The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on February 20, 1915 · Page 5
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 5

Washington, District of Columbia
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Saturday, February 20, 1915
Page 5
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i - - iu r - s j5 - iV i4ff - - 3g f v 1 a fcL - - 3fc iTv THE WASHINGTON POST - SATURDAY EBBRteEtfl 20 a915r - --LOYA L TO U S HE SAYS Bartho k dt Defends German v Americans in Final Speech IS CHILDRENS FATHERLAND - Missouri Representative About to End 22 Ypars in Congress Says Such Loyalty Will Stand No Matter With WhichJCountry This Nation May Go to War Proud of American Citizenship In a speech In the House yesterday which - was intended as his farewell address in llhat body wherehe has served for 22 years Representative Richard Hartholdt of Missouri defended his fellow German - Americans and declared that all citizens of German blood though impatient of what they deem an injustice in criticisms of their conduct at the present time will be loyal to the United States no - matter with what nation it might go to war Germans Mr Bartholdt said had fought In four American wars and furnished a larger proportion to the fighting strength of this country than any other of the foreign elements As One With All Others They feel themselves as one with every other citizen of the republic he said and right or wrong they will share the fate of their adopted country and of their childrens fatherland Whatever their secondary sympathies may ber they are with all other true Americans for America first last andall the time1 They are for a united nation and shal ever uphold the ideal of national unity and dignity with that loyaltywhlch has characterized their whole history on American soil There is no question hut what at the present time the Germans ofv this countryjere stirred a they were never stirred before Their state of mind manifests itself in great mass meetings and in hundreds of thousands of petitions addressed to Congress in favor of an embargo oh arms It would not be quit correct however to ascribe the prevailing excitement solely to sympathy for Germany In reality It is as much if not more injured pride and an putraged sense of justice which have caused their indignation to rise because of the outrageous prevarica - lions of truth and the cruel mlsrepre - sentatlons of Germany her people and institutions contained in the manufactured nws from England and reprinted in the American newspapers Proud of American Citizenship Proud of their American citizenship they have In a political sense absolutely nothing in common with Germany or its government but their more or less accurate knowledge of conditions in that puntry taught them that the alleged news we were getting was a brutal attempt at defamation to poison the American mind against Germany The war was started with a monstrous lie and in jorder to support it a thousand otherlieshad to be told The Germans were denounced as Huns and bar - barlansj as ravishers and plunderers and as perpetrators of the worst imaginable atrocities The emperor wasdescribed asanAttlla whoonone day had had 110 socialist deputies executed the crown prince as a thief and so forth SToujmight say that it is natural for enemies to revile each other but I must answedthat so far as Germany is concerned she herself though obliged to right the lie as one of the worst of her many enemies has not vt mtnnnA in a departure from the truth either in ner on newspapers or - In - cthe messages she has sent out to the world And permit me to add parenthetically that to the neutral world the present - struggle has an enhanced significance in that It is also a warfare of falsehood against the truth If the international lie should succeed I believe the wqrld would eventually suffocate hi its slime SHIPS A CAMPAIGN ISSUE McAdoo to Discuss Bill at Southern Commercial Congress As ap indication that the administration Intends to start right in and make a campaign issue out of the ship purchase WH even though it is allowed to die at his session of Congress Scretary MsAdoo yesterday accepted an invitation to speak on the subject at the convention of the Southern Commercial Congress In Muskogee Okla in AprfL Tha sublet iij t0 An Interpretation of the Federal Reserve Act as It Relates to Business and the Shipping Bill as It Relates to Foreign Trade Secretary Wilson will address the convention on the subject of The Proper Distribution of Labor He will discuss the question of the government finding jobs for the unemployed NEWS NOTES OF CONGRESS Senator Shields of Tennessee yesterday Introduced a bill that would bar firearms - from interstate shipment either jby way of common carrier or by the malls Fines of from J100 to J500 and imprisonment from one month to six months are provided as penalties for jylolatlons of the law By this bill h propose to contribute something to the suppression of homicides which have become the national crime of the United States said Senator Shields when he introduced the measure Senator Shields yesterday made an unsuccessful effort to get up his bill for tlje Federal incorporation of the Boy Scouts of Amerifca He explained that the name and insignia of the organization yerer being used for advertising purposes and the proposed legislation would make this unlawful As the matter threatened to lead to considerable debate Senator Martin objected as he wanted to proceed with the appropriation bills Thej Senate committee Investigating charges of lobbying against the administration ship bill took no testimony yesterday and will meet again today Harlland B Howe of St Johnsbury Yt was nominated yesterday by President Wilson to be United State1 district judge for Vermont Infection Little hurts often cause serious ailments sometimes Blood Poiaon Germ infection it a danger always present Safely Find I Kill the germ prevent Infection by using SLOANS LINIMENT 4 The Great - Antiseptic Good for cuts sore sore throat bruiiei swelling cratches and bites of animals j Buy a lotOe to - day AtaUAxJen Price 25c 50c 6 Sl00 Earl SLSIoan Inc PAOa SL LoqIs CALM000000 VOLUNTEERS TO ARMS HWtimiLITARY JOURNAL URGES US x IN WARNING THATWAR IS AT HAND - - - PeaceLtAny - Price Policy Has Led Foreign Powers to Believe We Will Never Be Prepared Oar Protests - Receive No Serious Consideration At Least a Year ATeceiv - - - sary to Prepare Men for Active Service nv The Army and Navy Journal in Its issue out today prints the following sensational call to arms and demands the Immediate mobilization of a volunteer army of 1000000 men y If President Wilson consults his military advisers hewlll ask authorifyfrom Congress to mobilize an army oft yxXMJOO volunteers not for the purposerof making war but to avoid war byireservlng neu trality and maintaining - our honor and dignity Placing 1000000 volunteers under training would amount to a declaration that theUnlted States Is preparing to insist upon its rights and resist aggression It would be a measure of peace as It might possibly avert the war toward which we are fast drifting as every student of military history must see and It would at least partially prepare us to meet the hock of war4J war muBt come It would also go farto solve the problem of unemployed labor with which we are contending If volunteers responded the most vigorous policy on the part of the War Department could not prepare them for serv - ice in the field within less than a Tear L To send them Into battle earlier would be a repetition of the blunder of the first battles of all of our wars thus far Not Hostile in Nature The mobilization of volunteer troops at this time could not be construed as a hostile demonstration against any nation This country would only be taking thejsteps for the creation of an army of detjmse which should have been taken yeirs ago Further delay in preparing some measure of defense may be fatal to us Thef necessity of calling out a volunteer army is made more urgent because of the peace - at - any - prlce policy which is being preached sovbclferously from the housetops with the tacit if not with the open approval of those in authority Foreign nations hot only realize that we are not prepared to defend ourselves but are under the impression that we never will be Onthis account neither Germany nor Great Britain is giving any serious consideration to the protests of the State Department except In words and Japan is going ahead with its plans for the domination of China and the Pacific Ocean without considering the wishes or the interests of this country ThWjs ominous of war for in - the end the belligerents instincts of this countryjwhich are only lying dormant will be aroused by a realization that our people have been misled by the false theories of the peace fanatics Have those in authority forgotten how after the firing upon of Fort Sumter In 1861 and again after the linking of - the Maine in 1898 war came like a flash Confronted with the necessity of appropriating 0000000 day for the next elev - out of a clew sky He who rightly lwT reads the sign of the heaven - can iee lilTJl9 the war clouds once more garnering If the President should caU for such an army as is proposed these aggressions on the part of the great powers would cease and is it not time that we showed our teeth T During the present war no one can afford to engage in hostilities with this country although it is obvious toall that our 8tate Department is not ina - posltion to enforces any of its demands v Too Late When Attacked It would be too late to attemptto raise a htrge force of volunteers after we had been attacked As Secretary Garrison In Ws annual report contended to concede that it wouldtake six months to train a volunteer army Is virtually an admission of defeat in - a war with - any of the great nations and we axe fast drifting toward war - if this nation could keep 1000000 volunteers under arms for even six months a foundation could be laid for an adequate land force The regular army and the organized militia could be used as a nucleus for the raining and organization f the volunteer vanny for six months after which the volunteers could go back to civil life aaa real force of reserves Provisiona couldbe made for an annual mobilization of the volunteers and they eouldbe kept in condition to be called into the field rapidly All the questions of equipment and - provision of reserve supplies could be worked out by the general starc ox tne army and the country could then have something approaching an adequate land force Not only could the present but the future needs of the countrys defense be provided for at a minimum expense and we would have a breathing spell In which to organize a complete system of defense and furnish ourselves with an adequate supply of the munitions of war ENGLAND FORESHADOWS INTENTION TO MAKE FOODSTUFFS CONTRABAND CONTINUED FROM FIRST PAGE They the time of the detention of the cargo or indeed until now How far the ostensible exception of imported supplies from the general government monopoly of all grain and flour set up by the German government may affect the question of the contraband nature of the shipments seized is a matter which will most suitably be investigated by the prize court It is however necessary to state that the German decree is not the only ground on which the submission of the cargo of the Wllhelmina to the prize court is justified Germans Seize Food Cargoes Th rswrnan government have in public announcements claimed to treat practically every town or port on the English east coast as a fortified place and base of operatlons - On the strength of this contention they have subjected to bombardment the open towns of Yarmouth Scarborough and Whitby among others On the same ground a number of neutral vessels sailing for English ports on the east coast with cargoes of goods on the German list of conditional contraband have been seized by German cruisers and brought before a German prize court Again the Dutch vessel Maria having sailed from California with a cargo of grain consigned to Dublin and Belfast was sunk in September last by the German cruiser Karlsruhe This could only have been justified If among other things the cargo could have been proved to be destined for the British government or for armed forces and if a presumption to this effect had been established owjngr to - Dublin or Belfast being considered fortified places or base for armed forces Cannot Have It Both Ways The German government cannot have it both ways If they consider themselves justified in destroying by bombardment the lives and property of the peaceful civil inhabitants of English open towns and - watering places and in seizing and sinking ships and cargoes of conditional contraband on their way thither on the ground that they are consigned to a fortified place or base a fortiori his majestys government must be at liberty to treat Hamburg which is In part protected by fortifications at the mouth of the Elbe as a fortified town and base of operations and upply for the purposes of article 34 of the declaration of London Rebuke to United States If the owners of the cargo of the Wilhelmina desire to question the validity in international law of the action taken by order of bis majestys government they will have every opportunity of establishing their case in due course before the prize court and Ws majestys government would In this connection recall the attention of the United States government to the considerations put forward in Sir Edward Greys note to Air Page of the 10th Instant as to the propriety of awaiting the result of prize court proceedings before diplomatic action is initiated It will be remembered that they - have from the outset given definite assurance that the Owners of the Wilhelmina as well as the owners of her cargo if found to be contraband would be equitably1 Indemnified There is one further observaUoh to which his majestys government think it right and appropriate in the present connection to give - expression They have not so far declared foodstuffs to be absolute contraband they have not interfered with any neutral vessels on account of their carrying foodstuffs except on basis of such foodstuffs being liable to capture it destined for enemy forces or governments Distinctions Swept Away In so acting they have been guided by the general principle of late universally upheld by civilized nations and observed in practice Jthat the civil popu lations of countries at war are not to served for combatanta - This distinction has to all Intents and purposes - been swept away by the novel doctrines proclaimed and acted upon by the German government It Is unnecessary here to dwellon the treatment that has been meted out to the civil population of Belgium and to those parts of France which are in German oe - cupaUon When Germany long - before any mines had been laid by the British authorities proceeded to sow mines upon the high seas and v by this means sunk a considerable number not only of British but also neutral merchantmen with their unoffending crews it was so his majestys government holdsopen to - themito take retaliatory measures eyen if such measures were of a kind toi involve pressure oil tha civil population not Indeed of neutral states but of their enemies refrained from doing so When subsequently English towns and defenseless British subjects including women and children were deliberately and systematically vfired upon and killed B ships flying the flag of the imperial German navy when quiet country towns and villages void of defenses andpossess - Ing no military or naval importance were bombarded by German airships his majestys government still abstained from drawing the logical consequences from this form of attack on defenseless citizens - Further steps in the same direction are now announced and in fact have already been taken by Germany British merchant vessels have been torpedoed at sight without any attempt being made to glv warning to the crew or any opportunity beings given to save their lives A torpedo has been fired against a British hospital ship In daylight and similar treatment is threatened to all British merchant vessels in the future as well as to any neutral ships that may happen to he found in the neighborhood of the BriUsh Isles May Rule Food Contraband Faced with this situation his majestys government considers It would be altogether unreasonable that Great Britain and her allies should he expected to remain indefinitely bound to their grave detriment by rules and principles of which they recognize the justice if impartially observed as between belligerents but which are at the present moment openly set at defiance by their enemy If therefore his majestys government should hereafter feel constrained to declare foodstuffs absolute contraband or take other measures for Interfering with Germart trada by way of reprisals they confidently expect that such action will not be challenged on the part of neutral states by appeals to laws and usages of war whose validity rests on their forming an integral part of that system of international doctrine which as a whole their enemy frankly boasts tfis liberty and intention to disregard T so long as such neutral states cannot compel the German government to abandon methods of warfare which have not In recent history been regarded as having tho sanction of either law or humanity HOW TO END PIAG PEEIL Bar Use of Stars and Stripes to Belligerents Says Smith Discussing Thursday the use of the American flag by ships of belligerent nations Senatpr William Aider Smith of Michigan member of the committee on foreign relations made the followingfollowing - statement The serious aspect which attends the use by a belligerent of the neutral flag of the United States or by a neut tral other than the United States has in the past been greatly - mitigated because of the right of seizure and search at sea or within so - called war zone waters It is undoubtedly - true that the custom of raising a neutral flag of a strong nation has often been resorted to but never under circumstances like those now existing in Europe The allies are undoubtedly in control of the seas and no armed merchant vessel or naval vessel of Germany now attempts to supervise International shipping The only method to which the imperial government resorts is one of hostile attack Germany is not - in a posltiontQ selzeor search foreign vessels within the war zone nor for that matter anywhere within the high seas If our flag is to be indiscriminately used by other nations whether neutral or belligerent as a means of protection it will be constantiyexpoBed to the danger growing out of such a situation It is well known by students of International affairs that the ship and the flag are not necessarily the same hut if y the - Americans government per - mita any other - nation - touBeits flag be exposed to treatment rightly re - father as a means of escape1 or as a Detter means or attack It subjects our government to a very great danger Mines and torpedoes arethe - pnly weapons now belnused by7Gennany upon the seas and IfJthattgoTerrimeht gets the impresslonthatouriflag is to be used as a means of escape by the nations atxwar or w neutral nations carrying contraband w expose ourselves to - a serious - misunderstanding and - invite difficulties which perhaps could be - wholly1 avoided if lt became known and was fully understood that the American flag was only being used to protect its own neutral J ships and neutral citizens - 5 Any other course smacks of duplicity and unfairness and should in my opinion bepromptly and t vigorously condemned - RUSH ALL MONEY BILLS - f Solons Bend to - Work on Billion I Dollar Appropriation v TRTTO AVOID EXTEA SESSION Senators Attack - 2288100 for Agriculture Census House Provides 164000000 for enslons - 160o6o Allowed for Formal Opening of Panama Canal Usual Mileage Retained which will supply thelllion dollars need ed to run0 the governs - ent during the next flscalyeact In the Senate the entire day was devoted tq the 839030030 legislative executive and judicial appropriation bill The House passed the pension bill carrying 1640QO000 and took up the diplomatic and consularmeftsure appropriating 4500000 Beyond the naming of the House conferees jthe ship purchase bill received no attention reposing in the - custody of the conference committee where it will remain under the agreement reached Thursday in the Senate Until February 27 The conferees probably will jaot meet this week The ship bill investigation also was at a standstill yesterday but the special committee will resume its hearings today f 160000 for Canal Opening X committee amendment to the legislativelegislative - executive and judicial bill appropriating HSO000 to be used by - the President in connection with the formal opening of the Panama Canal was adopted by the Senate after a sharp debate Senator Fall sought to establish the basis on which tha estimate of expenses had been made - Senators Martin and Overman - explained that the subject was discussed at - a conference - at which Senator Gal - linger and Minority Leader Mann of the House were present arid the item agreed uponr The War Departments estimate called for 1250000 but the committee they said had reduced this to 90000 Those in charge of the appropriation bill - were pained at the Insistence of Senator Fall who wanted toknow what the 80000 that had been cut out was for t It seemed to bej with some reluctance 7 that these Senators explained that they understood that amount had been Intended to meet the expenses of members of Congress who would attend the official celebration kenyra - Prohibition Tahfed J Senator Kenyon Bald that what re - malned in - the bill probably would provide for the entertainment of 400 people He offered an amendment that would prohibit thB use of any of the appropriation in thflpaymentiOf the expenses of any member - of Congress This was laid on the table 35 to 30 Senator Martin pleaded with his colleagues thatShls mat - ter should foeleft entirely to the discretion of the President who heeald couldbe trusted to deal properly with the subject - j i - t Senator Martin said he understood the President proposed - to invite former Presidents Roosevelt and Taft diplomatic representatives and a small committee from Congress to make the trlpjto San Francisco with him - - N The Senate restored the usual mileage for members of Congress This action was accompanied with a few4 interesting remarks on economy Senator Thomas of Colorado declared that there were people all over the country who were protesting against a charge of 75 cents - a thousand for gas and yet Congress was assessing them 1 1000 an hour for hot air Thelast month of the session Mr Thomas said referring to the filibuster against the ship bill had been a reckless wasteof public money T - This was resented by Senators Smoot and Gallinger who - asserted that the opponents of the ship bill had done the country a great service by defeating it and had not only preserved the government from embarrassing foreign complications but had saved to the people 50000000 as well v Agriculture Census Attacked The opposition toTthe appropriation of 2286100 for taking a census of agriculture precipitated a lively discussion in which both Democrats and Republicans joined in their condemnation of the item both on grounds of economy and because of the alleged use - lessness of the work Senator Kenyou was - sarcastic in his criticism More infernal nonsense has been circulated for the alleged Information of the American farmer than anybody can keep tracof said - Senator Kenyon The farmer is being stuffed with a lot of statistics compiled by theorists that neither the farmer nor anybody else - wants The farmer knows more about these things than those who try to stuff him with this statistical information based upon theories Senator Kenyon displayed three massive volumes of agricultural statistics printed Jn 191 - and declared he didnt believe anybody on earth had read them or that they would do anybody on earth any gooL - The chief reason for urging thia 2225000 of appropriations he said was to provide Jobs for another email army of v government employes This amendment was still under discussion when - the Senate adjourned With the ship bill out of the way Senate leaders were giving some thought to matters other than appropriation bills which might be urged at this session It was understood the administration waslparUcularly desirous that the treaties with Nicaragua and Columbia be ratified and also would - like to see some conservation legislation Hopes for Philippine Bill Senator Hitchcock chairman of - the Philippines - committee said he thought the Philippines bill has a fair chance of passing although considerable - oppositionopposition to the preamble declaring the purpose of the United States ultimately to j grant independence was to be expected - - i - Administration leaders Indicated clearly thatno bill would be permitted to Interfere with action on the appropriation measures - so as to make an extra session of Congress necessary - - y C THAT UniTATOE AEKESTED f - I - McZinley Schoolboy Mistaken for Bur - a - i - glar byJuUninitiated Woman Stunts in connection with the Initiation - of members of j a - Greek letter i fraternity - 6f McKlnley Manual draining School last night resulted in the arrest of one ofv the initiators A woman - who was unable to see anything bat burglary as the object fit - a man skulking behind a tree with a red bandana over his face and a club in his hind caused the arrest When the woman saw the young man at Maryland avenue and Tenth street she - l6sf no time in telephoning to the Ninth precinct thatburglars were onthe job - When police arrived they grabbed theyouth but several of his fellow members came from behind other trees and told the police they were tcXtake part in a stage hold - up of candidates who had been instructed to come that way At the station house all were - let go except the burglar He and his friends had to dig up five dollars as collateral for his appearance in police court thl3 morning MOVIES AT PBESS CLUB Pictures 3ased on Thomas Dixons Clansman Shown to Urge Gathering With Chief Justice White - of theSu - preme Court of the United States as the guest - of honor D Wt Griffith the producer and Thomas Dixon Jr author of the book - entertained the mtm - bersof the National Press Club - inHhe banquet hall of the Raleigh last - night wlthan invitation presentation of a gargantuan motion picture drama The Birth of a Nation based on Mr Dixons e Clansman1 There were 600 spectators who cheered and - applauded throughout the three hours required to show the gigantic picture with only one sixnln - utelntermissIon It is computed that 18000 people were used in staging some of the spectacular battle scenes and more than 2000 horses in the great Kuklux KJaa charges Among the guests of the evening in addition to the Chief Justice were the Secretary of the Navy and 38 members of the Senate As the picture has not yet been shown publicly in the East the producer requested that no review of his master film be published prior to its New Tork premiere on March 3 FIVE HELD IN LOOT CASES Police - Believe Prisoners Belong to Jflang of Housebreakers - One Youth It Is Said Confessed to 7 Stealing Autos for Joy Sides and f Then Abandoning Cars - Five Souths were arrested yesterday by the police of the - Second precinct who say they are members of a gang who have been operating in the northwestern section of the cltyfor eix weeks or more robbing drug stores cigar stores and laundries Several other young white men who the police allege belong to the same gang also are under arest for investigation The arrests were the result of several weeks or woric ty Precinct Detective Battee Lieut Murphy and - Policemen Button Downs - Llvlngston and Bailey It was stated at the Second - precinct where the prisoners are held - on charges of housebreaking - ICsaX they had operated in the First Second Sixth Eighth and Tenth precincts and are believed to be the men who committed 25 robberies by housebreaking The aggregate amount of their steal - lngs is said not to be large The police say that one of the men under arrest has confessed that they are responsible for stealing automobiles at night for Joy rides and afterward abandoning the machines G 0 P DEFERS ACTION MinorityBeorganization Postponed Untirthe Next Session Addresses by school officiate andJprom - inent men of Washlngtofiiwerela - featUre of the Washingtons Birthday celebrations in the Bchools of the city yesterday The day preceding Washingtons Birthday la set aside for special exercises in all Of the schools every year and a7 study of the Ufa Of the first President Is usually taketf - up especlally - in the - gradesphools early in February flnnnrfntivnritfnt EmMr - Tj1 Thurstons address at the Congress Heights School1 on Vocational Education vwas a part of the George Washington entertainment H a w a m miimno rTxma r children of the school took part Stephen E - Kramer assistant superintendents spke at the Ketcham School yesterday afternoon oh the life of Washington and Babbl Abrara Simon - of the - Eighth Street Temple addressed the pupils qt Western High School at the assembly at Hhe auditorium in Woodward and - Lothrops store Rabbi Simon - said that the greatest elf t of George Washington to humanity - was the example he left i for young men G Grosvenor Dawe was the principal ppeaker at the Thompson School Tne exercises in the grade schools were in charge of Jhe principals and the eighth grade teachers Addresses were delivered by speakers from outside of the schools in several buildings FrederickC Bryan spoke at the GalesSchoolECBranden - burg atthe ArthurSchool TrWBerro UUBiUIUW DCUUU1 IMirH JTAU1 ytllUL at the Brookland School and Rev CE WhltmoreatthelEckingtonechool Party Leaders in House Divided on Oues - - i t ion - of Open Cancus - Mann Takes Standi Republicans of the next House determined yesterday to defer their minority reorganliatlonuntllthe Thursday night preceding the first session of the next Congress In the conference held to discuss plans Representative Mann of Illinois was generally referred to as his own successor as minority leader Caucus rule was discussed Representative Cooper of Wisconsin protesting against the use of the word caucus in connection with meetings of - Republicans members and asserting that the day of secret caucuses had passed This drew from fRepresentatlveManna re mark that the time may come when we may have to bring to bear all the binding force we can At Mr Manns suggestion the question or whether there shall be caucuses or open - air meetings was left to be decided at the reorganisation meeting J - t In reference to committee assignments Representative Mann said the Progressives had not agreed whether they should get their assignments from the Republicans or the Democrats - - PUPILS PATRIOTIC FETE - - Washinglons1 Birthday Celebrated in the Pnfaluf Schools Sunt Thurston Rabbi Simon and Others Deliver Addresses on Lifeoffthe First President - k j - i - - - tATJGHir CLASS - DINESH0NDAY Representative Smith of Minnesota - to JJe Speaker at Annual Banqifet The - twenty - f ourth annual - banquet of the Vaughn class - of Calvary Baptist Sunday School which will beheld In the Sunday1 school house next Monday night will be featured by patriotic addresses and among the speakers announced are Representative George R Smith - of Minnesota the Rev Dr James Shera Montgomery pastor of Metropolitan M E Church and Dr Clarence J Owens managing director of the Southern Commercial Congress xnevwu ernes - juine - ciassxnemDer ship contest have been running very Iclose together the Davids being only 1 point ahead of the Jonathans last Monday evening when reports from generals and captains were made and the campaign discussed at p dinner in the Sunday - school house Nearly 60 new members have been gained in two weeks and it was voted to hold several more of these dinners before the close of the contest April 4 ALTJMNI OF W0B0ESTEB BINE President Hollisof Polytechnic Chief Speaker at Banquet Here The annual meeting and smoker of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association was held at the Cosmos Club last night with Dr Ira N Hollis president of the institute as one of the guests and the principal speaker Dr Hollis addressed the association on the fiftieth anniversary celebration which is to be held in Worcester next June whenPresident Wilson will he one of the speakers Dr G C Spencer of theDepartment of Agriculture spoke on Student Life in Germany The following officers of the association were elected iKDr GvjerSpen - cerpresldent J K Schofleld - vlce president and Victor - Cobb secretary - treasurertreasurer Conference on Railway Valuation Questions submitted to the railroads by Charles A Prouty director of valuation of the Interstate Commerce Commission were discussed yesterday by representatives of Eastern railroads at a conference in the Wdllard These problems of Federal valuation of railway propertywill be subjects of - hearing to be held by the Interstate CommerceCom mission March 22 The conferenc4 will continue today when some plan of procedure at the commission hearing may be adopted NO PERILS TO NEUTRAL SHIPS IP GERMANS KEEP THE SEA LAWS CONTINUED 7B0M FIESI PAGE va t f S - dent the memorandum makes this statement t No General Order The British government have no Intention of advising their merchant shipping to use foreign flags as a general practice or to resort to them oth erwiae than for escaping capture or detraction - In - conclusion the statement says The obligation upon a bel - - llgerent warship to ascertain definitely for itself the nation - allty and character of a mei i chant vesselbefore capturing it and a fortiori before sinking and f - destroying it has been univei - sally recognized If thai obliga K tlon is fulfilled the hoisting of a neutral flagon board a British - vessel cannot possiblyendahger neutral shipping and the British government holds that if loss to neutrals Is caused by disregard - ring this obligation it is upon the f enemy vessel - disregarding and upon the government giving or - - ders that itt should be disregarded that the full responsibility for y injury to neutrals ought to resty v - Great Britains Reply V cThe following is the - text of the reply of - Great Britain - to the American note as handed - to Walter - pines Page the American - Ambassador today Tjhe memorandum communicated on the eleventh - nf February cans attention in courteous andfrtendly terms to the action of the captain of the British steamship Lusrtanla in raising the flag of the United States of America when approaching British waters - and says that - the government of the United States feels certain anxletyjn considering the possibility of any general use of the flag of the United States - by British vessels traversing those waters since the effect of such a policy might be to faring about a menace to the lives and vessels of United States citizens Actedto SaVePassengers It was - understood that the German government announded their intention of sinking British merchant vessels at sight by torpedoes without giving any opportunity of making any provision for the saving of lives of noncombatant crews and passengers It was in consequence of this threat that the Lusi - tania raised the United States flag on her inward voyage On her subsequent outward voyage a request - was made by United States yassentera who were embarking on hoard her that the United States flag should be hoisted presumably to insure their safety Meanwhile the memorandum from your excellency had been received His majestys government did not give any advice to the company as to how to meet this request and it understood that the Lusitanla left Klverpool under the British flag - It seems unnecessary to say more as regards the Lusitanla In particular Practice Never Forbidden In regard to the use of foreign flags by merchant vessels the r British merchant shipping act makes It clear that the - use of the British flag by foreign merchant vessels ispermitted In time of war for the purpose of escaping capture It is believed - that in the case of some otherr nations there is similar recognition of the same practice with regard to their flag and that none of them has forbidden it It would therefore be - unreasonable to erpect his jnajestys government to pass legislation roroiacing the use of foreign flags by British merchant vessels to avoid capture by the enemy - now that tne uerman government has announced Its intention to sink merchant vessels at sight with their noncomhantant crews cargoes and papers a proceeding hitherto regarded by the opinion of the world not as war but piracy - If is felt that the United States government could not fairly ask the BriUsh government to order British merchant vessels to forego a means always hitherto permitted of escaping not only capture but the much worse fateof sinking and destruction Americans Used British Flag Great Britain has always when a neutral accorded to vessels of other states at warA the liberty to use the British flag - as a means of protection from capture and instances are on record when United States vessels availed themselves of this facility during the American civil war It would be contrary to fair expectation if now when conr dltions are reversed the United States and neutral nations were to grudge to British ships the liberty to take - similar action VThe iBritlsh government ha nA in fcentlonjrt advising their merchant shiiw pins to use xoreign nags as a general practice or to resort to them otherwise than for - eseapmg capture or destruction Obligation Rests on Warships The obligation upon a belligerent warship to ascertain definitely for itself the nationality and character of a merchant vessel before capturing it and a fortiori before slnklngand destroying it has been universally recognized If that obligation is fulfilled the hoisting of a neutral flag on board a British vessel cannot possibly endangerneutral shippipg and the British - government holds that If loss to neutrals is caused by disregard - of this obligation it is upon the enemy vessels disregarding ft and upon the government giving the orders that It should be disregarded that the sole responsibility fotinjury to neutrals ought to rest - SJiff Y i i - - - 4 The Rayo Rests Your Eyes THE bright yet soft fight of the RAYCT Lamp rests your eyes as sererr as harsh white glare u bjuriow to them Scientists recommend tie light rofan oil lamp and the f JjfoLAMP h the best o3 lamp made your dealer to show you the Rayo N - glare no flicker - Easy to light and care for r Ask Nc STANDARD OIL COMPAQ NEW JERSEY BALTIMORE WiiMmiiiPC NoMkYu Chariot MC ClMrlMtWVa CbarUctaaSC If 3 4 m CITY NEWS IN BRIEF - The Washington - Center of the Socialistic party1 Of the District of Columbia gave its annual midwinter 4ance last night at the Pythian jTemple Ninth street near K Many special features were introduced during the program and exhibition dances were given by professional dancers The arrangements were in charge of Jack - Goldsmith Isaac Roseblatt Mrs Grace E Vail and Mrs Julia Parks An amendment to appropriate 350000 for the construction of a bathing beach in the Tidal basin has been offered to the sundry civil bill by Senator Norrls of Nebraska The amendment was first proposed to the District appropriation bill The body of Mrs Mary E Strong widow of MaJ - Frank Strong U S A who died Thursday night at Tvalk - ervflle Md will be interred thls afternoon in Arlington Cemetery Mrs Strong was the mother of Mrs James Easby - Smith The funeral will be held this afternoon from the Easby - Smlth home 1721 S street northwest The Young Womens Christian Association will be addressed tomorrow afternoon by Hon H H Seldomridge of Colorado on the subject Our National Opportunity Miss Isabelle Stone has the music in charge and Mrs Charles Riker is the soloist On accountof the holldayno muslcale for the blind Will be presented this evening at the Library of Congresa The food exposition which has been the center of attraction to householders and slghtseersthroughout the week closes tOM day The weather having been Ideal the large crowds that thronged the market were mostly buyers and while some stand holders say that the business did not meet their expectations the majority of them seem well satisfied With the results Outdoor meetings of the Congressional Union for Womans Suffrage which commenced last Saturday night will be held at the same time each week weather permitting The union holds permits for meetings at Thirteenth street south of E street Twelfth street south of F street Eighth street and Pennsylvania avenue southeast Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue and D street and Pennsylvania The tea at theVesldence of Mrs John Jay White Sheridan Circle rlll be given Sunday afternoon v Commissioner Louis Brownlow will bethe principal speaker Monday morning at a Washington birthday celebration by the Association of Oldest Inhabitants at their halVNlneteenth and K streets northwest Louis P Shoemaker will read Washingtons Farewell Address At the meeting of the Society for Philosophical Inquiry to be held in the west study room of the Public Library today at 445 p ra Edward SrSteele will read a paper on The Logical Function of the Human Mind to be followed by a discussion AIL students of philosophy are invited Speaker Champ Clark of the House of Representatives will address - the Sunday school of the Vermont Avenue Christian Churcb tomorrow morning at 10 oclock under the auspices of the Everyman Bible Class as part of a special program In celebration of Washingtons birthday At the evening church service the Rev Earle Wllfley pastor of the church will speak on Poison in Printers Ink The New Jersey Society met last night in the Perpetual Building Association Hall Joseph J Keener president presided Several new members were admitted A committee was appointed to arrange for the annualplcnic thissummer at Marshall Hall A - social program was carried - out in - sWblch the ladles of the organization took part Felix McGuire was chairman of the entertainment committee A Washingtons birthday celebration is to be held by the Association of Oldest Inhabitants next Monday in the hall of the association Nineteenth and H streets northwest A business meeting will be held at 11 a - m and will be followed by patriotic exercises Com - misfiioner - Louis Brownlow will be the principal speaker Louis P Shoemaker will read - Washingtons Farewell Address Mrs Antoinette Funk yice chairman of the congressional committee of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and a member of the national campaign committee will leave for New Tork today to hold a conference with Mrs Stanley McCormlck chairman of the finance committee and the New Jersey leaders on Ihe approaching - campaign in New Jersey Plans have been made for a three weeks automobile tour through the State as soon as the weather and roads permit Beginning tomorrow evening the Rev John Britton Clark D D will deliver five - Lenten - sermons Sunday evenings at 8 oclockatthe First Presbyterian Churchs John Marshall place on the subject The Men Who Crucified Christ Judas Iscariot Herod Antipas Caiaphas Pilate and the Multitude OavSjjnday February 21 the pulpit of the Church of Our Father will be filled by the RevTWlllam H McGlauflin D D the general superintendent of the Universale Churches of the United States and Canada He will be assisted in the pulpit services by the Revi George R Long - brake pastor of the TJnlversallst Church at La Crosse Wis In the Public Library this morning - at 11 oclock Mrs Louise Harding EarlL under the auspices of the District Federation of Womens Clubs will deliver an open lecture on The Greatest and Least Understood Book in the World The lecture will be followed by a chart demonstration The bishop of Washington will administer confirmation Sunday evening at 8 oclock in Trinity Chyrch Third and C streets northwest The Rev Earle Wilhey of the Vermont Avenue Christian Church gave an Illustrated war talk last plght at vHam - line M E Church Ninth and P streets northwest before the Phi Mu Sigma Sunday School Fraternity He showed pictures taken by him during a trip through Europe prior to the war concluding with a description of experiences met Mn returning home in the steerage of an overcrowded liner One hundred and twenty - mre member of the Mens Bible Claea of KollorMe - iporial Lutheran Church last night attended the seventh annual banquet of thf organizatlonin4he parish halL Dr O A T Swain was toastmaster Representative Courtney W Hamlin of Missouri made an address on character build - Ing mentioning the gdod work-accomplished in this respect by Bible classes The Rev James Shera Montgomery of Metropolitan Methodist Episcopal Church spoke on mens Bible class principles as applied to mankind The invocation was given by the Rev H CMiller ofNinth Street Christian Church andthe benediction by the Rev E A Barras ofEastern Presbyterian Church Solos were rendered by Charles Clark and TVarren Seltzer On account of Monday February 22 being a holiday there will be no concert at the marine barracks on that date The Senate specjalconlmittee to investigate the District excise board andttha manner in which the excise laws have been enforced yesterday appointed Chalr - man8heppard and Senator Jones avsub - committee to prepare plans fof ihepin - qulry A report wlll be made to the full committee today and the hearing will commence as soon as possible Senator Sheppard said the inquiry would be open to tha public With the enrollment yesterday ot 33 new members the total number of - membersmembers brought lntotheJTcung Womens Christian Assoclationdurlnsrhe member ship campaign reached 112 Again tha Aeroplanes broughtin the larger num ber their score being 22 as against 14 brought inj by the Automoblles A reception and entertainment forvthe friends and patrons of Neighborhood HouseVwIll be held Thursday February 25 from 1 to 10 p m af the homerot the institution 4T0 N street southwest THIS TRADEMARK KOURGUARANfiX There is no genuine BAKERS COCOA BAKERS CHOCOLATE unless ii has this trade mark on the package MLTOl BAKERS CO LTD steaiNU9Mx of r ESTABLISHED 1780 DOitHBSTEJLMASS tMj g ifeftsiSs

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