The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1934
Page 4
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PAGfif OtJfc HLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 193-1 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS •if* eocRint NEWS co.; POBUSHBM 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINS8, Advertising Uuu«er Bnte NiUooja Advertising Rtpr«**nUUwf: Aifctptu D*U1M, Inc., New York, Ctyetfb. Pttrolt, $t. Louto, DalU», KWMM City, LltU* Published Eyerv Alternoon Kxctpc Bund*?. Betwd sjs ttcont! class mfttttr •( to poet ofTlM at BlyUwylJle, Air;«ns*s, under act of Congru* <*• .5- tober 9, 1»H. Served by tne united PTM*. SUBbCKIPTION RATES By carrier ID tne city of 3lytnevlll«, 16o P« we«k or *6.50 per year In sdvauce. By mall within a redtas ot H mile*, M.OO per mr tl 60 for dx months. 85c lot three monthi; by in&il In postal zones two, to six, Inclusive. I6.M per year, In rones soven and eight, 110.00 per year, payable In advance. Tenants Must Shaw Complaints iire Imiiife' lu-a.rd Hint some owners of form land in this county, and pcrhniw a greater number in Southeast Missouri, are rc-fusim,' t° enter into HKreeniunls with temuits for the 1931 crop, ainwcr.lly with llio idea in view of first signing an acreage vcdiiclion contract with tlie govcrn- nitnt anil Ihns ol)tainiii(r for themselves all of tin: lniiiulH payments under such contract. Such land owners should -study the department of agriculture's administrative rulings and instructions' relative to tlie cotton acreage reduction plitn, particularly Paragraph 15, which says: "If the county committee lias reason to believe that the farm to be covered by n 1934 and 1935 collon acreage reduction contract is to bu rented to a managing share tenant for 1934, no contract will be considered h'y the county committee until such managing share tenant has been obtained. No contract shall be recommended by the county committee for acceptance by the secretary .of agriculture'where thV con'imittec has reason to' believe that the status of a tenant has been changed for 1934 from thai of a managing sharq tenant for the farm covered by such contract, in order to deprive such tenant of a share of payment under the contract or where the committee has reason~ti>'"bL'lii!ve f-l'at (ho owner oi' landlord has adopted any device! for the purpose of depriving such tenant of his share of such payments." From this it is evident thai il county committees act in (.rood faith and in accordance with their instructions, owners of land customarily farmed by managing share tenants can gain nothing by delay in making arrangements for this year with such tenants. In fact it is In the advantage of all concerned, and will facilitate the acreage reduction campaign, if nil farming arrangements for this year be completed as rapidly as possible. Filipinos Still Waiting The press of important facing the present Congress or;;ht not to .stand in the way of some linal settlement of the Philippine problem. The last Congress passed an independence measure which was neither flesh, fowl, nor fish. It gave a sort OUT OUR WAY PERG1T ABOUT TH' ROCKS, 1CK— FER61T ABOUT THET MULE FALLIN— FERGIT ABOUT WJHUT MIGHT HAPPEN, AN' THINK ONLY ABOUT \WHUT YORE of (jtialiiicd iiulciic'iidcnce, and it in hartlly to be wondered ut that the Filipinos turned it down. Since they did turn it down, it is DP to us • to reconsider Urn whole proposition. We promised the Filipino.' llieir independence decTides tife'o, mid public sentiment in this country in favor of mnkiiiK the promise good. Tlie main thing to sellle, then, is the terms on which it shall be granted. It ought not to lie loo tli.'licult, even for a Congress us busy ;is this one, to lind some formula which will protect botli American ami Philippine interests, a bill which will recognize thu rights and the responsibilities of both nations. Training for Government A neat idea for train!!)],' cullcxu students for public careers has been evolved by Cho.ilor 11. -Mi-Call, Secretary Roper's assistant in the Commerce Department. Mr. McCiill would like to have 150 or 200 selected rullejje students brought lo WasliiiiKtoi: for three months every winter, lo study the operation of the. federal govcinmciit ut first hand, watch how executives and solons, do their work, and attend lectures by cabinet officers anil others. In many ways this is a very sensible suggestion. It would be line training for the young collegians, for one thing; for another, It outrhl also to be a good thing for the government officials with whom they would mingle. Young collegians are notoriously quick to see 111 rough sham and bluff. A ixilitician functioning for three months under the eyes of ;i gang of boys and girls from tlie campuses would have to lend to his knitting. .JUoLair and bunk would ;jtl him no place. lie would have to be good to make an impression. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark CHURCH EXCUSES By (jco. W. Bvium "We seem to liu hiivinjj another run of I'eitu'y .loans." I have aiuuys icll that uvciy- ojic Miuiild have sonic kind of ciiuu-li connectlo'i regardless of whether or not they attend or pay in money even though it Ire ever so .small amount, and Jim— nun's my husband—and 1 have I.ecu out, so long ! now it uc- started in we would lind con- uitlons so dilleivnt we would '-.iiidly know how lc act. So, be- uimihn; wilh this year, we decided rhJit r should give the matter or <.ur (jolng to chuch some very t.'riou-s and pro!o>:i,v1 thought and .1 possible work cm a plan or method of approach so to sneak, i-iul Jim—thiii's m v hiiiband—was :.!so to do the lirM he could to think this out. uiid If our plan fxnchionl/.ed as to lime, all would bLr well. After almost a week ol thinking at odd times, I concludes that tha bust pliin would be lu go at this yradual.y Now, as an example I will find out when the I Inaies arc going to luve a nuilt- Inj; or church supper or'a rum- i n,i.gc sale or soirt-' other usual money-raising activity. I will let them know in nn indirect way .that if it is a quilling, 1 will loan ; them a thimble or maybe semi a i .spool o! thread. If a supper, 1 | will make a most, nppcllzlng' slnw oiid I have such <\ cute little bowl I Hint I could sen:! it in—that is. ! il I car; be assure'! the bowl will j l:e returned in tuoil condition; j and if It is a rur.imiige sa'le, one i can always find some discarded hi;sc or some litlle thing tnat would find ready ?ale and at the tunic time Ix; appreciated. I THIS CURIOUS WORLD 1 New Irradiation Methods Check Tumors of the Breast The Editor'* Letter Box HV Dll. SKIKItlS I-'ISIlltKIN ,cst importante Kdiltr, <if Ihc Anicrittin ! those who >ia\L Mcdlrul Assmiiatinn, and of Hy- . breast. LJl IN CHINA, MWSU PfiOV/NCZ, /y\l EARTHQUAKE MOVED A TREE- LINED HIGHWAY A/YIILE FROM ITS ORIGIKiAL LOCATION. , /92O. =• FROM THE SUMAMT OF A\T. IZAviU, IN COSTA K/CA, . THE WATERS OF THE ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC CAN 6E SEEN ON A CLEAR DAV. GREYHOUNDS* R3UOW SAME 6V SI&HT AND EAR., INSTBAO OP by SCENT. The is remarkable for its swiftness and Veen sight, ana is one of the oldest dogs tnuwn. Thciv are many varieiies, but all are not tall and slender, the Italian greyhound tx-in? a dwarl, and kepi as a pet. NEXT: IVIicr-i lines thp rartli rc-ieivj the most heat trom the sunv . Coiiplecl will) this an 1 iu-\v inctii- ; ;t 551 j RC'.-I, the Health If you know EI vomnn who has cds of invcstiyation iiKv.iuin been troubled wilh a cancer or • passing of liijln throiiir:] Ductor Johnsnii Is Kusy n-.'nr I'rienrts: After nearly . frcc-iniy to death tor two clays, i l-"ej am wanned up now and started to , w ork in old Ns\v York. And work at. ni:io in the morn-' the limior of Ihe breast, yon may ex- i breast, so-called Uansiliuuiination. lend a ray of hope lo her wilh tin 1 1 and microscopic study i:f portions f.dvice that present prnetices make of [mnors to delesiKine tlielr hft-! trriitinciu in every'deiaritnent Ing and work mil", sis at night.' In this school, the New York Poly- i clinic, they require you to take the inaki; diaj/.usis giv? H possible at least to lengthen I'.cr lure, life coi'sideiubSy. Since use of radium and tlie X-iay has been introduced intu attend. I never sav ?o msny sick j tallies iii my life. I spend every j afternoon from '1 ta 4 o'clock LJO- • si-icnlifle medicine us part ol 111"' L ii y a f KOI th treatment for cancer, evidence Your ojiirl.'i cimnoli be treat unless your bails great. —Justice William W. 1'olter of Detroit. * * t Nobody, no government, no tank, no oilier ixrson urn interfere ivllh what a man chouses to think, — Mury Pickfonl. * « V Nations must tl.'pend for cronomir snlyiUion on iixlividiml elforts. —President Ii!nt;icn <ie Vuti'ra ot frolimri. * * * With the exception of my illness. I have Had a wonderful lime Eince March 4. — Former Secretary of Treasury William H. Wtxxlln, * » » New conccpls must, Ik-lit ilovn (he crj-.stalll/cd resistance of the legally trained u hid that always seeks precedent before the now is accepted into the law. —Supreme Court Justice Meier Stcinbrink of Brooklyn, N. Y. t » * I do not Ihjnk it good piaclie- for :i t;ov- " einmenl ofllcial or employe to accept si'lS' even of small value, from those \vilh ivliom he may have business relations. —Assustiint Secretary of Commerce Etvlng Y. Mitchell. * * . ; Purchase of gold by the government has in ilself no more tendency to raise the general price level or to 1 promote recovery than would have fhe purchase of roll top c'ctks. —I'rol. Harry G. Brown, University ol Missouri. City Scrip I'mlil.ilile NORTH BfclKU. O:.-. cUP)—The! !ns over them. Bern: made a SU'J: There are only four men in my [:roJiL on ivn i 1 -.- 1 !'^ of r^rip,j rfuss and each ptrfessor seems lo • lo develcp iliat many j vinted on myrtle weed discs. The | take so much inte!'".M in each of uj. '• n-rip was nniiiii se-:-'hl by coilcc-1 Mrs. Johnson and I miss all of i lors in all pails of the Uniled:cui friends but J;ie keepini,' nil Two llK.iiMiid il)-)!hirs| loucli witli you thningh the Com 1 -1 issued. I Lei. 1 hope lo cbii'.picte my that-, • luonttis courses in ^even or ei^lit i counlrivs are rep-'vccks so \ve nu>- 'v.nry liome. ' lives have been lengthened by this Icnu of treatment. Tlie. irradiation of cancers "f the -. siaie.i. hi east fonnerly wii 11 limited mere- I worlli was ly to use aficr surgical removal . <ind also to iht: care of cases which S:\-tv foreign were .so wvcrc ihal oi:eratior.| lcscnt j c ( ( ijpi c.iuld not be iwrfoniicd. Appar-7 United Slates. ently new iiivestijjatloti shows ihatj it is ]>osslble to use irradiation much more trc<|iicnlly and lo bel- ter advantage than was done fcr- merly. ' 11 is believed that in many cases ! ie use of X-ray or radium before ' xiralioii is .helpful in making cer- in of a useful result. Perhaps in der people the irradmlic.ii has a >ecial use beyond what it has in 'rsons of middle age. are in thei I. R JOHNSON. New York, N. Y. ANNOUNCEMENTS '['he Courier Nc«s has been authorized to announce the following as candidates for pi.blic. office, subject to the. Deiao.eralic primary next /uisiis!: For Member of Congress CLINTON L. CALDWELL Fur Cuunly Treasurer JOE S. DILLAHUNTY '• • For t'ireuil Cimrt Clerk HUGH CRAIG Fur County (Kiurl Clerk FRED FLEEMAN For Re-Eiection for 2nd Term I'or Assessor H. L. (UILLY? GAINE3 G. C. UK.EI HUDSON 1'OK CfTV UFl-ldlS K3e.L'tiuu Tuesday, A;iril 3. I'cir Cily Clerk a. c. CRAIG WHO IS PRESIDED Or SPAIN WHATSINDOF ADiRf 15 I Sack. ' BOY, TOO MUCH TER FERGIT, AW NOT E.NOU&H TER TW1NK ABOUT. By Williami "Y In the majority of cases ol niiei> .'.oils for cancer of the breast, the Ttient comes to the doctor too tc to make certain of a i;oo;l re- ill. One o[ t.V.e leading sur^i-ons the country has found that most these patients eventually die ol ic cancer, although they are veil longrr life by the opcn'-ion. II !-as been found, from studies f the tumors, that dillercni tu- mrs vary in the extent to uhicli ley will respond to trealuirni by ladiatiou. , (|[ Previous lo operations, tlie X-ray > i;scd as the metliod of choice be- anse the nature of the growth is v tliat radium caimot b-.' ap- lied as easily. After opor.i:ion, adium frequently is nsc<l as ir.cst onvcnicnt and satls[acto:y. ' 1 arned L a VTT ins ~ MABEL McELLIOTT 111 deciding whether to u.--. adiatioa in any case. ;l-.e pi inn makes his judgment on lalnre of (lie growth, size a:i;i ntion of the limio:-, length M hat it J'.as lasted, age of 1:1-. lent, rapidity of t!:e groivili. ral physical condition of ;!•.• lent, an dmsny similar fact'); Investigators abroad hau- .-: hat the earlincss of the u; ion in Hie course oi tin <• ion and tl'.e extent of tlin •: ion are reflected very defiuu, he length of time that L ( lent, will live alter the c.u This observation :s oi the _ the lo- iine pa- HIXilN IIKltt: TODAY OYI'SV MOKKKM. and TOH \\TiAVF.l; arc nmrrictl Hie same day as l.ll.A IIOTAI.INK and IIKKKK BLISS, l.ila v\iirets to live in luxury, hut (lypsy intends In keep hrr jn!>, iL-aching in a srltlrmrnt houst-. The lirst niRht (Jjiisy aiul Tom tixnd in llieir Xrw Vurk aparl- IIK-II( VKKA OKAY, an old frii-ml nf Ttmi's, tch'iihimi-.s. Tom asks her to liiuchcon to meet (iypsy, but Gy|»sy can't get away from wtrk tu 50. After a luird day at selioul she rlishi-s home lo learn licit Vera is comiti:; to call on Ihrtn. Vcra arrives ami the two Kirls dislike t-ach other on iijjlit. T'cm seems relieved uliuu Vcra leaves. ^Vceks later l.ila and Merck return from their honeymoon in turope. NOW CO OX WITH Till'. STOKY CHAl'TEK V al! her efforus only made iliu spot Tom said niivr.ily thai, o! it v.-.-n; nut fair to Tom. And HUT:: more stubborn. courso, he did. i;m u wasn't v,;rc :u many Ihircs they needed "liiey look awful!" She • :r.uch fun for IK-;- he cciil:! .sej lor the house. Is'o. the red slip- teady to weep. It would be the 'hat. If siv cl maiik-d Maiko pcrs would just h-.ivu to do. And Bras-tot extravagance, she (hcusjlu.i Broughton.... :f Marko were there — well, it to buy a new. pair for I.ila's din-i Gypsy hiii-lu'd ;.li:;id "As it , couldn't be helped, that \vasalt! Her p^rly. Turn, dashing in just ! I ever c-jiisiclercd ihal!" ; ... C::en, whistling yayly. found her on ••well, he riui. anyhow." Turn'' -last the sism". vhen she rushed the Hoar of the bedroom, buttles, slippers and rag.s slrcwn about, her fac-e woebegone. "What's up?" Gypsy sat back on her heels piishin ijback her curly map. "Just thc.^e* awful siioes.' 1 "Wiiat's tlie matter with 'em. honey?" She held out tiie ollciiding object. "This one's a mess. I simply can't wear it.'' "Well, what's nil the excitement? I didn't Knew \\c were 1501115 places." ! "Lila's home. We're invited to 1 dinner." tramped about (i:v too bi;i [o; room now,. home from work Tuesday even- he plate. His i ing to baths and dicss her heart. ihciildtrs w?ii' M) Irriud. his !e;;s '. uHher sank as sh • stared at the so Inns,', he miide the lillie table slippers. Kei 1 di-rs« was all righi. ,i:id chair She had worked on it last night "D'you Tue-silay?' Gy r ..-.y i.di- • ra- .-. in .on. : at- "Oh. that. Giih!" It was Lila's voice on the U'le- i "You dcn't want to go?" plion?. sweet, siiyhth fretful, a.-, al- j ... ways. "Is that you. Gypsy? We ;D: j Hi' grinned at her. "Of course, back hisl week. I'm <iyin^ to scei I no. Tel! you what, we'll go out you." • now and buy yon a new pair." Of course. dyp.iv didn't take I'-.;:,') She taici accusingly: "Thomas ilcra!ly. Lil.i \\.is -jiven to exaggeration. i"Do com? for dinner n::xt week." l.ila ur^c:!. "How ab:iut Tuesday? is 'riipsri.iy free?" Gypsy, smiling to l.e^elf. said that Tuesday would b? line. Lila'- air of Miiiiio.dn; thn; To::: ar.d she had a full calendar of January state -bo ratify U.S. Conslituticrt. Q3-nrst baUoon. ascension in, ac Weaver, you know rent day next wie-c. And your insurance." He snapped his fingers. "Rie'^t you are. \Vcll, what about tiiose ivorv dinguses you wore \vitli the drct's." S!:e >:rac'x at her forehead. "What a foo: 1 am! I'd cban forgotlen fniHiow l.e'l! be there He flov.i.- (i at her. bind. i;;.::;:y. know lie's H looker! cjuilc in tne mode. Trust Gypsy for that. B'-l not evun her "How (.lever finders could Iransform I know lie'is Derek's .^culled anil soiled d.ineiUE; shoes into ll-.e .leinb'.anre ot ne\v ones, finance. .Thank goodness Vei little black lie's sii'fivcl wrap will] the white fur r." ' <"cal" the twins culled lt> slill icr-kid nice! She (ting in the lub. It was ex- going lo a party. It was uiir.y ihiu he should . li;:i. she sat wrapped in her bine this iiiiie. unrt a!trr ! Kijijgce. as Tour= key grated in •iHiild toss." iculed buccaiiCi Gypsy i-o::ld:i'l h-.-i iiim -- a little. 'I,-.-a \\.ii not a;>-, ritinc, i-cased. Ho-.v fun:. all '.;.: after ttii'.g married riiuilh.-. iihl jea Urci:ghto!i; She preter.dci! i: •.vent hunting he.". iuy -,vi- u. r/iwher iore | (.r.iditig her. '"G-Jih. you na-jc-j my wedding si'ocs. 1 can have I Mippcu. They tc ••mud to mtnts amused her. This wa., P.ii-1 them dyed." | ntiicvably lo.-i. urday afternoon. Gypsy was ulad' She wculd have iV.cin dyed green. |" This iva? in the naf.ue of a she'd been al hoir.e \vV.en t.:!a ! brilliant green, ar.d wear the iittlc ! caUiMrophi 1 !oi- G\];.>v. She came uring of jao'c-co:ored beads Father j lack i:ito t!;r livirr:" ro.->m. where yiven her on her last birtrday. | TLU: \-.-as SII'JUL: at '.he eat'. % -!e ;i ecd They did no: in:r:>r; to j,a io i pretty!" EJ;ie Hi!!:, nn :h- MOCIUV:. so slic I The mirror gave back tl'.c rcnnc- ie!ephoneri the in ;;„(•. Xu. Mrs. j 1:011 of a curly-haired girl with i :.'c:v'.l ha<i no; seo:i il;e v.edciin; '.v:de. soft, eager eves. Tom came called. Dinner :.: ti.e IJii- Tuesday gave her same-thin to look forward ;;>. What watching ihe budge'., and l':.sil the bills were paid, ihr Weavers li.iu little t^ s;v.-;: 'then slic b'.-aa:: : u w.;:rv her si:e riidn'l »a look "bridcy"—tint I.u.i! the ivcry dnvs slie iiod »<T:I on' her wt'riduig ti^y was ii:e or.iv L/ il- - ly formal frock slie o-vnvii. .She: took it out. ttaio:! n'. it i nui.-'.iy. and '.^tl-.out -.. ic-.-. it would do very nice;-.-, she ;:!iri i Toiu watched smoking idly :i.-. she liinunnged through bcx ami drawer, in search of tl-.r. ivory .slip- p.Tf. blie was conscious of his un- wor.tod silence, and tnrnrd to look ;i r . him. surprising seme new. troubled expression in his eye--. "What's ilic matter, darling?" He icjiiinlcd thro;:eh ti'.e smoke. 1 -Xothing— only I wish I could tive you I lungs. You weren't very bright ;o marry n poor man. GJP S >"Vii-.i onaht to have luxuries. You're 'o pic'.ty and -so pretty and sc made, it j-o thn: ;i;» OM'A ::.;:!.t i ynuni.'." easily IK cut dd»n ki n V. w.-.1: ;he 1 "Will yi.u stop harpinii on t.:al?"lard Lila -.luuld lx' MIIP to notice. front wa:- lashionably hi;:h. .i:;cr: He was soiioits. he so'id. It ir,:irie i She put on a i-hierlnl face and that sc.i-jon'.-- mr:!e. Yes. »;:•; | him lie! .turned. A pair c! ^cuf-iwciit OK; to get siipjior. But the last year's tvd xipac-i-s. n »yi;:(i :tol, fed ,in;l shabby datiring shoes, j thcirgln he: .is she boiled Dut wnen she united 'in; ihose'. mnUicd to the shape cf Gypsy's; rnrt skinned shrhni" for salad and '.oiiie. w.ti; al; ins papers r.nri fig-> ;;;:ieatl out lalr.-.e him. and ^.r. dov.i: v.iiho-.H s.-yin- a word. Tn:n pi;>:l;cd liark ;i:o welter oi yo:i: and i.nn liis nr.seis through hi- hair. "Find "ein. iioncv." S!:e slimik her l-.cad. "Weil. w!:v lion'!, you lull oirr br:o;r the sli-.;t f ,o;e and get a p.iir r.n-i. You may not htivc tur.c Monci.iy...." Gypsy said. M-.blminly. thai •he'd -.".;<! ihe ve-l one.,. \S!\r> din nol nud wiiai shi- ilwii'.-hl in her ix> ir- j tc her and kissed her swiftly. : "Let me see lho.;e shoes." She hunted their out and aavo hem into his hands. He turned them over curiously. "Too bnd you have to wear them." Gyp=y Fhrnggi't!. She wa:-. u ;oo:l :.clicss. "Oh. i do:.'t mind. Honestly." Maiko had iaid ioiu a-;o, sl'.e. licarl. lliey !e/ned ;;:np:y dreadful sliplKis. l.:cy proved .-.-....-. dis- apiwintmx. The! lim- s::t- h.ul danced in t!:cm. an i:ieim .liab!'! j gresst :-l.i:ii! a;iiHMi'fii ..v..,, no- i where on the tec of the 1 !e:t mie. Gypsy snuggled, with c'.e.-ntng fluid and ci'.aik. to remove !]•.>. 2u' hi-r for mo ;-ie lock. us o: .Marko -Tm running Hie lub for you, d.u-lir."." She stncl: tin? shoes out Id i:u::c.\ and ol si(;iit. nr.der a r-iair. Better not ivory slippers. ;-.i:i ti-.em on until tlie last minulc. fi be foiiiiti. Jl-.t just nuulilii'l lliink about them "I mn..| ha\e leli ihur. al honu-.' j i mil she had to. .-l.e sa:d. "Althoucli it's funny, il | He came down the liall and I d:d. Mother (iidn'i find thi-n: br-, leaned against th-i cioorfiamc. rc- looK .r 01 11 ir.cnitii.-red: \ou'li \K forry if you--' marry a |»Gr man. You like luxf. i<ry. Well, she'd show hun. 'lorn was lookin; ;,t her ciniously banlerir,; \\ay. n a ' -You <'on'l have lo. ui-iling.'.' he toli her. He was lioldm.k soincthin? out In hor. A IKJX mvpiicrt in S r P e . n p.ipcr. Gyijsy nnwi.ipixd i-- Little gill sanda'ls" lay within. Her si?c. [ort. accused "him. : c.u up Inndlnh ot uisp lUilir ccl- ' Darhr.g. , do you think I: fry. and r.ilxrd mayonii:i!..r. This i w.iiu n;;t' nf life?" Gvpsy w.inlrd iim: lasi ^e.ll sU uo'.ild liavc | i.) k;:i... an.i:i.1o!iln»"thc 'snfhrrt r.ut. rtiiiir (r.-.elissly. lo buy i "JiiH money ar.^ the things n '.."'•' MntlJls. Shi? had spent ' You oiisiu lo know bstto: .,icat 'Jeal ol t-ilarj on her young ih^t" " =Kd pfeltv won B'ai -'._•.—,.e'.l. | "Tom. you -shou'dn t t.aic. The.c was liie ins'.i.-.ince. Tlierc v-i., the lent. There «i.-> these in.M.:-,. lovely little -sliocs with the niak-1'.s i-iiine. an expensive one. slanijica inside. "You're not coin; lo wear shabby shoes," said Tom. "as long as i ; y i c; n gel [lie other kind for you: / akhc knew he vtt thinking o; 1 . Be Conllnucdl

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