The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on April 25, 1915 · Page 2
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
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Sunday, April 25, 1915
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A ftWTvJ mm - - sc sssr - iz 3V 3T wOf v ivr S 3St r - 4 v - Ar - w - tV - 3 lf 8 Vr V 4v - C - v the washestgton MsTf suroXt APEm 25 M - ST I I t i jfj - A FTER a trjkrot - week In Baltimore - where the critics were extrava gant in their appraisal of the singing merits of the organization the jAborn Comic Opera Company - will make its Bpring debut at the National tomorrow night presenting Tne Unocoiate soiaier that exceptlc isof being Straus mnsical entertainment which enjoys the unique distinction iq brainchild ot two picturesque presenx - aay senuisesr - vwcar George Bernard Shaw The Aborns profess to have perfected an admirable plan for an inter-1 change ff companies hetween Baltimore and Washington throughout the - I season thus assuring two weeks of rehearsal for each production and a I smooth second - week performance for Washington in each instance Balti - i more being the city to undergo the unavoidable crudities which often mar f early presentations Not only are the principals to be exchanged each week but the entire company including the chorus will be shifted just as ftj if the two companies were traveling organizations 5 The striking departure from the usual summer scale of prices for the Aborn productions has been discussed previously in these columns also the I innovation of three matinees each week at 25 cents This spring and let - iIus hope summer engagement ot the Aborns will be watched with great in - iterest by those who believe that the ultimate solution of the life - or - death competition between the screen and the stage lies so far as the latter is STconcerned in a cheaper scale of prices perhaps a 1 maximum If the Aborns can direct profitably a large and expensive musical comedy organi - l zation charging a maximum of 50 cents for orchestra seats it is reasonable to assume that the average traveling farce dramatic or comedy company - It could operate profitably onafl instead of a 2 basis 1 o NE of the most pleasing features of a musical comedy which deserved a better fate than was accorded it by a manager who lacked astuteness was Joseph Santleys dancing and singing in The Woman Haters Cluty which was staged at the National Theater in November 1912 Mr Santley is to return to Washington as a star on Wednesday night in a musical fantasy for the book of which he is responsible If he has been as generous uto himself as was George V Hobart who wrote the role of Camillo in The Woman Haters Club and if Silvio Hein has provided for the new piece a score even approaching the musical excellencies of Edmund Eyslers lilting dance measures in the earlier production Santley in All Oyer Town1 will be a thoroughly enjojred swan - singer for the theatrical year The star will be supported by a capable company of comedians and we have the promise of Frank Wilstach whose word was unimpeachable in the days when he was the Sothern - Marlowe Boswell that the chorus is a varied and pulchritudinous phalanx of delightful dancing divinities A n CLEVER woman who conducts a department in the New York Dramatic Mirror under the pseudonym of Mme Critic pays this tribute to the discernment of Washington playgoers Aftersuch a run in New York It is always interesting to watch the reception of ja play when it starts on tour I am sure the New York public will be pleased to learn that Washington the first stop was just as enthusiastic - as we were over the play of Outcast and Its star Washington is a very critical city you know You may try to smother its decision by saying Oh well you cant tell what New York will say wait until the play gets here but Washington comes pretty near knowing hawk from a handsaw when the test is made Sometimes they go to see a play or a star out of courtesy out of appreciation for past enjoyment and hoping that the new venture - will be equally successful but just because the house is sold out during the nrst part of the week let no press agent deceive himself into thinking he has them going and that the receipts at the end of the week will be even bigger I ran down to Washington for a day or so last week and learned a great deal about reported enormous successes Washington women were rather frank in expressing their opinions of different plays but most of the men with whom I talked were polite and cautious They were modest too in their criticisms a suggestion that they were sorry to be obliged to differ from New Yorks amusement preference Washington will not stand for many things Which New York accepts amiably Washington has learned the - difference between a play and cast that are genuinely worth 2 a seat and an attraction whtch demands J2 but is worth 1 at high valuation Managers must give Washington entertainment that is worth while not necessarily what Broadway calls highbrow stuffj but Washmgtonians dislike leaving the theater with the opinion that they have wasted their time in the search for amusement On the other hant - when a play pleases down there they are lavish in their patronage During one week two friends of mine gave a theater party of 24 people and themselves saw the play three more times before it left town Hows tbat for attendance curing so short an engagement The attraction however was not what Frank Wilstach calls a high - brow limb how 2T 4 T is appropriate for Washington theatergoers to allow out - of - town writers to sing their praises as the cognoscenti of the drama but it is not jn bad taste to sing our own praises for loyalty to players who have won our affection and esteem in seasons past None of the stage friends we have and their adoption tried has been grappled to our souls with stronger hooks of steel than Miss Charlotte Walker who makes her debut Ihere in vaudeville this week at Keiths Miss Walker appeared at the National early last fall in The Better Way a play by her husband Eugene Walter Tomorrow she will be seen in a one - act sketch by Edward Sneddon Judging from the Chicago reviews of the sketch the actress has a role rich sin sentiment and poignant in its pathos IT HE Poi Players are to be seen this week in the Willard Mack play So Much for So Much which received hearty indorsement when presented here by the author and his talented wife last autumn In the leadingj feminine role Miss Maud Gilbert will find it no easy task to fol - low the simple graphic and appealing impersonation given by Miss Marjorie Rambeau At the Columbia five of the original cast of The Spring Maid will be seen in a revival of that charming operetta The Columbia Musical Comedy iCompany will also have the advantage of coaching by the original stage director Mr Rainger RALPH GRAVES W g SANTLEY INVENTS DANCES vTemptation Waltz and Danse Pierette Featured in All Over Town 31 Joseph Santley star and author of jJAll Over frown has introduced in the piece three new dances 5 Jt will be recalled that when this sprightly young star emerged from jimelodrama and appeared with De Wolf jJIopper in A Matinee Idol at Dalys Theater New York he astonished vfeverybody by the grace and agility Of fehts dancing How he had achieved so Sgreat a skill while enacting melo - 2dramatlc heroes such for example as BlHy the Kid has remained a mystery jwnen tne present craze ior aancing SPRING MAID MADE FORTUNE Produced Originally by an Advance Man and Company Manager The Spring Maid brought fame and fortune to its original producers Werba and Leuscher as It has to others who have reproduced it It is like the Irony of fate however that the fortune made with The Spring Maid was dissipated by failures in other productions due to business depression When Messrs Werba and Leuscher discovered The Spring Maid they were road manager and publicity agent respectively and immediately saw in The Spring Maid an Ideal medium of public amusement Combining their savings crnZR linrt forth Mh Santlev invented manv Jnew steps which he incorporated in 4 the proceeded to perfect an organization piis then starring vehicle when TDreams Come True The ones that - caught the public fancy were the icublst glide the waltz aviation the 5 triple trot and tangoltls Mr Santley Vhas named his new dances which he Jhas Introduced in All Over Town the Parisian fhx trot being a combination fox trot and one - step the temptation waltz and Le Danse Plerette In these BXhibltions Mr Santley will have the assistance of two well - known stage rand ballroom exhibition dancers Ruth Randall and Billie Allen A - iROSCOE TO SUPPORT HLMSELF 1 t Poli Leading Man Will Appear in Person I and in Films A unique entertainment introduced at PoHs two weeks ago will be repeated next Sunday when a feature photoplay and secured me services or Frank M Rainger as director It is an interesting bit of history how The Spring Maid found immediate favor on Its production in 1911 when the No 1 company began a run of two years save the four weeks vacation period which a greatly overworked cast demanded The management of the Columbia was gratified - when Mr Rainger was secured as director of their musical comedy company and this weeks production - of The Spring Maid should be given with great fidelity to the original KINEMACOIOR AT BELASCO - - jk p 0P - v icSMMi B9 BBfe f 1 - fill I - - - W r - vH - it I r - fi m m mmmi 1 1 vf - - - s tbkHb Mr - iv e i r 7w yv i iM mmjmmm8mm v mMBmrn mmmmm 1 li vj lKVH IK - W lHMHHB l Ml M IBCSS3aSflHBPBgBHCbHBHBIFww t 2 - - 7 b w H6flT Child Xnztjcj r BfTOiiiHfHwBB - n vao wit m LH sf - 2a SIBHHPVr m - J OSBPH SANTLEY a popular musical comedy star after three years unusual success in When Dreams Come True will be the attraction at the Belasco beginning next Wednesday with matinee Saturdayonly Mr Santleys new musical piece All Over Town is much more pretentious in the magnitude of the company and the extent and variety of the entertainment than anything with which be has been associated heretofore This rollicking musical fantasy All Over Town was staged by JScr Huffman and presented under theausplces ot the Shubert Theatrical Company The book was written by - MK Santley the lyrics - by Harry B Smith theauthor of Robin Hood and a Jong list of successes and the music by SilyltJ Heliv who provided the music ior Nancy Brown The Yankee Girl A - Ms - tlnee Idol and When Dreams Come - True The dances were arranged yJack Mason The costumes for the piecewere designed byMelville Ellis 4 Z The story nf All Over Town la told in two acts and nine scenes and is presented by accompany of 75 people Reginald Faust enacted by Joseph Santley is the hero of the story The first scene Is In the greenroom of the Metropolitan Opera House New York Toung Regi nald Is behind the scenes and Is bored to somnolence because of the fact that the opera Faust Is to be presented As Is his j - wont on such occasions we find him in the next scene fast asleep in one of the boxes at the Metropolitan The young man Is surrounded by his friends seen in the greenroom with him inthe scene before All that appears in the play subsequently Is ReglnaldTausts dream whlleasleep in theopera box The important playersin support of Mrr Santleyare Walter Jones Roy At - well Leone Morgan Beatrice Allen Blanche Deyo Richard TaborvRuth Ran dall Saranoff LillianLeeDorothy Young and Charles Morgan Mr Hein has provided 22 musical numbers i r National Aborns Chocolate Soldier Tomorrow night at the National the new Aborn organization win make its Washington debut and inltiatethe spring and summer season ot comic opera and musical comedy in the National Capital The opening bill will ie the production of Oscar Straus delightful Viennese opera The Chocolate Soldier With a cast that Includes many of the principals of this famous offering when it was first presented In New York a beauty chorus of 0 and an adequate stage setting the first performance of the Aborns herepromlses to be a brilliant success The company which will be seen here comes directly - from Baltimore after a weeks run where The Chocolate Sol dier was received with enthusiasm Among the principals who wilt be seen In their original roles this week are Ida Brooks Hunt as Nadina Mildred Bogers as Aurella Edith Bradford as JMascha George ODonnell as Poppoff James Russell Powell as Massakroff Leona Francis as Katlnka John McDoftnough as Alexes and Charles H Bowers asBum - erli the ChocolateSoldfer Not only have the Aborns secured practically all of the original cast but they have also arranged with F C Whitnejv who first produced this musical sensation In New Yorkr to use the complete elaborate production as Gotham first saw it In addition the opera will be under the personal direction of Martin Cheesman who staged the first presentation John R Britz the Viennese conductor will be in charge of the large orchestra Keiths - Charlotte Walker Charlotte Walker the beautiful and popular young actress who has climbed to dramatic fame in such plays as On Parole and The Trail of the Lonesome Pine - will make her debut here In high - class vaudeville at Keiths this week She will present The Might Have Beeris a fanciful playlet by Robert Sneddon in which the parental longings of a childless husbandand wife take physical embodiment in the form of two little children - who come through the door ot their hearts and for a brief space are to thelonglng pair what they wished from children of their own It Is - sald to be a novel and beautiful theme with much of - Barrlea Imagery and artistry in its development As the wife Miss Walker Is said to make one of the really great successes of her career - - Bill j - B Van of Patsy - famej accompanied bythe charming - Beaumont sisters Nellie and Rose wili - appear for the first time in Spookstan absurdity full of - antics and5 eccentricities Claire Rochester tormeri - prima donna of Lew Fields - All - Aboard company styled the only Igfrl in the world slftgingbarytone and soprano the famous NineBells from Mexico in their musical portrayal ofjthe fiestas of the old reglmer theyolunteers a singing offering Inwhfch the audience takes an involuntarvTnarti the Charles Ahearn troupe of whirlwindand comic cycling adepts rcHarry and Eva Puck In Sunshine and Shadows and the Four Nlghtons statue acrobatsr are other features of the bllL PoIi - So Much for So Much Willard Macks comedy drama So Much forSo Much which had its first metropolitan production in this city will be the offering of the Poll Players this week So Much for So Aluch tells an engaging story With freshness and an abundance - of humor The heroine Is a young stenographer who la employed as a secretary by a wealthy broker The girl Is in love with a young news - paperreporter but they cannot marry because she is the main support of a younger brother and sister and an aged mother white his salary is barely large enough for his needs They decide to wait bat in the meantime the girl accepts numerous attentions from her wealthy employer a fact - whlchthe reporter resents and his objections eventually lead to the breaking of their engagement The girl pursues her dangerous way confident that she will be able to protect herself against any contingencyt but eventually the prophecies of her sweetheart are ful filled and she finds herself almost in the clutches of the unscrupulous broker The character - studies in So Much for So Much are among5 the most interesting which have been revealed on a Washington stage this season In the role of the reporter Albert Roscoe will play the part which was originated by the author Mr Mack andHaud Gilbert will be seen as he stenographer the role which won ior Miss Marjorie RambeauInstant recognition Strand The Commuters in Films Another week of stars is promised by Tom JMoore at his - popular Strand the headline attraction from today to - Tues day incluslver being Irene Fenwlck In the rollicking comedy The Commut - ersfounded upon the play by James Forbes It is excellently adapted to the screen its theme concerning the trials and tribulations of suburbanites who dally travel from the countryto the city and thus are dubbed commuters and their experiences give rise to many funny scenesf JkiissFenwick la a fragile stage beauty of great dramatic ability The Italian stars Mario Bonnardv remem bered for his work In Satan and Xydia Borelll will Jseseen on Wednesday and Thursday in a sensational photo - play iSouls Enchained an - exciting emo tional drama - For the remainder ot the weekMr Moore promises Bessie BarriS cale Edward J Connolly and Other Mu tual stars InafllmIzatIon of Franz Mol - nars fantastic drama The Devil George Arliss won his greatest success in the tltlerole jof The Devil Before the camera the Story loses none of its fas cination NEWS OF - PLAYS AND PLAYERS T will be shown on the screen while the imiam nihA AnotafhA lAariingr rnlA ho iJc V - v - ra t fore the camera will appear and relate incidents which occurred during the rnaking oj the film J The first member of the Poll cast to Sftbe supported by herself was Maud Gll - bert who played the feminine lead with H William Farnum in Samson Next Sunday night Albert Roscoe f who prioH to joining the Poli forces as pleading man played the leads In scv - feral Essanay comedy - dramas will ap - ItjFpjjar In person before the curtain to ftfnof the trials and pleasures of a iljnovle actor His support o this oc - If i - icaslon will be reel dramas in - Which he appears ap the hero C H Murray to Entertain National Press Club Members as His Guests Tonight HE musical comedy novelty of the past week in New York was Nobody Home produced at the little Princess Theater for merly the home of horror plays The music is by Paul Rubens and the book has been adapted by Guy Bolton Although a number of clever people appear in the cast Lawrence Grossmlth Maude Odell Alice Uovey Charles Judels Adele Rowland Helen Clarke and Quentln Tod it was rather coolly received However It ought not to be hard to secure a capacity audjence for the Prinfess300 people for some time Next season Julian Eltjnge the female impersonator is to have a play by Charles Klein opera to be called pect to produce It Victory They ex - In August The all - star revival ot Trilby Is to run in New York until July 1 Early in the fall Joseph Brooks will send the t piece on tour with Phyllis Neilson - Terry The Belasco Theater yill be the s as Trilby scene tonight of a private presentation of C H Murravii With the Flirhtlnir RJchard Carle is appearing in vaude - or c H Murray 8 With the Fighting yme fa a oneact musicai skit 1 We Forces of Europe as revealed by kine - Sajd What We Tn0Ugnt macolor natural color motion picture photograph The 18 reels of war pic tures are to be shown to members of the National Press Club and their friends who are - to be Mr Murrays guests The pictures show the armies and navies of all the belligerents and probable belligerents in the world war With the exception of the private showing of the pictures to 300 members of the press in the Press Club quarters Thursday night this will be the first presentation in America of these re - marlrflhlA tnlfti Alma Th - nAfiOTw wvw ua Alia IIVIIUUIM which will last two and a half hours I John rhilip Sousa and Ella - Wheeler vui begin at 5la tonight It is said that the producers of the Griffith motion picture The Birth ot a Nation have found it expedient to em ploy fifteen detectives q oversea the audiences at the Liberty Theater few York and prevent disorder on the part of those who resent the reconstruction period episodes depictecL Irvin Cobb is to be - tendered a farewell dinner at the Waldoif in New York tonight He sails shortly for the Russian frontier ilary Shaw Is going into vaudeville presenting the Harriet Ford - Harvey J OHlgglns sketch The Dickey Bird Harrison Grey Fiske denies that Mrs Fiske is to be a vaudeville headllner News comes from Paris that Mme Simone ihe distinguished French actress Is a war widow her husband Capt Claude Casimer Perler having been killed in battle recently Viola Scotti pleasantly remembered in Washington as a one - time Aborn singer is a member of the company surrounding Christie MacDonald In her Boston re vival of Sweethearts Eugene OBrien last seen in Washing ton as leading man ior Ann Murdockjn A Girl of Today is now a movie star In The Indian Diamond Ethel Amorita Kelly she of far - flung limbs In various Ziegfeld Follies Js the proud mother of a daughter Miss Kellys domestic name Is Mrs Norrls Bokum j David Belascos produetionr Love Thoughts will 5 hay e Its premiere In Hartford tomorrow night Roy Atwell who was last season seen with MmeTrentlni in The Firefly ispneof the leading comedians with Joseph Santley in Alp Over Town Mr - V - A - - - RobertEdgaf Long formerly press rep resentative if orthe National - Theater is now handling the - publicity work - fori the Pacific coast He and Mrs Long Lenna Duer have taken an apartment in Sanj Francisco where they will remain dur ing the exposition Goddard and Paul Dickey The Ghost Breaker and leading Lady authors of The Mis - Wllcox are collaborating on a lightjMiller Brothers ior Ranch show on - the LastLaugh Nearly Married next weeks bill at Polls is by the author of The Country Bdy The Arab and Pierre of the Plains In appreciation of Nora Bayes first - aid assistance during the week Calve was taken sick theKeith management has secured her for a return date the week of May 17 BlancheDeyo the dancer after three years absence from the stage will appear here with Joseph Santley in AH OverTown Willard Mack author of this weeks offering at Polls was educated at Georgetown University and made his first appearance on the stage of the ColumbiaColumbia - Theater - In this city The - first clrcns of the year fpr Wash ington this season will appear at Fifi teenth street and Florida avenue northeast for two - days commencing llonday May 10 Twonerformances will be given both on Monday and Tuesday while the usual street parade Is announced for Monday morning Ringling Brothers circuses theattractlon and the preliminary advertising was placed in and around the city lasfweek Naalmovaln War Brides Is supported by MaryAlden7 OLouie Emery Charjes Bryant Edith Speare C Brown and William Hassoh St4 Edward Aheles of Brewsters Mils lions will play the leading role inThe -Cosmos Martha WashingtonlQuintet The exceptional act of the Cosmos bill this week will be the Martha Washington - Quintet The program to be presented rJsnot the usual vaudeville repertoire Mlrlght a clever little Japanese who won his present name from Jils response in difficult feats during his first appearance in1 this country will offer a unique kit of paraphernalia with all sorts of oriental l novelties such as water spinning stick - Columbia The Spring Maid The Columbia Musical Comedy Com pany will this week present Jts jnost ambltloua production The Spring Maid In which Christie MacDonald found her forte FranfcMRainger who was the original stage director of The Spring Maid Is convinced that lEleanor Henry the prima donna of the Columbia company will meet with success in the role of Princess Bozena a part In which she understudied Mfss MacDonald two years ago The Smith family recamped the book and lyrics from the German by Julius Wllhelm and A MWillner The music in this production made Heln - rich Reinhardt famous as a composer in the school of lighter musical composition t The Spring Maid is written around a legend In Grimms Folklore of Germany The site of Carlsbad and its environs was once a dense forest abounding in all kinds of game It was a favorite hunting ground of the noblesACcording to tradition a huntsman pusulng a rabbit followed far into the forest where the game wis protected by a bevy of wood nymphs who Implored him tq spare the creatures life - Upon his refusal the wood nymphs invoked a violent storm after which the huntsman found himself lost in the wilderness When on the verge of exhaustion the huntsman encoun - - tered a water sprite who led him to a certain rock which she struck with her wand A stream of sparkling water gushed forth The huntsman drank and was refreshed The water sprite then led him from the forest in order that he might proclaim to the world f the beneficial qualities of the Carlsbad spring - SFI lr3 I T jJ H lJ5inLialan2nlaLWaikInB on Hday a return engagement is announced The great vaudeville Fashion Show in which Peggy Hopkins of this - city has been one of the 30 fair models and illustrators will be presented at Keiths here the week of May 10 Manager Louis J Fosse of PolIsL was called to New York last week by the sudden death of Mrs Fosse who had been 111 - for two months r Laura Hope Crews who appeared all during the past season In New York as leading woman for Leo Ditrlchstein in The Phantom Rival will makeher debut as a movie star in Blanche Bates former success The Fighting Hope Rosetta Brice a Washington actress is being featured In the Lubln serial mys - j tery movie Koaa O smre Lou - Tellegen is to be the featured play er in a film version of Carmen When Joseph Santley now appearing in Alt Over Town was 9 years old he was known as the greatest hoy ac tor of the Avorld - He made a great picket fence - Billy El wood newspa per and magazine cartoonist will also he an Important feature ol the hill - Other offerings will Include Louis Chevalier - assisted by Fern Marshall witk his own company in his comedy playlet - Chance Lavlne Cimeron and company in a grotesque dancing travesty on physical culture - entitled Imagination andDeVelde and Zelda in an artistic exhibition of equllibrlstic posing feats with auntque bicycle Jbal - anrclng finish The Hearst - Sellg news pictorial will be an - added attraction A change of bill will be made at the Thursday - matinee Crandalls Mme Petrova in Films Crandalls today will show Fathes The Pursuit of Pleasure the second drama of a series entitled Who Pays consist ing of twelve plays Tomorrow and Tuesday Mme Olga Petrova fllmdoms beautiful and versatile dramatic actress will make her second screen appearance In The Heart of a painted Woman - a flye - part drama and 200 scenes The play was written especially for Mme Tetrpva and gives her remarkable dramatic pow - ers full scope On Wednesday and Thurs - of The Nigger which attracted capacity houses at all performances when shown last week William Farnum appears as the self - sacrificing hero Miss Claire Whitney and a capable cast support Mr Farnum Friday the great emo - tlonal actregs Betty Nansen wtlL be seen in a visualization of Tolstois Anna Karenina a play of power depleting the story of a woman who dared In addition to the regular show on Thursday Friday and Saturday the management will feature Charlie Chaplin in his latest Essanay comedy By the Sea Casino Lady Betty Manager Watkins of the Casino this week has strayed Into the simian fold for a stellar headline attraction and wilt present Lad7Betty known as the adopted daughter of the famous ape Con - suf In a comedy lof human imitation This remarkable animal has Interested even I the scientists Her act shows thejpossl bill ties of monkey education and training and Is very laughable as wellv Still anotherstellar feature Will be introduced In the famous Hoosier girl comedienne success in melodramas enacting suchiMarie King Scott whose character mon - roles as Billy the Kid Mr Santley Uue lltta wvhj wme in mgner a new comeay oycnariesano hasbeen able to live down hlsterrlblel past t In the stage ersionLof WarBrides theJocale of the story as first given Jn the TOagazineinwhlch It waapublished IsVhangedandmadeto - fit Into any race andnatlony i M terNearly iarriedthe Toll play ers wlllbe seen inPolly ofjthe Circus HelpWanteT - - vaudeville Newport and Stlrk wlll be other contributors to merriment with their amusing skit The Barbers Busy Day Murphy and Lachmar will entertain wltlr comedy songs and a colloquial comedy and Howard Chase and company will present a merry farce - comediettacomedietta JiChanceT Garden The Cup of - Xife Bessie Barrfscale remembered for her fine work In The Hose of the Ranch wilt be featured at Moores Garden on Sunday and 3Ionday In the latest pho tographic film feature The cup or Life byC Gardiner Sullivan and pro duced by ThomasJL Ince Jt is a vivid contrast of poverty and riches and shows the sorrowful fate ot a young girl who sells herself for wealth and finds Tier cup of life filled with bitter ness and degradation On Tuesday and Wednesday Francesca Bertinl a famous beauty of France will be seen ifr a powerful film story entitled Th Woman TVho Dared The plot ron cerns the disappearance of foreign military plans supposed to nave neen stolen by a dashing lieutenant who Jt condemned to death bat saved - by ih mt nH Hartnn - of Vila falthfnl sweel - heartr There will be a return engage - Vf meht of the sensational photoplay Protect Us on Thursday The re - M fM fP - ia I The photoplay feature will be Paul malnaer of the week wl J be demoted f pfm tiU Kflr TvhC DC1P exclusive local showing of a pic - Purple with Clara Kimball Young In theJeadmV role - - a cdsriSCZD ON TH1ED TAGB S - 5 s 1 V flu i jnrt T7 TV A ty js - t Z - C ir 2 - s - - ft - - - yr yft - 3 - S - I i J5 - 4 - r - t - i - SiSfSSr 4v V4 1 S a

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