The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio on July 10, 1987 · 14
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The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio · 14

Newark, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1987
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Page 14 The Advocate, Newark, 0., Frl. July 10, 1987 Amusements Friday evening Animal agent has ticket to stardom PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) If you think your dog is the next Lassie, your cat is another Morris or your horse is a ringer for Mr. Ed, your pet's ticket to stardom could be Sadie Hawkins, animal agent. "Everybody wants their dog or cat to be a star. I've got hundreds of files from people who think they've got a talented dog," said the 78-year-old Hawkins, who runs Sadie Hawkins Animals Inc. Hawkins saw there was a need for animals in advertisements in the early '60s, when her husband Robert was working as a model and actor and she was breeding dogs. Her business soon grew to tracking down ostriches, snakes, monkeys and parrots, and Hawkins built a network of contacts. "It might take me a little while, but I can find just about any kind of animal you need," she said. She has signed the contracts of the basset hounds in the commercials for Hush Puppies shoes; Roy, the long-horned steer in Oldsmobile ads and Bonnie, a mutt who nevertheless found stardom on NBC-TV's "Remington Steele." Hawkins also finds work for Zippy, an East Coast monkey and one of her favorite clients. A few years ago, Zippy spent a weekend with Hawkins, and fascinated neighbors by riding around on a bicycle. "He was a good house guest," she said. "Nice table manners." CD US OS) OS) (S d) (B) (S O 6$ 55 (Q Q (D Q TMC WON WCMH WTVN ESPN WBNS WUAB USA WTBS WHIZ SHOW HBO WOUB NICK WTTE D8NEY WOSU WSFJ Movto Sports USA TIME Home Box Wcfctlodfon OMnty Channd Chicago Cokmbw Cokmbw Network Cokimbut UraJn Nttworit Atlanta ZarwtvM Show! Ofllot Athana Coiumbua Cfcamal Coiumbua N H 6f 00 1' By The Baseball Incws iNewa ISport- iNews iGlmmeA Icartoona I Baseball iNewa I Movie: iMovte ISecratClty iMonkaaa Hogan'a Thaatar MacNeH Became 15 UohtOf Dodgers at " aLook Breakl Phillies at Cont'd "Qoldte "Murrow" " " Haroea " Lehrer We Care 30 The Silvery Cubs NBC Newt ABC Newt Running CBS Newt Santord " Braves NBC Newt Where You Cont'd OWLTV NICK AH In The Zorro Newahour ZolaLavtrt I 45 Moon" Cont'd " Am) Son " Cont'd " FWf " " Rocta) Family 71 00 Movie: Benson The Judge Entertain. Sport. News M'A'S'H AkwoH " Wheel Of " Movie: MacNeH You Can't H'moomrs Movta: Bushes Jimmy 15 "Creator" " " TonloM Center " Fortune " "Time Lehrer Do That " "Charts Rpt Swagoart 30 - Soap PM Newtywed Magic Wheel Of Three's " H'mooners Newrywed " After Newshour Spartakus TooOoaa Smith And McU Breakt- I 45 Magazine Game Years Fortune Company " " Game " Time" " " " The Fritter auohtn hrough 81" 00 " Movie: Baseball Sledge NFL's CBS Magnum, Riptide Movie: Baseball Brothers Wash. Movie: Movie: Tree" Wash. Lessons 15 "The New York Hammer! Greatest Summer P.L " "Escape New York " " Week "Picnic At "Foxes" - Week For Life 30 " Beguiled" Metsat Throb Moments Playhouse " " From Fort Metsat Hard " WaH Street Hanging " " Walttreet With You I 45 . - Houston " " " Bravo" Houston Knocks " Week Rock" " "Week In Mind 91 00 Movie: " Astros Movie: Wrestling Dallas Movie: Movie: " Astros Movie: Movie: Great " . " Movte Greet Focus51 15 "Howard " " "Conaen- " " 'Tender "The "Arthur" "Cocoon" Pert. " " "Dragon. Pert. 30 The Duck" " " ting Adult" " " Mercies" Amazing " " " " " " " Laveme 45 " " " " Captain " " " " TrtPP 00 " News " .Twilight " Nemo" Portrait Of " " " Newswatch " Hawaii " Godzfta 700 Club 1 A " Zon? America - . - - FlveO "Meet 130 " " " " Super- - American Short. " " MonaUs 45 - - bouts " " " " " " Masters tones " " " " Ul 00 Movie: Tales New News " New Santord Fridays Night News Movie: Movie: Blackadoar Late Show OnJei. Movte Spiritual 15 "Hundr" " And Son " Tracks: " "Allen" "Allen" " " " Harriet "The Awakening 30 " Trapper Tonight WKRPIn Sport- Trapper Barmy HB Nut " Power Play Tonight " " School- Rod " Movte Inspector INN New I 45 " John, MP- Show Cincinnati Center John, MP. " Flight Show " " houses London "Johnny General" 00 " " Ntghtlme Sport. " Fuglttv Another Night " " " Movte Askr. Tram" " Focus 51 1 O15 - sLook " " State Of Tracks " "PtaHeAl Ruth " , XU30 ' " Movie David Rockford Motorcyie Movte "Mind " David " " Hanging "Young " Sneak With You 45 " Letterman Flies Racing "Unearthly" " " Letterman " " Rock" Warriors" " , Previews ln Mind : tt m if IP) Q Charlie Watts marching to beat of a different drum ANOTHER SIDE OF A STONE. Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, the gray-haired musician at the center rear of the orchestra, says pounding the skins with his 33-piece big band gives him plenty of satisfaction. Watts says that swing-era favorites are the music he listens to. The Charlie Watts Orchestra performed in New York City during the JVC Jazz Festival. AP NEW YORK (AP) - "Stompin' at the Savoy" doesn't much sound like "Start Me Up," but Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts says pounding the skins with his 33-piece big band gives him plenty of satisfaction. "It's music I've listened to," the leader of the Charlie Watts Orchestra said about the Swing Era favorites covered by his big band. "I listen to Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, but they call it something else. This is just something I enjoy. ... For me, it's just a lot of fun." Watts and the band do more than have a good time; they play it well, as the gray-haired half of the Stones' solid rhythm section is quick to point out. Favorites from the 1940s such as Benny Goodman's "Stompin' at the Savoy" and Lionel Hampton's "Flying Home" are performed with flair. Some original tunes will be added during a visit to the United States. "It's been very, very good, actually, and it's gotten better every time we've done it," said Watts, who brought the orchestra across the Atlantic for the recent JVC Jazz Festival in New York, sponsored by a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video products. "From within the band, the American tour was the best it's ever been," he said. That tour, late last year, actually resulted in the jazz festival appearance. Hilarious 'Roxanne' sweet, good-humored ByAIND.rtlEUTSCH Associated Press Writer If Cyrano de Bergerac lived in 1987, would he happily avail himself of the miracle of modern plastic surgery to reduce his nose? If you think the answer is yes, guess again. Better yet, go see Steve Martin's brilliant and hilarious "Roxanne," which says the answer is a resounding no. "Roxanne" is Martin's update of the timeless Edmond Rostand classic about the big-nosed but poetic Cyrano, who must woo his lady love, Roxanne, through another, more attractive fellow. The message of Cyrano is universal: A pretty face isn't everything. And with Martin's light touch, it's a timely and appealing fable for adults and children in this beauty-conscious society. Martin, with a fantastically protruding proboscis, is CD. Bales. Get it? C.D.B. He's fire chief of a storybook village in the hills of British Columbia. Location shooting was in Nelson, B.C., stunningly photographed by Ian Baker. The opening scene, in which CD. faces the day with a hop, a skip and a song, then karate chops some nerds who poke fun at his schnozz, sets the tone. CD. has become accustomed to his face and so has the town. Then everything changes. Enter Roxanne, the gorgeous Daryl Hannah whose combination of brains and beauty makes CD. start looking in the mirror and consulting a plastic surgeon. Her arrival coincides with that of Chris, a young fireman with the brawny good looks of which CD. can only dream. Roxanne spots Chris at a singles bar and is smitten. Chris, deftly portrayed by Rick Rossovich as a bumbling hunk with neither poetic ability nor social graces, can't woo Roxanne without a coach. CD. comes to the rescue. If you remember your Cyrano, you may have a hint of what happens. But Martin's imaginative twists are unpredictable and truly funny. A scene in which CD. rattles off a long list of nose jokes for approving customers at the local bar is a show stopper. And the antics of his fire department crew, including a waltz of water hoses, are hilarious. But it is Martin's charming portrayal of CD. that is the centerpiece of this sweet and good humored movie. "Roxanne," which runs 107 minutes, is rated PG for references to sexual liaisons. But it would be a mistake to keep the youngsters away. This Columbia Pictures film is a perfect summer present for them and for all of us. NOW PLAYING LIVE ON STAGE AUDREY II July 9-12 & July 16-19 24 Hour Ticket Reservation Call 587-1900 Bart Recital Hall. Daniso UnhrarsHy (GRANVILLE J m wvr summer? VERMONT niUCTAXJ.NATUBia.XCE CREAM01 Indian Mound Mall 771 South 30th Street, Heath 522-4303 A Weekend Getaway So Close Jo Home DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS FOR HOME DELIVERY The ADVOCATE CALL 345-4053 Weothervane Playhouse Zl&ol & CanJt. July 1-3 & 9-11 Something's Afoot July 16-18 & 23-25 Home of Victor's the Envoy's Luxury Lounge Get away and enjoy all the pleasures of downtown Columbus! Theater, shopping, concerts, dining, are all close by, or just relax in your comfortable, cozy Envoy Inn room, complete with MBO and touchtone phones. FOR RESERVATIONS. CALL 614-228-3200 OR 1-800-227-7378 (REST) 35 West Spring Street Columbus. Ohio 43215 $QC00 PER COUPLE. PER NIGHT (PLUS TAX) Including Complimentary Continental Breakfast Offer good only at Downtown Columbus Envoy Inn any Friday. Saturday or Sunday night, based on room availability. Advanced reservations required. Not valid with any other discount offer or during holiday or special event weekends, including Ohio State Fair. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. After hearing the orchestra perform its But ta orchestra, Watts is only two-hour show at a New York City one of drummers playing behind nightclub offiaals invited them to an assortment of saxophonists, trum- appear at tiie festival. peters trombonists and other in- . It s a very pleasant feeling, to take a strumentalists. The group is composed band to America, Watts said by of wen.known British musicians teiepnone irom ms Lionaon nome. "Plus, it's very exciting to be a part of an orchestra, as opposed to another band you've seen me with before." That other band the one with Mick Jagger, Keith Richard and Ron Wood differs in more than music from the Charlie Watts Orchestra, as its bandleader points out. "The thing with the Stones is, we've all known each other for 20-odd years. The thing about this is, it's my band, you know?" Watts said. "I feel a bit responsible. It's not as comfortable. With the Stones, it's comfortable." Part of that comfort is sitting in the background, bassist Bill Wyman to his side, while his spotlight-seeking bandmates take center stage, Watts said. "I'm used to sitting there and somebody else taking over. Mick does all this publicity, and I like it that way," said Watts. "I'd sooner go and do it than talk about it. ... In the Stones, I'm one of a crowd of people everybody knows. In the orchestra, I'm the person everybody knows." brought together through "my own self-indulgence," Watts said with a laugh. "Most of them didn't know me. They knew who I was, but they didn't know me," said Watts. "They didn't know if it would work, and neither did I. We just rehearsed, and it was a good time." Jack Bruce, the ex-Cream bassist who played the cello on the band's "The Charlie Watts Orchestra Live at Fullam Town Hall" album, was among the missing when the band came over for the jazz festival. "He's sort of busy now," Watts said. "He's doing his own thing." Watts is unsure about future plans for the orchestra, which will play eight shows before completing the tour at Newport and heading to Italy for two performances. He hopes to take the group to Japan. "I'd like to go to Japan I've got three Japanese visas," he said. "But everytime we'd (the Stones) be ready to go there, somebody got busted." a special place to visit, right now! Country Chicken Dinner Our New Speciality Peach Cobbler Ice Cream "Music in the Park" Sunday 24 p.m. Celebrate National Ice Cream Month With The DIXIELAND BAND ON RT. 13 ONE MILE SOUTH OF UTICA, OHIO New Summer Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily (je&et ICE CREAM PARLOR. PICNIC AREA, GIFT SHOPPE MUSEUM The Best Picnic is now the Easiest Picnic. Pick up 16 pes. of Famous Recipe or Crispy Plus Chicken and one pint of the salad of your choice for only Offer good any time Friday, Saturday or Sunday at all locations. Not valid on all white. Try our New Chicken Fried Potatoes. If you Eke French fries, youlbve these! 10.95 n V ! 12 liter Pop 99 tax with 5 1 i purchase of any Pack, or box of OisJ I chicken. Reg. price $1 .29 tax. IC Vnmtimtp.m. for flcfctt hrf caf.IM-4ala

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