The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 6, 1932
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( Served bu the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTH EASrlvll'sSOUm VOL. XXIX—NO. M7 Blytliuvllle Dally News. Blylhevllle HeraTT ~~ ~' : == MLs.slsf.inpi Valley Leader, Hhthevlllc Courier. BLl TIIEVILLE, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, SKlTMMliKK (i I!) 1 !'.' HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MEMPHIS DAIRY FARMERS VOTE TO STRIKE Hitler's "Miss Liberty" Early Gain By Cotton Wiped Out NEW YOilK, Sept. C. <Ul',-Atl early gain of S2 a bale in cotton prices wus almost wiped oni by sub- «liicnt profll liikint- today mid (he r, vr , n(; .,.,,1 Sf-tl'iil 1*711!inn larkei clcsee unelmniied „. fiv, ^° °P S dn f OtaulllZaUOll Corporation Will Retain Present Holdings. Since none but the brave deserve 1 the fair, a portrait of Fraulein Polly Frank, above, of Vienna, is to grace one side of a .new medal witr ii-hlch Adolf Hitter will reward the services of some of his National Socialist followers. The likeness, however, will be in formal, classic lines, .symbolizing Liberty. . ' Roosevelt Asks Party Unity Governor RcoFcvelt stood smilingly between Matthew Pocrsch Bchencctady County Democratic leader, and James A. Farley, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as he appenled n't Sche- neclndy for unity in the Democratic ranks. This speech, and a later <ne at Bridgeport. Conn., were believed the beginning of a drive to reconcile discordant elements in the party. Owner Asks Receiver I Seventy Puoils Enroll (or Glencoe Hotel in Catholic School crate i ^ 1 * "T^ V' i Thc Rcnco1 of lhe Immaculate enC °- "° ; a5 bcen I Conception church opened toda ' askwi'i - epon curc opened toaj fl'ed h, T", cfra " ccrs ' collrt ac "°n|«'lth 70 pupils enrolled compared Ihe tai,^ 0 '" 1 T1 ? ompso "', own( : r0 l to 7S of '«l year, according to S ' all5ims bre:ich ° f ' thc Principal. Father J. J. Thomp- con-r, , ' nn 11,0 "' ld faillm 10 p ' 1y rci " o" 'tie part o f p. w . Whitncr. man- n ^r of the hostelry. „ J. l l Unc , r l5 operating the hotel " , , ' C3SC o- eton by Dr r /' Hferr C cn Biven E. L H ustaad in . J. Alston lat- d when taken Whlln " «<> the k* (fir- riYiiiti,/V ll ' nZ °"' ce rooms Oil tie ground floor of (ho building. P™" 10 ?™--instituted through F. C. Douglas, local attorney. New For* Cotton NEW YORK, fcpl o ;;rpi Cotton closed barely steady ~ open m<?h low close Oct 911 920 885 888 9 « W9 902 m 937 944 90S 6 Jj 948 9M (jo i iv>i Dec Jan March May Jlllv Of this number there are eight new students In the seventh and cigth grades who have no attended this school before. There is yet another school tc pen :sfondny when the Pilg-in Lutheran school will begin. Th 1 school plans to accomodate .1 students who are . affiliated with this church. There were about 25 more stu dents tcday enrolled "in the cit public schools which opened yes lerday. Yesterday's reglstrattoi showed a loss ol 205 pupils com pared to last year's figures. New Orleans Cotton N7W ORLEANS. Sept. 6 (UP)- Cottott closed steady. open high low clos 930 930 895 957 nvo 975 93-1 912 Oct Dec Jan March May July 943 941 950 0&2 071 943 945 955 005 075 902 910 920 031 941 887 903 910 920 931 941 Spots closed nt B85 un « ,T y • !m J<1 5 ' " ll 5 ' <•"'«•• Spots closed at 882, up 13, steady, larket closet! unclmnsK' x)ints higher, A flood of buying orders swamp- id the ring In early trading. <le- nand being inspired by the farm oard announcement, of its ititen- !on to liold 2,000,000 bales oil ll'.e larkct until next year and by ic- wrts of rain damage to open co'.on In Texas fields. Unfavorable weather kep-. the olumc of buying up to large proportions until around mid-day'when forecast for more favorable wca- her encouraged active proilt lak- Heavy realizing pointed the stock uarket losver toward the close today after prices had responded in lie early trading to one of the icaviesl buying movements of t::e current advance. After establishing Bains of my to five points in a Hurricane Is Diverted from Miami JACKSONVILLE. Tin., S<'|,1. 6 lUP) _ The troplnil dlMiirbmuv muvliiy innth (rum thi- Kilumuu tlaiul:) uncl which miexpcrlrdly changed Us c^mse mid niLwecl Miami lust nil-lit w;is ix-|wru-d \'a mills east <f Cii|n.- Cuimrciiil, near 'liUu.villf., on tin.- Horlila etisi rim-it loilny. 'lie stcrj)) »iis s»M lu rujiliiln Disputed Area WASHINGTON. Sepl. 0 (UP) — The fanners fear llml federal, wh y,£: cTKnicaV'f'urn" iiVarTl.s 1 nrm boaid holdings ul surplus] „,,„„,. grain and cotton would be .sold (he present rising removed today and market The farm board's announcement that it would sell neither cotlon nor grain this year was viewed here as un attempt to give psyrliuloglcul ;,tiim:ln;; lo business generally, especially In the agricultural sections. It Clime six' days after ihe reconstruction finalise cotporutlcn loaned SSO.OCO.Oti!) for the puipusi! if withholding Surplus cotton from Ihis year's market. The toavd said thai the coltbn The karomutiT In-ru maintained n .steady W.BO, described us "low but not 'unusually low". Indleiillcns were ihal if and when the storm reaches UK- count i! v.Ill strike norlh of Jacksji:- unless H suddenly clnm;;io morning of Intense speculative a c-I Itabllil '' al10 " corjMnitlon would sell ivity the market turned irregular " one of lts estimated 2,000.000 bales n the early aitcrnoon Ul1111 March I, 1933, and that IMc American Cotton Co-opflrallvc association would withhold Its present stock of the 1030 crop until July 31, nerl year. Tlie grain stabilization corpora- Ion estimated 3,000,000 bushels if wheat will be kepi oil the m&r- ket. The cotton stabilization corjwra- itn recently decided to sell within the few months 650,000 bales of Its holdings. It. has already sold 300.000 bales. The remainder \vlll be withdrawn from Side with the exception of minor amounts already consigned to foreign coun- ries or cotton that may be sold for 12 cents or mere a pound on (he basis of New York future jrices. J. A. Waterman Named Chairman' of Chapter's Annual Roll Call. ter of the must raise The Chickasawba district chap- American Red Cross J5.700 this fall to neet a budget adopted yesterday by the executive committee. In charge of the joint membership and fund raising campaign will be J. A. Waterman, tocil :nanagur for A. S. I3nrb;ro and company, as roll • call chairman, and a finance committee conslst- «T of J. A., Leech, the Rev. A. 3. Hans ell and" Tom W. Jadtrna. They have already received promises tff co-operation ; from groups and Individuals here and Ihrough- if 'the Chickasawba district. Colonel Allen," representing the American National Red Cross, was licre for several days; rcvlesv'ns :hc work of the chapter and help- n? to pisn the program for nest yrnr. lie approved the $5,100 birl- 5et as the minimum .with .which :h'c. chapter could hoj>e to meet the ..demands i:pon It that nre m rospect . for . the coming year. Thc'new budget is substantially n excess of any (hat has cv bcen ro;;«d for Red Cross wirk in thr. nast. but the roll c.i: chairman and finance commlttjs have announced their intention ci carrying on a vigorous campaign acquaint the bapier's territory people of the with the worn has bcen doing, in the belief 'bat this will tions sufficient "arry on. The chapter ha result in contribu- to enable U to - been considerably handicapped throughout the spring and summer by lack of funds, and Its ofllce is now closed because It has no money for fur- 'her work. I'ormei- President Removes All Question as to His Campaign Position. WASHINGTON, Sept. G. (Ul'l — Foinicr Piesldent Calvin Ei.bject of u GD-yuiir illsputu which sri'tns likely to result In wnr l«- I'.vwn llnlivhi uml ruratiray is the Cinin Clinco. n ilenso forest area rhnstn In black on the map nhovc. Uoth Ijullvlu und I'uia- giiny claim the entile ureu, und llollvlu lias declared her Arkansas Senator Says • People Will. Turn lo Democrats in November Rubio Abandons Plan to Rest at Hot Springs EL PASO. Tex., Sept. G (Up) — A crowd of 2,500 shouting "long ive Orllz Rublo," welcomed the pecial train ol Rublo. retired pres- '(!em of Mexico, in Juarc?. today on his way to San Diego, cal., where he has decided to go instead of Hot Springs, Ark. Rublo said he resigned as pres- :dent because of -Illness of long standing", dating back to his military career, and not because of differences with General Calles, strong man of the republic. Co. Medical Association Meets at Osceola Tonight OSCEOLA, Ark.. Senf. K — xh- Mississlppl County Medical association will resume Us regular monthly meetings following a summer vacation here tonight. Dr. Gilbert Levy of Memphis Is on the program to read a paper on "Xfenlngltls", arid Dr. T. P. Hudson of L\ixora .will present a ciisc report. .WASHINGTON, sept. G IUPI— Arkansas' "little woman". Senator Hatlie W. Caraway, has called for a restoration of confidence and faith in the soundless of Amjrica. Through the jDen',»Jcralic na- lonal publicity bureau the only w=ninn now silting in the United States senate made one of lier rare pi;blic statements in whlcli ;he appraised the economic slliin- ion, criticized the leadership of lip administration, and predicted t Democratic victory In November. Her remarks were received with considerable interest here because ;he has just demonstrated she is a :olltical fcrce to be reckoned witti. Appointed to nil the vacancy caused by her husband's death, •he took little part in senate deliberations at the last session of congress. But this summer stie went back to Arkansas to campaign for the senatorial nomination. Her friends were dubious of her chances, but Senator Huey Long loaded trucks with amplifiers and campaign literature nnd helped her carry the fight to all corners of the state. They were successful. There was a new ring of authority in her words as she expounded what she conceived to be the position of her party: "I want a restoration of confidence in this country. I want a man who Is a real American at the helm. This Is not the time for great expenditure of mor.ey. The people are awake and are not jolng to be fooled by the old campaign tricks. They have suffered too miicli from the last years of Republican control. Senator Moses mys there Is great apathy among the voters, I believe he will find It Is not an apathetic condition". has thross'ti his Influence tn fnvor of the reelection of President Hoover. He made known Ills nllllmle In an arlicle in this svcek's Saturday \ _ Evening I'cst entitled, "Tlie Republican case." Tlie endorsement was erupr.atlo. It left no doubt' us to Coolldgc.'.s belief that Republican victory Ls highly desirable. When Coplldge said Ills succe.TSDr should be reelectid "for what lie has done and for what he has pre- -ventcd.'' he satisfied the most. demanding of the Hoover inner circle. Some of these have Inwardly grieved over ll'.e attitude Coolldje has hitherto shown toward the present muster of the While House. They no'.ed that in his previous article last spilng favoring the president's rcnotnlnatlon Coolidge based Ills position on grounr's of party duty and omitted glowing praise of Hoover. There were many stage whispers among Hoover Intimates four years ago over the attitude of Coolidge. They were especially aggrieved because [hey wcfc not able, so the' satd, to ascertain whether Coolklgc was out of the race (or nom'lna- tion. One ol tliem said Hoover did not know until he was nominated what, pssltkm Ccoiide; would take. Quarrel Is Denied, HOLLYWOOD, Cnl, Sept. G (UP) —-A I'drourr's Inquest ss'lll be held nexl Thursday lo clear a\vuy "la^ of immt.iluty" .smruuiidlux (1,3 •Mik-lt'c of 1'iiul HI-HI. Illui piadiii:?!' nml liusliiiml of Juan llarlcw. It was "aav-lps of the next 20 yimrs would fiilten uml mow on itils cat: unless Hit fog of unccrlilnlv ts cleared assay," Coroner Nance said, lie siltl every fuel ol the two- „„.,„. month married life of (In- i-ounle I.,,L „ will be souclil in nn clforl to de- , ^ .?. ? terminc ss liy Be, n slooil before n '' minor in his home ami flroil u 1ml- li'l Into Ills br;iln. Kathi-r in-nl«i (Jiurrcl Ucnhl that n ininrri-1 bclwwn .lean ll.irlr.w, platinum blonil screen star, nnd her 42-year-old could have been Ihe mo- live for llr-rn'.s suicide, wns made today by Ihe slnr's .itcp-'fiUhcr. Mis:, lliirlosv was proslnitcd and unili-:- the earu of u nurse two physicians. ... . ~ Ma,Ino Bcllo, mining man in-4 Motion lot rormal Dccla- «lep-falher of Miss Harlow, rc- celvecl nessspupermcii on Ihe vcr- nntla ol his home. Ho said his daughter ami her mother were completely overcome. It ss-ns impossible, Hello said. August Checks for City Employet Ready The city's payroll for the lost ,. „,..„,. half of August was ready today) On the outcome of the Roderick When Sidney Craig, city clerk and, trial hinges possible action ugalns Former Leachville Bankers Charged With Taking Deposits Illegally. Trial of J. P. Roderick and Ear! Roderick, president and cashier of the defunct Bank of Iy;achvll!e. on chargss of receiving deposits with knowledge that the bnnk was Insolvent, opened before Judge Nelli Ktllough in Cross county circuit court at Wynne this afternoon. The morning session was filled wHn the selection of Jurors to try the case, which was transf'jrre- from circuit court her? to Wynne on a change of venue. The jury was impaneled shortly before noon. The Rodericks, father and son. were indicted by n grand Jury at the spring term of circuit court here In 1931 after failure of Ihe bank in the fall of 1930. The cases were continued a-lthout call until the fall term of court In 1931 whon defense CQuiv5?l secured a continuance until the spring term of 1932 on the grounds that material defense wltr.esssr were absent from the state. This spring counsel for the Rodericks presented motion for « change of venu?. declaring th;lr clients could not obtain a fair trla 'n Mississippi county. Tlie petition Wns granted nnd the C»MS transferred to the Cross county circuit at Wynne. collector, found enough money in [ the treasury to cover checks f:>r r\ 11T T QV, A ^J« • M ^ m-ijmj ™ ^u.1.1 l,,Je^l\3 1 ->t Dr. W. J. Shcddan, of Osceolan, Mlarles overdue since the last day iresldent of the association, will i in »,,»,,<t association, will j In August name committees and the group will make plans for the entertainment of the Northeast Arkansas Medical association which Is Elective and appointive officers of the various departments of the city administration who have been c.vt- .Inst score or more of bankers whose Institutions were fo>».>d Y> clos? during the panic tn the fall of 1930 Tree Injures Farmer POPLAU BLUFF, Mo. (UP) — Dislodged when a hub of a wngon Ing anxious eyes in the direction of 1 driven by James Llnvlllc, farmer '"Tonthl'-rm^i^^r h, , M ' hc <*** on"* '"' «""' J --| S (n,ck the tree^drunk, the" upper in i,r Melhodlsi rh,^ i J lcld h'cre pleased today. They s»w Craig ; section of a tree fell on him (he MclhodUt church auditor-1 "writing on ihe yellow paps, ... crushing his shoulder and caujir.8 Mlm ' "•"" «™««-« » serious Internal Injuries. MP«ss«d It. hat a quarrel had caused Bern, one of Hollywood's tailing film ncduccrs. lo stand unclad before n mirror In a dressing room of i:is isolated lioinv nnd fire » bullet nlo his head.' "Paul was u wonderful husband, very attentive nntl devoted. I can ai.iurr- you they never quarrelod. Lfaves EVIy.slfrlou^ Note Benl's bcdy was laiind ' before n mirror In' n second floor dres- ;Inj rsom of • his sccludfd home 'eslerday. A revolver, otic chnnibcr :,npiy, uas clulchcd In his hand, nnd (here was n bullet wound In his temple. Another loaded ru.- ,'ols'pr war, nearby. • ' Ten (eel nwny on n drpssini; table aulhcrilies found a note addressed lo Miss Hnrlow, his bride of Isvo months. ,ft rend: • . . "Dearesl dear: L'|);orlnni\lelj this Ls the only way lo make good the frightful wrong I have done to yen nml to wipe out my abject humiliation. I love you. Paul. "P. 8. Von understand that last night was only a comedy." Attendants at the mortuary n. announcing nn autopsy over Bern's tbdy reported thai (lie film pro- uiccr had been dead at least 12 hours before his body ivns received it the funeral parlors. Free Public School Resumed at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark. Kept. 6—Public school with free tuition in the first six grades, was resumed here yesterday morning after a year's forced suspension because of lack of funds, and enrolled HG pupils Approximately 75 pupils enrolled in the high school which is being taught by a resident faculty on a tuition basis. Both schools, sponsored by the 'ocal school board, are being taughi in the new high school building under supervision of Superintendenl George Doyle. Mrs. C. L. Moore, Jr., Is principal of the high school. The Citizens Schcol. a private ;chcol s|x>nsorc<J by local patrons srade school building with a tola, enrollment of 97 pupils. M In the trades and 57 In hiph school. Dr principal of the school. Americans, Captured by Persian Bandits, Safe WASHINGTON. Sept. G (UP)- C/OSI/lflT SfflCfr The (lircc American consular of- fleers captured by Persian brig- A. T. and T. ands. have returned to Teheran, Anaconda Copper exhausted but physically unharmed except for lacerated feet, the Am erlcan legation there reported to day to the stale department. On reluming the officers told a Ihrilllng story of (heir capture iiny oimproinl.'*- thai i via (he I'lirnijiiiy river. ration Before Bolivian Chamber of Deputies. LA !'A7.. Bolivia, Sepl. 6 (UI>)— A formal motion calling for tleclrtration of war tsigiilj-. * '* Uiiay was presri- 1 , ' ber of deputies today Felipe Molina. The minion was referred to the chamber committee considering the dispute with Paraguay over the Officials would not Demand $1.90 Per Hun- flrntl On Threat of Shut- ling Off Supply. MKMl'HIS, Sept, (i (Ul>)—Mem- Irtils' milk supply was endangered is ISO rhllk i'.vuducera agreed to- .!aj (o n milk strike effective Saturday mill!?!, Memphis dairies p-.y il.M n hundred pounds for ml'k. The determined and anrjry m'lk men met In Ov<!rlo» Park this i"crnln(' nnd declared, "We'll turn the cow;; loose," nnd the milk .vlll \>s "poured into the Mlssls- •Ippl". rnlhi-r than accept the Insv lirlu-ii tliuv claim loeal dnlrles arc CayLiijj for their milk. When iu representative of the Shflby County Milk Producers us- •nxlullnn, n government flnuncod •o-openuivf. iittcinpted to defend Ills as-scclullcn'r, practices, he was Im.'d. Pii«slljl c altercations were molded liy nd'ourmncrit of the incellnit at that iwlnt, A nici-Unir Is to be held Prldav night when the Independent MliU Producers nssoclailon will he form"il nnd n plan of action adopted. This course, us outlined by Fred Howard, organizer of the associa- llrn, will be ( Q make demands on the milk companies to resume tmymenl of $1.00 a hundred pounds for milk. "a'hci 'Pifra'giiay',. after half f, centurj- of qtim rflltig over the disputed ctiaco area, .have been near open conHlcl In recent.weeks, Arbitration of the dl»pui« appear/1 cd unlikely B.S. long oa Paraguay protested ognlnst Bolivian occupa- llon. of Cliaco forts and Bolivia Inilsled .on the pr^senl status Ui tlie Cluico us a basis Jor ncgolia 1 - llon. - •• Will Form Oqanization to Raise Funds for Purchase of Walker Grove. All persons Interested in the movement that hnr. been launched lo acquire Die John D. Walker grove 1 east of town for a public park are Invited lo attend u meeting at the cily hall tonight at v.hlcli a campaign for raising the necessary funds will be outlined. The meeting, which will open nt 8 P. J-f.. was called by directors of the chamber of commerce al the request of a committee from the Lions club, which look the. In- Illative In the matter. Under (erms of an oollon given the Lions club committee by Mr Walker the first, 55,000 of the «.COO purchase price must be paid before November 1. The balance falls due a year later. This, tt Is pointed 6ut, makes immediate action essential, ami it l.s hope; that an organization will bo form- cd tonight which push the i sponsored by local patrons, "' """K'"- wmcn win pusn thr ciwncd ycslcrd.iy In the old moncv raising campaign lo carl) n -r.l.n.,1 t.. .1 Ml.... ...t,l. - -_._, COmDletiOll. completion. Next Sunday bus bcen designate Park Day, and the city adininlslra- Norlon Jones of Little Rock Is Ho" has promised to have eilhe Kentucky or Davis street opcne.. up Into the proposed park so that the public can see Just what II is that it Is proposed lo acquire for a park. Auburn Caterpillar Tractor 115 317 12 Chrysler 19 3-8 Cities Service 63-8 a rng story o ter capure and the subsequent fight between i tribesmen and Persian military' forces. The officers were Robert Strceper, American consul at Teheran, and Cyril Thell and Thom&s A. Hlckock, consul and vice-consul at Jerusalem. Charles Karl, American minis'.ci to Persia and a former newspap-, sent the stale department a complete report of the episode. .......... Ccca tola ............... 101 Continental Bakin? ____ General Eiectrlc General Motcvs 17 1-1 Mlddlewcst Utilities Montgomery Ward .. New York Central .. Packard Radio Corp Simmons Beds Standard of N, J. .. Texas Corp U. 3. Steel 3-4 13 729 < 3-8 10 11.1-8 36 1-8 17 1-4 4-H and Farm Women's Clubs Meet This Week Meetings of the Boys and Glrla 4-H and Women's Demonstration clubs are. txlhj held in a number of com muni l In this wMk with MlM Co*a Ue Coleman, county' homq : : demonstration agent, In Misrgc: 1 " -'j- ::•., . . .• -,. .'....• » The • ArmpreM-H club mcf'ye?- 1 'erday and the' clubs at Brown ind Pawhcen arc.' 1 meeting tcdny. Tomorrow the' Olear Lake 4-H and the Premised Land women's groups will hold, sessions at which the women v-ill. can com and butter- teans. The Ncdena women meet Thursday. Friday the Dell and Perry 4-H , c|iibs and the Perry women will meet. Thc;e Katherings will be clU urned with, a 1 meeting'" of the Junior county council here Satur- Sn'y.t Officers of the 4-u clubs, who'compose lire council, will dls- c'uss iJlnn. 1 ! for Achievement Oay when reports for the year's work Till bo judged and awards made. iMllioiujh Achievement Day Is some- ilme hi November the reports must be In several weeks before that lime. Accident at Osceoia Cost: Driver $50 Fine OSCEOLA, Ark.-Jess Cumniinjs, who lives Euiilh of Gridor, was fined S50 hnd costs tn mayor's court lierc Monday for reckless driving. Cunimlngs drove his automobile into ft parked car belonging lo a Leo Wilcon & company employee on Main street here Sunday night damaging the car considerably. Fines were assessed against Fred McCoy nnd Herbert Grays, both negroes, for disturbing the peace. Farm Loan Collector Will Bejfcre Weekly George D. Purlnicn. federal seM .0:111 collector for Mississippi coun- y. IG in Blytheville today and ftlll tc here each Tuesday during tte fall and winter collecting . seel and crop production loans. He asks that In order to expedite collections that cotton buyers anil glnners who buy the co;- tcn from government borrowers rtmkc all checks payable to the •rccn-tary of agriculture, but >Mt checks ellher be delivered to Mm n person at the office of J. E. :ritz, court house, or be mailed .0 him, general delivery. Elyllie- ville. Any borrower who lias collateral placed against his 1931 loan bai- .incc can have same sold tny lime, according to Mr. Purlnlon, who requesls that they sec him In. regard, lo these matters as well as tlie 1932 loan matters. to WEATHER ARKANSAS-Partly cloudy fair tonight and Wednesday. According to Ihe official u- observer, Charlfs Phillips Jr., th: maximum temperature here yesterday was 85 degrees and the minimum 64 degrees. Today a yesr ago Ir.e maximum temperature was 92 degrees and the minimum 6« ds- grees.

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