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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah • Page 2

Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah • Page 2

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

March 6 1950 I 1 2 Monday Evening SALT LAKE TELEGRAM I Madman Murders 4 in Brooklyn Knife Rampage NEW YORK March 6 UP A UP-A A year old youth just released from a hospital for the criminal insane slaughtered four strangers and stabbed three other persons in Jn in- aa 8 minute 10 rampage through crowded Brooklyn streets Sunday The mad knifer William Jones a n. Negro finally was beaten Into submission with gun butts after police pursued him along three trailed blood-trailed blocks Jones turned loose assane last I Wednesday wouldn't tell police what made him grab a inch 14 carving knife kniCe from a a. restaurant fY AIr AI s- ff F- A F- aw A aw 1 af William Jones Maniacal killer killer killer kill killer subdued in policepollee station and rage through the tenement district slashing at the heart of every passer The four who died were white men whom Jones apparently never had seen before One Ono Victim a Friend But one of Jones Jones' other victims a a. year old Negro was a friend and neighbor Jones cut him as the II victim raised a hand in greeting i I Jones slashed the seven without warning warning the the way Howard Unruh I crazed year old war veteran killed 13 persons with gunfire in I Camden N. J.

last September Terror spread through the Brooklyn neighborhood as reports of a a. madman wielding a knife dripping dripping dripping drip dripping with blood came from one street street and and then another People stood frozen on the sidewalks sidewalks sidewalks side sidewalks stricken horror-stricken and helpless helpless helpless help helpless as the mass killer pulled his knife nife from hiding struck fromirom behind and piled up his bloody toll Other people fled screaming It seemed like hohe was using the knife so fast nobody wanted to try to stop him one witness said Subdued by Police Two policemen in a patrol car finally caught up with the killer Jones lunged at them with his bloody knife but they beatit outont of his hand and slugged him to the sidewalk with th gun butts Then they tied him up with rope and carried him ofoff in their car Strong Strong- as a bull though short and slim he burst into such violence violence violence vio violence at Brooklyn police headquarters that it took six policemen to lash him to a chair He just stared dully straight ahead wouldn't talk and wouldn't acknowledge his weeping mother who was brought in He was put in a straitjacket and taken to Kings county hospital Police booked him on homicide charges A few minutes after Jones had wounded his first victim Joseph Bondola to 25 police were on his trail He came upon two vo young fathers each with a baby carriage andeach bragging about the inside Sticks Knife JniCe in Chest Chest- One Chest- One Chest- OneOne was James Culhane 28 8 a shoe salesman and the other was Kenneth Kennedy 23 3 a Mohawk Indian and construction worker Shouting Do you know me I Jones plunged the bloody knife into Kennedys Kennedy's chest The knife stuck As Kennedy tried to stagger stagger stagger stag stagger away ay Jones followed and yanked thethc knife out of his chest Kennedys Kennedy's old month daughter was not molested The father was in critical condition condition condition con con- in a hospital Monday Jones rearmed returned to the spot where he had foundthe two fathers But Culhane already was was- on was- on was- onon the run pushing his month 15 old son Doubles Back Culhane heard a familiar sound behind him him liDo Do you know me But he made it to his own house before Jones got within knife range Four men were in a social club on the first floor and Cul- I Culhane Cul Cul- hanchane called to them Theres a I madman out here But the madman had lost Inter inter- est in Culhane by this time and took a new course on his bloody route He ripped AnnilloAnnilio Durso 61 who died early Monday A few feet farther on the slayer killed year old Frank St. St George Georgeon onon the spot by plunging the knife into him time and again A block away Jones met a friend James Yearns 20 a Negro and slashed him on the wrist as ns as- he as- hehe waved Doubling back on his route Jones Gordon plunged 51 51 his killing knife knit I into nt Ia hf hirn wounded Jerome Sullivan Sl badly he died in a few Sl 1 Medically NEW MINTS Proven Quickly RID STOMACH Do you Sou ever ver suffer stomach A II rt gas heartburn from acid add In In- Of GAS Mention 7 amazing new Mints Mint for fast relief Safe saC gentle Mints give rive rail than thin baking bakin soda soda yet hours hour of relief Refreshing Re- Re freshing minty flavor sweetens our mouth stomach So relieve reHne heartburn upset atom lom ach eh from too much foodlood drink smoking Sleep all night hen acid indigestion iC rry new Mints Mint forlor fastfait anywhere teller anytime i eg rJ CS ft I. I Of 0 I They wont won't last long at this i i- LOW I ILOW LOW PRICE on Genuine II and I FLY noDs I su Super er Cane Can 2 Spinner FLY ROD JAY LAY LAY- OneOne of the lightest most powerful rods ij A AWAY WAY with all the features of a fine rod a 1 NOW 3 3 Sections with Extra Tip lip For Fishing 4 4 Tungsten Snake Guides asides on Season tip and mid 1 Lock Reel Seat with Screw JJ 4 A ARea Real I Buy Beautifully wound at 0 Only I I with yellow and purple silk Cane Super Im Im- rr i 9 5 d- i Regular eu i 15 15 i Ar I Genuine I Super Cane Cane- A CASCADE I d- A FLY ROD A rod you'll ou ll behe proud roud to own I I- II and use for seasons to come come I. I 3 3 Sections plus Extra Tip Locking Lockin Reel Seat I 1 i 5 Tungsten Guides on each tip 74 Tungsten 4 Guides on sections midsections I I Ferrules of Rolled Nickel Silver ONLY LY Beautifully wound in green w- andand black silk Down Down- A Genuine en ui ne Hex Super Cane 1 construction A Week I Now at an time all I LOW PRICE Only I II II I r- I 95 Regular ar aro- i of 20 MAIL ORDER COUPON PLEASE RUSH-CASCADE RUSH FLY ROD SPINNER FLY ROD NAME ADDRESS ADDRESS City State Stale I am enclosing I Chock Check M.

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