The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 8
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EIGHT Society — Personal C. U. Anderson frtid C. B. Anderson Jr. 1 spent, the week end In Memphis at the bedside ot Mrs C, B Anderson sr, who Is n pa• tlent at, Methodist hospital Mr, and Mrs Roy Sloan and daughter,' Barbara June, ot Col•, liersville, TJnn, ha\e moved lieic, where Mr. slonn Is connected with the Barnsdall filling station and - gara'ge. Mr. and Mrs E\erette Blimken- shlp and children of Carutliers- \llle \\eie guests Sunday of Mr. ; and Mis p. O, Parks and Mr. and Mrs p. L, Blankenship. B P Parks, deputy grand muster of this Masonic district, attended the Installation of ofllccis cl the Carutlieisville lodge TIIK,- ; day evening. Mr. and Mis Geoi-gc Irwln and Mrs Clara Ir«ln of Pollard, Ark, wcic e«esU Saturday of Mi. and M>-? Oiley Norrls. Mr. and Mrs. C. H Eessent of H\ei4buig, Tenn, were called heic Fiiday by the serous Illness of Mis Bcs-seiil's brother, Will Jackson, who is now In a critical condition at Melhodkl hospital, Memphis. Mis B P Parks and Mrs. Mii- foid Sanders entertained last Thursday evening at Mrs. Sanders' home, honoiing their school , mates of jearb past Those present weie Mr. and'Mrs Roger Miutn- J ing, Mr and Mrs O M. Wclli, Miss Cora Bryant, Di. nnd Mi-s ^ Robeit Hill of Cape Glraultmu ^Di.'and Mrs E 'G C0|)i und JJi and Mrs O J Cope'attend- ed the funeral of theli cousin, Mrs. Nell Price, at Poplnr Bluff Monday evening nt the Jiome or Saturday | Miss Doiothj Petty on Cotton aye- Mr and Mis Joe Tannei of »'>e. Bljtlieville were guests last Frl-r Ml« Dolye Robinson and n-v tiny of Mr. and Mrs Clnud Good-|Wajno w Gins, sponsors ot llic win and their mothcij Mis T C oignnlrnllon, were present nud rtl- BLYTHEVILLE,' (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS FLAPPER. FANNY By Sylvia ' ®tYNEASERVKf, INC. T.[C. V.«.PAT.Off,—'" "Giiclicriibiglinic',; runtoltheliucr." reeled the entertainment. \Vllltams Mi and Mis John Deen cn- tci tnlncd the members or Mrs 13 Mr n " cl Mls Joc B Schaimti- P. Sebaugh's Sunday school class llcrn * ixni Monday in this cltj of the Melhodht chinch tit (licli visiting/ tlie former'.'! sister. Miss home Monday evening t An " Sclmr| rmhoin They lett lint Mrs T B Kinsolvlng went to ft ' te rnoon_ior Memphis en route to Cape Qtratdeau Friday to visit 'I'ampa the fain"" of hci dmightei, Mrs Robcit Hill "Carulhersville, fj Society — Peisonal S. S Class Has, Pari). The Sunday school class of the Methodist Siinday school, of which Mrs Howard Cunningham Is teacher, enjoyed a rook party Tues~ a day, evening at the Eat shop Theia ^ere four tables of ni2mb3rs prss- ent Mrs. Osby Joyce nml Miss Pearl Klr^patrlek uoie hostesses for tile evening P»e progressions of rook wci'o played, with hlghtscore belng'held _ by^Mrs C. L"* Thomas "Miss Maa ^ McCutchen Jheld low score,,. Ths prizes for both vcrc linen hand- ,.kerch!efs.' " , ,' The ne\l party will be held in February with ^^rs. Eli Locknrd , and Miss Jo'sephine VanClevc to be hostesses « • Entertains'*CIrclE No Three Miss Dorothy French entertained Circle NO 3 ol Inc. Presbyterian Auxiliary < Wednesday evening at the home ot her parents on East • Seventh Street Miss Mary Ellen Homer, devotional leader, had charge of the devotional for the evening giving another in a series of studies on the Book of Genesis Mrs Tiobert Mehrle presented the program, using as her subject, ' who Is a Heathen?" ,1 • . . Yoting People Ha\c Part). About seventeen members of the Young People's society of the Pres- bjtcrian church enjoyed a party Flu, wli-rc MI scharmt- hoin »111 be again employed bj thi> Badgclt Coifili uclion company Rev ami MIS \y. ( L M-yei nn-I Mrs Mcjei's mother, Mrs W. W Slratham, relnrncd Monday from New Orleans, whcic lliey liail beau hi altcndance al a General Mls- slouaiy Conlcience Alvln Boyd ot Memphis Is spending this week heie visiting his aunt, Mis Maggie Rice Mrs Chris Mehrle has bscn con rmecl lo her home for two vre-ks with an attack of infhicnra Mrs v Minnie Mirslmll scent Thursday and rrldnv of last week 111 St Louis visiting lie, sons, nick and Carl Mr and Mrs. Chillies Jncobl of Dicrsburg, Tbim , spent Sunday In tills clly visiting with Mrs J<\- cobl's parents, Mr and Mrs L, E Thru pp. { ' Miss Merry Ihnipp Is leaving this week end foi Springfield Mo , wheie she will cntci a business college Miss Margaiel Curlln of Hickman, K> , arrived here last Sunday nnd K visiting In the home of her grandmother, Mrs J n Graham and minis, Misses Swan and Lucille Nnvlor and Mrs victor Me- Allhler Mrs. Jessie Davis of Jackson, Tenn., arrived Saturday of last Keek to spend the remainder ol ttie winter here \\ilh her lister, Mis J- B. Grahnm. LOS ANGELES (UP)—The Hollywood post ot the Ameilian Legion plans a new means of demonstrating the effects of rook-less driving They,.will'have, 1,000 persons march through the streets ol Los Angeles lo represent Ihc 1,000 dead ones that have been killed in auto accidents In Los Angeles Countv 1936 , "Herb in'Cdast , Plane Disastei =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON= Jesus the Water of Life IIV 1VM. E. GII.KOY, D, I). Keillor of Advance The fitory.of the meeting ot incus"willi a woman of Samaria at Jacob's well has some Interesting ispects Unit arc not Indicated, in he lesson Itself, '. ... Perhaps one of the . most strlk- nts angles ' Is the way- In'-which lie story emphasizes the uncon- venllonaljly of Jesus, and the cx- 'ent lo •••which He • disregarded well-established cixles and customs of'His day Ihat were out of icciird with reality, ..;.;• Kepcatcdly His enemies : challenged Him on tills ground, and lesus had to defend His free and 'onnnon-.sensc practice against the formal rules and regulations with, which .-tradition, had curbed the nind 'and Die spirit. In the east, has been no such .freedom of public conversation between men and wymcn as lias bun HIP piacllcc In the westetn woild It was decidedly unusual foi a mnn to he found coincrslng with a voinan at a public place, *uch ,11, a well and one can easily understand the amazement of .the dl'clptos when Ihty illumed fiom the city nnd tound Jesus lluis engaged. When Ihe woman concerned was one whose leputallon was none loo sivoiy, whose chaiaetei, not unlikely, may have been Indicated in her appeiiancc the ama/cment was all the greater, * + * And jet it Is In this story ol the comLisatlon of Jesus with a mnch-maiiicd uomnn at tint time ll\!ng in adulliry, that one feels the purltj and beauty of JCMIS III nsoir and the quality of life which drew forth nil that was liest in those with whom He' came In contact, even though-'that best ms bulled' beneath sinlill chaniUop; nnd emlionincnts ' The stoij has some \ciy lii- tciestlug sldelighls \yhcn Jesus ucgnn to question the \\omnn. In a somewhat piesMng and em birinsslng «nj, coiiccining her onn pusonnl life, she immediately switched Ihe conversation lo oilier things: She wanted to know why Jesus being a Jew, should nik foi a dilnk of walei fiom hei a Samaiiltm woman It was a very pointed, question, and indicated lliat she' wanted lo tmn the conversation . away from ; the subject of personal tins to that ot social and religious customs People who have been little concern- id about the practice ot Christian nine and the upholding of Chiis- ;liui truth often hiue been the nost leadj to discuss theoretical questions of icllglon and llieologi The} hue, In lact, been known :o buomc lalhei \lolent and In- tolciant over the dkcu^lon -of ilrcljlnes which thcj have dons, little to put Into practice. * * * o When the wonnn mltijecled the question concerning worship— whether the tine : place for It was in Jeiusalcm 01 In the bimiul- tan mounlalns—Je.sus lurned her qucsllon and the dlsc-sslon very (inlckly to higher llilngs. It was '|o this woman that He gave Ihat deep'and beaullful word concerning trnlh and worship: That God Is a spirit, and that, they who worship must worship In spirit and In truth; and that neither al Jerusalem, nor in any mountain, but wherever devout souls nre found, there' the true worship of God may be. With (his was the teaching of Jesus concerning the water of life, the deep''satisfaction that this woman, with all her quest, of earthly happiness, had never found. Can any words apply more truly than these lo our life of today? illow many In the .modern world 'lire like this woman, seeking Impl- ncss ami satisfaction In unconventional ways and flcls, defying codes and ' moral ' standards alike but finding ho'real happiness or' satisfaction! • It Is to these thai an unconventional Christ, .iilmself .living above mere foi cepts, reveals the true way of life, Ihe yielding of Ihc spirit, to the spirit of the soul under the jxwer o! love and righteousness. Manila Society — Personal ; The W. M. S. of the First Methodist church met Friday afternoon at the Community center. Mr». It. M. • Flcemnn, the new president., was !n charge. For the program hour,. Mrs. Jack Tipton conducted tlie bible study. Miss Manila Matthews read Ihe scripture lesson. Tlie V THURSDAY, JANUARY U, Conway as superintendent of chll- D „•! r i U •• • dren's work for Jonesboro distilct. rUplJS tOSt Hawaii $63 in School Yea-l HONOLULU (UP)-Average CO of .education per pupil for''stn-, - u, Cunning dents in ..the Hawaiian Tslnnds Is ond daughter, Iva Adella, liave re- 3 C 3.13 a yciii-, officials computed f -'--•- -- .The cost,- exclusive .of--capital outlay for buildings, land or imi [•. Dodd, who wns recently l»'ora>ie'n.ts,'i ranged from $53.4i| to the Veteran's Hospital, for , elementary'grades to $83.84 irA I tc ' (c.~ .-nruM-in,! r.«,,t 1 • m' JlI01l '• Kplififll Tntnt-tv»n*1[n*« • .." i-.S Floyd Homer of Louisville, Miss., who visited his wife anu children the past week end, returned to his work at Louisville Tuesday morn- Ing. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Downliv id dnughte turned from a week's visit at Little Rock. O. L Memphis,' 'ls~ reported serious*' high ' school. , -, .- i i-^jwi inj ai_-j 1UUS1V 111 • = •• Miss Zora Miller, teacher In the' '' C 1 uil ' ci! Ho'rnersville, Mo;, schools spent "'"''' the week end In Manila. Dan White of I/iulsvllie, Miss arrived In Manila Friday to visit friends and relatives. He returned . to Louisville; Tuesday, accompanied by his wife, the former Miss Lucille Counts, who had been visiting her mother, Mrs. Jack Farmer, for a month. Also returning to Louisville this week arc Mrs. Ruby More- and Miss Margaret Morehcad m<:ws> re<ia me scripture icsaun. t-nu jjv.Ki .ma MISS Margaret Mori hostesses were Mrs. Myrtle Brawn I who have, been visiting here and'Mrs. H. poe. The next meet- at the church with Mrs. John Harrison presenting 'the Pledge Service, Mrs. c. H."ABhabranner. director of children's work of the local Methodist church, was recently,' ap- • I • '*> . ""-..IUUI.ll. CIUIl Wll, \S.IO H.1.L.'1.J, tip- rniBl codes and pre-1 pointed by the conference board In •Wrecker Service - Gas & Oil OPEN ALL NIGHT Phillips Service Center Flipnes 777 - 8J3 an all liner crashed la miles from Los Angeles, Arthur S Robinson of Rochester, N Y ( nbovc, freed himself from the wreckage, and, despite numerous cuts and a leg injury, struggled (or live miles down lha mounlalnslde to summon aid.' Tvvo were kilted and 11 Injured. | iviailm Johnson, famed explorer was fatally'hurt and his wife seriously injured in the disaster i Moie limn 1 000 languages arc spoken on the continent of Asia. W A N T E D Government Loan Cotton Phone 1G7 APPLEHAUM liROS. COTTON CO. licrttg Bldf. Blytlievlllc, Art CROP PRODUCTION LOANS Credit for Farmers Extended by Farmers More than 250,000 members boncwed through their own co-opcialive Production Ciedit Association in 1930. Your local organization is receiving applications for 1937 CROP LOANS now. Offices Located at Osceola Ifale Rm \ Tucker nidg. A. T. Bell and R. E. Jlilner in chaige. Blytheville . . m Notth Second St Goi don Evrard and P. A. Bell in charge Lcachville .... I eachville Bank Bldg. Goidon Evraid will bo here on Tuesday and Thursday of Each Week. Other Repieseutatives: P. P. Jacobs, Grider .. President R. G. Bryan, Osceola . .. Vice-Pies L. P. Nicholson, Tyronza " Ditector .II. C. Kuappenberger, Blytheville .. Director C. S. Stevens, Blytheville . '' DiS John Beaulen, Leachville . . Loan CommiUecnian J. C. Young, Osceola ... Irmieclm John W. Masteis, Leachvillo . . .. Inspector Planters Production Credit ; Association Serving Mississippi County See It Tonight OR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY CONTINUOUS SHOWING AFTERNOON & NIGHT But Don't Fail To See The HUMAN F IT AMAZED CROWDS TODAY It Can: —read the seria! number of :i dollar bill from your pocket! —jell you the make of your cip;;irclle by smelling the smoke! \ —greets visitors by name! —tel! you the color and kind of clothing yon are wearing! Apparently it has all the sensations of a Human Being AND MORE See It FREE As Our Guest Motor Co. HESS SALE NOTICE We must clear our racks of winter merchandise regardless of price. See our windows. Coats, Suits and Dresses-at HALF PRICE SALE STARTS SATURDAY, Jan. 16 YOUR OPPORTUNITY IS HERE NOW. MER- .CHANDISEIS ADVANCING EVERY DAY BUY NOW AND SAVE! HESS' Across the Street from Ritz Theatei Telephone Crews Work to Restore Service Your Patience and Cooperation Appreciated in the Sleet Storm Emergency W CE AND gLEET, ancient foes of teleplionc men, did Iheir ' ••- worsr to wreck cbnimunicalinns lines here nnd throughout ihe Southwest .last week-end. Considerahlc damage to telephone • lilant occurrecl in this county, with resulting iiilcrriipliong, delays, •'* nnd inconvenience to users. In this emergency your local telephone people and the man. agcmetit of llie telephone company appreciate grcally your pn> lience nnd cooperation. . . t ' Scores of other towns in a slrclch of 900 miles from Texas lo Iowa were cither isolated entirely, or left willi hndly crippled < wire connections. Thousands of telephones were put ont of service as two-incli ice loads ami falling trees tore "drop wires" from poles in streets and alleys. In the open country, poles went down and long distance wires snapped with their hca\y weight. i Much of this damage yon saw. But you could not realize llie full extent of the damage everywhere, which will probably reach §1,500,000 in Ihc Southwestern Company's territory. The storm was scarcely two hours old when mobilization of an army of more th'nn 1,000 telephone linemen got under way. Trucks of rhcn nnd mnlerials began to roll toward ihe storm area.' ' Western Electric warehouses at St; Louis and Kansas City rushed ' stocks stored for just such emergencies. First efforts of these men have l>ecn to restore al least some working lines to each town cut off by the slorni. Emergency re. pairs also were begun on subscriber lines. In ensuing weeks will come the long and tedious task of making permanent repairs over the vast storm area. . :' • The men, the materials, and the financial resources are available to replace, promptly and adequately, the one nnd ouc-LalS million'dollar telephone plant destroyed by the storm. ___ Southwestern Bell Telephone Company M. H. LADD District Mamigcr Dick Pmyell Joan- Blo'ndeli in "Gold Diggers of 1937" With Victor Moore, Glenilu Farrell, Lee DKmi, Osgood'UJ Pci kins and Rosalind •mediate Chief item in the "expenditure;! •as for' teachers, amounting lo' I53.CO • for each pupil. Read courier News Want Ad«. Everything' For Your Enlcrtalii- .'..-. nient and Comforl Last tiirie A 14-kirat cast in the New Year's || first bur musical Ircat; E\er>thing's new tut the name! Also Paramount Nens and Comedy [j —Admission— ; •' Matinee—10 & 2Gc ' Night—ic & SGe' j Friday - Pal Night f 2 Ailults Admitted for Trice ol 1 Warner in "The White Hunter" 'With June J.ang, GAil Patrick, Alison Skipworth, AVili- frcd Lawson afu! Willie Fnnj; Also Selected Shorts ^rAdmissidn.—' . Matinee—10 * ,2Gc "j .NiBlit—IG & v'SBc -. i .TUESDAY; ;S50.00 Roxir Vdm.—Always 10 &. 2Sc—!c Sliow Every. Night Tax Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friilay & Sunday nlnfinecs—2; 15 Saturday Matinee — Conliniioua SliuvillijT ^ 1:00 Till 11:00 P. M Last Time Today PAL NIGHT! 2 Adults'. Admitted for Price of : All Children—lOc Scleclcd Shorls Friday - Saturday i i

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