The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 22, 1943
Page 3
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'\ • v ; ^ 'PAGE SIX -,BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 22, lfl-13 BETTER HOMES Improvements Now Being Made^To Residence At 1062 Hearn Street Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hindman -have purchased (he property at 1062 West'Ilenrn from Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Berry. The property, which , Includes a •flve-nfoiri house, will be occupied by life new owners 'after 'July i. The house, a cottage tytre reeled a number of years ago,- Is being-Improved by .addition of two closets, changing of a door,- repainting, rc- papeniig and refinlshlng of floors. The work is being done by Mrs, Hlndman's. father, E. -Wells,' Memphis decora lor. ' ,' • .-. He also will redecorate the house al is I West Henri)' now occupied by the Hiiidmans nnd owned by Mr. and ilrs. P: E: Black; • •-. The Block" family will- move to their'home when the redecorating is completed. It was-noted on recently can-, tufed' specimens of Messerschmitts that ;no provision' was- made for ietlison fuel in cnse of emergency, although no skill or material was spared to-provide other safety devices., . ;• OnWallbmnl Show Where To Nail Tightened Garage'. Saves Gas: Eases A row, of inconspicuous dols is n special arid exclusive feature of some' wallboafd, mr.attractive and fire-resistant building material for ceilings and walls. -.They show the workman where to nail, In order Id.hit studs, and are arranged ; lci Indicate the stud I c?nt'ers on- either 16-Inch or 21- J inch' centers. , .This exchisivc' feature .saves at Ifast 10 percent of application lime, as well as insuring a ncaler Job by -eliminating the necessity of spnn'dmg the surface to find the stucl. 'For,home carpenters, this feature is especially desirable, $lncc It mates (lie application of the wallboard virtually .error-proof. Cheer For Blood Donors One ' of the liandsomesl blood donor centers In the 'country Is tlio one In Boston. .The room lo which the donors retire for 1 rest and: refreshment after giving blood hiis been, created /by ''sub-dividing, a larger' floor 'space' with partitions provide no • iniilnlotiancn problem, and can be removed with complete salvage when iio longer needed.. On the top of,the low glass' partitions are set plants mulj pots of [riming Ivies to add to' the 1 pleasant almos- J lilierc provided by the t'Iciiin and lustre of the glass block. R*»d Courier Jfew» want ids. Saves Gas: Eases Wear On Battery Here's a tip tor the automobile owner who may hnvc Some s|mre (line on his hands this summer' spend It lightening up the gardge .against next winter's cold, it will [pay off by saving gasoline, wear on Iho battery nnd stnrlcr, and temper. Even an indicated' garage will be many .degrees warmer most of the lime If windows find doors nre tightened, cracks closed up and walls nnd roof InsnliUed. Those ex- Ira degrees very likely will be Ihc difference between Infuriating delays nnd quick, gasoline-saving sltttls. Ample Insiilnllon can be obtained at IIUlc cost by lining ihc gar.ige Interior will) insulating building board. Besides supplying Insula'- tlon, the board will block the eii- Irnricc (if cold air through enlcfa In llic exterior skiing. . . .-.' •' It will take only a fcwslieel.s'of Insulating boiird lo line the 'avern'ge garage. .The board comes four feet wide nnd in various'lengths.'if tile t'iimgn lins no oilier Inferior wall, the Instituting board should'be' iij)- plled vertically, with the • jiliita meeting over the slmlditig. ' walls of brick or other, masonry can .bp lined by. fli-sl applying furring strips. , -•.... Wilh driving limited by gasoline rationing, most cars no Ibng'eV are driven enough lo enable the generator to recharge Llic ballery .sufficiently. A tight, Insulated garage' 'vllt make starting easier arid mlnl^ iiizc llic hazards of finding a "dead intlery on n sub-zero ihorhfng.'. TECHIDE tt's ft'j h't • Yes, Pittsburgh Techide it Something brand new in wall paint -because it gives excellent result* over old wallpaper, plaster, brick and many other •utfeces ..because one co«t of Techide i»"usually sufficient . . . because it ii quick and easy to apply arrf dries in one hour . . . because it gn es you san- ItaryV washable walls. Don't miss thii opportunity to fedecorate your room* at small cost Ask us about Tecbide. KONOMICAl On* gallon of mo(n IK foHaiti at point— rrl patfi) Cotf b« nUxtd In PAINTS TicKid* waHi may bi quickly waitiid ^ith miU ««M and warvr. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. WashedUpr RCotton Walls Ideal In Office Tills in' the, office of the president of W. & J. Sloanc in New York City, nat!6nnUy known furniture,, rue. nml furnishings concern. Mr. Gilswoid' had his own oflce walls covered with Amcrspiin, new cotton. fabric' wall covering, because it conveys an nir of dignified licayty iiiid Us IntciX'/iUnrj texture'makra an idea! setting for his fine prlnls. Tne lough durable -siirfnce of this cotton wall coating wilt riot rip-or scratch and Is climciill to mar or dirty—features that make it Ideal for every room in the house. H's permanent too, since it may be painted over when a change in color scheme is wanted. Chick Yield Higher In Glass Hatchery The use of glass block and wood strip partitions to convert nn old storeroom inlo a model chicken hatchery lins helped produce a record yield of baby chicks for K. C. Bowman of Plullsburg, N. Y. In his streamlined, sunlit maternity ward for chicks, Mr. Bowmnn has ah 83 percent hatchnbltlty of eggs against a national average of only 08 per cent. The Increase in chicks, With a consequent increase In eggs and poultry for a meal-ratlon- Ihese w'i'lT go 7ntcTbinTii- , f d A" 1 "!' 0 . llns teen due, nccord- tng to Mr. Bowman, lo the construction of the halchery Itself. All Interior partitions are of glass blocks set in wood strips, which were cliosen partly for their good looks, primarily for practical reasons. Being tmiisliicent, Boom In Post-War Building To Offer Outlet,For Cotton Broad changes In building con-1 both prefabricated and local construction with emphasis of uew m«(erla!s. new methods, prefabrl- catlortj and possible Government subsidization of housing in the years Immediately after the war are expected to open up new mar- k'ets for the many products of cot- (6n mills, according to the C'ot- ton-T'exttle Institute. - Any rise In building a'cllvlLy, of course, means increased use of col- ton textiles and fiber. Cottons are ah Integral part of housing, whether conducted through construction of large apartments or hole! units or in single family dwellings. Cottons also go heavily mlo home furnishings of all types, home fnrii- Lshiilgs in ordinary times absorbing about. 26 per cent of nil cotton fabrics sold. Cotton fiber, yarns and fabrics go widely inio Industrial uses in making electrical and other forms ot household equipment,, into plant use in turning out items necessary to new homes, and will, after lite war enter into many uses Iii S-f > - -* -i it- ~ _ J~~. Lack of manpower put the kayo on this New York laundry. Sign in window 1 pronounces finis to business Joe Lee had condwclcd, for 13 years. struction. Aside from the home furnishings division, cottons enter widely into building construction. In larger units of construction caulking fabrics are a big item, while in nearly all types of construction cotlous mav enter roofing. Cotton fabrics such as osnnluirgs arc used widely in the manufacture- of fireproof shingles of the more durable (nml- Ity. Sidewall and other tlicrmal insulation will be more widely used henceforth than ever before, which means demands for cottons given fircproofing treatment. Window shades and awning.s arc among the together with collon print cloth and sheeting yarn fabric which go inlo Ihc manufacture of laminated' phe- nolic products, turned into noiseless gears and Ihe like. Durable drain boards and other kitchen equipment of a plastic clmrcter frequently employ cotton fabric bases, while new types of tiling, wall board and hard surface floor covering-Involves use of cottons and will go Into construction. With prefabrication of houses uses of cotton and other textiles In factory work also will be widely expanded. So : called Industrial uses of cototji done absorb some 25' per cent of nil fabrics normally produced, and many of !llg. ' Beyond Ihe actual construction of housing, home furnishings would lie vastly stimulated, both in hew and older dwellings. Out of a prewar cotton consumption of 1,200,000 bales, 1,800,000 bates went intb home furnishing items and the figure would bo much larger with n housing boom. Sheets and pillowcases aione account for. nearly "a half million bales of cotton a year nnd towels and toweling for over 300,000 imlc.s. Draperies and upholstery fabrics use large amounts of cotton. Other domestics would be strongly stimulated by housing aclivily, noUvbly bedspreads, curluins. lickings, oilcloth Items. Any itemii might be cited, ranging from table linens to shower curtains, but the variety of colloiis entering into home building and home furnishing is not only broad but of great diversity. Us variety will lie irmUl; plled after the war as a consequence of technical piogress made and new processes discovered. Altogether, the forecasts of a building boom mny be Interpreted as having a strong effect upon the' cotton textile industry. Widespread efforts arc being: made by building interests lo interest- Ihe Government in strong promotion of building after the war, .since the ramifications of H building boom are great contributions to stimulation of aclivily of a greal many other indnslries, as well as of banking and linaiice, and in addition' to textiles. Subsidization of building sanitation the hatchery has the atmosphere of a hospital. Even the attendant!; wear white, freshly .irossocl clothing nt all times like nurses and doctor:; on hospital duly. The hatchery is now equipped to .jatch out (JOO.COO chicks a year. , glass blocks .allow light to the flow and miscellaneous other number of miscellaneous THIS IS MINT UP-FIX UP -MONTH •• REDECORATE NOW FIGURE WITH ON THAT WALLPAPER Ebefsott-Lindsley Paints Wear Better—Last Longer! i t Our Prices Ilsne Not Advanced on Wallpaper or Taint. u |. C. ROBINSON JEJMBERCOMPANY , We Sell Coal But Feel How Fast a BATH Refreshes You ITol? Climli out of confining dollies and itilo a cool, clean hath, I.ic Imck .•ind $o;ik. Yon feel heller Five minutes of wattr-cooled comfort gives you morn limn KeAI relief: Foremost Itriilifi e<pcru say your h nclnully re<t$ ragged nerves "* , . revive* low siiirils. In short, a balh pep» up your personality! Enjoy one of these quick "Kt»1y liracm" loitiy— nny titrie you arc low. Your hath is nfroiys refresln'tig! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr, "Water Is Y onr Cheapest Commodity," TOMORHOW f S PAINT TODAY SPKFD Wtwfot. ronomical—one coat will cover 98 GALION (PASTE) As new as tomorrow is this remarkable new wallpsper paint! It's water-thinned —cm be brushed on quickly nnd easily by the most inexperienced painting hind's, yet you always get perfect results, h's economical—one coat will cover WALLPAPER, concrete, wallboard, or brick —one gallon is enough for the average room. It dries in '/! hour with no disagreeable after odor. It's washable—and it stays clean longer. ^_ This modern paint can really take it! You'll ^fi^f be surprised at what SPRED'S modern colors will do for your rooms, DELTA LUMBER CO. 204 N. Second Phone 497 Blytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard freely from one Interior subdivision to another, even dayllghting cor- rUlois that 'would 'otherwise be in (fe'rkrtess. 'They • 'life' sanitary, niid Ucc'aus'e .they can readily bo dismantled and re-arranged they allow for expansion as . the business grows. Iii the incubator room itself, conventional sash has been replaced by glass blocks set in mortar In the exterior walls. The room is also equipped with ultra-violet ray lamiis lliat protect the baby chicks from germs by reducing' the bacteria content of any micro-organisms brought from outside by 90 percent. In addition to this only tested and approved eggs are used, and the room is fumigated at frequent Intervals. Because of its modernity and PORTLAND, Ore. IU1')— Porl- and police were culled out to run down several thousand disturbers of the peace the other day. Lured abroad by (lie first balmy day In several weeks of cold weather hordes of bees from Portland's largest apiaries .sivarmed over the city until dark. Beans for Butch i by the-Government Is regarded ns not unlikely by several building quarters and this with redemption of wartime savings after hostilities end should lay the ground-work for instant post-war effort to foster sdch it. development. Dutch, the English hull mascot of a battery at Camp Callan.f Calif., has his own private mess: kit, and is a bit irritated here: us Sergt. Andy Yuhas pretends; to steal a bite. • obvious items of cotton lex- lilrs which go directly houscing construction. :! Cotton or •'• Electrical insulation cot- .ton yarns is an imporlant item. house of the future will have re electrical "gadgets" limn ever b'efoie, and this involves both yarn and cloth for armature windings. NGUSE.NED-YOUCANt WIPE AM THE FOR YOUR HOUSE the "tin hat" is to tliD doughboy, x v/liite lead is to your house—protection' from damage that \Vould otherwise be sure to occur. Give your house its war-; ^imS uniform of Dutch Boy Pure White (Lead Paint—it will provide the uniformly .sound weather protection every house needs .these days.,' A Complete Line, Of Dutch Boy Paints Exterior Firsl-cnatcr, Finish Con I, Inside Wall Primer, All Kiii'ls of Colors in Oil, T.wul Oil, Flattening Oil. TRUE-TAGG Paint Products Beautiful New Designs In WALLPAPERS Priced lOc Per Single Koll and up A Complete Line Of MIRRORS GLASS Cut to Any Pattern To Fit Your Furniture Blyfhevillc's Only Exclusive Taint & Wnllpapcr Slorc. ARKANSAS . Paint, Glass & Wallpaper Co. 105 E. Main Phone 2272

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