The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1938
Page 3
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MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "Suckers" Swell Policy Game "Take" l.ucky Player Ilils Big Winner J ' This is the last of three articles dealing with the numbers racket and based on a nationwide survey conducted by MEA Efrvicc ami (,'G»iier N?',K. \ ... By NEA Service Pile togelhcr enough pr-nnip nickels and dimes, and nisi you know you're counting big money. That's what Ihe numbers leers are ilohif. Tliey'ro au a million dollars a day out of t!ii same of policy, and by far the largest percentage of it couii-s li-om the small coin purs<- : ; of tin? poor. A nation-wide survey conducted' by NBA Service and Courier News reveals that ihc average vv of bets in the numbers game to-' day is 1(1 cents. And ibis applies, both to the large, well-organized Barnes which probably use mulu..-l figures or treasury balances for . the payoff n?urcs. and to the smaller games which use wheel or (iice devices lo pick the winning numbers. There are, of course, some numbers on policy giime bets of Sf>. even higher, but operators for the most part split such bels among their • fellows—to eliminate th>.> long chance that they might be hit for a staggering amount. Welch? It JJtpcmls And do the operators welch when hare) hit? Here's the answer to that question from 30 typical cities, large and small, in scattered sections of the country. To the question: "Do they welch?" the answer from 12 cities was "never," from six cities "seldom," from eight cities "some times" and from four cities "often." "In nearly every case it appeared that operators welched only as a last resort. They know that llic-ir customers, imcomprehetifiiny as they are of the odds against their winning, might stop playing eventually if they were not paid when they won. Violence in Cities To the question, "How Is <;he winning number selected?" ihe answer from nine cities was "race track rnutu.e.1 figures," from six cities "stock ^market, bond 'rnar- ket, < ..tfeixsUry*~balance and.- clearing Thouse., figures," from three, cities "wheel devices," from f.v cities "butter and egg market quotations," from one city "bird cage dice apparatus." The remainder replied that n number of different games were- ir. operation. Violence resulting from ilu numbers racket for the most par! seems to have teen concentrated in the large eastern cities where the "take" is so tremendous that it is considered worth killing to acquire. New York city alone attributed 40 murders to the numbers rack'-t, Philadelphia 15, Akron six, Boston five, Atlanta four. Other cities replied that there were no murders Ihat could be directly connected with Ihe racket although they involved persons connected with the game. In 18 of 30 cities the games Wire operated quite peacefully, either PAGE THRKE nickel.-;, dimes and quarters, dropped in Hi,- coltem of Ihe numbers racket barons help swell daily "t-ihe" to move than Jl.OOfl.dfxl, The players, mostly persons ol limited means, use hunches, vu.-e numbers of .wjnon le.xt.-;. dr,--:,,,, l,,x>ks. clonus and lucky potions to select iiiimtx-rs in tl, L . hone killing ..... while operators reap a goldt'ti harvest. nl mal' Henry D. Renter, 70, Dies at Paragotild 'iiviuif-in high mass will b e held at St. Mary's Catholic church in 'avotdd comurrow inomhiu for Henry D. Keuter. 70. father oF Mrs. J. Ben clime and Joe Keuter. both of Blythcville. Mr. Keuter, who vis- ilr-,1 lieie a number of times ic- rcfitly. was stricken suddenly with a heart attack and died about midnight Saturday. The services will be conducted v the Rev. J. M. Hoifllngcr of aragoiild at 0 o'clock tomorrow mr>rniug. 'Ihe deceased had been :\ resident of Paragonld for the past '10 yours and \vas well known in Ihat .section. Mr. and Mrs. ,loc Keuter and children and Airs, chine were )n Paragould today where they will remain for the funeral. Bc-rnnrd Chine, grandson of the deceased u ho Is atlending school at St. John's Seminary in Little Rock, is also in Paragould today. Ml 1 , dune and son, Carmel, will join them tonight. Leach ville Society — Personal IW patients are treated weekly. r;r. Ur.nies s.-iid the |i:itlen(s niv appaivnliy wlllinr and nnxluiis to with slate health rui- thoiilk'.s iu Ihe drive agalnsl liie diseases. In tidditlnn to I his clinic oth- s are bting held each In Charles- Ion. Kennelt, Dexter, Sikestou, Benton. Poplar lilutl, OiTCiivillej i[:l!i itidhd.-iy 1-arlv and IJonlplian. The work in this] lVm . Wllller C()s en u, r tain«l for coimly Is being: done by Dm. /Isul ], cr daughter. Miss Mary 1/irain l.arnes, S. S. liarnes and C. W. 1 C i« with u surprise parly in honor Mcuier.slm B en. nil of the strife of her eighteenth birthday Wed- heulth department, stationed here nesdny evening. The evenitij? was and at Kennett. | spent, playing "monopoly." "iiddle- Plans are imdenvay. Dr. Hnrnes sticks" and dancini:. Tlie tuvai of said, fur establLslinieiit of about 35 Jionor received many presents, of the clinics in Missouri. j Miss Geneva Tuber and Roy conconlrallon of the stations in Moore, of Manila, were in 1'aiii- this ami is due lo the fact that gould Wednesday night. Mil.lic health offices were set ;.|i Misses Dorotliy Holilnson and during the flood period last win-] unite Rlggs, p. I,. Mrllaney aii'.l Many Drunkenness Cases on Municipal Court Docket Twenty-two men and women paid fine. 1 ;,of ,$10 each or forfeited bonds of Ihat amount on charges of pub- Jii- drunkenness in municipal court today lo make one of the- largest mitnber brought into court at one time for this offense in some time. lir-en sought since September, 1936'. on a charge of assault with intent to kill, waived preliminary hearing today and was held to circuit court. Moore, wlio was arrested near Barfield, where he was living, by dine Dobbs, deputy sheriff and constable at Armovel, and Deputy Sheriff Arch Lindsey, told officers he accidentally shot Pearllne Davis in the le;j. Tile negro girl, who now lives- near Dell, had charges filed against ?,foore immediately after the shooting. Tier leg \vas later amputated I.ecaur.e of the wound. A. D. Buchanan was held to circuit court and his bond set at ?IOD r,n charges of obtaining money under fake pretenses. The charge ,— r j, grew out of the selling of Eome all under one head or with each; cotton. rival organization holding its own Bessie Mae sealiorn and Cornelia f'teiTitory" and making no effort Brown were each found not guilty of charges of disturbing the peace. Ralph, GIlUs pleaded guilty to a charge of disturbing (he peace and "was fined $10 and Perry White and Mara Lucas were each fined $5 on similar charges, to which lltey pleaded guilty. '(•oniinued From pane n ti'iy with o<jW> /•'iincrnl lionie In ehinve ( il funeral iiriun^enient'; i'iililiiMivi-K will lie; Venn- Miller loni'i (ilnser, c. A. linulsbaiv 1,1 I'oi-ieM rily. M. ||. ijuld ,M ,),,,,,. :i - l"jro Dr. ]•'. I,. Hiislwiid mid l>r P. 1). Kmill). | Funeral Services Held For G. W._Sykes Sunday Vimmil servlees were held ye.ster- < ny nflernoon for (;, w. sykes. who died Siilurdnj, ni j|| s i, WHC ,,t JlV) ,.(., '»»! Kinhl lifter having lH'i>!> 111 for six nwkn Irani colllls :ind i'omp||. • •ntlons. Tin. ue.v.c. |, )tlsliu|i pas- loi- <if (lie Armorel liniiiisl i-lniiTb ollkhiled lit Hie services held lit the homo, uiiil burliil wus nuule nl Norili Kiiwbii cemetery. _ Mr. Kyke.s. svln> wus boni nt <-'«i(er, Mo., r>5 jenrs iip.o, hiui lived linn- lllythevllle lor u niiiiibpi- of .veins, lie Is survived by twodnnitli- leirt, Mrs. Violi-i Kirk and Mi's t'idi |(lordon, and iwo !;ons,.inissi>ll mid Revival Enters Second Week At Manila Church MANILA, Ark., Jnn. I 1 ?.—The llcv. Sophomores Called Worst College "Class Cutters" TROY, N. V. (UP)—Sophomores lloih HI the young women faintly [ William Hykes, uil of' f\nty nnd ijiired were well known here. Mt« WBnt comiminHy, lii' who | ; ; (he dnui'.liler of Mr, Uniinu Pinienil home wus In week of mi evangelistic meeting at U\<! Pentecostal church. The ineet- liit; will conllnue Ihrouijli Ilils WIT)!. The cvuiiuclUt has been In re- s work fur :i:i yours. At the Hospital; tc-r .and it is a comparalivt-ly simple mallei to start the wort: in' this vicinity. j All materials and services nre Inmlshed by Ihe state health tie- to encroach on that of other mob leaders. Police Can't Do Much And what of police- efforts lo hnlt Hie racket? The surrey indicated that In most large cities police activities against number!; have been lackadaisical, if not non-existent. Answers to this question (:>n like this: "A few negroes arrested"; "occasional arrests"; "sonic! pick-ups"; "more or less condoned by police"; "puny and inter- 1 mittent"; "none to speak of"; "they can't get the higher-ups"; nn:l "can't get conviclions." Most of Die replies indicated doubt that the lack of police activity resulted from bribes or other "fix" methods but rather from inability to assign enough men to clean out the hundreds of small establishments where the numbers > slips are sold. In some states, apparently, It' never has been definitely established whether policy games ar? contrary to law. Police, working under the general anil-gambling statutes, have been unable lo obtain convictions in cpurt and have relaxed their efforts for that reason. Sideline of Luck Charms One of the interesting fide- lights on the numbers racket is the tremendous sale of dream books, lucky potions and pamphlets showing how to play hunches. By far the greatest percentage of those who play policy are ne- groes or foreigners, most of Ihstn superstitious, all of them eager to use any method which may tiring them the lucky number. I In many negro districts, stores exist for the sole purpose of sell- /ing books which tell readers what 4 numbers to play after dreaming of > such and such an ob,|ect. Other \Eucli commodities include lucKy. incense, perfume which is supposed to Impart good fortune lo the wearer, and various luck charms, Fire Damages Residence Oi L. C. Payne Sunday \ IKiilincnl and Ihe national public, accompanied home by Mrs. Gnllb health service. The clinics take patients on recommendation.'! of county doctors. Pemiscot Farm Contest Deadline Is May 15 CARUTHERSyir,LE, Mo., Jan. 15 - E. B. Hope, assistant county agent, yesterday announced the deadline for riling applications by pcmiscol County farmers In the state-wide "better pastures" contest was May 1C. Prizes totaling $470 have been offered Missouri farmers who develop or perfect an all-year pasture system by Kansas City and at. Louis service clubs, in cooperation with the State Extension Service. T'reid Welnherg were in Senath. Mo., Sunday. Mrs. Gene Ratulol of KcnncU. Mo., was here Friday visiting her mollier, Mrs. Van lllggs. Shi: was home by Hall who has spent the past week here. Dorothy Robinson, p. I,. M,:- Ilaney and Mrs. A. E. Robinson attended n basketball game at Arbyrd, Mo., Tuesday night. P. L. Mcllaney, Dorothy Robinson. Bouic Ray, Sandy Circer, Fred Palsgrove and-Budddle Pace attended t h e Joiu'sboro-l^achvlllc Hayti Masons Install Newly Ejected Officers HAYTI, Mo.—The installation of officers of the Masonic Order was held Friday evening at the local hull. Those installed were Charley Morgan, woiihijrful muster; ,/ohn T. Buckley, senior warden; Jessie Johnson, Junior warden; Richard Mnriin, senior deacon; Blair Buckley. Marshall; George Sigler, steward. Dyess Memorial Library Elects Board Members DYESS. Ark., Jan. 15.—The control board of the Dyess Memorial library elected new members recently to wive for the year of 1038. E. S. Uutllcy is chairman and Miss Helen shaiv. secretary. Oilier members arc: Mrs. J. B. Tinkerslcv, ) Mrs. Dewry McCone. M. M. Hiiies- ] ley. Mrs. Ed Baume/c. John Bagby. Sparks ignited a shingle roof al|Mrs. Harold Ilumphries, Sidney ihe residence of L. C. Payne. 4n7|Doster. Mrs. A. I. King and John East Dougan avenue, yesterday morning, damaging a ix>rlion of the roof of the house. There was also some damage to liio interior of the house from water, according to Fire Chief Roy Head, who estimated the loss from Die fire at approximately $100. No other fires reported over the week end. 400 Given Treatment For Venereal Diseases CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Ja.l 15.—Tn the clinic established here by the state health department for the treatment of venereal diseases 400 residents of Peniiscol county nre receiving treatment monthly. The clinics arc conducted each Tuesday in the county physician'. 1 ; office here, and between 90 and Richardson. Illness Follows House Building For Mrs. Brewer Hfrs. W. F. Brewer has decided to bid for honors on a "Believe It or Not." During her married life, she and Dr. Brewer have built four residences. Within two weeks after each house was completed. Mrs. Brewer lias become quite ill. This time it was pneumonia but yesterday, she was able to leave the Blytheville hospital and return ' her new suburban home. to Muscles which raise and lower the \viu«s of a pigeon weigh GO per cent as much as the entire, bird. Rend Courier News Want Ads. basketball g a tn e Tlunalay night. in Jonesboro . "ml Mis. C. (;. inn's, mine [„.,, with lier innvnls '.!'2 years ago Irom Hiwikporl, 111., where she was burn. She i>iuduuii>il from the city htnli school anil later became cunnei'led with the lelephoiie I'omjwnv hnv She was promoted rapidly until she biruine miuiiigi'r ol (lie illvlUe- vlllc ollliT three years nuo. \Vfre limiiloyeil Here Miss Mires, who ivimld have ci'lc- bnitcd her 'JCth blrlhdny Friday, Is iilso siirviwvi liy one sister. Miss Paullni' Hires, and one brother. Howard. Out <>[ town relatives who Imve come lo be with Hie family include Mr. and Mrs. Jim Vlck. of Memphis, Mrs. Idn Oivens of I'rorla. Ill, sister ol Mrs, llhi'S. and Mis. John Vlck or llrookporl. 111. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. liradshaw of Forrest City, and M. II. 1/idd of Jones- bni'i). dhlrlrt iminiit'i'r of lh«. Roulbwe.stern Bell Telephone company, arc also here. Mis. Hurst, who was a unlive of Ololni. Miss., received her beautician Iruhihig in Memphis nod Inter was cinployeil ul Jonesboro hcforc sin- came here four years ai<o. ,shc wus connected with a local shop for some time before she purchased n business, she would have been 33 years old on January 29. Mrs. Bob Piifh of Memphis, her sister, and Mr. I'ligh came up lust nlnlil and they were Joined here this afternoon by another sister, Miss Allli! Rhea Owen, cashier of the Jc/Iersoii .Sltindiml Life Insurance company at Amurlllo. Texas, wliu came by pliini'. Another sister, Miss 1'eggy liayne, of llattie.sburij. and two brothers. J. V. Owen of Can-lore, Miss., nnd Wiilard Owen of uogahfsa, ui., will Join other relatives (it ololui. She Is also survived by her nine year old son, George K, Hurst Jr., who lives with his father at Albany, Georgia, Uuer. wild Is with the Western Electric compiMiy with hend(|iuirtc|-s in Pittsburgh, is a native of New Jersey. He came here three weeks ago lo do special work for the telc- |,.'"iie company. Morgan came here from Mcmphl.s to be connected with the Nnwa Cleaners. '.: Miss Fisher Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fisher of Wynne, site has been employed by Ihe Ne\v Fj-onomy Shop h ul liini'iid iiin>i>K<>mciils. Manila School Names "Who's Who" Members MANILA. Avk In Wlio" contests held past "Who's 11 le I(K'J1 • _'!'•"! students V()tl .,| for llu> pupil of (heir choice, hut mis year mejii- "ITS of Ihi' senior class appointed ciiiiilliliitiw lor (h<> mmmil selection Uraills were i, s follows; Must popular clrl. Janclli'. Uiinkln llrst I'millne Duller cecoml; Pretties! " ( 'l Helen Wiitklns Ili-sl. XeWn MnrDoiuild. second; Neutcsl p,M Mlldu KCI-CI flisl, Knllierhii! Wilt- kills .WOlid; 1110X1 useful Anna llelle Tlnelkiild nisi. Itiiby .(rimes second; bluest Illrl.. Miir- jnrle Sparks llrsl. Hiy orlmi'.s ;,-cc- .md; most popular bny. Ebb Ifev- iiiild-i first, licit Wlllliuns second- most liiiiidsoine boy, lilll Shorkley fli-sl, liuy. Dciitoii second- neatest boy, 13. U. .Jolllff first,' Olirfiml King second; wittiest student James Fowler llrsl, jimior Thompson second; best nlhlele, Bert, Williams nrsl, (A-c Jay Hlackwuod .second. Floating Islands on the Mississippi unit other rivers nre portions or turn) held logi'llur by nxit.s culling" at Kenssclacr Polytechnic InsMute, Or. Ray Palmer Hukc-r, awiisianl director, rc)x>rts. "Oeiienilly Kpeaklni!," lie said, "Iho- fn'shimm Is too timid to risk II U'Utliiifj classes), (he Junior feels 11 little loo grown up, mid the sen- | lor, now deeply In love with Ills . ; — Khun miller. sees his Itisl year Mrs w. 8. Mick WHS removed piisslnif nlloficthw too rtwt, to deny from ihc lilyllievllle hospital to her : \ w r imy linn- " home today >„ „ C (>l;b .imlmlniice. | A "follow-up system" which Mis Janle Uliisscock was re- uucps cutting before It becomes a m.n.ed iron, Her home uxiny 10 ilio'iiuim has kept absentee.-! at a Ulytlicvllle liospltat In a Cobb lun- lumsunlly »,!'•,. , M. J. (innniil, dismissed from th liltal ycstcrdiiy, Miss lli'lcii Hi line;;, wlui reecnl- ly underwent un operation for up- ill lilt' Ulytlivvlllr I KM- pltnl, wiis removed Ui lier, home nlKlil In 11 Holt ambiilumT , „ , of filfcle, was lilyllievllle lios- from Hi. W. !•'. Hiewer was removed Illytlii'vllli! hoepllul to yesterday In n CnW; inn- New Scout Executive To Be Council Guest Members of tin 1 adult council for Boy Scouts and scoutmasters will Imve H supper meeting; Tuesday night when R. A. McNabb. who was recently made executive of scout work In northeast Arkansas, will be guest of honor. The men will moot nl Floyd A. White's store nnd Lifter the supper meeting, will visit Troop SI of Hie locul Itoy Scouts, nnd Hie Onh Pack, l«>th of which will he in wn- slon nt llmi lime. Mr. McNabfo sueceedr, R. c. f.lnd- qiiisl, of Wynne, in heading Hie scout movement, of which Blylhe- ville Is n part. I Grass Fire Firemen were culled to n Brass (ire In the 2000 block of West Ash street nl 2;30 o'clock Ibis afternoon. ACID INDIGESTION? Auitin, TCJUS— Jfrs. A. N, Ciwiicr, H0(i \V. JrwcJ SK, says: "1 haA no apprtile aiul wmil, i hive* u[ ^ciiL in- l am] w ;.rfJ lo Dr. P caiy (he aciil i ' iell alionyr Ilkinir. Dr. Pi ei L c'i (iolJen Medical Diicov- ciy gjvc me a fine ap- pcnie Hid itlievcj ine t,i ami SL>UI ilornaclij and Huy it ai drug sloiei. THIS BOOK EXPLAINS AIL ABOUT PILES A new edition of an illustrated | licok has just Ix'di published by the Thornton & Minor Clinic—the v.'ovkl's oldest imUitulion specially.- [ iiiK in the trc.-ilmcnt of piles and other rectal afflictions. This book explains why rectal disorders frc-l (juently cause such common ail-j ment.s as headaches, nervousness,j niadi and liver trouble. 1 ;, ft points out the danger of neglecting even a minor case of piles . .. shous how malignant and incurable conditions may result. The miUl treatment at Thornton A: Minor Clinic, by which more than 48,900 men and women have been relieved during the past CO yeais, and which rcmiircs no hospilali- Kition or (lie use of radical surgery, is fully explained. If you are iifilictcd. send for a copy of this[ frank ami informative book which: will be sent you in plain wrapper! absolutely free. Address Thornton! & Minor Clinic. Suite 1319. ')'.'>'•>[ Me Gee OUff. COMPLETE SERVICE Insures Your Salisf.icfion * PRESTONE k RADIOS * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS PKOTKCT YOUR CAtt AGAINST WINTER 24 Hour Service TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Call 633 Her lioin hiilniuv. Mrs. II. K. stark was mlmlUi'd to the Mclhddlsl hospital In Mem].his, Sunday. Dynamite Under Bed Never Worries Sleeper MONTRKMj l UP) _ SlC('])lni! with dynamite under the lii'd Is t'ommotipliicu lo Mrs. J. O, 1). Pet- erscn of Montreal. Mrs, (Ylcrseii has spent the Mimnier In Clrcenliuid with her husband since. iu:il and In thu primitive conditions of »n Eskimo In a one-room functions as ti sclllenienl slept, bouse wlilcli also storehouse. Tins dynamite Imtl lo be protected ' from (rvezliig. ".so we put it, inidev the bed," .she said, loiv Rvernge (it R.P.I. announced, Quick! for CHAPPED LIPS ; MENTHOLATUM "C/rc, COMFORT Oa/'y Read Couner Newt want A(U Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe, sure and wtlh I'M discomfort. All diseases and conditions of nerrouj origin, foot ailments anil skin cancers IrcaUrl and cured at onr clinic. DUS. NIES & NIES Ostcopatlilo rhyslflaiu BH M»ln Phone 98 B'rtbcvlHe, Aik. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe 24 HOUR SERVICE Phillips "66" Gas 131c Tax Paid All l.radln* Brands of R c cr, U()uor, \j\nt. Gin and Cordial* Cigarettes, 2 PkgP. 25c, $1.15 Carton Highway 61—Holland, Mo. " See it's signed by As early as 1746, the neighbors of young- George Washington entrusted the 'surveying of their fields and forests to the.master of Mount Vernon. They could count upon his unswerving honesty. His name upon a map made it an authoritative tlocument. A good name is no less important today. As you read the advertisements in this newspaper, you sec the names of manufacturers and merchants who have builded their business success upon honest products. The very fact that they advertise speaks for their integrity. The store that slays in business has not only to get customers but to keep them year after year. Your good-will is worth too much to be endangered by inferior, unsatisfactory goods. Read the advertisements regularly. They will save you minutes and money. They serve as maps of good merchandise—signed with names which, like the name of Washington, have been tested by many and found completely trustworthy.

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