The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1934
Page 6
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,PAHE'SIX Trick Passes and Runnir Formations Tax Back Throughout Game. !!>• UK!) GUANOi: CHICAGO. — Watching Illlno defeat Ohio State last Saturd H lo 13, 1 was struck Ij.v the le rifle burden Ihe modern gnu places on the secondary defcns In Die old days—in lad, i longer than my own limes in cc logo—when n back tucked the bi under his arm lie was urclly coi tain to run with It. Except o and split bucks, th secondary defense could drive i confidently (o help nail (he run ner if the latter broke through th standard seven-mini line. Now th early development of pliiys reveal little or nothing of what may hnp- pon before the strntngcin Is com pteted. Today a good defense back must have .speed afoot nyd plenty between the ears to coj>e with modern attacks. For instance, In the Ohio i>amc, Illinois completed a pass for n 35-yard gull) which iras highly complicated. It started with a reverse, which was followed by a .short lateral pass. The receiver thereupon throw another lateral pass back across the field to licynon, who then tossed a long forward pass down the field to nn Illlnl who hnd •time to shnkc the secondary during tills maneuvering. Those plays Involve danger of Interception with ii ninback to n touchdown bill in the modern game you've got to gamble. • » • Back In 1925 we scored on Pcnn- Ej'lvania with n so-called "flea- flicker." which wns nothing more complicated than a short forward pass followed by a lateral, 'llml play was hniled as being "10 years ahead of its lime." Today It Is routine practtve even In Briunniar school football. Znppke has led . the field consistently In ollense trickery. Ills bewildering attack this year Is born of necessity, for Ids boys have neither weight nor power. The team is the skinniest nnd scrawniest, with the stoutest fighting hearts I've ever seen in Dig Ten football. Outweighed 10 or 12 pounds to Ihc man, the Illlnl look the. fight to Ohio. It wns a tough game for tlie Buckeyes to lose, for the team lias a powerhouse running snme and should finish near the top of the heap. • • • • I am not being merely complimentary to Ihc foo when I say that''the Ohio backfleld of Pin- curn, Heekin, -...Boucher, Kabcalo, Welzel and Smith make np the best balanced outfit I've seen in many a tiny. This combination of backs cnn do everything with u football. To. slop them, the small Illlnl fo\ight Itself Into exhaustion during the first three quarters Saturday. Dahl, the biggest Illinl in the forward wall, weighs only 188. pounds. He played n wliale of a game. So did Galbrenth, the other tackle, and Bennies at, guard. Vyiille you're making up your minjl ' about your Ail-America tca^n as Hie season unrolls, keep your eye on Lindberg, the Illinois left linl/back. He has the ElllfT. My spies also tell me that Jay Hem-anger gave an' > Incredible demonstration'of liAw bflcnslve and defensive' fool-ball should be played during Chicago's ront of Michigan by a 27 to 0 score last . week. Courier Gnesser Goes Into Lead lu Grid Picks The Courier News sports editor climbed into Hie lead In the three way grid picking contest with Jock Sutherland, Pittsburgh coach, and Harry Qrnyson. NEA_Scnice s\x>r- ts editor, on the basis of" results of ssamos last weekend. The Courier picker pulled out In front of Sutherland, who had set the pace in the first two weekly contests, by a narrow mar- Bin of five points. Gray-son, who had been running a poor third, picked up considerably. The Cmi rier gnesser, 23 points behind Sutherland the first two weeks on guessing nearest to exact scores of 23 games weekly, picked up the 23 points and 5 besides. drnyson far in the rear, 131 points behind In the two weeks totals, cut the Courier picker's lead to 102 point- arid trailed Sutherland by put 97 97. Gray«m, on the basis of winners an dlosers as well as variance -from actual scores,, turned In the best selection of the three. Gray- Eon had 1C winners, 6 losers and one tie.' The Courier picker had 15 winners, 7 losers and one tie Sutherland had 14 winners, 8 losers and a tie. Qraysan missed ac- JlS ^T S °J the 23 * mn <* by 3M points, the Courier picker by 315, Sutherland by 343. Japanese postal savings banks contain deposits from 41,000,000 of her ,65,000,000 population. BLYTITEVILLB. (AUK.) COURfER Old 77' Still Fools Those Tackicrs porting Hint No. 77 llmt he nmdo famous while up the ' the nunine-footed, shifty hipped guy he w,s , B coilcg, onc ° r '>'« Chicago Bear pro teammates' vln the ncrlnl route. On The Outside Looking In By "DUKE" Wise, or Unwise Jim Plekrcn, conch of Ihc Oscc- n high school Scinlnolcs, was ra- cr perturbed, to sny the least, st before time for Ihe opening listlc or the Blylhevllle-Slmw- c gnme at Haley Field Frldny ;li I. , i'lckrcn wns vigorously denoun'c: Dlythcvlllc school officials, hletlc conimlttcc olllcc-r.'; or pares having charge of selling dills to thc gnme. down to team with Malhcws. OlTlclntlng in gnmr-s here Is usually considerably above (lie average for high school contests. It Is doubtful If nny high school gnme.s in the stale are more cnpably hmi- dlcd by officials than gnincs played here. Olficliiis of the nblllly of Merlwether, Miitlicws, Whltwortli and others who linvc worked here are hnrd to find. us to thc gnme. ... Thc Osccola conch had been re- Meets Scotly Williams ifCd (O UHV hie U'fltr 4nFr, J l,» »* .-, f Man- ,1'accs Moore; "Grudge" Match Opens Freddie Knichel, of Birmingham, probnbjy Ihe most popular wrestler lo" nppenr here last winter Inkes on n newcomer In the feature mulch on tlie armory wrestling card here lonlght. Knichel will meet Scolly Williams, of Louisville, Ky in the ircd to pay his way into the me nnd members of his Semt- lc squad hud been required to y iidult tickets lo enter (he park, said. Plekrcn declared he dtd- mlnd linvlng lo pay himself much, although he thought e practice of allowing county •wlies lo see gnme.s In the conn- ...without cost wns well estnb- Iied.f • especially when scouting. nwnce and Osceoln piny soon. it, thc Osceola mentor staled, did resent,(lie requirement thnt s smiael members buy adult tlck- . He could see no reason, Plck- -i said, why his boys should not allowed to see the gnme nt the idcnt ticket rate. Olf hand, the writer is Inclined agree with the Osceola mentor, hough not famtllnr les governing sales of tlckcUs (he games here. He hns been lold nl Jonesboro nnd certain other mols nmkc no exceptions in far of members of other tennis in is section who watch' games om the sidelines, but require ult tickets. Regardless ' of the difficulties at might be Involved it seems nt the wisest course for those charge of ticket sales here mid be to allow members of lool squnds throughout the continue! probably nny sludcnls In c county, to attend games here student prices. niythcvllle's cw deal" In nthictics nt the hi°ii lool here has for its goal n place prominence for Chicknsaw nms In high S | ftt c circles. Such rating would plnce the Chicks r above other teams in this unty. Playing gnmes as they do night, while other teams in e county play during the day cy can expect to draw well from 1 over (lie comity and should Itivatc the support of oilier lools aim sections of thc county Iher than encourage resentment. Hard (o Slop Leaks Gate receipts at FilythevlUc mes tills fnll have not come np expectations, despite good owds, ihe writer has been told Severn! reasons for this hnve TO — • "j •> «»» uiv; main' event over (lie livo out of Ihree'fnlls, Iwo hour time limit route. Knichel lias nlwnys been a prime favorite with local fans, principally because he slicks to wrestling and seldom turns lo rouglr stuff. Llttie Is known of Wil'ilnms here, but promoters vouch for his ability lo exlend Knlchel nnd give him n hard nintcli. Due lo his recognkbd ability nnd , the \in- Kiio.mi.strength and'sl;ill of : Wil- lliims,;Knichel will rate'as n r n - vorite. In the scmi-windup, two out of Ihrce falls, one hour time limit, John Marr, the rough hnd rcndy bruiser, will inkc on Tiger Moore. Marr, who clniins Seattle as his residence, deals principally In socks and blows nnd llltle wrestling skill. Moore uses both but is not ns rugged n performer as Mair. In an ndded attraction Bob McLeod nnd Robert Luke, local boys will meet in n onc fall, no time innil match. They will open the show. U is nn nlleged grudge nllnlr with no purse promised. According to reports, ' McLeod wrestled in D.vcrsbing, Tehn., nnd won a match but on his return home he was the target of criticism by Mike, who derided McLcod's nbli- ty. McLeod chnllcngcd him nnd (he mnich resulted. Traveling Troubadors Get Training in Relief Camp SAVAGE. Minn. (UP)-Trans- icnl troubndors, who soon may be oi-.i-1-in reasons for this have " vnllill » their medieval.^ ancestors en advanced. Onc is tlmt the lravell »S froin city - to city nnd •Id Is n Inrgc one, very hard to Sln 6 in 8 and playing for their sup- 'trol, and is not adequately fcnc- |ll ' r ' arc Practicing here :: nt the . in. fact onc corner of the park e cm "gency relief camp. practically fenceless. | finding several men nt the Another is lhat more than n few | C!unp '"dined loward music, ln- nve at (he park early, before „ J" c(or Elmer- Pelcrson carved n c ticket boolhs arc opened, get ,, lc out of W «><1. -•strung it hj m ^ide and that the job of putting i £clf n " rt " ow L ' Giving regular les em out again k practically hope- C0 ' ls ' ss. Onc officer, usually an early rrival at the field, believes that penlng of the ticket booths n half our to 45 minutes enrllcr will elp solve the problem. Good Officiating M n h ° WCrc sllr P rl « c i lo find i "I 0 " 5 ' wc " knovvn Canlth »n L' v 1 ?," footba "' basketball and baseball ofTlclnl, In the ref- n ' 8ht ' band was heard hls mother; )t only her , norvo "-* tli"t she never went to Meets Knichel MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1334 . i. s. am Uses Reserves Principally . in Bealiuy Luxpra, Looking Ahead ip'Chick H.v J. i'. FKICNI) Friday afternoon wns a banner evening for the' future foes of 'the ChickiiEaws. With the exception of Wilsun, who dropped a lough imo to Osccoln, 13-7, every one tame through with ensy victories Ptnylng most of the game with reserves, evidently pointing lo Ihcir ongngeincnl with the Chicks here Friday night, (he Piggoll Mohawks toyed with Luxora for llirce quarters, sol busy In n,e final period and ran up two touchdowns in Kipid time lo win 14-0. Davis, igo_ pound fullback, who has been a consistent performer all reason for Condi liainlllon, again was conspicuous by brilliant play. After taking a couple on the rhin the Jonp.sboro Golden Hnr- rlcftiie, which follows I'lggolt on the locril schedule, got back to their winning ways by lrouncin» scrappy lintcsville" eleven, 13-0, Allhough forced to revamp their ini'iip considerably due to the tcr- •iflc pounding by 'pfnc Bliilf the vcek before, Coach Haizlip's cliar- !es looked considerably Improved but were not forced to extend honiseh'e.s. A vastly Improved Osceola Sem- nole team whipped the Bulldogs 1 of Wilson, 13-7, In tlielr week-end encounter. Over at Parugould, Mentor Jack Dale's proteges, harrassed by injuries and sickness, managed to sulxlue the Sloan-Heiulrlx ncod- emy in good style, 21-0 Walnut riiifee. led by 'liieir star triple threat artist, Halliburton lipped a .strong Newport Greyhound line and marched off with an impressive 21-7 victory, it marked their fourth victory with one deteat, Searcy, unbeaten in IB (Mines, turned the trick, 20-1 two weeks ago. ABOUT YOUR \S5 -At &OUTM WHAT?0H,S &ONNA START SUMFW, H AWRIGHT, YA 8LAST6P YAP I SUPPOSE I'LL HAFTA 8RAIN YOU IN SELF DEFENSE -f.-i.'uj. —••^Tim,1934 BY HEA SERVICE. INC. T. M.RCG. U. S.PAT. Off. arc considering, obviously, include ,°'""""!i """"-I", "I" 5 ' ^ " SkCd '" the outlook for exnorLs. Thn mo- ™ .™«>°» with the Bankhead Act . Scully Williams Tonight's ten litre mnich on J the armory wrestling card will find Seotty Williams, of Louisville. Ky", newcomer, above, facing Freddie. Kiiichel,- of Birmingham, local favorite. - '. ' Football Kicked 'Into Stand Gave Youth Home Run! Hj- NBA Scrvire i ,. .? LOS",'ANGELES.—One of ' life proudest kids in Los Angeles is-tlie youth who made the longest run of tlie football game between Sari- tn Clara and Loyola of Los An- ecics. ij It. nil happened when nosshardi' of Santa Clnrn, kicked a field goal and the ball soared .over the bleachers right into the youngster's hand;. With rare presence of mind, the boy went into a double-wingback formation, pulled (lie hidden ball trick by lucking it under Ills shirt, and performed some flashy open field running through « nock of n-ould-bc tncklers com- pesc'd of ushers nnd ]»iice. He successfully made me nearest Bale, nnd It, was several minutes before officials could dig up another ball. Youth, 8, Routed Thief With Huge Butcher Knife CUSTER, L. D. (UP) - Eifht- year-old George Beck, reluming to his home while his parents and older sister were away, found n burglar in tlie house. The boy seized a butcher knife nnd routed the prowler. "I wasn't going to let him take daddy's dollar," George said explaining that he wns aii'-crcd when (he thief reached for ^sii- ver dollnr lying in a cupboard Thonc 717 Al tVfelil—Sunday—Anytime For Quick ami Dependable Wrecker Service jhillips Motor Co. is underslood that Mnlhews »as secured to: referee the K ame because MerlwetheVv was not s?t- Isfactory to Coach Johnnie Burnett of shawnec. Tlie same nn- P led lo J.y ni , K - \vhltvrarth. Umpire hi all games here this fall, and an umpire from CaruthetsvHK, cam" 'WRESTLING Armori/, Monday Night Frcrt.lic Knichel vs. Scollv Williams of Hirrnmgham O f Louisville Two Out of Three Falls - IVo Hour Time Limit I.tlDl) Dcrr Burned to Death GOLD HEACH, Ore. (UP)-Por" rangers today estimated that , J '••""iimivu Limb WO deer were liiirned lo death In and Lobster recent Botiider !iwk fires which 1.000 acres. A slroii" II over wind carried ic llnmes faster than a horse could gallop, rangers reported. The United States contains more ( "°™? '"!!- »I ^lephone 1IEXTTEII (Coi)tjnned From Page 3) and the Bankhead Colton Market- Ing Act. The Bankhead Act will become effective for its second year if tile president finds and proclaims that the cotton production a/id imirkelhig; emergency continues or Is likely lo continue, find if the Secretary of Agriculture determines that two-thirds of the colon producers favor continuance of the Acl. Any expression of producers' opinion which may lie asked in mind and in accordance ™J" slm <™ Administration's obli- inn-pose of the Agric ,1- f U °" s " 11<lcr the .adjustment condiment Act to balance 1' acts '•' l .^ as !»mtfid .out. Plans . wires, 2.300.900 miles and cubic wires Of |»wer lines. the outlook for exports. The pro- Gram will be fashioned with all facts in mind with the tural Adjustment Act to balance supply with probable demand." llankhcad Act Separate Matter it wns staled that nn important abase of the 1335 program would be lo offer eptton producers who did not sign (he 1934-1935 contracts an opportunity lo sign a contract covering the 1935 season. In addition to enabling farmers who are cooperoling In programs to mnke their cropping plans for 1935. the preliminary announcement that adjustment would con•">->•" i.'«lv tluJll^LIMUlH WUUlu SnES*^ I!™?™ ™«e in order lo STATKMKN-T ITC,, nnd 300,000 miles jvent nny misundeVslandhig "of ",he relationship between thc volun- . Stale of Arkansas, County of Mississippi ss THE ACT OK CON'GRESS ov AUGUST 24. nil CWS ' P ' lbllSllcd ^ at Biythevme. Ark. for (and If rtnii for he Lff L . p I, on the reverse side of this " 0 n,' to $• r'* v ""^ « - of the ownership; management ^ «=tc., of the aforesaid pnbl cation 0f ' Alls " 5t s. printed ^ om P nn >'- Blythovillc, Ark. «.t of will not affect the Agricultural Adjustment Administration's obli- . ,. are under' way (o give (lie : producers an -opportunity io express their opinion on the Bankhead Act for 1935, but, it was emphasized, regardless of the " decision of producers as to that supplc- menUiry, form of control .the voluntary adjustment "program will be continued into 1935. Head Courier News want Ada. Boo Lie Hall And Joe Kiielcr Tie ! For Cjhib Honors! Boone Hall and Joe Kueter tied ' for leading honors in Sunday's shoot at tlie Blythevilie Skeet ' pos- elub. Each hit 22" out of sible 25 targets. J. C. Kiiuiinghain. Max • Millet , and Pniil Byi-um were next with • of 25. Hardy and Snssell Fair their hesls with 19 good i 20 out "Frag" vc-re on shots. A number of new shooters tried : their luck at hitting the elusive ! pigeons Hunday and a good crowd turned out to watch the event. The nest shoot will be held Wednesday afternoon. Last time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nile «:45— 10-35c '..-- Paramount News Leon Errol Musical Short E X T R A! _ other fiduciary rcititinn iii * — •• t .—— J u ^ t i U&LCI; ui for whom such trustee Is acllne i ^"^ Person or corporation graphs contain statements unbri i tt\ -° " lat " le ^'^ two i )ara " ns to the circumstances and rmMn« , ant ' s Iul ' knowledge and belief security holders who do not »•,«. 1 er whlch sto ^holders and trustees, hold stock and sec,,r , Up ° n thc books ' of the company as bonafide owner and this n?f " " copaclt y °^" "wn that of a other person, association or cornnrnM^ "h " 3S ° n '° belleve that an > direct in Die said stock 'tamif ^ s nny '"'crest direct or him. Slocl " boluls - or other securities than as so staled ber of copies of each Issue of this pub- snbscrlbcrs ehiriug'thc'ixvrivp , l ,,^!i " >e ,' nails 6r 'otherwise, lo paid i l«chc months preceding tho'datc shown above''' SW °"sEAL) ml SUb£nib «' te <°^ dcr of Yugo Slavia. d.iy of Oplober, 'lM4. HARR5T w. HAINES.i Notary I'ubllc mmlsslon Expires.' April 8, 1937 Call the Wonder City Coal Com- panji when you want good coal MON JA VALLO GENUINE BRILLIANT ROYALTON-FRANKLIN CO., ILL Ark. ANTHRACITE KENTUCKY Wonder City Coal Co. PRY AND CONWAV Phone 477 Tuesday - Weds. TOllS JIMMY DURANTE Pnrnmount News Comedy Tfiere arc 80 life guards at Coney Island; they walch over several million bafiiers each season. ROXY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & KITE—lOc - 26c JASIES CAGNEY and JOAN ULONDELL ' in 'HE WAS HER MAN' Harry Gribbon Comedy Novelty — "Then Came the 5 Yawn" ! Tues,-Wed.-Thurs. 1 PAUL LUKAS ( fn th» deikloujly delight- ' ful comedy-drama-rom- ' onto of a pennilBii movie •xfra fitrl who became a temporary Counteii In real Ufa I 3& COUNTESS .OF MONTE CRISTO A UWVEHSAL PICTURE , / .rm« Mjren, R«btrt McW«d«, Ri c h«d Tuck«r. A S»nl«y tttsttmtn f,o. Jl«»ten. »«« fcyWJurFltlKl,. .Wrtct«d byKifl Fwurd. Pittcnlid by C<ri Ljfmmle. Fox News Comedy anil Novelty

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