The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 14, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1937
Page 6
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Experts Agree Ex-Colleg- ,ian Unafiaid But Say Fie Lacks Equipment ( I»y HAUKY GRAYSON NFA SerUco Sports Fdllor NE\V YORK—II Bob Pastor makes nny kind of a showing against Jo. 1 Louis at the Garden, Jnn 21, It \\III M\s lo be creJitcJ to sheer fighting spirit nnd n incn- i tallty that brushes aside unwelcome fuggeitlons And Ihc IJro,ui Bomb- Pr hardly would trade his left hook for tho^e recommendations While n scant few ghc Pastor n chance, the consensus is that the lorincr New York Unlicnlty halfback's rrameness will be Ills undoing Most trained observers buspecl that. HIP joung Washington Heights hcav>iulght lacks the equipment to lug Hi; trouble lo a hitter of Louis' P'opjiisltte-s, and ilnl lie Is not jet icady even if lip sild it The general opinion Is that it will bs o\ci )»;a round or two etnirmns on Flghlh avqnue, \\herc Pastoi prepaies, Is n funny, svvealy dump, jet many lighters ^prcfei to work there SK shodow- boxed in one of'tte Uo lings, and one of them was James J. BraddoU: A champion doesn't, meiii a thing Pastor dresses In a narrow, dln- fjjTbootb It, furnishings consist of a rubbing table and n chair. The ' collegian baiely has room lo turn around Can 5011 imagine n singe or--'sc«!en Imnlnan, particularly n net, onr, declining (he star's dress- Ing room? Bitlllnj Bob purchased n set of new training gloves, but Is not using them There they are, hanging on the wall with ths rest of his paraphernalia Pastoi, out of the NYU gym- rnstum and the New York A C., fctjcUnj to the vml-sbe disrobing ictom nnd old trappings, is silent testimony to his suiMrstlllousness He won't change and rim the ilsK of breaking Ill's hickv slung Main gieat fighters lu\c been superstitious, notably Shnlcy K«tcliel. • * * 'Hopes fo TJnlKich Louis It was shortly after lh( noon liom, but Pnstor WTS in his drill togs Tcelli sot, Jaw tensed, the terror of the Golden Glo\eis Is In a serious Inood—and the untile Is t%o \vcrks of! 1 "I'\n been waiting for tills one," no sm, and there never has been ihc,sll[;ht5st indicnlton that B-xt- tling Bob would fear anjbocly Max Schmelmg -uosn'l afraid of, Louis and knocked him out Pastoi may not be n SehmeJIng but anttln? front nnd centei on steady pins hardlv would « 0 ik to his disadvantage < His Pastor ever seen LouLs In action? "I saw .the Scrmicllng-Louls tight and have seen Louis in trnlnins and m the inoMcs I think Lo Hfs , s a mechanical fighter" \Yhat does he mean by tabbing th " Br . 0 ,'*" Bomber as a mechanical' fighter? i "Well, when' you are In there Betting hit, you have to think to' yoijrself. And tills will be a flglu hs'll have'to think for lntcnd to "\ an i J» st E0 ( »2 In there to fight Certainly, r am going to try for a knockout But r an, going to win H.#£. ?° malil - th1 '"!! Ain't that right?' he asks, Freddie Brown n trainer with .a dcnt-ln his nose' Does he believe that he will be able to take Louis" punches nnd fccep on piling in? "I have mct. r lel!o*s v ho hit just BLYTHEVILLE. (AflK.y COURIER NEWfl This Caddy Goes Route Wholesome Recreation Moderately Priced Blythevilie Recreation Center 316 TV. Stain -' Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPLETON , MARVIN CIIAPPELL Theie would he no npccwlty of limiting Hie number of golf clii))s as long as Man Mountain Dean was a\ailable for caddving purposes us the wreitlei was foi Johnny Resolta, 1935 p a A champion, In the $8,000 Los Angeles Open, a-s hard " \ Wlio wcie thcj? "Well, Eddie slnnm Unknown Winston Is n punchci, too" Schooled Iiy Welting Pastoi, who vnsin coiklng anm- Icur sclioolcd by tho late an<l old lightweight satellite, Joe Wclliii" iow comes In at 195 pounds. He's, big enough If he's good enough Battling Hob has chopped one close sK-round decision in 23 hips since turning professional dm Inn the football season of 1035 'inai was lo Sieve Dudas, the New Jci- soy bailcndci-wallci, in one of his early efforts He subsequently dele a ted Dudas Iwlce Pnslor got oil the floor a half dozen limes to drop Stmms and obtain a draw He'll get up all right —If able The trouble Is that Louts requcntly smack's 'em so hard that they aic unable lo get up In his last stait, Pastor spoiled Ray Impcltltllere 50 pounds, stretched him Ilko n bloke sunnlnnr himself on (The bcath In Mio opening heat and stgprx/rt him In sc\en Louis, and pastoi are down for 10 louncts The larlff langes from $2 3D lo $1050 Walk, don't am, lo u,e neaicst bucks otlice SEETHE BIRDIE? Manila Defeats Luxora Cagers, Score 17 to 14 MANILA, Ark—In a game last night that v,ns not decided until the last minute of play, Manila r. gh school Lions defeated Luxora ufm £C ' 1001 ' " lo 14 ' Hcrl "Ace" Williams, forward,.was high point man with 9 points to his credit. Hicks led the visitors with 8 points Manila was handicapped by the loss of aerry, center, and White Siiard, who were suspended Indefinitely for breaking a school-rule and by the weakened condition of several players who have been 111 with the flu. The team made 13 points in the first half and the first team wiis taken out because of the recent Illness of the players, in the third quarter Luxora tied the score and Williams and Shocklcy were Put back in. in; the last quarter Hie score stood at 15 to 14 throughout until Shocklcy rang up a goal In the final half-mimile. This was the tenth straight victory for the Lions. The Manila girls lost to the Luxora visitors, IG to 12. They have Played nine games this season and won six of them. Read courier News Want Ads. Usjng ,'n .novel periscope, Mrs.] Jnmes Pierce didn't overlook o! thing .in., connection, wjlh- the ,S800l)_Los Angeles Open'except! • the gallery, :: .'—- Octopus I,ovcs Freedom HONOLULU. (UP) — The octopus may look like a tough customer but it can't, stand captivity. Thi curator of the Kaikiki aquarlun rcporU that while- delicate sci creatures may live lo be old am feeble, the octopus ' usually die aft« a short time In captivity. TIL FAUTAfcPUT OHt DOWM MY Atf I' i n .,.,., m^^fn\l'^-.. ..^ta—?*. - V »*C5 >? M" t>f. * r the original WINTER BEER in Bottles ! iw 1 XI j SINCE /"JWjKTERBEER;oiD^ JACK FROST HAS TAKEN I.WARMTH' FalstaffWintei-Beer Steals the Show! FeelingfrostbittenJReachforabottleofFalstaffWiQtcrBcerl Let its tingling warmth steal over you. Revel in its smooth'' mellow-aged flavor. You'il pep up and pick up to thissen- sationalcpld-weather treat. Order by case from your dealer today. Askabbut the handy sLx-bottle "take-me-home" bags. Choicest Product of the Brewers' Art A,, r On The Outside,, dokihg In By "DUKE" A Frank Talk It was an unusually frank talk Ihat the gigantic "Shorty" Propst Southwestern Universty head coach made to the Blylhevllle high sehotf football team nnd fan.s at las night's booster banquet at the Hotel Noble. Propst didn't attempt to dodgi around certain aspects of the college football picture or to paint a rosy picture of the life of colle- grldders. In fact, if anything, he did the very opposite. "Shorty" frankly admitted the subsldi/atlon that everyone will more than casual interest in foot- mil knows exists. He did not at- •einpt to go into a lengthy attack upon or a defense of such a system. He simply said that, kept within cerliln bounds, he could see nothing especially wrong with such ft syslem because he did know that It enabled many a !x>y to obtain a higher education who would oth- 'rwlse be without It. Hut lie did stress me view that high school grlilders, entering college, should not' lose sight of the fact that, they must make the most of their opportunity by equipping themselves with mi education as well as making ||ic headlines in the newspapers. "You can't eat football," Propst warned, recalling the miserable failures that maiiy football stars, from All-Americas down, have made after leaving school. In .other words Propst Insisted that boys who get Hie opportunity to go to college because of their unusual athletic ability should consider football as a means lo an end rather than consider their classes simply as a necessary adjunct to lliclr gridiron activities. Propst admitted it was easy for football fame to go to a boy's head and that the public, in view of Us adulation, shouldn't tiirn too much of a cold shoulder on the grid star after lie fades from the headlines. 3ut at the same lime.he warned hat such Is often the case and it's otnlrely up to the boy to keep Ills feet on the ground and use his head 3ft the well as on, ' The First Football Banquet A program of Blytheville's first 'ootball banquet was 'produced by Toastmaster Jesse Taylor at, last light's affair. The program had Ihc roster of he football squad printed on the jack. Many of tbc names will be amlllar even better than 23 years ater and here's the group- Sam Winnie, captain, 'earner Hicks, Alvls Hancock, Erwin Thompson, Clyde McGaughey, Barrel McDcarman, Jesse Taylor, Frank Wagner, Joe Craig, Collins Simmons,. Marcus Evrard, Paul Rosen-- thai, ; Oliver McQau'ghey, Leslie Matthews, Hamilton 'Little. Marvin Ward and Joseph Miller. Sam coston, who practiced'law heic then, acted as coach of the team. R. P. Bowen was the school ptinclpal. ... The banquet was given the play's by A. C. Lange, for many scars a member of the school board and head of.the Chicago Mill and Lumber company here. The third ward grade school is named La nee school In his honor. The menu for the banquet, give.i at Ihc Glcncoe; hotel, was printed as follows: "Pigskin Soup "Sideline celery P , ln ch olive; "Kick Off Roast chicken Rooter's Cranberries „„, , Scrub's Dresslm Plying Wedge Potatoes "Center Rush String Beans ,'Candlcd Sweet Potaloe. "Coach's Hot Rolls Local Pumpkin plii "Visitor's Mince pi ••TV,, i f° n ™ r<1 Pass Cheese Touchdown Mtlk ..™ .1 , " Big Scorc Buttermilk Blythevilie High school Coff, "Whistle Mints." , Meroney Adds Jonesboro Mike Meroney lias added Jones- ooro to his mat show circuit Meroney replaces Tony Bernard or Little Rock as matchmaker to the Pickett, post, of (he American Legion at Jonesboro. This of coura means Hint the same stnblc of grau Piers who perform here will appea on Meroney's cards at Jonesboro replacing the Bernard! troupe which operates out of Little Rock Meroney will open his Jonesbon shrm-e ni , v t Tuesday --• • • , ay n 8" k will Chief Little Wolf and Floyd Byrd both well known to local gnmt and groan fandom, in the headllner iJr" " <ldillon to "Is "franchise' here Meroney operates mat show. at Slkeston Couithcrsville, Poplai 8l i othcl Coming- Domi the Stretch ./ere sure those who attended last night's banquet and felt content to sit and take it easy after storing away Crawford Noble's grocer es win appreciate the race that Coach Carney Laslie, carl Ganske Prank Whltworth and EanncH Maum staged at Memphis around 11 oclock. Laslfe was hurrying (o catch thn rain to BIrminghamVnd on'«• n- tially to Lexington, Va., to confer with Virginia Military Institute officials regarding an offer made Laslie to become line coach there under Pooley Hubert, new head coach Itworth and Ganske were mo- down to Memphis to «..v.. », c iraln and Emmett Maum Commercial Appeal sports writer' was returning to Memphis after at-' banquet here. ie train was pulling out as Lasand his companions ran Into station, out. they dashed lo BITSY DOES THINGS IN BIG WAY 7ff£ ATLANTA KfoM HAS R££fj /IS DAVIS Cap ~TH£ GtANT KILLER or- TENNIS A&AlK ADDS. DOH NO.I RANKING PLM5K, ~to H/S LON& ST/?M& OP VANQUISHED 60i-«WS IN Ttt£ MIAMI HIS OPPOtJEfJTS ALL o</£f^ rHE COURT he track nnd look out after the Birmingham flyer, slowly gatlier- ng headway. The train continued to pick up peed. On dashed the undaunted four. Just at tlie crucial moment Lasle's bag, carried by the redoubtable Ganske, popped open, the con- enls scattering helter-skelter. Finally a reluctant roncluctpr Hilled the signal'cord and stopped he train. Back he Crushed to Ganke who was in the van of trie luffing quartet. '..::. 'Where are. you going to?" ihe conductor brusquely demanded And was Ganske's face red? He couldn't remember where Laslie was leading for and there he was, bag n hand, chasing a train down with lowhere to go. Laslie' came puffing up lo fescue Ganske from his embarrassment -md swung onto the rear platform 5f the train. , '. Anci (be 'lost the trio left belnnJ saw' of Laslic he was stuflfnw his clothes-back into his bag on the otherwise deserted platform of the Birmingham flyer Somebody Won Tins G.imf We re somewhat in doubt as to the^outcome but we do know that basketball teams engaged"^^dfng- .pn^ game, presumably last night, '.wnat has n s puzzled as to the outcome is the varying reports from Manila and- cooler correspondents. Our Mnn|]a corr(!5 ^ n _ dent, reports that Manila won, 21 !o 20 .in a game that required two extra: periods of play. Our cooler correspondent reports that cooler finally won out, 21 to 20, !,, the fourth extra period. I So as we said before we're not certain who won llle gan]e ^ with a one-point margin and at least two exlra periods of play we W if" l !L s J ly ft was Sllcn a e^rne as shou d deserve a return engagement for the two teams. club building. In St. Louis and was incapacitated for two years. looter Beats Manila In 4th Extra Period, 21-20 . COOTEB,. Mo.; Jan. 14 (UP) — The Coter girls Independent learn defealed the Holland independent team, 34 to 10 on the Holland court Tuesday night and the 5teelc Independent defeated the acliusells Technology Institute Holland boys Independents, 20 lo sophomore, Is ' literally living off Ihe "fat of the land", while earning college tuition. : Obert is a "cream taster" at a local dairy. After two summers OE ceaseless sipping to decide whether cream.Js sweet or sour, he has become' a connoisseur. -And his job enables him to. pay hjs entire Steeplejack Says His Job Has Handicaps ENID, Okla.~OJP)-A ' wife or nsurance are two things difficult - ac- has feet steeplejack to obtain :ordlng- to Jack Wills, who been painting the cross of Catholic chinch heie, 125 iboye ihe ground. , He- said the first thing • a wife umls Is iccuut} and he couldn't, offci that as a steeplejack He added that a steeplejack artibt couldn't buy insurance Wills, called the Enid job a breathci,' as he has had several which sent him to more precarious heights. One of his best, was the 85-foot flagpole above the 32- story Ramsey Tower building in. Oklahoma City. The' 465-foot flag- Hole Swope Park: in Kansas city was another of his "assignments:; j .Wills' lives in 'Oklahoma City, ire said there wera not more than f a dozen genuine steeplejacks in the United states nnd that he had no trouble finding jobs. Wills fell 65 feet .once while working on the Missouri Athletic - Hunleru Find Rifled Safe STEUBENVILLE, O (UP) _ Hunters, pausing at a camp shack found a battered, empty safe misl sing since a recent robbery here Apparently, the criminals hart carried the safe away, to oncn it ai their leisure. 'Hiev hart h^"™.,"' tne door off tents rcmovcd IF YOU WOULD KNOW and how much lubrication pays- Have us lubricate your car frequently and right, ami— •Watch' the man's car who thinks lubrication needless, foi-_ In that way you get the experience and he pays the bill. PHILLIPS Service Center Student Earns Tuition As Cream Connoisseur CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) _ Francis.A. Obert "of Boston, Massachusetts Technology ' ~ .,, ., •-. r"»j *ii.i tiiLtic tuition as. well as everyday expenses. '\ •:•.'• .• • . : • '( Oberfsays the secret of success m "tasting" is to sip and not swallow Though cream is supposed to be fattening,'Obert lost 12 "pounds on the joo . last summer FOR LIFE Propst Warns Griclclers Not to Ignore Studies; Gold Footballs Awarded The niylhcvllle 1 high school Chlckasaws, leading clalmanls to Arkansas high school grid title In 1936, were dined and toasted by Blythevilie random at the Noble Hotel last night will, approximale- 90 persons in attendance Clyde "Shorty" P,- 0 p s t, ncltlj "uvel-M .f^r*™ University, llveicd Ihe principal talk of the n - Pan nd college not to overlook the necessity of obtaining an ed?, oatlon while they a re playing f™"- Miniature R old footba'lls e |fts from Blythevillfi supporters, were bestowed upon members of the varsity squad, clarence H. Wilson making the presentation 1n behalf of local citizens to Coach Carney Lashe, who In turn presented them to members of his squad. Coach Lasllc made a brief talk expressing appreciation for the support given the team by Blythevilie business men, Jesse Taylor, toastmaster. presented checks for substantial amounts to Coach Laslie and Assistant Coach James Puckett as gifts from Blythevilie supporters In token of their success. Gifts were also presented to Fred S.^Sallba, head of the alumni football committee, and to Emmett Maura, sports witcr for the Mem- Phis commercial Appeal, in appreciation of their activities In behalf of Blyllieville football: The open'"? °, f M |- - Saliba's gift provoked considerable laughter. O'Neal Craig, senior and assistant captain, speaking In behalf of Captain Byron Walker alu l the announced that the •• C lub had named and Mr. Sahba as Chick team, Qlytheville ' Mr. Wilson _..,. „„. „„„„„ ns honorary members of the club for their work in the team's behalf Lloyd Wise spoke of prospects for next year and said that with a good squad and good schedule the chicks Had high hopes for another very successful season. Toastmaster Taylor in his open- Ing ^remarks recalled the occasion of the first football banquet ever he.d Jiere, honoring Blythevilie highs first football team'on Dec' 20, 1913. He said the banquet was' tendered the team by the late A C Lange, former manager here for the Chicago Mill and Lumber company. ifc Read Courier News Wa..{''AO'S' CIGARETTES CAiHELS, CHESTERFIELDS, LUCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR lOc WITH EACH PURCHASE OF 50c OF GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE, MO. Dotft feel way down under'tomorrow! 'Your gills look pale this morning, brother," The one fish gurgles to the other. "Next fime, say 'CALVERT'— sidesfep sorrow, And you'll be in the 'swim' tomorrow!" r is the month oi klltr ruolulumj. IMote It'cad* . lor 19)7, to till !or CALVERT'S "Sp«fil". '?iii>e>. ..In the famous decanlcrsharnd "bottle beiutilul" that you'll be proud too2<r >our rooit dli- i .. R«wrv«", t n the antique decanter, li anothe olthed|!ti n[u ;,hcd CALVERT lamllr. WHISKIES N

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