The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1934
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, _ 1934 BLYTHEVn.LE, (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS __ Great, Is Manhattan's Verdict on New Deal Ree.mnloymeul Program Is Really Effective In Na- lion's Largest City. Tills is Hie riitl'lli of eleven aril- rlfs m "AnuTiM l!™>« "'* ?'" e Eajlf. 1 - u series written exclusively fcr Ccurier News ana oilier NfcA Kprilcc new?pap«s, after a 5000- m!lc juurm-y at survey to the na- lloii'' urlndpal (enters of pnpii a- Hcn, aller slv months' op?ralion <i( Ihe recovery prugram. B y PAUL HAIIKISON NEA Servii-e Staff Correspondent NFW YORK, Jan. 10.- -Tlie Blue Eagle i- 1 - strutting pretty proudly on ihe" sldcviolks of New York. He hns heard Grover A. Whalen declare in ringing tonr-j [Tint "the work of the NHA here lias be-on ;i smashing sncuess." | Of course Mr. Whalen was until recently the local NRA administrator, arid may be prejudiced. Cut Mr. Whalen also has figures. Tf.c figures show that more limn 500,000 persons have been [>ut back into business and Industry, a number representing about half il>2 city's unemployed only a few month. 1 ; aso. Wholesale trade Is approximately 18 per cera above the volume cl lasl year, and retail trade has improved nearly 25 per- cent. Factories have hired 20 per cent more workers, and manufacturing payrolls have increased 13 per cent. Thousands Hack at Work In the retail field, more than 90 .per cent of the businesses have signed the president's re-employ mem agreement, 33,100 new jobs have been created, and retail store payrolls have jumped $43.470.000 a year. Thirty ?:ouwind New Yorkers are working in reforestation camps, and about 150.000 are on the payrolls of t!:e Civil Works Administration. New York likes the NRA very much indeed. Consequently, per- naps, it also has demonstrated idolatry for Gen. Hugh Johnson, who lias not spoken quite so bluntly hereabout as he has In feme other sections of the country. Besides, New York is very remote from the centers of some of thr- more critical problems. All's Quiet in N. y. Wheat is just something i.':a; one buys in one form or another at the bakers'- at about the .same old price. Meat is a commodity which appears with dependable regularity in refrigerator cars. Steel is something one bets on ::i t'-e stock market. And so on. Here's an example which probably is true of hundreds of New York concerns: "In the slates where our raw materials cotne from, and where nur factories are located," said a manufacturer, "we fought the'NRA tooth and nail. We've been scrapping in Washington, too. But all's quiet in our New York business office, where we had to put on a lot more employes." While many NRA groups are l>eing dissolved into regional authorities, officials here believe that this one must continue essentially a> before. Mitt ID CUT UE TO GET flPTl County Agent' Ci'it?. Urg< Proimil Action by Sig: ers ol Pool Agreement. I cnle tile 1034-35 Cotton Acreage I Reduction Conlract with Die Sec| n-tin-y. In Ihe event that (lie op- I llom'e shall refuse so lo execute 1 Uir 1 Cotton Acreage ncducllon I Contract tills exorcise of option , and nny contract created by the Blvlhevmc' iipprnvnl-of this document by the ^^ services!will be held Smettnj' sha I be canceled, tte unernooll at uj e home of the inn covered by the above- ; - f nt . grandparents, ttr.'.and Mrs. '.lonr-rl oiitlon shall be returned T . Halle Tlie Rev Mr Beard from the pool to the "--'» *' ^' " - e ' *- "•• Bearu Haile Baby Die, .' Jean Hall«,'-ll.'mojjth* .old son of Mr. and Mrs.- Thomas Halle, 609 South-Franklin etreet. died at 11 o'clock yesterday morning at the Tne child is survived by his par- i menl." | : in my opinion the rjiilckor n ( bro , h ^ -^ man noes into the 103-1-3!> rcdiic- ... • lioti campaign tnul signs the con-' ^^ HHMI ^^ H ^ B H^^ M ^ HHH ^ ;tiucl tlie (inirktM 1 In 1 will receive | on the cotton op- thr- 193:1 rcdnc- Nowhere is 'he New Deal in lusher favor than in New Yoi center in :Iie foreground. ,,nd the East River at the ccenn commerce. Clly . . . Herd's :t striking nil-view ol Ma:'li:,i!;.i: right. Hudson ut (lie leli iiinswl with iui!. • ..: 11)0 followed through, GO per cent were ' threat to cntiie a New Year's Evei round to be justified and resulted strike of 150,000 persons as a pro-' I in nearly 10.000 employes having test against the restaurant, cotlc their wages raised or their hours when it was awaiting Hie siBna- -,f work reduced. l:lr - of 'he president. \ Decisions Are Knforccd ln s P ite of Alr . Whaleii'i, suite- | 'There has not been a single "' enl lha t there have been only a : :e of outright refusal to comply few rases in which there was even ; ih our rulings. Two employers a suspicion of racketeering, there \ took their appeals to Washington ;i mrisid^b* ™wspa^ evidence, p cun;j Q u j| ly :„ C'jiiriry News want Ads. HV J. E. CRIT7, ('i)iinfy Agricultural A|vi Many farmers who plowed up i his $20 .cotton In lust year's cotton acre-: ,| m , contract It | <!>',• n-diictlrni campaign received ; um program. Many fanners have options ns piifl of their benefits < S J BW ,,| t m - io-ccnl loans for cot• fur irrhictiiK iicrcntte. We yet hnvp (,,11 rmrl they are oblinctl lo sign in the county agent's office n crjn-l tin- lffiU-35 cotton ncrcaijc contract sidi'i-iilili- number of these options n ,,d W1 _. mp vc| .y nnxlous that llu> whir-h Imrr not been called for.' pnitli-s Hint can -Sinn the 10IH-:I5 Wi- wtiiil to notify these people, cotton IICIKIHC reduction contract In whom w,- linvr- alreatly sent . nl lm(r ; ,s llilr, Is (ho Ifllh day i Iv.n nntices. thai unless the op- : nf January nnd wo ha\v a.s yet . liens i:ri; executed and received received very few contracts. |>rac- ; by Hi,- agricultural adjustment,- Ucally one-third of our a Holed , nilmlnlstralion prior to January Unio is fiune as we lire lo coin' If.. t!i:i-l. ncconlliiK to otir Inslruc- Hole Ihi 1 sltsii-ir) cnmpaimi by i sen:-., Ihi'y will lie void on tlie 4- .January 31. 11)3-1.' id-ill Inan. ' All Sliuuld Sljn ! I We urge all farmers who hove h should brhuove every fnrnif-r ih''si v ctHlon options and desire io : in Mississippi county and every ;en1rr the pool .igrecnu'nl antl l>or- business man to urge the rcdtic- rou 1 four cents to have them cxe- tirm of this cotton ncreage on the ' cull-el at once on the option pool i proposed plan Hint tlie government i comriicl so tlml we can foi-ward now lias out. If this plan fails them lo Washington before Jnnu- ami congress does not Inaugurate ary 15. : n compulsory program It would be Musi Sinn Contract • very doubtful If any other pro- 1 also wish lo tiijjc Ihc formers! gram r-ould be Inaugurated for this i who liavc entered IhLs pool Itn- yrnr nail cotton might sell for 5 nu'ilinli'ly to see their committee- i cents or less. ' men and sign ihe contract for See your conimlltecmcn in your : lD3-l-;iri reduction as the follow- township and get your contract Im? paragraph is Included In the. i.jRiK't!. Do not expect your com- raercise uf cotton opllon'and pool; mlttcemcn lo see you. Each com- n'jrcp.mciu to borrow the four mlttecnieii should complete his ! conts: . i conlrnct nl once and get it into '. "The optionee shall ntit be entlll- the county aijcnls office. ctl to receive the 4 cents per • pound or $20 per bale distribution Illack Ink can Iw made from provided lor herein unless and while mushrooms; life common ; until said optionee, If eligible antl ink-cap mushroom can be used \ if ruqueslt'tl so lo do, shall exe- lor ihls purpose.. To Take OrNot To Take Shall lr>ke iriort cigthri or >h«ll I ut« evening . dicistt? What kind of iho«l iliall I wear? Do the/ dr<lt for dinner? Anybody who. is going .to taVe a cruile or a trip, particularly if it ii a woman, wnntf to know ih« «niwm 10 lh«M . qufslioni, Tht right an* • iw«ri ar* a pact, of the ' service of th* Carter Travfl' Srrvicr. Bill .Carter ii • . travel expert, Jutt ttll him where you want to go. and he will tell you everything elje. He looVi after tutty derail, makes. frier**.ly.'«-v ge5tion« and givw you un-. • biased information'. based on his long ejpjrience.'His' service costs you nothing.-You pay only the regular railroad or Jieamiliip rates. • Bill Carter will rja in your ' town soon.-Just-drop, him" . n card at the C«rler Travel Service, Hotel Pcaibody, Memphis, : TenneuM, ..arid..,, he will call upon you personally. \'' .'.''- "~ victimized by racketeers. Court of Assatlll Upon XKXT: hou 1 Xew Springlielrl, .Mass., ami I Englanders tonk nn the | in a perfectly regular way, cur original decisions were upheld. '-The volume of complaints has. been getlm? heavier as consumers, employes, and retail competit- . ors have gotten "sed to the idea that this outfit means business and | is perfectly callable of enforcing'. its decisions." ' I As for unfair business practices. '• the retail cociester.s have been so! thoroueh in their investigations of ; complaints that they have sent shoppers about the city pricing i^nds ,pfJ goods, t > 'FaVe bankruptcy and soir out-of-basiness sales, misbrand- , „ _. _ inp nf gonrls, and other common "accused" of being a musician, and | pr v .,. ,„ , if : 3l ;,„,, DaV ; t i Si)]1 .. vas dndros nf urn-nipt-'-.,..- me--- i Lmtzcnich. so supeniitend the in- j ;!l( , ot i- cr pr i r . L .-; in i !n u le rlistnrb- chants have been baited in , sta!latir,n. ; ancc but no cVargc was preferred More ."iTtmf y for Batter ' against him by Wicker. The rjis- a job for regional says Thomas J Continued Fi-cm Pa?e One' . T.iybr Wicker, a CWA c:e\v for?- : . ! inan, \vas fined five dcliats ijy Mu- i nrrjnicipal Judge C. A. Cunningham j IIV r : ye.Merday on a charge o! assault U I {' i and baT.ery. reduced fro:n nrjra- ! _ vaied r, Wicker cave notice ; T.of appeal to circuit court. j I in fining Wicker the court said j . | liiat bo'.h principals in In? a'.'.er- . caiion thai arose while a CWA crc.v : \vas unloading a car o; t'ravel were omially Kii!ity but thai onlv Wick- have been halted in every case in which a complaint has been lodged against them. A letter from B. N. Wilson, conn- pme apparently aro:,c \v'.;cn \Vick- Mr. Whalen himself is proudest i ty CWA official, suggesting that uie; er ordered Dnvids-.n 1.1 rc-iiiine work of his organizfltion's accomplish- i city pay C. M. "Froggy" Baxter au:l the latter ohjjcic-:i. Fi:rthev mcnts jn the 'Yoor fie'd |of tbls city for his services as -311- trouble ran^:^ from th? thrr.'.vin< 3 Settled Garment Strikes ! pervisor of CWA projects on city "I a shovel to the ti>s:!n? Df rocks "Our outstanding achievement." county and scrj^ol buildings was • and threats of more violence \vith he says, "was the early settling of read. Wilson's letter ?aid Baxter.'the drawing of a knife, t::e co;ir; 'he garment strikes, in which 94,- \ under CWA rpgulacions. could only: was told. (KM) needle trades workers walked 'draw S30 a week, which meant that' jurbrj Cunnlnphan: "It's too bi JiipervLsion." P^'invan. vire chairman of the Department of Law and Comnlainls. "For instance, the New York state organization at present has a staff of crlv 19 p»op!e. while lh» nn> foi the rity Ls keeping 200 busy Anrt at the ncak of our activity we had jnorc than 500 employes.' Thronjrs Seek Advice From the first "week in August when the Blue Eagle went into notion here, the bureau of interpretation functioned more as an oducotional and diolomntic service !>•••- ns n lesia! office. Employers demanded rulings on scores of specific applications of t Vl ? XRA. And thousands o' unem- rjloved men and women, with even rmter notioas of what it was all about, romped in with the idea t>"\t the NRA was created especially to restore their old jobs. Not just anv jobs, but the places which (!•-• la^t held. Nobody knows how this thouqht became so prevalent, but disillu- r.ionment brought grumbling. The division of law has receiver! and resconrled to M.OOO innuir- ies. The complaint division, which opened its dears on the first day to 150 clamoring clients, has re- o»h-M several thousand charges ol evns'.on every month, nnrt had ei»ht clerks in its file room who rtirl nothin" hut move the incoming and outgoing reports. Many Ccmrlaints Settled Of ihe complaints considered valid. 11.917 have been acted upon, being referred variously to the investi»nMon dcnartrr.ent. the reau of Interpretation, the mcdita- "•" l-"»rd. .nnd ihc retail codi authority. The organization, n. you may have euessed. Is some whi' romollcatcd. Thr city's retail code authority is the larersl Icral rode body In th^ country, irrespective of Industry. intS has nearly 60.000 business units under Its direction. Tlii"» Tn turn. Intirll about onc-lcnlh nf the loldl volume ol retail business In the nation. Here's Maurice Mermey. the ex ec"tivc secretary: "Since the re tail code went Into effect, on Oc tober 30, we have had 225 com plaints, about 190 of which deal ; with labor. Of the complaint out. Mediation of those strikes was p.? was considerably underpaid fov '. word "of warning to c'.VA work^r- •he snnre:ne test. Socaily. of the | die w orl: ':e was doing, and sug-. when iic said that worrr - ''ho . proposition that labor could, and gested that the city, county and : ihryjghl they wciv bJin" 'mp=3-J- would, co-operate." 'school district make up an'addi- 0:1 should lake up the mV.te-'-uth ; New York's garment industry: tiona! sum for Baxter. A commit-. c\W offlcia'-, and ro' b"-or,ie in- never liad been more than scat- • tee «- as named to confer with co-.m- vo!v»d in encoiin-c-.s with fo—-.---t eritizh- unionized. Hideaway i y aIK] Ec h 0 ql offi='.i!s sweatshops, child la'.xir. clashing schemes —1~- who were nores^ri'iy forceii ... jesticn. ercise seme form of cor.!.-;': -•mon factions and the schemes A , tinst En g inocr Carncy of , h e ,hei r c , e u?. The co;irt i-ii.i Ci sub-contractors to dodge labor '., lrsft <; e partment told the council, violence on the ran cf cW-\ « laws keot the situation pretty well 0]le of ^ ci . y trucks was on jts crs m%m co;|ly ^^ 1Q '..^ out of hand. "last legs" and replacement \n-, movr.l ol CWA 'funds and joir When the Blu? Eagle first swcou-< iles( j:>d. The purchasing commit- monv •« n T' ™'.. tom . 1 l!! "S?. 1 ^,.^ l « ™> »*">™ «" P»* J«3Bn !n t; J.' J. Smith entered Lady rJZ^ ^^ a ^ « - S^'« « i"T^ «i ! ,,m r to a c'-^'^i, 1 out. 60,- nnle-- actorj' workers walked 00 stroii?. Embroidcrv m wear workers, about 3-1.000. struck : ' KXi. Orover Whalen and his cresided at hearings night and riav. for weeks. One by one the • different branches of the industry < •esutned operation, and in everj' *ase labor was benefited. U'aiics Arc Uooslcd Garment Workers' Union 'nki'd t'.vcnty-sivth in member- hip among the city's labor organ- The strikes began early in Au- biiy a new one if necessnr.-. sion of intoxicating licji.or an:i wn = . G. Thompson, whom Mayo- Sham: fined SiOO. The charge had b;;n Mayor Shane lo!d the council he reduced from lh; felony DSIem? til had aa-ointed a committee to Gta?e seliin; l:qucr. Half -.'. :hv fi::t v.-as ust antl thr- NRA fir-cri IL-; mast Presidential Ball at the r^tv -nl! siisponclpd on payment of ^,miH,ii hi •£, , ^ auditorium en Jan. 30 for ll:cI Warm • I. F. Brown entered a Mimaauie pioblem right at the Slirinu - On p,,,, nr i nt j, m fl1 , H fn .. „„!,„. ,„ , /-inrge o f el of infatitile paralysis. He concealed weapon and e could not dance but would S50. and suggested lhat the Je«:c Milchcil. nejro. was ; councilmen also attend. $10 ana 1 sentenced to a day in jail mcn Trie proposed dance broi.;lu u;> for povK. larceny. DUHirtny,;: c: th: question of a cold drinks c:n- : the peace charges acainst IjiULir cession at the c:ty hall for dancc-i; Hall and Bessie Cuiliy.ui. nejr;.;-, 1 . wanled it definlle'y understood lhar against Florence Mitchell, n::>r£-:- W. A. Col?, city hall janitor, is th- were ;!iEmi:sel cnly party authorized ta o;nntc : Trll of ii. I". Spic-r. second ^.r" : The work week which had been a " n "C."i™ stand in the city halt, i furniture dealer, nn a c!ia'u« <•- irlually unlimited was reduced Amon S ths K Ils approved by t T ' malicious mLichlpf was con:i:nu-:l " 48 and 52 hours. Pitifullv low f lln:il w;ls ono for approximately apes of many employes were in- i $ ' n ? . for 9"?meors services In ap- p r/ . ft ^ g , p I) D . praising the Iccal water plant prc- - "i-io ueitu.a I. I/. I\. lllnlll » flensed as much as 100 per cent ! n reaching the S15 minimum. ; - „ „„,„, A minimum waize also was cs- flln * 5 for P»«hasc of the plant cun\ ;i \ rui')~.\ 'nhllshcd for imskllled as well as from I- 2 fc<icrs! «« iv er for As- - • • • • ti application tor pwA •• Ten-Pound Daisy Cheese Tlir nniitf f'rffcri/'liin iflrntifitf the /trcp'i'fi- linm ti-hirli ituJi'iy ilcnllilt am! pliyfifians ttrr prr .trri/iiil il j r <r -killed labor. Sweatshops and borne work rraclicallr were • abolished. So "'.is cbilrl labor, with (he work- sociatrd Utilities. ; "daisy" cr.cDsc. ma<b at local .plants, was'sent to President According to Dr. Horton Cnsparis of Paris, sufferers from hay fever in* age limit raised (o 18 years. ; orc seldom ill from other diseases. From a. membership of 60,000, ' A woman's arm is not fastened . with a ranking of twenty-sixth, : to tlie shoulder like a man's. Hie garment union membership I '" r ~ST7,;—iVT."^— 7, i"~ rost- of 175.000 and third place ! Don t Trifle With tOUghS '" at ™ n Kj h - i Dcn't le! them tet a strangle lip lo Nov. 1. when the Re-! i n ;d Ficht rcrms quickly. Crco- ».onal Labor noard took over the : rill ,Ls!pn combines The Press Club has brcn buyi: 1 .. "daisy" cheeses from the p'.a:u f-•: ,om? time and at a recent mn".- '"g vaiM lo present the Prcsidor.' ard t:o First Laiiy -.viir-. .1 i :i- dainty. tlicir patients l' sun llirt aft tin' (lrr,lifins it'tiith ;ri/ ill cm I lie n> nil i li '/ 1 ' "•ork of the city committee, set- tJcmciu had been made of ,_ •trills, involving 250.000 employes. 1 total weekly payroll of SG.OOO.- "00. and affecting the livelihood •' Mime 700.000 persons. : Since Nov. 1. the Regional La:or Board has .settled H8 strikes, -verted 22. and thus has kept ap- •'••otimatcly 21.000 workers at their Jobs. Rackets Still Alive Labor's opposition to the NRA in New York has been negligible, with few such examples as the food workers and waiters' unions 1 : major helps ln : one. Powerful but harmless, picas-' 55 rmi to take. No i arcotic-s. Your "fi i-'ruigist is authorized lo re-1 fund yo'.ir money on the s[;ct If • coush c-.r cold is not relieved! you hv Crccint'ision. —Adv. K C.KHTIF, A Raw Milk Phont 14 Craig's Dairy ',-> For Sale 3 Hnmllcs - '.'fir Spoci;il nttenlion You Should Know Why Leading Dentists Prescribe this Cream When something goes wrong willi your Icelli or gums, (lie first lliin.t{ yon Iliink of is lo go to your dentist. That's only natural. Yon liavc confiflcncc. in him nnd what he will do for you. Instead of going nhend nnd using just any tooth pnste to brush your Icolli, you ought lo put Ihe same dependence in your dent- Lsl nnd use Hie dental cream which leading dentists arc prescribing for their patients. You can avoid much trouble that way. It is called Prescription Denlnl Cream, and you can get it by .simply asking for ii by thai name—Prescription Dental Cream—at any drug store. It doesn't cost any more than the loolh paste you have been using. From the very first time you brush your teeth and gums with it, you will like its tnsfc. KIRBY DRUG CO., Distributor I" CHICAGO Mil. I, CO. EVlDCNCE OF PURITY INSTITUTE OP INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH Laboratories WASHINGTON, D. C UHPOIIT—1 liavc )n\t completed a comprehensive anal>-m of tliii product and ihc assay shows Ihjt it conforms lo llic highest st.indjrd of efficiency and in my opinion it mc«tj every d«ire in a perfect pnparation. Subscribed and sironi to before me

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