The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on November 16, 1914 · 5
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · 5

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1914
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-- i 'vVr- ri- V Yeteraii Journalist End&Xras- ActiveCareer in This dtyiH ' r J-?Vfc V-- ' S’- V T7' " f-r V '- 'V i v 'YLiP Sent to ::X OH IOTODFkJ)AIIT Seport Conquest of MexicoHe Became Private Secretary to Emperor r-f- - - f Maximilian— Narrowly EacapeflShar tog liat Ruler Fate— ToOedHeref or j j-tv- UanyjXMz— FnnerAlTomornnr - s r-& ? y A - -f M f £ Y f Henry Conauest CUrkt Veterafi newspaperman and ione': of - the orlg- instore (of thb rural free deliveryof ‘VA'7ihn-- postal ayatant died 'yesterday ‘ J:- s - f morning at -hla honje 1 1751 N atrest northwest aged 75 years From“cibM reporter on-the -'London' Time--Mr Clark pegan in eventful career to the newspaper world which 'took him -to Mexico City during the reign Of Em- peror Maxlmlllan to - New s Orleans '-Vp -d urlng the reconstruction period after r-'pp the civil n war! and' to Washington where hewaa a member Of the Mew 7 York Tribune bureau formanyysar 7 - VV ': Mr Clarks' was born In Feterboro - ' England Hla father -waa an' editor Ui'Wh lfr- Clark was-married -his ' 'father aent him on a two year’ honeymoon trip to the United - State : and daring that time he met James Gordon Bennett! sr editor-of the Mw-York Herald I who sent him to report the ' ' at of N? if J1 "Sy ’ ? -- CritfaimjXienmmy V 'C-V! Bated onlntoleumce Say i Staali-Zdtung -i 5 NJ ' 1 ViV - From fk$ Staats-Zeitung Nsw’York Nov! 14(Mondr)— Yes-terday Sunday World published Its leading' contribution - to 'its aditcirla1 section an argument: of the :Rev Dr Thomas C Hall' It Sketched the 'cas of Germany lnelear' sharp outlihsa As I read this plah'lfsitthat this Wan knew'wharsof hsYapsak It la dlf- ficult' to : oompraas A aven th aisipl facta of this war Into a threaColnmn article yet Dr Hall states hla r cae with a larga &ompWhenBlon aAd eklin logic: - On another f page th Sunday World dlimlaaes tha brief at Dr HaU In ah edltortal f rom which I take the liberty of ouotlng:’: -yA -5y viWith due respect Ho PrOC‘Hllhis statement Js what'Carlyle used' to cU Wotted nonsense’ --'X v Discmdits HU Information - - by -Maximilian torreapondent at' Mexico City a 'member of the emperor’s dlp-lomatle staff and hla prtvala secretary and wljen tha - emperor was : ordered f to- be ehQt Mr -Clarke also waa choeen -v for a similar fate Intervention of the English) consul saved- hia life and he - V -''v'-:-aited) In aavlng the Einprees: Car-V' vV - lotia aijd Prince Salm-Salm l Onrlng hia service aa correspondent : in New JOrleane Mr Clgrke wae secre -t'Yr-'-- i- tary to jtho mayor' and other prominent political- leader ' When Mr Clarke came to Washington ha became ao - qualnted wltb President Unooln- who V-v frequency had' him assist lnhia corre- spondeqca He left newspaper work to become j aasociatad with 4$e late P Y De Graw in the postofllco department He retired ' from active' work :' about ago Services Tomonxtw A'v Funeral servlcea will b held at the home tomorrow afternoon at 'o'clock --f The kv William A Wade - of St A Mark' Lutheran - Church- will conduct r i- the ' ectvlcea-y Interment will" hi - in ' Jtock Creek Cemetery The pallbearer will ba members of the Gridiron -Club of which Mr 'Clarke waa a member ir - The honorary -' pallbearers will be : W :“We know a great : deal more about today war than Ir Mall know if hla artlcla ln today lasue of Th World la ’a-" fair measura of 'hie ' information We hava had tbe offlclal document af all ! the natlona Involved W have studied -tha records whlchT Prof-Hall plainly haWnot atuled Prot Hall le In a claaa with many other waltWean-Ing ' Americana - who 'come back from Germany to tell us all kbont the Wusee of the war 'They tell ua nthing Tbey merely repeat a ’ maea of uuaupportad anertlons that tha German publicity bure&u'a have already scattered from one end of the earth to 'the pth“- v- Thla editorial expression of the Sunday World represen ta tb characterlaT tlcaliy brutal - type of reasoning found sa frequently In bur Eastern preas to- day lt breathas detarmlned opposition and dlnca eompromle( contant to its own eonriBsloxi it brnahasaalda rsaapujlfe- Satlafled ' that it owny pplnt Of 'Vlaw mbracs all- ecncalvabila Informs tlonltis Impatlant 'of argument Itladlotatorial without balngconvlno-tog'S lUwysV’T ylniewr whersit l plaiu- (tlmeana "I aasuma :' Bellaf Is confused with fact' ipinlon wlth actu-alltyy it speaks ex cathedra without the authority' of lnf ormatlom Fosltlve of asaertlon lt Is negative of conjrlo-tionl- Beln g un reasonable 1 lt ls aelf-aufflclent lacking eympatoy It i self- lah being domineering- it ls seif:im--pprtantXt ls premised upop a bon-cluslbn and Is flnai only because opposed toy advisee’ : $&0f Qiretoiitte'’AtUt--!i ’ Jt Is - characterlatlo of that mental attitude Which starts to stop before lf heglisB to gO-:- It replaces wlt with derision understanding with scorn :It suspends dlsooulon-' and rnocks y the truth It Is sinister of Intolerance' and devoid of Wiadom Uncouth in its manner" lt yis roioted to Ignorance - With no r meaaure f 'pf Imagination It -' dls-miseaa ' logio and - atlflaa thought ? It seto up an arbitrary standard and can- not ralao Its eyes above its own level Reveraing ' the order lt derivea haavy particulars from -lamb generalities: It ia a polnt of yiewwedded to prejudice cbhbelved In bias and born in hlgotryV Tha Sunday World: apparently does not care what Dr Hall thinks It re-minds ms of the remark of one Irishman to-qnother: "One-half of the world doee ''pot yknow how - the - other- half llyes" ( To which tlie other replied' Tfo and tha bther half does hot know eltherV I do net speak In' b spirit of blttsrnoM toward tha editor - Of the Sunday' World " In - fact I would not n ObUgaioniofHfljeM Sdye French Courtier From tk § Courrisr de Etatt-Unia ijt - fork Nov XI (Monday)— Iheol- dent Wilson's 'proolamation r regarding ths nentrallty of the United Btotos'hM harm S spllnter of his head— Herman Bidder-' &' -j:'V "j- New French farm XWaitingfor‘Fsy& v - : - ry -- : -i - - :-K Kelloggi- Frank A Richardson John Schrlver Alfred 8tofer James-R Young JRobsrt j Wynns' Louis Garths i v and - Edwin Boilaau De Graw Active pallbearers will be' Arthur ' W’ Dunn-IBdgar C- Snyder Richard V Oulahan Edwin 31: Hood Charles C Randolph and M 0 “ Messenger John H Nolan v' will render two Hymne selected by-Mr V :£ i Clarke before hla death Mr Clarke’e nephew Arthur Con-quest Clarke of the editorial staff of the- New York World with his wife v:V arrived la Washington last night to at- tend the funeral ‘ --r- v-r -i - - ''-''r1' L' ’ A -' '?' ’Ac - - ' " “ “ A v- Evidences of Seltoemeut Mamei-My steady blew me off ter sup-jier at regnar reeTrantlaet ulKhtN -Vv:yv'Ia ag— 8ay they tell me he's reel refined Mahiej-Daf S' what! : When he poured -hie coffee out In ’Is aauoer ter cool it he didn't blow It like some guys would but 'fanned it wid 'la Panama'' ' ' 'I - v- ' X' vr'sX VTWtfi J - i -I-' London Nov15 — Itcan be stated on an - indisputable authority which : Is otherwise corrobwatodv thaty reports circulated recently to the off act - that Franca has already put practlcally her whole : fighting ' f one In - the " field ' are wholly Incorrect Behind the army whlehpow holds the long battle llne there are new armlas which Gen- Joffro doubtless will bring into play at what'he Judges tha PTt chologlcal nioment?''-" : - It la now generally admitted that tha French ' were 'not prepared when the war broke out that the troop had not eyfliqlent clothing' and that fh'- rtfl-' lery was hot as complete as the frlend of France hoped It would b Th mobilisation In consequence was serlously delayed' -r-' 'y? -J-V': Nearly four months however have now ' passed - and -during that time iff exceptionally capable ministry has been exerting itself - to the ‘ utmost to put things right and to complete the-mob-i Umlon ' V-" y£r-X : There are grounds for believing that ' r'y ' ' ' Z - :-V U--:' ' " c -'5 -?- r --- 'V ' - r ? ? - i -v fj' V--' j -r rE -— f-- r- f ‘&S: r- — T - - j'-a- 'r &:r- i-M - iS — r- I r V - -I" V- sv - Victrola although the sypply of boots and cloth ing Js not oven yet quite wht It ought to ba“ tbe dellolancy has largely boon mads good and thr French moblllia-tlbn ls now nearing completion 'It -follow that -for 'some tlme to come the French will bb growing more and more efficient while 'it la believed here-that tha elQcieney of the German fighting machine -will proportionately dcUne V: - '7 -i ' - v r been' ao far strictly observed by tbs Ambrioan people The public hae re-trained from damonstr atlona for- or against either i of the ' belligerent groups' and -the preai has kept com-pletepaeerve'attltuderagardlng'any aetlon to favor of either party Thla attltnde of the press la -very remarkable Vlfhaa 'always i refrained' from taking any step purporting to Involve tha '-United States in the war in spit of Its avowed eympathiee for the ap-emles of Germany'' From ascertain pblntof vlaw thla'attltudi waa Justified for It was not to be forgotten that the United 8tates ia a vary ooiunepoll-tan oonntry allies and Teutons are numerously represented here' and lt was quite possible that conflicts might hays happened if strlct neutrality had not V baen obaarVad by the Amerleah preaayPrealdent Wilson' proclamation 'was thoroughly wiae and-wo can but cohgratulafs the Amerlcan pebple Plans Nitlan-WWe Camilla '"SYiiK- r- --vx V --r'- :- ’ Z Cany Movement t Hist Into Ohio MuylanA Wut Virginia' tad Delawaro' Y V -Yv Vx- -- Impetus waa given to the organisation of Washington's newest sodsty the Common- Sense Antlsaloon AllUnce at: a meeting of representatives of dtlsens' as-to°lllous and officers ofthe alliance at the Wffiard yesterday Th prlndplea of the sodety to Introduce : tha European ayptam of serving drinks In this country removing ‘'obnoxious” features of tbs bairoomwerb readY- It was reiterated as at a mestlng at Mrs' A K Eaton Is Dead The many Waahlngton friends of MTs A - Ai'-St Eaton - of Baltiniore honorary president ' -of the Baltimore - branch of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary 8odety wera shocked yesterday to learn -of her death -on Saturday i at her -hQma" WhlIe Mra : Eaton : had been Ul for eome time’ her ' death waa not -expected- A delegation of tha bffl-cers of the Washington branch of - the organisation -will attend -the funeral which will be held from the residence tor Arlington - arenue Baltimore - at lSO o'clock: this afternoon Mrs Eaton was M years old:--'v-:i vJ- viijiwanapiww Bpt aftar mora than three months American opinion hae bad ample time to form ltoelt Not many days alapaed before It Identified ltaelf wlth th allied canaa eild in aplto of that sort of "moral support In favor of the foes of Gormknle mlUtarypowernothlngof the eonfilota f ear ed by partleaha ?of etrict neutrality: occurred nothing happened to trouble tbe quietneee Of thi isouhtoyi" A conaequence of that sltuatkm7 as WeB as- pf-a better 'Understanding of American Interests and Amerlcan secnrltyln the future has been a more fresdlaeue ion : of - the neutrality question ' la the ptoea: Americans Ihaire begun to think and to mak known that neutrality doee not mean "ludlffarenOa" : Americana feel that “something ought to he dona'’ The United States being the' more Important neutral power they era highly concerned both ’ from ‘ the moral and the practical polnt of view The question of Interna-’ tlonal rights which have beea repeatedly Tiolatrf by the German' 'would be suf-fldent for action by th United States “Something oufht to be doner In' Oder to -prevent ’ the recurrence of the bombardment Of unfortified towneUie nseof dumdum and exploejvo buQeti the taxo-tUm of co&trlbutlone of war on dtlee which: have not been defended and tn Which no seta of hostility havo heen conv-mitted the murder of non combs tantpeo-ple among them- women and- children! the mutilation of enemies armed or unarmed' and above all the soon qf treaties and pledges'brtnglug oonOdsts" alafigh- tha home of the president : Dr E: L Schart- a week prevloua that the society was feffmed In' the Interest of combating fanatical prohibitionists and advocating th serving of drinks': but under condl-flon different from those now pravalent Beer snd llght wines' U whs mslwtained should be served freely but opnly This would preclude the present-day bar with Its screen doors minor and other features which Jt la contended are not con-duclve to a moral atmoephera Stronger drlnkaYsay the advocatee of the movement should not be drunk on such prem-lsesMmt ahould be handled by ' wbole-aalers and drugstores v- - i---' Dr Soharf was sleeted president of tha alliance and ' Mrs: Elisabeth G 'Mltchslt secretary: V::The election of a treasurer was postponed These comprise the advisory board: Creed M ' Fulton chali mans J Waiter Mitchell ' Dr Schart Sydney Aahbridge and Dr E J Colllna It waa-announced that-Mr Mitchell la editing a periodical to-be called-tha Sa-loon Abolltlonlat and spread nation-wide In the interest of the organisation and Its prlnHplfp It was announced that campaign Is to be: started Immediately to establish branches of tbe Washlngton central society to different sections of the country The committee believes -Ohio: - Maryland West -Virginia and Delaware have already 'accepted overtures of the local society and branches wlQ tp established first In - these States ' t ! ' I l-I H- I' l-Hri-1 l-l l l i r i l 'iri-4- l --l- l -H- i r i fri'l''i' 1 WH-H-H“H"M-1-I-I-H -H 1 1-H-H- l -t-H-H-M l 1111 if J A : - a! r v ’ V T - -Si f r-i - Was toere never a tim$ in your life when a fehundred dblls w have been a veritable godseriSt o: K -r' v? it - Some opportunity tliat would have Jed to fortunefwith but a-h capital required? s t jV - t- ' h ? have ' grasped that opiportuni not start today thernext opportunity won t pass you by? UV' i JV t V !li' 1 ' - -j- ' - Y: ' & ± L P y':- -'- : iX-P r i m" H One dollar is enpligh to open an account You'll be sensed how fast it grows - v r - - - ?- : Y J -:y- " jv' - J R“V S ” -‘ !tf '-'T I V -’:V-V ' ‘ ’ -i- f - - H ' - 1-7 ‘ -f - i ’ ' ' rn- rP: Vs " - ‘ ’- : r WADE XL COOFEB FreeMeaL7?-t: C Ik BOWMAW CaShler A G CLAFELkM Visa PmUnt t : a - V y - - t - -I - r“‘ " - o'n - "yi - W BEGIN ALD LEWIS AeeUtaat Cashier ter and destruction: Into a country Belgium which -was hot to he a participant la the preaent war - J Anurkt Should Ptoteit'-r But where 'Asnericane differ la on the foruT that ) the defense of 'International rights and Jnstlce should taka i Than an partlsans of sctlon' and partisans of ImiHe proteet Ths former do not fear ta'suigsat that the government of Whsh-tngton joln tha alUes with the military and - naval forces- of 'tha ' United States the latter ’ say that long ago 'reprassnt tiona ought to hava been mads In Berlin by tbe American government - ' 70ur oplnfon is as follows: Ws ' think thii United States should have made representations to Germany to order to ex-press American opinion to the srart em-phatie manner ' Very likely that protest would have proved to be Ineffective' but It dohi 'not' matter' That protest would havo eopstltuted a firm- declaration aup-porilhg-thaprttiaiples of humanity codj-fled inthe- famous ' convention: of : The Hague whlchbears tha signature of the United State '- : maity sm£ aspisaitts Several Teafiia Entend for Competition -Undef Ettkmkl Aasociitibu At a -meeting of the District Rifle 'Association at th First infantry headquarters Friday night plans were nida fog the shooting seaaoftsoon to begin-at tha gallery range Jn the armory 7 $ j - A number : of teams were entered for competition In the Inter-Club League of ttio National Rifle Association and a determined effort will ho made by the District team to win first Instead of second placeas has happened to the past Ofll-cera and man on the teams are:Capts F W Holt audvRalph Alderman Lieut r w noil suaaipn merman ueut Lion el ' Johnson A G Bchmldt Edgar A Gerlw H- H Leisedr Sergt Olll Schrlver C E: Grpom D- D Knight and Frank J Kahr The team1 of the Short Range Rifle League Includes: CapL Harry Burton Lieut J R Fehr' 8ergt Joseph Schrlver' J D Hood M Quad K Schmidt' P1 1 : Gibeon A E Johnson and P Johnson " ' - CapL Edwln ' W Fullain Adjutant Flrat Infantry presided The monthlr merchandlae' match will be the feature of the program arranged i for the Offlcera' Revolver Association by MaJ George Tat' First Infantry president ofthe association The aaaoclation la leo-: planning a turkey shoot at the Center' Market armory to - take place next Saturday night atT o’clock -7 - Starttnj “Simp Early" Campaign Bernal matters of Interest including the “Shop Early? for Chrietmas propaganda the subject of Increasing local business by the use of the parcel poet more frealy and other Items wlH be taken' up at tha meeting' of the- Retail Merchants Assodatlon to be held in the rooms of the association tonight at o'clock President Andrews has sent out a special letter to tbe nSmbers requesting a good attendance so that thq fullest cooperation on the "Shtip Early' proposition may he had Mothers' Congress Meets Tomorrow ' The Congress of Mothers will meet to-moirow af ternoon at 3 o'clock in tha Raleigh to hear Mr Nanette B Paul dean of the Washington College of Law talk on “Some Things We Should Know About Our -Law"-Mr- Clara NeUgh of Neighborhood House- also will talk on vocational training far girl Presidents of -parent-teacher associations will report on thrir recent work : $12000000 IN CANAL FONTS CoL Goethils Reports Total' Expendi-:! 7 turns of $353559049109 Battles Of the Panama Canal bulldera against the earth slides and construp-tion of fortifications to guard tha great waterway' are described In the report of CoL George W Goethal U 8 A governor-of the : Canal f Zone' to the Secretary of AVar made' public yesterday The report show at hat the canal's cost so far has been' 9X5355304163 Of this amount more than 913000000 has been' appropriated for fortification' ' Slides of earth nto tb canal neces sitated : removal -of : 25306100 - cubic yards of earth and atone The canal's giant locks - and dams have endured earthquake shocks i more violent and numerous during the last year than In -any yearainea the United States occu- patidn Eighty-seven shocks wars recorded at Ancon The violent shocks of May 28' resulted In alight damage to -the administration building In course of erection -at Balboa Height - - The canal population has been stead- lly decreasing with the finishing of the work On June 30 there were' 89672 employe compared with 43160' at the close of the previous fiscal year DCIAL afternoons ADd e'Ycning at home are right at their height1 the new dance stepa are being learned or old ones practiced anew the favorite opera recorda are xirgiiig to J-V be heard again It ig Victrola time truly and hese at the ‘‘psychological moment” are these convenient1 T -Y j-:--"" Victrola Combinations on Kaim’t Special Club Plana Vletos-Tletrsla TLaskaMsctlBM Ynv cloiea mt Riewli tt vain j af oo ’ i ijn - S2n chue $350 monthly VieiorVMroli IX oak or begaay You choice of Htearli to th' : -value af -Yxaflfi ii--f SflOsOt wns - F ' v j y jPayable $81 at pin-chue $5 monthly ' Vlefois-Tletrol " tk V ' co ep s'i Tonv cfcoln if RteArli tm tbt - VSlVg - af o ea a a FiMeo o a 4 a jt' 1M0: POO extra Xeeflp RacarO - Brush - and - Victor-' Record Album value 316 61100 Payable 'V $10 at puN -'- " "X" y- :'i is ' ' — -Ar - - 'r - In onr completely equipped Vic-trola ParlorB yon wfll fed ''- ' Eyy TjrpeofVjctrola 1 $1500 to 950000 dutej llO momhly "v-v' 'f-i ' Victor-Vlefral u XYI - ehulea ::w :' 1 4 tstofcis B0666- Your ehdee of Records to the tvp value ’ is 4e vr' XOjOa r s? 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