. ^heir windshields, oj- lighting candles just Inside the_ glass., tijey npiv wrap timbered colored cslliilose material over the ien ? Th.ey say it works, the colored, light overcoming mud ol the while, mist . Osceola Society — Personal — i P. T. A. Sleets "Is Leisure the Church'; Friend?" \jas the subject discussed b> the Hey Troy Wheeler pastor of the Firs^ Baptist church Rus-ellville, at the monthly P-T A meeting m the high" sclioo auditorium Wednesday afternoot In the absence of the president Mrs \v W Prcvvitt, the meeting was conducted by the second vice president,'*Mrs A E Thorn Mrs John Douglas gave th, President'^ message Musical mnn bers on the program included tvu songs by the sixth grade entitled The Fairy Queen," and "DKie, and a. duet by Miss Cathcnn Harwell and, little Flavia Drivel. Attendance Awards went to th 5L\th and ele\enth grades -- Tlie annual study course will b held Fclj 0-12 under the direc tjon of Mrs J^arry Jones Miss Willie 'Lawsoiv of Lilt Rock is to be the guest spwkc at the February meeting « • « Employees Compbmcntctl Mr and Mrs "Dudley L>nc at a ,,,'r wncr Wrt at then homo Tuesday night i honor of all emplojees of 11 Ljnch oil co "arid the Lync Service sWtlort. ~ Those 'prk^ent were DudU Lsncn jr, Bob Matlhe»-5, J Rhoads s Paul Moorehead, R ] Langslon, LeonarS Schooler ai Perry Mcdle>. • * « _Mr. and Mrs Harry Miller j Wflthen Prewitt Jr, and Miss Sjelyn .Taylor ^Ucnd^d'thc th atrc. In ^Memphis Tuesday night Mrs William Stewart is Memphis this w,cek t,o be wi her granddaughter, Evcljn Wa krs, wh<j. was to undergo ai> op . oration today Caruthersville Sociely — Personal lub Pot Luck. . The, me^nbqrs of Iho our R.pok club entertained tli4j\ H§bancts ^jth a pot luck dl\i- cr Wednesday evening nl tho QIUO of ifi. and Mrs A. J. D(iy 11 Bech'is.Hh a, venire The' dinner ^as followed by look, a,t which jiigh score Awards vent tp Mrs 'Robert He>goo<l ii(l O E Hookfr.' Consolation \wa_rds vverc presented lo Mrs Robin Pierce and ' Harold Hamby. * » « Mr-,. Kent fcntcrtaius Club, Mrs. E. E. Kent entertained 'hci contract, bridge club Tuesday ;at- ernoon at: her hpinc on Cotloi avenue. Mrs. Jpines Vau • f\\K- dall and Mrs J B Latsha,vv were gucsls of the club. High, was held by Mrs A P Kersey, The guest pnz« was ivcn to Mrs Van Ausdall, aijil tho low score prize awt\rcl \vns liven to Mrs John Martin » * « Contract Club • Ervtcrtaiiicd. Mrs. Marlon Barrow entertained Mi anfl Mrs. p A Bradshaw mid (latightci, Allccn, and son, Gerald., have, rctuuicd from & iwo weeks $Uy Iji Stillwatcr, Okja. Mrs. T. E.. King, formerly of lerc and now of Tallulah, La,. •i the guest of her son, Ted King, and M''S King, for two. — 9 G Redman, Mrs Rives 0, Allen, Mrt> \v T Oborit, Mrh J. G. Barnes, Mrs. Howard Pfoe- ,or and Miss Cpra Lee Coleman attended the benefit tea for tl^e pycss library Tjmrsclay afterjip^h at t|ie .homo: of Mrs! F. P. Jacobs at Gricler A, niiinbe) of olhcr Blythevillc women, ^ho did riot go because of (he weather, son.t {UU> of money and books foi the libraiy Mr. and Mrs Baker \Vilson have as their guest Mr Alison's 'mother, Mrs yr H Wilson, pf Sommerville, Tenn Mr. and Mis Charles Collier returned lo their home In Shaw, Miss, today after several <3f^i, stay with Mr and Mrs T. J Burke Mis J D. Collier, mother of Mrs. Burke, who accompanied them here, remained fo a > longer visit. ,Mai?;lm Nichols, daughter • of Mr: and Mrs. Ralph Nichols, is 111' from slmis trouble. J A Bass, formerly of here and now of Little Rock wil epcivd the week-end hcvc. ,Nfrs O W. Me On ten en will return tonight from Little Rock where she Is attending a meet ing of the stale committee men "Id committee «omen today Horiis piaughn, pf Slkcston a^cnrted to buslnpss lieie ycstei- das Hany Wcidnmn is lesllng \cij well at his home on !>{ Flrsl -'--' haying been ill with Mrs Iloia.ce Scippc, of Mem buef R w Yates was laken I apartment on ff/csl Fomlh •street. ,havo moved Into the home Mrs.Anilel Pr(cc,'on Highland t "pvcrcll MpDp^oll, who sacral week.s lieie v\'ilh her parents, Mi a.nd' M.i's L D E4gerton, ha,s rptun\;d (o hci r\anfc In Helena, Arl-, Aflh Shanks v spent Hie iiast In Memphis visllmg her iuotl;e), IVJrs-T. O Blianks Ann makes herShomc hero with her aunt, Mrs ^T. M Spldcll Mrs A p' Neiflnd has been confined t? her honie for (he past few dajs wllh an allnck of In- icr Monday bridge club .wo extra, guests, Mrs Gordop Wright and Mrs Leonard Shade, in Monday evening of. this week. Miss Marion Musgrave held high score. B £ p W. Club Iilcc(s, Twenty mciubers of. the Business a.nd Professional Woman s :lub were present Tucsdaj evening at a luncheon meeting at tne Presbyterian church. ^ftcr the dinner, group singing >\as civlojed ^yith a business session following February;was the date set for a bcnent card parly, (o include bndcg. RooX ami pinochle Mis Bess Walton.was appointed chairman ot the place committee nnd Mrs, Mecca Da\is chairman of the entertainment conunlttee. Miss Opal R^eeycs \>as \olcd In, as a new member; Two candidates were prescnlcd for membership, Miss Mary Su,e Rhodes ot Hastl and Mrs. Hellie Horlon of this city. • • t. Mr. and Mrs A P Kersey left Thursday morning {or the Rio Grande valley in Te\as, where Mr Kersey wilt look after land interests Thej expect to be away for the next three montlis Miss Lprcne pryden returned Sunday from a several weeks Mr and Mrs O E Cioss, form crly o.I Blythcvllle -and now; b iViison, announce the marriage o .heir daughter, Jnne, to P 0 OHara, of Chicago The wedding was solemnized Salmday, Janu ary 2 i Mr. and Mrs. O'ltara nrc.npv visiting in Colorado and uuoi hch rclurn from theii biidfil Irii will make their 1,31110 at Lake Chailes, La Mi O'rfara is an civ - with '.Evcvsou'Co. Shoemaker Greatly Customei-s vvho come to my shoe shop now will not be annojed by . Tom, D hospital fa\ -Mr-m'nh\s|tt "ftand riItched" The „ I Mrs.-C.-C, Mc^eal dale Manufacturing Co., did mi. Eeai. ^ose and trick E,crj- par* of It was out of —'~ and one o\er; (the noise) ' Mrs. Susie' Kelser hgs been, confined to, her home, for'the past }yeek with flu ^ The following were name^l dele- ,thcy flxed t,hat W. J. Knox Wilson Society— Pei sonal . , , -, ,.. Green is ill' at icr hpmc at 1022 Holly street J Vernon Tucker, of Carilthers- ille, has been ndmlttcc) lo tjic £t Joseph's hospital Menjpms Mrs J Norris Moon Is spend- 15 to(lay in Paragould with her n\otlier. W S iLangxlon Is ill from j n - luenza. at his homo on the south highwayl Mrs A \Vert 15 Ul from 111- Mrs r P Carter, formerly of here nnd now of Kcnnclt is tho guest of, Mr and Mrs \v S Langdon. , Mrs \V F Cooley, of Joiner, . ns the guest^ of hci parents, Mr an<J Mrs M T. Moon, Insl night Miss Junmta Perry, who Is ill fiom Influenza, is now teller. of THE FIRST STEPPING STONES To $000 HEALTH IS PLENTY OF WHOLESOME MILK FROM _ CRAIG'S DAIRY The : vHalUy quality ot • CKMG' \\IIOLESOJIE milk *ill help keep jour children bursting ttit vigorous ''life 'and energy. GRADE A.UAW MILK Quart Buttermilk, Q( 10 ti 6 vacation spent with relatives .. San Antonio and Amarlllo, Texas and .points in pklahoma. Mr«|,, 0 O Bright of Kennel lent last weekend l;cre i^lth ii^ fighter,' Mrs John slmiljcle, ant family ^Mlss Barv Crews Joplin jef Sunday ! foi MemphLs where she Is ,atlc.nrj|ng ii" business college V. Alri and Mis ' Amlel Pilce have moyccli to Ne'vvbern, Tenn, wh'cie tlWy w|ll make Uicli home 'on, a farm, |he property of Mrs, Price Mr >and Mrs JRalph Goo'din, -»•- •• m»m.-», ui nwiuiu^^ vvllo have been iesl'dlng In ihp 9' patient at the Memphis Bw nr-i-i >_-^. . A. ....^, «,...., j s ^ iiospltal E I? Jones has been admit- ed tp (he Memphis Baptist hos- ".'i > ^^ Curried Meat With Pineapple Y, JANUARY A Iroplcaf touch for (he winter menu—Curried m»al nllh []iiie»i>ple and a mound of steamed rice By NKA Service j hard-boiled eggs or fried eggplant. Take that winter cruise at horns. Sail after removing from fire Salt Palm trees and amorous moonlight added earlier will cauw Ihe cuiry are not needed to produce this excellent dish with a tropical flavor Pineapple Spears With Curried Bleat (4 to 0 senlnp) One laige onion, chopped fine, 2 tablespoons butter, 'i 1-2 cups canned tomato, 2 tablespoons lemori juice, 1 l-a.'cups cooked ham or veal, 1 tablespoon curry powder, 1 lablcs|K)on flour, 3 tablespoons wa.- Icr, salt 1-2 cup milk, 1 No 2 can pineapple spcais (strips of pineapple n\e inches long packed 12 ip a. can), 2 eggs (shghll) beatep), lr& teaspoon salt, l l 2 cups dry bread crumbs,.butler, 3 cups'steam- ed rice. Chop onion and saute in bntter When onion Is browned lightly, add tomato, lemon Juice and meat Mix, curiy powder and flour and vva,ter to (orm a sinooth paste, Stir into the hot mixture Snnnici 20 minute? Acid salt to taste stir In milk at last Tljat. makes the curried meat part of [he recipe Diain plneopple speais, dry on absorbent paper, dip in egg to which salt has been added roll in ciumbs and sauU- In butter to.a io curdle. Serve wilh rice in — ,.-. :ate tlbli Serve with the follow ng condiments: chopped crisp bacon/ chopped psppers, grated cocoa- IWt, choped iwanuts. chutney and -;rapefrult pulp For n gala party, there's your golden blown place a rite in center of round tuan, mai^ a depression in centei ancj nil with. Helen Alexandei 15 a celebrated Honolulu has also rom innueiui), Is better today. Mrs A Fendtei, of « iltal •'( Navy Planes Get De-Iccr., WASHINGTON (UP) — Navy planes will bo equipped with de Icing apparatus for the first time yllh liiilallatlon under v,nj now at, the Anacostla Air Station, it lias been' announced hospitality Afcsandcr Curry Saut? l ' •{I quart) ' ^ One quart milk, l fresh co'coa- nut (grated), l clove ga.rlic, chopped i root fresh ginger, chopped 1 1-2 tablespoon butter, l largt onion, chopped l tablespoon currv ponder, 1-2 teaspoon brown sugar 2 tablespoons. flour! cocoanut..meal, add : It- scalded milk, stand one hour strain thiough cheesecloth bag and squeeze until cocoariut meat is dry Melt butter In large iron pan, add onions garlic, ginger Fry all un t|l brown Add curry powder and sugar Mi\ n pii, then add flour Stir and add cocoa nut milk a hltU at a time just before serving, add lolwter, chicken, veal, lanih Notes MI'S. /'A. J. Hill has returned tidm the Baptkt hospital at Jdemphis .; where she underwent a ni((Joi opei-atlon a.nd was treated Will Be Guests of Honor at Lu.nch.eop Meeting Here Tuesday Night Mr.' aiid N". 'jojin Sheffield and Mr. - and Mrs. Jerdlc Lambert of Helena, all leaders. In the activities of the American - Legion and its Auxiliary, will .be guests of honor at an Informal''supper ineetlng to be help; at the Legion nit Tuesday night by Dud Cason 04 and its Auxiliary. The Legion's legislative program 'III be presented and discussed Mr, Sheffield, former, county "dee o( Phillip.? county and ormcr state representative from ha.t count) has been actuc in Legion .tffairs in Arkansas for nany yr^is Mr Lunbeit Is at Jiescnt Legion cflilUct command- r (or the eastcin half ol the tale Both Mrs Sheffield and Mrs. Lambut are pist piesldents f the Helena Auxlliaiy unit All Legion and Auxilltry mem )C"i and the \uics of -\\\ Legion ipircs ne invited to attend the uppei which will bt piepared and "eried bj members' of tne Auxillarj Theic will be no chaige The lime is 6 30 p in The Editor's Letter Box . fo( compllcalloiis She is well on (he roa.d to leccnerj Misses Clarice Darnell and Nc a Williams ot Hickmen, Ky, were houscg^ests of their aunt and uncle, Mr and Mrs E M. McDon , last ^ce)t i and Mrs E M: McDonald visited relatives at Hlckman, Ky Sunday ' Mr and Mis G W. Now! in of Myitle, Miss, moml to this com: munity this' week Mis nave Walkci, Mrs. Ira M.C Clins.tock and Mrs Jessie Walker weie guest^ of Mrs A. J. Hil Wednesday J C Huffman, manager of tin Djcs? plantation, is ill fiom in flisenza Ira, Bohnnntng of Blylheville uncle of Mr and Mrs A J Hill visited them Wedu esdiy Depms Damenorlli ind Mis Fiances Elege of Kciser \vcr niained by the I!c\ A. j. Hill a his home heie Sunday Mrs E B Se\ton, who ha. been ill, is improving Will PreacK Tonight The Rev, Hastings Allen,- whoi ia conducting an evangelistic meeting at the comer of Liny and Vine Sis., will preach tonight, 1:45 o'clock, on "The Scriptural Plan of Divine Healing." The public is invited. Thanks friends Deai Friends I take this means of thank h>g ill m> friends foi tlie bciu tlful letteis and vires sent' me since my accident winch inifoi- lurmtely happened' on a San Francisco stieet cnr enioute hoim. fiom Berkeley in getting off the cii I lost mv bnlanct uid fell to the floor chipping the hip bone The aoc^ois assuie me lliat 111 walk ag.jin So on this wonderful hope I am ll\mg and sending my nil o J Specials All Day Friday, Saturday & Sunday AMJMtOSIA C . •CUEAM i'UFKS Each ........ * I'ECAN NUT " Ift BREAD. Loaf IU CRULLERS (Cak«JC Ponul). no/,. . CHOC. CUEAM DIPS Kach Specials for liutercg Hour - 5 to G 1>. M. Fudav SatuiddV-bundaj DONUIS 1AC love to all Sincerely Mis \V D William; CARMEI, RAISIN -IAC Cmna ROLL, do/ 14 VANILLA WAI l)o^. HLAIN ROLLS TO 1)07 3 I'ARKERHOUSE OC ROLLS. Do/ 0 Let Us Mike Those iiieenl Cakes lies or l(olls Plionc 110 BLYTHEl'iLLE t Caruthersville Man Leads in Policy Sales . OARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo—Atnos Hecker, who represent the Busi ness Men 1 Assuranpe company of Kansas Citj m tins county ind parts nf New Madrid ind Dunk hri^ tount'cs was in(orn>ed yes terday hs hdl led all the company's salesmen for the entire' Ui'iitcd States .-in life insurance sal.s for 193S.. The company operates 111 26 'states west of the Mississippi river Read .Cpurter, News Want Ads 666 LIQUID - TABLETS - SALVE - NO&E DROPS USE AS A PREVENTION Plflce 6l>6 Salve ot 666 Nose Diops in nosluls night <mc nsr and take 6GG Liquid or Tablets every .morning HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You may install city water in your home With the old of an F. H. A. Loan...consult yo,ur pliimucr lor full details. Protectors Of Lives and Property What a contrast llie modem (iic engine presents wKen compatecl \vilh the man-pulled hanci pumpcis of a cenluiy ago! Then the gallant "(ire buffs" had to scaich for a pond 01 ristein fiom which to pump a feeble stream of water. Today fue hydiants, placed at fiequent intervals along the mains of the Water Com? pany, are indispensable in contiolling files. Ihe modem fucman with his efficient equipment depends on the seivice of the Water Compsivy m pi electing your lives and property. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, Personal Attention to Every C listener Phone 80 ' . JIB S.Broadway TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO Abstracts, Lands & Loan" E M Terry, ITes.andMgr ri)one 617 Blyttieviltc, Ark ROXY Adm.—Always 10 & 25c—Ic" Ta> Show Kvcry Nighf Alatmccs Fcidiy, S-ilurdiy, Sundaj Friaay &•• Sumlay Klatinccs—2i 15 Saturday Mafince — Contiimoiu omri!; — 1:50 Till 11:00 IV M Friday - Saturday Everything For Tour Eiitcrlain. ment and Comiort i Tonight Is Pal Nitc 2 ;Adults 'A'clmlftcd'-for Trice of 1 Warnci H,t\ttr in ) "The White s i Hunter" With June Lang, fi<iil Pal nek, Alispn Skip\vorth, WiU- fred L,n\son and Willie Fung Also Selected : Shorts — Vllmission— i\litintf—10 s, 2Gc Night—1C & 3Gc Saturday Only "Chan at the Opera' 5 With Warner. Olanil and Horis .KaHoff. At last—(ho screen's greatest dc- Icctivc nicels ilu, tnme mister Cin Clnu crush Kirloffs reign of terror' Al o Scml— Ace Drtinimond- ^ith Noali Bcr r > Jr and John King Cartoon—."Dizzy Ducks" —Admission— Unli! 5 P. SI.—10 i ZGc After 5 !'. M.—1G & 31 C —Conliiutous Showing— Sunday - Monday Also ' Cartoon and Serial—"The Clutchfug Hand' Sunday - Monday ^ u > "S J A Iso"' Fox Movict on e • News and Comedy RSECRETflRV ' Also Paramount. News and Comedy CnuliiHious • Showinj Sunday • , c Mcnrlay Jla(incc^li) 4. 25,. . Monday Nighi-l(j lt 36c . TUESDAY. JAN. ]<|_-V- 550.00 BANK NIGHT!

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