Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1895
Page 3
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you UH Kissing g-oes by favor. So does Pearline. It's the first and only v.'ashino- compound—mor;; popular than ever—sale; larger than ever—then; never \vas such a general *\ favorite. Not at all strange, it \. saves rubbing—wear and tear. \ This saves time, health, money. If you are not one of the favored -who use it, do us the favor of trying it at once. Then you'll join the majority. Peddlers tuid some unscrupulous grocers will tell you, "this is as good us" or "the same as Pearline." IT'S FAI SE—Pearlinc is never peddled, if your grocer sends Citation, be honest-™/ it tek. 438 JAMES ™' LE ' Kew ^ F. W, KINNEY, 313 RROAO1VAY. V IMJALEU IN Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. dress our own Poultry and therefore have everything fresh. 0 WILl, PJIKVEVT IIAXO* A.NO FA<'K FROM CHAFFISfC. SOLD ONLY AT BEN FISHER'S DRUG STORE INCREASE YOUR INCOME! Others > r i iloln^ It why not yon ? Invpst $10.W In DixMmbur wtiwit, Our sy«l,)in IniuiKUrntod for tbo ti m«llt or umiill tni'lor", fttur* yen (in pxenl ent >i>p irttiiilty to try It. Wrltn ns wd y tot lull Information. PERKINS & CO., 314 ftlalto OlilR. CliIunKo. Ill NOTICE, FARMERS- Haters Iturttilro A rWv^roi will 1)0 nt .T. T\ toVM HVnil S'or« on Ni>rtl> dtraet Sa'nrthiys to exhibit n Wlr-l»<» Cliccit Kowrr on wlilcli they tftvo bfon Hllmvecl <i liiitant. DR. F. M. JBOZSR'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. W.intod, Clitup CottiiK •» For Salo. Wiind'cl Low .-in 1 Aen« v or d.ilo. Wiintod Siiiull Kirinii h'or t:ile>. l O'.nlin's" Blo.'.ks F.tr rfa.l>\ chiiMUH fanns for Clt7 Property, l Mnri-11 uulH< '<> Tr ilti Tor Fiinns. ADDKESS .11. 3S. OO JtI»l>V, Spr; Block l.o,;:in.ipoi-t, IiiillHiiii, II. E. TRUAX, M. D. Sppclal iitti'ntloiiKlv.>n to Noso, Lung, Uvsr nad Chronic DI.SI-ISI-S, OIUM ami Keskk'nci" ovor Stiito Xtitlotial I),ink. Hours li) t,i 1'J a m., - t>> 11>. m., iiii'I " w |S !'• '«• All calls promptly ntuni.li'cl. STEEL ]>• EXT1U VISK. KIXK AND T.r.OAl) 1>01NTS TO SKIT .ll.L 1IASHS. THE HOST PERFECT 0? PEN'S. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Emhalmers, G13 JRronrtway. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. JFKB, 1. Church c,indlo3 at Foloy's. See tho lovely now silks cow at the' Trade Pataco. Fur'boas only 4S cents, worth $2, at tho Golden Rule. Homer Closaon gptortalned a jolly crowd at cards last evening 1 . Tho Trade Palaca for bargains in dress goods. D>>n't miss them. The Murdock and Johnston hotels are usin? tho ci'.y's olectrlo lights, Miss Emma Cornwoll will ontortain a nttmbor of friends at cards this A Friend* AJvieo Some four or tlvo yo.irfi ago J. A., (r lodyoar, n young inun full of life and vlgTr, loft the old firm in Gal- houu county, for ibe more active life In iho city. Driftiuff into tne lelo- erapb buainu-is, ho socured a position on the C. & N. W. R-illroad, at RJ- publlc, Mich. In addlcloa to his duties as operator, ho was required to sull tickets, check baggage and make himes'if generally uiaful, Betwoen the exacting officials on tho one side and tbe Inconsistent public on the other, ho was worked and worried to such an extent that his health gave out and one day be was carried to his home, after having a severe nervous spasm; he grow from bad to worse until ho had to relinquish his position, a physical wreck. Tho doctor could not cure him and told hire so, but advised him to go to Ann • Arbor and place himself In charge of th^t world wida Institution of learning, which ho did. Ho con. tlnued with their treatment constantly and faithfully for four long yr ars, receiving little, if any, benefit. While in Ihld condition, a friend gave him a boit'o of DC. Wheeler's Norvo Vital, !zDr, with an urgent request to use it. Not wishing to olTond his friend, ho promised to do so, butdld not, because, as ho argued v/ith himself, '-What is Uio use Of taking that -stuff' if the most learned nerve specialists in tho world can not, cure mi. 1 ?' 1 But as time pi!)9od ho would occasionally think of tho neglected boitloof medicine given him and his promL-o to use it. O.ie day bo picked it up and mechanically pulled tho cork, measured out a dose and took i;-, a chango seemed to como over him, his nervousness abated, bis mind became clear and he thought he felt something of his old time vigor. Ho continued taking tho Vitalizar until ho was able to sit up, then to walk a few stops; the sluggish blood in his veins became active, cslor returned to his flash and he felt the need of mora food. He soon improved 60 that he sought and became engaged in light labor and earned the first dollar in nearly two years; hope attained Its longf vacated position in his braia and. his friends rejoiced at tho wonderful change. Mr. Goodyear is now leading a thoroughly active and successful life which he says ho is proud to attribute to Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitalizar, tho greatest nerve builder over produced for nervous prostration, apassns. fits, sleeplessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and general debility. For sale by Ben Fisher. ChllJron's furs worth $1 and $1,50, only 48 cents as iho bankrupt sale at the Golden Rule. Tho /-Men and Women" company passed through tho city yasti-ri'iiy on ! route for Kokorao. I Tho Journal has a fo* birdssyo j views of Logans port left. Thoy can bo had in p.-wio&Oird tubadlor mailing or preservation for fifty cants. Twonty-fiva each, China saal and opossum muffs worth $2.50 to $4, reduced to 93 coats., at tho Goldon solo.— W. D. Pratt, Trustee. Fi>? the Scbt-tt-Ru Sufferers. Jacob Wilder, formsrly of Cass county, now lositod at JlcCook, Neb., Is vi<it.ing Harrison township relatives and trying to organize a relief /uad for the drouth sufferers of Nebraska. Buc5llen*!» Arnica Salvo. '/be bosts-ilve ia the world 'or cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, sale rhsua isvor sores, tetter, chapped haadf, chilblains, cores, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay .required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keeslinjf. BUEi IS RELEASED. S OF CONDOLENCE. Tho employes of l&e i'o.u Habdle Car *-hop= navo pa-iud tne ,'ul-otviLjj resolutlunsi r, yarding lab dcatti of Uba=. I) Frlck: Wncrcao. it. n.a.3 jjlcnaed Almighty GoU t;i li J .. ;=:ocr. :o rj.Tiin-o Irt.m our midst our frk-nd M.D>| fullo^ woiK- ii an CQiiriea L>. Friuk, tnercfort) be it Rjjoivod. Th.i! by bii do»th bis wiitj aiiQ cnndreQ have Joat an otIeOllou<i k B uusb^uJ ttiid a kind aua ujUuigeQi liiiuer. and the comaninliy at largo a.a boooraole aod loyitl cit- jzon, woile v*e bis dally Companions, are deprived of a conpooial sbop mate acid a. true friend, and be it Hanoived. Thai we a^Sf-cnhle at bis late dome and tendt-r our uympaibies to bis t-orrow stricken wife and children and attend bis fuoeral ia a body, and be it R-sr-oUed, That while ou- beans go out in sjropatby to tbe loved ones led behind, we acuapt tbe loevitaDle anrt tay in a true Christina spirit • OGnd thy will bo doie." And be it R^-olffed, That weaopolnt ourielves each into a committee of ooe to give a ; d and pro'scilon to the widow ard orp'hnn^ of our beloved frlecd when ever and wherever it may be needed anfl bo U funbc-r Resolved. That a copy of tbe above to tbe family and that the ^r.q of the city be reo.uosted to publish the pnmo. F A MC^ARTFH \ ALBERT RCRGESS >Com. F. P. JACKSON. ) ENGINES FOlt SPEED. The Indianapolis Journal Bays: "Last week tae Pennsylvania people wf-re testing at A.ltonna a larpre, I ow- erful eight.wheel passenger enpiae j-jst turned out of the sbops iiftor dei-lsrnt prepared by Super, intendent of Motive Power Ca?anave, of the pdon^ylvunin ro>id. The man la charge was asked about the engine by a western ran a who takes a good deal of Interest in locomotives, and WRS told thai six of these engines ware to bo built to be run between Indianapolis and Columbus, hauling tho fust express trains, adding 1 that with the tukinff effect ot the spring 1 time table the time between St. Louis and Jersey City would bd couotderably shortened. It la expected that these new engines would, with fire or six cars, outrun any locomotive yet built ia the shops atAltoooa." COLLISION" ON- TUG I I * I. Two freight trains on tbe Indiana, Illinois & [owa road collided at North Judson about S o'clock yesterday morning. Tho first section bad come to a stop at the tank for water wheu the. second section crashed into it. Conductor Grimes of Straator, III., who was just in tho act of leaving tbe caboose, was caught in tbe crash and Instantly killed. The two brakemen were on top and wore not injured. Tho engineer and fireman of the second ec-Ciion left their engine in time to save themselves. The train was running about ten miles an hour nnJ the damsijo to the locomotive and c.trs will ran up Into thousands of doi- lara. Grimes loaves a widen? and four children. AS.KFOR LEGISLATION. A number of the railway employes' organizations have seat delegates to tbe Illinois legislature to work for tho passage of bills on tbe following subjocu: To nrotect employes in their right to belong to 'lawful labor organizations; liability of railway companies for injuries to emplojep; to pro- hloit forced contributions from railway employes; to abolish tho §5,000 limit to claims for accidental death. Toe following- traveling passerger agents were in the city yesterday looking up business Or their respective lines: C. A. Hariwell of the Santa Fe, J E. Turner of the Northern Pacific and J. H- Ddthridge of the Rock Island. The Pan Handle people are esperi. menting with a nsw smokestack for locomotives from which great results are being expected. Tne base ie several inches smaller than the stack now In use and ?eta gradually larger as it near* the top. Some alterations in the extension are also required Several of iha new stacks have been pui on with the last few days. What is the Work of tho Kidneys? To remove from the Dlood its im - puritiea. The products of cell wastes which have baen. burned up in sustaining- life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood in the body goe? through the kidneys ovary three minutes, and if these organs are unable 10 perform their work fully, sooner- or later tho system is poisoned. Therefore, San Jak is the indicated blood remedy. XiTTOni Di'bilitj 1 . -• E--ory person having norvous debility, organic weakness, or falling- memory, is eatitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ex. tended medical aid such as ia found In San Jak. Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist Al.'icrt Hh(>«, Chars-<1 Willi Forgery Is A!lowvil T« <i . Oil His O^Vn Ui>co:r"iz-»ice, Tbrougn the unttriou acd energovc efforts of his wife, Albert Rbea's r- !e»te from the Cd?s county jiil bus finally been brought about Roea. wDoberveil *>. two years' term In tbe prlcon north for alleged forgery, was arresttd oo bis release on a similar charge, in which it WK.S aliened that he hud sold a spurious note for $200 to E. B-MjCouned. Mrs. A!b=»ri Raea, wno ba= taoen employed as a domestic by a wtll known family of the city, rulsed §5U by passing a subscription paper which sum will be applied in rrpu.tiog Mr. McConnell, the remaining §150 to be paid by Mr. Rhea himself as soon as he is a'lle to do so He bus given bis word that he will make a citizen of himself, and his devoted wife is confident that he will succeed X Household Treasure. :\ W. Fuller, of Uauajuharle, N Y., says that he always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery in the house and his family has always found tbe very best results follow its use; that be would nol be without it, if procurable, (r. V, Dyboinan, Druggist, Catskill, N. i"., sa^s that Dr. King's New Discovery i* undoubtedly the best cough rtraedy; that he has used it in his family for eight years. Bod it has never failed to do all that Is claimed for it. Why'not try a remedy so long tried and tested. Trial bottles free at B F. Keeslioe's drug store. Regular size 50o. and $1. For ih« J'ct Tho suit for § 0 damages brought- by Mary Wright against John Barnhart, was yesterday decided in the circuit court in th'a defendant's favor. Tbe case bad bcon appealed from a justice's court where judgment was given the piainUtf for $14. The suit grew out of a runaway Birnharl's team, which it wns allseed, deitrojed a part of the plaintiff's front fence. ST.VTB OK OHIO. CITV OF TOLEDO, (.^ Lu<:«s COU.N'IY. )' FRANK .1. CHUNKY m ikes oath Hint ho Is tlio s«nior purtn-r of tli« firm of V. .T. OHENKV & Co.. <lol njbislii'ws in tlK'cltvort'olel>, C"iintj and Stiito iiforpsjilil, «nn that said linn will uny tno sum o, ONE i'l 'N'OaED DO i, LARS fur 6i li and every Cisoof CiiU'rh thiii rannot ho cured by taouseol HALL'S CATAIIBITCUKK. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to befnra mo arid .-nbscr'tied In my prosftnce, tula 8th day of December •*. D. ISSi. .*-**-,. A W. (}CE>aON. 5 SK .vr. i Notary Public. uiiUV Catarrh Cure Is tiSon Internally and nrts ii root y on.the blood an 1 mucous surfaces ot Uio system. S iiuforti'.'.tlmoiiliils frpft. F. J. CHES - r,Y & CO., Toledo. 0. ?~Sold by druggists, TJI A tittle «;ir>'H Story. A lictle girl aiout ton years of age has been going about tho streets asking for Qve cents towards buying a ccffin fora cousin that died recently. She has been doing this for several days and always tells the same siOry. As overheard by our reporter: •John, pleasa got some eugar at Black's; h?£i7C5more for the money than the other dealers; to economize vre must bo careful to get our money's worth of everything—and Oi,! John, don't forget to stop ui Ben Fisher's drug store for a bottlo ot Brant's Balsam, it only co=ts a. quarter and it, cured my cough so quickly before, I have confidence in It, besides its economical to use; tho bollles c.re extra large, while the dosa is only a half teaspoonful." Get Brant's of Ben Fisher. S. M. Closson has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also Eastern money ia any amount to loan on mortgage security. Office No. 319 Pear street. And Aftnr She Cot It She lost Her High Opinion of Ir, Mme. Doz. vivacious and petite, desired nothing: for the tenth anniversary of her uwrriage day so much ns a bracelet, Sho wanted a bracelet, cot a bracelet of silver, but of gold, if you please, r.iul of tloublc width, a reirular horse's bit, sort of bracelet, with heavy, thk-lc links. Only the trouble \vr.s that it was, expensive, and Uippolyte, her husband, shook his head. Mme. Doz was on pias and needles. When they wont out together she stopped him before nil the jewelers' shops. "U'i. look nt this one!" she would say. "No, not that little one—it is very vulgar; I mean the hirger one. Go in nncl Cud out, tho price, tny dear, will you? That docs not bind us to anything 1 ." And when ho reappeared confused and stammered: "They want one hundred dollars," she replied, with conviction: "Oh, that is not too dear."' Then she added: "You'll buy tbat i bracelet for me, won't you dear? If I you don't buy it for our tenth yecr of married life, you know, I shall bo ill and so bad. I shall think that you no longer love me. Indeed, I think now that you don't care for me very much since you show so little eagerness to g-ivc me pleasure." One morning- walking- rouml her room in her dressing gown, Fancy said to him. with a serious expression 011 her face: "And what if I contributed to tbe purchase of the bracelet; if I give you jjart of the money what would you say then?" Lie opened bis eyes with astonishment.. "Ah! f am wrong," she sighed. "I have saved nil this money, sou by sou, in p.iy housekeeping. 1 economized ten sous here uml iwo francs there, and I meant that you should never know it. But I am too g-ooJ r.utured, too foolish, too weak!' 1 "0. there it is!" cried Fancy. '-Look at, it! Is it. not real bountiful? Row it (glitters! Lot us go in! Only you p.re not g-oing to buy it, you arc not going to say anything, but just let n-.e make tho bargain." She went into llie shop. Mme. DOK asked to see the bracelet. She fastened it on her wrist, looked .-it it lovingly, felt the weight, caressed the polish and played with it so prettily thr;t .even the jeweler, a fat florid man, lolt tho charm of the little woman and f.ivored her with his best amiable smile. She expected to gain something- by this little seduction, and she asked: •'flow much is this bracelet,, monsieur, eifjhty dollars?" "One hundred and ten," ho replied,in :i low. insinuating: tone. "That's too dear." "She looked at Dippolyte perplexed. "It is—a little expensive—yes," murmured the husband, "but—if it gives you pleasure—why—" [Iis face wore tbe resigned, unhappy expression of n. cinn who is thinking. "Well, then," she said, decisively, "I will keep it. Pay up, old boy." He took out his purse and looked at her. "Ab, oui; it is true, you have not £»ot enough," and she took slowly out of her pocket a little pock.otbooku.nd took thirty dollars from it. "Eh, bicn! arc 3'ou satisfied?" "Yes, my darling:!" she cried, with emotion. "Doiv good you arc! I -would embrace you if yon were not in the street." Five minutes later she slopped in front of a well-lighted window .tnd examined the bracelet. "Cm-ions," she .said. "I thought it was larger, fs it really the same or.c we looked nt last night?" "Certainly, my dear, it is," AV dinner she fcaiJ: "Then you really do think it is beautiful?" she asked. "Yes: and you?" "I—oh, I am quite satisfied—quite— only I thought it was a little larger, that's all." Then, with the fire of n new wish in her eye?;, she added: "For the next annit~c.rso.ry of our marriage, in another ten years, f want a ring of diamonds, with a pearl in the center—a large one like a pea. "It is so amusing to wish for things." —From the French of Paul Marguerite. TITE Russian thistle is said to be very exhaustive of the very best elements of the soil. YEARS OF INTENSE PAIN. Dr. JT. JI. TTcKs, druggist "S physl- j ci£a, Humboklt, Neb., who suffered with 1 heart.-tiiscaso for four years, irylng every 1 remedy and all troatrootsis known toliim- ! self and fellow-practitioners! believes that • tcartdSsoaso!s.cnra>3le. no writes: ' "I wLsh 'o toll what ycur valuable medl-. 1 cino has done for no. For ' o-.:r y cars I h:i<l • heart disease of JliQ very worst, kind. SOT, oral physicians 1 consulted, siiii Jt ivas. i Rheumatism of the Heart. It was almost un- cnihiruble- vflth shortness of tnsath, palpitations, sovcro pains, unahlo to sleet), especially en the left sido. No pen can describe my suffor- £S, p:u-t:cularly Kdurisis tho last "months of thoso tour weary years. I 2nally tried DR. J. M. WATTS, Dr. Miles' New Cure, and was surprised at the result. It put new Ufo Into and mado a now man of me- I have not had a symptom of trouble slnco and 1 am satisfied your medlclno has cured mo for I have DOW enjoyed, since taking It Three Years of Splendid Health. I raljhtadd that I am a druRKistaud have. sold and recommended your Heart Cure, for I know what It has done for mo and only wish! could state more clearly rr.y suffer- Inp then and the- Rood health I now enjoy. Your Nervine and other remedies also give excellent satisfaction." J. U. WATTS. , Bumboldt, Sell, May9, T4. Tr. Miles Heart Cnro Is sold on n. pORlttjw fru:iranu« that llio first, bottlo will benoat All druccists sell it, at SI, 0 bottles for 65. or Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health Spartan Devotion. * A mother's love for her children is al~ ways bcin.? illustrated, not only ia... book* but in real life. A true story Is- told of a lady whose baby v.-as very ilJ, and who sat wr.lcbincj the child with absorbed attention, every instant fcai> iiiR- another convulsion and pray ins 1 for delivcr.-i.uoe from it. At her sido stood an older diild, who lia.d stolon into tho room unobserved, and who was trying to prick the little black spots in maic- ma's muslin sleeves with a nccdlo he had found. Presently iho father cams in and the little child was seen and sent away. "What is the matter with. your ana?" whispered the g'cnUcraan. to his wife when, at 'n.st, they turned. to each other and smiled their thank 1 . fulness that the baby had fallen asleep. "I don't know," said she; "notbinfT that T nm aware of." She put up her- hand and found that the thin uiuslin sleeve was soaked with blood. Tho little boy had become BO absorbed In his sport thnthe hud "jabbed" with all his mipht, and sho, in her terrible anx| icty, had not felt the thrusts.— Youth's. Companion. Did You Kror Try Electric Bluer* aa a remedy fop your trouble?? If not, get a bottlo. now acd f?ot relief. Th'.a mo3Icl:ca. bas been fountf to be peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all femalo- complaints, exerting a wonderful di- reci. irfliiODce in giving strer-pth and' tone to the organs. If you have loss of ap'petitc, conn'pn.tion, headache. fiiotinff spells, or are nervous, sleepless, excitable, melancholy on-troubled with dizzy spoil; 1 , R'ectrlj Bitters is the medicine you need. Health and. e-trenplb lire guaranteed by its use. Lirpu bottles only fifty cents at B, F. cru store. •Til't KtT.i 'IVPcl, Iv.-o cnr loads of Bio!"!!- from tho celebrated Fuller Uufro' & Sle!fjh Co., J.-.ck-on, Micbipno. Come one, .como iill. coma everybody: we have fclcifrhs for xbe millions. Prices below tho lowest. Call at UK.CIRGK HARTIISOS'S, 617 B.-oadvray. Dj spepsia seldcm causes death, but permits victims to live on in misery. Hooa's SaraaparUla cures dyspepsia. and all stomach troubles. LEFT. The Journal has a f, TV of ihe tesntifnl birds-eye vie-ors ofILcgan.--port left- Parties des.irmg-.--b.em, can if they.'-iwisb,! get them in! pasteboard tubes for cmilicg or preservation. Size"2$[x 44 inches. PRICE 5O CENTS.

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