The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 6, 1943
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VOLUMU Xlr-NO. <li).' Blythevillfl Dully News Blylheville courier Blythfvillc Herald Mlsslsslj)))! Vatluy Lender _THE DOMINANT HKyBVM'KH OF NOUTUKA bT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MIBgOUUI HIATHKVILl/K, .AHKANSAS, TIIUKSDAV, MAY I), mi:) SINGLK COI'IKS FIVK CENTS DOUGHBOYS SWEEP ON TOWARD BIZERTE Deyers to Lead Invasion first. Today's War Commentary Pacific Foes U. S. and Japan Gird For New Arlion By THOMAS J. IHINOHUF, ( United Piess On built Hides tif (lit; disputed I'ueilk- there arc .signs of impending aclioii on a mnjor scale. Japan ;ui(i the Uniled States virtually have completed months of maneuvering fold jockeying Tor position. They seem rciidv to move ;tl any moment, the only question Ijeinj; which side will strike '•'-I. It i.s lilUnj,' on this liret anniversary ol' the full ol' Cor- ii^idor and "its last gaunt Kiirrison" thai the stvcngth ol' the two l)ig Pacific powers be assayed as they line tip for the decisive test. • ' Japan Ls powerful. Let there be no mistake about lhat. Potentially she may be more powerful than the European half of Ihc Axis combined. Since Pearl Harlior the Japanese- have conquered nearly one and a half million square miles > of some of the richest, niosl valuable land on earth. She wrested Irom the United States the Phillippine -Islands, Cltiani, Wake and Attu and Kiska in tlie Aleutians. From Great Britain, 'ihe Jups have taken Malaya, Singapore and HOME Kong. The Gilbert, Elilcc, Solomon and Andaman Islands, and Papuan New Guinea. They also won Ihe Dutch East Indies and Uiey have- conquered Burma. It's almost a year now since Japan seized Hie Western Aleutians— Her., last aggressive move'.* Since lliaC : time, she has labored dili- aciilly and ruthlessly lo exploit and 'd.evclop her newly-won empire, repair the battle damage ami put tlie subjected populations •' to t'lave -labor for her v/ar. needs. Japan has admitted the loss of very few of her -fighting' ships- one battleship,' oiie cruiser, invco carriers, 13 destroyer.?, il submarines, 32 transport:) and seven auiv lliarjcs," But American : commuui- tjiR's 'lipIto' anil including 1 the~lK3if yreat naval bailie off the Solomons in 'November,, list Jap ships sunk as ns follows: Two battleships, si.x carriers, 24 cruisers, 51 destroyers, ami 51 transports. Jap ships dam- a£cd-~soiiic: of which probaoly sank. —Include nine bailie ships, nine curriers, 10 cruisers, 43 destroyers and 4Ij transports. The enemy will find il hard lo replace such losses, But Japanese naval strength remains very large and since Hie American Navy is lighting in many oceans, it is doubtful if we have overall parity wilh Japan in Ihe Pacific. But aur slims, pariiculiirly U:e new battleships, are believed (o be mote Hum a match lor Ihc best that Nippon has to oflcr. On our side of Uic Pacific ledger, since mat dark May (i when Corrcyidoi-'s radio operator messaged "the jig's up," we have come. Jar, even though-'we started almost from scratch. We have more than made up Ihc shi|K Uial were wrecked at Pearl Harbor. And those we nave now are tar belter flahti»E craft than Ihcy were on that December morning. We have begun the long march back by reconquering pans of tnc Solomons and New Guinea, by occupying F-unuiull. Island in the Kllicc group ami by a gruelling war of attrition .that is laKing its loll. Our submarines also have sunk 155 of Japan's precious sinus, prou- ably ;snnk i5 others and damaged •I'l— an immense strain on Japan's shipbuilding indusliy. Our bombers, overworked as Ihcy arc, have done iiicsliiuable damage lo Japan's forwartl outjwsUs Mosquito Breeding Places To Be Sprayed; Mayor Asks Cooperation Jilylhcvillc's malaria control pro- sram is underway in a campaign .sponsored by the City of Blyllie- villc, in cooperation with the federal government, which followed the annual Clean-up Campaign waged last week by Ihc city. A crew Ls .spraying oil on water liclcs. manholes of sewers and other wet places in Ward Two, after already having sprayed Ward One, and Ward Three will be treated in the same way, with the work expected to on finished this week. This is but a beginning of the work lo "be carried on throughout the "mosquito months." The crew will go over Ihe city at'•'•ihlcrvsfe—lirobably 'about-.three weeks—at the same time (he federal government's crew Ls doing similar work outside the city limits. This Is a part of the program lo rid Blylhcrille Army Air Held and surrounding- area of mosquitoes because of the service men niitl our , troops have been mov- Elythcvillc residents must cooperate if the program Ls to be a success, it was pointed out today my Mayor E. R. Jackson. Fish pools must be kept well stocked wilh minnows so thai they can eat the larvae because if not well stocked, the mosquitoes will hatch. In ninny cities all owners Red Forces Advance On Novorossisk II) Unilcd l-rrss Russian troops are rolling toward the Axis-held niivul of Novo- rossisk iifler cracking the oulcr rim of the Kuban bridgehead. An unconfirmed London radio report says that the Soviet forces now arc within two miles of the important ba.s-c. Offirifil Moscow communiques Place Die fieri Army within 10 mile.', °f the Black seaport, control of Krimskaya, ami a raid junction on the northeast. The breakthrough of (lie Naxl ( lines, which was announced lust night, extends iiloni? a lli-mllc front. Anrt the present position indicates (lint the Soviets are threatening to cnvelpi) Novorossisk. ilic German.'; arc stubbornly rc- tliis (lie Russian advance. But in one .sector alone, the Hussions nrc reported lo have killed sonic too enemy officers and men mid taken a lai-Rc numbor of prisoners. Attacking Hussian forces are lie ing supported by. massed artillery and heavy aerial cover. Russian long-range bomber.'; liavo been aclivc far bclnd the enemy lines. Haids have been can-led out on Bryansk, Hresl-LIIovsk and the Rumanian port of Constanta. Alone the rest of the front above the Caucasus, activity Is limited to patrol clashes. FarrarandThompson To Seek Commissions Two Blylheville soldiers who have been stationed in the Aleutians have conic hack lo the United States to enter Officer Candidate Schools, alley are Staff Scrgl. Ralph' N. Parrar and Scrgt Benjamin Thompson. The latter "is slated to begin a course In Air-Force Administration ED IB PILL Hailed As Brilliant Military Leader By Wai- Secretary Slimson 15y Uiillnl 1'rcss The Wnr IJeparlmeul lias naincd l.leul. Clcn. Jacob .1. Ucvcrs as America's new invasion commander in the European war theater. Chosen to succeed Lieutenant Gonwal Frank Andrews, who \uis killed Monday in it plane crash in Iceland. Devcrs brings with him lo Kneland complclc knowlldsc of all invasion plans, lie recently toured Ihe African, Middle Hastcm, mill litnoprnn theaters. And ha Ls an outslaiidlng expert on tiio latest lorin of (link and artillery warfare. War Secretary SUm.son, annount B Uovm' n|)|)oinlmciil, says, "I consider General U:vors cs|>ecinlly fittctl to be General Andrews' successor." American mlllliiry men in Kng- alnd have received IJuvers' appolnl- inent wilh salislaction. lie Is considered both n brilliant .soldier nnd a .sound Individual, lie i s America's youngest general ol his rank. And nc is a man whd takes .shorlculs and brushes aside rules to get hts job done. More details on the Iceland plane crash Indicate that General Andrews probably was at tlie controls, when his pintle wtnt do\yn. • The big bomber npnroncliecl ice- land under a very low celling,nnd was atlvisctl by radio lo liirn back. Andrews rcpli;d tersely, "Continuing." The arash occurred In a wild anil remote region of Iceland, .and the „ , cal - u ,,, „„>- »-ii.timn H >'uurnni lack of communications lo the scene'ami his mother severely Injured is responsible for continued delay. veslmdav afternoon at' Ihe (,n Hit: eve of llu- tlrst anniversary ol the full of-Conceit,!. (His nholo of brave ImL uutimmbctcd Aiucrlnm (mops. hands raised In surrn,,lci «« (hoy yielded Ihc Island fortress. was r.-lruscd by the u h. War Department. H is from « Jii], ilhn. released to News Of I hi! n«y nmraod by OWI, Corridor foil Mi\y a, ID'12. INI'.A Iclcplmlni. • lolhcr Suffers Burns Al- lempliiig To Rescue Boy Horn' Burning House A yc:ir-old lioy wii.sfjilnlly burnrd i "" i Miami. ,ijia.' ; -_, , , ... Sergeant Furrar, who n'lilvcd yesterday to visit Mr., and Mrs. John McDowell here, Will go to Porl Bennhig, Ga, r where he will seek — a commission Jas a'second litutcn- Residents of Dlytlievlllc nrc being ant of infantry. , | asked to attend church services ' Blythcville looks mighty good to Sunday morning ns tribute lo their me in spite of-the. hot weather," niothcrs, wlictlirr nlivc or dentl in .Scnrp.-.Mf. Farrar said yesterday af- ft public Invitation Issued by the White home near •Miintln, .Mr«--MV-4le WHS j&, •.-.-^f.~ , - -A,-.-- • .''"Wj.-.Mii5i-;V-.}te was l>:>«i:Ml..«Ji.-r;^ Onor mother OUnday ' attempted to enter- Hid house \ifhi D,, »,. j- rL i she hud left her child. I'tiul Whi ^V AttetldlnB Lhurch Jr. rc White - y tcrnoon whcn-he'visited tiie Courier rjlythcvlllo Minlsttriai Atsoctntlwi Mi>U!f Ilf f is+n T*' !,„ ,1 V, .... .. I I.. _...__ i [.._ -. . .. •" "" u " ,}" : "isiiiw of ice. rf.lwl been more than J " h ° " iKf '"" U1C Attending Church jr. It Is believed the flro slarleil frojn the kitchen stove, on Ihe south side 'of the house, and a stiff wind funned the flumes. Tim mother, who had jjonc lo the barn lot. ran lo the house upon -seeing l!ic flames. Unable lo enter the rcur door because of the flames. . a meeting ..Monday, the It) ±f " Sm' !!ul ha m u I hope lo Decent, right 'back lo oils congreBalions here (o attend! "ni Ls „?' adv n, r vr n T, Alaska." Sergeant hirrar said. On the Sunday School and morning -on In enveloped the ins shoul ' of o- ing steadily into our own bases in the Southwest Pacilic. For us, it, has been of offensive preparation; for Japan a year of defense preparation. But it must not be. assumed that ja- pan will content herself with sit- liiiB idly by waiting (or us to strike, bhc cannot afford lo remain on (he passive defense, but must regain the initiative by .seeking to disrupt our offensive plans. May Try New Attacks 'Ilitis, Japan still might attempt a massive blow against Australia or India, or even Siberia, in an ellorl lo widen the defense circle around her home islands. She makes much of the impregnability of her Island empire stretching in a vast arc around the Japanese mainland. But even Ihat.grcat domain merely . in the center of an enormous Allied attack ring com prising China on the wcsl, Australia in Uie .south, the United States in (he cast and, potentially; Russia In the north. Japan's German allies do not seem lo share Nippon's professed faith in her Invulnerability. The Germans arc nudging Japan to pay more attention to Uic Aleutians, warning that the Americans are mounting a • great attack In I hat area. It is known lhat we liavc strengthened, our hand in the Aleutians area by occupying the An- drcanof group and replenishing and strengthening our garrisons In the Alaskan theater. The inten- fish pools nrc being asked to fil Iheir pools but Mayor Jackson pointed out that such a drastic slcp would not be taken here il the owners, would cooperate b\ keeping a close wnlch and provide minnows. Although Blythcville and .surrounding area is having an unusually large number of mosquitoes. Ihcy tiro of Uic pest vnrletj and not of the malaria type, tests itavc proved. A mosquito's life, is three weeks and it is believed lhat many new ones were bred here recently, because of the numerous rains in the Spring. Mosquitoes come only from \vig- Klclnils and wlgglcl.tils only from walcr and so Ihe mosquitoes which bother you arc grown in your own yard or very nearby, nccordinu to the Mississippi County Health Unit, which recently issued a plea for all pools lo be tilled, drained, oiled or limed. People also were asked lo look for walcr in lubs, barrels, tec box drains, boal.s, cans, flower pots, caught rainwater, aulo casing bodies, radiators, wells, lotlcts. low places in alleys, lots and under houses, gutters, sink drains, vacant houses, culverts, cans and .street ditches. The U. S. Public Health service is furnishing- supervision over all labor and entomological inspection work with the help of Ihe Mississippi Comity Health Unil, alone with an entomological inspector already assigned to this area for malaria control in war areas, lo furnish Iransporlatfoii facilities for the hauling of oil and other equipment. Tlie city Is furnishing a laborer for sis months at a cast of $500 and furnishing approximately 3000 gallons of fuel oil to cost about $180. along with $50 for Incidental expcmcs such as oil spray and sily of our air allacXs on Ki.ska and Attu and the recent naval bal- U; between Attu and Russia's Komandorskie islands Indicate that developments on a bigger scale may be impending In that heater, it must bo remembered lhat our policy is based on gaining bases from which we can altack the Japanese home Islands. Hie Japanese Kurilc Islands arc only 57n miles from Kiska. And the Ktirilcs run like a gang plank right up to the Japanese coast. .nv.n.v ft.l.ltll .Mini. Ull ' l ">- Ul.lllulj' otllMUl II11U llHJltllllg His shoulder he wears the colorful church service or Uielr choice as Command, the figure of a black the world, seal against a background of the Northern Lights. Slayers Of "Caraway Man Sentenced To 21 Years JCNESBORO, Ark.. Ma v 6 (ij.r.) The (wo confessed slayers of Walter ~ ' have imprisonment. . LH-ll-^CHl .,,., ~~... ,,v,j nivucj.' UI mill IL'C tlie slam man's stepson, was sen- winners and tcnccd (o Ihc stale reform school. 11.00-1300 Esles brolhcr-in-law, T. A. Esterline, was sentenced lo Ihc stale prison farm. The livo youths were sentenced by Judge Walter Klltough on llicir pica of guilty lo Die Estcs slaying Mrs. Gertie Estcs, originally ,cl Corregidor Fell One Year Ago: Tojo Makes Boast 'From- Manila Amcriciin liiiiw nnd (iuniiuii lly United Tics* --- t"lKlS kW!]l pnillllill); ,J|l|]|UI Id 1)0 r« ol' an imiiciidinjf Anicrii-an oll'unsivi; in llmt I-CHI'IIII. Tlit! Navy snys Iliitt our l.ilionilnr' heavy Iwinbcrs seora direct hilst on cnuniy insinuations jtL I loll/. Buy, n nlii| on Allii, Uic wcsiUini-iriiwl of Uic Aluiitiftiw „ l 1 o(:k.l)p.<!(i,l,lgliliiini;« i Ciil loiwts \yilli Ihuir Ihe Jap held amis of Clilcluigui'".-l(iirlMir. —' 'I He ticriiian : radio keeps warn Ing thai, a neuoral American'ol it'nslVL'. may oo..lmnithcnl 'iigaliu, AKti find Kbkii which, (he ..flip occupied last June, The Ucrlli broii(k'i»Ier/! sny (hut If (he ATIIO rlcnns oust the Japs from three t\v IsliiiuVf, ',/iilwli (l.seli; would j plucctl hi what Ihcy cull "nn c\ iraor<lljuirlly iliiiiBeroii.s situation. Pay- Owners Tell WLB chocks liu-1-p-i.Mvl Mr,r^ ll "'' l> cn " ( l llcst " r ' hc Philippines CIlCtKS lllCICaSCCl IVlO^C and In particular, 'aorrcgltlor, whlcl Ulan Cost Of I ivtno ' r "'. 1 J " sl " I1C i 1 "" 1 ' "B" lc)<t "5'- ' r|1 <- iiitiu v.obijji Living Jl( j, wtll . lorili ulckl ri , oj(| who , n _ Right now, however, the. an- preoccupied wilh ul.oat.lns nvui their conquest of Hie Philippines Livestock ST. LOUIS. Muj' (; mi"!---Hoy 1-ecciplA- e.SOn head wilh 8,080 salable. Top price $H.V5; IBO to am pounds M.«o to M.75; MO (o 160 pounds 13.G!i-l<U. r >; sows M20- 14.50. Cattle receipts 2.n50 head, with -ft, : ' -------- ..... ..J-...J Ul Wlt^UJk. ilLl,J|HO A.JIUU JLLJLII Vllllt r ftstcs, Caraway storekeeper, 2,000 salable- calves 800 all sal- been sentenced to 21 years! able, slaughter steers U 50-16 TO' 1mDnt " , ,ri ' Islaughler linifcrs 10.75-10.00; Uock- n-ycai-oltl Barney Nallcy.lcr nnd feeder steers 1075-ISM- rs 7.50-10.15; tows New York Cotton open high low clwr IM1 19R2 IflSS 2025 2025 2025 . May 19n:i '20K ID84 Zft'a — -"••••"••• >"-i,"<iniij -^itj^i^- '".iiy . cd wilh the pair, was dismissed Get . afler their gullly plea. 2007 2007 2003 2003 2008 Dec. 1M3 IftfM 1088 1988 Iflni May . July . Oct. . l!)85 tons Dec. . window. The small house burned quickly ivilli the south wind sweeping through from the kitchen Into the bedroojn. Tlie father, working in a licurby , WASHINGTON, May 11, IUI'1 — I The .sofl coal rnlin! owner.', luive u saliiry liiniwis-rts lo miners f«i ccctl the rise In Iticir cost of living. At the opening xrsslon yf thn WLH panel hcnrlng the operators i .vald that average weekly ciinihi(;.s Ihnvn Inci-Kiiunrl Tl p cr con L K | |]1:c , . fltlil, did not .sec I lie flames imlll | October 11)40. They claim living It was loo laic lo rescue the child. ! cl! - sts '" " lc '"'erase ntiniiin town 'Ilie house was on the fiirm of Dityle White, brolhcr of Paul While, one and a half miles west of Manila. Funeral .services were to be held Ihis afternoon at NTnnlla with Thompson Funeral Home In charge. The baby was an only child. New Orleans Cotton open high low . MIM 20 M ?.n\'l linve increasnl about M per cent since January inil. stlfjalcti the sneak attack on I'earl Ihirlior, Is In Manila, where he 1< boasting before thu Mibjugidcr Filipinos that his forces tire about lo deal America and Ilrilnlii crushing blow. Tuja's boastings, however, .seem In lie designed merely to impress on r'illpliiu.s- Ilm futility ol coti- I limed resistance to ,lnp rule.- Kvi'n a.s Die Inscriitnblc T»Jo .spoke In Minillii, a somber Crucial MacAtthur look nolicc ol Hie nn- nlvcrsiiry of Coirogldor's fall lo mind America 01 I Us obligations- Tlie cost'y.of llviiiK llgiire.s These figures were disputed by i|,c United Mlup Woikers during n n - Uotlatlr.tis In New York As Wl(s ctrd—johti I,. Lewi 2030 20:n 20:12 20:iS 2037 'JOM 2023 2021 2021 202'! 2017 2017 2013 20I'I 2017 Id >r 131 .t 1. i "i>-i ^..\j JH.LI M—ijipi iu i,, |,[;wiS trill ann! (| l<l n 'l show up for the moclliir. However, (ho clialnnun of Ihe pun- Jap Prisoner On Guadalcanal Wanted Ball Scores "Say. how arc the Chicago Cubs doing in the Nalional League?" This unexpected question was put to Marine Corp.: Henry Muery i>y i young Japanese officer taken prisoner on Guadalcanal. Muery who played football with Ihe niy- Ihr.villc Cliicks hack In 1038. lias brcn at home several weeks visiting his mollicr, Mrs. H. o. Muery mil recuperating from his cxperl-' snccs in the South Pacific. "This fellow spoke perfect Fnii- lisli and lold me he wa.s a grad- rale of oiiio Slate University Corporal Muery said, "lie wanted to know if we were Belting any baseball .scores from America and •iccmcd particularly Interested In :hc cubs he had seen them play many limes in Chicago." Corporal Muery, a Marine combat photographer whose duties took him to Guadalcanal a .short time after Ihc Marines first seined n beachhead and began ballliim lo drive ihe Japs from the l s | nn d uiows the grim side of' war He knows what it Is to crouch in a foxhole when the Zeros come over lo strafe ground forces. He knows the helpless fear lhat grips a man vhcn bombs are rocking the earth »«und „„„„ „„„ dm wilh clirltand 'debris. Glamour Is Missing '"I used lo think of the South Seas as a place of glamour, but I Corporal Muery know belter now," the yoiiiic Marine lold a Courier News itptirt 1 '!'. Tlin ince.wanl heal, malaria and Insects knocked out part of Hie Glamour. The grim business of battling a fanatical foe in Hie tepid jungles and steep ridge-, riid the rest. Bui Miiory wouldn't lake a M» n11 fortune lor lh»iif.'li Mie.v lit:; ' cxpciirmT.s, hanged him siid nl- ol Mild tho "liilchsliins WHS our to (lie C/iMVV iircsidcnt should he change Ills mlntl. Mc.-iinvhllc. hard coal operators have iiskctl the WLH 1 0 poslptmi; thrlr iipfjBiiriiice lieforn Hit! panel until tomorrow so they could hold nnnlhcr cltiv. a.s long a.s the treacherous Nln- IKinesc remain iim;ojiriur>rr<! Ainer- Irans never can ho|ie Ini .v-rurlty and freedom. "We've qot. to .smash Ilirni everywhere, just, a.s the Marines .smashed llicin on Guadalcanal and tlml will he no easy Job," Muny declared. In a lew tlays Muery will hi 1 on Ills way to California for icnrRiin- Izalion, then his outfit may ".shove off" for some unnamed port on Hie oilier side of Ihe world. Hi- docs- nX know when or where, bin he hopes it will be tin- .J;i|>''. He wants to (lghl In fiiinm'. China or come other theater of opn- alloii.s- n-liere he has never been. Lots of his buddies nrc Inuicd under llic- blue skies on Guadalcanal and the closer the Marines can gel lo Tokyo tho bctlrt Henry will like It. Now A Veteran Afler 22 months In .scrvit.r, yiuing Muery I.s quite n vclcrrm. He wcnrs Ihrce service ribbons and a buttle star on his plus mcdnls as n sharpshooter, pistol and bayonet expert. All Marines, rvrn photographers, must know how to light. Henry might be wearing another ncdal or so but a bomb fragment (CoiillniKVl on race 2) phasls Ui his words by boring through n flock of Intercepting Xcros uml a hull of nntiaircraft fire lo bomb three .lap slil|is (ill Wfivak, New Guinea. In China, Generalissimo Chlmif; Kni-.SIicit's soldiers have brcacli- ril Hie J.ip line iiorlh of Hie Yc-1- low Klvrr In Province find hurti'd Hie enemy tnlo rclrria with liciivy lo.Virs. In Hie Tnlhni e Motin- liiins. however, turltius [tghllnj i.'oiillriuc.s null Ihe Chinese have mii.tlff furlhcr wlthtlrawnls. Wafh- Injjlon .sources liall the arrival ol : Ainrrioan four cnglncd I.lbcralor biunlirrs In -Jlilnii ns forcshailowliiB Confer IlereTodau'^ ° [fc "" vc ni; "" lsl ' Other Ji>a iieavy bombers —— •- ijinri Aiiiciicaii ncavy Dontoer Ur. W. I). Ciijiyson. head of Hit: |<liiiiipc<l 30 tons o( bomhs on n Jap late puliltc hcallli <le|iartmenl 1 army headquarters and surrouiKling ureas Iti Durma. New York Stocks nnd Walter A. Rclnman, chief eii- einrcr of the Unrenii of Sanitary Ktiglurcring, both of Llltlc Rock, .spent loday in ul.vtlicvllle In con- ncelion with ihe ML^sls-slppI County Health UnllVi (-diicalion prugraiii tor mosquito control. From h:re they,went lo JOHCS- boro. , Fred Mathes Found Sane Liri'LK ROCK. May C IUP> Fred Mnlhrs. who faces trial for „ . U v..,,.,, s , ,-„ Die slaying of James E. I'nrr of hit Harvester 67 S-8 Jonesboro, !ias been found sane of- I North Am Avlnllon 131- lor nt\ nlisprmHrii'v t-ui»>4nri n i * i... TI»,>,,I,U» e«i i >i n A T it r f IM ;>- Amci 'tobacco 51 Anaconda Copper 301- Belh Kteel «7 3- Chrysler 70 1- Coca Cola 100 Gen Klcclrlc :n l- Cirn Motors Ki i- Montgomrry Ward 411 N V Central 1(1 7-U ler an observation iwtiod at the Slnle Hospital. Dr. A. C. Kolb. superlutcndcnt of Ihc hospital, «ays the full report on I'arr will be sent to Circuit Judge Walter Kllloitgh tonight. Parr, a well known stale iwlltlcal figure, was shot lo death In his office last March. open high low close July . 8fl'..; 00% 9814 00V, Sop. . 91 X 92 « Ol« 02« .. 8D'/, 01 « Republic Steel ........... n 3-4 Radio 12 1-8 . . ................. - Socony Vacuum .......... 131-2 Studcbaker 1.1 Standard of N J 57 1-2 Texas Coi |) '10 5-8 1'aekard 5 U S Steel 58 :i-l Chicago Wheat open high low close prrl, July . S3',i 00% 83 'A 00 Vi 89',4 Sep. .' M5W H5K 145 145"!, H5« Griiridiis Duven P i o m 11,11 A I Mills, /Xmericdiib Less 'I han 9 Miles From Goal AiiH'iii'aii Infiuitii and ,11 IllOKtl tot LCI ,110 (111 VIII],' (limn llu last nlioldi lo\/,ii|l Hl/CllC ill It I10AV OfltllHlMi litiiiichoil lodin H is a IwQ-pi'ongeil nUitck ' mii-lli mid mjiilli »f j /;i ho (\chkol. 'Die noi'thcrii un- •iitilt. «'on nlriiosl Instntil Mtccchs. Amerlenn hiftiniry, in thr. fncc'('if' bltlcr nnt'iiii' oppo.sitloii, cntiltirc'i- Ihe liifl rnii(!C of hills clcfcndlnu . »ilc neiir '')'unl.sln'i> 'iiojtlrer.ii coast. The Amerlcatir; iinvnow li'.ss (him nine ml||.j, from Ih 0 nkcile liiival bate, 'Aijiiored forces on Hie south wi'd ot Iho lake rolled out (torn the Miiteur senior- imrtliQusL toward Frrryvlllii. AmerHuin Infanlry nl- rendy .-had .pililirtl lo within-livij tulles of Kcrryvlllc. • • Hitlrtnt l:i lluirlril Tliii (iffcnsivo cume to fnsL Uml, 'he Clnrmiui's were lorci:d. b;icl; wUhotit C'.ne lo lay inlnc lleltlu. Most of ihe enemy t,i ; oop s ',,'n, wllhdruwltifi enfltward • (o-vard Tn- nl.s rnlhcr iliiin ])l/oile, 'flic Allies thiTOilen lo Isolate tilzprlc. frtim Ihe • ri'sl of Ihe Cierman front. The nmv ttlliii* was 1 preceded by n combined artillery nnd. aerial boi»lmidiii(;nt Hint,loft Ulnorte an'il Tunis afire.' and 'doutls of lilnck nnd v/lilb: smoke, bolchln'i; '»» fi'oi nbovo' flui rultis. Olhcr tinlts of the 'Ui. a .ijceorid Army Corps and (ho. iBr.ll'i'sK'FirsL- Army uiel ii((iinl success in lite ilrlve lowurd Ttmls..' The DrllLsh, hi a lltrco • liayond battle tluu rased moro lliiiii seven hours, CIIP- lured tin HOO-'toot.hill. Tlie, Url(- Lsh UHisl t'iurnitunl"Iwo more'rou^li bills helore /they Kct" in' llu: clear compiuiihlp. to r the 'American (orce-i in •'ihp;;|ipr.iiiy::i','ir: i - t .v'-r-''. •• : ,,\-'*. Bfllls-h Ncif- Tchoiirlia j The ..victory, brings uio nritlsh in H'HIilii^sJx/iijIIcK of Tcumirliri njirf 'II tulles -(roin.Tunis. And with-, out .stn|i|ilii«, (he Brljlsh rii-,st. Army liiiiRctl norllnvards-. to Tn- bourbii, Tliox l/iid ' do\vn n 1W-' Bun barrage.In n tuli-fcalc nlbek iilmoiil.sliimltaiicou.s, with the nnr- Ihcrit offensive. . Docks, • wharves nnd shipyards were set .ablaze by the Ameilcnu Buns. Fliers report the Axis defenses nro .soflenhig up, They sny they nrc encountering less anil- nlrcrnH fire. . - " The Air Force look advanliiMo of n .break In the -.vcathcr and hail n Held (lay. Our planc.s shoL tlowu six plant) (rnnsporlJi. And atilcast two of iiiem carried Axis soldiers Into (lie water off (he: TiinlsfiuV In nddltlon, Ihrce llglilcr [jlnnes wore shot down; and-seven grounded tilrcraft smnshrd. A'mcr- chanL .ship was .sunk uml 'llir'cc others were damiificd. Patrolman AdmUs Slqyitiff Kxecnlivc KOR'C SMITH, Ark., May C (UP) •A nciv (ievelopraent Is rcporled 'ill .he Lee Sims .shooting- near MOII'IJ- lidnburg. Sims, n Fort Smllli biilJd- ii(! and Investment executive, wu.5 shot lo dcalh at the enlrnncc li; ils couulry home. Hob I'rllchard, a new recruit on Ihe Arkansas Blalc I'olice rosier, says he shot Sims afler Sims lilt ilm with a (jas pipe. .Sheriff A. 13. Mascy of Crawford County says this Is the stnlc- nenl given by prilchard: "f chased the car all the way •• from Alma lo (lie point three mjlrs toitli of Motmtalnbtirg. ;rhc car urucd Into Ihc drive olf the hish- vny. I got there, wciit tip to (lifi car and shlucci my light Into il and told him lo yet out. As lie . opened Ihc door, he hit me with a gas pipe, knocking my flashlight oul of my hand. I shot Ihcn. lie •itaRgercd and fell." ••• . • • Slierlff Maxcy says Dial .lack VaiiEht, "teen-age old son of Lran- itd Vauglit. the Franklin County wesson was wilh Prilchard but did hot act oul of the car. Fii'it rcpprls said lhat ll\e .!«- rolmnn (rlod lo.stop Siins lo warn ilm that one of his car llghti was ml. '.-'-• Stuttgart Air Field Slated To Open May 30 STUTTGART, Ark., May 6 (UP) —Brigadier .General Bob E. Nonv- and, coinmaiiding general of Ihe :8th Training Wing, announced to- lay that (lie new twin-engine raining program at the Slutlgart rmy Air Field will open on May 0. The field has been convened rom a glider pilot training cen- er to a t.wfn-cngiuo school. Sev- nly-five new inslrttclors will be cut lo the field. General Nowland made an otfi- ial Inspect ion of the base this orenoon. ' >•• • -,- . i

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