Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on January 20, 1943 · 17
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 17

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 20, 1943
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f J r r News News- Vol f Y i F ort TheS The Salt It Lake T Telegram m Wednesday ay Ev Evening ni g January 20 I 1943 r Local Loca I News I 17 7 I a ors Open en Bidding for Services I If if f Outfielders Cooney and Waner I I I eef to fo raft 5 Slate I ate ate- ii tUL AUt X w sv YORK Jan 20 UP uP- uP dent M i Ford PrickFrick and Wil- Wil dge of the National and I t hold a routine ia n leagues w Wednesday to iron out out- I out- I T in the 1943 major league I ie e but this placid baseball ue 51 inay may be disrupted by the the- L the- r r- r L of ot spirited bidding for for- der e der ers F Paul Waner and Johnc John- John c Coonel rey ough the be major leaguesleagues' a ig rf and ad closing dates havehav- ert have- t Jet rt t for April 21 and Octo- Octo e tS two league heads must MM ate a few games gaines arrange fange game program and then gritt jt to club heads I for tor fine final schedule usually is J J- atat the February meet meet- I t of ot the majors I which returned to the I r scene for a few hours I fa ithe the Ne New York Giants GIans and and- I and- e I 1 e V eW York Yankees Yankee agreed on ref spring schedule that elim- elim I ted a previous conflict in ti game fame dates may be erased he need of the Dodgers and ts for or outfielders cuey and Wanerboth over over- tiretirebie l 35 31 years of major league Sence eneeence between them and were iced ced i d by the Boston Braves slay y t II AT LASALLE CHARLIE CARUE WAS 1 IN HIS ws ussr CAST Yf YEAR AR I FROM 1939 TO 1941 HE JE I DISPLAYED D HIS TALENTS c WITH WIN TTOe P kr we O oe THE 1 NATIONS PRO I AT ARE TAUGHT JUDO HAND TO HAND FIGHTING TO BE USED AGAINST JAP JIU-JITSU JIU THAT'S WHERE CHARLIE'S CHARLIES BASKETBALL ROUGH EXPERIENCE TUM k- k COMES N HANDY 1 T I I it I I HE EXPECTS TO GO TO OFFICERS TRAINING SCHOOL AND HOPES TO BE BE- ABLEABLE TO CONTINUE HIS WORK IN PHYSICAL TRAINING S H T FORMER U. U NOW IN THE AIR AR FORCES AT AS A PHYSICAL TRAINING INSTRUCTOR Hoop Champs Lay fay i y Again L Utah h university's 1916 A AAU A U Uck Uk ck k champs Wednesday if ready to return to the hoop u ri The Utes ex-Utes will play an an- utut high faculty team Wednes- Wednes in the South highgym 3 put part of ot a benefit program to to- OO de eyeglasses for school chil- chil 1 Members of the squad will in- del Inde in- in del de' de Rulon Clark Jim Smith rt mat St Hanson Glen Smith and th mer mer Warner Major Nelson n who coached the 1916 team will also pilot version of the champs Secondary features on the show t lowest high faculty club f St Sta a South faculty club and t nen's mens faculty volley ball baIl ball- me m me between teachers from West 1 i South I Arsenal enal Picks a Star Star jf-Star Star Club ARSENAL Jan 20 20 captain of the East Plant team in den Arsenal Basketball aeue Wednesday was named am n of th the Ogden Arsenal All- All rt team am arment r received the most bal- an bal- an bal- bal an plant all-plant poll Bob 11 fi West Plant forward and and- ee Leagues League's leading scorer was tat edat a forward berth opposite went meet orge McGill captain ofthe TU team tean won center post and opup now In the army but who ith H the East Plant team Ken Devries won Star All-Star d posts t loop i is directed byRay flay tl es I r- r Layden Drops Charges Against Sammy Bough Baugh CHICAGO Jan 20 INS INS INS-El- El El- mermer Layden commissionerofthe National football league Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednes Wednesday dropped charges against Sammy Sammy Sammy Sam Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins Redskins Red- Red skins kins for his his' failure to participate in n the game between the champion Redskins and the league Stars All-Stars in n Philadelphia December 27 Baugh was subjected to considerable consid- consid erable rable criticism for hisfailure to to- layplay lay in the game a week after he had lad piloted theRedskins to a sensational sen- sen victory over the Chicago Bears ears The Philadelphia game was staged for the benefitofthe United United Unit United sd SeamansSeaman's Service In dropping the case a. a against g a Ins t Baugh augh Layden said Investigation has left lett no alternative alterative alter- natIve alter alternative under revealed circumstances circum- circum stances except to find Baugh not guilty of any violation of good faIth aith or of any disregard for his obligation to the public the league and said his fellow players At most he may have been careless in delegating the duty of notifying club officials of his inability inability in- in ability to leave for PhiladelphiaPhiladelphi- an on n December 22 as originally scheduled to Player Dick Toddof the he Washington Redskins who presumed presumed pre- pre umed J his cancellation of BaughsBaugh's plane reservations would serve as I notification to club officials Other circumstances attendant to BaughsBaugh's nonappearance we were complicated unwittinglyby well- well meaning parties outside the league against whom no public censure is intended Investigation has proved conclusively conclusively con con- elusively that Baugh did intend to play that he was sick at the time he w was originally scheduled to leave hi his Rotan Texas ranch for Philadelphia that on the day before before before be before the game he attempted to reach Philadelphia that circumstances circumstances circumstances circum circumstances prevented him from progressing progressing pro pro- gressinggreasing b bey beyond e y o 0 n d Sweetwater Texas en route to theDallas airport airport airport air airport on December 26 and that had he been able to reach Dallas miles mile distant he would not have beenable to leave there since the flightnight he made every effort to reach was canceled shortly prior to the takeoff time The publicity and subsequent investigation a. a attendant t ten d ant upon BaughsBaugh's failure to appear in Philadelphia Philadelphia Phila Philadelphia Is deemed sufficient pun- Ishment punishment pun pun- underthecircumstances F fing xingcing Plays Major Role in I Jungle League ht With Japs Says Marine Colonel 0 o FEDER W it YORK Jan 20 UP The JP-The The c between a boxing glove Bayonet Is apparent even to ost t. t casual asual observer but take Colonel Harvey Miller the the- tt know their beak- beak if have found It an especial- especial habit in places like I l' l arial t boys are learning like before says Colonel Miller practical knowledge of box- box stuff and the the- w the- s w as s simple as sitting down toe he ring the correct side- na side- side leans ean na only the difference be- be coring scoring a knockdown or be- be down In the Jungle we inte step side instinctively without fled fled without boxing gloves w is bayonets may bayonets may mean thence the flee nce ce between life and death a big difference res re's no losersloser's end in the league Colonel Miller 4 adds for the special benefit of the Jacobs beachcombers who might like their theory knocked down to the simple terms of the trade The motto Is kill kUl or be killed Colonel Miller Is more widely known as HeinieHeinle 1 Miller the permanent permanent per permanent secretary and former president of the Rational association A fight fan from way back the colonel Is the most prolific prolific pro pro- uric letter writer In all the fight Industry In his latest literary production from marine headquarters In Washington Miller suggests box- Ing box- Ing box box- Ing give up such intramural rounds merry-go-rounds as the current- I current lightweight muddle I Calling for boxing to recognize its duty and concentrate on encouraging encouraging en en- and teaching youngsters the sport as a means of self- self defense in the jungle to hand-to- contends that that- a hand league Miller a a. state commission has no more license to give away a world championship than the Arizona legislature has to give away the Statue of ot Liberty Unity of ot purpose is most essential essential essential es es- es- es to boxing now he writes because it has suddenly become big enough to be very Important In nationaldefense This war with Tojo he goes goes- onon proved quickly that on Tojos Tojo's side of the Pacific at least boxing and its kindred mayhem- mayhem wrest wrestling Jujitsu and judo are are far more more Important than they were in 1917 18 Tojo elects to fight that way chiefly because he is absolutely absolutely absolutely ab ab- ab- ab lousy with infantry weapons weapons weap- onsons at any range over yards And the fellow who doesn't know what its it'sall aU about in a close fight to the death Is as much out of place as the lad who enters the ring knowing nothing about in infighting in- in fighting What's more he has picked ed a tough spot to learn So it Is boxing boxing's duty to graduate graduate graduate grad grad- above the plane that sees only businessand gate receipts Boxing right now Is a whole lot lot- more lot- more lot- moremore important than it ever was was- as was- as was- asas either a sport or business Ask Marine Corporal Barney Ross floss about that ston Increases Margin in Hockey Race I By Associated Press Press- onon slowly but surely Is Is- S g S away from the rest of ma in the National Hockey the Bruins having Increased place margin to seven by defeating Montreal 5 2 y night while the rest of ot cult was idle veteran Flash Hollett who OnteOme me on either the front or or- ne or- ne or- nene enjoyed another great Hollett opened and closed ton scoring After Atter a scoreless first period Hollett soloed early in the middle I for the first Bruin marl marker er Before Before Before Be Before the session ended Don Gallinger Gallinger Gal Gal- Gal I linger also had talliedtamed for Boston Toe Blake ended Goalie Frankie Brimsek's chances for a a. shutout by driving h home me the initial Cana- Cana dien counter early in the last round on passes from Gordon Drillon and Glen Harmon Bill Cowley the loops loop's leading point getter then- et then setet up a play for Art Jackson whichwidened Boston's advantage to 3 After JacksonsJackson's goal Herb Cain duplicated HollettsHollett's second round trick of ot beating Montreal's Paul Bib Bibeault ault unaided and Johnny Mahaffy Mahaffy Mahaffy Ma- Ma haffy did the same against Brimsek Brimsek Brimsek Brim- Brim sek for the finalMontreal marker With less than five minutes of play remaining Hollett sankhis second netting of the evening The Bruins now boast a winning winning winning win winning streak of five games which got under way against the Toronto I Maple Leafs on January 10 Pep Registers 58 Ring Wins In Succession HARTFORD Conn Jan 20 UP UP Little Little Willie Pep of H Hartford Hartford Hart Hart- rt- rt ford the dancing dynamiter held his consecutive ring victory victory victory vic victory today and appeared fully ready for his is venture Into the lightweight class on January 29 when he meets Allie Stolz in Madison Madison Madison Madi Madison Square Garden Pep third featherweight champion champion cham champion this city hashad in 15 Hi years he heis recognized by the New New- York New- YorkYork commission but not by the National Boxing association association eas- ilyily defeated Bill of Nanti NanU coke Pa in a round 10 boutlast night Weighing Pep battered unmercifully to win every round in an over weight the weight the bout before a crowd of whose left eye was cut and puffy and his lips Ups swollen afterthebout never had a chance in the sided one-sided encounter He weighed Out of Bounds Continued From Preceding Page sports othe whole year an Item that cannot be laughed off There will Mill undoubtedly be received re- re by this department in the next few days many letters telling us what slackers we e are We Ve Ve will vIll unquestionably be told that this is war ar and that tlthere ere is no time for such silliness as basketball tournaments We e will vIIi be told that the kids can get along very well vell without a tournament that they should be spending their time In deciding deciding de do- what branch of the serv- Ice service sers' sers ice to enter And In a year or so if this war continues the kids will be out outfighting outfighting out- fightingfighting somewhere so that these same citizens who know that this is war can still still go on making statements about how the he younger young younger generation is s slipping We are just as as interested in winning the war as the next guy But If it we are going to do so by bv cutting out sports lets let'sdo it right and cut em out completely ClippingCUpping offthe bestfirst seems like a poor way to operate I Scorch Bowling Lanes The South East bowling alleys in Sugarhouse came in for tor some scorching T Tuesday u e s d day a y night as most bowlers found the conditions just right for blasting the wood Dees Dee's Hamburger team was the hottest racking up a series for one of the top team performances perform performances of ot the year against Barnett and Weiss Also worthy of at note was the 1013 game of the Camera I Center South East courts court's 1033 I and Dees Dee's 1063 When the firing was over and statisticians cleared the debris it was found that 20 I games of over had been rolled andsix Ix series of at or better 1 MEET MET YOUR NEIGHBORS Air Base Worker and Newcomer From FrOTh Idaho Praises Congeniality of People in S. S L. L Editors Editor ThIs note It S on one ent of a series of mr minute ut interviews with new residents of Salt LakLah City your new nw neighbors Idaho and Washington are work- Ing working working work- work Ing side by side at the army air airbase airbase air- basebase Salt Lake City At le least t that is what Mrs E E. S. S Haaland and Miss Vilate Beesley are called for there are representatives oJ of so many states In the quartermas- terter office it has necessitated some such recognition A smart looking name plate bearing the Roman letters Miss Vilate Beesley designates the desk where Idaho works Coming Coming Coming Com Coming to Salt Lake fourmonths ago she says she notices many changes in the city from her previous trips here 1 Finds 1 People Enjoyable There are so many more people and they are very congenial she said I live in a boarding house at East South Temple street where all of the persons are newcomers newcomers newcomers new newcomers and government em em- After working for three years In private industry she expressed a decided liking for government work Over at the Washington side of ot the office Is Mrs AIrs rs Haaland She is here with her husband who is stationed at Fort Douglas Enjoy Bon Bowling ling Although they are not at the same base they spend their evenings evenings evenings eve eve- bowling dancing and collecting collecting collecting col col- col- col match books They live at West North Temple street We can hardly wait watt until the baseball season comes again for for- we for- we for- wewe saw every game that was played in Seattle she said We like football games too except they are sort of coo cool Collecting match books Is indicative indicative indicative in in- inI I of her travels throughout through throughout the western states Mrs Haaland aal d likes to travel but not ence she said and Til ru be glad I iH move around There is differ- differ to settle down after the a u war r w i 45 i I 44 0 f 1 REPRESENTING TWO STATES Miss 1 Vilate Beesley leesley left Sirs Mrs E. E S. S Haaland army air base work workers s Bank Names Ex Utahn W. W LaMar Webb formerly of ot Salt Lake City and Ogden has been elected vice president of ot the Wachovia Bank andnd Trust company company company com company at Winston-Salem Winston N. N C C. it was I 1 learned e ear a r n e d Wednesday from friends l. l Webb is a graduate of the University University University Uni Uni- of Utah and of the Harvard graduate school ofdf business administration ad administration I He e was associated with Waterhouse Price company of Boston and following this he was associated with Poors Poor's s Financial Financial Finan Financial Services of Wellesley Hills Mass For seven years he was connected with the farm credit administration in Washington D. D C C. where he held the title of senior enior economist Mr Webb is the son of WalterWalte- rJ G. G J Webb who recently moved to Winston Winston Salem alem to be with his son andthe husband of the former Miss Olive Wright daughter of Walter WaIter and Emily Wright 1441 PerryFerry avenue Three Violate License Law Three persons charged with operating op- op rating crating convalescent homes without with- with outut first having obtained city Il licenses li- li censes ceases admitted guilt and were sentenced Wednesday by City Judge Wilford Moyle Burton Sentences of a 10 fine and 30 days in jail were meted o out t to H H. Brimhall 2171 Fifth East street Pauline Clinger Egli Sixth East Cast street and J J. L L. Monson First avenue charged with operating operating oper- oper ting unlicensed conva 1 I e s a see c e n t t- homes t- homeshomes lomes at their respective ad- ad dresses Fines were paid and jail sentences sentences sen- sen were suspended on condition condition condi- condi tion ion the three meet city building and nd fire code regulations Similarly charged Mrs Asa S. S Willet 54 Eighth East street was given until January 26 26 to enter enter- aa plea Engineer Says Alaska Dead The historic 1898 story of the rush ush for gold the seething activity andnd a land office business in Alaska Is a vastly different story today oday The 1913 version of Alaska as givenby bya a person who just arrived in n Salt Lake City from Fairbanks is s thatAlaska is practically dead ead R. R S. S Ludwig mechanical engineer engineer engineer engi engineer for tor the United States Smelt- Ing Smelt- Ing Smelt- Ing Smelt- Smelt Ing Refining and Mining company who lived in Salt Lake three years ago explained In his room Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednes Wednesday at the Hotel Utah that there is a migration of ot workers out of Alaska They have gone to w war r Jobs he said Many have gone to the statesto work in the nInes mines Mining olin Min ing Isn't going on In the customary manner In old Alaska RIVERSIDE STARE STAKE BALL Members of the L D S Riverside stake will hold their annual green and gold ball Thursday at 9 pp. p min m m. in the Hotel Utah Miss Pearl Bridge publicity chairman said Wednesday I I. I Munroe Farrell Farren and Edne E E. E Coleman are in charge of arrangements ta GREAT MOMENTS IN MUSIC The Te Celanese Hour fIns from Vurdis II La La a Forza del DestineDestino J J. J un n Tennyson If spra r CharsChari Kullman r r r- RobertRobert Robrt W Weed d b bariton rit I Sebastian SalI duet TONIGHT 8 B P. P H. H SPONSORED BY v I of America v a 5 PL ott TUNE IN INC I- Nere C ere r e s t ta Blanca BI a n c a CARNIVAL CARNIV At At- II RadiosRadio's Top Stars with 45 Minutes of Sparkling Entertainment I P. P PM P.M. M. M Every Wednesday 1 1 I He's Hes few He's ew Different 1 I A NEW RED CROSS CROSS- HEAD CROSS- HEAD CROSS- HEAD HEAD NAMED Reed Stevens president of ot ththe Brooklawn n Creamery company who assumed chairmanship of S Salt lt Lake county chapter American American Amerlean Amer Amer- icanlean Red Cross Wednesday announced announced announced an an- that a war fund conference conference conference confer conference preparatory to the Red Cross drive in March will be held at at- the at- the at- thethe Hotel Utah Friday evening Mr Stevens whosucceeds Dr James T. T Wonton Worlton Salt SaIt Lake educator educator educator edu educator was elected at a directorsdirectors' meeting Tuesday night in the Hotel Utah Mrs Harold W. W V. V Pickering was chosen vice chairman replacing Mrs John C. C Daly and C. C Clare Woods succeeds Mrs M r s. s Leland Swaner as secretary Mr Stevens and Mr Woods were elected didl- dl rectors Mrs Daly chairman of volunteer volunteer volunteer volun volunteer services will leave next Wednesday Wednesday Wed Wed- to attend the American Red Cross convention in St. St Louis LouLs Mo Offers to Confer On City Expenses Advising Salt Lake Lak City commissioners commissioners comcorn missioners the new construction control order of W P B places a limit on expenditures such as the city Is likely to make on public improvements Ralph E. E Bristol regional W V P B manager offered Wednesday to confer on all contemplated improvements The letter was referred to the streets and engineering depart departments What's on the Air Today Wednesday January 20 20 Mountain 1943 War Time C KUTA 1160 1320 KLO 1430 Network I Colum 0 Columbi I System NO Network I Mutual o-Mutual Network I I In Rhythm Song Long Shop World Coverage Conrail News New Bill Carpenter News NeWl I I Vocal Varieties VI I oday at the I News I Musical TraIn with a 30 News News Keep SInging TraInload of 16 30 46 The Sea Bound World Today roda Tropical Moods Requests 45 5 00 Terry and the Pirates To be Rhythms Lewis Jr News Hop BerrIgan Dr Malone MaCone Eel Ed Letson News Adventures Adventure 6 5 30 Tack Jack Armstrong World Newe A to Z In Novelty Melodies 5 30 Captain Must and Sports World Coverage News New With Maxine Gra Oral Th LouLon Eddy with H. H V. V OCal TInney News o NadIne Conner I cS NBC The Affairs ot of State a 30 Business WIth HItler Nadine Dr Allan lan Roth Roth's Sym Sym- Destiny drama 0 45 Victory News Cecil Brown News phony of Melody Destiny a 5 JOhn Freedom ot of the Town to Smile with ArthUr Gaeth Eddie Cantor Blanca Carnival Eddie Spotlight Bands Listening DIStrict Attorney OeoGeo Kaufman and 1 Known PactsFacts StorIes of Crime Oscar Levant oL Id Cs C.'s 7 45 Ray Gram SWing News Moments In KaY Kyser's Kyser College of B. B Hughes Oracle Fields Musical Knowledge OArsOArt Kassell's arch Orcie 1315 News Yours Your for a Song soloists Harry Bab- Bab I Heatter NewsNewa C 45 Wayne King ang World News bitt Dorothy Dawn Glenn Miners Miner's 1345 Eari GOdwin News Amos n HollYWOOd Fur Lewis Jr News 90 LunoLum endand Abner Harry James James' Newsroom or of the Air Quartermaster Quarter 0 15 Manhattan at Players Tommy Dorsey DorleY and Hour Nour jn His Famous Band Camp Kearns Present 0 45 1000 U. U P. P News Your Hymns and Mine World NewsNewe Press News 1000 1016 1015 harlle SpIvak To be announced I BusIness With Hitler United GraysGray's 10 15 1030 I Johnny Richards John Alexander NewsNewa H. H V KaltenbOrn B. B Hughes News New I 1030 1045 News 1055 Reveries News and Music SCab Calloway's 1045 I 11 I 00 Bob Crosby MasterwOrks You Want Want- United Press News Newa I 1 00 1116 1115 Columbia ClassIcal Classical Moments OPaul Schubert NewsNewa 1115 I 1130 I 30 I MartIn and aneS 1 Olsen's Ollen arch I Howards Howard's Orcie I 11 I 30 I 11 1 45 His liti Orchestra 1155 News 1155 News New from St. St LouisLoula I 11 I 45 1200 News New Roundup Round Life Begins at Mid Arthur Gaeth News New 1200 1215 night nIght GoodnIght 1216 1215 1230 I 1 1 Ozzle Nelsons Nelson Goodnight I 1230 1245 New 1246 1245 1 00 GOOdnight i 1 00 Thursday January 21 21 1943 Mountain 1943 Mountain War Time A. A M. M A. A M. M Wllliam Hillman Hullman News New News of the World Dude Ranch Ranch- GOO I Western Agriculture I Farm Newspaper ot of I Farm News New I I Texas Jim Robertson the Air World Coverage Stews New Star Studded R News New World MornIng Devotions on Record 1345 7 00 Club van varl World New The Yawn Patrol Arthur ety wIth Don Top o 0 the Morning The Star Studded Review m m. m c. c o 1 World Coverage News New wIth M u. u t c d om e World Coverage News New The SOngsmith BrIghtest Stars Carl Uncle Zip caravan OVernight New FinalPinal OO Roy Porter New News Freedom on the Land 1315 News and On Parade Freedom Up Gang Bob 8 45 GeneOene and Glenn Orchestra of the Week Lone Journey Journe Smith 55 of C. C Breakfast at Sardis World News Road of 00 Barratt Chadwick 9 15 Day Vio anI and Sd S.d. SIngs 9 15 Patty Jeans Jean's Club Mary Lee Taylor I Snow House Bow Party Al and Lee Beiser GAunt Jenny DaVid Harum drama Morning Melodies 1000 News SKate Kat Smith Speaks The Carter News New 1000 1015 Clark Dennis BIS Sister World World New Mary LeoLee Taylor 1015 I 1030 0 30 Farm and lOom Hom Hour Helen tHelen Trent Romance I Musical Get Fred Waring's Waring I 1030 1045 Gal Buncia Salt Lake Lak Classified 1045 I 11 I 00 Baukhage f Can Se Be Beautiful Standard School chool I 11 I 00 I 1116 I 1 5 Earl Wrightson Ma Ma Perkins Perkin i 1115 i 15 I 11 I 30 I I 4 Hour In l TIme rime iVle Vie endand Sade SaeS Art Baker News Personal I 11 1 30 I 1146 I 45 Vincent Lopez Dr Kate drama MusIc ot of HawaII I 1145 I 45 Afternoon Programs 1200 Noon News James News New LIght of ct the World Foster NeWs New 1200 Noon 1215 1 SOngs of the Range mange I Joyce Jordan I Lonely Women I Luncheon Melodies I 12 15 1230 James McDonald W lWe Love and aneS LearnS Learn Arthur Arthur News 1230 1245 Hollywood News New Girl Kinga Jester Jesten Hymn of ci ChurchillChurches Tommy Dorsey 1246 1245 I 1 00 Three Thre R Bs Tabernacle Organ flee Marlin United Press News I 00 o ob Andersen news 4 55 M. M Perkins Treasury Star Parade I 1 30 Ted Malone Time Out for Milady Pepper Toung Valley polka polka- I 1 30 1 45 Musette Music Bo Box Children to Happiness Show 45 Club Matinee School of the Wife drame of Tom DIck torr 7 of Stella SteU Dallas and Harry Bud Vallant Lady Lorenzo Jones drama Hurt G. G 2 15 News tories America Loves Young Toung Brown ODell The Music You Want World News New Melodic Melodic Momen Barratt ChadWick When You WantVant It Varieties a Girl Marr Mania Earl of the a I Keyboard j StrIngs You a Genius Cenius Plain Bill BUI Ogden Classified c I 45 Charioteers EmP News Bernie Bernte Front pron Page PAie Farrell Hollywood Eri 33 35 In Rhythm Radio Backstage World Coverage NewtNews Bill PlanoPiano Selections 1 J. J Sebastian harmonica Siesta Musical Carpenter Train News I 1 1 w News New rho Book MarkMarie MUSiCal Cousin I 46 The Sea Hound The World Today Tropical Moods Playing Ken Requests Beno Bennett tt 5 and the Pirate To be Afternoon Hop Malon Ed Leuon Rhythm Newl LeWis Jr News Jack Armstrong World News New Melodic Echoes MusIc enSures turea I 5 15 f Listening Captain MidnIght eMr Mr Keene NBC Melodic BC Newsroom for Li War 1240 KO O. O Provo 1450 Price Broad Broadcast cast Mutual and Intermountain Network Program I. I

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