The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 15, 1937
Page 2
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, (ARK.) <?9Ufr#ft Social Calendar SATURDAY'S K VENTS Ohap(er$ 'D" am, "N", P E O, having luncheon meeting at )iomc of Mrs T, J. Mahan JUs Mpxjcap |.unctieon Mombcis of (lit; Thuisday Bridge c|ub and several guests wcfe. Invit- " " . ed fq tlie "ianfl of Mexico" vU\en Mrs pred fluthciford cntcilatnecj with a luncheon instead of tho usual afternoon game. She had decorated hpi house nlth r cacti, In pay pots, and the centerpiece of, the luncheon ttti We w,as a blooming cactus on n, reflector Coloiful dishes, « lypipal Mexican meal and appropriate place cards vvere In keeping vv|th, the occasion. In the bridge game? Mis Loj Welch received Mexican mixing bowls for thq club prl/c mid ln^ guest prize, n Mexican hearth broom, i\ent to Mrs IJcnry Humphrey, plhei guests vvcrc Mrs C H \Villey, Ml* P. L. Entler and Mrs J H. Elkins t • * Entertains \Villi Bridge Luncheon Mrs, F L. Englei had eight Indies for guests Wednesday for f bridge luncheon at her apartment , flpvvprs decorotpd tho v.hpie lunch was seived. Ornamental loo^ end"; went to Mrs Quthrle King and a bowl to Mis o. H Wlllcy foi prizes In tlio bridge games which followed * « * Clul) lUs Luncheon Mrs G G Caudlll enlei tallied nieinbpis, of the Thmsday Con- tvac(. plub with a luncheon Instead of Iho usual aftcinoon meet ing \\hen Mrs Gcoigo Pollock nn,(l Mrs K D Carpenter were guests She had, wiangcd a bouquet of >ello\v blossoms" for the cpnter- P^cc ot her luncheon table and the Valentine phce caidf uddcd another splipgtinip note |n the ciyrd g' which foK lowed Mrs John r Ijmyl v\on n baking set foi (he prize * * • Club Meets Daring Bid Wins Top Score When Squeeze Effects Slam «y WM. K. McKKNNEV Secretary, American flrldgp Ua^ue Edwin Goldsmith is one of JQUM in vjinuojmiu >i> win; • Ul lltim IUUIIU3 , Ul Liuu.-t,- YveSL UI5- Chicago's outstanding bridge stars, carding two hairta. Then, to free Wlillp \\r> \ian tint. ,Tni'rtlnil mur*li Vile' ' nu-n UnlfHiim- . f,-«,i» ' «*... While he has not devolcd muph, (9 tournamcnf. bridge, lie ftU , ot tl\e trjdp, -^-V Of. ns his p.eypr play, a.nd, i|mi5ua,l Mrs 0 Aftlick had the Thursday ^Liuiclieon club when only member? vverp present Bridge follpied lunch \v|th Mrs Bjfon -Morse winning the prize hand and dailng bid, o\{ clcaily shovvb 'the maimer hj wjilph „ „• handled l(|s long SMl(, (n. dummy, lo squpeze |ils opponent vjlitlc lea,v|ng his own cssentla] hold.|ngh Intact, Ij, (in exainpic that vvlH bpnf cnicflil si\|e|y sa| floith. Wl\en Ills parlor repeated his p|ub bid, he ngurcd that., since he held fom cauls of that suit, the bidding rnuM m<(lpatc a (ong suit ?s vv.ell as some outside strength So Gpld,- Emftli made the blani bid at oi;ce ( preferring tlie no trump contract to c_lubs, bccnuse of the better ,i,...\i — i- gccpt^ After winning the oiwnlng lend In. (iLs own hand, Gu!dnml(h (ogk three rounds o( clubs, West dls- . , his '. ovyn holdings : from any squeeze, he cashed the king of (waits, lpail|ig that bU^' Apparently CVPf, West flpu|t open. T!\p . n const dlf- . the last fpui clubs In tantly of finding d.lj>carde, as werp (Ie chosp I.Q b|an!; tile k(ng of 'HtlP?, retaitilng Hirpp c\ia,nibnds f !)() he hcUj fast to a li'eart, tiorlli. with a slightly (llfffient (i|ic o(, sllll vyPHlfl have tflkpn' nil the Utclts, pxcppt tho a.cp ^ouft \s playing the cpntiacl at foujp spades. Since \\t has two b,nr« side su(t lps«rf, he pan afforcl to £|vo a^ajr ?nly pne trum)> trick Sliould he Ipa^l thfee founds of trump at once, pv lopl? fpr 3 safer method pj playing the liump suit? (Blind) A104 V 1 Dtaltr (Bhnd) None vu! Solution in neyt is^ue. 15 Bits of Mostly Personal M|. 0,11(1 Mrs C A Briuhhnvi daujjhtei, Ailcen, and son d., have returned -from a. f,wo weeks sin y In StlJlwater, 'dkla. Mrs T E King, formcily of Jicre and now br Tallulah, la... is, the guest of her son, Ted King and MIS King, foi Iro wepks M,rs 0 O Redman, Mrs Hives 0 Ail?", Mrs W T Obprsl, Jjn, J. O Barnes Mrs 2toward Prot- tor i\nd Miss Cpra Leo Coleman attended the belicnt tea for the Diess llbnuy Thursday afteuippp at the. home of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs at odder A, ni)mbc) of othei Dlylhcvllle women, who did not go because of the \veathpi, •^\\\ gifts of mcncy and books for 'the library Mr. and Mrs Bakoi Wilson have as their guest Mr Wilson's nipr thcr, Mrs W H Wilson, pf 8om- mprvillc, 1/enn. Mr and Mrs. Charles Collier re turned to tlieii home In Shaw, Miss, today after several <}av;> itay with Mr and Mrs T. J B|irke Mrs J D Collier, mo thei of Mrs Buiko, who accom panied them hero, longer visit icmalned for ill from sinus J A Bass, Haye Quests At Club. Mrs A B Fairflcld and Mrs O R Babcock were; guests of Mre M O Usfey" when she had the Mid-wreck Bridge club Thursday for luriclf and cards A mjxe^K bouquel of gay spring flowers iv as the ccnlerpieco of the dining room, table llfs O P Moss and Mrs" Babcock won prizes PORTLAND, Ore (UP)— Oregon motorists lui\e itecovprpd a sinvpla •»ay of .cleaving fog vstth their headlights Instead of smearing such. compounds as onion oil on their wnJ- slnelds, or lighiih; caudles Just inside ^he_ glassj thpy HOW wrap umbered colored cellulose material over the lens T W say it vorks, the colorefl light overcoming much of the white mist _ Osceola Society — Personal , at (he monthly business meeting of the Baptist church Wednesday night to attend the Baptist state Convention meeting lii Paragould next week. The He\ and Mrs P L Colc l Mmes Ida Tucker, A L Bojcc, I S Burton and R, H. Jones. , Carmhersville Society — Personal . ncatiou spent, '.\Uh relatives in San 1 Antonio and Airiarllkv Texas, and points In Oklahoma O O Bright o( Kennett Club ^s Pot Luck. inernbcrs of ' the Double Ifour ^oojt 'club entertained the|r hiisbands \\lih a pot luck dinner Wednesday e\eujn£ nt the home of Mi. and Mrs A J Day The dinner vas followed by a,^ which h,!gh scorp awards to Mrs Robert ' A Meet* Leisure the Chui-cli's Friend?" i\'as the subject discussed b> the Rev Troy Wheeler, pastor of \he First Baptist church, Huaselhille, at the monthly P -T A meeting in the high" school auditorium Wednesday aftemooi In the absence of the president Mis W. \V Prcwitt, the meeting was conducted by the second vice- president, 'Mrs. A E Thorn Mrs John Douglas gave the preslpent's message Musical numbers on tlie program included two songs by the sixth grade entitled The Fairy queen" and "DKic, ' and a duet by -Miss Catherine Harwell and, little Flavia Dnvei awards went to the week-end \flth daughter, Mrs John Shankle, niu] fatrilfy Baiy Crevvs Jophn leti MaifJm Nichols, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Nichols, is of hero ;l will trouble, formerly and now of Little Rock, tppnd the week-end hero. Mrs O W McCutchen will re turn tonight from Little Rock where she Is attending a- mqcl- ing of tho state committee men a.nd committee women today HOTils Draughn, of Siki-ston, attended to business heie jestei- day. Harry Wcidinan is lestlng very well at his home on H rirst street, lining been 111 with, influenza. Mrs. ITorapc Scrape,, of Memphis is Iho gi(est of her parents, Mi and Mis Eniest Halsell, foi a brief stay aiijl p. E' Hookpr, Consolattou awards were presented to Mrs Robin Pierce and Harold Hamby * * tr Mrs Kent hiifcrtaiui Club. ^Tls H E Kent entertained her contract bridge club Tuesday afternoon at . her home on Cotton a\cmie Mrs lemes Vnu Ausdall and Mrs J. B Lptshnw were guests of the club. High ^vas held by Mrs A P Kersey. The guest "prae wa-i given to Mrs Van Alisdall, and Uio low score prize aua.rd was given to Mrs John 'Martin < • * Contract Club Entertained Mrs Marlon Bairow entertained her Monday night bridge club and two extra guc.sts, Mrs Gordon Wright and Mrs Leonard Shade, on Monday evening, of this week Miss Marion M,usgvnvc held high Sunday *foi Memphis inhere- she is ^at^qndlug ji biisln9ss college i- Mr* and Mrs'Atntel Pilcc have nwvcd to Ne\vbern, lenu, wherp Uiej w|H inake-Uieli home on a '[ami, the piopert'y of Mrs Price and Mrs Ralph Goc/djn, av^e bcct\ resfdtng in thq Wnh| apartment 011 vWcst FoiuSh Direct,, ha\e moved into the home of Mrs-.Amlel Prjce^on Highland. avq\ue ' ' i JI{5 Everett McDowell, v\ho spe\it several *ce)(S lieie v\ilh her parents', ifi upd M re I* D rctun^d to her , Ark spent the past , In Memphis visiting her rnotlxar, M rs T. O Shanks Ann the R w Yntes was taken' to Baptist Curried Meat With Pineapple *^, I ' ' A tropical touch for (l)c winter menu—purried meal with pineapple spc»rs and a mound of steamed 'rice, !> NFA Strvice ! hard-bpiled pggs. or fried eggplant 'lake that winter ciulsc at home. Salt aftpr removing from fire Salt Palm trees and amorous moonlight added, earlier will cause the cuiry are not needed to produce this ex ccllent dish with a, tropical flavor. Pineapple Spears Wlili Curried Meat (1 to 6 servings) One laige onion, chopped fine, 2 tablespoons butter 2 1-2 cups canned tomato, 2 tablespoons lemon Juice, 1 1-2.cups cooked hain or leal, 1 tablespoon curry povsdei, 1 tablespoon flour, 3 tablespoons water, salt 1-2 cup milk, 1 No 2 can pineapple'spears (strips of pineapple five Inches long packed 12 In 0. can), 2 eggs (slightly beaten), 1.8 teaspoon salt 1 1-2 cups dry bread crumbs/butter, 3 cups steanji- ed rice. Chop onion aii.d saute in butter, When onion Is browned lightly, add tomato, lemon juice and meal Mix; cuiry powder and flour and water In form n smooth paste stir into (he hot mixture Simmer 20 mm- Utes Add salt to taste Stir in milk at last Tl|at makes the curried meat part of the recipe * Dmln pineopple spenrs, dry on absorbent paper, dip in egg to which salt hns been added, roll in cilimbs and squle in butter to*a golden brown Place a. mound,ol rke In center of round dish, mate a depression in cs'ntei amj nil with, the curried meat Arrange biutcd pineapple spears around edgp as a, garnish thnts grand to eat Helen Alexander Is a celebrated Honolulu hostess who has also cut lo-curdle,'Serve,with rice in scpa? rate .dish. /Serve with the follow- ng condiments: chopped crisp bacon, ojioppsd p;ppers grated cocoa 'Ult choped peanuls, cliulrey and ;rapefrult pulp •For a gala-party, there's your , l\oxnc In Helena, Ark Aiin' Sh^nHB spent , . makes hcr^home here with aunt, 'Mrs ^T M Spldcll Mrs ,A >p" Nelflnd has been con- nned to her home foi (he pnst few dajs >sltli nn attack of In- Wilson Society — Peisonal score. \y. Club Twenly members of the Business a,nd ProfcssjonoA VVoinan's Club wcte present Tuesday evening at a lunchepn meeting at the Presbyterian church. Alter the dinner, group -singing was cnjojed, v\ith a business session following •—..i B.m v'.vw'ui graues. i February, was the dale set loi The annual Mudy course will be a bencttt pai^d party, to include held Fcb 3-12 under the direc- brrics. Rook and pinochle Mrs lion of Mrs Harry Jones Miss \Vilhe Lawson of sixth and Mi's ^ Fcndler, of Manila,^-, a patient nl the Memphis BSb- list hobpitnl * E. H. Jones lias been admitted to the Memphis Baptist hospital Mrs, Elizabeth Green i<; ill at her home at 1022 Holly street J Vernon Tuckpr, of Cnruthers- ville, has been admitted to the St Joseph's hospital, Memphis Mis J Norrls Moon 15 spending today li> Paiagould with her mother. . W S Lang4on Is ill frpm in- flucnai at his home on the south Jilghwayl Mrs A Wert |j> HI from m- flucnzq Mrs r P Carler, formerly of )icre ^nc\ no.vv of Kennett. :'is tho guest of. Mr. and Mrs \v S Langdon. Mrs. VV P Cooley, of Joiner, was the guests, of her parents Mr and Mrs M T Moon last night Miss Juanita Perry, who is 111 from Influenza, Is now bcllcr. Mr nnd Mrs O E Cioss, forai crlj of Blylhevillc and now of Wilson, announce the marriage of Ihelr daughter, Jane, lo P.' O _ „ " — • • •« -' " ^"ib tippiiiaius icr i-no OHara of Chicago Ihe vvedd.ipg vjlth installation under uav now *M solemnized Satmdaj, Janu- at the Anacostla Air sSiUon H aiy 2 Mr. mid Mrs. O'Hara are; now visiting In Colorado and upon their return from theii biidal (rip will make their Jpine tit Lake Ciiailes, La Mi O'rfara Is an engineer with Evcrson Co. - -i\-- ••*• -.i"iTu«ii \ji Lit tile nock I 4 to be the guest speaker at the February meeting t • • Employees Complimented Mr and Mrs " ^~ — "«uiv;jr Lynch hostesses at a dinner party at then home Tuesday night in of the co ™<l the Lynch Station. Those 'present were Dudley Lynch Jr, Bob Matthews, j T Rlwads, Paul Moorehead, R B Langston, • Leonard Schooler and Perry Medley. » • « Mr and Mrs Harry Miller jr Wathen Prpwitt Jr, and. Miss Ejelyn .Taylor Attend ?d the theatre In Memphis Tuesday night Mrs William Stewart is In Memphis llils vs,eek to be with her granddaughter, Evelsn Walters, who. was to undergo an operation today. O. E Holly was admitted to the Baptist, hospital in Mpmnhk Tuesday, and Mrs. O.-C. McNeal " Bess \Valton was apix>inled chairman of the place commence and Mrs, Mecca Davis chairman ot the entertainment committee Miss Opal Reeves wa$ voted in as a new member Two candidates were presented for uiem tcrslup, Miss Mary Sue Rhodes of Basil and Mrs HpUSe Horton of this city. • • i Mr a.nd Mrs A P Kersey lett Thursday morning (9r the Rio Grande valley in Texas, where Mr Kersey will look after land interests Thej expect to be anay for the next three months Miss Lorene Dryden returned Sunday from a several weeks Shoemaker the Ejc, Eear, hospjja! Hose" Customers who come to mj shoe shop now will not bo annojed by a npby electric motor Tom, Dick Hairy and others could not make it "stand hitched" The Baiks- dalc Manufacturing- Co., did the ' Mrs. Susie Reiser has been con- flned to her hpme. "for the past *eek with fiu The following were named dele- - ., e and trlcX Every part' of it *as out of order .-and one, over (the noise) ' . (hey fixe.d W. J. Knox OP THE FIRST STEPPING STONES To <tfi09 HEALTH IS PLENTY QF WHOLESOME MILK FROM '.CRAIG'S DAIRY The' : vitality quality of CUAIG'S WHOLtSOAIK milk vill help lo kcop jpur children bursting with vigorous' life and energy GUADE A.RA\V MILK Quarl > if « Buttermilk, Ql GC Navj Planes Gel Dc-Iccrs WASHINGTON (UP> — N av y planes will be cqulpjred with de- apparatus for tho first lime been of Ha Alexander Cum Sauce il quart) f\ One ijiiai t milk 1 fresh cocoa, nut (grated), i clove garlic, popped i root fresh ginger, chopped 1 1-2 tablespoon butter, 1 large onion chopped, 1 tablesp^oij curry povvdei, 1 2 teaspoon brown sugar 3 tablespoons.flouV. Orate cocoanut meal add (c scalded milk, stand one houi strain thiough cheesecloth big and squeew until cocoanut me^t is dry Melt butter in large iron pan add onions, garlic, ginger Fr) all ui) til brown Add curry povMer and sugai Mi}, well then add Hour 3tir and add cocoanut milk a little at a time just T ' add lobater, 'chicke Will Be Guests of Honor at Luncheop Meeting Here Tuesday Night Mi ai\(l ]vjrs John Sheffield and Mi and Mu Jerdie Lambeit of Helena, all leadeis In the activities of the American Legion and its AuMliaiy, will be gijestt, Pf honor at nn Ipfpimal suppci IPepting to bp held at the Legion nit Tuesday night by Dud Cason ost and Its Auxiliary, The Legion's legislative piogiam 'ill be presented and discussed. Mi Sheffield, foimc: county udgp of Phillips county and ormer state representative from ha,V county, has been aptive in sffaus m Aikansab for many yeais Mr Lambeit Is at nespnt Legion distilct command- c foi the eastcin half of the .lite Botli Mrs Sheffield and tfrs Lambeit arc past president:, of the Helena Auxiliaij unit All Legion and Auxihtry mem- eis and the wives of a,ll Legion wires • a.(c invited to attend the mppei, vvhich will bo piepnrecl and served by uiembers of tne Auxiliary Tlieie will be no chaise Tiie time is 6 30 p m FRIDAY, JANUARY jfj, "~" : T~' Will Preach Tonight V The Rev, Hastings Allen, vvho^ b condudliig an evangelistic meeting nt the corner of Li|ly • nn<i Vine Sts,, will preach tonight, 7:45 o'clock, on "Tlie Scriptural Plan of Divine Healing." The public Is invited. ':' Notes Mrs A J. Hill .has returned Baptist hospital at _ where bhp undeiwent a .,,-- opcrfttlpn o,nd was treated for complications. She is well on ihp road (o recovery Misses : 'Clarice Darnell and Neva Williams of Hickmen Ky vveie houbegypsts of t|icir aunt and un- rip, Mr and Mis E M McDonald, last week Mr , and Mfs E M' McDonald visited relatives at Illckman, Ky Sunday^ ' I^r and Mrs G W Nowhn of Myrtle, Miss, moved lo this com munlty tins'week Mis Dave Walkei Mrs Iia Me- Cllnstock and Mrs Jessir Walks were puest$ of Mrs A J HO \Vednesdiy J C Huffman, nnnagcr of UK Dyes? plantation, is ill fioin in flqenza Iri\ Bohannlng of Blytheville uncle of Mr and Mrs A J Hil visited them \Vednesda> Daiiieworlh and Mb Frances Elege of KCLser vver ina ( uled by the Re* A j Hill a jus home hcie Sunday •Mrs,-,E.. B. Seslon, who has been 111, Is improving The Editor's Letter Box Trunks Friends "Deai.Fnends I take this means of thanking all mv friends' foi the beau tiful letlerb and wires-sent me since my' accident which unfortunately happened v on a San Francisco stieet cai emoute home fiom Berkeley In getting off Ihe cii, r lost mv balance and feir'to (he floor chipping the hip bone The ooc^ois assiue me that 'ill walk aga,m So, on this wonderful hope T, am living and sendmg my love to all Smce'iely Specials All Uay Friday, Saturday & Sunday AM|5KOS'lA I'AYKR CAKK . CREAM I'UFFS Ift 10 PECAN NUT BRRA1). Loaf .. CRULLERS (Cakc 7)oput). I) OZ . CHOC. CREAM DIPS. Each .. Specials for Hqui- - 5 to G I>. M. Friday-Satiu-day-Sunclay BONUTS 1AC C C Mrs -Williams " . ...... CARMEL RAISIN -iAC Cinmi. ROLL, doz \L VANILLA WAPERSOC Boz. . 0 PLAIN ROLLS Do*. . PAR^ERHOUSE ROLLS. Doz. Let ,ys Jlikc Those bpeci il C'akeb, Tics, or I^olls . , rbonQ no BLYTHEViLLE 5 C 8 C ESI Caruthersville Man Leads in Policy Sales OARUTHERSV1I,LE, Mo —Ames Recker who icpresen'b the Business Menr Assuranpe pompany of Kansas in tti>s county and parts of New Madrid and Dunk- hn, cqui\t'es, \vas inforire'l yes- teiday 11 h( he had led all the company's salesmen for the entire United States in life insui ancc sal'i for 19)6 The company operates in 26 plates -vvest of the Mississippi river before serving, --en, yeal, lan>b I Read Courier News Want Ads ROXY Adm.—Alwivs 10 & 2Sc—lo Ta> Show Kvcry Night Matinres Frid.ij, Satunl-ij, Sundaj Friday & Sundiy nlatmecs—Zil5 Saturday Matinee — Continuous Showinj — 1:00 TH1 11:00 P. M LIQUID - TABLETS - SALVE - NOSE DROPS USE AS A PREVENTION Plnce COG Salve m 6C6 Nose Diops m nostrils night and ng and take 686 Liquid or Tablets every motning HISTORY OF WATER SUPPLY Modernize Your Home You may install city water In your home with the aid of an 5*. H. A, Loan...consult your plumber for full details. Protectors Of Lives and Property What a contrast the modem file engine pie- sents when compaiecl with the man-pulled hanrj pum^eis of a centuiy ago! Then the gallanl "lite buffs" had lo seaich (01 a pond 01 nslein fiom which to pump 4 feeble stieam of \vatei. Today fue hydrants, placed at frequent in lei vals along the mains of the Water Company, are indispensable in controlling fives. The modem fiicman with his efficient equipment depends on the seivicc of the Water Company in piolecting youi lives and properly. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO: CQwtqous, F^sonal Attention ta Every Customer Phone 80 ' . ,113 S, Broadway TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. ^bitpcls, Lands & Loans B. Sr Tfrry, rres and Mgr. >PJ)«ne617 Blythevillc, Ark. Tonight Is Pal Nite 2 Adulls Admitted -for I'rice of 1 Wurnei Ei.i\tei in 1 "The White ; ' Hunter" With June JUni?, Gail 1MI- rick,-Alison Skipvvorlh, Wilifred Law son and Willie Fung Also Selected 'Shorts . - Admivstou— Matiner—-10 & 2Gc Mght—lo & 36t Friday - Saturday EvcryOiln- For Your Enlerlaln- incnt and Comfort Saturday Only "Chan at the Opera" With Warner Oland iuirl Uoris Karloff At last—iho screen's greatest du- •cctivc niccls the crime master. Can Chan crush Kirloffs reign of terror? Abe, Serial—"Ate Drtiminond" \YiIU ^fpall Berry Jr. and John Kinj Cartoon-,«T)iz I y Ducks" —Admission— Until 5 |>. M.—10 & 26c Aflcr 5 I 1 . HI.—16 & 31 C Sunday - Monday -.![*_ Also 'Cartoon and Serial—"The , cfutcliiiiE Hand' Sunday - Monday Also ; Fox Movietone News and Comedy Also raramoiiut N'evvs and Comedy Couliiuioiis Showing Sunday —j\dir,ission— Suiiday-AJl pay-16 & 3(J C MciicUy JIatince-r-10 & 2Cc • TUKSDAY. JAN. §50.00 HANK

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