The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1932
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^ 9Hf OOUIIIER • NIWS CO, PUBLISHERS -••:•.; ; .0. R, BABCOCK, Editor : ! .,- H. W. HAINE8, Advertising Manager tok'National Ad«ttl3in» Representatives; ^ArktaMi D»W«, UK., Now Vorlt, Chicago, D^wlt, St. I/Jills, DUlaj, Kansas City, Little Bock. . . . Every Afternoon Extopl Sunday. M second class matter at the post »t Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Cougresi October ». U17. Served by Uw United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier in the city of uiyUicvlllr, lie |>er week or >8.SC per year in advance. By mall within » radius or M miles. $3.00 |x-r year, 11,90 for six monllis, 85; for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones serai and eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. i/psrV/e Down An excellent example of the topsy-- tnrvcy jiolnt of view which is nilliur generally applied to iiuustions affecting our economic welfnre i.s fimushnd in the prevailing lieliel' thut wives of men who hold good jobs and sons and daughters of well-to-do families should not seek employment, but should leave all available opportunities for earning & livelihood to per-oiiK less fortunately situated. Npw it is not to be titicstinncd that in the present state of jiffnirs it is probably belter for some members of society to live in idle comfort than for others to be compelled to go hungry because of enforced idleness, but surely ours 1- an upside down society if its welfare is better served by some of its members leading parasitic u.xi.stcnces than by all contributing to the furnishing of goods and services for the lack of which many jtrc suffering. One lesson the past four years sliould have taught us is thut production for prpfit defeuts its own end if it destroys the balance between production and consumption. From the .standpoint of the national welfare, which means thi! welfare of the people who are the nation, the only rational purpose of production is consumption. When we learn to conduct our affairs as if we understood the truth of that proposition there will be opportunity for all to work so long ns any human need . or desire remains unsatisfied. r,v/ Must Cut Expenses First A proposed amendment to (lie constitution of Arkansas which will have a strong appeal to many persons is one providing for the exemption from taxation of homesteads, defined as city lots 50 by 150 feet, or >IO acres of farm property, occupied by the owner. Encouragement of home ownership is to be desired, and to the extent Hint this amendment would help city workers and small farmers to own their own homes it is a worthy proposal, but before voting for it citizens of Arkansas oi'gbt to ask the revenue for the oiioratian of their schools and the conduct of their local governments is coming from if it should be made part of the cou- [ Stitutkm, A survey has shown that adopt ion ' of this amendment would reduce KOII- DUTOURWAY oral properly lax receipts, chief source of school and anility revenues, l ( y about IJO JUT cent. Our .sdiui)l.t iiud counties pretty gtitorally me on the verge of bankruptcy right now. This nro|Hwil amendment would linisli the job in rother short order. Ultimately it may In; jic>.-sil>](> lo extend .sudi (ax excniplinn for IIIIIIH:- stciuls. Inn just now is nu time fur any kind nf tinkering with thu ta\ stnicttiro. The tbiiiK that must be :UT0mj)li.s)ii'il first is the deflation of goveninu'iilid ^.xnuiidilui'us. The Democratic nominee for guvcriior is |ile(l|>t(l lo (his. J.ot liiin attack the problem with Die- vigor he 1ms promised, anil let local units ( ,f ^ovi-rnnifiil follow in his footsteps, and |x:rhaps we can .turn present treasury deficits into .surpluses that will permit tax exemptions or reductions. COURIER NEWS Personal Property Toxts II iwurti Hicu ;lic gro:i(c'.st nrc-d in /\rk insiib Is ml a Miles tax nor itn Increase in taxa f lion nor some new ( form of taxes. The schools of l>lil|li|] S cuimly nnd of Ar- kaiisns iired na fmdicr provisions [or .school monies in order lo'kcep from being forced to Ura snd three months earlier each year than the regular nine monllis term. Tlie stntc budift nlso couM be rather easily InliihTOl arid our beloved .stute would not have to be Issuing yoiiehcis nl Oils lime th:u ••Ixium-c tack" 'Ike [ho well known iubb;r checks, if only one thing should !}e done. All Hint the state, Us mslilulioiis. O i lr schools nml ci:r various county funds m-rd to keep KD- I"!; Is a collector cl iwiwimi luxe:;. —Helena World. The World goes on to say that failure >to collect pcrsnnal property taxe.s has cost I'hiilip.A county nearly a half million dollars in the past ten years. We have not Ihc figures at hand, but feel safe in saying that the loss to .Mississippi county from the same source has been as great or greater. OHO of (In: most important recommendations made by the Committee of 3;! named last spring by Judge Zal H. Harrison was that thu comity coJIocloc be rcciuiml to show evidence of having exercised the powers given him by law in an effort to collect all iwrsonal property taxe.s before having his scttle- menf; approved. ' v ov the sake of our schools and in justice to who pay the taxes assessed against, them, that recommendation ought la be given elVect. Now I believe In (lie Intrepid soul \ot the American people: but 1 believe nlso In Its liorse- sense....! believe In the snercrtr.ess of private property, which means thut I do not believe it should be subjected to the mthbss manipulation of professional gamblers In I he stock mantels. —I-'rnnklln D. Roosevelt. Democratic presidential nominee. There is no sound reason why tliinss should not yet better. Kvprylhlng went to a sub-normal basis. The main thing lu , ),i c ke<! »•;,,. „„(-,„ deuce and confidence is fust, being losioied. —Samml M. Vaiiclaln. chairman of the boaid, Baldwin Locomotive Works. There VMM be no hostilities, no jealousies, no cultivated mis:indcrstandiii[;s. no widi-nmij breaches brtvrrn nations, no thundering Kruwls. nu riiiiior.s of via:- cr no actual war if ;;w.i- \ull (.'skied In the world today. — Rw. J. Stuart HoUlcn. St. Paul's Church. London, in N'cu Y;>vk i-orniiiM. By Williams "\*\\ /'.,,-.-, -jwv-—il^S2£i~. fWL M .-\ot.. u SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "I ain't such a bad catch, -Klla, consirlonV what HI have f this lottery ticket I got wins anything." Nasal Growths Offer Danger Which Physicians Can Check nv nit. MOitiiis ilitcr, Jcurnal nf the American Mctlir:il Assorbliuii, nnd of llygclii, llm Health Ma^azltc Clillclren, and particularly in- nts, are likely lo push Into iclr mouths almost anything that .cy happen to pick up. Somc- iies they nlsd try the nose. A scbstuncc of fairly small size ken Into the mouth is not like- to te harmful, providing thnt Is clean, even after it ts awal-i vu'd, because the dij;esllvc pas- are big enough in most iu- ances to let, it pass through in om 1C to 24 hours. However, the breathing passes ore much smaller than the Itestive lube; moreover, they o curved unit more rigid, so tbni is much more difficult, for any ibstanc; pushed Into the nose to 't through into Ihc throat or lo t out of the breathing iwssages tcgether. Any substances pushed into the se. such as buttons, beans or .iscr. which aic some of the imgr, Hint nin be piislicd Into :e nasc. may get lodged there; .cy may pass the nostrils and fail ID the, or they may fall om the throat Into, the "ii]b?s ml lead lo the lungs. Sometimes children who me •.cwing a foreign substance si;<i- enly inhale and In that way eel icm Into the lungs. Whenever luii!,' sets lodged in the no-, '.ere fcllovs Immediately swell- 3 and redness: and just~as s«u » Iho germs get to wort, an of- nsivc purulent discharge. T h u siibstiince discharg c rt IKFCS redness -of Ihe upper l:p iiti toinctimcs inflammation a»u infection. The discharge that comes from a nose that has been slopiwd up by a foreign body is much more offensive and irritating, tlian th e usual discharge from a cold. Of course, there "is just one thing to do In such cases and that i.s lo gel Ihe foreign bodv out. A physician can usually do this conveniently, if the substance Is soft l:ke a bean, by grasping It with a forceps. However. In the case of such hard objects as buttons or pieces c! chalk. Ihe manipulation in the nose may be harmful. Under such circumstances, It l s frequently necessary to put the child to sleep ulth an anesihetic. In some casps the use of a little local anesthetic' to the membranes of the nose will permit Ihe withdrawal of the foreign body. Under such circumstances it is usually well to wrap the child's body tightly in a sheet to prevent tossing nnd throwing of the arms. Any foreign substnnce inhaled into the tubes that lead to the hint's or into the lungs themselves constitutes an immediate menace to life. Under such c:r- cumstnncjs there must not be delay. Therefore, an X-ray picture iis toon as possible will aid the physician in finding and removing such a substance. Special instruments have been develoi>cd which permit Ihe placing oi a tube down Into Ihc lung and. associated -with this, there arc special lights, forceps and other devices for grasping, cut- ling up and removing these objects. divorce lljolt from tho herring- eating belt next year. Quite a different scene is to be presenlcd "f> its vash b:ach when another cummer comes. The mobs cf messy picnickers will find slrict rules and .regulations; the under sections it the boardwalk will not be cluttered with relics of an ab«n- aojied jilciiic. New and more golden sand Is to be Imported. Something like fllve mlll!on» will be spent. Coney intends to go just a bit tony—which will Clve the New York East Side "•longs Kmethlng to worry about tills ^KPTEM UJKKji,,1932 >l CHEAT GKRMAN RETREAT Cn Sept. c, 1918, the German torrcs on the western front be;"n a retreat en a front of more "an M miles, with allied forces n constant pursuit. The retirement all along the ine was carried out under heavy ailillery fire, and the ccolness and precision, of the movement was enmrkable under Ihe clrcum WORLD - RUODV DUCk IS KNOWN &/ SIXTV SEVEN French soldiers occupied Ham uid Chauny and advanced lo a, to- al depth of more than six miles asl .of the Canal du Nerd. British forces advanced as much is sc\en miles on a !S-mlle front and Americans, more stubbornly 'iptoscd, gained five miles. The American, troop transport •It. Vernon v,as torpedoed off the •rencfc coast, but- was able to lake port under lier own sleam. Thirty-five members of Ihe crew vere killed. Crippled Girl Learns to Swim «N A fMif. SCORPION FINOS THE AWE O? HIS CHOICE, HE TAKES' NO CHANCES' ON HOLDS Ufa. NEW YORK—Eleven fleers ab.r.v :o.itluny. loiiKing down upon 6^1- h theater fronts, signs, lights and inuls; tucked arcay among u d> n theatrical ofilces. you c.i:; >n-.e upon cno cf Manli:il'.Jii';v =rc interesting curiosities. I£'s ;» ?lirc of it Jewisn syri;tg;K;:if- us fantastic a setting as aii\ i:ircli. tabernacle or other hou=c uorshtp ever foimd itself. To nil external npix-nriuice. 1 -. lt'> crco'.yiicd ollice doorway. The iint: (>n the deor reads: Jeu- i Thratrlcal Guild of Amcnca '•:i tlic door ;ir.<l there are ^^s. stenn^r.i|)Hcrs nnri benches • Ihnsr who mi:sl fit and wall. 'IV: f.:isl n lyiie^nter table and i'.uhl .nhciid arc deep Oricnlj! I l:H[ii;ins.<s. cold trime<l. of Ihe tie., rlpjet-like irypls In which ;' hep; (l:c holy torah. of the He- I'AS. This, is trontcrt by a smali n in mid-Broadway, high ' the shov. places and the rcct noise:,, mis might not. In . seem so incredible. But a -iIII wall is hung with paintings nri pl-.otogr.iplu of a score of eminent Jewish actors. Center- 5 the wall Is a life-sized oil o! arney Bernard, of "Potash ar-.d :ri:nuuer" fame. There's Eddie mior In blackface and whlle'a;e dozens of others. In glaring contrast, on ihe op- hite walls, are prints and plc- ic.s. .indent and new of the Ills- ric rabbis and tlic sasas. OKi- :•;. j.^bics; ,-,(.;OIK nud others iKciti "he lo-jisi in r.isv chnrs • as explained lo me by Loney Hnskcll. veteran monoloslst of vnudc\il)e who Is now secretary ol | the Guild: "You see, thcvc is no • place in Ilic Droadway twit, where a Jewish funeral service or marriage or holy day can be solem- ntzed. "There's St.'s the 'Actor's church,' and any number of assorted ProUstant. churches and funeral parlors, but In a city with a vast Jewish population there is no Broadway synagogue. So we : have .set up this littlu place here— > in an office where charily is dls- | pensed and Jnbs checked nnd un' employed ticlcrs are given meal , tickets." '. So. slranec as it may seem, a ; religious senlce may be going on : Just r.cxi door lo an office where. vaudeville hoofers ore gathering • cr where movie tyros are starting cut on the iong-up-hlll road. i * * • While waiting for Hollywood to call him. Sidney Franklin. Am. erica's onc-and-only great bull! fighter, has become a familiar and | picturesque figure In' Ills hometown of Brooklyn. Since there aro no bulls lo battle in Brooklyn, ! mnklin keeps in training by swimming and practicing walking. i II seems that trick walking Is a most Important factor Iri a bull ! nghttr's roullr.o of training. Half cf a bull fighter's art Is to m*kc ! graceful esca]»s from a charging ; bull. So Franklin docs about ih< | streets, reading * took. Al the moment, he is liejded westward fcr Eddie Cantor's pic- ,ure. "Thr Kid From Spain". Coney Maud has, delcimined CHfCAGO (UP)-An ll-ye«r-o(d rippled girl cp.m; back from a imp this summer happy, for she *d achieved the ambition ot her lort life time. CtrmeUa Jaurez, crippled with infantile paralysis since she wa* five, ilwrnys had been afraid ol the water.- This year she learned to swim.-She attended a cimp nsar Burlington, Wisconsin, In Ihe company of 300 other crippled children *ll of Chicago. Raised Point Over Implement Used CORCORAN, Cal. (UP) —Julio nodriquez Indignantly denied that hp hit his wile with a hoe, when arraigned In justice court on a disorderly conduct charge flled by Mrs. Rodrkjucz. ' •••,: . "No, sir. judge." he declared. "I didn't hit her with a hoe—it was ft shovel." He was lined $10. OECl ARES THAT TWS HUMAN RACE SPRANG i ROOWOFTHE It is curious that myths and superstitions should be built im around ;.i certain tree by peoples of widely separated countries In Nor mythology, the ash tree is the "world tree", from whose rootc r'e'ac-h mg to the greatest depth of the earth ,the whole race of mon'spraiw hnd whose branches .supported the heavens sprang, The Ruddy Duck is labeled with many names that are fram fro-n nattering. Among them are dumb bird, fool duck, deaf duck and bull CHURCH EXCUSES The last argument Mother and Joe had en baptism put Mother to bed -wi'.h » terrific headache ind Jou hasn't spoken -a dozen words to me or the children. Mother says if she could get along with either of her other two son- in-laws she would not, spend another day in our house. Joe says he Is sorry she can't gel along with them and lie can't 'ice why she don't try. It lcoks:like they could see thai, they never can settle this quretion especially since ;hcy get so stirred up they forget the question and begin" to be personal in all their statements. 1 suppose tliat Ls wav of all rc- George W. Birfeun • ligious arguments, i think what hurl Molher so was what Joe said- about her last husband. He inlimated that it was Mother's Beneral "attitude lhat made it necessary to send him to the hospital for nervous folks. Mother said he was perfectly sound on the whole • church question and lhat his trouble was caused by a little lob much drinking and Joel told her that he ncicr drank anyf until after he married her. ' All' this may be true but Joe had no •business to say such things. • .- Al! i courier News Want Adi Pij.' "Right this way, if you please sir!" Unless you happen to be an invited guest of the British Royal Family, the best way to "see" Windsor Castle is under the convoy of a uniformed guide. In a sing-song patter, he will tell you its history . .. point out things of interest Whose full significance would escape the unattended tourist. It also saves time and shoe-leather to use "guides" when you do your daily marketing at home. These guides are the advertisements in this paper. They tell you where, when, and the equally important "how much." By consulting the advertisements, you know in advance what the stores have to offer. If you are pressed for time, you can do your shopping by telephone, with the newspaper before you as a definite guide. Read the advertisements... the big ones and the little ones. "Step this way," the advertisements say, saving time and lost motion.

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