The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio on October 30, 1986 · 15
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The Newark Advocate from Newark, Ohio · 15

Newark, Ohio
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Thursday, October 30, 1986
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Amusements NBC wins ratings with World Series NEW YORK (AP) - The mornine after the World Series, NBC was already talking playoffs with rival CBS and suggesting a "magic number" CBS would have to maintain in the ratings if it is to catch NBC by the end of the season. With four World Series games in its corner, NBC stretched its winning streak to five-for-five so far this season, winning the fifth week of the season by six points in the A.C. Nielsen prime-time television ratings. NBC's "The Cosby Show" was once again No. 1, followed by World Series Games 6 and 5 between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox. CBS' "60 Minutes" was sandwiched in fourth before Games 4 and 3, which were followed by CBS' "Murder, She Wrote." ABC's strong Tuesday night lineup "Growing Pains," "Who's the Boss" and "Moonlighting" sneaked into the bottom three slots of the top 10, thanks to the game pre-empting the rest of NBC's Thursday night shows. NBC won the week with an average .21.7 rating and a 34 share. CBS was second with a 15.7 rating and 24 share. ABC had a 14. 1 rating and a 22 share. A rating point equals 874,000 homes equipped with television. The share is the portion of sets in use. Game 7 breaks Thursday evening audience mark NEW YORK (AP) - More households tuned in to Game 7 of the World Series between the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox than any other baseball game ever, according to NBC The previous most-viewed game was the sixth and deciding game in the 1980 World Series between Philadelphia and Kansas City, NBC said Tuesday. The baseball championship eclipsed Monday Night Football, giving the competing ABC offering its lowest rating ever, said Gerald Jaffe, f New York sports viewers had to choose between the Mets and the Sox or the football Giants and the Washington Redskins. Jaffe said the football game got a national rating of only 8.8 with a 14 share. NBC research estimated that Game 7 was seen in 34 million homes, while the sixth and deciding game of the 1980 series was seen in an estimated 32 million homes. Joel teams with Charles on piano duet By ROBIN WELLES Copley News Service HOLLYWOOD - Sure Ray Charles and Billy Joel can sing, but they also are, basically, piano players. ' Charles, for instance, was a jazz pianist long before he made it as a blues-soul vocalist. Thus, when Billy wrote "Baby Grand" for his new Columbia album, "The Bridge," he not only was thinking of his own love for the instrument, but of the duet he would do with Charles on the song. .. . - ; "That piano has provided me with a real nice living, a career, a lot of happiness," said Billy. "It's gotten me women, it's gotten me through some strange times. "And I thought it would be an apropos idea, Ray Charles, piano player. Billy Joel, piano player. Let's talk about a real love in our life which is the baby grand. After I'd written the song, I thought this is one of those songs that if you're playing piano in a restaurant or a bar or a saloon, you're going to have to do this song, especially because Ray Charles is singing on it now." But actually getting together with his old idol, Charles, was something else. "We flew from New York to Los Angeles for the session, we had 24 string players, an arranger, conductor, rhythm section, and in walked Ray Charles. I almost went into a freeze-up. Even Phil (Ramone, the producer), who's been around for years and met all these people, he was walking on eggshells. "We played piano on the basic track and it worked out fine. Then it was time to sing and I didn't know how much of this soul thing I could get into because now I'm staring at this guy I've been trying to sing like. There he is, and I can't do Ray Charles because there's Ray Charles. "So I started to sing like this little white kid from the suburbs. And Ray heard me and he started to sing like a little white kid from the suburbs. So we stopped and Phil said, 'No, no kid, you gotta go after him, you gotta get Ray to sing like Ray, because he's following your cue. Now I m not a great believer in my own voice, but Ray got into it So that was another thing I learned I could do, I could hold my own as a singer." 'We thought we held up pretty well, given the World Series competition," said David Poltrack, CBS vice president for research. "On the three nights when there was no World Series, we did very well and won all three of those nights, which are our key nights anyway." Season-to-date figures gave NBC an average 19.4 rating and 31 share; CBS a 15.9 rating and 25 share, and ABC a 14.8 rating and a 24 share. Gerald Jaffe, NBC's vice president of research projects, said NBC would win the season, unless CBS can attain a "magic number" average rating of 0.67 over NBC for the rest of the season. Poltrack said the magic number sounded "about right." He said CBS is concentraing on closing the gap with NBC on Thursday arid Saturday, particularly Saturday. CBS gets the Super Bowl this year, but it won't help as much as the World Series helped NBC's ratings, Poltrack said. He said the football championship would amount to about a tenth of a rating point increase for the season, about a third to half of the advantage the baseball classic will give NBC. NBC had more to look forward to Game 7 on Monday became the most- vieweu uaseuan game ever, lis rating -BLE CD I O I OS) I I CD I m I 3D I I I m I d$ I (2 I GO I I 33) I rAT C wgn wcmh wtvn espn wbns wuab usa mBS WHIZ time' HB0 NICK WTTE NEY W0SU I MvttChiiiiiil CWcaao Celambw Colinntw Spom Ntwtt Clubi twain UikHtKmk AHonta tmmvlll. ftowtlnw HwliOlh AHMcfc Cotwnbui Oiiroy Chnmf Cabmen 600 Movie: 'Ed- Facts of life News News Mazda News Gimme Dance Party Beaver WHIZTVRs- Arthur Movie: Monkaes Taxi Movie: Toby MeeNe I die and the - SportsLook " Break USA Andy Griffith ports Cont'd Kniohts 'Maxie' " " and the lehrer JU Cruisers Good Times NBC News ABC News Best of Bill CBS News Three's Love Me Not Beverly NBC News Red Balloon Contd NICK Rocks Barney Koala' Newshow l"""1 - Dance " Company Hillbillies .... Mler 700 Movie: They Barney Crosswits Ent Tonight SportsCentSf News WA'S'H Riptide Sanfordand Wheel ol " " You Can't on Which Wrtch Niohtty Bust-on Wonl Ml,tor . " " " " "Son Fortune " " TV IsWhiett? " ness Report JU Forge Benson PM New New- Speedweek Wheel of M'A'SH - The Honey- New New- Washington Worst Witch Danger. lollipop Dra- Mouseter- Wild Amer. I Magaime lywed Game " Fortune " " mooners hwed Game " " mouse gon piece ice (CC 800 " Movie: Cosby Show Our World Auto Racing Simon Magnum. P.I. Movie: Movie: Cosby Show Elton John " Music of Movie: The) Best of Watt Living Pie- . Night of JCC) (CC) '86: For- Simon " Hangar 18 Thunder of JCC) Breaking, " Men Fortune' Disney net Portrait V . the Living Family Ties mule One " - Drums' Family Ties Hearts four ... Presents of the Earth Dead " Grand ph, --'--- (cq 90 Movie: - Cheers (CC Colbys(CC) College Knots Moviee ' - Cheers (CC) " Movie: " - Movie: Febokjus jn i)xf0!,, I " " Football: Landing 'Night of ... - laughter in Sixties JU Blues Night Court Fresno (CC) the Living " - , Night Court " " Kathyi - Paradise' i " " State at " Dead' " - " 1 " " " Dance " 1 A 00 " News Hill Street 2020 (CC) California Kay O'Brien - Airwolf Movie: The Hill Street Movie: " Dutch Hawaii Five. Mystery: I I Ion . BluM s""" ... Return of Blues 'Harlequin " National 0 " Shroud for a A W JU " - Fullerton " " "the Mod " Romance: " Ballet " " Nightingale I " Squad' Love with a " " (CC) n00 Movie: The Honey- News News " News Comedy Deader " WHIZ-TV Perfect Inside the " Late Show Onie&Har- Dark on ?llvw mooners .... Classic Alive " Reports Stranger' NFL rial Shadows 30 Bullet; (CC) Magnum, P.I. Tonight WKRP m " Magnum. P.I. Star Trek Alfred - Tonight Movie: Roy Rogers I " " Show Cincinnati " " " Hitchcock " Show " " " " 'Christopher 1 "J 00 " " - Jeffersons SportsCenter " " Hour " - News Be- The Prince's Music of Twilight Columbus' I M A " " " " " " " Movie: The " fore Trust All. Men Zone JL m JU To Be An- Late Night ABC News Champ. Kar- A Stranger is Son of Fran- Edge of Brothers Late Night Werewolf in Star Rock " Movie: The Remember flounced " Nightlino ate Watching kenstein Night OToole' " London Concert " Rare Breed POLITICAl ADVERTISEMENT yes agygOctober 1. Cosby Show 35.4 54 NBC 2. World Series Game 6 30.3 52 NBC 3. Wortd Series Game 5 298 47 NBC 4. 60 Minutes 26.3 40 CBS 5. World Series Game 4 26.0 41 NBC 6. Wortd Series Game 3 25.6 40 NBC 7. Murder, She Wrote 25.3 37 CBS 8. Growing Pains 21.4 31 ABC 9. Who's the Boss 21.1 32 ABC 10. Moonlighting 20.7 30 ABC Ratings points are the percent of 87.4 million TV households; shares are the percent of households with sets on. Source: A.C. Nielsen Co. will be included next week. "Cosby," the lead-in to Game 5 on Thursday night, had a 35.4 rating and a 54 share. Game 6 of the World Series was the top-rated game of the week at No. 2, with a 30.3 rating and 52 share. " for complete listings and program highlights, see TV Update. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT EDITOMA ENBOESEMENT 8 AShe In the 31st District, Republican Ronald E. Shoemaker gets The Dispatch endorse ment over incumbent Democrat Sen. Eugene Branstool of Utica. Shoemaker, a county commissioner in Fairfield County, has accused Branstool of never meeting a tax increase proposal that he didn't like. And Shoemaker is right. Republicans are targeting this district, because they see a possibility of picking up a seat, and much money is being spent. These considerations aside, The Dispatch endorses Shoemaker because he gives promise of bringing more moderate and balanced representations than the veteran Branstool. "I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Columbus Dispatch. It helps to point out the fact that my opponent does not truly represent the views of his constituents. Branstool has voted for 37 different tax increases. To add insult to injury Mr. Branstool cast the deciding vote in favor of the. 90 Paid for by The Committee tor Ron PRIME-TilYIETV X Ton Ten Proorams 20-26, 1986 OVERALL RATING NBC CBS ABC 21.7 15.7 14,1 APCynthia Greer The World Series blew any meaningful analysis for regular programming, but some trends continued. "Dallas" won again over "Miami Vice" in the CBS-vs.-NBC matchup Friday night when baseball' did not come into play. tlolumbns BwpntcuTuesday, Oct. 21, xt GTolumbus Stejratch An Independent Newspaper Serving Ohio Since July 1, 1871. E0HTIIA,S For Ohio Senate increase in our State Income Shoemaker. Seth Norman, Treasurer. The Advocate, Newark, 0 Thurs. Oct. 30, 1986-Page 15 CBS, NBC battle over murder story SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - CBS and NBC are rushing to complete miniseries that tell the same bizarre but true tale about the murder of millionaire Franklin Bradshaw, a 76-year-old eccentric who was gunned down by his grandson Marc Schreuder. "We have a clash of material and, I think, probably a clash of wills as well," said Norman Stephens, a vice president at Warner Bros., which is producing the NBC Series. The network rivalry mirrors the 1985 race between Atheneum and Doubleday to publish the best-selling books upon which the two productions are based. It also has placed television executives on the defensive, insisting they are unruffled by the competition. "As far as I'm concerned, they're not doing it," said Bob Markell, executive producer of CBS's "At Mother's Request." "We're going to look at it differently. When it's over, I hope to God we have two different pictures." CBS, now filming in Salt Lake City, has based its script on Jonathan Coleman's book of the same title. It stars Stefanie Powers as Frances Schreuder, the former member of the New York City Ballet board who is serving a life term at Utah State Prison for masterminding her father's murder to prevent his cutting her from his will. Bradshaw was shot to death at his POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT 1986 Tax." P.O. Box 266. Pickerington. Ohio 43147 dilapidated Salt Lake warehouse in 1978. Marc Schreuder, who was 17 when he murdered his grandfather, testified that his mother had coerced him into commiting the crime. He is serving a sentence of five years to life on a second-degree murder conviction. NBC is relying on "Nutcracker," by Shana Alexander, as the basis for its series starring Lee Remick. this version focuses on the bitter Bradshaw family relationships that led to the murder. Except for some exterior shots in Salt Lake City, it is being shot in New York and Los Angeles. The network rivalry has taken on a personal dimension for Miss Powers and Miss Remick, who have been close friends for 20 years. "We laugh about it. What else are we supposed to do? We can't figure out why they're doing this," Miss Powers said. Broadcast dates have not yet been set for either series. But NBC's Stephens said CBS, which plans a two-part, four-hour production, almost certainly will have the jump on its own six-hour version. "The arithmetic is very simple. It takes less time to make a four-hour movie than a six-hour movie," he said. As Coleman did in his book, the makers of "At Mother's Request" have paid meticulous attention to detail. Trial scenes were shot in the same Metropolitan Hall of Justice courtoom where Mrs. Schreuder was convicted. The murder scene was filmed in the Bradshaw Auto Parts warehouse where Bradshaw was shot twice with a .357 magnum handgun. THE CEDAR Dress Up ... Help us celebrate Halloween! Friday, Oct. 31st D.J. Dave Black Appearing 345- 144 N. Cedar 3170 POLITICAl ADVERTISEMENT O. fCk. AOV

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