Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 26, 1906 · 7
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 7

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1906
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n rsDA, vi-o.Ar- RiL 23,15. - - - - - - TUB EVEIJEIG-TEL- E QUA:-:- . ' - - tagc suvcn. LA7N K0WEL3 SILAI-FENE- D. . ' ! KNUDSEN'8 NOVKLTY MFO. CO.'; ' bicycles, run repairing,keys fitted. 'Phone 3737-- ViM, E. 2nd So. h6.3, ' STOVE BJPATT!,rrrQ. ''?.' '' REPAIRS AND CASTINGS OF ALL descriptions for any old stove, taken down,cleaned and put up. Furnaces cleaned . and repaired. .Water Jackets--cleane- d and connected, western Foun-- , dry And Stove Repair Works.Bell, 17S4-T- :' . "; , Ind.. 16J6.yi, ' , FIRSTlook up your printing needs then V3sa. Yea -- uy, A& UNION FOUNDR & MACHINE consult with THE home printing instU Ycur Dsdsr fcr . ; 'COMPANY' tution equipped to supply your wants, and fcfOTlT? r7rm ' i ; ". 7(o meet all competitionlocal and out- - kuuur ironand-bras- cAanNaa ' Sidethe. fdCtUrCCl GOOt-- S General acns Bepairg, .633 South Fourth West. TRIBUNE JOB PRINTING CO., - te , TJTlin? 'rTo, . , ;. .Salt Lake City. V- - 4 BUY HOME GOODS ! 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Homes built on easy - payments; monthly Installments. $10.00 per $1000.00. Tou choose your location. - 8 W. 2nd Su. . Botak 'phones 760. " KEEKS & LYNCH, Real Estate and Loans, $15-1- 6 Atlas blk. aa A SNAP. LESS THAN MARKET value, owner will sell brick, modern, corner lot, also brick, modern, easy terms. Apply 774 E. 7th South st. hJ63 WE SELL REAL ESTATE. THAT'S all. Tuttle Bros- - 148 Main. Red ball sign. WANTED REAL ESTATE. 1 SCAVENGERS. SALT LAKE SCAVENGER CO.. TELE-phon- e 160. Office Atlas blk., basement. I ' e261 'CITT1 SCAVENGER CO.. OFFICE 137 Esst 8th So. 'Phones: Bell. 2346-- Z; Ind., Vfn- - g861 MOVING AND STORAGE. SmbALIs" VAN AND STORAGE CXX. w5"tara'? d commercial hauling! 1 Ind. Tel. 1381. Bell, 1183-2- .. 60,000 FEET OP PIPE. "ALL (SIZE ENGINES AND HOISTS All kinds machinery, steam and electricity. I L J- - M. SWEM. 336 South Third West St g825 FOB SALE. HOTEL AND SALOONrOTNoTGOOD business; poor health the reason for nf rU? P"P"?y for sale. Inquire 54 South I Fourth West. h6S9 MONEY TO LOAN. LOWEST RATESON FURNITURE, etc., no removal; pay part any time. Oldest company. The Stringer Co., 70 W. 2nd Sd. g23t AND SMALL LOANS ON -- uLA.RPB strictly private. 210 Atlas blk. g34 WHEN IN NEED OF READY CASH, see us. Crescent Loan Co., 63 Hooper blk tat -- 1 WANT TO' BUY i HOME'.- v Of six rooms, on North or East Behch, must be modern; will pay not to exceed $3000; terms about $150 down; $50 per month for six months. Including Interest, and $35 per month, including interest, on balance. Would prefer dealing with owner. Address, giving location and rate of Interest, Home Buyer, cars Telegram. TAZLOSS. N. P. ANDERSEN, 24 EAST SOUTH Temple street, makes ladles' and gentlemen's suits to order; low prices; good Work. Bell 'phone 2221-- Y. h298 A. M. ROSELL, 75 STATE. TEL. 2145-- X. Fine selection of woolens. Suits to order. Gent's own goods made up. Cleaning and repairing. All work guar-antee- d. Low prices. f966 FLUFF BUG WORKS. AND CARPET CLEANING; 236 W. S. Temple. 'Phones. 1209-- Ind.. 1209. SPIRITUALISM. dlum; spiritual meetings Thursday and Sunday. 8 p. m. h69 ' , CLOTHING. ALL KINDS 2ND-HAN- D CLOTHING, trunks,valises; best pricespaid. IS Com. sC Reply by postal card.'Phone 3771-- . ' h742 " WATCH BPAIEINQ. ' ?ATCHTOPPEi Parks, expert watchmaker, 103 W. So. Temple. f90 ENGRAVING. CUTS FOFlT ALL PURPOBES. DE BOU-se- k Engraving Co., 27 W. So. Temple. g69l HELP WANTED MALE. WE TEACH THE BARBER TRADE and pay you wages while learning. Graduates earn $15 to $25 per week. Cat. free. Moler System of Colleges, 62 E, 1st So. - h746 GOAL AND KINDLING. B. P. DEAL, COAL, FIRE WOOD AND kindling. 158 E. 3rd Bo. Tel. 1238-- DON'T BORROW TROUBLE. BOR-ro- w money. Salaried men or women accommodated on their note, without mort-J- ? V 'ndorser. Easy payments; confl-dentl- ai Cherry. 407 D. F. Walker bldg. 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Main 15.00 Store rra., 16x40. 86 E. 4 8 30.00 Store rms. Market St $20.00 and 26.00 HOUSTON REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT CO., Fones 27. 251 S. Main. h751 WE ABE THE LEADERS. LOW PRICES ON BICYCLES AND bicycle tires. We sell tires as low as $4.00 per pair. We sell all- - makes of tires at cut prices. We sell sporting goods away below cost We do allkinds of repairing and after you have tried all the others try us for low prices andthe best of work. Edison Phonographs, Records and Blanks: A $50 bike for $36.00. The place to buy tires and the place to get your work done the cheapest and the best -- in the State is at Carter's, the League store, the Leaders; 326 8. W. Tern We can do all kinds of safe and lock work. Refer any bank In Salt Lake City. h7T4 " ' PHONOGRAPH. "etiso1?p1i61 $25 8. W. Temple. t9 WANTED. DELIVERY HORSE, ELGIN DAIRY. 48 E. First So. h754 104 FOUR-HORS- E . TEAMS WITH drivers at $6.75 per day. 60 two-hor- se teams with drivers at $4.50 per day. 25 single hands; teamsters and laborers at $2.26 per day. Board $4.50 per week. We guarantee baled alfalfa hay, delivered at Commissary Camp, $14.00. We guarantee best Idaho oats delivered at $1.60 per cwt. . 20 miles of main canal construction will be ready to contract by May 15. A part of this now ready. American Falls Canal A Power Company, Pocatello, Blackfoot. or American Falls. Idaho. h760 CANCERS CUBED. CANCERS CURED WITHOUT THE use of the knife, 818 South Eighth West. Bell 'phone 3.724-- K. hl6 I SALT LAKE TUI1F EXeilAtlQE ' , 80S Mala 8t California and Eastern Raise. ; ; ;. , HOBTTCULTUBE. i NOW IS THE TIME TO SPRAYYOUR fruit and shade trees. Trimming shade nd ft-u- trees a specialty. Ind., 8970; Bell. 3494-- K. George Preston, 34 East 8th South, -- 761 JUNK. UTAH JUNK CO.. HIGHEST PRICES paid for scrap iron, rubber, rags, bottles, copper, brass, etc. 62 E. 8th So. Tel. 229. CABPETCLEANING. W"b"I1"LJ"lKIC REoTAT6TRkCo7 takes up and thoroughly cleans and relays your carpets at 7c yard. Office and (Works 923 South 3rd West C. A. Ernst mgr. 'Phone 1009. Ind., 10461. g9l3 OUR MODERN SYSTEM REMOVES every particle, of dirt from your carpets without wear. Thornberg Steam Carpet Cleaning works, 853-8- 63 E. 9th So. 'Phones 1006.- .- f933 SAFES, 5ewor seco!dnd7c3h" trade or terms. Sorensen-Stou- tt Co., 48 E. 2nd So. ' CLABVOYANTS. MISS G. E. ANGELLS OF 38 SO. 13 E. avs: A South First West street fortune teller told me that my brother would die on a certain day. which almost frightened me to death. But fortunately it did not come true, nor did anything else. Mr. W. J. Smith says: "I called on a fortune teller who claims the gift of locating treasure and mines and lost articles, and requested that . my geld classes be located. 'You go by the door out and walk the lot up and turn hy the barn around and by the hill down you win it find' is what was told me. Our lot Is 40 by 160 with no barn or hill. I'm poorer but wiser." . 7 Corbett vs. Hyland, April 27. Tickets. on sale at Stlckney's. 229 South Main. WANTED HELP. BOYS. A. D. T. CO.. IT LAS BLK basement n69j GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE-wor- k, family of three, light work. Good wagei .Prefer girl that can go home nights. 66 6now avenue, between 7th and 8th South and Main and West Temple treets. ' s h763 GOOD GIRL WANTED FOR GEN-er- al housework; Good wages. 734 E. 1st So- - j b.757 BARBER WANTED. INQUIRE 83 B. 2nd Be. h768 GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL HOU8B work. 825 8. W. Temnle st. h7K6 PLUMBERS. TOBIN A KEYTINO PLUMBERS, Estimates furnished, lobbing a- - specialty. Bell 'phone, 2262-Y; Ind., 1840. 130 North First West. g343 D. W. JAMES A CO.. PLUMBING, steam and hot water .contractors. 821 State street 'Phone 379. OSTEOPATHY. rvivKTi. O., M. !,80M Auerbach Blk. 'Phones: Ind., 1721; Bell, 1120-- . h&a M. M'DOWELL, D. 0.,S 811-1- 1 SCOTT-Streve- ll bldr., 'phones, office 1796-- residence.. 1489-- K. . g74 VI A A f tn worse disease - . 11 IIIIII ,n earth, yst the eas. : 111 llll II leBt to cur WHEN 1 Li U'U U TU KNOW WHAT r TO DO. Many have', -- v A"t Pimples, spots on the II II I fx I II skin, sores in the fU mouth, ulcers, falling . . rUlOU Vnanf lenow it is BLOOD POISON. Bend to N 936rch . . street, Philadelphia, Pa. for BROWN S r BLOOD CUKE. $2 00 per bottle; lasts one . month. Sold in Salt Lake only by F. C. . Schramm. 1st South and Main streets. TT n s TV "V WKtVt BIANS Qaickiy eon , I 1 l( errouaeu, all reralu of ibote. All J ml falUns manhood, drslnt, lowet. I VI 1W J MrriedmeasDdmenlntedlnE-- . 5 w mTnjZoM uii a boxx aslshlng. reiuitii , maU rt lrjndlpst power r. 0. 6chr Bruajliti cor. Mala art Booth its. r-- n cMiCMt sTtwsj imqush . .' v lVl CHICBiTER'S ESOtX" ... a it ed n4 i4 mmuu re .. . C- - . TW m slliar. Rf , fA V I n-- H mm Ilw . 0. 00 )0 V C0TI1 LITTLEFELLOWS CONFIDENT. - . ' v ' ' : ' . "I expect to win and easy. I am In better shape than ever 'since my ) fight with McQovern. Hyland mi manufactured especially for me, CO and I'm going to put It all over him. I didn't come here to lose,vbut to (''win the contest" YOUNG CORBET T TO THE TELEGRAM. () " v - v.. ir-.- .. . .. 0 : "I have nothing: to saVtor publl cation except I never felt better In. W my life. I'm In better condition tbaln I ever waa before entering s, f ) 'ring. I'm sure I'll win inside of ten rounds. I've got It all over . Cor C betf DICK HTLAND TO THE TELEGRAM. ' O0 Arjd there you are" Both men are jolrar to win the fight tomorrow night, and; there'll be no loser.. All the talk about big money on favorites Is utter rob there are no .favorites. Corbett follower are out in force; of course, as are Jlyland 'men, but each side la will-in- & to concede that the other fellow has Just; as good a chance as their man. Considerable money has already been posted, but it is all even money, and the ma looking for odds Is looking" the wrong- way. Some men, of course, for the best endof It, are i holders of the big endof bets, but they are few andfar between.- - Everybody feels that the little scrappers are splendidly matched and that it will be a case of touch and go all during the contest. Corbett looked like a. bunch of live wire this morning as he Jogged-o- ut into the rain and slush from the Wilson hotel and proceeded to hot-fo- ot it down the street.. Thelad could not look any better it he tried, and he carried himself with' a very cocky-air- . "I'm here and I'm here to win," merrily gurgled the scrapperlte. as he threw out his chest and looked hefty.- - ; ' "You can put it down for me that the fight la going my way. - And the peo-ple- 'U think so too, when , they seeme make a monkey out of little Dickie. "WelL ao Ion. I'm going' to work." said the scrappy kid, as he ambled out of the doorway andinto the muck and the wet. Even if Dick Hyland doesn't win the match, he need not worry about making a lining In the future. He certainly is the champion woodchopper, bar none, of hisslse In the country. Somebody I will hear of this, and somebody else with a way of winning wads' 11 post Dick Hyland as the boss woodchopper at the county fair, andthen there ' ought to be some "nretty lota of fun." The boy has worked hard and trained harder to make himself fit, and If looks and action In training and exercise, go for anything. Hyland looks like "the candy kind, all right, all right." He shows up as hard as nails, and his skin jgllstens and bunches with the action of the muscles underneath. All day long, crowds standaround the little fellow at his camp in "Suedeville". and with' wide-ope- n oyes, and mouths opened wider, take In all the good Wilnta nt tVia llttla flrht.r'i . tratntln stunts. , i The match will be pulled off without fall In the Salt Palace theater tomorrow nlght. instead . of In the arena. This was Mecided upon becauseof the unsettled condition of the weather. The theater will seat 1800 people, and already a large numberof the bestchairs have been sold. Ogden lovers of the sport have purchased" 150 tickets, and more will Join the contingent to this city. Other cities are lining up, and will send large bodies of men. The gates to the' Salt Palace grounds will open at 7 o'clock, and the first preliminary wilt be pulled off promptly at 8:30 o'clock. Kid Opie and Kid Tex. the star prelims, are still trainings hard, and will put up the fastest six rounds seen here in many a day. All trains out of the city. will be held until after the fight, to give people a chance to get home the same night. The street-ca- r company has provided a special car for Murray people,leaving- at 1 o'clock. The principals will enter the ring at 10 o'clock. Corbett, after the contest, will leave for New York, where he will fight Andy McCarry on May 8. before the Tuxedo chib. It will be a twenty-roun- d go, and ought to be a fast one. McCarry was the lad who knocked out Adam ,Rya a couple of weeks ago. Corbett has enough engagements ahead to keep him busy for months. On May 14 he will appear la Madison Square Garden, New York City, with a man not yet named. Then he will hike back west and shake hands with Maurice Thompson at Spokane. On his way backhe will stop off at Indianapolis, and have a try at George Memsio on May 6. Memslc is the boy who fought a draw with Rube Smith, and who made Mike "Twin" Sullivan look sick In their recent fight. Ed Sablso, Ike Golden and Johnny Rand dropped in yesterday and will pull for Corbett. Both principals will weigh In at 6 o'clock this evening at the Salt LakeTurf .Exchange, and expect totoe the scratch at 133 pounds. ' The chart of the theater, - as it appears at Stlckney's cigar store, 229 .Main street, lpoks as if it were struck bylightning. There are but few good seats left, and it seems as If the "S. R. O." sign will have to be hung- - out. ? BOBATS AND OUABDIANSHIP ' '" v ' notices. '; ,l Consult County Clark or the respective . Signers for further Information. - "" IN THE DISTRICT COURT. PRO, - v bate Division, in and tor Salt LakeQoun- - ty. State of Utah. In the matter of the estate and guardianship' of : John T,' ' i Buckle, incompetent. Notice. ' ' ' . ' The petition for approval and settle- - ' - ' nent r the final account of the ef the person andthe estate of John T. I Buckle, Incompetent, also for the restore- - -- ' tl on ef capacity of the said incompetent-'."- ' and discharge of guardian, has been set '. " for hearing on Wednesday, the 2nd day of ", May, A. 5. 190, at 10 o' clock a. ro., 'at "P the County Court House, in the Court Room ofsaid Court, in Salt Lake City. v Salt Lake County, Utah. ' . - , Witness the Clerk of said Court. ' wttlf V the seal thereof affixed, this list day ef ? April, A. D. 1906. ; (Seal.) J. U. ELDREDGE' JR. Clerk..""."-- ? By W. H. Farnsworth, Deputy Clerk. ' "A ' Bulllran A Barnes.- - Attorneys. - - " ' ;. IN THE DISTRICT COURT, PRO-- " m bate Division, In and for Salt Lake Coun- -, ty, 8tate of Utah. In the matter of the-- ' ., estate of Slddie D. Hennefer, deceased.-r-Noti- ce. , . , ,i The petition of Ann- - B. Woodard, pray-- " ing for revocation of letters issued to-- : -Amy A. H. Thomas and the Issuance to herself of letters of administration in -the estate of Siddie D. Hennefer, de- - ' ceased, has been set for hearing on Mon. . day, the 14th day of May, A. D. X90S. at J 10 o'clock a. m. at the County. Court ?: House, In the Court Room of said Court. " in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. ' Witness the Clerk of said Court with " 3 the seal thereof affixed, this 17th day 'Of ' '' t April. A. D. 19M. ." . (Seal) J. U. ELDREDGE. JR.. Oerk. By W. H. Farnsworth. Deputy Oerk. A. A. Duncan. Attorney for PeUtioner. "-- " IN THE DISTRICT COURT. PRO-- ,' ? pate Division, in and for Salt Lake Coua- -- ' ty, Bute of Utah. In the matter Of the " estate of Lester H. Gilbert, deceased. ;t . Notice. . , . The petition of Charles H. Llnck. ad- - .; tnlnUtrator of the estate of Lester H. Gil- - ; bert.. deceased, praying for an order of, ; sale of real property of said decedent, and . ', . . that all persons interested appear before ' the said Courtto show cause why an or-- -, der should not be granted to sell so much as snail be necessary, of the following de- - V scribed real estate of said deceased, ta -. wit: - , " . All block No. 132. Plat "D," Salt Lake : City survey: all lot No. 4, Block 150. Plat ' . "D," Salt Lake City survey; ail in 8alt, Lake City, Salt Lake County. Utah, has x been set for hearing on Saturday, the 5th . day of May, A. D. lm at 10 o'clock a. m. ' at the County Court House, in the Court Room of said Court, in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County. Utah. ' Witness the Clerk of said Court with . the seal thereof affixed this lth day of April A. D. 1906. (8eal) J. U. ELDREDGE. JR., Clerk. ' By W.H. Farnsworth. Deputy Clerk. Street & Bramel, Attorneys for Peti- - tloner. . ; , ' coo;;.:mers CLEAN r UP AT NEVA ORLEANS The NeW , Orleans racing season, just ended. wnl. disastrous one for the public, but fWrious one for the bookmakers of. the wise- ones (?) who went f roili - Buffalo to New Orleans are walking Hack, and those who have returned are still"wearing their heavy winter ulsters. - It is estimated that $15,000,000 In all was bet at the two race tracks there. Comparatively few books handled less than isooddally and it. is .easily within beunds to put the average dally take per book at U000; In other words, the amount wagered at bothAraoka dally has aggregated at least SHO.ono, which would make the amount bet during the 105 days ended yesterday $14,700,000. It.-I- s hard to tell who has got the money. With . the exception of Charlie Ellison,' about every big Dlayer from the ground Is loser. John Howard is $36,000 behind; G. Levi? admitshe has lost as much; T6m Buckley dropped $18,800 while here.,. L. Hayman left a big loser; so did both the elder and the younger Shields; Sam Hlldreth is said to have lost $25,000 booking at the old track, and as much more, from the ground, and so on! through the list. O"! the other hand, nearly every bookmaker who has been operating any length of time is wlnnvr. Charlla Cella stands out by hlmnelf at the fair grounds with close to $i0,000 profit forhis season's work. There are a number of big winners among th layers at. the new track, according to "a gentleman who Is a bookmaker .himself and is well posted as to what prominent lAyers have done. In round numbers, Fred Cook is about $50,000 winner, Marklein A Co., $33,000; Jim Das. $27,000; WehmhofT & Co.. $25,000; Tortorich, $15,000; "Frisco Gardiner. $15,000, and Pesch, $10,000. The came has certainly been a big one. Corbett vs. Hyland, April 27. Tickets on sale at Stlckney's; 229 South Main. Will Try to Play Ball. 'High schoolers anA collegians will try to get together this afternoon on the High sohooi campus at 3:40 o'clock, and plav the second game of the season, -- ather permitting. " . torbett vs. Hyland,April 27. Tickets on sale at Stlckney's, 229 South Main. Trying to Locate Wllle. ' Charlie Ross of this city Is hunting for John Wllle, the pug-wrestl- er, and Is wondering why he doesn t pay attention to the former's : defl. Ross Is willing to "raesle" Wllle best two In three falls, the match to come oft within the next thirty days. ", ' Corbett vs. Hyland, April 27. Tickets On sale st Stlckney's, 229 South Main. Preps and Saints. Anoth'" holy war will be fought Saturday rr'noon on Cummings field,, between University preps andthe Bairn ,The following events will be pulled r: dash, ouarter-mtl- e, half-mll- ei mile, high hurdle, low hurdles, shot put, hammer throwTNle vault, high Jump, broad jump, the relay and probably, a two-mil- e run. ' Corbett vs. Hyland. April 27. Tickets, on sale at Stlckney's, 229 South Main. ' Track Meet at Laramie. ' One of the biggest athletic events ever lulled' off in the Bute of Wyoming will ? ake place at the Laramie county fair grounds on June 8, when, amateurs of the State will take part In an open air meet under the direction of the athletic association of the University of Wyomng. Wessler's Best ths Better. ! In -- Ogden. . at the Palace alleys, last night, Wessler's Best took a fall out of the Jeascoes. Corbett va, Hyland, April 27. Tickets on sale at Stlckney's, 229 South Main. Centuries Win at Bowls. The Centuries and the Orientals of the Junior Bowling leagueplayed at the Crown alleys last night, andthe game . went to the former.' ' Pocatello May Get In. ' An addition may still be tacked on the State league- - in the- - shape of Pocatello. end probably Murray, too, if 'what John Dubel says roes.. "Willie" Carney, who has Whed his tentt in the Idaho camp. Is .'I to be behind the movement to maijl place In the Utah bunch. ' BaseDall in Miniature. ' IJttle Sumsers, 9; Little Emersons, ; Liberty park. Blue Ribbons. 21; Owls. 16, The Evening. Telegram. Published Every Evening Except 8u. Jay. by the Salt Lake Telegram Publishing Co. (Incorporated.) ELLIOTT KELLY", President and General Manager. ' Ofrces158-10- 0 8. Wast .Temple St, Salt ' Lake City, Utah. ' ' Telephones: Editorial Rooms. Bell Bt; Business Office Both 'Phones $40. 1 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. One year, by mall .... Six months, by mall One month, by mail Single copies, everywhere cents Remit by P. O. money order, express money order, registered letter, bank check or draft, in the name and to the addressof the . SALT LAKE TELEGRAM PUB. CO., Salt Lake City, Utah. Williams ft Lawrence, Sole Eastern and Western Advertising Agents. Eastern Office. Tribune - Building, New York. Western Office, Marquette Building. Chicago. All subscriptions to The Telegram will be continued after expiration unless ordered stopped by the subscriber, and collections made to date on which paper is stopped. ... Entered at the Poetofflce st Salt Lake City, Utah, as Second-Cla- ss Matter. ASSESSMENT NO. 3 J ' Star Consolidated Mining company, prin-clp- al place of business. Salt Lake City, Utah. Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of the board of directors, held on the 14th day of April, 1906, an assessment-- , ofthree cents (3c) per share was levied on the capital stockofthe corporation, payable on or before the 19th day of May, 1906, to W. J. Bateman, secretary, at $2 South Main street. Salt Lake City. Utah. Any stock upon which this assessment may remain unpaid on the 19th day of May, 1906, will be delinquent and adver- tisedforsale at public auction, and unless payment Is made before,-wil- l be sold on the 8th day of June, 1906, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the cost of advertising and expense of sale. W. J. BATEMAN, Secretary. ' Location of office. No. S3 South Main street.- - Salt Lake City, Utah. ANNUAL STOCKHOLDERS' MEET' ING. - . y. American Mining Co. will hold their annual stockholders' meeting May 15, 1906, at S o'clock p. m.. In the office of the secretary, room 27 Latimer block. Salt Lake City, Utah, forthe purpose of elect- - . i Ing directors forthe ensuing year and to levy an assessment of $2.00' per 1000 shares of the capital stock- - to pay the ' Government amount due to complete the patent on the other 6 claims and to transact any other business that may legally come before said meeting. . t I. A. BENTON. President; WM. CROME, Secretary. .1 First publication. April 18. 1906. , DELINQUENT NOTICE. Young America Gold Mining Co. Prin- - ' clpal office, 201 D. F. Walker bldg Salt , Lake City, Utah. Location of mines, Tua-caror- a. Nevada. . , Notice. There are delinquent upon the . following' described stock, oh account of i assessment No. 4 of (U4c) one and one-four- th cents per share, levied on the 7th ' day of March, 1906, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective ' shareholders as follows: . Certificate No. Shares Am't. 10 C. E. Hulse JOO $ 1.26 86 G. H. Brink 600 6.23 7 C. H Brink ... 200 2.60 v 88 E. J. Jolly 200 2.60 48 C. E. Hudson 167 . 2.08 . 60 W. 8. Brown.... 1,000 12.60 "f 61 Arthur H. Brown 600 6.28 . 62 C E. Hudson 167 - 2.08 67 C. E. Hudson 167 3.03 ", 69 Peter Martin 100 1.25 . " $9 D. McVlchie 200 . 2.60 64- -C. E. Hulse.. :.". 100 1.25 I 75 John Tomson'.- -, 300 3.73 ' , 125 J. McDonald 1,000 12.60 126 Duncan McVlchie ........1.000 .12 61 137 W. S. Brown 24,000 300.00 184 Wm. Park 100 1.23 And in accordance with law 'and, an " order of the boardof directors saade on ' the 7th day of March, 1906, so many shares ' of each parcel ofstock as may be neces sary will besold at publlo auction at the ' office of the company. 201 D. F. Walker bldg.. Salt Lake City. Utah, on the 30th ' day of April. 1906, 3 o'clock p. m., to pay' ", delinquent assessment thereon, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. W. B. ANpREW. Secretary. NORTHVAEST LEAGUE SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED BUTTE,Mont., April 26. The Northwest league schedule as officially announced Is as follows: At Butte with Spokane May 23, 24, 25, 26, 27; June 13,14, 15, 16, J7; August 13. 16, 17. 18, 19. At Butte with Tscoma June C, 7, 8. 9, 10; July, IV 1. (0, 21, 22; August 30; September 1, 2, 3. 4. At Butte with Grays Harbor May 30, 81: June 2. 8; July 11, 13, 13. 14, 16; August 22, 23. 24. 25. 26. i At Spokane with Butte April 28. 29; May 1. 2. 3. 6. 6; June 4, 6, 6, 7, 8rMuly 25, 26. 27, 28. 29. At Spokane with Tacoma May 30, 31; June 2. 8; July 11, 12, 13, 14, 16; August 22, 23. 21. 25. 26. At Spokane with Grays Harbor June . 7, 8. 9. 10; July 13. 19. 20. 21. 22; August 30; September 1, 2, 3. 4. At Tacoma with Butte May 16, 17. 18, 19, 20; June 27,28,29,30; July 1; August 8. 9, 10. 11, 13. ' At Tacoma with Grays Harbor April 28, 29; May 1. 2, 8. 4. 6, 6; July 4, 6, 6, 7, 8; August 16. 17. 18, 19. At Grays Harbor with Butte May 9, 10, 11. 12. 13; June 21, 2?, 23,24; August 1, 2, 3. 4. 6. At Grays Harbor with Spokane-rMa- y 16, 17, 18, 19. 20; June 27, 2S8, 29, 30; July 1; August 8. 9. 10,11, 12. At Grays Harbor with Tacoma-Ma- y 23, 24, 25, 26. 27; June 13. 14, 15, 16, 17; July 26, 26, 27. 28, 29. At Tacoma. with Spokane May 80, 31; June 2. 8; July 11. 12, 13. 14. 15; August 22, 23. 24. 25, 26. national league. . o i o e ai j Clevi.-fr'- d ......OtOllOOft- -I ,39 patte-Hul- lln - and Warner; Jones and BueJow.V CC " XL. H. K. Philadelphia . I I 00 e - 11 0 ixterl--Toun- g. Olb-o- a. Graham and Pat-- 1 t arson; faddll and Bchreck. R. H. E. 3 T 10 3 0J81 J Kw Tork 0 03 a I 1 tfrl Patton and Kittredge; Cheabro, In . -- Icalre snd KUlnow. c ". .1. 0 1 ISO 6 1 4 , 19 2 ,HIUwll and Rickey;. Owen and American, Association Games. At LoulsvUle Louisville, 4: St Paul, 3. i At Indianapolis Indianapolis, 6; Minneapolis, . 1 -At Toledo Toledo, 4; -- Kansas City, I. At Columbus Columbus, 3; Milwaukee, I. College Games. ' Ai Cambrldse-Harra- rd. 4; Bates, 9. At New Havan Tale, 11; Fordham, i. At New York-Colum- bia, 4; Pennsylvania, 3.

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