The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1943
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'COURIER NEWS Landlords Given Additional Timr , Reviews, ' ' " in the Bljthevllle de- lk\e be«n grant- Kfenal 45 days In which plications for review ofj Klons, ft was armounc-, jyiC...A, Cunningham, ____ . area tent director. Prcjloush sucli applications had to liQjfJled \\lthin 15 dais of thr doiitaK(«f. n petition. This is now tlian'&jf ft> 60 days. "nis^gJUenslon 'of. time limit aMtde, -.Mi Cunningham .said, rt! 1 ' landlords anvple time in to gather" and furnish additional material to ..-support a petition for .Adjustment which lias be eh denied * ; A^-— ~^Jap ^PHsoner Wanted > To Know Ball Scores 'to Art! 1 ^tiicl\ to SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON team Putt 1) ripped through his duflleuag, scat- to - ln| his belongings, and he has- i) I ii,ph«d them ail. Mms times at .Henderson Field lie lobk pictures of Ciipt, Joe Foss, hcroiij lyaifnc flier who shot down 20 I'ueniy. planes. Several times lie '.VBS a spectator for air-battles In \vhieli Foss participated. Among his souvenirs of Guadul- O'lm^i ne more than 100"pictures 11 iqnk tint describe better lhaiv v.orrlj DID! .violence of fighting on the island. Landing barges .and liinki* knotked out on the lieaclies. J bodies shewn on white sand j pilitt. l)ees ; spllntci-cd by ar- tulciy Ino . "Bloody Knoll" - wlis'-tj hitlidrerts of Marines and ?] -lai)s | perished in hand-to-hand fhihtrhg-. . . innumerable fresh r °KS eich covered with a palnx; 1 if J " s 'V^roSs against n sky of \\bft(^ clouds t H;is jriip-Blueiirlnl Onr; Interesting souvenir.•' Is a .T;ip:u"»f*^bliiei)rlnt which 'nobody 1m been able'to figure out. Ifre- *-cnibles- dctaiLsi of -a piece of machinery. After, leaving; Guadalcanal, Corporal Mucry dime-'down with a ra.^t 1 ol'i malaria and was -hospitalized at n base ( hi the New Hebrides Islands. \Vhlle (here 1 , he was near the\ Marine unit to which .Jack Mc.ynncy, another Blythc- ville boy, is attached, "li«t he did- n'L know it at the time rind neltli- ei 1 of Ihein saw,nor recognized the other. ,4lc tlid ' not -siispect tliat McIIaneV was!liVthU;\inll.until re- ccnlly w.ben -he talked to AfoHn- pcy*s fatlier,: John; C. McHaney. Miicry volunteered' til KY WILLIAM 1 B. GII.KOV, ». U. Peter, humbled by his denial of his Master, chastened by the mildness of the' Master's rebuke, revived and encouraged by the Master's love and the admonition "Feed My sheep;" became a- iwwcr in the rounding of the 'Christian chinch. Irnpulsive boldness became deliberate courage and firmness as lie preached the great sermon on true Day of /Pentecost, With keen, #ell-chosen. words' be drove home Ib'-lhe consciences of his hearers their part in the rejection' and Crucifixion of Jesus, whose Mes- iialishl)) he proclaimed with such convincing appeal to the Sciiji- .ul'cs and the facts that 3000 were 'led that day to the band of Cr.trlstlan' disciples. l*roni this great fact, which marks lo^beelmilhtr. of Hie church ac an organized power, our lesson turns' to' iiiliior but significant InclclenU, It ilells how Peter and John w.tnt iip iji to tho temlile to pray. The teini)! 1 ) represented the conventional 1 fories of religion tlmt had con- demmvl (heir Lord, and ( Iiroughl about Ills death. TliolA Ijflrd had taught them that nen^ dlllinot need Uf go into a :einple.'(jo; pray,, but'tlmt on tin- nountalti,, In ; the 'desert, in tho rwi<ls,'-wl|ercver-nipn lifted up their Qbd In prayer, Ood was .here; to.' henr.Tlic'Master's oxani' !>lp had Emphasized thai. They, 'jiilght 'have Uirned their jacks u]itni''the'4emple- because of the site \K'ml- errors of tlioso as- \ociated :Wltli It—Jl«t as )»oi>le today nijikej the -siiis' and faults of church H'Ople an excitsc for not ig to Vchufcli. But the temple •csenlea religion, and beneath the perversions iissociated with I Peter and Jolin entered It as a oly, place 1 , sanctified .by. the sin- ere worslnper ,aiiU .by the holl- ess of '.• l(p placed In the life of 1941 trained^ at Pwrls', Island, S. C., then attended the; Naval School of Photc-grapliy at JQuttnllco, Va; When he shl^ied out for foreign «ei\!ce lie flrsl lanried at Pearl Ifarbor and cor, tinned-, lib studies there for two ilionlhs i before cm- barking' for the \Soiith t'aclflc. No-.v that, he ha t s had* a rest ant regained most of- the [20 povmdii v Light ho lost he\is' ready lo re join'his outfit for'.another, roum of adventure with '• tijc hghtln: Iicathernecks. , ! ' ARE YOU ' ' MA'KINO THE MOST OF YOUR' SUGAR STAMPS? You ait. Il-Ycu u«» ; tli«m all- andwlitlyi Sugar ii nutrillous and each DOMINO variety haa il« special u>e. WMI/M sptcuus UPJOHN'S UNICAPS KIMS BEXEL inn in Bottle. VITAMINS AND MINERALS % IN BOTTLK EX CAPSULES 100 IN--BOTTLE $3.95 SI 75 $2.25 Protect Your Victory Garden By spraying at the proper tim e .. . w* have a complete stock of spray*. PARIS GREEN... CALCIUM A RSENA TE... LEAD A RSENA TE ... DUTOX SL20 SIZK SAL HEPATICA f INKHAM COMPOUND ' BLACK DRAUGHT Size THEDFORD'S 25c Size ' 98' 98 ir Bring Us Your POULTRY. HOG and STOCK PROBLEMS We Carry a Complete Slock of Dr. Hess Tonics & Disinfectants; An Important Announcement Concerning FOOD RATIONING! Although It u unlikely that the new Government program of rationing will mean actual hunger for us at home —It may mean timt many will suffer from-a VITAMIN DEFICIENCY caused by unbalanced mcnls—unless their diet is supplemented with concentrated vltnmlns It you will stop at our store we will be happy to recommend the vitamins which win balance your dally requirements. Prescriptions' Promptly & Accvfralcly Filled! Woods Drug Store • 221 W. Main Phone 507 Israel, . i , , Thu church has a holiness beyond the virtues o;- faults of Un- people who worship Ihcre. There was sUjnlficHnce In Hie healing of the lame man and in vvljat I'ctcr said nnd did, JJt- lind neither silver nor (jokl, hut such us he had he jjnvc; nnd lie took the lame man !>y the right hand mid lifted him up, What jnlnieles we might till accomplish if we were willing to glvi! what we hnvc, ndd If our right hands were outstretched In helpfulness toward our fel- Tho activities of 1'clcr nnd John toon brought thorn In conflict with the authorities, Just ns tholr Mastor had lie-en, attacked;. but their faith ami courage did not fall, They had learned that men must liokl lo truth ami right oven If they suffer fen 1 It. Hut slroni! In the Inspiration of Ihclr Master's example and Ills spiritual jiresence, they were told continue tlielr work/saying, "We ought to oliey Ooil i-iilher Uiiui men." Nnw Many Woar, TKETH' \\H\t Mure f. Vim fort KASTEETIl. n jiloasant alkaline (non-«cM) ijowdor, holds : false teeth more nrmly. To cut and talk l/i more comfort, just sprinkle u little FASTRETII on your plates. No (j(iinini), uooey, pasty [aslc or feeling. Checks "plate ndiir". iden- ttirn Urenlh). Ciet I'AS'I'KBTII at «ny drug store. i' Makers Call For Return Of Km ire Supply NEW YOHK, May (i ojp) _ Harold 1), Thomas, vice-president of Sterling Drugs, inc.—makers or "Fletcher's 'Snstorln"—has issued a nationwide- appeal to discontinue Iho use and .slo|) lln 1 sale of 'Fletcher's Castorla." Thomas ex- Bxplnhw that the product contains "a foreign Ingredient which' causes nausea nnd vomiting." The Centaur Company placed ad- ej'llslng In every dally newspaper In tho country yesterday asking , Ijoth wholesale/and retail; slorL-kfcjier.s and consumers to discontinue the- sale nnd use of the article. The affected , product, THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1943 Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights it_>, „...... *^. lauy ncoplo liuve lo gel U|> nidi In. •oinetiijjca Ehowa Jliwa w fiocjflhlrg.i Kltli ycur Mdrn-ya or lilu«3der. Don't n Wlii-ci disorder vt tMdcy fuiicli'r.n m tioUoiipiia mailer to rcmuln In your bk may otso cuute urging l,:u-kaclif, rheii Iloii't uolli Aat your itriiKtM tur Jlom's I'jILi, luwl success!ulfy ]>yjiilllioiiafur»vcr40 (lie 15 inllai ol kidney lulji-.i llusli out liolioil! (ills Mile froin yuur Uual. (lu l)u»u'u J'JIl^ Thomas explains, was shipped clncc March 1/1043. :,' Thomus odds: "As neither consumers nor re- tnller.s- CIIH tell tlio difference between the packages made before March I find • those produced (.Hereafter, It Is necessary to withdraw u»d recover nil Fletcher's Castoi'la outstanding." Mothers lire nsked (o return to retail dealers for refund any of the. compound purchased durlni; Die last. CO days. the fabric cover of an airplane frame hard and' stin .he- fore It Is painted Is called "doping". HeUand Baccalaureate Services Set For Sunday HOLLAND, Mo., May G.—Baccalaureate services will bo held Sunday morning In the Holland nigh School auditorium when the following program will be given: Processional, -me l^ost Chord," Invocation, the Rev. J. h. Stewart; scripture and prayer, the Hev Marvin Nlblock; Boys Glee Club, "Give a Man a Horse He Can Tilde;" Mixed chorus, "Without A Song," ciirls Glee OluD, "Grant Me True Courage, lard;" Sermon, M others Friend helps bring ease' and comfort to expectant mothers. M o F T ii B B ' s RIKHD, OH oxqultjllcly prc- pareU omcjILH'nt, IH .... ____ _ _ tloji« whwc a Wand, m»t\ anodyjje mas- w»Ku nu'ihnin In shin UiTjrtCAltoo In cle- BlreiJ. Ono coniHtlon hi which women /or more ttmo 70 years tmvc ustitl (t la tut application for inniisaKltiB tho body iliir- in« iirckjimiK-y ... It lu'lps kc«p the skin Koft mid liHnble . , , thua : avoliUni; unnecessary tliscoinfort due lo dryiiesa nntl tlghliies-'i. H refrc-.-ilits nnd tojjt's Die fikln. An Ulcul nm^a^o itpullciitlott for the muni), tingling or burning ^uiisa- llofis or titp ik»n ... /or tho Urptf ooctc miixcICA or cramp-like mind In tbo IcHti. Quickly- aiKOrbbU. ncllKhLful to use. Mother's Friend /Midily [trulsnl \>y u.wia, uinn/ ifociujA ILIK! liirrj-'t-rt. JuH n»k uny drn^Kiat fur Mutlk-r't Frli-iul— Mm uktrj • lubrk-ant. Try it tonluU ' REDS1AMPS! CHEESE H E N S SLICED BACON LAMB Cliodilar lifiitid Ktill Oeitm, lh. (irown 47c HKST Tirade, 11). I.CBH. Ib. -12c Shoulder lh. Me; Chops VEAL SHOULDER VEAL BREAST SLICED BACON 1,1.. ENDS'- 45' 45 35 22 25 KAT HACKS OLEOMARGARINE SALT MEAT PICNIC HAMS BEEF ROAST BISCUITS , „ 19 ,,, 15 l,b. If." & Thick Good; Rili, lb. Can 35 35 e 10' i'^lA'^O •'•. : ' " ' 1k 'Tt • *\/-C'l^ E T A DI' E 'Ct• • CDCOU rncon Ijtirge I-'iincy Wincsiip ONIONS New Texas While, Pound. TKXAS GURKN *l t \v '~ CABBAGE TKXA8 ,S2 BN - 8 <: ORANGES Clf ^' 45 C GRAPEFRUIT Jfc/S? 6 1,1). ^INS Home (Jrovvn, I,h. YKI.KOW Home -ift 1 <• 1*2; TURNIP KALE ' SQUASH VK1 ;;Z 5 BELL PEPPERS ,,,,,,,,,,25 TOMATOES'^S^^S I'URKX TOMATOKS No. 't Stand. Can IT KEEPS INDEFINITELY tIMPLY M*lt FO»T CKRBT01WAN «OX*S NIW ro«», N.V TOMATO JUICE GRAPEFRUIT PARD DOG FOOD „ 12| JUICK -17 oz. 01' Can 01 SCOTT TISSUE , „* 22 COFFEE (: " ASB *i:,tT' 1N 38 t HYDE PARK Aa ",",,!;:t: 29' Prices Effective Friday & Saturday LIBERTY SUPER MKT the R«v. Marvin Nlblock; Benediction, the Rev. J. L. Stewart; Re- ee.sslonal, "Salute to Washington' Japs Cannot Work LITTLE ROCK, l\fay 5 <IJP>- Oovernor Adtlas says he has refused flatly to grant his permission to the employment in the slate of and from lli D Jerome Rolvwer Relocation Centers. Adklns says he has received numerous requests for > permission to utilise the labor, but as he put II— "I- definitely am not BO- to change my mind." Beef cattle have been raised in Florida for more Dm,, / om . c<:n . BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise Stort the Doy Right with this Women At Work Or 1'lay- Sl-ACK SUITS'....-1.08 Jacket tyiio button-front shirt. Slacks with neat, button stile closing. Easy-to- launder rayon. Leaders In Spring Fashion! SPORT SETS .1.08 Rich rayon {>ni)i\rrtme created for men who like cool comfort and style! Full cut! Smart Style Phis Comfort for .SiiHUHfr.' Womens Play Suits 2.98 Trim as a sailboat ... a (.•lever piny .suit, will lie yotir constant companion tillssum- iHer.' Smartly cut sliirt and comfortable shorts combined into one little suit . . . and then lopped with a' convenient \vvnp-nronnd skirt! Summer Mattery For'Yon! GAY WHITE HATS 1.98 Brisk, cliipucr straws, and sinatt fnbrics, designed to add ^l>ice lo your cool cotton frocks! Styles Ihnt will bolh fascinate und flnltcr you! Your chotci: of caruiicel sailors, padre sailors, bounds, and classic snapped-))) ini siwrt types. Novcliy ribbon trimniin»! Lingerie Is Practical and Pretty, Too! Tailored Or Trimmed! CYNTHIA-SLIPS Luxurious rayon satin or soft, smooth rayon crepe. Some .smartly (allured, others trimmed with dainty lace or pretty embroidery! All si/es. Rlrewn With Flowers! • UATISTK NKiHTIK .4 '.29 Enchantin" and demure . . . but styled to delight any fastidious young lady! Clusters of tiny Howers on white background. Dainty or- enndy ruffled edging ami ribbon trim. Won- deVtnlly '.1:00! .ror i.snm- iner. PENNEY'S AUSTELLE DRESSES Wonderful, 2-pince all-occasion styles. Diirk shccrs foi- cool ligtivc flaUcry r.oo Brighten Voiir Life At Ilonir.! FLOWER GARDEN H 0 U S E C 0 A T S Brighten your life indoors with out of these charming .style. 1 ). Fine cotton prinls with the most flattering trimmings; Wrnp-uronnd types. Sizes 12 to 20. Kasy lo (.'arc For COTTON DRKSSKS A bi'ighf .selection for \venr now and all through Suin' mer. C'nlnrful l-iiiilcd Squares! HANDKERCHIEFS 10 Sheer cotton .strewn with garden Dowers! White or tinted v backgrounds. Pretty to tuck- in your )X)ckct. or in your summer hand bag! Embroidered H'kies lOc Prints Arc Tlie Big; News This Sfason! RAYON DRESSES Sheer bcmlierg rayon. 1 ! with soft, fluid liiits Hint are .so Hatfering! Lifiht or dark background* wllll a garden of floral prints. Sfef.s 12 i:\qnisitrly 8 nerl \\\V IWf A '° 20. 30 lo 44. NECKWEAR 98c Have ,1 more i-ci'sntlle wardrobe with i,o\v collars and cuffs! One dress can have several live* with these lovely rayon sheers and crisp nets! ' ^. v. •K (f U, S. Pnt. Off. ; THRIFTY WAY IS THE AMERICAN WAT •' ™K «NNCT WAT IS NPW Oaym»ile s RAYON IIOSK THF • Dainty Shrrrs • Service. \VeIshLs - - 79.- Stockings (ha combine real beauty sv 11 h practical everyday wear! THRIFTY WAY «

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