The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 8
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«GE EIGHT ULYTIIEV1I-LE (AUK.) COUK1EU NEWS Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Klfer and granddaughter Betty June and Mr. aiid- Mrs. Hollis Klfer of I'aducnh, Ky;; 4 -have spent a few days here ivlth Mr, and Mrs. Curl Barnes nnd Mr!' and Mrs, Buster Tankersley of Blythevllle. Mr. and Mrs. Claild. Edwards and Miss Qcorgfs Mae Best of St. Louis were here for a-few days this week with Mr.. and Mrs. Pole Colcman nnd, family. Bill Sherwood and son Max visit- cd' A.i A Sherwood and Mrs. lassie Richard in Hayti'Sunday. Mr. and' Mrs. Ed Hampton Sr., in'New-Madrid. Having been called Saturday to llic bedside of L. Ii. Lester in Poplar / Bluff who luok suddenly ill, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lcslcr returned home Sunday reporting his condition, as considerably better. .Mrs. Hurley llollman who has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Ira Zalmer for three weeks, went to Sikcston Monday lo sec her son Harold. He had arrived from Richmond, Calif., earlier in the day to sec his wife who lias remained in Sikcston while he luis been disused in defense work, Returning Sunday from Qualm, Mo., where she spent a week with her father J. H. Bulger, Mrs. James Perry is home. Mrs. Joe Pyland spent the past weekend with her inolhcr-ln-lavv, Mrs. A. Pyland of nenr Joucsboro, Aric. Mrs. B. H. Tntcm and 1 Mrs. Lillian Pankcy nml daughter Hlalr of Kciuict were at Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Adams Saturday. Anthony (Tony) Little, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Little Is confined to bed this week with chicken pox. ' Will Ellis is home from Granite City, III., where he visited his daughter, Mrs..'Carl Butler. Tile liist man off Wake Island was Lieut. Col. Walter L. J. Baylor. His Is n stirring, dramatic, human interest sort of a story In "The Last Man Off Wake Island" Hlobb.s Merrill: 52.75), he tells n yarn that puts you right In tin; foxhole.s with (hat gallant band that fell at Wnkc, will] Die heroes at Midway, nnd the men who avenged the incident of Pearl Harbor by smashing the yellow rats on Guadalcanal. liayler is n communications officer. He was an Important Job. ilc wns assigned to Wake shortly before Pearl Harbor lo establish a nidio system. Tills system played mi important part In directing the four planes that remained from the island's oilj;iii-i) cojiipk'iiifnl Science.Promises New Elastic For Girdles, .Garlers '["4. By BETTV SIcHONAU) •••--'. NEA Staff C«rres|ion(lcnl : WASHINGTON'. —-There's fiood news for 'ladies' n-brcivlng In laboratories days that may answer the girdle and garter problems'! ;•;•' - ; "'-. : Although' ^still In the ox|ierl- • mental- stages, scientist arc working with an ersazt elastic thread known as neoprene, which may run • rubber a close race down that two- way stretch. It'll also be available for garters and clesllc stockings. Meanwhile, Ihe Army nnd Nnvy .'arc'already'using n similar rubberize fl substance to cont life mfts, hospital sheeting., sleeping bags gun- 'bloomers, blackout-. shades. WAAO --cay) visors, duffle, bags, chemical hot water bngs for field HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Last Man Off Wake isluml Tells • Of Heroics of Doughty Defenders following (lie yellow hnnlo's Inlthl raid, reals of lilt pilots or Ilicsc iT.ifl mole eitlex In American infl- Itary history. The way Unylor describes lliejn leaves you willi hmins In your lliroiil. Just before llic fall of Wake Hint saw the capture of heroic Llciu, Col. James I'. S. Dcvcreiix mid liis valiant mile band of defcwlm, Diiylrr was nrdcri'il lo Midway. ImngJiK.' lil.s narrow to learn, shortly iiflcr eslalillsliliiii an ii|> -lo-diite commimlcallon system llicrc, Iliul his friends on Wake finally had fallen lo superior mimhcsr of mnr- diiiii yellow niaclinen. ISaylor look plenty of tailinn on Midway before he finally was sent home for a very short leave—mid on (a GuiKliiluaiml. • Ufc In a fox- liospltals. \VAIt MODKI. SUOliS WI'13 and the sJioc industry arc in a liuddlc discussing Ihe size, shape find color of war model shoes which will be strictly utilitarian, designed to conserve materials, aiui slretcli from one No. 17 coupon to Die nest. Colors will be dark, with brown, blue nnd black as die ijuslc shades. SUTUKt: FUTUKK Hailed by the medical profession as an improvement over gul and silk, millions of feel of nylon arc into civilian service an<? lend lease .shipments for surgical sutures. This plastic thread used for seiriiifr wounds nnd operations, docs not dry or rot like the nnturnl fiber, is •iion-ntaorblng and Inert In the body. It wns formerly used Jor tennis racqucl*.strings nnd fishing lender^, CANINE FIF^II.COLUMNISTS Coimtywide protests are being lodged with the. Department of Agriculture ngnlnst packs of wild dogs which roam the countryside and cause a great deal of damage to slice]) nnd poultry, especially turkeys. The doe.'; work at night and must be caught In action or they ciin't bo punished. Another bit of carelessness that, loses the farmer and country a lot or meal is the cattle mortality due lo train accidents. Cow owners are urged to Jjcep their fences mended, their cows in pastures. ODDS '.V EN1)S • , .1. Cuffs nre prohibited for sports imkliils nntl the normal color range of 30 shades for these socks 1ms been reduced to n basic seven . . Factories where 'canned _ music Is used lo lighten long work'lng hours reiwit output Increasing from 4 to 11 p;r cent . •. . Metnl spikes for golf shoes are out, likewise rawhide leather lacings, except for work- shoes . . . Solvents, cleaners, paints and chemical by-products will be on tha salvage list . . . Venerable Min- 1 ncsola hogs provide excellent, loviah bristles for paint brushes, but the labor costs Involved-brings a pure hogs-hair brush up lo around $10. Head Courier News wont ads, liole and all Its misery, bitterness uncl futility Is vivid brought out In this book. And you somehow .get the Iclcn that the Yank Army, Marine, naval and aviation iwrsoii- ncl, as represented In the task farce Hint won this fslnnd for Uncle .Sam, can't against anyone, given manpower nnd equipment enough. They're some swell boys, soldiers of ours! • • • A OOOI) NOVKL Definitely In the rmmliiK lor best-seller nominations Is "Tucker's People" (FJsclier: «), a first novel by Irn Wolferl that Is wrll- len with all the skill of a veteran novelist. ' • Mere Is the Inside story of the policy racket and of the people who make and run the "numbers" Ijaiuos. All of thrae-the lottery bankers, collectors, bookkeepers,'.salesmen, guards, lawyers—lived In tile world that- Tucker'ruled, and had to BO his way or pertsli. His perverted jiowcr reached out >'to touch even the courts of justice— and justice quit (he courts: His wns the levered brain which directed both the monopolies and the warring hlior unions, WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without C>lomel-And You'll Jump Out of Bed in llic Mo;ning Ririn' lo Co The liver ulinijl.l pour cut aliout 2 jilnUi of lyiln juico into your lujwt-ls cvpry day. IT llils bilo in nf.l llowinj: fnx-iy, vour food may IIDL iliRcal. U may just decay m tho liowcls. Tlmi B»s IjloalH u[i ytiiii HtoiilQrt). You xel nin- n(ip.i(ccf. i'ou Iccl fiour, (tulik and Uio wotl'l looks punk. IV lakra llioso |;oo<!, old Carlcr'a Mllln I.ivcr 1'illi lu t.-t (limo 2 |l!nln of lillc llow- l'ii{ ("-oly to inaki] v*in f.-i'l "U|i nml ii[i." tlct n ]»a{-ka|;« Unlay. '1'ako aa iHrcclnl. Kffccllvo in >«ithloE kilo ll<i» freely. A»k lai CatU-r'B Liltlo Liver 1'ills. 10< »nd 25(. and he ' pitted each aanlnst the other until they succeeded only In sclf-dcstructlon. Wolfcrt tells his story with subtle thoroushhcss of detail, and willi rcmaikablc character depletion. Tucker's 'people urc the answer to everything that is wrong with the world .today—you will never want to know any of them, but neither will you ever forget they nre here. * * ». DOWN SUn AMEKICA WAV We've become very South America conscious since (he war niul Ihe resulting closer co-operalion bolwecn our continent and our southern neighbors. Consequently, there have been n great number of books written to acquaint- us with senius and scnorllas. Particularly valuable ritsht now is "Spanish at Sluht." n book which is intended ,to teach the layman rudiments of Spanish In short order. Written by Clark Stillman and Alexander Godc (C'roweJI: (1.251, It tenches'by bliscrration— sketches by Edgar Clrlln help as much as Hie text In learning this Importinil Iniiguugc. A land of contrasts Is Chile In llcnju'hiu .Siibercaseaufi' book, "Chile: A Cieogiiiplilc Exlravauan- mi" (Alncnilllini: $3». Author Is one of the best known South Alncrl- <••»!> writers, nnd dikes Ills own country apart lo show how it licks. He .shows the ethnological nucl physical .structure of chile nnd dresses It in readable, Interesting language. This progressive South American nation has a lot more to It t!mn Its nitrate deiwslts. Vou'll remember KMtiulel P:i- dllln, Mexican Secretary of foreign Affairs, for his Impassioned speech before the conference of South American countries at Rio right after Pearl Harbor. Many credit him with swinging our neighbors to our side of the fence despite an axis propaganda campaign hi' .South America that was beyond our comprehension, Padilln luis a remarkable com- innnd of history—he contrasts in his "Freemen of America" iziff- |13avis: S2.50) the aspirations of Hitler and his designs on South 'America with those of the Span- ,ish conquerors; the Monroe Ek» trine with the Pan-American Doctrine, and plainly states Dial we in the United States and they in the Pan-American nations will WKDN KSDAY, 61 AY'.'5, • 19.J3 lim'c n lot to any after the ivnr is JWcrcsllHg.'hic' swr^sr»"" ""*- ° f Y «? * * « WOHM) OF VKSTERDAV A year ago sicfan iivrelg, the Wographcr of Marie Antoinette, saw fit to dike life own life because, "after one's sixtieth year unusual poweiv'are needed In order to make another wholly new hculimlng." So ran the note left to explain lib deed to a shocked literary world. Jiis autobioBrapJiy, "The World of Yesterday" (Viking ,'rcw:-S3), written (luring the summer of isii lirovldcs a further key. it rcvcnls the growth and struggles of a highly sensitized intellect against the background of three highly divergent cras-lhc smiiE scculrly of prc-World war I, the turmoil O f the interval between two wars find tlie outright, barbarism of tile' past few years. And across Die debacle of /.IB times move the literary artistic mid Intellectual en-it — Frcutl Borgcse. Yeats. Wriuulcllo tiolland, Anatole Fiance voii Hofmannstlinl, Rodin, Oavel James Joyce. Toscaninl—tholr thou-hls actions uml reactions providing an' of "Tiic WDrM CHICKASAW West Main N*»r Zlst St. Sal. starls 12:«; Sun. sUrti l:«5 Nishl shows' 5:45 Kvcept Monday, ppms t;« Condnuous shows Sat. and Sin. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "Mil. V" with Leslie Howard.. and "HKOOKU'N OKCH1D" with Tom Sawjrr MEAD'S Giving a lift f o mor a/e car. bo as simple a thing ,as t , ° 5j ' 0e ^ /?; "L^l a 9a/ " CW '*'*' ° ™ mfo r*°Uy cbo/.j/iir>, ^ or a smart;-new hot-weather suit. Try if/and^ee '• if-you don't boost your morale a good three notches! Y '' :: . . OiK'n 7:15 Shnw Slarls 7-.IB Ailin. Ahrays lie anil a.ii; Wcdncsiliiy ci Tluirsdiiy Texas' willi lluliU-n, Claim Tri i'ul (jlcnti I-'orcl Comcily •'.....You can spot it every time W HETHER iii a sport or auytUini? else, you can always spot I he fellow who h;is «lic cii K c -Just, to drink icc-cokl Coca-Cola is to understand why it is the best-likec! soft drink on cartlx. Many make soft drinks. Only The Coca-Cola Company produces Coca-Cola. The finished art otlong experience gives it exceptional goodness. This delicious drink offers a taste :ill i( S own. More than just quenching thirst, it adds refreshment •\ . refreshment that goes into energy. The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola, itsdf. You've tound that out already, haven't you? f * * f It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly ahbrevialUm, I Tn»t , why ,„„ | lc , r Cnc^Col. called Coke. Dull, m«n ,hc nme \ «hmg... coming from a sit , 8 | c 6w|rcC| ,„,, wc ,, k , community". No need lo tighten up over BIU Jits. A pause nmv nnd (Ken (or ice-cold Coke relaxes il, c tension—brings Vou back <o d lc , as k refreshed. The bat is always the better buy! •THE COMFORTABIE low slope collar wilh jls long pgir* I makes this oxford shirt "made to oidcr" for a .Windsor knol. iWill keep you cool alj day. In while, stripes, solid tolo'is'. ' NECKWEAR is more interesting this season.:. Ihe colors are brighter... patterns areunusual...theygiveyouatilt.- •' /-"^ \ Ttle lie shown on Ihe figure is an interesting all-silk foulard. ''$2.50 $1,50 BY'HART SCHAFFNER & MARX the kind of summer suit you would design for yourself. It jiis the features every man wants in a summer suit. Dixie keeps you tefreshingly cool on the hottest days. Yet it looks like a regular- weight. Holds its shape and press like a regular-weight, too. Thai's because Dixie is all-wool, and tailored to the same high standard as all HartSchaffner & Marx clothes. IF YOUR JOB calls for cool efficiency and smait appearance, Dixie Weave is the suit you should gel next lo. It will help keep you swinging along on high, even on days when the thermometer shoots on up out of sight $35 .07T.ED OF rH( COCA-COLA COMPANY ty BLYTHEVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY .v-^ Tou-u wish yw tad M»« al ?! these slrinj kni», we* «* Ucsc ever had to ° rv hawlsomc. 5 05C ior Soldiers Arc (MVINCi their Lives- Will You U.;N]) Vnm . Moncv? i.-V 1 ' MEAD'S rou of 322 MAIN STMKKT

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