The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1934
Page 4
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PAOE Eotift ni.YTHEVlLLE.auKV COUIUKR NEW! IBB BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TSM OODROK NEWS CO., PDBUSHBW 0. R. BABCOCK, Biitof * H. W. HAINE8, Natlonu Advertising R«preMQUUra: Dallies, Inc., New York, ChlcifO, Drtrplt, St. Louis, Dallw. Kansu City, UtU* Rpet Published Every Afternoon Xxeept SuBdtjr. t us second da** matter tt iie post office at Olj'thevUle, Ar- ;»nsns, under act of Congrest Oc- lober 8, 1917. Served bj Hie onited Free*. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By curler m tne 'city of aijUjevtlto, 15c pet week or W.SO per year In »dv»noe. By mail within > radius of M mlle«, ?Jj» per year, >1.M /or tlx months, Sic -{or Uw« month*; by mall In postal soncs two to ill. Inclusive, 16.50 per year. In zones seven and eight, (10.00 bef year, payable In advance. Start on V ouths to Cure Gangsterism It is a lonir distance from a bitf city underworld g:mt, r to one of the forest camps of the CCC. Hut a nation that is plagued hy gangs ,ind wonders what on earth il ever is goin^ to- dq about them could dn worsn thun study the connection between tlie two. The other day a U. S. army olficer, Cajit. Tliomas K. -May, iinishcd » six- montli tour of duty with the CCG and told of his experiences in that outfit with certain budding gangsters from New York. Captain May's camp Intel more than its share of tough young mugs from the New York East Side. Sonu'limes, the captain admits, he felt that the New York welfare organiy.iilioiK that . enrolled .some of his young foresters. "must have sent us most of their problem cases." ~ Some of the lads even Uied to organize a racket in the camp itself, forcing companions to pay them for "protection"; one. youiig.itcr. wrotu . proudly 'to his mother, tiling about it. + - * * But eventually the captain got the boys .straightened out. He separated the young racketeers and f.eiit the individuals to other camps, where they coi|!d escape from association with their own kind ; and he w;is ama/ed to 'isee how quickly these hard-boiled /young street bullies {timed into hon.•est, decent, hard-working, mid ambil- igus specimens of healthy young manhood. "They never have had much of a chance," he says. "They hardly knew anything about civilized living. Hut I never saw a group more i-i-.gcr to do the right thing or more willing to follow a right example." Now there is enough of a moral in this little story to litl a book. Nothing could ?how mure clearly how the modern' underworld gang is a product of society .as n whole. The lads who go into the gangs are forced in by environment. Change the environment, give, them a chance to earn an honest living in decent surroundings, put them in an atmosphere where that kind o! endeavor is appreciated— and, presto!- they abruptly cease, to be the kind of material gangs are made of. If it taught us no more that, UUT OUK WAY the forest army project would l)u worth every dime it cost. We simply do not need to have gangs. The lads who grow up to be hired killers are not irredeemably vicious. Society c;m make useful Americans of them if it cures to make the d'- fort and spend Hie money. Hefonner.s anil huve Ijecn saying tlmt for years, and \vc liavc scoffed and .said that \viis impractical theorizing. Well—it works. If we have hall' the sense we think wo have, we shall uu ahwul and make it work some more. —Bruce UiiUoii. WKDN'KSDAV, JANUARY Returned Gijts Assistant Sccrclai-y of Commerce Ewing.Y. Mitchell nclcd jc-operly in seeing to it that employes in his bureau refused to accept Christmas gifts proffered by a steamship company which has extensive dwlingti with the Commerce Department All in all, a "wa^onload !.f oO-ccnt cigars" is said to have been received by various employes oC the Shipping Bureau. Mr. Mitchell nolil'inl the em- ployes that "it is nut good practice for a government ofl'icia! or employe to accept gifts, oven of small value, from those with whom lie may have business relations." To be sure, these particular gifts seem to have been harmless enough. Nobody imagines that a government official in going to sell his soul for a box of cigars..' Kut the principle is rather import• '.till. . An ironclad rule against acceptance even of insignificant favors is - u good' bulwark against growth of public suspicion. More Bank. Supervision Increased government supervision of the nation's banking system seems likely tu follow on the heels i'f the new deposit insurance plan. Ueports from Washington say that officials of the Reconstruction Finance Cor|Kjration are considering ways of assuming a voice in the control of banking institutions into which millions of RFC funds have been pumited. 'Die iU-X; has spent SXW.OOO.ODO buying capital stock in nearly 0,000 bunks; it is hardly surprising that such extensive stock purchuscs should be expected to carry a voice in management. Just where ihi.s tendency is going to take our banking structure, however, is not entirely clear. Are we insensibly heading in the direction of. straight- out government operation of the banking business? A man who believes in signs almost could be induced to think so We must leach the youth of today not by do's :,nd (ion'ls or even by example, so nuicli ;is by working with them. —Lc:ter P. Scott, national executive of tlie Camp Fire Girls. My theory Is that It you take t'-.c profit out of liquor and out of war you ivih have peace on earth. — Hcprcsentative Tom D. McKcown of Oklahoma. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark V^V .^^V^^'t^r^V'- 5 -- 1 ' " ; " " ^'J/^^:^'^'^'''" Adequate Diet Is Effective Ore8 ° n H °P Growers C £ I A n 11 Stud y Control PI|f safeguard Against Pellagra SALEM. ~ O P mar ! liV IHt. .MOKKIK I'ISHHi-lV j-jlilor, Journal uf the American .Mediial Assorialion, and uf lly- Ki-ij, the Health M»s:»lnc Keep your.ii'1/ and yuur family well nourls!:ed and you will avoid one of the most treacherous dis- •ases that have ravaged Ills world. arket subsided, OrV-iTT"" t er s now are deVw nf J 1 ?" srott "l lion to attempt"' *™ ? Ue "-| Today [he view generally is held ducion ami maintain - •• |l!0 ~" ~ 1933 largely of corn, or maize-. j^'-nr^^^i ^?XT,£*V^ beer was l^"zcd V^^n Si Slates. Hops in jgji . Lniteflg cents a pound. '' , ..- -. - . "• Oregon hop product,.-., „., ,,„ k clalrd with poverty wherever it has,vitamin B2 results in the condition ! was close to 20.ow.ocu that pellagra is due (o a drllciency of a vitamin which is part, of vitamin 13. Vitamin n consists of vitamins ni and 152, which also are called F and G. A deficiency of vitamin 1)1 in The disease i.i pellagra, the serious j the din result's in inllammal:o:i of epidemic that lias been asso- ! the nerves, whereas a deficiency of appeared. The depression might have been the cause of :i rise in (he cccur- rcncB of Uiis disease In tha soutb- ern part, of the United States, in tl:e Mediterranean countries, and some of the islands of the West Indies, where poverty still reaches a high figure. Only In Italy has the rate {Trapped, probably due to changes in the diet of ilic people, brought i called pellagra. In the United Stales the attack on L'r.c disease is being made through various factors. But there seems to be no doubt that change in the woiiomlc sitnallun in the! family seems to b2 the most minor- ' lain factor. Thus two authorities i say: "In looking for cast's 01 pellagra, tlie home surrounded by evidences o£ a good garden. i which would make' of barrels of goed beer.'' i»iinris.H \ S Oregon! r,boi:t by u rise in the standard of or two. a lew pigs and some living. • j try may as well IK passed up. for In Georgia, during 1930 at lh " "'"""' 20,000 "That isn't quito the way he 1 tells i least. 20,000 persons sulfered from I pellagra, and the annual dentil ' rate from this disease in the countries where it U most prominent has risen during the last five years. Although it generally was understood, at least one hundred I years ago, t^at poverty was in ! some way related to the disease through inadequate diet, a definite relationship of the disease to diet did not become established until recently. First cam? i!:e view that jKllagr.i was due wholly to eating corn. was n logical conclusion, because the diet of tile poor consisted the dunces are less than fine in a thousand that pellagra will be founcl. "On the otrier hand, the home surrounded only by !nsl year's cst- ton crop always will bear watch- Valuable Fingers | SAN FRANCISCO, i UP)—Flexibility of the fingers of Meyer Herbert, shoe salesman, are valued at S2-U50. !:c contended in a suit against Eclison Brothers Stores,! Inc. Herbert charged he cut a linger on the tack while softening the ' shoe for a demonstration and a resulting infection has limited the j motion of his middle and index fin- I ger. ' jjauuary 10¥* 1757-Ethan Allen, Amerkan general •the Mississi reacYiesr of Mew nners CHURCH EXCUSES Bj Geo. W. Barbara f 1 omed L MABEL McELLIOTl •«*-• O 1933 NEA Service, k After I wcs put ofr of the church board in the imbecile way used by the few church members left In the church after I had run the church in a masterly way for fifteen years, I decided !• would follow my us'iial plan of not giving a Umglit. about anything, "for a man of my knowledge and ability does not lind it necessary to think nr even rend as most people, do. It is my opinion thnl the average p;-r- MIII reads too much. I seldom pay attention to anything T sec or i",ir bul recently I heard a part of a discussion between two so-called' eminent churchmen as to the best ami proper method of church. li- iiiiticlng. ami as clnircn memb":b usually do. they failed [o agree. One of them asked me what I thought and I tok] them that I never gave such mnttors a (.'.'.ought, that a man of my knowledge ;in;l ability did not Hurt It necessary t:> tliinl- but as a mailer of setting them both right. I wcuid respectfully refer them u, the only worthwhile mctnodx ever used and that was :lic one reputed to be tc: out in :he Bible and the one I used for llfteen years in the church I managed, and I was of the opinion they would find my method prefernbl3 as it was a Inter method, and in keeping with the modern aye. With tills I pa.^crt out of hearing and 1 suppose left them disputing what I know to be a fac' I.II.V lllir. i.un lili* ]n lu-turj. tun I;>,I lo lii-cn lur li.lj, luiL- Mi-IT!riii<-nl hiniM'. 'I'liL- llr^l iimlil ClM'^ i|il-ml III Ihc-ir .Ni-M V IIKIII \r.\t\ 1.IHV. : ,,I,. ,,d I lillt l.nlr lii flir M>w (.n n\ ivrrn TIIH CIIAI'TKIl \"I '•YjK. Ill.iSS. 1 ! - li," I ll-i." '! will, hj.s piilbnx h:i! iinswi'rrd Toin's 'ini- lif-:iil \M,S hi-aliu-.r n ;;Ml. Tile |)rii.-:n Kluilin A. on lie page buy. j -1 inn. Gypsy's' taster than } cl of seeing ! in li-i'lf: i,inl s-l:r I,ail-met Derek i i.rly mire-, 'I'lin l.i;,MEng was im- 1:1. In;;. All its angles were ele.- •-•:-.:.; i:i litn innri^rn !;<r.iuier. :i '-iiy. side Klancc at rfniL .\o one. conM 'il to lie c.\cited ahout ;i- a mere ilin- c-hiilrt! Iser.-olf. .; ::r:ng :,s fn.-t :itineni with A siaut refrigeration .vystcin is installed in Uotildcr Dam to aid in hardening the concrete. The system consists or 150 miles of two- inch pipe through which co'ci water circulates. By Wiiliami ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier has been mi- hnrizcci to announce the following candidates for public office, .sub- \ cct to the Democratic primary I coat , rushing for£;.-•. <jlci;;i:it ?•'..<: was '.'a:She was mv.v s-cli,i-iivi\ .illnrjujr. Gy]i<v' M ;:• nm-e. jcs shone as s/ic ufiia\'rct/, "i'cs." tne 01 her.-." look simply way.; do." And forti-il. Perhaps a hit envious of them all. | Oh, site inns;: Bhc nius; g Meanwhile she laughed, made the | once. It was graml. It v.-as • proper answers, ami followed her I entertainment. She mudn'l hostess into il inner. .Nothing of] it. pretty v.-;cU-awake .tst August: Tor Member uf ( rinjress CLINTON L. CALDV.tLL For County Tirasurrr JOE S. DI!,!,AHCMV Tor Circuit Cimrl Clerk HUGH CRAIG Fur Cnunfy fouit ( Ink I-'liliD I-'LEEMAN For Ue-L"cction lor ;i:- : Term n-.:i tiie hume'-mailo- Mand Mullcr c-'£- il to her U. L. IDILLY- o. c. iiKEi C;..\:\:-.j FOR CITV i:!ccl:on 'HiCi c on down and meet site commanded. "You sweet, dear. You r,I- Clypsy felt coni- sho wouldn't 1)0 ;:i3S. after ail, in her lit- llo old liome-mada dinner dress. Tom, across tlie lahle, nodded at her And evidently Marko wasn't to be ,i ll( ! E ave her the special look that here. The other guests resolved i meant lie llious"-. she wa3 lovely tli cm sel vcs into personalities. I tonight l!!cro | Ti.e-e was Hilda Blaucl.avd, OLO of I Ev , rvthitll; about „,= j. rpuni, i I-"a .s frirnOs; thcro wer.^ two' nu-n Mi';:ir.v;i:le. t!yp-y ^ i-nrri« cl [tff. ,:]i .1 . :iii::: sr:!rs. to lav ] .• nil'! alteml to tile | called, resiiectivclv,. ,, . ,. and Ilol,bv. both evi.ientlyj "" " 5 c ™ ah ? : "f """"f wcre o, of Derek- in the financial ;;';:' C ' C J"^ ^. tablKl ° l " m " st ami there was a pleasant Ki| iriiMbov sU ^ ^°^ ^ yoiitis woman who. (jypsy . , ... ' . '• . '". , ." pve.-entiy discovered, was Danny's " < ?" C ' C « I > «"!'tempting viamlj in wife. ought her lurtralence registered on ber j Gypsy murnuivcd sonie'iiiiu """Ipiiiince. | agrecalilc! TlckeU to "The Ili-!-i!:t Care," she hail heard, were so!!i:n at something Iii;e S22 aiiice::. It was one of (be hits. It U-.ISI/L tne least bit likely that :iie y<>i:n* liner was \Veavers wouiil see il (i:at scan: n. perfection. Silver dolphins held the l Or the next, imless it pl.iy-:;! lookiui; For Cily Clerk S. C. CRAIG v.\.y. in a ru-li::]:!. ii. Site rliat- i!. a-i t;n.i:i;h !l :-.i i-.i:,<ort -.;niii.'i-. ^yp.-y ::.:;'l;t li:,vc I.,' lir- !i! u.'n TUfflOESSES nvrr lUc ("'it >-y liked Derek. lie was a | pale, bland, re.-erved young man with li^ht brown hair arid a di'- li'ieat sniilo. His in;inner. {lioiish miicl, was distinctly cm-dial. Gypsy saw witii pleasure that he and | Turn were "litttin,; it off well. Tom 1 hadn't expected to like tho crowd ;. . . hadn't, she knew, likcil the i idea of soiiiK. IJnt lie v.-as tindiui; I it lev, palutnl Iha-.i ho had ex- i pc:leil. i And yet—ami yel—Gyp-.;.- W "'S i ciasi-ioiij witliin !icr;elf cf an nn- v.-iiling sciiaC ot inferiority. The! 'fliaitcr. l!ic go t;t:;o of tiicse well-dressed young Ii3ii;-:e, all belonged to a din>rent nui-id than hers ami Tom's. \Vhat did t:-.i\v know of Eci-imping tn , :i.;ikf! ends r.iret? Tliey all sounded • t-> f.--:i:vil. they threw off c.isital i i-'^renci s to smart rc?t3iiriin;t.- thn ymniger ot th3 two t,,rr,. liobby \Vi!:fnrd. [o.-.scc! pjcat n?mes into! to ask Lila to place." Gypsy tlmnght. helping herself to filet oi sole. "I ought to— bi:t I dare noi, after this." She put her hand over Jjcr Rbss. Xo, she would not li.ive any wine, yiio looked up to mid Derek's eye upon her. He smiled encouras- ir.sly. )ia was nice. Ha most decidedly was. T!,c food w;,5 delicious, and (•yiiiy, accuslomeil (o Dinah's plain iimi uninspired dinners three nislits a week, ami to her own agonized efforts tbo rest of the : time, enjoyed it to lite fullest. Si! co'.ilii not. lielp noticing, however, that t:ie other young people scarcely toiicltcd what was oa tbcir plalcs. Before the entree was .-p.-y'-i -:jiiil y, jitio rr :•;[ ..,:,i; in;: i!ornr. n.-e:i il bn.-i-:f. the i--:r.ilnr A-.II:! Prissy it up in their a!v 5-:nrr. "Dcrc Ilifie." s 1-nihn- nun pin-- 1= , tiirrr.v- ly served, all were smoking. : (ilas.-es were frequently lemlcd. ; Often courses were carried away i untouched. I "It's a sin." Gypsy mourned, in 5 off-liamlcelly.; 1 '" (ll "'"J' housowife's soul. Then i s-he Kic^lcil to herself. \MiatwonId :c 3 wlut they r-all a .,„ S;1V ff lllcy krcw Vv ., ial sbc Fal<1 to! «-33tliinki«s? "Having fun?" Derek leaned acrn.-s lo lier, "Yrs"' Her eyes sliino. "I'MI" Ii" v.-ns like that. HO nid veiy liti!". Init you koen- when be W.T? you. fhe diiir Ijiai-k aii'l . And PIII lr..-ri ;u:--.,:t town," tii]-s> i;":- r !f iiMincctitly. He l^'^e:! pnlc • iii-i s::piil ::ni\;i-.l II._.H;I|<> hc-r h-i-l-i^il. wl:o"0 Minim- : t;in had hi-'ill Y.I:! into tho f=tly v, inter. T'Uii , ; ce:nei\ a ti;:i' m,it, •Tjnw-t like a dim my i:. r.ft tlic of r,,,e. lailyr'5 wliiic fliiniiiK euni^ii, thevc uiliuft chamlicr, blue so! ruattei : n::ilt world U',tM:;t •ptlK ,'.iv--cil i.inin jnft Mien and -^ the >.-u-_- tii:iii callcii BoWy, .\hn v,j- -:' flvii.-iy's li^ht. began :o t.ilk In lie; 1 abojt Ihn 'fi«?ter. used to Le knnu-n as 'ike snl-.v.ay circuit." i:ic::,ning thenterj ij Ilia outlying districts. Hilda lilancuan! lcmic.1 >':<-.=» the (able, spying sornctbing rar'il r.:id fcvevi:-h about meeting Holiiiy in Cannes twp' weeks I'.c-'.ice. i "JDarltns. I can't." ssl'I the yoi:n; I 311 called Bobby. "!'"> 6it lo llc 'l in Home for Clirisini.i:-." ' They moved away fvcm the taiilo afte-r that: the rooms by imw were cloiiiled with smoke anil almost unbearably warm. Koto lishtcd a log firo In llie huge fircplacs at t'no cud of the baronial living rnnm. Lila took Gypsy's arm. "Darling, I haven't had a word with you nil evenin-. l':n ''oniHi^ down to hnicli at the aeltleaicat house Eome day. Then we caa talk." They were going on to- the. Cotton Club, Lila announced. H amusing, livcrybody h:nl heard that girl sins "Sloimy Weather." sliQ supposed? V.'cll. thr-n. it liii'nX" matter. It was sontctiiing to dear again and nsain. "Vou haven't?" Ilild^ nhcchard, at Gypsy's noil of dis-'cni. Hflc* one carefully pluckc'l c>e!ir««' ani shrugged her nstonislini'':i l - "T O'Liint, liovv tiimply 5tn--ciin'^ly tnaint ot tills \ v 'i cro ha '-l Lila picked her up? Derek said Romctliins Ii l-''i In a low voice, and nilli " ""'^ '" ''* of niinoyam-.p. sbe cried: "nt'.l sit. drivvn. cvcvylinrfy. We innsln ! k.iv 9 for a least fivo nilniiles. "We'va got to wait fcr turned tJ laii ChUlcr.dc-n'3 lr,-.ilcil off. f 'r>ii;y h at one of Danny (To Bf Contluued)

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