The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 12, 1952
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 12, 1952 'Spirit Voices' Heard by Insane May Be Kind of 'Human Sonar' B V V It A V K f \ K i.* v BLYTHRVILLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS By FRANK CAREY AV Science JJrportcr ATLANTIC CITY, N..J. l.fl _ A kind of "human sonar"—comparable to the sound-cchoinrj technique used by the Navy to detect submarines—may be working in the brains of .many insane people. Dr. Walter Freeman, Washington D.C., brain specialist, said so today in declaring that a new idea in brain surgery offers promise of stilling t.'ie "spirit voices" heard by such people- and perhaps improving their general mental condition He said tho surgical technique— Involving Ihe removal of a fin~er- tip-sized organ from deep within the brain on both sides of the head —is baser! on n concept that that "voices" heard by the insane are actually echoes of words whispered by the patient himself often with closed lips. ' The report was in an address prepared for the Society of Bioligi- cal Psychiatry meeting in conjunction with the American Psychiatric Association. Bats and I'orpolses Dr. Freeman said the concept was based lo some decree on the following observation on bats and porpoises: Those crcalures—which apparently navigate around u' with th? help of sound echoes of their own making—have an abnormally large development of an organ within the brain called the "amygdaloid nuceieus." ^ Humans, as well as all animals, have similar organs inside the part of the brain that lies behind, each temple. Its natural function is| believed to be associated with the pitch of the human voice and the' call or cry of lower animals. j Defect In Umins | Dr. Freeman offered the Iheory i that In insane people who hear] "voices" I here is some defect in ' these inner brain organs. It appears he explained, that ideas o( the patient himself are converted—with the help of the defective organs into "whispered words" which are fhen heard by the patient "asljarv Unit"her» -,» ti, , voices coming from outside of i Son day nlShl n A ,v B '° n H<lt himself " i Monna - 1 night. Ihe Auxiliary Unit B i- , was Presented its charter brein Heporling on five patients from i izcd lor over a vear (he anil n,?w L*^^. e . or «" u . 1 ?« d - be ™™- Becomes an officia, "{ " t £ the dinner "lAn-X: WINTER'S WASH—Korean laborers unload a mountain of winter socks, collected from United Nations troops. Collected as part of the winter clothing turn-in, the socks will be cleaned and stored for possible future use. NEWS! flj MUS. G. C. DRIVER Lesion Auxiliary Gets Charier At a joint meeting of the Rodger- Lynch Legion Post and the Auxil- moved by his associate, Dr. Jonathan M. Williams, also of Washington, Dr. Freeman said four of them were relieved of hearing "spirit voices," and two of the four • chieved an over-all mental improvement. Brain Lobe Cut A cut is made in the brain iuuu behind each temple and then the tiny inner-organ at the lobe's inner surface is literally sucked out by the surgeon with a ho'llow needle. Dr. Freeman offered the view that In some patients -the vocal muscles actually move to translate ideas into "whispered" words, even though there is no apparent movement of the lips. He demonstrated at the meeting • record of audible whispered words, even though there is no apparent movement of the lips. He demonstrated at the meeting « recording of audible whispered words by one patient. He said the patient, on hearing the recording granted that the" "voices" were • what he had been hearing but .denied that he had produced them himself. lion ceremonies at „„ (lllli , cr service organization, with presenta- meetmg. Post Commander Gerald Chafin presented the charter, accepted by "«. O. c . Driver> Jr All3 . niar - v president. Past Commander G. c j Driver. Jr. gave the welcome ad- Callis. The principal speaker on the program was Gene Bradley. Blytheville attorney, who talked on unanswered questions on Communism. The meeting was attended by thirty Legionnaires and their wives. FT A Hnlrts Monthly Meetinr The Luxora PTA held Us final meeting of the year here at the school cafeteria Wednesday afternoon, with 41 members and guests present. The musical portion of the program was furnished by the Hi=h School Boys' Choral Group, who sang -Sleep Kentucky Babe" and 'Old Man River." Mrs. W. E. Head and Soldier For U.S. Army Group WITH THE U.S. 45th DIVISION, KOREA W — A former Nail paratrooper Is now n top sergeant of Ihe 245Ui lank battalion, 45th Di- fc vision, serving in Korea. 7 He is Master Sgt. Lothar A. Pal- Icnlin. who was captured by t h c U. S. 101st Airborne Division during the "Battle of the Bulge" in World War II. After his capture in December. 194-1, PaUentin spent tho rest of Ihe war in prisoner camps in Virginia and New York. Then he was returned to Gcnnnny \vhere he, worked for occupation forrcs un-! lil he entered Ihe U. S. as an'im-! nvirant in July. 1D4Q. K" resided with an uncle in' Br.:!oville. N. J. until inductee! in-' to Ihe U. S. Army in October ' 1950. ttonal message, EaVe the '"' Mrs. Carroll Watson of Osceola was the program speaker, talkinrj on "Are We Doing Our Best For Our Children?" Mrs. Ed Williams of Wilson PTA County Council President, installed next year's officers, as follows- president, Mrs. A. B. Rozclle- vice- president. Mrs. c. D. Smith- =«c retary. Mrs. W. R. Tate: and 'treasurer. Mrs. Bowen Thompson. Mrs. Rozelle named her committee appointments for Uie next yearly meeting, to be held in September. Room count attendance prizes were "on by Mrs. Willcin's second grade and Mr. G. C. Driver's eleventh grade. The outgoing officers of the or- Eaniz-Uion. headed by Mrs John Thwcatt. retiring president, were hostf?"!s for this meeting. I'rr^cnls Piano Recital Mrs. T. L. Stanford presented ! nine piano pupils in a recital at her home Monday night. Taking part on the program were Virginia and Carolyn Howard, Curtis Whit* Carolyn Smith, Calvin Wllkins. G' W. Hall. Richard Lucas. Sandra i Thwcatt, and Mary Ann Ellis. Mrs. Lester Stevens was hostess to the Weslcyan Son-ice Guild of the First. Methodist Church at her home Tuesday night. Nine members were present. Mrs. c. E. Bonner gave the devotional, and Mrs. C. B. Thomas presented the program. "Choose y« This Day." The hostess served a dessert course after a social hour. Student Council Elect* The Luxora. High School Student Council held its annual election Monday of officers to serve the organization for the nexi year. Joe Bnb Gentry, member of ihe Class of 1953. was elected president defeating Miss Dixie Howard, also of the 1953 Class. Elected to the post of vice-president was Bobby Taf« snd Miss Mae Clark was elected secretary-treasurer. Persona In Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gtm-en and children of Memphis were Sunday guc«!< of Mrs. Gowen's mother, Mrs Sue M. Brown. Tommy Stanford, accompanied by his University of Arkumas roommate. Kenneth Vandervort. and George Stanford of Arkansas state College, were week end guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T T. Stanford. Mrs. Harold Whit* returned home Saturday from Little Hock, where she has been hospitalized for several days. Forty members of the ninth and tenth grades of the high school here attended a combination hay- ride and skating party In West. Memphis Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Tve Adams accompanied the •group 35 chapercmes. Mrs. Maxinc McHaney and son. Tommy, of Memphis were weekend Sown."' M " Snd M "' Jessle Mfes Wade McHenry Bn d her Southwestern of Memphis room- Agri Probe Must 'Go On' Senator Hopes For Free Hond WASHINGTON WV-Sctl. Ellen- dcr (D-Lai said today he hopes' "some people who ale'loo do?«onc| suspicious" won't try to prevent a scheduled windup of his investiga-1 tion of the Agriculture Department i Elender henris Ihe Senate AKri-! culture Committee now in the fiflh month of an Inquiry into alleged ; wrongdoings in the department's i farm aid program of price supports and crop storage. "I lust hope some people who arc (09 doggone suspicious aren't going lo try to drag this thing out beyond the point where It serves a useful purpose, and we have about readied lhat point now," Ellender said. He said he hopes to end public hearings Thursday u-ith testimony by Secretary of Agriculture Bran-, nan. who has asked (or a chance loi answer charges of a "coverup job"! voiced hy Sen. Aiken (R-Vt). ; Inter-Nafionalit-y Housing Works PAGE FIVE HERFORD, Germany (in _ Some time ago the British ami Germans set up a housing committee with one prime uoa!: to select houses where British and German families coi'ld be accommodated jointlv. The plan has been in operation for there months nnd shows no kinks. There are 59 British-German houses In Her/ord. More will be designated as !hey are needed. The first big test came when the British moved In a new armored division fresh from England with no chance to become acclimated. They were assigned to loint houses. No friction was reported. FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY - Arclilnshon Knmas Cardinal fapellman of New York greets Faith, Hope and Charity upon thei' arrival m the Empire city. America's oldest triplets, and believed to be the oldest triplets ill the world, the sisters aic in New York to attend the 7th Annual Triplets Convention, Left to rishl Faith Coughlin, Archbishop Spellman, Hope mid Charity Coughlin Singapore Will Show Banned U.S. Movie SINGAPORE (/n_The American film "An Ace in the Hole." banned In the Federation of Malaya will be shown here. It will be known as "The Great Carnival." tt was banned In the Federation because the oftitcal censor thought it portrayed a facet nt American life "that, might not be understood." The story deals with the case of a man who Is Irapperi by a rock- fall and the newspaper reported who delays Ihe man's rescue In order to set a hot story. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for n permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as: Twin. Gables, 9m North Sixth, Blytheville. Mississippi Co. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never bren convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to Che sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit, to be Two Claim Win In Panama Vote Shooting, Fisticuffs Mark Election Day PANAMA. Panama r/p, _ n 0 fh major candidates tn Panama's presidential ballotinc claimed victory us vote crmntlnR started today after an election [ire- of serious iilood- slicd out marked by scattered shooting, some fisticuffs and chars- es cf fraud and coercion. Though first, results were not cx- pected until late today, the gov- ; ernment candidate. Panama's strong man Col. Jose Antonio Rel moil, said'his election in vesterdny's ' voting was an accomplished fact. He was supported by the five-party National Patriotic Coalition. His chief opponent, Roberto F. Chlari, claimed a "crushing victory." But his four-party civil alliance echoed campaign charges t that Remon's forces would try to I steal the election and called on the people to meet any such attempt with 'civil resistance In the first place and violent repudiation if necessary.' 1 WARNIXfi ORDER In the Chancery Court, chicka- sawba District. MiKsisMnpi County. Arkansas Jerry Williams, Plaintiff, vs - No. 12031 Leon Williams, Defendent. The doioimcnt, Leon Williams, is hereby warned to appear within j thirty days in the court named In ; the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Jerry Williams. Dated this IDtli dav of Aprli. 1S.W Gene Bradley, Attorney for Plaintiff Claude p. Cooper. Attorney Ad Mrs Alma Moskrcw of Oklahoma City. Okla.. is visitlne her brother A. W. Walls, and Mrs. Walls for several days. Lu-corans attendine opera ner- tormancr-s In Memphis I^is w -mk included Mrs. Tom Callis, Mr and Mrs. A. K. Teaford. Mrs T I Stanford. Mrs. n. L. HOIK* nn d Mrs. Hays Sullivan of Burrictto. Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism now TO Avorr* CRIPPLING DEFORMITIES An amazing newly enlarged (4- page hook entitleri "Rheumatism" will be sent free to anyone who will write for it. It reveals why drlics and medicines give only temporary relief (and fail to remove the causes of it.he trouble; explains a specialized | non-surgical, non-medical treat; men! which has proven succcssfuJ | (or the past n years. j You incur no obligaljnrt In sending for this instructive book. It I may be the means of saving you .years of untold misery. WriTe 1o- d.i.v to The Ball Clinic. Dcpt. 420! t:xcclMor Splines. Missouri. issued fo.' operation beginning on the 1st day of July. 1952, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1953. Alice Ruth Boyd Applicant. Subscriber! and sworn to before me this 10th day of May. 1952. Lonnic Boydston 'Seall Notary Public My commission expires: 3/in/5R. "Hot Flashes" Stopped or strikingly relieved fn 63-8O%*of toset in doctor*' letlt • If you're miserable from the "hot flashes," and accompanying irritable, restless feelings of "change of life"— you rimy tw suffering: unnecessarily! "For... in tests hy doctors ...Lydln Pinkham's Compound nnd Tablets brought relief from such funcLionally- caused suflering to 63% and 80"> (respectively) of the women tested! Complete or striking relief! Yes I Research lias proved these medicines thoroughly modern in action ., , has shou-n you where to took tor relief from thnfc distressing, nervous, "one of sorls" feelings of mid-life "chnnKP"! So...ect Lydla E. Plnkhnm'a Vegetable Compound — or new. Improved Table la. wl th artUed iron I ( Wonderful, too, /or the (unrtionnl paint ol menstrual periods.) RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. MON.-TUES. 'FOR MEN ONLY' Paul Henried Margaret Field Ijflem Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverne Ball. o. C. Seep Cool Toniht! •Can b« installed quiejc/y—. In most any window. •Efl»cliv«ly eooli, filt.n, dries, circulotai and v«nH- latet with Iresn ait. •Fomoui Mn.r-MU.f m*ch- nimm carriti ip«cial 5-Y*«r Warranty. •Two .li«»_fo, h»m»t mn4 ofFicet. USES NO WATER FRIGIDAIRE Window Model CONDITIONER HALSELL & WHITE Main & Division FURNITURE CO. Phone 6096 ••••••••••••••• ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekday* |== 7:30 p.m. Sat. Sun. 1:00 p.m. >•••••................................,..,, 4>JP€ LAST TIMES TONITE UST» TKGKAT WTLAHS! *-£££«' Jimmy Stewart Also Carloon & Shorts '•••••••••«•••••••••••••••••, TUES-WED BUDDY N1TE g^BffiiS'-l _^&3&*3avT-&rf.»ixyif-ttFy.r-'?, y#<-ny. =- - WHAT AM IDIAI LASTTI.MES TOMTE 1 WARNER^t i •UMOSfMESPClliSB- First Slimvinj; In Ti]ythev:ilc 2 Cartoons & Comotlv TUES.-WBD. Dollar A Car N'itrs: Jiiing A Car Load for SI j M-G-M's thrill-a-minute romance ! r ft Cartoon & Comedy The Following Stores Wiii B Wednesday Afternoons Beginning Next Wednesday, May 14 BERRY'S LADIES TOGGERY The EDYTHE SHOPPE The NEW YORK STORE WHITSITTS "HOLD T^{AT LINE" Lcn Gorccy and The IJowery iinys NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. I'ltctie 58 LAST Tl.MKS TOMTB "FIXED BAYONETS" Richard Basehart TUKSDAY 'THE FAMILY SECRET" .1. C'ohb John Derek \VKlX-TfirRS. "GOLDEN G5RL" Dennis Day • Mit/.i Gavnor You Need Auto Insurance LIABILITY INSURANCE IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER There's a new law in Arkansas. It's called (he "Motor Vehicle Safely Responsibility Law." And it provides IJial Ihe responsible person in an nuinmobile accident nuisl he ahle In pay the property damages lo Ihe other parly or risk having his right tn dri\c revoked. You mosl be able (o pay. 'Ihe simplest way lo protect yourself for fbi«= emergency is In have atilomohile liability insurance. Feel free to come in and discuss all the ilelails of this new law with our experienced sfaff at any time—hut don't "lock the door after the horse is stolen." Come in this week. A THE IXSL-KANCK DBI'ARTMENT - G. H. ROBSOX, MGR. FARMERS BANK'™ 51 COMPANY Tlie Oldest Bank In Mississippi County "TIME TKIIvI) — I'AMC TKSTKD" r*l>.!.<'.— Slfl.OCO Kach ric-pnsit MrmbpT Rosrrv* Systr-m

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