The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1950
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY T, 1950 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Russians Step Up Summer Maneuvers PAGE SEVTH Soviet Divisions ' Begin Exercises In East Germany By THOMAS A. REEDY ^UERLIN, July 7. (/!'>—U.S. Intel- fl^ncc agents disclosed today that the Russians have stepped \ip nor- inal .summer maneuvers In East Germany. These Informants said that fn Enst Germany eight Soviet divisions are going through special exercises Some Involve lank-supjwrted river crossings. Experts, who with Increased In- teiest have noted every Russian move here since the Korean fight Ing broke out,, said this Increasec Red troop activity could be a normal step—designed to let the Germans know who Is boss and possibly to give Western Allies a dose oi jitters, A senior American . officer concurred In tills view nnri said Alllec military leaders aren't too concern' ed about the stepped-up Sovie maneuvers, American Intelligence agents have been told to watch the Russian moves closely, however, on th« chance that the Soviets might b. planning to stage something similar to the Korean action over here. 5 Divisions Train The Informants said that five Soviet divisions are training between Berlin and the Elbe River. 3fcey reported anojher three Rod ^jw'sfons holding war games north faT Berlin in the Mecklenberg area. trying'to illustrate the best, ways of encircling the fortified position. In the course of the maneuvers, the Russians have shifted divisions from Magdeburg to Dessau • and north from there along the Elbe River, facing the British zone. Between now and the end of August, Allied experts believe the Russians will stage at least half a dozen maneuvers to sharpen the training of their Enst German armies. The people's police, who have been expanded into what amounts to an infantry force, will be used for odd Jobs in these maneuvers. Maneuvers Minimized The high American officer, minimizing the significance of the maneuvers, commented: "The Soviet army in East Germany was 20 divisions in 1946. It is 20 divisions in 1950- It Is no bigger than before and certainly a lot less effective than In the past. The total number of Red Soldiers is peg' ged at about 2,000,000. The Korean outburst did not affect It in the least. "One thing has happened," he added. "Soviet soldiers with three years foreign experience have been recalled. This means replacement with rookies. Russian divisions in TRAINING TO REPEL REDS—A? North Korean Reds cut deeper into tiny republic of South Korea, Chinese Nationalist soldiers practice crawling under barbed wire at Tengshan, Formosa, girding themselves for possible Communist attack. These mc;i arc commanded by Virginia Military lusti*. tute graduate General Sun U Jen- Germany have been getting young \ boys who have a lot to learn." \ Armed Force Kept The Russians have always maintained an armed force In East Germany as large as the combined American, British and French force in the west. Intelligence sources say this relationship has not changed but add that the Russians decided six months ago they were under- armed and sent in anti-aircraft battalions to bolster infantry divisions. They also shifted numerous tank outfits from the Balkans to Germany. Observers now estimate that the Russians have 2,0(10 tanks in the East zone—far more than the combined Western armored forces could possibly muster. Introduction of antiaircraft units was not considered unusual by Allied military observers. Until recently Soviet Infantry divisions simply lacked this essential part of their makeup. Pint-size Parkers Plague Police SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 1. —Motorcycle officer Bob Clark found two of those pint-sized automobiles in one p:irkin«-mclered space—ar.d scratched his head. - Finally he wrote out two tickets. Betty Newell anl Bob McDonald protested. 'We had economy in mind when we bought such IItile cars in the first place," said she, "If we are short enough to get into one space I can see no reason for paying for two," said lie. City officials decided to make a test case of it and a decision is expected next week. EDSON Continued from Page 6 comeback. His stock was at low eb last fall, because of his bumblin Kes and Investigation of dis loyalty In the Atomic Energy Com mission. But David E. Lillicnthnl's resignation as AEC Chairman earlier this year saved Hick's political life. He was nble to point to Lllllenthal's departure as having cleared up the situation lie wns complaining about. Also. Senator Hicknnlooper wns against the Brannan Plan. And the Jrannan Plan Is the number one ssue in the Iowa election. Fnrm Bureau campaigned Inlen- vely to prevent Albert J. Love- and. Democratic candidate for U.S. enator, from getting 35 per cent t the vote cast. If they hat) been ucies.iful In tliat effort, nnniina- of a Democratic candidate •oulrt have been thrown into slate onvcntlon. And there (he Farm lurcau thought It could influence he selection of someone like Ex.. Nelson n. Krnschcl, who was gainst (he Bmnnan Plan. But Loveland polled nearly 38 per ent of the vole. He has resigned, s Undersecretary of Agriculture nrt Is moving back to Iowa for the •ainpnlgn. He Is committed to cnm- wienlng on (he Omnnnn Plan. He vlll get nil kinds of Democratic ad- minlsirftlion support. Iowa Pointers Hr.itman flan President Trnmat], when he nalies his "political" lours of the country later this summer and In lie early fall, will imouestionabh slmiin Iowa In support of the Bran- :ian Plan, and Loveland. Much of Lovcland's suppor! In the primary came from Iowa's tndus- :ilal cities. There the C.I.O. I'ack- House mid Auto Workers unions were mobilized (o support the lirannan Plan as something to benefit the consumer by lowering food prices. But the campaign wasn't too successful. The Brannnn Plan Is a conlradlc- tory political Issue, anyway you look at It. Wallace's Farmer and town Homcslcad. oracle of farm Journals, recently conducted a poll on Brannan's proposals lor farm law change. Eight per cent of UIL> answers approved the whole plan, with 23 per cent approving the plan !i>. part or for a trial Only 6 per cent opposed the Brannan Plan in part, with 13 per cent wholly opposed. This adds up to only 50 per cent of the poll returns—31 per cent for, 19 per cent opposed. The other 50 per cent was divided: nine per cent undecided and 41 per cent reporting they hadn't heard enough about It to form an opinion. This In spile of Hie fncl lhat the Brnitnnii Plan has been argued about for over a year and that lown larmcrs are »s literate and IE •nricpcndcnt as any In the nation. They won't be pushed around, on .he Brnnnaii Plan or on any oilier issue. It is a significant fact that nosl of the candidates openly endorsed by C.I.O.. A.F. of L., and oven the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation went down to defett. In the recent primary. solid marriage, you can he sure o! hat." No agent landed Jean her floozy role In the picture, I heard about it In a rlrugslorc »l>d went aflrr It." Tony Martin Is turning down all singing stints for the latter part of Aufiust. That's when Cyd Char- Hollywood Continued from Page < lie says. "1 think I'll sell the txwt mid keep (lie model." At Mitch's salary, the labor on the model adds up to about $15.000. Now it's a western dude ranch 22 miles out in the Pacific. New Hollywood Is applauding pert- faced Jean porter. While her husband. Director Edward Dmytryclt is serving a one-year sentence for contempt of Congress, Jean Is taking care of her child and working as an actress again In "Cry Danger." "If I keep real busy, the lime will pass quickly," she told me. "There's never been such a ISEC'S bambino Is due. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cust«i Shearing up to 1/4 inch (hickneaa. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Hroadway |> n0 n« 2651 Hospitals In Japan are now required to have central kitchens and trained employees to prepare food thus abolishing a requirement thsl patients furnish someone to pra- pnre food and for other physlca needs. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE EOR EVERY FATHER . : . Protect Your Children's Future And the best way Ut make sure of continued security for your family is by banking regularly. A little saved this week...and each week throughout the year-gives you the strength to meet unforeseen emergencies like a sudden, disastrous sickness. And, you'll want your children lo he able (o jrct a college education. That, loo, requires long r;>n<re planning. Yus, a regular savings plan can give you the things }uu want in life. Start a Savings Account Today! FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Only National Bank in Mississippi County MKMBER: FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Rent A Car ... 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