Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 16, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1897
Page 23
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MANHOOD SEXUAL VITALITY yWcliUthe glory ot nianhood-tho prtde ot Both old »nd young, but there are thonnandi or men I *naering tne mental tortures ot a weakrnvil I *a»n»poa, shattered nerves, »nd tmlUna m*l power who cua bo cured by our (which m»' V . . i~ ."" "" -""«»'•« V uuu UVIVI Ulna lui fcuua : B .'woo wish to cornu here, it we /ail to cure. Weh»y.» I, /no free prescriptions, free cnre or C.O.D. faie. W» *ave«2!0,ooo capital and Rnuraiuco to cure evert cue if e treat or refaad every dollar you pay us, or See may be deposited In any bole to bo iiald n» WI j£"* c < lre l« effected, Write for f nil partlcG'ara, ; WAT* MEItlCAX CO., Omaha. Aeft. ID DP POISON PEOPLE AND EVENTS. A statue of 3>e Lesseps Is to be plac*< at the entrance of the Suez canal. In Larue county, Kentucky, It is sail that Charles Williams has grown bunch of white blackberries. Mrs. C. Reyes, 83 years old and crippled, cultivates a garden by her own labor at St. Austin, Fla., and one day she picked from it a thirty-six pound watermelon and eighty pumpkins. Betsy Trout of Earl, Berks county, Pa., celebrated the lOlst anniversary of her birth last. week. Several thousand people visited the old lady to extend their felicitations. She still enjoys fairly good health. When OT yeari5_old she earned a day's wages by working in the harvest field. Her old- fist daughter is 74. Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain, wife of the English secretary for the colonies, and For sale bj 0. M. Hacna & Co {FRENCH TANSY WAFERS. These are the genuine FRENCH ['CANST WAFERS, imported direct from Paris. Ladies can depend upon securing plief from and cure of PAINFUL AND JREQULAR PERIODS regardless of liiause. |i( Emerson Drug Co., Importers and IMgents for the United States. San Jose pal. B. F. KEESLING, 304 Fourth St. |{! . Logansport, Ind. from her majesty the gold instead of the silver jubilee medal. The gold mette.1 was conferred, as a rule, only on royai personages. Hans Wiseman, a famous Nebraska pioneer, is said to have killed in the course of his life 500 or more Indians. He now lives near Hartiagton, Neb., and is about 80 years old, but he is still hale and hearty. About thirty- five years ago, when Wiseman was serving in the army, Indians murdered his five children, and for many years no red man dared come within range of Wiseman's rifle. Mr. Gladstone recently acknowledge' the receipt of a life of General Gran in these words, 'I thank you for you welcome gift of your most interesting 'Life of General Grant.' America * 'happy country if she can produce even a few men worthy to be namef as approaching to the excellence o: Washington." The reference is to a comparison drawn by the author between Grant and Washington. George Gould went to New Jersey to escape high taxes in New York. He took his personal property with him, even his yacht. Across the stern of the Atalanta are the words, "Atalanta, Lakewood, N. J." No one ever knew before that Lakewood was a port of entry. How Mr. Gould gets the Atalanta up there from the sea, says he New York Times, no one knows. IDEAS IN FASHIONS. and it is still a greater mystery how le sets her over the dam into the aks, whi<:h is tb» only anchorage near bis hom*. CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. 1'JMYe for Chicaso'S :15 a m;"5:30 a m;M :25 p m I', *2:OOpm;-4:SOpm. Ijk-mve from Chicago *1:00 a m;«12:30 p m,*l:00 pm;*l:40pm:«S:l&pin. BRADFORD AND COLTJMBO8. a-»e for Bradford *1:15 a m; t7:40a m: *1:45 . pm-t4:80pm. I UrlYe from Bradford *8:00an»; H0:20 am; •1:20 pm; t4:15pm. KFPSEfl DIVISION. BT« for Effner tS:00 a m; t9:00 a m; «:05 p m 5pm Sunday only, llnrlvefrom Kffner 17:85am; +l:OSp m; 12:45 P m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. |»»T» for Richmond tt:20 a m; t5:SO a m- 'I'lO I ' pm;-r2:20p ro. |;rrlTefromKlohmond *S;55am; tH:OOsm *l:SOpm;ttl:20pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOOI8VIKJ. !•»•»• for Louisville *12:55 a m; *1:05 p m. |.rrivo from Loulrrtlle *S:05 a m; "1:06 p m. J, A. MCCULLOUQH, Agent, Logangport. Ind. 1A«T SOUND. K t and Boiton Jim (tolly). 3:33 ». n. hit maU (dally) »:« a.m Atlantic Bx.dally except Sun_ 4:56 p. m WI8T BOUND. Pacific Ki., dally except Sundar-lOilS a. m _ jCltyEipreas (daily) 2:40 p. Ant Mall (dally). g : J3 p,aj lu 5Joui» Umlted (dally) 10:J4 p. n |IL JUTO Dmiiox, WMSTKDB, uxwuuf LOttAKBPOBt AKD CHILI. W*ST »OTJ»D. Ixl6..~ ™.—Arrive! 8:30 a. n |t.IT Arrives ...X:80 p. u mwr »OUJTD. ll. M Leavet.... 9:06 a. n |)kM .....^..LetLYet ..8:46 p. a "SCRAPS." The largest gold coin in the world i» the British five-sovereign piece; tha smallest is coined in Persia, and has a value of only 44 cents,—New York Post. Japanese officers who fought in the late war against .China have petitioned their government to erect a monument to the memory of the horses that fell in battle. Detectives detailed to look after professional shoplifters always look to see if their suspects are wearing gloves. A "professional," it is declared, never works with his gloves on. Japanese theaters have their boxes so arranged that the ladies can change dresses, as it is not considered stylish for a lady to appear an entire evening in one dress and with the same ornaments. On the front gate of a a uptown church in New York han^s the notice: "Services all summer." The words convey a cynical reference to the system which prevails in many cases of long clerical holidays and closed places of worship. A paper in western Ontario is being sued for libel because it asserted that a member 01! the local base ball team could not play base ball. All the rest of the papers in the province are awaiting the outcome with interest and some apprehecsior. . There, have been four bachelor mayors of Boston. The first was the late Henry Lillie Pierce, who was elected in 1872, and again in 1877. Then eame A lady of title recently appeared at z. London race in a sliver gray alpaca with wide velvet revers framing tucked vest of white chiffon; the folded belt of black watin ribbon came from under the armfi. The bonnet worn with this costume was of black fancy sitraw and lovely shaded crimson roses. A beautiful French product was a sun-ray skirt of gray canvas, over a silk foundation; the corselet bodice had a circular basque, with a V-shaped opening in the back, and double crossed draperies in the front, caught on the shouMers with bright buckles. The epaulets were petal like in form, and, like the crossed bands on the bodice, were edged with narrow lace ruffles. The high rolled collar was encircled v,T£h a twist of primrose •'•el- vet, corresponding with the foU'-id belt. Garden early dresses now being worn at the various functions going on all over the country are worth noting. " ray, trimmed with yellow, softened with guipure, seems to be a favorite nixture. A gray kilt-plaited voile bad i bolero of this kind fastened on to the bodice in such a fashion that it formed , he entire trimming. Many people go backward and forward to the sev eral entertainments, whether it b garden parties or dances, are wearinj kilt-plaited crepon cloaks to mate] their dresses, profusely trimmed witl lace. A French designer sends out the fol lowing gown: The material is rad checked canvas over silk; there is plastron in front and back of accordion plaited red silk muslin, adorned •with a banner like bib, which is fastened down the sides with narrow satin loops over enameled buttons. Tha folded silk belt Is tied in the back in short loops and long ends, which are embroidered with jet. Full ruffles of accordion-plaited chiffon finish the neck. A red straw hat, adorned with a black Amazon feather, red rose* and a wreath of loops of red muslin, finishes this striking costume, which must not be affected except by a woman who is confident that her beauty is great enough to stand close inspection. Another Golrtlte Ineonslntency. r Almost every gold paper in the coun. try is chuckling with delight over tha recent discoveries of told in the Klondike region, declaring that it will en'ec- ually kill the "silver craze." The 'silver craze" has been killed sc- often hat we are skeptical this time. Still we will trouble ourselves enough to ask how the killing process is to take 'lace. The answer is, of course, that t will furnish so much gold that tha i-gument of its insufficiency will losa 11 of its force. As usual, the gold men ail to see that their argument (?) works both ways and literally cuts th« fround from under their own feet, hey have insisted stubbornly, doggedly, that there was already plenty of go.'d, and that the claim of its scarcity- was false. Now, if we already had gold enough, it necessarily follows that an immense production of new gold in Klondike will give us too much, and we are a little curious to know just what they propose to do about it. How they will save the people from the awful consequences of having too much money! Again, if an enormous production of gold kills the "silver craze" it can only be by making gold so abundant that it will be "cheap." Unless it become cheaper—that is, unless it raise prices, It will not relieve the situation at all. It will have no effect whatever. But they tell us that cheap money is not only "dishonest," but in the high- flr. HiUTlty Xfcrawn Ov*. By a vota of 53 to 26 th« sUte Den- ocratfc committee at P«nn«ylTaaia, Its recent session, adopted a. resolution, declaring vacant the seat ot William F. Harrity of Philadelphia In tb.9 national Democratic committee. To William F. Harrity—Dear Sir: I received yc-u-r letter of the 29th with reference to the proposed action of the Democrats at their meeting here in Reading. But before receiving it I had read it in the dally newspapers. In your letter you state that you were elected national committeeman upon the unanimous recommendation of th« Pennsylvania delegation to that convention. In order that this may ba thoroughly understood by the people, it may be well to remind you that you were elected on a Sunday; that fully one-third of the delegation was absent and had no notice of the nieet- ng at wh-ich you were said to be chosen and those absent had been in- j 'ormed by Chairman Robert E. Wright that no call of the delegation would be made that day. Assuming four election, and even recognizing it, t still remains that it was made under ircumstances, as you remembered I tated to you in Chicago, that were leculiar, if not positively discreditable. The Democratic state convention of Pennsylvania may or may not have the absolute power of removal. But the right of either the state convention or the state central commutes recognizing the existence of a va- caiy;y in the membership from Pennsylvania in the national Democratic committee cannot be questioned. Certainly these bodies can speak their sentiments in tones so certain that no self-respecting man will fail to heed them, and that the national committee will not hestitate to respond to them. I observe that you lay considerable stress upon your correspondence with Mr. Jones, the national chairman, and that upon your assertion that you have never voted any other than the Democratic and you tiave ne-ver supported any other but Democratic tickets. But I observe that no man can either in letter or expression determine what you consider either Democratic candidates or principles. .Neither have you expressed in your letter regret for your inaction and indifference to the party in ths ast fall, for your positive discourtesy o the Democratic candidate when he •isited Pennsylvania, and therefor* our failure to perform your duty as ommitteeman and your postive aid given to the enemy by your published nterviews. Your letter is absolutely 'anting in any expression as to whether or not yoi; voted for Mr, ryan, the Democratic candidate, and s to what your course in the futuru l be in national affairs. Now, know- ng as you doubtless do, that you ara opposed by the great mass of the Democracy of Pennsylvania, the query with j them, is why you don't resign and per- j mlt,. tk« position- to be fly.ftt bx sown I person fh" whom the party has Implicit confidence? You state in youir letter to me that your answer to Chairman Jones was accepted by him as en- FASHION HINTS. China silk rs much used for underwear now and lovely and durable garments are the result A clever French woman has designed thirty-sis separate and distinct styles in sleeves for the present season. A pretty little bolero front of green serge, edged 'writh black soutache brai.d, laid in a row of circles, is very pretty. Indian silks run all the others hard, but the lighter and more graceful qualities require a taffeta, lining, which adds to the expense. In Paris, where startling things al- j ways seem natural, the latest hat hits high crown with the brim, turned ' sharply up in the front. Foulards promise to be plentiful this summer and blut, with white outline, n "microbe" designs, seem to be wet" 1 n the favored foreground. While the hats of this season ara startling in the colors, there is a growing tendency to use only one color ij\ its various shades, on each. The fashion in belts is endless. Th« swellest thing is the set of oxidized silver links joined with small miniatures set in diamond frames. Taffetas gain in favor,for all thera are some of them that won't wear well enough to pay for making them up, to say nothing of the cost of the silk. A new decoration shows tabs of lace over the shoulders half way to the belt, MEN WHO. ARE WEAK BROKEN DOWN DISCOURABED Man who suffer from the en«ts of dlnue. orer. wort, worrr, from th« follies of youth or the ex. cesses of manhood, from unnatural drain*, Y«*fc» ness or lack of derelopment of anj- organ, failure of vital forces, unfltncss for marrlajre, all such m«a should "come to the fountain bead " for a> Ktenttno method of marTallons power to nulii*. develop, restore, »nd sustain. We will mall wlth«ui eh am, In a plain «e»lert envelope a pamphlet that leu* It All. liothtiur soot u&aftatf. No eipo- «ure, DO deception. Address ERIE MEDICAL CO. 84. NIAGARA STREET, BUFFULO, M Y HUMPHREYS WITCH HAZEL, OIL with- ribbon in the center of the tabs, held by a buckle at the end and loops over the waist Even little tots of 3 years wear woolen frocks of small checks, plaida or mixtures of serge, cheviot or canvas weaves in shades of brown, green, tan and bright blue. Black point d'esprit silk net is in great use, both for making wholly new toilets and waists and for freshing gowns and bodices of black satin, moire, taffeta, India silk and grenadine. Rosebud printed China silks and plain shades of the same soft silks in light shades have long been favored for little girls. Lace-edged ruffles, velvet ribbon, satin bows and a, lige- meshed l.aoe are the only trimmings for these silken fabrics, A pretty way to freshen a white chiffon or organdie waist is to tear away the entire portion that covers the upper part of the bodice and shoulders, stitching, the raw edges thus made to secure them, then adding a new yoke top, either of lace and insertion, all lace, tucked India muslin, net or shir- C u R E S Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns &. Scalds. Wounds & Bruises. Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors, Eczema & Eruptions. Salt Rheum & Tetters, Chapped Hands.. Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. Corns & Bunions. Stings & Bites of Insects. Three Sizes, 2JC, 501:. and $1.00. Bold bv druggists, or sent pogt-paldonreeelpt of prlco HCJLTI1REVS'«ED. CO., Ill * 111 WIUI««8U,S«» lot*.' ABOUT WOMEN. rings of organdie rows of ribbon. alternating with NOTES OF PROGRESS. tirely satisfactory and that he so declared and so decided, but I see no j letter to you quoted as coming from Senator Jones and nothing from him i •to you approving your course. Neither can I find anything in the letter printed by you as coming from Chairman Jonas addressed to Mr. Curley ihat To assist a golf player a new glove has a snap button which fits into a metal slot OE the side of the golf stick to hold it firmly In position. Black labels are to be stuck on the corners of ordinary envelopes, note paper, etc., to convert them into «aourning stationery, the device being patented. A new blacksmith's anvil has a vise j attachment on a standard, with a projecting upright piecg to fit in a hole oc one end of the anvil so it can be removed when not in use. To increase the brilliancy of incan- est degree injurious. So we are a.t a oss to see why- they should be in the teventh heaven of happiness over the reat gold discoveries which v.hey assume to have been made. They evi- will warrant the assertion that your i descent electric lights a double film of letts? to Mr. Jones was entirely satis- i Carbon fs plac>6d inside the factory or approveid by him. A letter, such as written by you to Mr. Jones, might be considered manly and straightforward as a letter and might completely cover the case, but it would take language much stronger than. the wire running into the glass base at its middle portion to support it. A yello-w dog derailed a handcar near Reno, Kan,, and the car went over a twenty-foot embankment, injuring three men. The dog, after the acci- Jones' to Curley to convince any hon- I dent> 3ust got U P and barked. I/ANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect Sept. 28, 1897. rfclM Iieawe Loxaapport, FOB THE NORTH — -.10:36 Dr. Samuel A. Green, who was elected in 1SS1. Ths third was Bdwin Upton Curtis, mayo:- during 1S95. Mayor Quincy is the fou:-th. Many American weeds which are now neglected, according to a botanist., are good to sat. The tender shoots of milk-weed are said to resemble in taste aspara?n:s. ]>igweed is related to b«eu and aplnaoh. The nettle, too, is declared to be we;l flavored, although it Is somewhat coarse and stringy. dently do not realize the extent of their eril. If they can only escape lie horrors of "cheap silver" by falling into he diabolical arms of "cheap gold" it appears to be (with them) a veritable «ase of "King Log and King Stock." Poor people! Their situation is, in deed, sad. >. 8 FOR THE SOUTH. ..-7:05 a. m. |. 21 S „ I For complete Time Card, giving all train Id itetioni, and for full information u tc lac, through oars, etc., address |0. KXMWORXH, agent, Loganiport, or i. FORD, General Pasgenger Agtnt, St. Lou.'J. Ho. & w. :ttme Table, Peru, Ind. olid train.') between Peorte and LladlanapoUsand Michigan. Direct con- Mont to and from all points in the United to* and Canada. HTl SOUTH BOUNU DIPART Ho n IndianapoUl Sxp dolly 7:10 a m " Mall £ KxpJUiSS a m Sunday) (dally excei NoSS Indpl'* Kip ex 8un._. 8:36 p m '• p m No » Pawenfer except Sun No 151 Rochester local arrive except Sunday, WORTH BOUITD. laaKo»H«il*KxpKx8uu. .J :45 p m :18am IWlIt ACCOM«xoept Bun... I:i5am Itoa* not ran Borth o •+ Para on Sunday. Hekn Mto« •nd4*D«rtl InformaWou X Preston Properly Scored* The Washington Post very properly castigates Mint Director Preston for jiving extra official opinions calculated to depress the value of silver and -thus injure our currency. It quite ]x>intedly tells Mr. Preston to attend to hi* own business, -which is to manage the mints of the counu-y in conformity with the law. It is not likely that Mr. Preeton will ihaive a sufficient sense of propriety to accept -the ad-rice tins disinterestedly tendered to him. If he has sea!!« enough to fcoow what propriety requires, he do«i not seem to be ia his present position lor the purpiise of dis- repairs, the name and number shoulj Playing it. always be given. Manufacturers ar» H « appears to think that his duty r»- always making some changes, and Q cir es him to "bull" gold and "Dear" parts made for machines, of «e ye« j "il^er. If he had b««c Mr«d tor -tti* may not fit machines of the D/ext,vear's ! •*P r <«3 purpo«« of writing gold up aid make. This is especiarlT true of com-; ffl v *r dowa It to difficult to SWD paratively new models of harvestini machinery. If the number of the ma- RepaJr* for M»ohlnery. •When a machine is bought it« nurubei and correct name should be written j down in a memorandum-book, so that they may be known when irease and :25 p. m fj lrt or new pa i nt have obliterated then on the machine. Then, -when orderinr chine and number of the needed part are given, there s&ould be no danger of misfits, though cjven than I am not always able to get w.fcat is ordered. It la aj- exrierlence that it Is unwise hay any machine of a transient ag«nt on account ot the difficulty of getting repairs. It is better to har« farm implements ot auch "soa&ea" as are i» •erosion 09* I B the country, as then re» p*lia ar* k«pt on. hand by a dealer ncai •t )*&d. Th« importance of this polnl •will I* rooogaliiea by those who havt to.hint up manttfaft ordering the simpleat mile* tor a he could h*r« Mid more than he _ 'Afcowt the eaOy Ijsiit la th« want more edastlctty «t WORTH READINQ. No foreigner ie aUoirsd to b« fort/«l*ht hours in Turkish territory without a ps06. th* fr*» p-jtolia tati^housaa of Bosuwi Hot month. TtM> bu«i«Bt tte» on tlM Atlantic <»* bl* to tetvw* the hour* at 10 and Jt tat the forenoon. Tk« GiMfe cbmti en»iayi two /ten in tile m*rr1ae« ccreiOMy — one est Democrat that it la an Indorse- ment of your opposition to the Demo cratic presidential nominee and plat form. You state that last Septembe when the state convention met I con sldered an "attack" on you unwise an Improper and I candidly admit tha at thai time I thought a resolution o any k.\nd referring to any person wa unwise and improper for the reason that It was full two months from tha dute to the election, and I though •tlien, and I think now, that every Democrat was entitled to the ful period up to the election to determine h.'fs political course But having solicited your personal efforts in ba- half of the party and the fall time for Democratic action having gone by, ] now consider it both wise and proper that the Democratic party should so perfect its organization that every man, from national chairman to the vigilance committee, should be a true and tried Democrat, who will stand up and battle for Democratic principles in the face of the foe and "not retire from politics" to a safe place while the battle is fiercely raging. I will candidly say to you now at this time, I will deprecat* and to the test of my power will not permit an "attack" on you as an Individual. But as a Democrat, in the full discharge of my duty to my party, I muef: Insist that your place on the national committee be vacated by you, because of your retirement from polities, jind that it be filled by an active worker, whose loyalty cannot b« questioned. Yoiir* truly, John. M. Ganian, State Chairman. Silver is on« of the chief products ot the 'United State*. Yet th« gold advo- j eater, are jubilant bocause of the decline In the pric* thtftot. If sQirar wer<> only an En*ll«itL product tb* decline would lA»gHu}n the faces of th*M traitors. Great numbers of large sea turtle* have been ca.ught in the region of En- Clewood, Fla., since June 1, and their meat has been salted. The meat curaA *^ ^^ ~-~ 1~>i.c mncn like beef. A man in South Africa left nis property to be equally divided between hi* two sons. Not being able to agree they decided to let President Kruger arbitrate. He said to the elder, "You are- the elder, are you not. "Yes," was th« The extremes in weight amony jroy- fll women in England are represented by Queen Victoria and the Empress of Austria, as the English ruler weighs a neat 224 pounds and the Austrian empress but 102. The latter is quite tall, The Bruetti theater of Bologna, Italy, has been renamed in honor of Duse, who has expressed herself as deeply gratified at the compliment. She is now In Switzerland taking the rest cure for two months, and will then tour Italy. C'Iso de -Merode, the Paris stage beauty, who is coming to this country on the modest salary of $9,000 a month, has been receiving only $40 a month at the opera in Paris. She has no right to the name de Merode, but she took it simply because she was fond of a certain Belgian prince of that houa«. In many ways she is frank and simple- hearted, and is only 23, in spite of her seteoric career. It is said her comrades in the ballot are not jealous of her, in spite of the fact that she is tha prime favorite with people great and small. The most curious anonymous lettarg and presents are sent almost daily to the Princess of Wales—letters of admiration, of advice and entreaty. The gifts are usually of books, articles of jewelry, pictures, and the like. One day there came a box by mail of moderate size and substantial make. The princess noticed that the sides of the box were punctured with holes, an* that a strange, uneasy sound of" scratching proceeded from within. On- untying the string and opening the lid. out jumped a tiny white dog, alive and well, and barking as loudly as his throat was able. The princess, who loves all dogs, has a special fancy for her little foundling, whom she has named "Fuzzy." LATE NEW INVfifNTION*. Gas ;« used ip place of oil :ln a Illuminating lamp, the oil being placed In a reservoir above the lamp and allowed to flow through pipes over th» flame to generate gas as the pipes become heated, the gas expanding an4 forcing itself through the slotted bnr- •aer. A new attachment for sewing ma- answer. "So you shall divide the prop- thines is a ripper to assist in cutting up erty." This pleased the elder immense- cloth or ripping seams, a sharp Bt*«l ly. "You are the youmter." continued blade being clamped on the needle bar of the machine to work up and down as the machine runs, thus leaving- both hands free to feed the cloth across the cutter. A simple speed indicator for biVclM «nd railway engines consists of a weighted arm drawn tow.ard th* centtr of the shaft on which it Is mounted br * spring attached to the side at tk* i are the younger," continued Kruger to the other, "so you shall have the first choice." "You will remember," said the vaudeville performer on salary day, "that you said you'd take me on trial" "Yes," said the manager. "And if I suited, you saia you would pay me big money." "Oh, yes; so I did. Here you are. Fifteen silver dollars. 1 always :eep my word. M you find any bigger money in circulation than the stiver dollar, let me know and I'll have thl» changed for you." ITTLE IVER PILLS tltt roadway* from tlM JUfevtte t« Ffcdic. Ta»y M* *i tetfto SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these little Pllla. "They also relieve Distress from Dyipepsb, Indigestion jaid Too Heart7 Eating. A per. feet remedy tor Dizziness, Nausea, Dnnqi. ne«, Bad Taste in the. Afoafli, Coated TongnB Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER, -j^ Regulate the Bowel*. Partly Vegetable. •mall PHI. •mall Doc* •maJPrtei). the revolution of the shaft throwing 11 out and pulling an indicator around oa the dial. Invalids will appreciate a new devlc» j designed for their use which hau k b««e to rest on tha bed and support » tilting: frame with braces to set it any angle, an extension bracket being attached to the side to hold a shell: whlck can be svung around in front ot th» Invalid at, meal tiuMfc The porter of the Piris Bourse* recently died leaving a fortune of $50,000. He had been employed thirty years at a salary of 1240 a year. H« evidently got rich on "tip*." A Hardwlck (Vt) man stood wlthla. fix feet of tie sfcrty-horse power boil«r which exploded there a few day* ago, but suffered only a few bruises and •was able to walk out in a day or two. . The most noted juan in Aubnrn, Ife, Is « man. Trno Is publiely known U hare worn the same straw hat tweutjv. Bix summer* and tie same cloth c«p forty-two winters without a break for repairs or nasoratlan. One of «h« Burgeon* of a heapiun •aked an Irlaa hrip wnleh h» OOMI4- «r«d the moot daageraa* at th* n**y than i n th« hoapitaL "Tha^rir* •aid FtMok, a* he *>i*t*« to * «ue •C wucical lwtnn>*te.-<nt-BlU, ...

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