The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1931
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAV, .MARCH 25, 1931 HLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK TIIKIii. Mexican Ambassador En- torcd Foreign Service From Newspaper Work. UY itonxEv NKA Service \Vritrr WASHINGTON.- Beau c-f th-j Diplc-matic Corps! This iin=lli;i'.'.. title carries with il visions ol ve:i- ciable old age. whin- v.niMCfi.. an . a patriarchal manner. It sosb tc that diplomat at Washington -.vln has keen in chaise o! his ecun-. try's embassy there lor the lon;;vt • lime. n«it today it belongs :o a me.-: stripling, as those ininss gc. <>-' 15. • He is Manuel Tfllm. aml>.is.:ul :r Item Mex-co since 192-1. :ir.,v ih-.-: youiiKest man rv.'i- to bscoiiiv di.'.n' of Ihe distinguished w.[* as=:m- . bled at Wasr.ingtcn trc:t: all eve: 1: the world. • Just short of M years ago. T.'i.iv I ••*t»was born into a iiir.ldle r!as*. i uCmUr of Zacatecas. stalled as :. proofreader on llir ne'.v.ipapsr Im- • parcial ol Mexico City. It was r.: revolutionary in tendency ns r.::. , pa|>er thai e\'i-r dare:! cppcfe Hi: dictator Porfiriu Diaz. At 19 he was an art critic on -V: Diario. studying law and -.vritin:' about books, paintings, operas, cnn- , certs-and cooking! On that pap?'.'| _ anyone was likely to him::-:; I covering any kind of a story. Speech Oivcs Sl-.'.rt • One ni^ht there wn? a '.mi^ni-t at which bat ninny p:rson= of im- ' —. r^.. t [ 'fji;!*;^, as t'> ''.•-)-' reseniaiive of Diario. ivas called on \ to mak? his firs! speech. All wor.V-: suddenly (ltd him exrjpi thii-r r. 1 . the preface of a textbook on «." o- • noinies. Manuel's instructor tola him that the CDf.'.Dnts 3f t'v- -i;\ volume were well sum'.nari:;:! ir. ; \ 0!'J.nt?.i", IITNES m ; lfS L : Presklenl. Receives I i iaslic Welcome to ; Islands. ST. THOMAS. Vilgln I News ot' tho Blythcvillc Schools Lange School Ilfth, and sixth sent peiiinati'ihlii papers to the Creamer IVnnianship ; Company tor •< correction. The i 'nrs. The suixilabli! leprcsciils a' loiimincc of Homili- Jean liiich- ' Uol'mid scene wild tlic ' nncl , , : ,* " ' has Cr.iwfoid, on filing excr-clsc , ., ' in ii-'s. i In English itu- fomlli |plls meiuorlAii a Httlf pcx'in, -' .' |iu- i "The ims w , ek . Tlv 3A Class has imule a Safely )],, 0 Uit this wick. iLitllo I'liint." -I'hls pucm told aboui | ..],ii(lren bio::t;ht pli'hires In be slands, (),,, uitle plants lominx from wed • |i astC( i j n i )0 ;,tt. otlur clitldron u March 25. ill I')—President Hoover !\\>e plained .some corn nnd beans j |. llv( , W rltcn In the urnik. lauded from the battleship Arizona • ;md they have com? up. _ , » 0 liby liny (rum si. ivir-rsbu lo-.luy lor a brief visit be'iKe Mart-| Mr suibbs fnim Smlbury Rcliool, Florida' is ii new pupil In ing bark to Washington. j visited tlif fouilli Bnnlc a lew . Or.idu.. The pri'sidentlal ptirly aboard a ,, llimlef W e were glntl (o have j bait;-' came ashore through a lane ! i,!,,, , ol native boats, decorated with WP shall I*. s,mv in lose MlWrei! i Sll(U)lU'll Kl'llOOl palms. Natives shouted greetings to Hoover and chanted nnd played on native- insliiinienls In his liono;-. lictuie leaving the Ari/omi the |ir;s- ideniial paity threw coins lino Ihc r o[ boy The pupils ol Ihe -ill i^raile aro I'lijoyetl the sludy of picture. 1 ; "Tlie lloise I'alt" ijy Hosa lionhrur Is cm 1 most ri'L'cn', s'.udy. Amy lin'.h Miinis, .lunlor Prcs- ncss. .laul limkir 1 . Oonova Monl- Boiuery and Kranfi's Ihill are ah- •i.'iil br-raii'i- iii Illness. The Ml unnlc hus lannehi'd Clean Hands Health ivlili'h liii-v arc vi'ry inlorested In. I ' K-u-li child v-as i-lvcii a bar of soap I ! uivl ill 1 iniliMil'.Ml wash-U|i chailj • v.lilrh lie i;r.p.: d.illy. At, the end of ; the week ;he einin Is appiovcd by j the tiai'l:.'i and ihu child merits a ' gold r.tur for tlie week's work. At j the end of (he (uiirlli week (he one vchool nl Siidbury. , Q. I|((> ;i t11 i muo ,. n f ^,,,,115 of SAJwlio has i-i;mpleled Ill's chart will James Nowsome has moved lo'rrndir have been nut because of ; lv prcsnileil with a Ilcnllh llullon. We bliall \K sorry lu lose Mildred j Branscuiu. She is going to stint to! Missouri. sicknesfi thl^ week. elenr water o' the b-iv atrl witch- Tlv Bl ' 0( '"' 1 Gl:ule children have Dantal Nelll Im none lo live in elcai watei ^'^..^'^'"jy;;;™, | a pretty uw picture. •'Tlie Ap,- of'Ihc West End of the cily and will sprout In water. These seeds will Ijn planted in egg-shells for further observation. Later they 111 be taken imme to be net out In the garden. Hay MtCnrly, Uuby Holt, nncl Jnines Rubins brou.^1-: ihc ssc-ds. Leonard Holt brought tlu elnsscs. The lil) pupils icgret very much thai one of tlielr class-mates. Winnio Harwell, has been absent from school a week because of Illness. The •)!! pupils aro having another ince in Arithmetic. Eugenia nnd Christine ficolt arc the captains of the Icnins. At present, Christine's team Is In Ihe tead. Try This For NEURALGIA i Clical ri-Milis are lunk'tpaieit in tills ' ' contest. Now you can get quick ami safe rclieT Students of UA are reciting their train Ihc Blabbing pans of nciiraljib. plan, j G'.iiutline. tlic i«-w_li<nml prescription, i nnd (hoy came licre from Florida. . native pnrade honor. — -,- Grade pupils have ! been mnkmg finite a few dra had been done their le.ssoii is • en out lu sentence fo'Vii jind wrll- Lucy BaysliiBcr on the sick list llili ten by muscular movement /\ HICKS -f • Catjudine ow H£i9 'I D^AN Or fti^ •ift H.ffl ! 'elroit to Preserve Famous Courtroom i DETROIT, (UPI—Although Demm . • that preface and the yams mar. j hr.d learned it by hear'.. ir.r examinations impendeci. Anyway, c.' : It came at t'ais banciuet. It v:em over big. Old Ignacio ^fariscal. the foreign minister, was one of th2 listc-n^: ^ He came to Tcllez ar.J said: "Hov 'ji'y Cvask Takes Over CasrdivfiH Filling \! hsloric old Fcrtera] building : is to be torn down to make way' . fc. a modern structure, it.s lamoi'.s j j "million dollar" courtroom, inlaid' • uit'i inarbli.' nnd furnished v.'llh iiiahOBany. will be preserved. j Tl:.? marble and mahogany will) CiJJDV.'FLL Mo --Tli" Birns-! b'. 1 i- i ;ni!!y rcuitved anil Installed da!l', "B Snuiirc-'niiliii; station here', hi a ne'.v courtrooiii in the new', -ranged hands Saturday. It has building. | b«-n operated, since its c.-tablish- The marbles tome from neaily mem a year ajo, by Hal! ami every one o[ ths 48 stales and nrc-v.-er Brothers. It wn'j taken fiom many foreign n«tlons. The ove: by Guy, Mr. Crask is a new courtrocm will be the finest '/evdict Returned in Me- Capable business uian ?n:l has had ; anil moU costly Kedcral courlrco:i Berlin Killing ;much o x P cricnce '" lhis Ymf - ''" A "' c '' ica - OSCEOLA, Ark.. March 25—Chas. RoyrU, rc^ro. charged with first' degree murder, was found guilty ofj ,lun>ary tiianslaii'litei' and sen-1 wcnld you like to go into ihe for- ( c]iccc j to t - lV3 years in the siat3 service?" The ans-.ver ob-i i.j..!!,,,,,^.,,.^ by ~., jury in C j,. CU it vious; Teliez yearned to sre the ' llrl in-re" yc-s'terciay world. ?/Iariscfl! m?.:le l:;m an un-I Ro y a i j,. r:1( j so ]f d'efcnse to the | der clerk in the foi?l?n cfflc; wilh-., ch;lr j c c! frtally shooting "Uncle j out pay. He continued to -wort: en ; cicmuions". an ajcd negro on Mc- the ne',vspaper a'.id studied law. Fcrr j n plantation \vest ct Osceola 1 That was about 1905. Came a dip- , in j u!j% | W (, jj e wa .; returned to j Icmotic break between M2xicD anJ osccola for '.rial this wsek from . SAFETY a: Diario printed th; text the slate penitentiary where he! note from Guatemala City Vi -.,s S! >i- v ip. g . a r.enunee for assault! |beford.the government had it. T?!-1 u .- lth i nter n to kill another int'ro.; was exonirated, but v.-as toW ! with , v i, orrl he'had trouble on lire. I that lie cpu.ldnt be a' n=wspap:r-1 s?n!c ,5^. t |, e viicotins of o!cmmon.i i man and a diplomat at t!i? same . tr ,,; ; p \^ sf _ ! I time. • Karl stnrr. alias Jack rvforaati.j Chosrs No-Pay Job j and Frenk iciirlyl Hammond to'.h , He was making a50 pss3s a m-ratt. K hite men. are on l:b! today., I on one job ai:i nothing on the otii- • charged with burglary and £rand 1 er. but he r,uit the first, pawned , larceny. Tlicy are charged with | I everythinif he had and worked si>: | burglarizing the H. M. Swift coun- i I months with no salary at all. ! | ry 5 t 0 'ro west uf Osceola a few ' His first foreisn assiBnmrnt wa3j wp[ ,i; 5 ago a , lc j m; ( i;ing tvjay with. | San Antonio. Tex., where he v.-as | practically an entire stock of sen-1 chief clerk and office boy at the I consulate. After a year he was as- I signed to Vancouver. eral merchandise. , „ . , , . cine rroviaea tor The day following tile robbery „.__. tlie pair were apprehended in Tex- | In 1911 he began 10 years in the lalkan;! Ar i,.. a[u i t he tonneau ofj Orient as consul at Kobe. Japan.; 1)^5,. niiiomobife filled with mcr-1 In that p=riod lio absorbed nnich I c!iand j se rj,: B n n j H. M. Swift's' of the po'.sc and philosophy o! tlie ! nan '.e and address led lo their ar- j He needed the philosophy; rts i csceola otlicers were noticed j on a day when Venustiana Car-; an( j unuincd Starr and Hammond, rpnna. t:ccmina president of Mex- I i tam the border town to Osceola ico in a magnificent burst of e?3n- ! , or trial. I omy discharged th? whole foreign i I service and provided no passage | 1 money home. Tellei sold his belongings ami . J moved to Yokohama, lie would | I serve Cnrr.inKi and Mexico just the j I same. Somehow re ob'.alneci valuable documents—arms contract" I;:- tween Ihe Japanese and the ex- : I dictator and woulrt-be revo!!ilior,;< , I Victoriano Huerta. With ti:e pa- Ipcrs sewn in his undershirt, h' | started for Mexirn City. He wns uoin-T Vroin T':O Amr'i-".- I coatt overland am: then to Vc.v: 1 Cruz nnci had to s'.cp at El F'.-.: A hiiaian tendency to^k I him across the bonier into Juare,-. b.ind was playing in the pin?-. -,. ^ land sverycne cay: Te"cz'• • " Ithciiglit. no cue wo'..!:l rccojn;?.:' Ihim. Suddenly he frit a touch o-.'. ?-[{ Ithe shoulder and an officer slid: ]"Tclie7. ccme my \vav " Anrl then: ' ("Dcn't yon remember me? I'm ly&iir old school friend . A" : -, The F.'lioLt Fletcher chapfer of. 'he United D.iUEhcev.s of the Con- • [e? ;r:\cy l:ns been notified that, . 'olScwinr; the passage of a bill in ! ^r.e rocvnt legislature, diuuhtci;: of Cn : 'l \Vr.r vetcr.-'.iis may no'." co to :;v: home at Little Rock. N'o p:-nr.:cn is avail;!)'.: for .':-.'. :T !".tc".;, ci t!'.-^. i:i(i iii: ' rr.-:/.'.!:!y paisicn automatically s'.3;:5 i:;io:i the death of the wulo'.v. but under Ihc ne'.v bill th: d?rr-n;l- '• :^".•,lg^?ters will be cared for at ' Ch'irr.ii HoUls Rev'tva'. ?=]JCI;M[; lorder for your nrrc.U he-re was ;:-- Isufd 10 minuies 020." Whereupon (the officer pushed him right OVC'JT. Jfhe internallonal bridge, out of' nh Ireach of Villa's desperarlce.s. Teller I never saw him Then to Mexico City an:l b.ic-; I-. Ijnpar.—rewarded with a]:p2in;n;'-n' |as charge d'affaires nt Tokio. Car- r?nrr. wanted a Rr,r,d moil t!n-r? Ji rills the war. There wss n rre:i- e«l arms embargo. American? iBrltlsli anci Japanese all tric^l tu [prevent Carrar.71 fro:n tmpartinz Iguns and munitions. TelL'7 g-i thro'.ig':'. untler their "!l!i> Xc;ro First B.iplisi churc'.i Ls l"iavi::fj a revival fo;' s.\cr:^l . ue.'l-s with th» pr.slor. liie Rev. : H. Haywcod. ccKtinctinj tl:s . riiphtly seiviccs. r-rayer meetings are being hriJ ; •;•! difTerciii sections of the city csch nicrnin;,'. 10 o'clcck. and at , tiir charch each alk-niccn, -' '. o'clock. t '."l.c:-; already been 37 aadi- j li:;is to tiie churcli and many ! are attei'.tiine the services. i Triplex shtttter-prooS gluns htifi saved many lirvs in collisions EVEICY new Ford ia cquippeil «illi a Triplex shatter- m'oof windsliieiil. This i§ made eo thai the glass will not fly or splinter under the hardest impacl. It hns saved ;nany lives anil prevented injuries in many autoniohile collisions. Tliia slialtcr-proof glass viiulshic'il i« just one of runny frniurcs that make lh« new Kuril u value far above ;hc price. Others are the silent, fully enclosed four- wheel brakes, sturdy flccl body coiisiruclion, four Hou- (iaille (laulilc-.acling hydraulic shock absorbers, more limn hvcnly ball and roller lieorings, extensive use of fine sice! forcings,.aluminum pistons, chronic silicon alloy valves, torque-lube drive, three-qimrtcr flouting rear axle, Kusflcss Stcei, and imusur.l accuracy in manufacturing. lu addition, you save ninny dollars lieoausc of low first cost of the new Ford, low cost of operation and un-kcey, and low yearly depreciation. ijtiys und girls avc ix;r-! interested :io\v tn vvntchtug of Dutch people, and olher Holland | T "SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD'... Tlie Pueblo Village of Zuni, one of lli'c rcmiining SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD RONADO missed a Qreater Wealth 7)™' J —' "Spv, Thit is tbe fine of : lerici of hiicorical iLeactLci por- triying cV.c pior.eer Imcoxjr of tlic Sflulhc-'eit, in Cirair.eiv.o- rition of Fojnderi 1 Month of the Magnolia PctroSeurn Company, pioneer SaulhTvcitern rcfincll. THE NF.W Fonn Di: ljj\r, Cours {Q Q ol }. c Many nifficuli Tasks Tn Mexico City after the war In Ivos first named rharje Officers of Dud Cr.jon post. Am- ; rr'cnn Le?icn, are seeking Ihe i lat Pekii^ and then to nrur-c!s. !!:•! whereabouts of Joe N. Wlntly, lor ta"s were all packed to leave for ' whcm a box. filled w:th wearing o when Catranza summonecl arp?.r;l. is l-cinp held bv the ex- Ihlm from b«l at 6 a. m. . . . "Con- Igr.-iluIationsV' said the president. |"you are SCIIIK to the cmbi.-v; in Iwasliington." "When de. yon vi;i' Imp to Irive?" asked Telle?. C?.r- |ranza said: 'T-^ii^iit." Tn tl:c next year C.irran:-'i v, i- nnd Ar.itas?n:l:r Bnniilr.s ^!ied back w Mexico Cily. Tplh- been in chnrsc of the embassy Two members of the English .ever since: he was nppimt^d am-! Hour: of Commons do not take tlie passndor by President Calles in rnlaiy of S2CXX) a year which is 1924. due them. pr^ss ccmpnny as undcliverable. .1. M. Datman of Wcstwood, Cal.. hns written the post that he sent lh= box of clo'liim to Wliitly. a I Bivtheville. 'Fcveral weeks ago. but iliiu thi; exprcr.^ company has lieu uiinble Ic Ir.cKtc him In make delivery. j i.ow i* n i <: K s OF F o n n CARS S 430 to S 630 F. O. n. n/lrotl, plaj JrtlfJil aMrf «/>lir»rv, Ramptri enj ipar* lit* ttMlt* nl inlll roil. Tin tan Ttirtketf a Ftirtt an rf»t\r\mJtrA trrmt tttrautk ttif Authorttttl I'trd Finantr rlaitt of the L'nlxrfol Crrjll Catuffny. Magnolia Gasoline and Socony Motor Oil for economical circ-frcc motoring MAGNOLIA ETHYL GASOLINE "Hills are jus; scenery" MAXIMUM-MILEAGE GASOLINE "More Miles per Gallon" SOCONY MOTOR OIL "No Motor cm break it" DETAILED in 1541 l>y the Viceroy Mexico to search for the "Seven Cities of Gold", believed to be located somewhere in tlie vicinity of the territory now occupied by New Mexico and Arizona,Captain Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was the second white man to enter the Southwest. Had he but known, riches far beyond the fabled wealth of his "Seven Cities" lay beneath his feet. Not in the yellow gold he sought, but in a black liquid which for millions of years had lain in stagnant pools deep in the bowels of tlic earth. His quest for the yellow metal that hnd lured mankind since before recorded history' proved an imp of disappointment. But the harJships and privations he had suffered were not to be in vain . . . for Coronado had pioneered the way to a land was fated to prosper and grow rich through agriculture and the discovery of petroleum. The growth of New Mexico closely parallels that of its Southwestern neighbors. A single generation has seen c. miracle unfolded before its eyes. Oil, like the touch of Midas, has wrought riches and wealth wherever H appeared. But unlike the couch of Midas, it has brought prosperity, progress and happiness beyond the most vivid dreams of Coronado. As the pioneer refining company of the Southwest, die Magnolia Petroleum Company has done much to harness the great wealth over which Coronado unknowingly trod in quest of a gohhn rainbow. Since 1898, when the first refinery in the Southwest was opened at Corsicana, Texas, Magnolia has served every need for petroleum products, from the kerosene that lit the homes of early settlers to the highly refined gasoline and motor oil required by the present-day motor car. Two of the '"Seven Cities of Gold" that prompted Coronado's c:;psdi:ion still occupy their sixteenth century sites, and their picturesque people still ply the primitive arts of a civilization far older than Columbus. But the water of the hills, garnered for the thirsty soil and petroleum, recently discovered in New Mexico, continue to create a new wealth more potent and dependable than all the metals wrenched from the ground by enslaved Indians. Nowhere else do ancient and modern civilization elbow each other in such amity, each lending color to the other. The delighted tourist who travels in his modern motor car, where once theCon- quistadorcs and the Missionaries gave their lives in exploration, finds his way blazed by smooth, perfect highways ... his pleasure, convenience and safety assured by a trail of Magnolia Stoics Stations. MAGNOLIA I PETROLEUM COMPANY 'Pioneer 1{efiner3 of the Soutbivaft Stations ana Dealers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, L'ouisiana And New Mexico

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