The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Badly Bent Both Ways Amateur Glove Slingers Clash In Inter-City F.v- ent at Jonesboro Tlie Chlckasaw Atlileilc Club's team of amalt-nr boxers, couched by Joe Craig, will go into action against a picked team of JoueG- boro mlU .wingers al tlie Community Center In the Cralghead county capital tonight In the lirsl of a series of hitei'-i'htb lomna- uients to be lit-lil In tills swllon. Tlie cl'hutix of tonight's card will be a bout between James "Bab" Roberts, winner of the Golden Gloves li^ht hcM-yivcighl championship In Memphis hi;, year, and Cecil I'embcrlon, UK- pound Jonosbcro leather pusln'r who recently nccepU'd Hubert-/ challenge to fight any member <>l tho 1937 Oolden Hurricane fool- j ball ^tciim v.'illiin t«i pounds of I his weight. I'emberton is reported to be exactly U-n pounds heavier than Roberts. Provided Hie Jonesboro boxing | cquad lives u]i lo expectations tin-re should be plenty of fur Hying to- iilglit.. Craig lias picked his (rain from n I'lumisini; .squad of 27 'toys training under his supervision for the Northeast Arkansas Oold- en Glcn'es elunfuatiuii tounuui to be held here Wediii'.sduv mid Thursday Distils ;it the Amnivan Legion arena, and cuch lui'inlvr of the local team is tlie bwl available nt his weight. In tlie bantam division tonight cither Billy Price of Manila or Alias James will Inko tin Jones- '• bora's Joe Stewart. Price has had considerable experience In amateur competition, having competed in the Golden Gloves lonrniimi'iit in Memphis last year. Carthol Hyde has been selected by Craig to fight Joe Scover ol JoneslxH-o in the featherweight, class and Herb ChlUls will lake on Glenn Himrlock. Tticy are lightweights. "Dlz" Jackson, Joncsboro's haul punching lighlic will he opposed either by Sonny Lloyd of Blylhc- vilto or Aaron Byrd. . The noberls-Pembcrlon bout will wind up the card. Tlie bonls are nil to be three rounders, the regulation length for amateur fighters. It is understood the bouts will net underway at 7.--15 o'clock. f\PTliR 200,000 wiiii HIS FISTS, ilZ £f$MHlt,£ &l PZDDt.E/1 B£/N6 MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1938 OEM- The ' Do.pc Bucket lly J. I'. I'YJeiid Blytheviile Negroes Win Pair From Grider The hoys mid girls basketball teams of.lhe Harrison negro school here swept both comests ivilh HIP Grider negro scliool ciigere at UH> armory here Sutnrdiiy mijlil. Coacli Norm's boys won immllly 30 to n, and the girls won In even better style, 32 lo 12. I" a fnst preliminary game tin. northeast Arkansas negro teachers quintet dropped a 24 to 22 decision fo the southeast Missouri negro teachers' five. W.iElcd Effort BERKELEY, Calif.. Jan. 17. — :! ticket speculator followed Holier Sprout, president of (lie University Df California, two blocks on the d:i of the Rose Bawl game at Pasadena. Jan. 1, trying to sell him sent on (lie 15-yard line. IWHERE IS THAT MONTAGUE GUY? lly IIAKHY GKAYSON 'S'ltorts liililiir NH,\ Service CHICAGO.—Kliif [.CTlnsky, wira lias won several mutches in a iWi since he (|iiit busting beaks to lii-iid bones, (tils about his close.U . Itip night he nlmra.t Ilirnv himself. Hummers and locks might jnM : well bo hammers and snws t\>r nil tlie Kingiish can do with them, so imagine his embarrassment when one of those ciivemen tossed lilm over his shoulder like n sack of smelt niul took hold of him in several places at mice. , "All I could .see was feet sticking up In Ihc air," beams Ix-vtu- aky, "so.' 1 grabbed the handlist one iind ijuvc II a tvvlsl. I ui-vcr before realized my strength. It was my own |oe." Hal broke after earning $300.000 with his lists, l.ovlusky now is being badly bent by jotuney- mi-n wrestlers. Tho Kiuglish, who collrclrtl SM.MO a couple of sinnnicis buck for Kilting on a strand of rorje. burying his face In his gloves, and begging Ihe referee not to' let ,Ioe Louis hit him, averages about $3"i an exhibition these wintry nights, but lakes his plight pliilosopbi cally. Tiie erstwhile fish peddler never knew what to do with money, any- «ny, and says that It '.vouldiVl have done him any o,ood If lv luicl. ' ' "My family always took it aw;<y frcin me." he explains. 1 i * Nolliing t u Show for liiilllin.; Nine fliauunons Levlnsky. now only H7, fought nine world champions. He «•&.':• puid S'J.'i.OOO for Mudison S(|ii. r nt' Giirden the ullier niglit. lins agreed to defend ills crown against 1C. O. Morgan of Toledo In Detroit, Feb. 11. Thnt menus getting down lo 12li . . . paling oft eliihl and a half pounds, Anil Armstrong's training program chielly will consist of fights . . . wllii Frankie Castillo in Phoenix. Jan, 21; Al Cetrino in San Francisco, Jan. '20; nvu! Chalky Wright In IJK Angeles Feb. 1. Then, aflcr defending Ihe therweight litle, the black CJovern inloid.s to battle Bi Hoss for the welter wreath. A remarkable young muti, lleu- ry Armstrong, and one who doesn't see iiny percentage in payinj sparring partners when lie car get pah! for sparring. fea- Malcme, Olson To Swap Grips On' Arena Card Insists Jacobs Mas Already Picked Motor Cily For Scone liV IfAKKV C1KAVSON Sjiorls Kdllm; NK/« Sfrvirr NKW YORK, Jan. n. _. M(lx fichmolim; will lake Ills second shot al bolh Ihe world heavyweight championship find Joe Louis' tliiu In Detroit In -June. While the oincltd announcement will not bo made for weeks, you limy rest assured that whatever shopping is dune meanwhile dcil- r will be for ballyhoo purposes. Michael .Strauss Jacobs, Ui e promoter, Ims picked Detroit over New York. Chicago, and Philadelphia for nine reasons, nix) Ills listing them lo your correspondent is something In the way of evidence thai the show Is going to the lair of Ihe Ti- Navln Field, which right now Is the chosen site. Detroit Is virgin Icrrlory. Mleliljjnii politicians and business men want HID production. Postmaster Cieui'i'ul James A. Farlov and other targe shots pt'tllloned Jacobs o slr))i(; nloiig with tliciu. Detroit Is the center of the nulo- inobllc iiiduslry, which will contribute heavily lo the ringside and nil oilier seclons. A number of Ihe more Important automotive organisations have agreed lo make their aiDiiinl coiivejillons coincide with the dale of Ihe light. They'll bring in dealers from all over the country. Detroit Is n ranking- boxing- clly. right now second lo only°Man- liallan. Delroil is Joe Louis' home tosvn. Louis htisn't appeared In Detroit since he became a major mill figure. Schiiielliig has yel lo put. up his hands in Detroit. Jacobs is convinced thai the nnti- Na?.l boycott would do irreparable damage lo the shindig in New York, and will lie almost totally Ineffective in Detroit. The Michigan press will be friendly. Garden Avm;rs $35,000 for Seven Shoves So Detroit gets Hie scrap mid Ilic $10.000.000 worth of business It will bring. It sounds funny coming from a cold-blooded CUM like Jacobs, bill Ihe okl Broiuhviiy ticket scalper's only worry al tills time seems to be hotel accommodations for the multitude. Michael Strauss speaks from experience, tie had n Blatter/, Tonight's scheduled match between Fdilie Mnlone and Ole Ol- Ki'n promises lo be cue of the 'loscst- contests seen In the local •hit; lu somtl Ihnc. The two arc slaletl lo climb through Ihc ropes at the American Legion arena at 8 o'clock us a preliminary to tho feature bout between Mike Nazcr- ian.' an Armenian, nml Sid Marcus. Both Olson and Mnlone lire good, tough boys wlio generally slick lo Ihc business of wrestling rather lhan" showmanship. Both hnvc n good variety of holds and liolh have .shown plenty of abilily Ui "lake It." In the main event Marcus will Introduce Hit 1 newniiu-r lo his fast attack of llyiiu; Uicklcs and hudy blocks. Just what (ticks Ihc Armrnlim knows and II.ST.S lire nol known here, hut according lo IlcfiTee Mike Meroncy Nav-erian brings a reputation as a luivd man lo pin lor the nml lie may flying Jew. make It hot Hayti and Ilmo Cage Teams Divide Games stalls S20.0UO for as many against Max Baer. $18.000 for an equal number agninsl Tommy Loughrnn Mid _ as imicli for n single shot wilh Mirkey Walker. $12.000 for two fiBbl-s with i'rimo Camera. S10.MI) lor n four-rounder «ith j-ick Demiwey. and SllOOl) lor ui-oppiii" "'\YTI, Mo.-Thc llayli Indians and krnllm; Jack .Slr.irki-v nnd Ihe Ilmo cage learns split a lie tackled Smaxic 'Maxi'p fio.-,- <lo " Wl ' llr " tl01 ' nl tlu- ]orn] ciibluoin . , . iirnrlirnllv evei vlxxly ms ' 1 "" F 1 '"''- 1 ^' "iehl. Clclls lliilc- ol anv account. ' i well,- Kcniictl. rcfeiml and music Where did the money "Well, for one thing," Lr-vlusky. "I dropped $35,liW King's Palace, a delicatessen nnd time finding a room ilnrmg Ihc world series of 1331-35. Jacobs has, however, decided to let Ihe overflow shift for Itself, and Is convinced that Louis and Schmi'l- iiv T will bring back Ihe million- dollar gale. There is aini)l^ room In Navin Field, and Jacobs has nn elaborate portable senliiu' setup for the !n- fiekl. Jacobs Is poiiij; Ills way in the lietik-husling business and olhei dodges, and lelthig the alarmists wasle their breath and time. He has averaged $35.000 for t.A.ST LAUCiir—Members of the. ,hib:i)ii!i /ootbnil team and visltlny i-iibcs ribbed Jjihmy Tipton no illle over an Incident that hap- i-ned after (hi! Uosc liov/1 game . . But it appears ns If the augh was on Ihom (whether lliey I'tirneO It or not) . . . Klpp New- recorded It In his column In Birmingham paper a:: Eolng •.omclhiiif; like: It seem:; that a ;rou|) was lakliiE In the Coconut irovc Hun niflit ... Of course, hey met some young ladk-5 . . . ;tnne time to "ay gootl night a.s such times do ... Obligingly Tip iflered to nccomiwny one of the "air sex home , . . Taking a taxi, ic asked where lo . . . "Ban i'edro," !;he replied . , . The ifitnn gesture cost Jimmy exaclly ,11.40 taxi fare . . . H turned nit lo provide a good bit of humor, lilt the truth of the matter Is Jimmy didn't inert her iln're, lie vns her escort . . . Not only that hey are ycod friends, having cnown each odier for more (h:tti hive years . . . COMING HOME — John Allen lilair, son of Russell Blair former 'BlytlicvllleUo," defc'iidini; bantani- welglit champion in The Com- nerelal Appeal Golden Gloves tournament, will likely have nn opportunity lo show his ring wares before local funs in the near ulure . . . Early Maxwell indicated he planned to mulch tnc Memphis champions with the winners of Ihe Northeast Arkansas tourney, which (jcls under way Wednesday nighl, and John Allen Is expected to return his honors . . . Young Blair discovered America in Blytheviile some eighteen .summers ago . . , BEST C1AC1—Tho yag of the new year Is credited to a leathev- lunged Texan at Port Worth and rates repeating ... It concerns one Samuel Baugh. alias Sammy, pass pitching person of the professional piBskimicrs from Wiish- itiglon . . . Uaiieh, In addition to snowing his way uroiuid a football Held, is a crack baseball play. . (lie was recently signed ay the St. Louis Cardinals for n tiyonl this summer) Diirint; n game Baiigh was having his troubles handling (he Ground skinners . . . After missing two or three lit .short, someone from the stands yelled: "Sammy, why don't you igtud for a fair catch?" . . . LOST PAN During (he basketball game al Ihe Armory Friday night, we just couldn't help but miss the familiar face of a loyal and dyed-in-the-wool sport fan. We refer lo Ihe Tom Whlt- worlh whose dealh occurred recently . . , Blylhevillc, parlicu- Inrly Die high school, never, had u more ardent and enthusiasllc supporter ... It didn't, mailer If It were pingpong or pigskin ... As long as it lonched the realm of sport Tom was interested and willing to go ... Sports appeared a necessary part of his makeup and lie seldom spared time and expense to justify thai desire . . . He had more than a passing Interest. . . .He went in for the game seriously and kept up with it dally . . . There was little All Rins4 Savings Losl By Kx-Cliampion In Depression restaurant at Maxwell and Hal- slcnd. I once bought five automobiles nt Ihe same (lino C0 9 I was furnished between quarters by •isJicrls ""' 1!ll - v " "'8' 1 school band, under ', I the direction of Miss Fiantes Miller. The Haytl Squaws uvtv defeated by the Ilmo girls. 'U to 14. The Haytl boys defealccl the "When Harold steinmaii who! Ilnl ° ^'s I" n fasl game with a .'till Is with me. suggested Uutl score of 3t lo 21 ' R ' ll ' w - lia - vtl $5000 be deposited toward n trust ' contcr ' vvlls hl8 '' 1>olia m&n wlth fund for me. my sister. Una. toUl bim that slic could make money with money. She had an Idea, It was going to last forever. . So Bui I was good lo the did I. folks." They told Levlnsky that (he wrestling racket was ?oft, bui. ;ls he pointe out, in boxing they least give you n. count. old- vvaj-f Fishing Trawler Earns $150,000 During Year "Whe-e-e-e-w," whistles Joe Medwick, as he breezes one down the middle of the fairway at St. Petersburg, Fia., where the great outfielder will slart (raining with his St. Louis Cardinal teammales late next month. Where there's Medwick there's might. He led the National League in just about 1 everything last season. Armstrong Fights Himself Down In Fcalher Limit Henry Armstrong is an fashioned fighter in more than one. Like the lale Harry Oreb. the leathern-eight champion chooses to keep himself in comllllon i>y lighting and to fight himself down to a prescribed weight. Armstrong, who scaled 134'; pounds when he chased, fouled and stopped Enrico Venturi at BOSTON (UP)—'Hie trawler Ar-' llugton has Just completed Us first year's service In (he New England fiMiing industry. During Ihe 12 months. It delivered to the Boston market G.000.000 pounds of ground fish, the sale of which netted 5150,000. only $10,000 less lhan tlie cost of Ihe trawler. seven shows since he took over (he pugilistic privileges nt Mailisor Square Garden last fall, and has an ambitious program. Here it is: Jan. 21—James J, Bradclock vs. Tommy Farr, 10 rontKls. With the house scaled from $1.1(1 to Sll.fiO. he professes lo believe thai this one will gross $30.000. Pfb. -I — Frr-UdlB Apostoh vs. Glen Lee of Nebraska. 12 rounds. Pcb. 18—Mike Galento vs. Harry Thomas. 12 rounds. Feb. 23—Louis vs. Nathan Mann, 15 rounds for the file. March 4—Gunner Barhmd vs. Buddy Baer. March 11—Max Baer vs. (he winner of Ihe Uraddock-Farr engagement. March 18—Henry Armstrong vs. Pedro Montane/. Sohmcllng SUirls Tw-ire Ik-fore nig One Ther,* is a weight, hitch in con- ncction with the latter. Mimt.imv. bHn» hesitant about doini; 135 pounds, but a detail such as that never has slopped Jacobs. There remain only Iwo more dates at the Garden before Ihc circus and spring scl in, and Jacobs doesn't inleml lo throw them away on poor attractions, Schmelinsr Intend.'; to make one more start In this country alter disposing ot Ben Foord. the South African. In Hamburg?. J:m. SO Jacobs may slick him in tho Garden, although the German prefer? Chicago. But Schmcling will have no choice in the location of his worn edition wilh Ixniis. Detroit gels the big oiv about major baseball and football tennis that he didn't know . . . He studied records and had a desk rawer at his place of business hero he kept (hem for reference He settled many disputes •illi them ... It was not often lat he misscu an athletic event f any kind in which a Ohickasaw ntry participated ... lie didn't list; a home football game in the isl four years ... He attended very baseball game (except those ew played on Saturday nights) played by the Blytheviile Glanls . . He played quite a bit of aseball in his younger days . . . Vas a catcher . . . And those who him in action say lie was a Iain j:ood one, too. despite his lack >f beef . . . He was [lie buttery nate of I)wight Blackwood when .1wi(!ht was in his prime as a . \Ve have already . . And will con•o as the hour glas.< We could use I1V I.KO 11. I'F.TKRSEN United I'riss Stall CoiTcsriomleiH JiUFPAI.O, N. V. iUI>>—Rocky Kansas, once lii'liUvr-iglit clmtnp- ion of ttie world anil who made as nnicli us S50,00ii in one night. 15 looking for 1 n job bfcause, he nfesls it. Twelve years ago when he climbed out of a Chicago ring after Ills t\?,l\l wllli .Sammy Mandcll it looked as [hough he was set for life. He hud loft behind the light' chumijioti^hip ol tlu* world but on Ihe way out lie had slopped at the office lo pick up the $50.000 thiil iiiid bocn his guarantee lor 10 rounds, win. los<- or draw. But loday. al 43, he Is without a job and without funds to support his wife and son. Three months ngo ho was laid off from his job us a wagon checker at the cily dump. That job hail paid him $25 a week, less lhan lie received for one second's work In (he ring tlie nii;Dt he lost the title lo ManclL-ll. Bui he had been glad to gel the job and would lake it again if,Hie city started putting men back to work. Didn't Spend Kordmc Wilh Kansas, il wasn't the usual athlete's story of "easy come, easv go." Thrifty, strictly a family maii. he lias fihvays been n stranger to bank-book raiding affairs. For he came up to Ihc championship the hard way--lighting tor 15 years before lie punched the lightweight crown off Jimmy aoodrich's head. The only thing thai kepi him from the championship before was the fact Hint Benny Leonard was loo good. He fought Leonard four times, but Benny always was a little too much for him. But he boat them all but Leonard—Lew Tcmller, Charley White, Johnny Dundee, Willie Jackson, Prankie- Scliflell and the other lightweight greats in his day — and invested bus earnings in those warring years iu real estate, second mortgages Those were the boom days. For two years after his retirement he lived [|iilelly on his laurels and a steady income from' his investments. He tried only one comeback, was beaten by an unknown boxer. Then Kansas luni] up his gloves for good. The boys In Ihe fight game agreed that he deserved green pastures if any fighlcr ever did. Wiped Out by Slump Bui (hen came the depression and Kansas was wiped out. \V-1en lie told hir, friends he needed a job they thought he was kidding. They wondered what became of the $50.000 he got ftr the Mandell fighl, what he did willi Ihe purse he took down with (He title from Cloodrich, Four years ago he got the city job. The $25 a week didn't go far I.frard supporting his wife and son, but it helped and Rocky was never one lo whimper. [fe never capitalized on the fact that lie once was the champion ol Ihe world. He always was known a.s "one of Hie boys." And now Hint he Is walking the slrpel.s looking for a job lie still is "one of the boys"—always wearing a smile and greeting friends cheer- fulls'. "H was just my tough luck to make ihat dough and save il," Kansas says. "I giieis it wouldn't have made much difference If T hadn't gone into the fighting busi- nes;: at all." Drinking Bout Ends In Biting; One Nose Lost BOLOGNA, It.'ily (UP)—A quarrel between two drunkards as to which was more drunk resulted In one of the contestants biling off Ihe of llio other. . Curdlo Adani, a stonemason, and Carlo Tpnioni, a carpenter, met in n wine :;li«]) in the town of Purretta Terme. uheru they poured down several liters of wine. At one point each accused the other of being more drunk. Aduni, re.ventful, replied to the charge by slapping Toiiioni twice in the face and then limning away. Tonioni chased and overlook lilui nud wllli :i powerful hite love off Adani'c tuv.e. 'Hie piece of fle^h wa", lomid by a bystander, nho put it in a hand- •jprchk-f and handed it toils owner. The noseless man rushed to the local hospital and lold the doctor on duty: "Here is my nose, please put it back in its place.' Records of If. nations show that 8,4i>l.5Sl!i men were killed and '.i.Oar, wounded In Ihe World. War. WARNINCJ OKI) Kit IN THK CHANCERY COURT, CIIICKASAWBA DISTTUCT, MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, ARKANSAS. W. Francis Cronin, Plaintiff, vs. No. 059 (i Roberta M. Cronin, Defendant. The defendant. Roberta M. Cronin. Js warned to appear within thirty days in the court nnmed in the caption hereof and answer (he complaint of the plaintiff, W. Fniueis Cronin. Ualcd this 10th day of January, 10S8. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. Part low & Bradley (Atlys. for said Coimtv, of In Ihe district, County Court lo Ihe real estate petitioning said enter nn order 4 Claude P. Cooper (Ally, ad Litom) (Seal) 10-17-21-31 NOTICE OF INTENTION TO TII.E A PETITION FOK THE UlirilNDING OF THE INDEBTEDNESS OF BLYTHEVILLE ROAD IMPROVEMENT I)IS- THICT NO. 5, OK MISSISSJ?- I'l COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, for and on behalf ol him-sclf and all other owners of real estate.' situated within the Blytheviile Road Improvement District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the a) day of January, 1038, will file with tlie County Court for tlie Chickasawba District, of Mississippi County, Arkansas, a petition signed by (he owners of fifty-one per cent <5l%> or more, in assessed value, as sho'ivn by the assessment bonks of said County, of the real estate in the district, petitioning said Comity Court to enter an order; directing (He Board of Commis-J sioners of said district to effect the refunding of the present outstanding bonded indebtedness of said district amounting to $29,000.00. and to prescribe the terms and conditions under which said indebtedness shall be refunded. Given . this 21 day of December, 1M7. C. P. TUCKER. 27-3-10-17 directing tlie Board of Commls sioners of said district to cffet the refunding of the present outstanding bonded Indebtedness of wild district iimountiim (o $84,000.00, mid to prescribe the ter.'iv and conditions under which said Indebtedness .shall be refunded. Olven this 2V day of Dee.. 1937. C. P. TUCKER. 27-3-10-11 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice is hereby given dial the undersigned, as Commissioner of the Chancery Court of the Chlck- nsnwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under aulhority of a decree rendered December 4, 1937, in a cau/e ( wherein Home Owners Loan Corporation was plaintiff and Walter Davis, et al., were defendants, will. at the door of the court house in Blythevillfi, on January 31, 1938, offer for tale to the highest and best bidder upon a credit of Hires months, the following described property located in Ihe Chtcka- sawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: Lot Fifteen Uf>) of the Subdivision, of Lots Four (4), Five i5), Six ili) and Seven (7), of Block "J", of Smith's Addition lo the Town of Lcnchville, more particularly described, as follows: beginning 80 feet south of the northwest corner of Tract 0. Block "J", Smith's Addition; thence south 05 feet, tin-nee east 210 feet, thence norm C5 feet, thence west 210 feet to the point of beginning, being situated In the town of Leachville, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' The purchaser will be required :o execute bond with approved security and a lien will be retained upon the property until tho purchase price Is paid. WITNESS my hand as such s Commissioner this 30 day of December, 1937. / A. P. SMITH, Commissioner. Shane & Fendler, Solicitors for Plaintiff. 3-10-17 ELECTRIC & ACETTLENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 19 Jitctu'r . . Hissed Tom unie to do 'inpties . . Friends and fans like him . . . KEEPINO TAB—HOW well dill .'on keep up wilh sport.'; in Blythe- lille last year? ... No doulil :hi-re arc .some- who keep so close lo the various games that they have the dates, and names, on their ftngfr tips (for various argu- mcntary rr:i>on) ... To test your knowledge of what transpired In the field of sport a quiz dealing with farts and names will start in this corner soon. NOTICE OK INTENTION TO rtl.K A PETITION FOR THE REFUNDING OF THF, INDENT EDNESS OF BLYTHEVILLE MAINTENANCE DISTRICT NO. 5, OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned, for and on behalf of himself and all other owners of real-- eslnte situated within the Blytheviile Road Maintenance District No. 5 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on Ihe 31 dn}' of January. 1938. will file with the County Cout for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, a petition signed by the 'owners of fifty-one per cent (51%) I or more, in assessed value, as 5hov\n by thp assessment books of Caruthersville Wins Over Wanlell Teams L-E, Mo., Jail. IS —Caruthcrsvlllc defeated Warden morej' lo "P U'.uns In n doubleheadcr here Friday nighl. Caruthcrsviltc girls easily winning 35-8. anil Carulhers- ville boys finishing in froul 25-H. I" the girls' game, Dorothy Ijir- genl Ird toll] learns with 16 points, and j:ini,>s cruker. Caruthersville forward, paced the toys' game wilh 11 points. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Tornadoes arc the re.sult of llic running together of air masses of widely varying temperatures. PRESCRIPTIONS AKR OUR SPECIALTY & Phone 141 <£• FOWLER DRUG STORE MAKE SURE Your Car is PERFORMING As It Should Wc'l! Test It FREE Of Charge for Brakes . . .Lights . . . Battery . . . Wheel Alignment See US for Prestone Ford Anti-Freeze Winter Lubricants PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5fli ft Walnut Piione 810 Over Joe Isaacs' Store. "WK MAKE "EM SEE" Phone Cats can sw belter hi the day time than at night, but do most of ! their hunting after dnrk bi'e,^ tlieir prey Is out al, that tim.'. FREE INSTRUCTIONS In Latest styles Knitting "BRRNAT" KNITTINO YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Chlckasawba Phone 792 I T'SFun! T'S Healthful! T'S Entertaining! What?? BOWLING Sudbury's Playhouse WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, 8 O'CLOCK MIKE NAZERIAN vs. SID MARCUS EDDIE MALOHE vs. OLE OLSEN AMERICAN LEGION ARENA LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Dealers For O.M.C Trucks and Trailers Offers A New and Modern Auto Repair Shop WE CAN MEET EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEEU Including - - BODY, FENDER REPAIRS WELDING LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Oldsmobile and G. M. C. Trucks Sales and Service 307 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 329

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