The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1934
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 0, 1934 BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COU1U1311 NEWS PAGE CLAtsif i ED •*.< s Wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per ime lor cousecu. Hie ii'-sc-rtlocis: (Hie average words to a Hue) One time per Ur.e •- wo Tr;o times per line per day .. 08c lire* times per line per day .. 06c his limes per line per day .. aoath rate per linj •••••••• charge 600 Btlftry We guarantee you better b»tt«rj or radiator work Ior MB money. Any-make radiator rtpalMd ot It- I cored. Get our pcieei on new I cebulll tatteriei. Call O3. Mtue-UtUe CbemM Co. lOc kl-10 COAL & WOOD Hin "~ BUCHANAN Our Coal Is Black We rrcat Xou WU ic, But Ornithok»|iiti Watch For Vfhite Blue Jay Muss. <.UP) — Massachusetts oniltliolo- ilsts are watchlni; lor the reaper a while blucjay. The freak was seen recently by Pvotessor Carl S. Hoar of Ihe biology department ot Williams college, at WllllainsUmi. Accom . I panlcd by an apunremly normal vTrc mate, the bird was in an apple Utacl bohlnd llojr's liiboi:ilory. He described U us el i\ pale gruy oi 1 dusty white wi'.'i a durk simix running buck Irom the rye mid darker lull fciulic-s. Cupid Won Over j Efforts of Weatherman MACHIAS. Me .illl'J—Julia Slu- 11-1 and CliiKii' 1 '! Colbc-vth, Jr.. iniivrlecl clc.s;nle nil the oi>- iln- ivivmony—11) (eel of iuxl ii) Mow zeio tcnuwva- i.- minister. lU'V. William 1W- •!!. tin- Ih'sl man mill " 1C ,•! h,iii;n- tool; ;> train »s f" f hi v i-uuM then sol oil ami Ihe MiuwshOT:. Hull llicyhnrt ih.-n Tilt Journey on snow- \,,i\ two mile;-. Ads ordered for three or Ox t'jnes and stopped betore expiration will bo charged Ior the num- tcr of times tre ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. ,\ll classified Advertising copy jut-initted by persons residing out- t'rie of the city must be accom- ; anled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect in- ccilion of auv classified ad. Advertising crdered for Inegu- tar insertions take Uie one time rate. Phone 306 or 307 JANUARY FOR SALE () []R BOARDING HOUSE FOK SALE—Pure breed Stonevlllel No. 4 Cotton Seed, price Sl.'IS hundred. See F. E. Black all nlylhcvllte Gin Co^ <P Ml I PEAL ESTATE , - * - Straight Line Saves Mileage ior Planes SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)— Till! Lihplnne's inheifiil iimi'.stilclcil illijlil l:(cn straightened out until U now Ls only 2,115 miles from the SUilul or Llbuily to the Gulden Onlc. Tilts Is 400 miles lota tlian 'CWA -Fights Ticks NBW - ORLEANS • (UP) — Nearly 2,500 Civil Works Administration v.-orkcra arc constriiclhig 'dipping vats In the 39 remaining .tlck- Inlestcd - parishes in' Louisiana In at) ellort lo make the .entire state fiec oi tick-infeslccl cattle In 1934. Publication o( Charles Dickens' books has attained a lotal ot 25.000,000 copies. I'OK SALE. W acr«, all in cultivation. Or.v mile south oC Go«- ucll. Rol.-jnd Gr«n. 6ckU| Come in, Uit yoor retl estate See what we have to a«U E. M. Terry Licensed Dttkr Tmj-WorthinftcD Title Co. PhMW «17. Uo M-M POULTRY & EGGS e«a dai'y. dlitel from hen- wry. rWurd'i tweery, 1»M hickasawba. 6c kl-« ij\i Alt "ur I'Errl Cars are recondi- linned uy Factory Trained Men, '52 F01L1) TliDOn SEDAN Gcod Buy ;it 5 395 '311 FORD TUUOK SEDAN Spcrhl S1 ~>.[) 1'ONTIAC SEDAN S 1 '30 .NASH SEDAN. Clean, Good Rubber $'• '23 CHEVROLET COACH .. S "M CHEVKOLtT KOAUSIEK Rumble Seat S TKUCK SPECIALS '3(1 CHEVROLET TRUCK 1J4 Ton ..'. ••' i FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln alter S . m. Z9-ck-tf. •?2 FORD V,^ TON TRUCK 5 PICKUP. Closed •30 FORD Cab .. 51S) •30 DODGE PANE! Sib Jlacy Others tn Choose From We Gnar;mlc« :ill tars over ?100.U PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 200 East Main Slrcet 1'li'Hic Sll-810 niyfhevdlci Arkansas. FOR RENT TEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 514 W. Main. Phone PS. lie RONT Room Apartment' new school, reasonable price, 911 (earn St. 6p kll comfortable rooms convenient to bath. Good meals. 431 South Second st. l-pk-8 Furnished Apartment in Ward Apartments, 1031 West Ash. Will be vacant January 1. Call 650 clc-tf FOR RENT—OfTic* and nreproo! vault. Hot and cold water, 5te»m I'.eat. 515.00, app.v firoadway Barber, Shop, Earmtri Bank Bldg. ' ""."•••-. Z9c k5 MODERN Three rooin Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 754. 27-ck-U. ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. Bunwltt announces the openhif of short hind, typewriting and bookkeeping cUssrs- Special Prices. CaU R21-W. IckZ-l WANTED We pay more ior pecans, furs, hides, brass, topper, radiators, aluminum, leal, batteries. Phone I'i6, Wolf Arian, 128 E. Main. 230 tl-23 UUSINESR DIRECTORY_ ~^itVv DEAL TRADING POST Furniture, Tools, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. Ill East Slain. 6c kl-B Kite room in fri\*.tf home w two beds, rail ISO after 5:00 p.m. 5p kll) Typewriter and Adding llachine Rcpairinf- U. S- Blankenship, 110 E. Rose. Call 165-J. 21c SALESMEN WANTED AUTOMOTIVE LARGEST STOCK USKD PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Abo Auto Class—Phone 06 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 3c k2-3 WANTED SALES PEOPLE One .salesman and one saleslady. Musi nc experienced and willing (o work. No other need apply. Commission and small salary. House to house selHng. Apply own handwriting, slat'PE experience. Superior Coal and Mining 'Co., Biythevillc, Ark. 4cklO LOW I'KICES oil winter car needs, heaters, nlcoiic 1 , GPA gls-cerine, Model T tops & sicic curtains, '<93 un. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E. Vlain. 23c Hl-23 Call 303 - Rcfl's place-118 E. Main For Auto Painting Body and Fender Service 29ekl-29 AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service Phone 033. Sliouse-Liltlc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-IO MALE HELP WANTED ABLE MAN for distributing and delivery work. Pays about »22.W nrekly. Needed at once. Must own car. Albert Mills. Route Mgr., 3335 Monniouth, Cincinnati, O. 9ptlO LOST Liberal reward for return of hydraulic house jack lost on streets here. Osbron Machine shop. Movie Fans Rented Slippers MEDFORD, Ore IUP>— When a li'cal theater offered double Ica- trre attractions, it made a small side profit by renting sofa pillows End house slippers to its patrons :ind selling sandwiches during the show. Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tircs-llatttriis - Replacement Part* HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dcpt. Ick2-l A Stockton, Calif., man has a 25-Joot cactus growing ,n his front yard. , ' Aufn Glara All Kinds Installed The Ark-JIo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 SERVICE CaU us when you need a wrecker. nay and Night service. CaU 633. Sliousc-l.illlc Chevrolet Co. lOc kl-10 SPORTING GOODS Ycu will firri a vomplclc tine of NEW MODEL BICYCLES al Hubbard Hardware Company ICc V2-l CLEANERS. TAILORS_ Tn look jour best is always esscn- li^l. [.ct us keep your Clothes fit. (.'nique Cleaning Service Call 171. 20-ck-20 llADIOS GOOD COAL IS THE ^CHEAPEST [C O A Lf ~"« -^ There is no com I, u » West of the Alfc- |heny Mountains, as |iifb In put and as low in ash as the S UPREMci Suptr.Heat JEl AH Hadios, includins R. C. A., are beine closed out at cost lor CASH fll Htiljbsrd Hardware Co. 12ckl-12 "lUTTERlES ^fe\^ For;! Batteries Fcnlal - Recharjlng - Kepalrinff 71? TIRE & BATTERY STATION ?fi». VI r .!.••«.»*««*, ifut It It ethical, became It's trne. Yit have aulhorttali\-e analysis on file on alt roll a*d can »r»n (his claim. SUPREME Super-beat fa the only coal ot Its Kind tat teM only by IbU coaapuy. Site Lump Ton - S7.SO to Ton 54.W Cash A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's Pri.ce Superior Ccal & Mining Co 304 W. W»luiit • Phon» 7W automobile highwa po&slUlc n 19 1-1! hour . of crossings, Uatlic nml oilier sur- polnU), nucl llins suvc Unllcii Air Lines' New DINNY NOW PITCHING! . , HEV, \A VM>. f tWN'T >' KILLED .' ) COVER Vi;K TACE,' YOU SHOULT)A A MINUTE. sv\t , HE VOR60T TO CAKDS UNTIL. DINr^V'S GONNA SMEftR'IM AlX-OVti? PLACE .' : ->H,W POOOR DiNNV.' SHOUUDtR OH A "DOOR. HOOPLES TKHN\Q.UE3 -vw TH~ OL-'^BOY-COUV-V- rAOVE SO r. tnr> TWRtE. \_NPS \ AROUND TH L\V\M(b "ROOtA, SOrAt TAV-SO \^ 7HEM WENT, -->-., OP TV\0&E ^""^'•• STWRS U OP TOR THIS Tl ME f ^ ' GtLTSVJT! ' S_ ,~ .„ •»tl_CL^??U!tJi!-iJI2i?-SiC- -?^-.^:.- — STBVE IS WRONG! HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES VOC DO THiW6t> AS K GROUP vou 1 H\M\t nt TO "Wit SCX> VOO OOKlT WWW TO OO WS\U THKRK'S MUSIC IN THE AIR! WASH TUBES '/AHl THAT'S MftRY/SlR. I ' ([ HEY. M c QUI6GLEr\ ^^^ COME QUICK! ! A / sow; funNVi i ,' OS«N VJELL THERE'S MO SAY VOU'Ut GROW TO x PICTURE, SIR, BEFORE SHE UST£N| \WAS-AH-TAtCEM AWAY. . TMBRE'sl PRETTV, KM'T SHE? Jjf SK.^— — ^^ ^'uOii I 6E QUITE FOND OF HER,SIR, ONE WALL A ^.X i *MI*QI c- Avin Cfln SUCH THINGS AS SPOOKS, I ^DHfi,, , VET ^/ \^> -ruT-ir A. ^° LOVABLE AND SAU "THE N / \_ ,.» x - ^^ THtVRE AT IT AGAIN. J PAID IN FULL! SALESMAN SAM ' HUH 1 OKioXweK. Trt' &€.'-<- [ HJSLLl'r-N LEpiU iM 1 CM iT TILL SGCIC^ODY ,/ J OF U^KIM' c'.e. / WP OUT OF p, O &OJMO steep Fwe jiojwo steepf/F '^~ r'^.-'"~~]l \ COLLECT J ec^[ NOT SO SKCRET! •""P^CKLKS.AND HIS FRIENDS VW'T BE OlJS UMTIL NUTTV J2SE5 OJT ^- o ' . AND L TMEN ' ! I CAM HARdY WAIT ^ViXlLOiJT ;-:A.i HE OGIVE ITATRY.' FRE.CK, {6REAI'! X TOGWE ITATRY; FRE.CK, /SR^A, .^u^aaw , , ^, 00 ^bO REALIZE THAT, J^= SVJITJ^I.AUD 1=' 6 i i^^ A li ^uAT P TfliS TUlrlG VJORkS, ySEE IF \vEtE 65TT-V3 V LOOK AT I MAI i \WH'RE GETTING THE r ' &y A VI ' VNE'LL BE FAMOUS ? P3VJER FHOV, Tl^ PLU ° r , •- . >-f tii'- .v. -v 7/ ^_~-:, •.,^M-f/uV i r A c.fvj ^/ ^^2r^,' ; /R (-) •:.- ! '.t ^r.,^ 1 ^*^!.. = • "ir « |H »« t V c ^yj£&l:i A FEW MOSE A»JiJ5T».'EMTS, U BESET!': POST Sou Lib lAW^ ABWT "THIS WTIL EVERYBilWS IS PERFECT! IPIFWL.IDOHT VWAMT TO BE LA136WED AT WHILE,-AT -; 'THE | CITY ! LISHT 1 &EPART- HW OUT TO LOCKWOOD STCEE.T ,AiJPPMO_OU" S CAUSING IT.

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