Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 22, 1939 · 9
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 9

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1939
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J THE SALT LAKE TELEGRAM, WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 22, 1939. f WALTER OFFERS TIP-OF- F ONFICKLE LADY WalterWlnchell i i long and got M in frombanes he tu put to ted for (hra mar day . . . When hi wife utlTrf ud ' found blm Indkapoeed oho got bored, f walling for him to got bettc ... And to she goo out and Babss whoopee with a different guy ovary night r f Jo fiseoa, tha snetlmeheadllner who need to make $9000 oomo weeks, and Pat Rooney, trd, ara pels . . . Ono day raoantiy aa tha ooaat koth war oallad to tka Federal laeona Tu offloa about tu arrears . . . Frieoo wont la first . . . "TM ewe tha government 140.000 la tasee." ha waa told . . . "I'm vary sorry, Joe said, "cent nay It. Havan't got Tha Private Fa pan of a Cah Koportor poaklng of Naala, ag who UnIT Adolfand Goerin wore riding In a car ono day, and Hitler wag tilling Goorlng'i aora with gtata aoeratg. . .Ai thoy pa mod. tor a traffic light anothar car draw along-lda...I- n It waratwo man, who happanad to yawn... "Arrest thoaa two monP Inatruetad Goarlna to hla auard.There hava boon saves. dropping.' The ether day Sidney Blackmer, the actor, wee offered a test tor ths role of Frank Kennedy la "Oone With the Wind . . . Kenedy's ths sympethetle guy Scarlett wede la Atlanta . . . Sidney told Fay Bain-ta- r about hischance at the role ... "Don't be silly." shs said, "doat waste your time you'll never, never getIt!" "But." said Blackmer. "why not My people carat from there. I know the place and character! backward. I'm a southerner!" . . . That's just it," waa the retort, "you will never aa long aa you live get la that picture you're a southerner t" Joe Lewie, the comedian, bow tarring at the Continental, went to aa opposition spot the other night to "play a benefit" . . . While waiting to go on he got Into a dice .11 , m , ' i - ; - III V MlM uuae- - ... no wae iota as would hear from them agala la ths future . . , "Could you pleaae tell me how much my friend Pet Rooney, the trd, ewesr said Frisco . . . "Hs owes 111," said the tax maa . . . "He's a good kid," said Frisco, "put his ea my tab." The Top Hat had a' chorus call the other day. One of the girls, a newcomer, asked what a time-ate- p wea ... "A tlms-atsp- explained a vet, "la what you leara before a la sew bast Broadcast ths fallowing suggestion waa made . . . The mall reaponse haa been great from people of all creeds . . . -- Ladtee and Qeatlemea: la view ofthe per- sistant efforts toward peace by the bus Pope Plus XI your reporter hopes that a movement will be start-s- d recommending the Nobel Priss for peace be awarded to his msm-or- y . . . The $40,000 prise money that goes with that honor could bs used la purchase a monument sym- bolising peaoe for all mea and creeds, whichrl0 stand for all ty . . . And for which Hla Holl-ne- erorked ee hard to achieve, ts hla failing health." Lew Brewa haa Just opened an office lathe Shubert Building . . . It Is an old building and the office has no locks oa It . . . Brown waa auditionlna a couole of hlll-hil- Fay Bainter . . . Say friend, Actor Sidney Bleckmor, wiH never 9at role in G. W. T. W. game and loot $8001 Lewis preraeee hla funnleet ditty by announcing: "I did this aa ths Valise hour a few months ago. If you heard me your radio wasn't on the bum. The bum waa oa theradio I" Theeoluma'e readers probably know "Wtngy" by this time . . . Wlngy'a the led who ran $4 up to $11,000 ahootlng crape In Miami, and gave a considerable amount to hlafrlenda In need several of whom stood by to watch hla luck . . . The other nightWlngy loot back the last fsw hundrsd dollars trying to woo the eubee again . .. Aa he tried to make a "nine" he aeven'd and lost and thenturned for soms consolation butthere waan't a friend In need In eight . . "For goeeakes!" he ejaculated, ' "where'i everybody? Whers's my public?" . . . Wlngy couldn't locate any of tha pals he had helpedonly a few eves before to borrow a dollar for cab fare home! ' The gamblers shook their heads. It was an old andfamiliar story .. "Hs'U nsvsr grow up," someone remarked of Wlngy, "he had 11 Ge the other night and wouldn'tquit. He wanted to run It up to 116.000" . . , That recalled the reaeoo Jack Donahue, the star, dlsd too soon from overwork . . . Jack had aaved I "00.000 . .. But he wanted a million! singers girls when a msa walksd In, and sat down. Brown thought hs waa with the girls, but thsy left andhe still sat. Thrss or four other people came In, were auditioned and left, but the maa still sat Finally, Brown naked him what he wanted . . . A job," he said . "Why didn't you tsll ms hours ago?" shouted Brown. "What's the Idea of listening to all thoee people singing and aot saying anything?" . . . -- Well." wai ths reply, "I Ilka singing." It hsppeasd hi Miami Beevck lasi wsek ... A New Yorker decided to visit tha grsat Winter resort and have his wife follow a few dayi later . . . "Oh. boy," ha oh, boy'd "will I have a time I TU have threa days fresdora to atake a lot oi whoopee with some beautiful woman" . . , This la whst happened ... On the plane coming dowa hi got so 111 hs hsd to stay la bedth first day ha arrived . .. On thi second dsy hs stayed lathe aua to) The gamblers have a series of similar stories . , There's the lad who was clean broke recently, who didn't hava enough coin for a gallon of gas for his ranted car . . All be had was a dime . . . Hs wsnt up to a hotel cigar clerk and bought a package ofnickel gum .. . With thenickel change he bought a chance on a punchboard and won a ten- - pot . . . With the tenner ha went ta the race track and won five races .. That night ha played tha dice and roulette games and ran It up to $18,800 . . . With a nickel! And thsa hs fsll In love . . arranged m altera with a dealer to eee that his girl "won $50" every Bight . . . Thla went on for a long spell ... At the endof the season shs ' had aaved ilsOO and ha owed fla.000! "Yew kaep staying dice," said a veteran (who once was wealthy) In a gambling spot last night "and you wind up slsspiag la tha park! Besides, svsry tlms a gambler wine four hundred the word spreads ail over town that ha won four thou-san- d and tha touchea come In bunchee. You go brake taking ears of psoplo who nssd monsy!" Paul Harrisora NOT MARRIED YET, DENIESPRISCILLA HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 10 Prlacilla Lane aald no, aha len't married. Sha aald it with Just a touch of wearied Impatience, apparently realixlng that there Isn't much a picture pereon can do about per- - tiitent rumors. Not that shs minded my asking: she wished more people would ask so shscould meks denials. Instead, they Just go around saying, and writing In the gossip columns: "Prlscilla Lans Is married to Oren Haglund." Or, "Prlscilla Lans Is telling her cloeeetfrlende that shs already la Mrs. Oren Haglund." Grand renew A former property man and now aa osalatant director at the Warner studio, Orsn Haglund la a brisk and pereonable gant whom everybody eeems to regard as a comer. About aavea months ago, while Mlaa Lane still was supposed to be mam. mi i u ii mm a, . h k -- $s&L' fol Pritcille Lena playing the feminine lead la Wayne Morris1 affsctions, tha actor had to be away from Hollywood for a couple of weeks. He waa said to have returned to And that aba waa Mr. HaghinCTs glrL Thiscreated a good deal of amused comment oa the lot because assistant directors are not supposed to go around taking prominent actresses away from prominsnt actors. "Orsn la a grand fellow." said Miss Lans. "I guess thsss marriage reports corns from ths fact that I don't go with anybody else. I can't Imagine any other reason." What's la a Name? Tour correspondent reminded her diffidently that they have been sesn together st Big Bear, a mountain resort. Miss Lans said well, that might hava something ta do with It but thst people ought to know their holidays were very properly chaperoned because Mr. Haglund's sunt unclsandbrother were always around. "And If we were married," shs continued, "how could I hide It? It would hsvs to bs on ths records somewhere. After all, my real name la Prlscilla Lans." According to bsr biographies and all ths directories of Hollywood. Prlscilla Lane's real name Is Mul-llca- of the Indianola, Iowa, s. Lola Lans. ths sldsst sister, was Dorothy Mulllcan. Rosemary Lans. ths middle sistsr, wss Rosemary Mulllcan.Their mother, Mra L. A Mulllcan. lives In Holly- woodwith Rosemary and Prlscilla. The latter talked In odd momenta betweenseveral quick costums changes on atest stage. She waa making wardrobe tests for "American Family," a sequel to "Four Daughters," which again will Include ths Lanes and Gale Page. Prlscilla hss been outfitted with crisp, feminine frocks, but her personal tests runs to sweaters and slscks. Rscently a atudio executive called her In and advised her to dress more like a motion picture star whlls out of ths studio. "I don't believe It's anybody's business what my personal plana are," aha said.Than shs proceeded to elaborate on them: "I'm not ready for marriage; I'm too young to be a housswlfs." (Shs Is 21.) "Oh, I don't mean I'dgive up the screen, but I do believe that marriage Is a career In Itself. Work Interferes "When an actress Is just gsttlng startedshs must work so hardand has so littls time that shs cant give marriage a fair chance.When she gets to the top she doesn't hsvs to make so many pictures. I'm not msking any predictions, but maybe in four or five years" Mias Lans waa reported married to Wayne Morris when they were going together, and, of course, shs hasbeen rumored engaged several times. "When I do get married or engaged, I'll tell everybody about It," she promised. "No. I don't believe It harms an actreas' popularity." Prlscilla has a family prscedent. however, for her sistsr Rosemary also goes with an assistant director, Dick Mayberry. 'A xSIa FRIDAY II JANI WITHERS I St "AKIIONA WIlfJCAr p I T ) 1 J I I bTAHlS 1 vf liee ill TODAY U'ssiliiLA rV?i msB'S! CllirKFN'V &SvA KTVfl Oteatee Term grace -- Ba. a-- . . . B. J gest aesetstls tiao YV . . nrt ej'iV.w-- a "- - CAnatm-ncTHfMji- , iinui fiiinniif. m M M1afaVBrWsTaTsi' 1 Jmmm 1 mmThm " '' in mils' 631 r 1 1L I j.V Imm's . BILL" . : .sVawg mmmi Dlckiei jiviriGS ciH ItueuavyL! 1 ' i 1 - T Last Twe CLCrE PttNT zXiz ! CEHAViLLND I pav xflaekleSeny mos "o.i a scena -1 frli1 BROS. BAB ACT a LBOKB Novelty Swine a ni oTHKa acra SCRREN ALL NEW TODAY VIRGINIA BRUCE MIEN 'LOVE IS youNG ALSO ZuriGmtrt rut UfgSF'jfl now! i h jHK "tor 'firTiiW SLAVK" kVwnjusy nC'SURCEBECRV T PORT OP SEVEN SEAS" ms FRANK MORGAN MAURIIN CaULUVAM Jf -a- lso- i "FAST COMPANY" Melvra Ueaslse. Slireaia atari uhuri' SWElL ROMANCE WITH 1 1 Q v v 10TS op act ION II jT m''i-r1-RICHAR- D NANCY tf,"SttvLSL. ApJj fJ"NHataTfvioH iM,0NT7iml just AROUND U Hi THE CORNER' J I LAST JAMES CAGNEY PAT O'BRIEN I DAY! ; in "ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES' ,ittflj lj &.Y$201nCash iTQ Ifor kest On. eadl I Martha eostaaee I m Aju " lAVi Tl Washington'g f l k Birthday I k Bk DANCE K f TONIGHT iTV Free Bala, Boras, I gl Ballooaa, I la l Serpen Uae "laiee ISe Oealsllc k "1 anlil i:is p. sa. vl Thereafter mmT La Sie u Gents est I HCoconut Grove i Mf sSttto tt MiONrra IWU-1.iHII- II 2?YJLZlt 1 1 1 tm s"H(L 8aCHCOM8ER--- -l II Cap eed 1 I HI! hllCIISTII V TheKiek . J Diwrlml p9pU vfYwkr r tirhutl- - 1 1 111 aOVT masynifisseBiit pinfm ntt, I '9htful d)tmspKr 04 wprb cuttln f I 11111 lymrtoM rom. Cmt ny nlf hf tt tk I II I II " "e K,"fI,l'I,l Hivmt Ry I'W- - II III '' hit rtnttUt) ynw M thwwaiily I I I II Dinner dancing '-- S p. i. MonOar fill throush Wedneedar. No eover eharav. Supper danelns. Tburadar ' I 1 throush Saturday. II Mi fo eover Thuredave forDinner Oueete. f f. Waa. ISO for reeerreUoiu. OPT TOOMBM. Manaslns Director J W fkaV. I f f W ,ail LAST TIMES TODAY e 3isa3ll IV)sP?ui'MrVl frp Duwai oolobcaaimm lse o Oeee illmir Maeet at Tlial PlwaaSW Seat , O 1TABTS TOMOBBOW a BOBBY BREEN "BREAKING THI ICE" WHh CHABUI BUOOLCg a I DANCE j UNION TONIGHT MILS TAOOABra OBCHBITBA 35oc-- pu IOcLT STB (AIT sad UNION AVB. Cesae Oat aaS Celebrate WASHINGTON'S BIBTHDA 7 V K1XCSUUIIY HALL Preent rOBIUNB OaXlX), Dtreetee Friday, February 24 "CARMEN" Saturday, February 25. . . ."MADAME BUTTERFLY" (atetlnee. J 30 p. m l Saturday, February 25 "IL TROVATORE" PRICES, S1.02 and S1.53 Bos Offlcs spaas IS a. aa. Dalit at Olea Brea.Meats Ca. 14 Soata Mala I sjasaasstaaiaaaKsnasssnssjseasosasM 'if" D'NK .THOAT r Dinner 1 tn k ylbairlYOuwj Iff, jThmn STEWART JW-ZUas- lASRYMOst A. .Ji7 niiamSapf, alee I A tJaaTavwaaa leave Sap. II Hl iMSia-Caa- si fit. "Oa Meet ayiut ska atare' 'Hard to Get' Pleases at South-Eas- t "Hard to Oat,"whichopanad at the South-Ea- st thaatar In Bugar-houa- o Tuesday, la not hard to take. With Dick Pswsll and Olirta da Havllland aupplylng a somewhat h actio romaatle Intaroot and a fair ahare of tha oomody, the flka la mora than funny. Although tha emphaals of tha picture Is ea oomody, Dick Powell dooan't disappoint admirera ofhla vocal talents, for hasings twe tuneful, elavar songs. And Okvla, who Is bo stranger ta comedy (Ives a portrayal that exhibits bor versatility in both eomady and la more seriousroles. She's aa heiress, a daughter of a somewhat eccentric millionaire, played by Charles Wlnnlngsr, and he's plenty spoiled, butalso smart The whole atory revolves around her shrewd plotting to get even with Dick for an Indignity suffered at his bands, resuking In all the amusing mlsadvantaree that befallhim. On the same program are "The Little Tough Ouye in Society," featuring lflscha Auar, Mary Bo land and the "Little Tough Guys." Telegram Theater Guide SOTTH-EAS- T (Sagarheaa) "Hard to Oet," with Dick Powell. Olivia Ds Hsvilland and Charles Winninger; also "Little Tough Ouye in Society," with Edward Everett Hon on and Mary Boland. STTJDIO Tbe Beachcomber," with Cbarlss Laugbtoa, Xlsa Lanehss-te- r; also short scrssn fsaturettea. UTAH The Great Maa Votes." with John Barrymora. Peter Holden, Virginia Weldler and Donald MacBiide; also "Say It In French," with Ray Mllland, Olympe Bradna and Irene Harvey. RIALTO "Angels With Dirty Faces," with Jamsa Cagnsy, Pat O'Brien, "Dead End" kids; also Dis nsy cartoon, "Ferdinand the Bull." PARAMOUNT "Ounga Din," with Cary Grant Victor McLaglen. Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Sam Jaffa. Jttn Fontaine. GEM The Shining Hoar," with Joan Crawford. Margaret Sulla-va- Robert Young and Melvyn Douglas; also Ths Good Neighbor." CENTRE The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," with Micksy Rooney. Walter Connolly, William Frawlsy, Lynns Carver, Jo Ann Say era.Rex Ingram. TOWER (tth 8a. and Mh Eaatl "Stablematea," with Wallace Beery and Mickey Rooney; also Joa E. Brown In The Gladiator." MARLO (Sngarhauee) Mother Carey's Chickens," with Anne Shirley, Ruby Kssler, Jamas Ellison, and Fay Bainter; also, "I Am the Law," with Edward G. Robinson, Wsndy Barrls and Otto Kruger. VICTORY 'Gangster's Boy," wltb Jackie Cooper: also Roy Rogers in "Come On, Rangers." MURRAY (Murray) "Paris Honeymoon," with Bing Crosby snd Franclike Gaal; also, "Wait Disney's "Ferdinand the Bull." 8TATE "Valley ot tha Glanta," with Wayne Morris, Claire Trevor and Frank McHugh; also "My Bill," with Kay Francis snd Dickie Moore. STAR "Port of Seven Seas," with Wallace Beery and Maureen O'Sulltvan; also, "Fsst Company," with Melvyn Douglas andFlorence Rice. OLYMPUS (HoUaday) "Navy Blue and Gold," with Robert Young and James Stewart; also "Sons of ths Legion," with Lynns Overman and Evelyn Keyes. ON THE STAGE AND SCREEN ROW Oa the etaget Big Time Vaudeville with Bayiee and Lewis, Hollsp Bros, and Carl and Leone; on the screen: "When Love Is Young," with Virginia Bruce and Kent Taylor; also, Zsns Grsy's "Born to ths West." Milton Harter Studios Warn Of Screen Test Racket HOLLYWOOD, Fsb. IS (IN8-Ho- ping that for once and for all credulous youth all over the country will Uke warning, Hollywood unburdened Its mind today with a blaat at a racket continuously confronting a 3 000,000000 motion picture Industry. It waa leveled against ths Individuals and schools, dramatis, dancing and otherwise, which hold out promises, directly and Indirectly, that they are able to get their students screen teats for a fee. Executlvee of major studios msds ans point clear don't ever Imagine you're coming toHollywood unless you have a concrete offer from aa Individual atudiomade by a repro-aentatl- who hes ths credentials to prove he Is ths pereon he represents himself to be. Daaeer Rolle Cloeed Danrera particularly shouldbear in mind tha factthat there are eo many dancersenrolled now In the Screen Actors' guild and so little work forthem that therolls are closed. Seymour Felix, famous on Broadway beforehe became dance director at Twentieth Century-Fox- , went eo fer aa to express doubt that the ordinary dancing echool is of sny value In developing a film chorine. "Such schools are too formalised," he aald, "and handicap a natural dancer'a talent with rigid and worthleaa technique. "Dancing achools ara marveloua In teaching potee, ballroom dancing and keeping youngsters occupied, but when dsncing schools victimise parent by promising screen tests for their talented youngsters, svsry motherand father ahouldbetold thereal truth. No Cast Involved . "I don't know of any dancing school that can get a screen test for one of Its studsnts. Teets are not obtained that way. Hollywood studios maintain their own staffs of talsnt scoutswho select likely screen material, the film studio then preparee tha youngster and gives ths film tsst without costto ths person being teeted." Billy Grady, scout, added thia word: "A number of complaints have reached thla atudio from time to time regarding alleged representatives ofthia atudioandthese are . referred to tha proper authoritlea. p "Frequently we hear of some person or persons offsring to make tests forthisand other companies with ths proviso, of course, that the prospective actor or actreas pay for It I'd like everyone in thla country to know that when we decide that a person Is talented enough for a acreen teat tha teet la made by at no coat "whatever te the person being , tested." ? Policy Is Told Casting Director Steve Trilling of Warner Brothers aald: "We never go anywhere because of any agreement with some local drama promoter." "There la one good tssta drama student can made for himself," Trilling added. "That is this: If a ' man la a legitimate representative of a film studio, ha will have his credentials with him andhe will make no big promises. And there , Is another Important test no representative of a atudio will aak any-boa- y for fees." Robert Palmer,head of easting department addsthis warnIng: "No child ever ahouldbe brought to Hollywood or New York unices he or shshaa a aigned agreement with a atudio covering expenses, , timeconsumedand a definite promise for tests. Hundrsds of persons havediscovered to their sorrow that even a doss personalfrisndshlp with people In the film industry haa not bssn sufficient to get them Into pictures." Warning Is' Specific Artie Jacobaon, Paramount's tal- - ant head, warned particularly against one type of racketeer: "Beware of the person who wont corns out and promlss a picture lob as part of a dramatic courss, but k willleave you with that Impression," he said. "If you feel later you have been gypped, you can't take It Into court and aua because ths school asvsr actually promised anything." , All pointed out that the legitimate schools which hava furnished many screen notables nsvsr undsr any circumstance make any promises. Informing their pupils that their future depends on thslr own ability. Heed their words and taks warning and aave yourselves tlms, money and heartbreak. You can't buy your way Into Hollywood. Southern Beauty To Have Role InMitchellEpic HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 21 (INS) Alicia Rhett of the old southern family which gave Rhett Butler his name In "Gone With the Wind," went to work at theBelxnlck International studios In Hollywood today on her part In tha picture being filmedfrom the famouabook. The aouthern beauty, located by talent scouts In Charleston, S. C, arrived from barhomeland with an old-ti- saber, an heirloom ofthe Rhett family. At the station shs was greeted with a bouquet of roaea from the Rhettofthe moviesClarkGable elated to play Rhett Butler in the picture. Miss Rhett will play the part of India Wilkea. Two other aouthern bellea Babe Anderson of Birmingham, Ala- -, and Marcell Martin of Shreveport La. are already at the atudio working on their parts in the picture. Joe E. Brown Stars In Tower Film Current at the Tower theater are two lnteneely Interesting scrssn features. Ths first Is Joe E. Brown In Ths Gladiator," wherein he portrays scientifically-create- d superman, In what la aald to behis most thrilling and amusing film. Supporting him latha eastara June Trevia, Robert Kent Lucien Littlefield, Dickie Moore, Man Mountain Dean, famoua wrestler, andothsra. Tha sscond feature la "Stable-metes- ," a dramatic atory of the race track, starring Wallace Beer) and Mickey Rooney. The story concerns ths relation and friendship of a broken down veterinary and penniless etabls boy. Settlement Hinted In Coogan Suit LOS ANGELES, Feb. 22 UP Settlement of Jackie Coogsn's suit for an accounting of hla film fortune is expected to be presented March T when the case la calledfor trial, counsel for his mother and sup-fath- er said today. Coogan's earnings as a child actor have been variously eatimated aa 12.000,000 to 14,000.000. He claimed that Arthur L. Bernstein, his former business msnager and now hll stepfather, and Mra. Bernstein, his mother, only gave him $1000 whan hs came of age, Alice Faye Banned From Radio Work HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 22 HI Alice Faye was Included todsy In Producer Dsrryl F. Zanuck'sban on radio careen for soms ofhis film stars. Zanuck said he had bought up Miss Fsys's contract calling for sight broadcasts annually. Recently he announced the withdrawal of Tyrone Power from the air, sxhlbltors complained' of radio competition. So far the retreat fromthe air waves has been confined to Zanuck's 20th Century-Fo- x atudio. after hesitating, renewed until sum- merIts sgreement for a weekly radio show. Warner Brothers studio Is launching a nswprogram using Its stars. ACTOR TO WED LOS ANGELES. Feb. 22 UPt Frederio George Worlock, 62, English actor, and Mra. Mildred & Ruben, 40, former wife of Film Director J. Walter Ruben, bad filed notice today of intention to wed It will be the third marriage for each. , Warner Oland Will Contest Ended HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 22 (UP) The will of the late Warner Oland, portrayer of tha Chinees detective, Charlie Chan, waa in probate today, a contest by his brother, Carl G. Oland of Hartford, Conn, having been withdrawn. The reaaon for tha withdrawal waa not revealed. It was understood ths estate has shrunk to $4.000. Ths widow is chief beneficiary. WINS FEATURE ROLE HOLLYWOOD, Fsb. 21 W Thirteen-year-ol- d Linda Ware, who waa reared In an orphanage at a- - Steubenvtlle, Ohio, won a featured role today in a Blng Crosby picture, The Star Maker."

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