The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE FOtife MLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.Y COURIER N JHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBt OODBOR W5WS CO.; POBUSHM 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, AflvcrtUBg Hunger '. Bnl« Nitiooftl Atveruslng RepcawntkUvw: • Artapm D»W«», inc., New York, qWoHP, Ptticft 6t. hull. DUlu, Kuuu Citjr, tltu* &«*• PiibUfbed Every Afternoon Kxoept Buadij. f Brttrcfl ts Kcond d*» matter tt ;>e post oilier at BlytUtylile, Ar- ;«ruis ; under act of CocficM October 8, 1817. Served by the United PTMI. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By curler m We city of Blytnerlll*, Uc p*r we>k or (6.50 per year In tdvuict. By mall within a radius of 60 milt*, 11.00 per rev, fl.BO lor <lx months. 85e (or three month*; by rnail In postal zones two. to six, l&cltulre, «.60 per year, In «m« soven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable 111 advance. Must Complaints are heing lu'iinl Unit some owner.; of farm liiiul in this county, and perhaps >» grenicr number in Southeast Missouri, lire icfu.-int' to enter into agreements witli tenants for the 1931 crop, iipjiarcr.M.v with tlie idea in view nf lirst signing an acru- ugo reduction contract with the government and thus oliliiinhiK for themselves all of the beiitilil payments under such contract. Such land owners should study the "department of iignculture's administrative rulings and instruction? relative to the cotton acreage reduction plan, particularly Paragraph 15, which says: "If the county committee hus reason to believe that the fi'.rm to be covered by a 1934 and 1035 cotton acreage reduction contract is to bu rented to a managing share tenant for 1934, no contract \yill bo considered by the county committee until such managing share tenant has been obtained. No contract shall be recommended • by the county committee for acceptance by the/ secretary of agriculture" where the' committee 'hns reason to believe that the status of a tenant has been changed for 1934 from that of a managing sharq tenant for the farm covered by such contract, in order to deprive such tenant of a share of payment under the contract, or where the committee has reason "to"'believe that the owner or landlord has adopted any device for the purpose of depriving such tenant of his share of such payments." From this it i.s evident, that if county committees act in good faith and in accordance with their instructions, owners of land customarily farmed by managing share tenants can gain nothing by delay in making arrangements for this year with such tenants. In fact it is to the advantage of all concerned, and will facilitate the acreage reduction campaign, if all farming arrangements for this year be completed as rapidly as possible. Filipinos Stilt Waiting The press of imporlHiil business I'nc- ing tiie present Cougruss or^hl not to staiiil in the way of sonic final .setlk'- ment of the Pliiliiipini! problem. The last Congress passed an independence measure which was neither flesh, fowl, nor fish. H gave a sort DUTOIJSWAY PERGIT ABOUT TH' ROCKS, ICk:— FERGIT A.BOUT THET MULE FALUN- FERGIT ABOUT WHUT MIGHT HA.PPEN, AM-' THINK ONLY ABOUT WHUT YORE ADOIN' of qualified intlcpendeiife, mid it i.s hardly to .be wondered at that the Filipinos turned il down. Since they did turn it down, it is up to us • to reconsider tlie whole proposition. We promised the Filipino.' their independence decades «(,'(>, and public sentiment in this country seems i in favor of making the jiroiniac good. The main tiling lo seltle, then, is tlie terms on which il slmll lie granted. It ought not to lie too diPacult, even for a Congress :is busy as this one, to lind some formula which will protect both American ami Philippine interests, a Ijill which will rccojjnixe tlie rights and Hie responsibilities of both nations. Training jor Government A neat iden for IniiniiiK aille^e students for public citm'i'.s has been evolved by Chester il. McCall, Secretary Hoper'.s assistant in (ln_> Commerce De- pnrtment. Air. McC'nll would like to have 150 or 200 selected cullegu students brought to VVashimtfoi: for three months every winter, to sttnly the operation of the . fadei-ii! jwvuninient at lirst hand, watch how executives and solons. do their work, and attend lectures by cabinet officers and others. In many ways this is a vc-ry sensible suggestion. It would be line training for tlie young collegians, for one thing; for another, it outfit I also to be a good tiling for the government officials with whom they would mingle. Voting collegians are notoriously (Itiick to see through sham and foliilV. A politician fiiiietioning for three months under the eyes of a gang of boys and girls from the campuses would have to tend to his knitting. JM.4V. «",<!.bunk would ;rct him no place. He would have to be good to make an impression. Your cxjin'lii ciiininli IK grcul unless your bails great. —Justice William W. I'oltcr of Uelroit. * » f Nobcxly, no government, no bank, no other lierson can interfere with what n man chooses to think. —Mary Pickford. * * . m Nations must (bpcnd for economic salvation on Individual eliorls. —President Bnnen de Valeru of Ireland. * * + With the exception of my illness. I have Hart a wonderful lime .since March 4. —Former Secretary of Treasury William H. Woodin. » » * New coucepls must beat dovn the ciystalli/ed reslslance of the legally trained ir.lnd that always seeks precedent before Ihe new t.-s accepted Into the law. —Supreme Court Justice Meier Steinbrink of Brooklyn, N. Y. t » * I do not think it good praclic- for a gov- " eriimenl official or employe lo accept gifts, even of small value, from those with whom lie muy have business relations. — Assistant Secretary of Commerce Ewing Y. Mitchell. * * .• I'lirchaso of jjokj by the government lias in itself no more tendency to raise Ihc Eeneinl price level or to promote recovery than would have the purchase of roll top c'csks. —Prot. Harry G. Brown. University of Missouri. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark CHURCH EXCUSES By Geo. W. Barium "Wo seem lo he hiivinn iinolhrr run of I'tiitO' .loans. New Irradiation Methods Check Tumors of the Breast saving lues of caiit-er of t::e 1 have always ioil that cvciy- fjjie fliuuld have some kind of church connccllo'i regardless of v.liellier or not tiiey att:nd or pay in money even though it bu i'vi'1- MI small amount, and Jim— Dial's my iiusbar.d—and I have t.een out so lony ! yuess now it we started In we would find con- :iilio:is .so Uiircivnt we would l.ardly know how tc acl. So, te- liiiinliig with this year, we decided dial 1 should glvi> the matter of mi- (joint! to chinch some very ;-.-iious and profoi:r,-.1 lliousht and .I !X>ssili!e work out a plan or iiH'lhod of apinoach .so to speak, ;'iid Jim—that's my linsband—was also lu do Hie host lie could to lliink ihis out, ai : c! If our plan tjnchronlzcd as to lime, nil would b:. well. After almost a week ot thinking at odd times, I concluded that ths best plan would lie lo go at Ihis gradual.}'. Now. us an example 1 will finJ out when the inoies are going to have a <iuili- ii>Z or church snniier or "a rnm- ii.age sale or sotre' other usual money-raising activity. I will let ilu-iii know in on indirrct way that if ii is a quilling, 1 will loan them a thimlile or maybe send a -spool of thread. If a supper, I will make a moss, appetising- slaw and I hare such n eute.little bowl H:at 1 coulu send it in—that is, it I cai; be assure'! Hid bowl will be returned in [ ; oocl condition; and if it is a rummage siili;, ohe can always find tome discarded r.cse or tome link 1 thing tmit would find ready fate and at the s>ame time be appreciaicd. The Editor's Letter Box Dnc-lur John.sun Is llusy Dear Friends: Alter nearly irvciing to death for two dnys, i am warmed up now and slarle'd to v.ork In old Mew York. And work ew inetli- -.t is! i begin at ni:.,j in the moin- iicimsr the hug and work tint 1 ! six m night. l " c In this sclioul, the New York'Poly- i-iii _n_ • - . . .- IIV Hit. MOKKIS nsiimuN .csi importance in IMitcr, Journal of the American; those who have Mcdlnil ASSIK iation, and of Hy- . breast. sr'.-i, llu- Health ftaeaiirc j Coupled with this If you know a voman who has: ods of investigation been troubled with n cancer or i t>a.ssin» of li"ht tumor of the brenst, you may ex-: Us^ so-called iLin^humiiiiibn.! clhnc'^yTai-Iro v™ lo^e'lhe tt-nd a ray of hope to her will, the . am! microscopic of poNions ,,, e,H ^ nke d ~~ -osis i Mrr'v' rdvicc thai present practices make of tumors to determine their nn- ^ tmeu m O'ery'c^.-in ^, t ™u >J ( .« "-ast to icnsthen her tin, i <^»\ » £^££ £ | tallies in my life. I s|ienrt every Cily Si-rip I'rnlilalile '. r.fioriiooii from '2 to 4 o'clock "o- NOHTH BEND. Oiv. < UP)— The: ini; over Ihem. cily of North Bcnr. mudr a $!4'J! There are only four men in my on lwi> is.-ties of Eerip, I ctass and each pirfessoi 1 seems lo _TUESDAV, -JANUARY !), )!)IM THIS CURIOUS WORLD V "". Ferguson IN CHINA, MWSOPfiOV/NCE, AM EARTHQUAKE MOVED A TREE LINED HIGHWAY AA\ILE FROM ITS ORIGINAL LOCATION. , /92O. =^ FROM THE SUMMIT OP fW. IZARU IN COSTA Q/CA . THE WATERS OF THE ATLANTIC ANO PACIFIC CAN &E SEEN ON A CLEAR DAY. GREYHOUNDS* FOLLOW CAME BY SI6HT AND EAR, INSTEAD OF 6V SCENT. 1-9 The Greyhound is remarkable for iis swiftness av.d s'fcn sight, ana Is one of the oldest clogs known. There are many yarieiies, but all are not tall and .slender, Ihe Italian «ieyhonnii bein? a ' dwarl, and kept as a pet. NEXT: When dcrs the earth receive the most beat Iron, the smiv po jife considerably. Since use of radium and the X-ray lias been Intrcxhiml into scientific medicine ns part of th- treatment for canecr evidence . . , fi i.iujii. vm iv.u is.-m's 01 bc-rip,i riuss anci cacn pu'iei^oi 1 seems lo llveV'ime. h,°eu ton 'thei ed bv"tl'n" ^"'"^ °" mJ ' ; '" C W '°" ( " SCS ' ThC l3l:(: £0 " lllcl1 im "'""' in cacl1 "'• ">' mcs iiavi. men tonjuiuiui Dy mis ti . r ^, mis mucu scu.jht by collec- »'•••- T.,:..,™ i , ...i.... _,, ... tore in all pans of the United States. Two tlu-iifjiid cellars wo: Hi \va.s issued. . term of treatment. Tlie irradiation of cancers of the bieast formerly w»c limilcil mcii 1 - ly to use aficr surgicul removal and also to llni care of cases which Sixty foreiLiii (.•ounli-JiM vere so severe ihat. operation ie-enud nol be performed. Ajipar-" uiiited States enlly new investigation shows that It, is possible lo use irradiation much moie frequently and to bel- ter advantage than was done formerly. It is believed that in many cases! he use of X-ray or radium before j peration is helpful in making eer- tiin ot a useful result. Perhaps in older people the Irradiation has a pecial use boyond what il has in icr.ions of middle age. Mrs. Jcihnson and I miss all ot • cm friends but ;MC keeping in•s touch with yon through Ihe Conr: iei. 1 lioire to cbinplute my three j inoiulis courses in icvrn or cljlil rep-'vcelis so \vc may hurry iiome. the i I. R JOHNSON. ! New York, N. V. ANNOUNCEMENTS Tlic Courier NCAS has bcun authorized lo announce the following as candidates for public, office, subject to (he Democratic primary next August: For Member of Congress CLINTON L. CALDWELL i''or fount)' Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY '. . Fur Circuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG I'cir County Ctnirl Clerk FfiED l-'LEE.MAN For Re-Election for 2nd Term For Asscssur ,• li. L. lUlUA" GA1MES G. C. (IKE) HUDSON' FtW' (TTV (IFI')Cl:S Election Tuesday, April 3. l-'nr City Clerk S. C. CRAIG IUKE OEMS WHAT ARK THE THREE LARGEST CITIES OF ELROPfc IN WH'M'-.'INDOF o AD Rl- li THIS/ nn Back , By Williami ' eoy, DERE'S TOO MUCH TER , AH' NOT TER THINK ABOUT. amw MABEL ~tJ McELLIOT In the majority of cases of «n el'.lions for cancer of Ihe breast, tiic lalienl comes to the doctor too ate to make certain of n gox\ rc- .nll. One of I'r.c leading surgeons il the country has found that, mett >f these iiatients eventually die 01 he c;incer. although they arc' iiven longer life by Ihe oiier.uion. j 11 l:ns been lomid. from studies! it Ihe tumors, that, diiTcrem tu-| nors vary in tlie extent, to uliichj hey will respond lo treatment by I rradialion. , < |li Previous to operations, the X-ray i s used as the method of choice be- :ause the nature of ihe growth is! men, that radium cannot, be ap- ] Jlicd ns easily. Ader operation.! adium frequently is used as mcsl convcnieul and satistartorv. i In deciding whether to ii.-c radiation in any case, the u!i clan makes his judgment on laturc of the growth, size ; m; | cation of tlie tumor, length o: ; :hat it .l-,as lasted, age of :'.:• ticnt. rapidity of l!:e erowiu. cral physical condition of t!-." ticnt. an dmany similar laci!.; Investigators abroad have : Ihat the earhr.css of tl:e o lion in the course of the i' lion and the extent of (\v i . lion are reflected very dcfmil,: the length of time that t.:, tlciH will live after the cv; This observation is of Ihc ir-1 iysi-j the lo- .imej pa- :3n-| pa-1 UEOIN HERE TOIIAY (JYl'SV .IIOKICKI.I, and TO.1l WEAVKI! are married Hie same da.v as I.1I.A HOTAI.ING and 1>KKKK Hl.ISS. l.ila expects lo live in luxury, but Gypsy intends lo keep her jnli, tcaeliinj in a- setUenirnl liimsr. The first nislit Uypsy ami Tom spend in their .Sew Ynrk aiiart- mc'iif VEKA OKAY, an olil friend nf Tum's, Irlcphniu's. Vnm asks licr to luijcheon tn mei-l (iy^sy, lint Gypsy can't xel unay from wc-rk (o K o. After a hard day at sctioe,| >.hc rushes lunnc li, learn thai Vera is ctimim; lo call on Ihcm. Vcra arrives and the two Sirls ilislike each oilier i»n tisht. Tern seems relieved when Vera leaves. Weeks later l.ila and Derek return from their honeymoon in Kurope. GO <>\ WITH Tin: STOHY CHAPTEH V 11 was Lila's voice 0:1 the telephone, sucot. slightly fietful. ns always. "Is ihat you. Gypsy? We j;.":'. back labl week. I'm ciytiig lo sec- yoa." Of course. Gypsy didn't i.ike this :.di- •rain ;>a- at- WSS'Cbnnecticut becomes -JV 1 - stal to ratify U.S. Constitution Ascension in, rica imacle ac 'Philadelphia •ro4--Good'Rfesolu tions (prefferrod) >rcops auother al! her eilorts only made the. spot j Tom said; more stubborn. | uiuiw, !ic did. j;ut "Tl;ey laok awful!" She ir.ucli fun to: 1 he: l:e ready to wrep. ft would be the thai. If iivd man yrosfesl extravagance, she thought, BruuuiUun to buy a neu - pair for Lila's din- Gypsy laughed ;.!(;•: nor party. Tom, clashing in jut', i I ever cvr.sidercd ilia'. ^^ O 1033 MM ServlM,"l . , . ii. \vliis-iiiig gayly. found her n:i trrmiped the lloor of the bedroom, bollie^. flippers and rags strewn about, her taec woebegone. "What's up?" ^ iiui _ Clyiisy sal back on hci- l»?e!s j .,, K i* ch:iir'\mi"bh liushln cbackjier curly map. ' "U'you "Just ihccc" awful stiocs." "What's the matter witli 'em. honey?" She he'.d out the offending object. Ihat. or H v.-a 1 : not fair lo Tom. And (her;: it wasn't v::re -a many ihirjs they needed could KCJ lor tlie liouse. K<>. Hie red slip•d Jhirko pcrs would jusl have lo do. And if Marko were ihere — well, il I "Ah il, couldn't be helped, Ihat was ull! Tom'! Just the j.-unv. v.r.m she rushed now,: hoir.e fiom work Tuesday even- too bi'j io- Hie place. His Mill; 1« ballu- and diess her heart ...«.„..-.% wjie so ho.iti. Ins le^s lalher sank as sh.- stared al Ih 1 .: be, loisu. he made tin- htiie tab!c flippers, lii-r dress was all righl. l-.i- riiil about ii i?; c literally, bila was to geration. i"Do come week." Lila u:-e:i. -How abo;i Tuesday? is Tuo: Gypsy, smiling io j.e^elf. ?a:-i that Tu.-sday would be line. Lila's air o' tiiiipasinj that Tom and she lind a full calendar o! eii^a-e- menls a:i:u:rd her. This \vas S.u- i thi-in dyed." urday aftornoan. Civp^y xas «lad she'd been at home' calicd. Dinner r,; -.Me UlUss e.r. Tuesday gave !ier some'.iiin; ^.iy to look forward io. Wiui -.i.^ii watehh'.s I ho b'.idact. aiiri M •, -'-in ••--- lilc ( - "^ " " ' spvr.:i This one's a mess. I simply can't wear it." "Wei!, what's all the excitement? I didn't kr.ow we were going places." "Lila's home. We're invited to dinner." "Oh. that. GJSli!" ''You dou'i want to go?'' He a: her. "Of course. 1 do- Tell you what, we'll BO out now ami b;iy you a ne;v pair." She said accusingly: "Thomas Weaver, you knew rent, day next week. And your insurance." He snapped his lingers. "Right you are. Well, what a'oDiil lliosu ivory dinguses you wore will: the j dress." ' She struck at her forehead. "What • a fool I am! I'd cban forgotten i «>y \\eiidir.g sroto. 1 can have Khc had worked on il last. ....... - there H looked ciuite in inc mode. Trust Tuesday?" He fruv.i.. :1 at her. ' Gy|:sy for tlial. B'-t nol even her "How. clever finders cculd transform IX-rek's. sniffed and soiled dancing shoes . mlo the .semblance of new ones. [inaiK-e. Thank gouilne:-s !'er little black eronlccl Tom. "'lIiii:k B lie's a : wl\cl wrap with ihe while fur Gi p^y ^icmld" 1 toss." "Illoominti twins called in slill tub. 11 was ex- party. It wa.s ec! in licr oSue key grated in "cat" the - " ' lcr.k:d nice! Gy,:sy con.i'.n't h- ;p -:.:jhiu al Siie ianu in til: i.nn -- a little. I.-.-:: ua:- nol np-: citiiii!. going lo ; j-eased. ifow luni:;- that he should . inn. Siic sal wra '::-. ailer a:i this t.::ir and alter I i i»ligce as 'lo'ii teing married \n her !or tuo'ilie lock. inonfc ^.'.:11 jtaltiis of Marko' "I'm running the. lub for you. Hrciisiilcii. liarlinc." sh c sturl: Hi? shoes out ohe pretended nc.1 it, notice, and ol iiglit. under a r:ialr. Better nol '.u-nl hiintnm her ivory Mippt-is., ia:t them on until the minule. / t'he just wouldn't think about them vutil she had lo. He canu- (iown the hall and leaned against th: dtorframc. re- ci.uiing her. "Ci'ish. you look pretty!" a 'ihe mirror qavc oack the reflcc- curly-haircd girl with ~ cam'j .hey were r/r.vhrr.- to be founci. ,-l:e sa:d "Alihoiigl, it's fimny. i: I did. Mother didiu find them" be- Thcy did r.a; intf.'ii to w out to Elae Mil!:, on th- i.ianov.. so she iplephonecl Ihe r.'ordl had no; .slipptii.. They nirievably lo-; Th!., In ;:se. \o. Mrs.! tion of .. wedding to be She vculd imc djcd green. ..,.., >,.,, m , : ,, , wl ,, c ot a slle hu ,, tc[l thcll , bruuant green, and wear the h tie ca'.astropiie for Gv,, S y. H he came Ihem into his haud. s.r:n g O f jaac-co.ored beads Father lack into iiw iiv:::: ror> m . where them over eurious'.v. vilh ail l,is n.i| W rf r.nri fig- him. and Weavers l:jci amusiMiieiit. Then she \>\-^:tr. her dres;. .si-.e loDk "bridcy"—ilia! the ivciy ciro.-s I'.cr wending d.iy ly formal frock she u- 1 .r.rci took it o:it. s;:ue:i at 11 n; and decider! ;hat. •.IH:;O:IL It »oii!ri do veiv i-.icclv. fc. made il K> ina: iw 'njik' easily tx- eiii dawn t ., a v. » front was iash!::n.i'uiv !i:j!i that sciuon's ir,c;:e. Vcs. "»i last year's red siippeu, r. \\^. ng of jade ...J givt-n her r>:t her last birti'.day. Tom watched her. smoking idly, as she uimmaged through br.x and ,,,„., i.||.- Lm or , ,,. 0 . ( , drawer, in search of t.:e ivory slip- | ,.i\ dav n v.uho'ii; .^yi'i,,- -, llO rd P.'rs. She was.conscious of his mi-| Tom pushed ba.-fc" tl-r- welter 'ol wonted siicncc. and turned lo look ! •; ort: and ian Ins rnr-e-s throtmli at him. Mirprlstng seme new. iron-, iis hair. "I-ii.d 'tiii ° hoiicv" Wed expression in his ey«. . ei-.e thouk tier IT,'! wide, soft, eager eves. Tom tc her and kissed her swiftly. " "Let me sec those shoes." She hunted then' out and gave ha'ic's. He turned "What's the matter, darling?" He i whv doiri you run t!.c smoke. liner betcve ihi- s!, il- ' Xothitig—only I wish I could i a pair r,i>-.i. Y O; , -^'nr t:ive you things. You weren't veryflitr.e Moiu;;r,-. ]|y. bripiit ;<> marry a poor man. Gyix-y. j said. M-.w>nnlv vrs.| Yen: oiul'.i io have luxuries. You're | she'd V<;T the ic'l one. '.She lad,-':) pretty and so pretty aiid so j not add whni .~hr- ibiii-'in"'" But v,hen she routed shp|)eis. t'.'ry proved appointing. The -.1.-; (ii danced in ii;em. an invmr.ijj'liV- gre.-sl stain hnii appeared i;-.-'u"no- i where on ihe tor ( ,f ih; l,-li one. Gypsy s::uzg:td. vuth cVnnhig L'A; fluid ar.d c'r.alk. to remove ;l'i •*••' I <rk\ ' ' ~'. ; , youi-.s:. c j "W:i: yui stop liarpiiii! on tlial?" r^ He «a.s .serious, he sai:i. It made i i liim leel iui'.amcd. A pair of -dif! | f«i and shabby danring shoes, lo lilt shape, cf Gypsy's cio;e and. get ;iy not have ihat did net dts- small f<-ri. accus:d him. heart. Iliey lo-Kcd Fimpiy dreadful ard Li!a -u.uld b,. ...i il( . to notice. She put on a ehurlul lace and went ou: to MCI s-i;)|x>r. But Ihe tlici:illt i:ii3;,cti he; fkinnrd s'urimi ''Just .at do you think I n :il af life?" Gypsy wantrd money an:f the things 11 '..civ You ought lo know btlce: ihnt" i -she boiled Enr salad and I c,u up Inndfiil-i of uisp vihiir ccl- cry. snd mixed inayonnalsr. )asi \ear si ( v.o'.ild Tlils .. ;. rd nut. mule la-.clcssiv, to buy " ' ' ' saniiaS. .^ir.ut deal ol _ sr.d urctlv ci>i=nn Hlvj had spent a on her young "Too bad you ha\e to wear Ihem.' Gypsy shrugucd. S!ie was a good actress. "Oh. I don't mind. Honestly." Marko had tairl Ion;; ;igo. .slin n tncmtered: you'll be .sorry if you marry a poor man. You like Hi*" fry. Well, she'd s'io,v him. Tciai was lonkiiv: at her in a : - cmio'.isly baiucrir.;; way. " Y «u coh'l have to. d.'ilinq.Y he told 1 . He was hoklir..: somcthin? out fj hoi. A lio.\ wri'piKd in Erccn paper. Gyijsy muvi'appcti it- Little tiii: f-anda'ls' lay williin. Her siw. "Tom. joii shou'dn'l have.. ! 'ihcre was the msii-'.ince. There v..,., tlie lent. Then: vu.:- these ins.i;i;. lovely little shoes with the makT.s rune, an cxjicnslvc one. damped "You're not goin; to «ear siiabby il'.oes." said Tom. "as long as i c;n ge'. the other kind for you." Marks. knew he wnt thinking [To Be Cemtlnucdi

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