The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on October 13, 1912 · Page 1
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 1

Washington, District of Columbia
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Sunday, October 13, 1912
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- - cmi - i - - S tig - MMr - Xi - fr 7 f - 5 J - r - Misttllufi gectiou si5V - tr V wflE liJKSIllMfflJjilwjl Section - WASHINGTON POST SUNDAY OCTOBER 43 1912 JVIost powerful Slater ftbecls l - f n m Ifl A 7500 - HORSE - POWER PELTON WATER WHEEL HOW THE RIVERS OF NORWAY ARE UTILIZED TO GENERATE POWER rSclentlflc American HE realization of the fact that tha sources of the supply of nitrogen upon which animal and vegetable life so largely depend are strictly limited and that the consumption of njtrogen is growing at a heavily increasing rate hai led to aclose study of the means of increasing the supply of nitrogen compounds The most promising and certainly the most lasvish source from which to draw nitrogen for the manufacture of the greatly needed compound is the atmosphere and this branch of the nitrogen industry Is growing at such a rapjd rate that it promises to become ultimately one of the largest in the industrial world The same natural conditions of an abundant supply of hydraulic power which caused the first plant for the fixation of nitrogen in the United States to be located at Niagara Falls has turned the attention of the capitalist to Norway whose lakes and rivers with their lofty elevation and rapid fallrprovide ideal conditions for the cheap production of hydro - electric power Of the several plants in that country the most interesting is that which utilizes trie RJukan Falls which constitute the principal fall in the descent of the Maana River through which the waters of Lake Mos - vand find an outlet into Lake Tinn Lake Mosvand is a body of water with a surface of 23 square miles which lies at an elevation of 3000 above sea level By means of a dam the level of the lake is raised over 46 feet and the water power available is Increased from 30000 to 250 - 000 horse power at an outlay of a little less than 2 per extra horse power Five miles below the dam another dam forms the intake for the power station and from this intake the water is led through a tunnel to a reservoir formed at the brow of the cliff near the Rjukan Fall The tunnel is 26 miles long and has a descent of 1 in 300 A thousand feet below the terminal reservoir of the tunnel is the power station which is located on a shelf In the face of thp cliff The water is led from the reservoir on the mountain side to the power station through 10 large flumes placed side by side The flumes are five feet in diameter the upper sections being built of riveted - steel plate the lower sections where the pressure reaches 450 pounds to the square inch are made of welded plates one inch In thickness The water descends 971 feet to the turbines The effective height after deducting losses through friction c is 909 feet After leaving the power station the water enters another tunnel excavated in the side of the cliff and extending 31 miles down the valley It there enters another series of flumes through which it drops 909 feet to a second power house which is a duplicate of the one mentioned above The upper power house is completed and the lower one is now under construction In the Vemork power house as it is called are 10 units each of 15000 horse power with a maximum capacity of 17500 horse power Each unit consists of two large Pelton water wheels installed side by side on common shaft upon which are mounted also double generators A three - phase alternating current of 50 periods Is transmitted from this power house to the1 nitrate works through 60 wires partly of copper but chiefly of aluminum The working voltage is 10000 The Pelton water wheel which Is very extensively used in the mining districts of the mountains of our Western States is particularly adapted to very high pressures and relatively small volumes of water The early wheels were small and were run at extremely high velocities but of late years it has been recognized that this type of wheel can be built in larger sizes and run at lower rates of revolution which render it possible to dlrect - connect it to generators of large size operating at moderate rates of speed At the - Rjukan installation the water is delivered in two jets of high velocity It strikes on the raised center of the cups see illustration and is deflected to each side leaving the cups in a direction which is tangential to their outer edges The direction of motion Is changed nearly ISO degrees Theoretically the velocity of the cups should be equal to one half the velocity of the jet and in this case the efficiency of the wheel would be 100 per cent There is a loss of efficiency however due to the friction of the water in the cups and the energy loss due to the loss of velocity of the water as it leaves the cup In well - designed wheels of the larger sizes however the efficiency has been carried up to about 00 per cent climb the trees and bring down the frub in good shape vwell air that was certainly a bright ape I taught him how to throw itonea and he got to be such an expert that he could hit blrda as they sat on the trees He became the official food provider after that I have always been a bit handy with my fists and I thought It would be a good caper to teach the ape how to box He took to sparring Jn good shape - and after a few lessons he got so he could feint sidestep and punch like a champion Sam - thats what I named the ape - got to be too blamed good a boxer and as he gTew bigger it was about all I could do to hold my own with him The climax came - one flne afternoon when we were sparring alone and Sam landed one in the pit pf the stomach that sent me to dreamland for an hour When I came to he was a - slttlng on the ground beside me blubbering as though his apish heart was breaking After that I tied Sams hands up in the sleeves I had ripped out of my jacket so he couldnt hit so hard but even then he could put over a wallop that made me feel silly when he landed right Sam had great possibilities in him as a boxer 1 matte up my mind that if I ever got away from that island Id enter Sam in the prize ring against all comers Talk about your champions Sam could have licked a dozen easily Sam was a great mate He fetched me my drinking water In a gourd caught birds and picked fruit and I just sat back like a king At night I would light a big Are on the beach so that it would attract some ship and it was Sam who got the firewood and kept things going I was on that Island about four months My clothes had fallen to pieces and I was going around like Sam I had made up my mind that I was to be a real Robinson Crusoe for the rest of my days Not that I minded the life so much but I had run out of chewing tobacco after Id been there about a week and 1 couldnt get along without it I chewed leaves and everything else as a substitute but it didnt go Well one fine afternoon I was asleep in the cave while Sam was out getting the supper grub Suddenly Sam came rushing in all excited and yammering away in ape talk He dragged me outside and pointed out to sea There away down on the horizon I saw a steamers funnel and the smoke The ship kept getting closer all the while and after a bit I saw it was the Tuscan I started a smoky fire of leaves on a high spot near the shore and jumped up and down and howled like an idiot After a bit they sighted me and the steamer hove to and sent off a boat When the first mate and the boys In the boat saw me and Sam on the shore they wSre for turning back to the ship Tou see It was hard to tell which was man and which was the ape I introduced all the boys to Sam and then I piled into the boat and wandered what Sam would do He didnt hesitate a moment but piled in too and away we went to the Tuscan They had given me up for lost and It was just by chance that they came acrosi my island and saw my smoke Sam certainly was the life of the ship He was interested in everything and got so he could almost do a sailors work But poor Sam he took sick one night and we gave him croton oil and everything else in the medicine chest but It did no good He just curled up and died I felt as if I had lqst the best friend on earth i certainly lost - tbsbest little - two - handed - fighter thatvfeSaJubled up his firsts We dropped Sam overboard in sack weighed down with coal and say mate I just cried like a kid Xbe Chain of Circumstance UNCONSIDERED TRIPLES THAT HAVE BROUGHT MEN TO THE GALLOWS - j - Answers HE - recent death of Sir Airrea paper Wills for many years a High Court Judge recalls his association with one of the best known and quite the most ea - thralling flflegar textbooks Wills on The sum found in the prisoners possession being 19 sovereigns and two halyes the chain of evidence was thus completed against hlm through the agency of a small piece of brown paper A view of a Northern castle in a thlfd - claia compartment enabled an artist witness to Identify the carriage in which Dickman the Newcastle train murderer and Nlsbet his victim embarked on their fatal Journey The accident that Dick - man fumbled in his left trouser - pocket to find his excess fare at Morpeth en - - abled the prosecution to connect the Since the previous edition many - nota - man so observed fumbling by the ticket ble cases have occurred - to enrich the factor h the wnr iiicyicoMuieB siaweu wim Circumstantial Evidence One of the dead Judges last acts was to bring out a new edition of the classic work while the daylight still remains as he pathetically said in - the preface romance of the forum among which blood on the lining of the left pocket may be mentioned the Ne - wcastle mUr der the Slough murder Crlppens case and some more recent though the case of Oscar Slater recently redlscussed has escaped the attention of the late Judge The veriest trifle sufficed to put the noose around the neck of Broome the Slough murderer On being arrested on It Is still fresh in the public mind how the most convincing evidence against Crlppen was supplied by those l fatal pyjamas the Jacket of which was found with the remains of poor Belle Elmore and was proved to belong to a suit of which the trousers were among Crip - pens effects sold by a Hollowav firm on January 5 1000 thus fixing the date of tne interment could pull offf that play and that Is by knowing what my hold card is Also there is Just one man In the room who could furnish that Information and Im going to abate him In the bud right now As he spoke he jerked - bis revolver from beneath his vest and turned his eyes toward the jspof - wfiere the bar tenderj had beri tahdlngV That per sonag6 promptly ducked lihder the edge of the bar andr jeached i op sslx - shooter whlchVhe kepihimdy Jut then sornigr thing happened sostartling arid so weird that everybody forgdt the duel which appeared imminent Therfc wasa sounjl like the roU lot thunder and crash of splintering fboarda - then - the board shack in which the saloqtf was located rocked and heave4 and collapsed Wewerjeft standing In the rosy light of the rising sun with no roof over us and with no walls around usi I was so scared that I had goose flesh unUI youTcould strike a match on me VI know its exasperating for a raconteur of tales to go back and start over again but In explaining these phenomena I musrlellypu about the activity of that patriotic Reception Committeev The committee had goti hold of pxi old mountain howitzer left at Ft Benton by a detachment of artillery In the Indian war The howitzer was designed to go on the back of a mule when It was being transported The committee had duly commandeered a mule and had taken the cannon across the river to Are the morning salute to the nation When the mule and the gun arrived on the broad fiat across the Missouri River one of the committee who had J - Lit c - 8aver for Birdmen as ions subseaucnt to arrival as tenant of the house and heea - suspicion he sought to discount It by SK tS been celebrating suggested that the gun tellin the nollce that they would tind - anrt rnnnoL T C 9 urea worn ine mme s nacK bo a 20 in gold in his room which he sol - cellar at Hllldrop Crescent emnly declared he had brought away uAn Insignificant laundry mark 599 a i v showed the corpse found on Yarmouth from his fathers house beacb ln 1900 t0 be that of a young The money was found but the trouble woman who had resided at Bexley Health was to connect It with Mrs Wilson mur - and a cheap beach photograph S3rved ta jaenuiy a necklace found in Bennetts possession with one worn by the deceased wife whom he had throttled with a bootlace A dentists recognition of fa Is tpeth dered some time before at Slough However a smart officer had noted Just an ordinary piece of brown paper in the victims sitting room This he carefully preserved and on closely examining It it was discovered that it had marks exactly such as would have been made by 19 sovereigns made up into a rouleau ln which they lay not at right angles to the paper but somewhat sloping No other coins would occupy the same space There were the marks of two smaller milled - edge coins sixpences or half - sovereignsandsovereignsand minute yellow specks sucn as It was found by experiment gold coin would leave after friction with brown and fillings in the almost calcined - skull uft tha mm Which had nnoA hM tVQ fl - iv - leu U1B 6UUi charge of powder was put ln and a solid shot rammed home Then a match was applied to the fuse and the gun pointed toward the hills The mule was by no Jracans an Idle bystander In that patriotic performance and when the fuse began to sputter the sagaclousvanlmal began - to whirl Around trying to Let rid of the load The cora mittee fell fiat on the ground fearing that some of them would interrupt the mad flight of that cannon ball when It which had once held the fine torairi of Dr Parkman led to the conviction of his colleague Prof Webster whose great knowledge of chemistry had enabled him otherwise totally to destroy his victim A dentist also helped to hang the Mannings in like manner Reading in these pages by the - late Judge how sometimes after half a lifetime ln one case James Andrew Homes nigh 40 years - guilt has at last been overtaken by justice through some small circumstances we realize some truth In the familiar words Though the mills of God grind slowly yet they grind exceedingly small Oldest Locomotive in Ose - When the mule had made two revolu tions the gun was discharged and It happened that it was pointed exactly at the saloon where we were having this seance at poker The shot tore through the walls with a crash and the noise frightened the cow ponies which were hitched to the outside of the building Within five seconds the cannon ball and the ponies had rited the flimsy building apart and scattered It over the river bank The hostile gambler who was about to open fire on Dan was hit by a falling board and stretched out on the floor I escaped without a scratch When he came to Dan had disappeared How did Income out of it Why the gambler decided not to start a gun fight with me particularly after the SILKEN PARACHUTE CAREIED IN BOX STEAPPED T0AYIAH TOES SHOULDERS OPENS BY PULLING STRING played Robinson Crusoe WITH APE AS HIS MAN FRIDAY TRAMP STEAMERS SECOND MATE LIVED LIKE A KING New York Evening World m TS gospel true eyery word of it mates This statement is made upon no less authority than the solemn word of Second Mate Peter Hayes of the tramp steamer Tuscan Just ln from the West African trade Furthermore It might be said that Second Mate Hayes is known as Pious Peter to such of his fellows as dare presume on friendship The yarn deals with the mates experience as Robmson Crusoe and he assured the Evening World reporter that every word was true Anyhow here it is We were working the West African and to arrange for a place to live for I coast down the Congo Way began the mde up my mind that it would be a few v days anyhow before Id be rescued I mate Things were terribly monotonous fouynd a Qf caye n the side of ft cUfl and one fine afternoon as we lay at near the shore and decided to make that anchor I decided to take the small boat my headquarters and do some fishing I rigged up a bit of The island was heavily wooded and hurricane for six hours when ahead of me I could hear a grand old roaring above the howls of the wind and the rush of the water and I knew I was nearing land and a terrific surf I said the shortest prayer I knew took a long breath and then bang 1 was ln the middle of it It seemed as if Id never come up but I did finally on my hands and knees on a sandy shore and I kept on moving on all fours until I was well inland Then I curled up and went to sleep Whiskers but I was tired It was almost noon sun time when I came to my senses and saw that I was shipwrecked good and proper on an island I started out to have a look around WORRY Youths Companion Worry has been characterized as a disease of civilization Anxiety is a more elemental form of unhappiness People dreading bereavement people over whom some vital disaster is impending axe living in anxiety People concerned with the simple problem of getting a living are anxious those concerned with the complex problem of keeping up appearances are worried The persons who make much of little who do not discriminate between the important and the unimportant thing of life atfl who have never learned self - control are the worriers Anxiety is a shadow in the background of your activity but worry Is a miserable little activity Itself The worry of the hen is often ludicrous She drops her perfectly satisfactory morsel and scuttles suddenly to seize that of some other fowl worry lest she may be missing something has upset her mind distracted her from her occupation and spoiled her enjoyment Many persons resemble the hen Competition in dress ln entertaining in the style of living promotes worry It Is not the bills for the necessities of life that are responsible for the unpleasant nervous agitation the furrowed brow the abstracted reckoning eye The bills for the secondary and more expensive matters are the disturbing ones Women worry over them men worry oyer them and finally the men worry because the women worry and vice versa Any one who has the courage to simplify his life will have no occasion for worry Why worry asked the sage It is an unanswerable question m mm MP - - ifMSKrii rf f Vn tZZH Illustrated London News Although at first sight possibly our illustration appears to be somewhat fanUW tic yei there is a good ground for supposing that some suchMeylce for saving an airmans life ln case of disaster to his machine is within the bounds of possibility town Marshal had warned him that any Evidence thereof may be found in the fact that the Russian Government as nierx hostile demonstration toward the orator tioned in The Motor has recently ordered 200 automatic parachutes for aeroplanes of the day would be regarded by the cit - 0 a type similar to that shown in bur drawing and toanother whichwas lulls lzens or vi tsenion as Bomeuuns awu tratea mxne motor two years ago ana again in a recent jissue m aiscussing ine to tearing down - the American flag Any - possibilities of the Invention that paper pointed out that a silken parachute wlth way the citizens detlded that the camp an air - resistlhg area of Something like 500 square feet could be made into a roll was better off without the gamblers and about eight Inches long by about six or eight Inches lri diameter This disposes of ai nobody bat they and Dan and I knew any difficulty as to carrylngrthe apparatus on an aeroplane A more serious ob about thedoubleross everything ended jectlontto Its utility la of course - the danger of Its becoming entangled wtthk tha happily fterward I rnt Dan In Butte - machine in ah accident tbut that problem Is perhaps also capable of solution arid gave him half the P9t The parachute as adopted in Russia iscarried ln a box strapped to the airmans t I shoulders Thebox is opened by pulling a string whereupon the parachute is thrown fln - nvt - fiwifrriralf - itp lnto the - air by a sprlagon the principle of a clay pigeon trap Obviously tt S SvHO Ox UvAJvilaai cia onlybeof use inia - faft from a considerable helghtj - a is - r - vhipwa7presji0 x v This modesty flowering plant makes but a poor showing In our annual crop returns some 10000000 bushels or so As a grainjt figures insignificantly outside of New York and Pennsylvania But it is to be noted that the honey - bee is aware Legacy of filial Ratted of its peculiar virtue preferring alone - BARREL TJIAT EXISTS BETWEEN KAISER ANDHISjSOll whitiv rlnvpr tn the hiickwheat bios - t i L - T ffc - RECALLS MAHY EUPTURES jr K0YAL HOUSEHOLD the white clover to the buckwheat bios soms Farmers whokeep beehives know this andx piaht patches of the grain Wise as the bee is the man who awaits the honey from the hive the flour from the oucKwneai meniouows xoe griuuie ENGINE THAT WAS BUILT IN 1832 STILL MAKES REGULAR cake - - Its time is at hand TKIJS AT EJMGLISH UOLLIERY Railroad Mans Magazine JMule Stopped the 6im play SMOOTH CARD SHARP WHO HAD BEEN DOUBLE WAS PATRIOTICALLY INTERRUPTED CROSSED It goes with sau sage or Philadelphia scrapple They Are such distinct American products that one reads with keen sympathy In the latest - life of the expatriated genius Whistler how he was so devoted to buckwheat cakes that he insisted almost at the price of friendship that others share his enthusiasm How could others be expected to do so born outside the buckwheat belt Wretched home - sick artist Other countries are blessedwith special foods from the caviare of Russia to the macaroni of Italy from the frijoles ot Mexico to the chop suey of China but - they are beyond the pale pitiably Ignorant of whatthey - miss and of Esqsu City Times HERB came the other day out of Germany a strange discordant story of a quarrel that exists between William the Em - Prlpceof the - land William if the story be true has not sjioken to his son for months and When the other day a city was feasting in honor of the birthday anniversary of the Crown Prince the jEmperor passed through and would not tarry or by any word or act admit that the birthday cele - bratlonof the Crown Prince - was an oc - thaticould take care joMtselfCthemalrJ thing was to get iwayirom Germany Before - the runaway could eyen be aU tempted it was found out Tpe Prince never set foot to stirrup much - Usa maka his way across the German border A watchful Colonel - had discovered t ho scheme and acting on Ills fathers cr ders to take himiallveor dead pufl him under guard and brought hltffto WS sel where the King was Keith wad warned in time and fled by hard riding he crossed the border into Holland lay hidden in thehouse of the British Ann jaassador at The JIague andQhedarK night set sail in a small fishing boat crossed the English channel and v found safe asylum Katte - delayed too long T nothincr ieuu rMwatMiigeneer - - - Wheat cake it feprngeth - Hp as a lowly HE professional pokerplayer is fall through a bridge said thls thirst flme a7 - - n the - comn tateortig - clerk - io - De uKenea oniy to toeunpretenuous Well its the only game in town PPkipie This topi Is hy sight isnt it I inquired sadly - Tes but the cards are marked replied the bartender These1 rough - riding sports know all the cardsfr6irithe ace to the ten because I furnished the cards and did the marking Well you might tell me tee - combinationcombination from the ten to the deuce and Ill take my chances with them I said disappearing like the buffalo hunter disappeared said Colonel Klrby of Butte in ex plaining to a company of friends at the Hotel Washington the changes which are coming over the West The field of the professional - card player is so restricted that it is no longer profitable caslon in which he felt a pride - or - JoyAor Interest The story if it be true and It had one thing to do arid iherfanbther seems likely that it is is but the latest though his bLother - officers and yhls so monifflotatlnn nf tho arpfontrmirso rtffhA rilarlrtTB wmrtiWmf i In nrdsfl what we are about to enjoy - InhAmerlca Honenzollern3 e curse tiat seta father camYfof hia arrest andi he4 wastaken were is noxning secuonai awmt tne duck - a - i - w li irA - rM nnHvuit I ligaiUBbpVU CMiVi BWU UiQUlUN AWtWMilMtMM - rVrf II VHVMVwbul wViV MM - 1T lng thern hate each other bitterly - to dwell uponf the King gone aiadwlu This family hatred is - noceWVthtngf it rugej - ithePrtncesUentdeflantgtowjr has hannened ln the roval house of Prus - Mnz at mVvfather - irianintenslfy ut sia - rtime after time And this mostirecent speechless rageThejKlngfaslted oueS Dreacn cans to mina an inciaeniTaimost iqnBzn niz rexuseaiBnawrfiuajtipuiBii forgotten the story of the break betwen struck him inthe - face - withagold - head the Prussian King Frederick William - ed cane pfficers lookedonandSiw thflj It was in the days before the empire and helrto Prussias throne Jtfeeding anddls htsson Fritz who afterward ruled honored Then the Prince was marched Prussia as Frederick the Great - away tonrlsop 4tr - tpv Between these two t there had been Two months they feept the - Prfnc lit strife since the Prince was acMld JJld prison solitary confinement Jt waswitti A SMOOTH SWINDLE New York rPressi I Not long ago an American called upon a West End jeweler in London and NnOTftdAVfl H rlftvlflr in MnAnA rn - tn - einallv to th eluhs or f elect ir l f Co1nel - youre a genius you ought to later back he came My - wlfe is in boor a household tyrant whose strange - - nb oho - CDuldpeaTtto1xrjaafrMgf00d cuJ - - oe in uungress saia mis Bartender xne plays cards with friends Nobody strangers When one of the professionals sets out after his prey in these times he usually arranges a double - cross which reduces the game to a simple bunko swindle However the double - cross is no new Institution Tveseen It worked when the games were free and open In Montana a sail and away I went over the smooth sea until I was almost out of sight of the Tuscan The fishing was mighty good and I did not notice how fast the time was passing Then the breeze began to whip there were plenty of fruit trees and springs so I knew Id get along pretty well We1 about two days after Id taken ujAny residence I was out scouting about for something to eat when I heard a funny nosevlna piece of Jungle near my cave It sounded for all the world like a youngster bawling I start up a bit and it suddenly began to grpw ed in to investigate and there on the dark I took one look back of me and saw one of those fine tropical storms coming toward me In about a Jiffy and a half the Tuscan was outof sight and I was scooting along over the water like a torpedo boat ground holding its leg and crying was a young ape The ape was as much astonish at seeing me as I was afseelng It I was lonesome and I decided to become better acquainted When I picked the ape up in my arms he put up a bit of a fight but I gave him a clout Dr two on the head Then the storm hit me in the back of and he surrendered I took him to the the neck and I Just made up my mind cave and looked at his leg It was broken iL it I made a splint and tied up the broken then and there that my seafaring days Ieg w1th strip5 of doth from my shirt and the ape was so thankful for the attention that he wanted to kiss rne The ape and I got to be the best of friends His leg improved in a hurry and he would follow along after me when I went food hunting And that ana waV I must have Journeyed along in that some help I can tell you for he would s PUTTING 12 GENTLY New York Herald Courts - martial are not infrequently held on battle ships in the Charlesfown Navy Yard Sometimes a sailor will send for a Boston attorney to defend him although this tendency Is discouraged by the ofB cers Most attorneys know they absolute right to practice in Court and can do so only by permission of the Court but occasionally a goes aboard who does not realize this fact A sailor who was charged with gambling had retained an attorney to get him off This attorney who had never had such a case before went briskly into the officers wardrobe where the Court was sitting and without waiting man and I was saved from in a blustering manner Just a minute interrupted the presiding officer Who are you I am Mr Rudolph Smlthers the attorney replied and I am a member of the Massachusetts bar Oh you are Mr Smlthers are you continued the officer Then you are the man whom the orderly wants to see He called tho orderly What does the orderly want of me asked the attorney in a superior tone Nothing very much replied the Chief Justice he merely wants to show yon off the ship next deck I put into the game - will have all the cards marked It will beabeau - tiful - double - crbss and Ill be In on the play I dont mind telling you Dan that If you doublercross me Ill hang4 iripe on this shack I suggested mildly bought a splendid peart for which ha paid 50X - in real money jA - few days Frederick William waaia VulearroarinKoilt todokn OrLtheSmaterial foivwrttinft - i - 7 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - oaca ne came tmt - ecstasies over that pearl he told the cnraciensucs aave - maus lusiouans ui a up iur nun uecauseiiieuBiiuui wca wan ny J olnv V m latr day ask themselVeVwhetherhe may knife was thrust in ithrougbT aallghtW jeweler She wants another - Just like not naVe Deen a bit unbalanced Buithat opened door by dumb attendant It wj it - How much doesshe iTtant It js mere conjecture - and probably not true the sortof thingthat1 drives men - mad queriedthe Jeweler Pearls of that grade His Joys were bear hunting and drinking and the castle guardanstknewit theraj are very rare hard - to nnd - aniitorpur - hesmoked a pipe continuallyandhls fore they dared1todIgpbeyithe King trf - vv rS - 45 V temper was tf the Tfleatx 1 S smuggle tooks to vth unhappy Fritz ta poses of matching - bloqmlngtexpenslve ruft faiv nf FrHck wunm nnMt t - itt - rMf fh tfineB - cdTrnnanil loved ratherttbanthe1rBplritandj Bomeumea dnd not the letterf - r - yitfrif V And In Then a Court - martial Hat IB men of th sympathy with her were her iwofeldest Prussian armxf noteasy njaBtera ihesej Juont worryapout me replied Dan rney - taiKea pce ana THfrfArnertcaoa tie to soothe that temper - His Queen 1 m vtlred of Lthls brinanyway ent away after agreeirirtopayas France and French - thngscultare it tooK me about ave minutes In rut vm Zzli Znt music and noetrrand thejrartsri back room to - get the combination on - iT - lco Ior - - a m i - V - L11R 17T - MI 1 L1IUII11IR UU LZLllinLt - j i l m - i ttte DaCKS OI tne cards SO that wnen T - - - - nhlMran TfrLfr thBhBlrl - nndiVlIhilm1fiaiTliii f ThMr liiaril - thiiS JivUnMUt a naval U - 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