The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 18, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 25fl. Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Pally News THE DOMINANT HT5W8PAPER Ol« NOUjnmAST ARKANSAS AND BOTJTnEAST MISSOURI ____B|yUieviiiejuraid Mississippi V»ltey_i*ato_ BLYTUEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JANUAliY 18, 1038 THIRTEEN SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Anders, 30, Con- f°ws And Also Admits Slnvcr. "Partner" I<~'S ANGELES, Calif.. Jan. 18. ri!pi_o. tnen jpjj sccre iiy t 0 QI,!. cago today with the confessed kidnaper and slayer of Dr. Charles S. • r elderly valentine manufacturer. He was captured at n race track betting window gambling part of the $50.000 ransom. He was a curly haired young hoodlum who said his name was Peter Anders, 30, and confessed that he not only had slain his victim but also had killed his partner in the crime. Hoss was kidnaped neav Chieaeo the night of Sept. 20. 1937. His family received proof that he wn« alive before they paid ransom but nothing was heard from the kidnaper after the money was delivered and Ross' body was not found Lived in Grand Style III 27 typewritten pages the '""'•iniiir Anders, who hnd been l'"in~ In n wand manner, detailed • .i" "•'•--• to the G-men. He said he first shot his victim, then his partner, whom he identified as Alwood Gray. The bodies he hid near Rockford, HI., presumably across th e state line in Wisconsin. G-men today were seeking the bodies. """ill" S14.402.28oftheS50,000 ransom was recovered '.by the G-men. .They believed that the rest had J>een-:sperit In race track betting and lileh living. .He had left an _jinnalstakab!e trail of ransom.bills »t race tracks and G-men. follow r in» it, stalked him across the continent twice before they caught up with him al a pari-mutuel window of the Santa Anita track, a ransom bill in his hand, on Friday "Super Tough Guy" He was taken at once to the department of Justice offices here and nuf ¥c tioned through Friday night. Pnhirlav, Saturday night and part ol ."nndav. Anders denied any connection whatsoever with the kld- noi>lr>,' until, confronted with an r-'-er increasing quantity of circum- ptini'al evidence, he finally confessed. Anders was described as exceptionally calloused—as fancying himself a master criminal, a super tough guy. J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the federal bureau of investigation, said that in addition to confessing one kidnaping and two murders he confessed 20 bank robberies. Hoover said he had a criminal record but did not make i' public. Hoover said that Anders had been a logger in Washington slate before he Iregan his career of crime. }'<• sold the kidnaper was 30 years o!d. five feet, eight Indies tall nnd was "strongly built". He lins curly brown linir and a light complexion. lielieved to Be Flying MEMPHIS, Jan. 18. (UP)—Two federal agents and a prisoner, believed to be Peter Anders, kidnsp- slayer of Charles S. Ross, stopped here for 35 minutes today on an American Air Lines plane nnd then continued on lo Nashville. The agents and prisoner, who .were in a special compartment, did not get off the plane during the stop. The plane departed nt 11:50 a.m. (c. s. t.). The hearing before Federal Judge Thomas C. Trimble at Little Rock on the petition of Bubbles Clayton and Jim X. Carruthers for a writ of habeas corpus to escape a death sentence imposed in circuit court icre has again been delayed, tins time until March 8. The hearing, alter many months of delay, was set for January 25 but announcement of the latest con- inuance was made through the office ot the state attorney general. The negroes were convicted of assaulting a white girl at the April erm of circuit court here in 1035, They have since exhausted every procedure in the state courts in an attempt to have the death penalty Mississippi County Bank Reelects Officers OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. IB. — All directors and officers ol the Mls- stesipul County Bank were re-elected at the 1 annual stockholders meeting held this week. The stockholders re-named the following officers for 1938: J. W Spami. president; C, B. Wood, vice president; L. L. McDearman. cashier; E. S. crlhfield, assistant cashier. The undivided profits of the institution were Increased by $10,000 and an additional $4.000 placed in a contingency reserve account. This with a- capital stock of $50,000 and a certified surplus of $10,000 brings the capital structure to approximately $75,000. Following the usual custom, a six per cent bonus was given al employes. The directors are J. w. Spann, c B. Wood, L. U McDearman, W. P Wilson. oJ Wilson, and E. S. Crlh field, who Is also secretary of thi board of directors. Bailey Spends Hour At His Office Today MTTLE ROK, Jan. 18. (UP)Gov. Curl Hiiilej. appeared at his state house cilice for an hour today to attend to some office details 'lieli iH'fticit his personal attention. "The governor after stayin? an hour returned to his home." James Bland. Ills secretary, snld. in the oflice will be Increased -"ally ui>on doctor's orders," Ubiul said, -until he is physically able, to spend the entire day 'nt his desk. arles S. Ross Confesses, ——» . .-....„... a " "• " l -* 01,1.1 t-uii y, an in. „, "The length of time he will spend Says TVA Has User! Tax- I NIP nflin~ IliPl l-ui lur,...!,, t , ' ** * " A payers Money To Benc- f.t Corporations WASHINGTON. Jan. tU (UP) — .Senator u. styles Bridges (Hep.. N. H.) charged today that the i Tennessee Valley Authority lias "ar- j bitrnrlly .sold out and contracted • away the Investment of taxpayers' money to benefit a few cor|x>ra- . tions." In a speech on the senate floor tearing Oil Clayton-Carruthers Petition For March 8 Reset Sul) Zero Winds Sweep Norlhmle'rn Slates «t fi tt"'SlSSrZVifS.n« Stu(loilts Trapped In Cath-' ""' - ' —>••'- : •'•'•• olic Building at St. llynchinthe, Quebec . . must ivwee cold WIWlt ,,f (| 10 WliidT. New Kngliuui I'xnorlciuvil It* Milili'sl whiter In hvo ywirs. North Vleld, Vermont hnd 11 rending of 2-1 below /fro, UpstnU! Ni.'W Vmk win blown by Icy winds unil tlic formisl culled lor still lower U'lnpuniluri'.v ^Si^UusttasU^^Uh'one^ 11 'W' 1 »'* "' "" »>"««* "W- «,re«, llui! istration was trust busting with one hand It was using the other hand De ' UWBre !ilvcr kctwei'n Eaton, i'u.. and J-HHHR. to make contracts, without public' and coal regions of Northwestern Pennsylvania. bidding, with Inrfn ^m-ivM-nl tnnr _, ...... ...... bidding, with large corporations. "I find that the TV A arbitrarily sold out and contracted away the Investment of taxpayers' money, thi 1 wist, the J2.5WJ.OOU toil bridge iieross the N. J., iiiTm u new short route to the steel Illumination thai silhouettes the B'.ecl\vm;t above is snld to maki> the bridge one of the ticsi-llglitml In the United Slates both flare anil shiulow-.s nt night. Vapor lumps prevent. and administration spokesmen have spent part of their time condemning." Bridges said in reporting his own investigation into the TVA. "ff the president hus been merely bet raved in the TVA situation-betrayed by men of his own choosing —lie KhouH for his own sake and the sake of Ibis costly experiment say so quickly, definitely and over his own signature. "He should do more. He should Insist that government agencies en- Distress Signals Are Cancelled By Freighter attempt to have the death penalty BBSeu *" D «s'ness snouiu ue just as set ^iside. In their petition for a I much sul) .i e rt to Independent audit federal court writ of habeas cor- and "impendent regulations us uro pus'they' charge that they Were P r I*alel^bim'ed'dJiiSpaiil*3. lj '----;' insist, inai government agencies en- on , „ ,. -"" "•,l°"f; w sireecl to the aid of the little gaged Jn business should be Just as ?" e ° df " le ti "" e * ".°f u a "'?M'' freighter and IU crew of 35 men. mnr-Vi cnv,{oM *n inHan nn ,i n ..i ^..jii- JII JU'Ca in cue hlghuay accident /™— .. • . ... ,. jus*they' charge that they Were leprived of a fair trial because ;hefe were no negroes on' the grand or petit juries and because they were convicted In a court "In- luenced by a mob spirit." Augusta Man Resigns From Hospital Board LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 18. (UP) — Gov. Carl Bailey announced he lied accepted the resignation of W. M. Sale of Augusta as a mem- 3er of the state hospital board, effective today. Sale, in his letter requesting that Vie b« allowed "to resign, asked^to 3e relieved of his board duties^so !hat he might give full attention to his personal affairs. James L. Bland, secretary for the governor, said that Sale's place on the board would b e filled by appointment during the coming week. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Jan. (UP)— Hogs: receipts, 12,000. Top. 8.G5. Heavy weights, 8.50-8,65. Light weights. 7.75-8.50. Bulk sows, 6.25-6.60. Cattle: receipts, 3.500. Steers. 6.50-8.25 Slaughter steers, 5.75-11.00. Mixed yearlings, heifers. 6 1.50. Slaughter heifers. 5.50-9.00. Beef cows, 5.00-6.00. Id. Cutters 4.75. .. and low cutters 400- Monthly Payroll For Work In County To Be Around $57,000 A payroll of $57,600 will be received monthly by 2.400 men in Mississippi county who will be em- oloved by the United states Engineers In work on the Mississippi river and Big Lake during the spring. Registration offices for the labor opened yesterday a t Osceola. Leachville and Manila, and will open here tomorrow. The men must be able bodied and not engaged in any other kind of labor. The security wage of $24 monthly for 12 days work will be paid. The work is to be done on Mississippi river levee at Huffman, Barfield. Osceola and Wilson, and 911 Ihe lake. 17 miles west of here. Details of Ihe project have not been announced but the work will go on for at least two months and perhaps, for five months. It is to begin immediately. Registration here will be sponsored by the chamber of commerce which has arranged for a room in the city hall. bWELfc; J'LL T€Lt BOB BURNS _ Mar. . May . Jill. . Oct. . Dec. . Jan. When I see these women wcarln' furs out here in this climate where they don't need 'em at all, I often wonder If they give a thought to the poor animals who had to suffer so they could be in style. The other day I was vlsltln' some people when the front door bell rang. The husband went out lo answer the bell and pretty soon I heard a sickening thud and I ran out Iti the hall. I came back in and I said to the wife, "Your husband Is lylu' unconscious out in the hall with a piece ot paper In his hand and there's a big box beside him." His wife says "Oh, goody-goody my new hat Is here." New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. low close open . 848 . 855 859 866 871 high 848 855 860 687 871 840 847 853 860 664 843 819 855 862 866 872b Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. 869 872 878 880 863 870 873 878 880 851 859 863 872 878 853 86] 865b 872 876 Condition of Driver of Auto In Which Two Were Killed Worse The condition of Ral Morgan. the highway accident' Sunday afternoon wiilcli killed two and Injured seven, is critical tills afternoon. Mr. Morgan, who ot first appeared nol to be as seriously injured as others and who has maintained consciousness, !ms an internal Injury In Uie region of bis left kidney nnrl four fractured ribs. He was improving yesterday but his condition became worse during the night. Harold Sudbury, who at flrsl was believed lo be the most seriously injured, .has not yet regained full consciousness bul he is no worse and physicians are confident he will recover unless complications develop. Vernon Duer, who has a 'crushed chest nnd several fractured ribs. Is much better today. These ate at the Blythevllle hospital. The condition of Miss Mollle Fisher, who is at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Is steadily improving, she has a broken leg and dislocated knee. Mr. and Mrs. Clovls Crockett and (laughter Mary Alice, of Wilson, who were Icii seriously injured, are rapidly recovering. Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Blllie HiiKt and Miss Mary Hires, who were instantly killed. i The two killed and four seriously injured were in Mrs. Hurst's car, enroute to Memphis, when the Crocke'ts' -..- left front wheel of Mrs. Hurst's car uppar-l eiitly became defective and the driver, Mr. Morgan, wns nimble] lo control the car, which swerved into tiic middle of the highway. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 18. (UP) Stocks declined today, but volume lightened. Losses ranged to more than two points In liquor stocks and building issues. A. T. & T 146 ,.i Anaonda Cop 343-8 Ascscc. D. G g Bctti. Steel 6S l-i Boeing Air 341-8 NEW YORK, Jim. 18. (lll>)-.The British freighter Cragpool. which had sent distress signals from the north Atlantic last night, reported loiliiy In n message Intercepted tiy tile liner President Roosevelt thnt she was "okuy" nnd proceeding on her voyage. The liner Europn, one of the blue ribbon boats In the express pnssen- Btr trade, hnd turned off her course to sireed to the aid of the little y HJ.>,, 1 M' I i C ' liave been hundred! ml Delay Jn [Night beSSlOUS Senegalese soldiers. O1J A * 1 T"" 1 f~\ . P \,f/\»n IUn» A>ll\ ... , _ ca that assistance was not needed. But New Deal And Steel Spokesmen Refuse Comment WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. (UP)High administration officials said today they are scrutinizing proposals for general reduction of steel nnd possibly other prices but neither New Deal nor steel sjiokesmen would discuss the program publicly. A coincidental reduction In sice) wage rales has been advanced by some as a likely accompaniment of any price decrease. This ami a suggestion for a guarantee ot annual steel wages Is not however beyond the discussion phase. White House Secretary Stephen Early said he knew of nothing pointing to any drop In steel prices or ivage.s. collided with the near Driver. The W. E. Phipps To Be Speaker On P. T. A. Program 50 Spots closed steady at S53, off 7. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18. (UP)- a™' Mot 35 7 1 Several adverse features entered Tnl ' Harvest. RBI.? Ihe «>»»» m «to today, causing M on ( g omm- Ward".'. 5-3 losses of 40 to 70 cents a bale. „ VB central ... » M Chrysler Cities Serv ............... 17-8 Geii. Elec 437-3 o^^r^c,oseLLr ra !..v.v.v..v.v:1^ Spots closed quiet at 863, oft 13, Chicago Wheat open high | OW closc 95 1-2 96 7-8 SO 96 5-8 90 l-ZjlM-,8 90 3V8 91 1-3 Chicago Corn May Jul. May open 60 high 61 Jill. GO 3-4 C! U4 6Q {.j low close £9 7-8 GO 5-8 Phillips Pet Radio 39 1-2 67-8 Sclicnly Dist 235-3 22 1-4 153-4 Simmons Socouy Vac. The ISO members of Parent Teaclior associations In Mississippi county, who are expected to attend u meeting ot the county council here Friday, will hear an all day program, which Is to be featured with nn address by W. E. Phipps of Little Rock, slate commissioner of education. Mr. Phipps will explain the program for reorganization of schools. Eddie B. David of this city, who is a member of the slate police department, will speak on "Safety on the Highways." Echoes from the National Congress of Parents and Teachers will be given by Miss man to arrest him. Kosa M. Hardy, principal of the Capture of 3,000 Loyalists Clnimcd In Surprise Offense At Teniel 15AHAUO2A. Spain, Jnn. IB. (UP) —At lenst three thousand loyalist soldiers were killed In « surprise luUlunnllsl offensive uguhul the loyalist-held dly of Temol, nationalist (ji-iuirul headquarters csll- imtlctl lodiiy. 'ilio new nssiuilt, lias been umkrwny 24 hours and during thai (line the nationalists have scored "brllliiint successes," Insurgent officers sold. Among those killed were snld to have been hundreds of negroes and A if Is Firlif On Anfi' Morc tlllm M0 wcrc UCiS I Igllt Ull Alltl- bc(m taken prisoner Lynch Bill WASHINGTON, Jan. 18. (UP)— The filibuster against the anll- lynchlng bill gained ground today when Senate Majority Leader Alben W. Barkley (Dem,, Ky.) said nights session's - mlghl -be 'delayed until next week. ' Although sponsors of the measure hud promised thnt Hie leadership would start to clamp down on filibusters Thursday, the nvi- Jorlly lender declared that no decision or agreement hud been reached and that he did not believe it likely that longer sessions would be iitlcniplcd this week, It was the second time thai tentative arrangements to stavt night sessions had been disrupted, Senator Allen j. Eltender, (Dem., La.) resumed his attatk on tho bill. Ellcuder said the south had shown It was mnkln; u noble fight lo eradicate lynching. "The, pending hill." he saij, "ciinnot lend to help conditions In the south." Funeral Services Held For Collision Victim p . , ,. A • 11 i , SIK ESTON, Mo., Jan. 18,-Funer- Under Man Agaill Heads ?,'. fvlces «*« held yesterday for pi . n I • I J lcll "rt Davis, 32, ChafTee, Mo. t 1 a 11 t 6 r S r reduction 5hQQ factory employe, who was Instantly killed Saturday night in a collision on Highway GO, three miles Japanese Attack On Canton Road Imminent HONGKONG, Jan. 18. (UP) — British authorities received a warning today of nn Impending Japanese nlr attack on the new Canton- Hongkong highway, arousing speculation whether the long expected Japanese offensive against Cnnton was imminent. An announcement here said thai British officials of the crown colony had received a communique from tho Japanese government, advising of plans to bomb the highway. The colony Is within the danger zone of any large scale sea offensive. Canton Is the terminus of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek's life line to the sea. 0. Henry Character Gets Sentence With Difficulty PORT ARTHUR, Ont. (UP) — Edin Mcrrick, transient, was in need of food and shelter and no one paid any attention. .So he picked up a street parking pedestal and threw It through a store window, expecting a pollce- . No officer appeared. He walked ivuaa ivi. ji»iuy, pimtLtjiu ui >.n^ i\o uniier appeareo. lie wuixeo city high school. Mrs. Berry Grain i up and down the street and still no of Wilson, president of the coun- officer. Finally, in desperation, * - ' ' Mcrrick went to the police station and gave himself up. He got a six- month jail term. ell. will tell of the work planuod for the spring months. Students of the fourth grade. Sudoury school of Blythevllle, will present a verse speaking choir, under the direction of Miss Mar- ouvu»j • — i-> .j-i guerite Sllaz. W. D. McClurkln, gtd. Oil N. J 49 1-4 superintendent of the city schools, Corp Texas . _ U. S. Smelt ' 68 U. S. Steel 59 5- 42 3-4 will welcome the women and the response will be given by Mrs. R. Dog Earns J350 a Second LONDON (UP) — A dog which was bought for $10.000, Btinyhcn- tirssy sandhills, won for his owner, Mrs. Cearns, of Wimbledon. $10.000 In 29DO seconds, The dog won that sum in the White City 500-yard event. For every yard he ran lie earned $20, or $350 a second. . . C. Langslon. of Luxora. There will be group singing by the Lange school .students, led by Mrs. Wilson Henry. The Rev. Cleorge W. Patterson, pastor of the First Christian church, will say the Invocation. Lunch will be served at the Woman's club at noon. Preceding the regular session, the executive board will meet at nine o'clock. Litigation May Doom hand-wrought hardware. settlement of an estate. . More than DUO were snld to Imvc Including a loyalist colonel who attempted to commit .suicide when his escape was cut oil, More lhan 300 prisoners were (nken In the eastern sector of the Teruel front alone, the nationalist* s ; aid. ' The offensive wa's a complete surprise for (lie. defending loyailJls, according to the nationalist offlcerr and they expressed cohudencti tliai It would result In ultimate capture of Terciil, Credit Association ST. I1YACINTHE, uebcc, Jan. 18 (UP)—Fire, which destroyed a dormitory, spread panic nnd dcatli lummy ICO boy pupils of the Sac- f«l Heart college here today. Hours after the last scream had illcd iiwny Hie local police and (ho SI. Clmrtcs hospital counted a known loll of 13 dead. Eleven bodies were recovered from the ruins, Including those of Father Jean DaplLsle and several chll- 1ren. Two victims died ill the hospital and a dozen still were missing. 20 In Hospital Authorities snld they feared the dealTi.s might finally total 25. Twenty iwrsons were in the hospital, several of Ihcm in serious condition. , Tho fire had made considerable headway when discovered in the ;astr wing of the building shortly after two a., m. Students and priests in that section were trap- occupants 1'unlo among the ainireicd rescue work. Ixmg before tho fire was brought under control priests went among the most seriously Injured, administering the last rites of the church, Church Bella Summons Rescuers Fire department oinclals said the flame.? when first discovered had GUI-rounded one of tho dormitory sections where Ihe children were sleeping. Church be!!s all over the {own were rung to summon aid. Town- folk assisted In rescue work. The bells awakened students who rushed. In panic to-fire <;scapes, Many were trampled .and left unconscious in the burning building Hospital attendants said the most aoriously Injured were pupils who jumped from windows or were pushed from a fire escape to tho frozen ground. OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 18.—F. p Jacobs, of arldcr, was re-clectci. -- ~. „.,., itil president of the Planters Produc-| Dllvis > wc «= Injured. They are: lion Credit association In a business session this morning whlcn wns a part of the nil-day meeting of the Farmers' Annual Ont!«nk nnd the Production Credit Asio- clallon of Mississippi eountv. Other directors elected were D. S. Laney of Osceola, to succeed L. P. Nicholson ol Tyrone, and these who were re-elected: II. c. Knappenberger nnd C. S. Stevens of Blylhcvlllc. lind U. 0. Bryan ol Osceola. The dircclor,; will meet Saturday to elect other officers. The executive committee approved 251 loans In the county during 1937. it was rcpoit-xi by Mr. Knappenberger. At two o'clock approximately 300 farmers had gathered at the afternoon session lo hear the annual outlook message for farmers, ns given by D. s. Lantrlp of Bly- thevllle, county agricultural agent, and talks by Charles G. Henry of Memphis, president of the Mul- South ,Cotton Growers' Association; J. M. Houston, president of the Federal Land Bank In St. LOuis, and W. S. Brock, vice president and secretary of the Production Credit Corporation in Kt. Louis. Banana Eater Boasts 52 Downed in 20 Min. SYDNEY (UP)-The addition of a banana eating contest to Hie next Olympic games would enable Australia to make a still greater Olympic showing, 11 is believed here. • Mervln Walmsley ot Corakl has HOUSe Built in 1650 Jast broke " !lls Previous record 'or banana eating by disposing o! WEYMOUTH, Mass. <DP>-TUe fj" ?° '? lm l tes -, Tne first oldest house in Weymouth, built.In. l>ere eaten ln 5 mlm "« s ' oldest house in Weymouth, bullUIa "£, £*£ "^ ™ »»™- Arkansas-Partly cloudy tonight 1650 by a son of the town's first grade( , D ranging ronv^i to 7 a " a WedneS(Ia y: somewhat warmer settler, soot! may be razed. f nch ,„ , e ,"f 1 . om b J to ' in northeast portion Wednesday. A 15-room building, the house gt ' Memphis and vicinity _ cloudy, was modernized 40 years ago, but CLEVELAND <TTP> ™ ^ possibly occasional rains tonight still retains hand-hewn beams, bread that adds a briiht v! i " nd Wednes(la i'! lowest tempera- wooden pegs in place of nails and hi-M«« «„,«„„„., 5 ?"_*:!.-.. " ch . ture tonlelit, 34 to 36. west of Slkeston. Three other persons, riding In a Model A Ford roadster with Mr. —, —. _ >»*j»i h.M. j. i ivy ttt c Misses Louise Freeman, Wanda Browning and Garnelt Glrley of Slkeston. Gets Consent Judgment For $500 In Court Here The January term of circuit civil court entered Its second day today with most of the important cases on the court docket awaiting disposition or continued until a later term. An agreed judgment for $500 was awarded J. J. Couch in his suit against the Dr. Pepper Bottling company, based on personal Injuries. Claude F. Cooper represented Couch ana Reid and Evrard, the defendant company. Trial of a common pleas court appeal case was underway this al- ternoon. Jack Fiiilcy Robinson is plaintiff and Cecil Vasser and w. R. Brown are defendants. C. V. Sebaugh Becomes Member of Lions Club C. V. Sebaugh, who recently returned to this city to make his home, became a member of the Lions' club at its weekly luncheon meeting at the Hotel Noble today. L. E. Old, carrying out the thrift week program, talked to Uie group on "Benjamin Franklin and Thrift." Thirty seven members and two guests. Harvey Morris and Charles Ray Newcomb, were present. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight ^»... ._,,,..~^ ,.*--+~. ..!,..., u^Mniii, Dread Thnt nnnc a hvlrrVif t<\* »j* ZSL aa^EE,,? " aiis and $* ?^.8syr..s , tends to make children's school "- •••—= •••-• usnas 10 maKc en drens school The house was ordered sold by iu nc h es more tempting Is baked the court because of litigation over by two brothers, Joint owners of a *pltli*Tm(ml Af nn ectato i.-t , * • bakery here. The maximum temperature here yesterday ^ras 59, minimum 40, clear, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weather observer.

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