Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on May 6, 1942 · 13
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 13

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1942
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X- X V f- f v r y- y v v- J l' l i i I f I I Pp l L Second Section I cal Page J t LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY EVENING MAY6 1942 ii I SAY RADE BARRIERS FEW EW IN ST STATE ATE AT- El le Ie l- l e No Interference th h War Effort Utah Statutes I II tah has few if any lawswhich ht it 1 t be termed trade barriers which might impede the na- S na'S na- s na's na- na s 's war var effort state officials Wednesday d after federal gov- gov lent tient officials had complained ome some states have laws which back the war effort L E. E Hammond statetax corn corn- oner oner in charge of motor ve- ve saidsald Utah's regulations gov- ig gov- gov ng ig trucks are liberal andthat had substantially no noble no- bleble with them i ie itS truck registration laws in Sn in- e he e said are flexible enough ermit emergency shipping Hammond said hehas not dof of any instances in which ks ks carrying war materials delayed in Utah because of lations governing or weight of trucks ra a conference of state officials v D. D C. C Tuesday pit ph- B. B Eastman director of rise nse transportation told dele dele- transportation is being ered by some state laws Jaws and I. I federal intervention may be unless states act quick- quick Remove remove the barriers ate ae agricultural officials said inspection station anta nta Clara Washington coun- coun not considered a trade bar- bar and that shipments never are are- g ed g d more than two hours even en He most complicated 11 vernorHerbert B. B Maw is r r for tor the trade con- con 1 ice ce e. e m f War ar r St Stamps to fe Lick the Japs Japi- man ian an Asks Damages i m Salt Lake City I. I ing that the cover for a box was carelessly iced by a city causing injure herleft ankle anke when ing the lawn around the meter April 14 14 Mrs Louis Alice l ley y 1033 Pierpont avenue a 1000 damage claim against Lake Cake CityWednesday C claim was referred to the for and recommendation co cost f little buy much ense se Officer Urges Teams f 1 matlon of 32 emergency med- med t teams ams establishment of 16 stations and equipping of With ith first aid devices was amended to Salt Lake City Wednesdayby Dr ll ji-ll Callister medical the state defense council Ab Jenkins said bids 0 0 sets of first aid kits 10 of i casualty station equipment first aid belts have al- been alp al- al p been asked for i war r stamps make mah big bombs ROAD OAD BIDSCALLED i for construction 27 miles admixed bituminous J West Twelfth street to the the- nn general supplydepot will ened by the state road com- on com- on com com- on on May 20 at 2 p. p m. m r One of Them Will Break Into Print a as s University's Outstanding Coed 7 a I 4 46 gi 4 t 4 44 I N T t EIGHT OF THE TIlE NINE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH COEDS COMPETING CO FORTITLE OF GIRL OF YEAR FEATURE OF U CAMPUS PUBLICATION Helen Beth Woolley left Peggy Berr Berryman man Barbara Coates ElaineWinifred Anderson Catherine Robin Robinson son Mary Ann NomaRoberts andHelenhelen- BB Bowen wen Afton was not present when picture was taken U of U Magazine To Feature Girl ofthe Year Presentation of the outstanding girl of the year will feature the publication of U University University Univer- sitysity of Utah pictorial magazine Richard F. F Harding Jr editor announced announced announced an an- Wednesday The magazine first of its kind to be published on the university campus will appear May 13 he saUd It will replace the Humbug former humor magazine which was abolished last year by the board of regents Judged on the basis of activities beauty and personality the outstanding outstanding outstanding out outstanding coed will be featured in a two-page two layout Judges will be members of the faculty and the staff Coeds competing for the post are Mary Anna Alpha Chi Omega Peggy Berryman Alpha Delta Pi Elaine Winifred Anderson Ander Anderson Chi Omega Noma Roberts Delta Delta Delta Catherine Robinson Robinson Rob Rob- ROb ROb-I inson Delta Gamma Barbara Coates Kappa Kappa Gamma Afton Afton Afton Af Af- Af- Af ton Pi Beta Phi Helen Beth Woolley Phi Mu and Helen Bowen unaffiliated Bonds Make Malee What Japs CantCan't T Take ke Court Denies Rehearing The state supreme court Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wed Wed- denied a petition by Wilford T. T Silcox that he be granted a rehearing on an industrial compensation compensation compensation claim Mr Silcox claimed he was in in- Jured injured injured in- in in a United States Smelting RefiningDefining and Mining company mine at Lark Utah on November 25 1940 butthe state industrial commission commission com corn mission denied his claim for compensation compensation comcorn and thisactionlater was upheld by the supreme court The courts court's action Wednesday denied a rehearing of the case Chief Justice David W. W Moffat dissented dissented dissented dis dis-dis- dis from the majority opinion I IFor For the second consecutive day this department has a contribution from one who signs only initials I art of a name The latest contributor one who signs only as Miss Mary L. L B. B submits this jingle When the newsboy brings f the paper The I O tt Family members want pet v i sheets p Its It's the fashionsfor Big lU eat er r Sister And the sport port page for Pete Ma grabs the states state's statistics To see who's passed beyond Gran looks for quiltquill block patterns Of which she's very fond i Dadlooks for all stock reports As each column he will scan For hes he's the big bread winner And a very busy man Baby Sue and Little Jimmy Lookall the funnies oer o'er While each one wants to see the page Withthe Censored Weather score In Salt Lake City the temperature Tuesday rose to a a- hh of 56 degrees andsank to a low of 39 degrees The The- ee canean n was 48 degrees 6 below normal are the high and low tern tern- Omaha Neb 52 2 4 43 31 31 and precipitation of RockBock Wyo 49 49 28 25 for May 5 at al St St. LouisLoula Mo 71 59 9 68 1 t by n Is weather only e where ober erre It cx- cx San Salt k Antonio Lake Airport teza il 58 90 g 35 69 g dldi 10 o of an Inch Sheridan Wyo 48 30 Tintic Utah 52 26 high Low i tI ri C. C c. c 74 54 N. N M. M 75 51 1 uther tor Sor Salt alt lAke Lak City anta anta Ga 84 63 and Warmer farmer and marck N. N l D 6 56 29 Wednesday night local light frostlate cage Ill 11 56 51 44 51 1 night river Cob Colo 53 28 25 Rainfall and data nd Junction 63 41 In hour 24 period ending etat St. Paul 51 34 27 noon Tuesday 12 Inch Ilch Totalfrom 84 Ii 55 October 1 to noonnonn w V ork City 74 49 45 InchesNormal for tor that period 1145 Utah 5855 41 inch Accumulated excess lahoma City SO 80 46 Inches I War Will Go On Until the Allies Win Says Norse Parliament t President The war will go on untilthe allies have won and afterthe war there can be no worldorgani- zation organization organization without participation by the United States That was the word brought to Salt Lake City Wednesday by Dr Carl J. J Hambro president of the Norwegianparliament president of the assembly of the League of Nations and chairman of the league executive committee He will addressthe last meeting meeting meeting meet meeting this season of the Bonneville Knife and Fork club at the Hotel Utah at 7 p. p m. m Wednesday Dr Hambro said the league still is functioning with various units in the United States and Can Canada The narcoticscontrol unit he disclosed is operating in Washington Washington Washington Wash Washington D. D C. C The visitor retains thetitle of president of the Norwegian parliament parliament parliament par par- andsaid he has the laugh on thenazis because they cant can't call a a. parliament session without my order Dr Hambrosaid that failure of the United States to join the League of Nations after the World war caused paralysis of the league He predicted that after the current war Germany and Japan may in due time sit at at- thethe league table History wouldhave been different different different dif dif- dif different had the United States entered entered entered en en- the league he said Woodrow Woodrow Wood Wood- rowrow Wilsons Wilson's 14 points program after the first World war was not realized or understood generally He predicted that the united nations nations nations na na- na- na will not go back on the so called Atlantic charter drafted att the historic high seas meeting of President Roosevelt andPrime Minister Churchill Norway still is fighting a strong war Dr Hambro said Norway has one of the worldsworld's most modern merchant marines in allied service he asserted It is carrying 50 per cent of the fuel to the allies and more than 25 per cent of foodstuffs shipped to England Evidence of Norway's fight is shown by the fact that more German German German Ger German soldiers were killed in the in invasion invasion invasion in- in of Norway than in the in invasion invasion invasion in- in of France An allied invasion of Norway would be popular but what is is- more is- more is- moremore needed is js an invasion of Germany Dr Hambro said he is not a believer in a a. world government after this war although one may come about The club will elect officers at its meeting Wednesday night Unopposed Unopposed Unop- posedposed nominees are John M. M Wallace Wallace Wallace Wal Wallace for president Reed Stevens for vice president and Bruce E. E Millikin Mark E. E Petersen and Horace A. A Sorensen fordirectors The Rev Robert D. D Steele is re retiring retiring retiring re- re tiring president World Unity Depends on U. U S. S d 4 f q 41 a d 1 H y L SAYS liE HEHAS liAS TIlE THE LAUGH ON NAZIS Dr Carl J J. J Here to addressclub members t. t CITY APPROVES W ACE BOOSTS Two Clerks Advanced To Higher Posts Pay of Leslie P. P Broberg first assistant Salt Lake City purchas- inging agent was boosted from to a month Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednes Wednesday as city commissioners approved approved approved ap ap- ap- ap proved personnel changes in the department necessitated by resignation resignation resig- nationnation of Clarence L. L Giles second assistant purchasing agent Other changes included advancement advancement advanceadvance- ment ofAlma J. J Gunn invoice clerk to assistant purchasing agent with a pay increase from to and advancement of William A. A Leatham price clerk to invoice clerk with a pay in increase increase increase in- in crease of to The commission also approved Street Commissioner John B. B Matheson's plan to transfer workers work workers of his department from a five to six day week in an attempt to forestall the exodus of to defense industry jobs The plan when placed in operation will result in pay increases for all workers paid on an hourly basis IeIc Bt a o warrior or buy war bondi bonds bonds- Victim Gives Clues To Runner Hit-Runner Belief that clues given by the victim would result in the arrest of a a. run hit-run truck driver was expressed expressed ex expressed Wednesday bySalt Lake City police officers Meanwhile the victim Gary Lee Smith 8 son gon of Detective and Mrs Clarence T. T Smith Goltz avenue ave aye nue was at home recovering from from- aa bruised back and right leg suffered suffered suf suf- suf- suf Tuesday night when a a. light panel truck struck the boy as it came out of an alley without lights Dig Deep Bury Axis Axil With Bonds Bonds Bonds- Women Clubs Schedule Planting of Trees Mrs Glen A. A Finlayson gardens director for the Salt Lake district Utah State Federation of Women's Clubs urges all members of the district to be present to plant trees in Lee Charles Miller park Fifteenth Fifteenth Fifteenth East street and Yale avenue avenue ave aye nue Thursday at 10 a. a m. m TRIBUTES PAID MRS THOMAS Final Rites Conducted For Senators Senator's Wife Her life was a beautiful sermon sermon ser sermon With those words words' tribute to the memory of Mrs Edna Harker Thomas wife of United States Senator Elbert D. D Thomas was paid Wednesday at funeral rites in the Seventeenth L DS Sward ward chapel West First North street Services for Mrs Thomas who died last week at Washington D.- C. D.- C. D.- C. D. D C. C were attended by LD S church leaders University of Utah representatives representatives representatives and others who filled ththe chapel to overflowing David O. O l McKay Speaks David 0 O. McKay second counselor counselor coun coun- in the first presidency of I coun-I the the- L the- L the- LL DS church a speaker said Mrs Thomas preserved the cheer of I childhood her life was a a. beautiful sermon Hers was a sensitive and forgiving forgiving forgiving for forgiving nature Mr McKay said Thousands of LD S church hurch members members members mem members will feel her death Other speakers were Dr H. H L. L Marshall head of the University of Utah healthand physical education education education edu education department and Alma O. O Taylor who was president of the the- L the- L the- LL DS Japanese mission at the time Senator and Mrs Thomas served in that field Officials Send Messages Telegrams were were read from the war department and state department department department depart department expressing regret at the death of Mrs Thomasand condolence condolence condolence con condolence to the family Attending the rites were President President Presi- dentdent Heber J. J Grant of the LDS church members of the council of twelve apostles and first council of seventy andmembers of the boards of the Primary association and Relief society Burial was iniii City cemetery where the grave was dedicated by Nicholas G. G Smith assistant to the council of twelve apostles MoreMare bonds more bo bombs bslessfess J Japs Japs- ps ELECTION PLANNED Annual election of the Purchasing Purchasing Purchas- inging Agents'Agents Association of Utah will beconducted Thursday at p. p m. m in the Temple Square hotel KerosH. H Searle president said I Wednesday Utah Gets New Regional Grazier As Army Duty Calls Incumbent Charles F. F Moore former re regional regional regional re- re gional grazier for Colorado and for for- the for- the for- thethe past 16 months assistant chief of operations for the United States grazing service will succeed Chesley Ches- Ches ley Icy P. P Seely as as' as regional grazier for Utah R. R H. H Rutledge grazing service director announced Wed Wed- Mr Seely regionalgrazier since 1937 hasbeen called to active duty in the army asa fieldartil- lery artillery artillery artil artil- lerycaptain and will report May 16 at Fort Worden Wash Mr Rutledge said Mr Moore prior to joining the grazing service was employed In Salt Lake City and Utah for 15 years as a a. surveyor forthe public survey office Advertising Club Elects New New- S New'- SS Set t of Officers R. R T. T Harris Wednesday was named new president of the Salt Lake Advertising club succeeding E. E J. J Broman The new president president of the R. R T. T Harris Advertising agency and other officers were elected at a a. luncheon meeting al- the at al at- the at- thethe Hotel Utah They will be in installed installed in- in stalled June 2 at p. p m. m at the Hotel Utah Other new officers include Paul S. S Clowes vice president J. J E- Ray E E. Ray secretary Miss Mildred Morelock treasurer and Mr Broman Broman Broman Bro Broman Lester C. C Bennett Thomas J. J Mullin Marion C. C Nelson Ward Ware E. E andEarl Jackson directors for year two-year terms Speaker at the meeting was Major C. C M. M Burton selective service occupational representative War War Bonds Blast Axis Ails Plans Plans Plans- OPTIMIST CLUB ELECTS RALEY Dr F F. H. H Raley sur physician geon Wednesday was elected president president president pres president of the Salt Lake Optimist club to succeed Ora H H. Barlow Other new officers elected at a directors'directors meeting in the Beau Brummel cafe South Main street are First vice president G. G Stokes Stoke Berryman second vice president Frank Hogan sergeant at arms J. J Ernest Gillespie Elias J. J Strong was reelected secretary treasurer Annualinstallation banquet wil- be will wil will- be will- bebeheld on the evening of May 19 in the Newhouse hotel Thursday Hearing on Dog Control Will Air Protests Humane Society Asks Proposed Law Be Tabled Training Club Offers Free Services to S. S L. L Pet Owners Fate of S Salt lt Lake City's dogs subject of much discussion since ince an ordinance curbing their activities was proposed several several days ago will be decided Thursday at 1030 a a. a m. m at a public hearing in room of the city and county building T. T The hearing which probably will will- be will be the most spectacular ular In recent years will see sharp defined and it was expected many dogswill be accompanied by persons persons persons per persons and groups pleading the cause of the animals From a flat statement fla statement concerning concerning concern-concern ing ng the ordinance the issue has built up to one of Gargantuan pro proportion Protesting the proposed ordinance Wednesday was a a. statement statement statement state statement fromthe Salt Lake City Humane Humane Humane Hu Humane society which charged that it was drafted without consultation consultation consultation consulta consultation with interested parties and asked that the Salt Lake City commission commission commission com commission table the proposal The society's statement saidits request will be reiterated by a delegation at the hearing Meanwhile the Salt Lake Dog Training club offered free services to the public in a training program program program pro program which was described as meeting thesituation which the proposed ordinance is designed to meet Offers Clubs Club's Services Calvin Pierson club president who also is president of the Intermountain Intermountain Intermountain Inter- Inter mountain Kennelclub said anyone may have services of his organization in training dogs which in includes includes in- in eludes teaching them notto violate violate vio yb- late others'others rights The Humane society's statement said commissioners orderedthe proposed ordinancedraftedhas- tily hastily has tily and that they failed to consult consult con sultsuit interested groups The society asked that the commission commission commission com commission table the proposal pending further study and suggested that that- aa committee representing Humane society workers kennel clubs and other such groups be formed to confer with the commission Meanwhile it appeared the commission commission com corn mission chambers will be filled to overflowing at the hearing Thursday Thursday Thursday Thurs Thursday when the commission will take up one of the most controversial controversial contro contro- matters it ever imposed upon itself Will ill Present Protest The Intermountain Kennelclub Mr Pierson said will be represented represented by individual members and and- aa special committee named to protest protest protest pro protest the ordinance The committee commitcommit- tee includes Mrs Laura McCurdy Clark prominent Salt Lake club club- woman and dog fancier A. A T. T club secretary and Mr Pierson Mr Pierson said the club had sent the commission a resolution holding that present ordinances provide what we believe is satisfactory satisfactory satisfactory satis satisfactory control of dogs However Mr Pierson said the club is willing to meet proponents of the new ordinance more than half way and proposed in its resolution resolution resolution res res- that the commission adopt a new section requiring that dogs be kept on owners' owners premises and not be allowed on streets unless kept on a a. leash and in company with the owner or handler Urges Dog Training We Intend to inform the commission commission com corn mission that training services ol ol- our of our club are available without cost to all dog owners Mr Pierson said Dogs can be trained to respect respect respect re re- re- re rights of others training we have proved can accomplish what is intended to be accomplished accom- plishedpushed by this proposed ordinance Any dog can be trained regardless regardless regardless regard regardless of age and if dog owners were to have their pets trained the situation complained of by I proponents of thiscontrol would be met The training club he added will- I will I hold a regular meeting at 7 p. p m m. I Wednesday at the flagpole in Lib- I Liberty Lib Lib- I erty park Youth may be represented In particular at ThursdaysThursday's hearing I Officials of the Neighborhood House were considering sending a delegation and so was the Rotary- Rotary Y YMCA M MeA C A Boys' Boys club Roland Sleater club director said he opposed the ordinance anc and that we may appear at the hearing hearing hear hear- inglug with a group of our boys He assailed the proposal as silly in these times of war Gets Stiff Term t j 1 1 br t 4 MIDGE JUDGE THOMPSONIPSON Too Bad You Are the First 6 Months in Jail Given S. S L. L Man IV Man- For Man- ForFor Theft of Tire Midge Thompson 47 1476 Se ec ond East street Wednesday as sentenced to six six months Ill In byJudge Reva Beck Bosone an after r- he r he admitted a charge of stealing stealing- an automobile tire He was the first man to be sentenced sentenced sen sen- 1 under an edict laid down recently byJudge Bosone who said Ill give six months to anyone anyone any any- f one guilty of stealing automobile tires who appears in this court In sentencing the defendant ti Judge Bosone said Its too bad bad 4 2 you have to be the first but this is a serious crime these days Thomson Thompson was charged with J petty larceny and testified at his trial he was keeping the tire wheel and tube for a debt owed him by a woman but testimony of the woman he named was to the i effect that she did not owe the debt r I Today's Best Buy War Buy War Bonds Bonds- jJ Building Group Elects Vi Vice e President ml E Henry H. H Jones Sunnyside 7 Utah was elected a vice president MI 1 of the Utah Building and Construction Construction Construction Con Con- congress at an organization org org-aniza- tion directors'directors meeting Tuesday if TP afternoon at the Salt Lake chamber chamber cham cham- iJ ber of commerce t Directors ofthe organization which is composed of engineers builders transportation men and J representatives of other industries It also elected Jules D Roberts P. P J. J and C. C A. A Wolfrom all of S Salt lt Lake City to membership in in- thethe organization I I- S I'- S War War bonds bl blast st axis plplans plans plan's ns- ns Passenger Bus He Hearing ring Slated by State The state public service commission commission comcorn mission Wednesday scheduled a a. hearing on two applications for permission to operate passenger I buses between KamasFrancis Park Parc City andthe Duchesne tunnel tunnel tun tun- nd nel for May 15 at the capitol The applications for common motor carriers' carriers certificates were ere presented by A. A D. D Prescott and and- Roy and- Roy and- RoyRoy Atkinson and and- A J. J A. A McNeil MeNcH A Dr Richard R. R Lyman Becomes 1 Head of S sUP U P Luncheon Club J Dr Richard R R. Lyman member of the council of twelve apostles of the L DS church was elected president of the Sons of Utah Pioneers Pioneers PioPlo Luncheon club at a a. meeting Wednesday in the Lion House so- I so- so I cial center 63 East South Temple I street I He lie was the only candidate lad and nd II succeeds Don B. B Colton Other officers chosen are George L. L Woodbury reelected first vice president Lester F. F Hewlett second second secsee ond vice president and Seldon N N. N Heaps third vice president MI Mr 1 Colton Julian JuHan M. M Bamberger and Gaylen S. S Young were named didl- dl rectors Holdover directors are Herbert S. S Auerbach William E. E Nelson and William WilHam McEwan A A. Bruce Reynolds was retained as secretary and A. A J. J Elggren and and- Ray 1 Ray Van Noy were renamed as treasurer and recording secretary respectively

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