The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1943
Page 3
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r.PAGE six BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JUNK 10, li).|3 : Roberts, Canny Named Partners For TagMatch Sti'uUin' Bill Canny and Rough Red Roberts will combine their efforts in another tag match here Monday nighl at the American Legion Arena where Promoter Mike Mc- roney is offering his weekly wrestling program. Their opponents will be two. hardy citizens, Buck Lawson nnd Joe Welch nnd from all Indications.' il will lie strictly a fight to the finish. Canny and Roberts are well suited as partner's. They perform along similar lines anil If there is any disagreement, il probably Will concern only the degree of trickery to which they resort lo flatten their opponents. In other words, they're tlie sort of wrestlers the fans turn out to sec, If only to have the fun of booing. Lawson and Welch arc well equipped to take care of themselves, however, and the two mat mcanles in the other corner will not have easy sailing. In fact, many local Hint enthusiasts are of the opinion they will take the count, but that remains to be seen. The boys will warm up for the feature attraction by staging two individual matches earlier on the program. One scrap is scheduled bctwecj) Canny nnd Welch, while another between Lawson and Roberts will be on the bill. The show.will begin promptly at 8:30 o'clock. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Night games: Memphis 5, Nashville 1. New Orleans 3, Chattanooga 2. Knoxvillc at Little Rock. Atlanta at, Birmingham. I Counter Action AMERICAN LKAGUB Boston 3, New York 1. Washington at Philadelphia, night, Cleveland at Chicago, night. St. Louis 7, Detroit, 4. BK DEFEffij GITS Stengel Sends In Pinch Hitter Who Blasts Out Victory For Boston By United Press Casey wasn't at Die bal In Hos- .011 yesterday. Bul he brought lay'to the fans of Iloanlown—nnd i victory to the Braves—Just by being on the bench. Casey, of course, is Casey Slen- jcl, the manager of the Braves. ilc saw Ills team play for the first :lme this season. And lie helped them beat the New York Gtant.s. 8 lo G. Ifc didn't, help in his usual manner—by bellowing at umpires and unnerving opposing pitchers. Ills lungs were good enough, bul he had lo slay on 1 the bench' because of his broken leg. He had n pair of crutches—bul not once did he ting them In the direction of Ihe plate umpire. Here's how he aided the Braves. Boston wns on the short end of a D lo 5 score, with Iwo oul in the last of the ninth. There were two men on base. Casey wanted a pinch hitter. He looked around the dugout, nnd ordered Cliet Hoss lo grab and go up there, noss did—and he sent the scold pilch from Johnny Wlttig sall- ig over Ihc fence In ]cft-ccntci eld. Three runs crime in, and llu. \ltrock Wasn't Always h. Clown; He Was A Great Money Pitcher Aided by Mrs. Lou Oehrig, members of Brooklyn club dish oul sandwiches, autographed baseballs and stories al American Theater Wing Merchant Seamen's Club. Dodgers are, left lo right, Manager Leo Durochcr, Fred Fllralmmon.s and norm Ncwxom. Brooks demnnslrnlcd Ixiscball (ricks. Hagg and Rice Both Are Gloomy On Eve Of Competition In AAU NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston 8, New York C. Philadelphia 10, Brooklyn 8. Cincinnati- 1, Pittsburgh 0. innings. Cchcngo al St. Louis, nighl. Fight Postponed CHICAGO, June 1Q (UP)— The heavyweight bout between Lee Savold and Lou Nova hns been postponed. It ivas scheduled for Wi'lfj- ley Field in Chicago a week from Monday. Savold is ill at his home in Pal- crson, N. J., nnd can't train properly. Nova—who arrived in Chicago early this week—will rcmair there until a new date is set. Chickens Keep Away HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (UP)— Victory gardens and neighbors' chick ens simply do not mix. James C .Freeman Jr., carpenter, owner o the chickens repaired to the Genera Hospital to have a bullet cxtractcc from his leg, while Charles Bur gess, owner of the victory gardei an'd the gun, repaired to his liom to mount guard again over hi garden. Freeman refused lo prose cute. raves won, Casey had 8 to e. seen his boys gain a LOS Cal Balks Bulldo] ANGELES, Cal. (U.P.)— When Mit?,i, a cat belonging to Mrs. Anna Silvernian, became aware of the fact that she was about lo give birth to quints, she look precautions to sec lhat she and her offspring would not be bothered by a neighbor's dog thai chased her a good deal when she was still spry enough to look out for herself, to say nothing of the quints, which •wouldn't even be able to see for ntne days. So she climbed lo the roof of the house, chose a sheltered nook between the eaves of the house and from there she and the quints look down in, peace at the barking and disgruntled bulldog. irce-run lead in Ihc third in- tng, nnd then throw It away will oppy fielding in the seventh am Ighth. Casey began to wish h 'as back in his hospital bed. wher II he had to do was listen to Hi nines. But after the Braves had landed the Giants six runs, Uos iinde Casey happy with his plncl lomer. In other National League games, he Phlladephln Phillies wiped out nn eight-run deficit lo beal the Brooklyn Dodgers, 10 lo 8. The iinclnnntl Reds—with Ray Starr allowing only nvc hits—shut out he Pittsburgh Pirates, 1 lo 0, 'In 14 Innings. Max Butcher went all [he way for Pittsburgh. .The..SI. Louis Cnrdlnnls dropped n (i to I decision to (he Chicago Cubs In a night game. In the American League, the Washington Senators took an 11- hvning arc-light till from the Philadelphia Athletics, 4 to 2. The St. Louis Browns beat the Detroit Tigers In a twilight game, 7 to 4. The Boston Hcd Sox took the measure of the New York Yankees, 3 lo 1. And Ihe Ccvelnnd Indians ciefcaled the Chicago White Sox in a 14 inning night game, 5 to 3. Returns $12,0(KI Salary BOSTON (UP)—The State Treasury Is richer by $12.000. Col. Paul Kirk, on military lenve from the Superior Court bench, lias sent back his 1042 $1,000 monthly pay checks lo State Treasurer Francis X. Hurley. lly United 1'reM Sweden's goodwill ambassador o Ihe United States—Guilder Ilagg —and America's most popular run— Grei' nice-—arc all scl for heir duel at the National A. A. U. ncel tomorrow. The distance Is 5000 meters, and he latest word from both champs s filled with pessimism. Bul both ncn will be at the starting line In New York's Triborough Stadium— and they're expected to put up one of the greatest races In track history. Don't think nice and Hagg are the only attractions. There are plenty ol other stars, like Hurdler Bill Cummins ol Rice, sprinter Hal Davis of Calofirnla, nnd Ensign Cornelius Wnnnerdnm, the world's bcsl pole vauilcr. About 400 athletes will Ulsplnj their prowess In the senior events tomorrow. And the bcsl way to take a look at the outstanding contenders 1.1 to go right down the line—event by event. In the sprints, Davis spread- eagles thti field. Ho hould be able lo score a double in Ihe 100 am 200-mcler events, just as he die Insl year. Herb Thompson of Jer scy Cily and Ed Conwell of nc\ York University probably will com closest to him. Bill Cummins of Kico Is the current sensation In the hurdles— and he has n chance of scoring a triple—at 110, 200 nnd 400 meters. But Aviation Cadet Charlie Hind and Jim Ficwcger of Lawrence College will give him some opposition. Cliff Bourland o( Southern Cali- Morcom—New Hampshire's barefoot hoy—might beat him. Private Ralph Talc is the favorite in the broad jump. Missouri's Elmer Aussicker should rah the shot pul. and world ree- rd holder Hugh Cannon ought to aku the discus. Boyd Brown has he inside track on the javelin and Iso Ihc hop, step, and Jump. And Icnry Drcycr'of the N. Y. A. C, ooks best in the hammer ' niid veight throws: There's one event we've lefl out, md Hint's Ihe five thousand meters. )on'l ask us to predict the winner, iccausc It's a toss-up it ever there was one. Never before has a major ace fieen run in which the condi- ,ion of the contestants hns been sc i of a mystery. Either one of the two co-favorilcs might be un- ablc'lo last the distance. Both have liad an extremely hard time preparing for the race. Will Ounder Hngg live up lo his record-book clippings and beal hi rlvnl to the tape? Or will Gre Rice's competitive ability bring, hln his liBlh straight victory? Your guess is as good ns any. To Study Pro Grid Problems Official Estimates More Than 5,500,000 Fish Trapped In Bar Pits L1TTLK 1JOC1C, June 19,—Arkansas' Game and Fish Commission has launched one of Its largest fish rescue drives In history, Tom EJ. Mull, assistant .secretary of the commission, said Fr.idny, revealing Ihal Ihe flood waters have trapped more Ihan 6,503,000 fish in : ihc state. I "We anticipate the heaviest fish rescue work in the .history of the commission," he said. "Work has- alnuidy bri;un on the uptxr reaches of the Arkansas, and al rtusscllville we have about completed our work The work will be carried oul 01: Ihe White, St. Francis and al slreams and lakes in Ihc Delia." Mull said thai when Ihc floo< waters forced the fish oul of llu channel of the .slreams Ihal mil lions of llicin were lefl in the ba pits and bayous, which must be .seined lo prevent Ihc fish from being suffocaled. "Springtime is spawning time for the fish and the fish do not follow I tic wnler buck when the flood recedes As a result Ihe fish and millions of fingcrlhigs arc lefl in Ihe bar pits. Game wardens and rescue sunads arc searching Ihc flooded areas for the bar pit.s." When ibe fish are rescued, Lhcy C RAY SON S lly IIARKK GIIAVSON Nicholas Allrock Is known lo fans if more recent years as n base- mil buffoon, but he wasn't always i clcwn who required no makeup. Nick Altrock, son of a Cincin- lall shoemaker, was one of the great left-hand money pltchcis "Altrock was one of Ihe slyesl jllchers I ever saw," Fielder Jones, leader of tlie Hilless Won- 'tei's, once said. "He has a cork- ,ng curve, a change of pace, remarkable control, a heart bigger than the loving cups that are his cars. The tougher the spot, tlie better he worked, physically and menially, lie was a Rne fielder and had the mast deceptive move to first base Ihc game ever knew." With Los Angeles In 1901, Altrock deliberately walked seven batters nnd then picked them off first base. "It was the only way I could get those sluggers out," he beams, 'flic baseball world wns surprised when Jones opened tlie World Series of '06 with Altrock, his spot pitcher. Where were Doc White and nig Ed Walsh? Aitrock made up Jones' mind for him as a group of White Sox rode oul lo Ihc west side park in a hack. COLLINS SAVED TKAIN FAKE "What are you worrying about?' hc> asked the boss. Jones admitted he wasn't enthnsiaslic about Ihc prospects of beating Mordecai arc placed In the nearest/ stream. (Brown nnd the vaunted Cubs, who In 1SJ40 the commission rescued 5,500,000 fish, nnd Mull said Ihe work this year will be heavier than CHICAGO June 19 (UP) — This ever lie fare. This is especially true veckcnd is one of Ihc most cm- i in Ihc Helta- areas. About 85 per lid in tlie hLstory of the National I cent of Ihe fish rescued are game r oolball League. .fish. Final decisions regarding Ihe | Flood waters this year have cur- 943 season nuist be mndc nt meet- , tailed the commercial fish brced- ngs being held In Chicago. The [in;; program. Mull said lhat they nany war-created problems must . were able lo slock only 18,000.000 threshed out fully—because lo tcluy any longer will mean risking .arge investments. The training season Is due to start in six weeks. 'Ihe league 'is compelled to decide now whether il will conducl a full schedule, and how ninny cllies will be represented. In April, Ihe circuit met and devised preliminary plans. Jiulj events since then have shown still a lot ot work to be mffalo, instead of the 50,000,000 to 75.000,000 ' which had been contemplated. Lowly Chicks Beat Nashville In Pair United Press had established a National League record thai still stands by winning lit! games. "Don't worry any more," said Altrock, shifting his chew of lo- ijacco. "Just lei me pilch." '•That takes a terrific load oil my shoulders," replied Jones, "1 was wondering . what pitcher I'd have to waste on Brown." All rock and Three-Fingered lirown each yielded four hits and Nick won their memorable duel In snow flurries and cold, 2-1. The Sox went on to lake the set, four games lo two. Miner Brown evening his score with Altrock by blanking 'the Hilless Wonders in the fourth engagement, 1-0. 1 Following a whirl with the Louis- Nick Altrock comedian with Doc Prothro's tail-end Memphis .villc Nationals in '08, Altrock shift- Chicks turned like the proverbial cd around in Ihc minors for foui SCOREBOARD By HAIiltY GKAVSON '~NEA Spnrls Editor NEW YORK. — American sol 1 . fornia Is rated tops in the 400. And triers, sailors and marines want Joe Nowicki of Fordham shouli? take the UOO.ilIe holds the N. C. A. A. nnd I. C. 4 A. lilies nt Ihc comparable hnlf-inlle distance. Bul Don Burnhnm of Dartmouth nnd Bill Hulsc of the New York Athletic Club have the ability lo make il « race. Old Joe McCluskcy—who has more nnllonal lilies Ihan anyone else—will fight il oul with George for Ihc 3000-meler slceplcchasc. Moving into Ihe field events, one outcome is certain—and that's In the polo vault. Wnrmerrtam Is I'OK Bites "Enemy" MONTEBELLO, Cal. (U.P.)—Un- friendly nets sometimes bring tlwir own punishment. G. Newlove wns circulating a petition asking that nil dogs be confined to the premises of their owners, svhen n dog nt one of Ihc houses where he called promptly bit him. He reported lo professional basebnll lo continue Ihroiighoul the war. They get up- to-date scores and Icam standings nt American Red Cross service clubs. uascball is the most popular sport both ns n game and topic of conversation. Virtually every U. S. Army camp In the British Isles has a league with tennis named after major Icngnc clubs. American service men arc playing basebnll in North Africa. Australia, along the entire fnr-llung front, The Brooklyn there's done. Mere's the way Ihe silualion shapes np now: one learn has definitely suspended, the Cleveland Rams. Tlie Philadelphia Eagles and PitUsburgh Stcclcrs are trying to merge. And Ihe Chicago Cardinals arc on the doubtful list. Three prospcclive owners have applied for franchises. Radio and screen slnr Don Ameche wants lo start a club in Buffalo. New York. Ted Collins — manager of Kale Smith — is interested in Uoston. Both men have sent the league certified checks for $25,000, half the price of a league franchise. Art Ehlers—president of the In- ler-Slalc Baseball League — is spokesman for a group desiring lo slarl a lenm in Baltimore. The league's executive committee will consider these bids. If it approves any or all, the league may have, a larger membership this fall than il did last year. Bill Ihc franchise question is only one of many problems. Man- lower is Ihc mosl pressing. Tnerc irobnbly won't be enough players of good calibre to man nine teams -let alone all or 12. And if Irans- lorlullon conditions grow any ivorsc, you cnn look tor curtailed schedules lo eliminate travel. worm Friday night. In n twin engagement with Ihc lop-spot Nnsh- ville Vols, Ihc Chicks thumped Ihc league leaders in both games. The first match went to Memphis by a 5 to 1 count and the second eon- test by an 8 lo 4 score. The runner-up Birmingham Barons did lillle bow-ever lo improve Iheir loop standing Friday nighl. The Barons dropped a free-scoring game to Atlanta's Crackers, II to 10. Another double-killing was made by the Mew Orleans Pelicans. Tlie \ Pels downed Chattanooga twice, Inking the first game, 3 to 2 and the second, 8 to 7. The wins hoisted the Pelicans into sixth place. Tlie Lookouts dropped into second division with years before landing In the American League in '02, Altrock lost 20 games for a frightful Syracuse club in tilt Eastern League in 1SOO. Jimmy Collins of Ihc Red Sox left Allrock in Chicago in June '03 to save transportation. Nick remained among the elite onl because Jimmy Callnhnn. then . nr _ cinch to clear 15 feet, and he Do dgers may have losl to the SI. should set nt least n meet record. Corixn-al Adam Berry looks bcsl in the high Jump, although Dick- Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. dog when the latter added its bit Nashville xBirmlnghain \Ltttlc Hock tlie police that he already had been ch HIIOOL.,. turned down by Ihe owner of the cll " ltan °°B» xKnoxvile ..... , New Orleans . Memphis . ..... x— Night game. 37 20 33 25 27 24 2C 25 . 27 '27 . 'J4 26 . 27 3'2 . 10 30 Pet. .040 .M9 .520 .510 .500 .4(52. .458 .308 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet New York 29 19 .604 N Washington 27 24 .529 ^Philadelphia 272(5 .509 Detroit 23 24 .479 Boston 20 28' .481 xChicago 21 '23 xClevrlnnd 23 2fi St. Louis 20 2G x—Night game. Louis Cardinnls last fall, hut llicy % . eniain ncc high as far as the \mcricnn doughboy is concerned. Members of the armed forces show i real nflcclion for Them Deanti- 'uI Bums. Boxing is the No. 2 spoil and Lt.-Cmdr. Jack Dcmpscy of Ihe Coast. Guard Is the all-lime ring idol. The long count given Cmdr. Gene Tunncy of Ihc Navy in his historic engagement with Lleutcn- niil-Coniinandci Dcmpscy Soldiers' Field In 1!)27, is one of Ihc most discussed lopics. Another is, could Sgt. Joe I/>uis beal neni|>scy in his prime? Sergeant Louis is a real champion as far ns the troons arc concerned. They respect him for Ills ability and sportsmanship. guiding the While Sox, recalled a two-hit performance he tunica in against the Pale Hose for Milwaukee in an exhibition game the year before. Following n game in which Altrock had taken a royal American shellacking, Callnhnn nskcd Colliiis if be had any surplus I plnyers for sale. curve, Altrock hnd almost as much as ver when he look another brief \mcrican League whirl for Clark Griffith and the Senators in the var year of '18, when he wns crowding 42. Altrock Is the joint holder of the American League record for chances accepted in a nine-Inning major league game by a pitcher —r.t. He had three pntonls and 10 assists in topping Chief Bender and the Athletics, 8-1, Aug. C, '04. Altrcck came along 20 years loo soon lo called Important, money for pitching. He conld use his World Series share of 51314.03 in .05, when his salary was no more than $2700. Eincc he quit pitching 31 years ago, however, his salary has averaged 312,000 and he hns made twice that amount with the aid of vaudeville and exhibition nppear- iccs and royalties from syntli- ted articles. With nothing up his sleeve but arms, Nick Altrcck. Ihe coach id comedian, is as much a part Washington as the monument. the Crackers taking place. The second game was protested by the Lookouts. It went an ex- Ira inning before Ihc Pels won out with southpaw Jesse Uanna racking- np the win. In the other Southern Association game, Chuck iHawley held orer"iourth i '" Ihc 0 ! ll! ' CMC ^ bi| SS«6e we're carrying is that bum who pitched ngainst you today," asserted Collins. "I'll gladly lenve him in Chicago to save paying his .train fare east." MADE HIS MONEY CLOWNING Altrock won 3 games and lost 30 for the While Sox the follaw- reanick's Fe.ithers I'ullcd PORTERVILLE. Cal. (UP)— Police Judge E. E. Ridgway has placed a price ceiling of S3 each on peacock leathers. He fined four boys here $10 each for pulling 14 feathers out of the tail of a peacock in (lie city park. The boys said they had been offered $1.50 for each feather. The judge al once raised l!ie ante by Imposing fines lhat made the feathers cost the boys about $3 each. Knoxvilte 'lo six hits as the Little ing th re clears- 13 and 14. in '04, Rock Travelers beat Knoxvillc, " ' 11 to 3. The Pebs scored seven times in the sixlli inning to put the game on ice. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Atlanta at Birmingham. Knnxville at LiUlc Rock. Only games scheduled. Next to baseball. spoils rate as follows among the G. 1. boys: Football, eolf, hockey, track and field and basketball. This report is brought back Irom troops. The boys me working hard, but arc miMi'iR work with wholesome sports. Corcoran pul on Ihrce-honr shows (it Red Cross .service clubs, nrmy camps, naval bases and hos- ,)itnis. Pail ol the program Ihe showing of movies of outstanding football plays tif 1042. also of lights mcascd in by Hems Armstrong and other famous American boxers who at one time or an- NATIONAL LEAGUE ' W. L. xSt. Louis 31 n Brooklyn 31 2! Cincinnati 27 22 Philadelphia . .. Pillsburgh 20 24 25 24 Boston 22 2,i .-IBB New York . .. xChlcngo . .. xNight game. 20 31 17 32 ..Kid England by Fred J. Corcoran, for- .435 nier tournament manager of the Professional Golfers' Association, who has bee]] there six mouths represent ing the lied Cross. "Many of the hundreds of fine golf courses in the British Isles arc near Army rnnius. and many of the troops who formerly caddied at home have taken a renewed interest in the game. 1 ' ?ays Fred Corcoran, who handled more thnn 200 tournaments for the P. Pel. .645 .504 .551 .520 .510 .347 G. A. many ill six years. He organized goll tournaments for the 24 and 12 in '05 and 20 and 13 in 'OC. Passing oul ol the American League in '00, he pitched in the American Association for foil years. Although his big league cured undoubtedly was cut short by his refusal to adhere lo training rules NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Chicago at St. Louis, nighl. New York al Boston. Philadelphia at Brooklyn. AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis al Detroit. Cleveland at Chicago. Washington at Philadelphia. Boston at New York. Just Say Mcilmson' HOLLYWOOD. Cal. (UP)— The name "Johnson" appears to be an open sesame if you don't mind using a not uncommon name. A man drove up to the Studio S|»rt Modes Co. licre and said he was after "shipments." Two clerks curried number ot parcels containing wo- other fought on British soil. Tom- men's slacks to his truck. "Tell the my Fnrr. the Welshman who lack-1 regular man Ihiil "Johnson' was CHICKASAW West Main Near 2Ist St. Jat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:1: NifiM shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. liiisl Time Today Double Feature "LONK STAR RAIDKRS" with Tlie Three Mcsnuilecrs "HAD MEN OK MISSOURI with .lane Wyrnaii & Dennis Morgan SERIAL: "Dirk Tracy vs. Crime Cornet!} led Louis, frequently was a guest star. A feature was n two-way sports here and picked up the dcliv he said as he drove away. Only j when the regular man arrived was I service man who an-(it discovered (lint "Johnson" had swercd n question put lo the all-j driven away wilh Sl.OOO worth of riicnce received package American cigarettes. When anyone in the audience .slumped the expert, he also received a pack. With a broad srin. Freddie Corcoran asserts thai he was stumped so often that he wound up with a sore arm from throwing cigarettes lo winners. WHO DUNNIT? ir$THEFAT£[6-A-J££BI£S! oods. Sunday & (Monday "FUONTIKU MAKSHAL nidi Nancy Kcllcy x- Kandnlpli Hen Neivs nf tin- Day C'omrdy Opcn 7:15 Show Starts 7:45 Adm. Always lie and 25c Last Time Today 'Apache Kid 1 with Dim "Kcd 1 ' Marry SKItlAL: "Ccrils of Njoka." Sclccicd Sliorls Saturday Midnight Show 'Truck Busters' with Klcliard Travis & Virginia Christine Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday WRESTLING Lc.fjion IInt, Monday, June 2!, 8:30 p. tn. Lowest Admission at any Wrestling Arena In America. NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION PRICE—Adults 30c, t»i Inc.; Ktservcd scats 15c; Children 15o. Reserve Seal Tickets on Sale at Schmuck't Standard Oil Station, Corner Main and Division. -TAG MATCH- CANNY & ROBERTS vs, , LAWSON & WELCH 2 30-min. 1-fall matches BILL CANNY JOB . WKLCH HUCK I.AWSON vs. RED ROBERTS ,,,h CHARLES COBURN..... HAITIt McOkNlEl* VNU.IMA TRACY VMLURm RUUnLLl • atutn Tin "I "••••: Futtnin • From rh« Sim Pti» fcy Mo» N«tJ «". a C«or|« S. Ktulm»o • Produced by Sim Hitr* i )BUY!0MB£\ S otV' News of the Day Selected Shorts

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