The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 17, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, January 17, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 258. niythevllle Courier Blylheville Herald lllytlievllle Dally Mows Mississippi Valley Lender TUE^DOMINANT NEWBPAl'BB Ol» NORTHEAST AIIKANUAS AND UOUTIIIiMUT MIIJ.'JOUKI tilATHKVlU,K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JANUARY IV, MINGLE COPIES FJVK CENTS SEVEN COLLI J. P. Morgan and Company Partner Scores "Panacea-Mongers" PHILADELPHIA. .Ian. n (UP) — Thomas w. Laitiont, partner In J. I'. Morgan ana company asserted today that capital in the United Stat3s Instead of being "on strike" as charged by some administration spokesmen was. in fact, the iieii![i of a "lockout." "The entire business community." he .Mild "has Hindi 1 the most itten- nmis and determined elTorts to ii-alntain the improvement tlm marked 1MO and 1937 but the obstacles in the path have been too great. "For five years"—the period ol the Itoostvelt administration — he charged, "there has been a campaign against business men and bankers and voices have been raised demanding scapegoats to drive forth into the wilderness." Lamoiil .spoke at u luncheon signalling the start of the university of Pennsylvania's bi-centennial campaign for endowment. Asserting that the need of the tiny was for youth discipline and trained in the "scientific method" lament deplored the rise of "panacea-mongers" since the depression. "The agitator," Lament said, "has little interest In the facts • . . he is not interested in the orderly processes of long and patient investigation that normally precede Hie enactment of sound law . . . business and finance have been subjected to violent attack for alleged abuses, many of wnlch .never existed." Toll Rises In British Isles Storm LONDON. Jan. 11. (UP)— A violent storm which swept tl:c Brii- li:li IS'OE for I wo days raced 1111- akaicd today, hiking a' known death toll of 12 lives. E'inl.t ,}(;•Eons died iu t;ea. Twenty lue psr-onx were missing! iiknard Die I.SL'D-toii coa-'thur ship tilanrliyil. curonic io Mna- eluf.lrr from Newport with -A cargo of coal. Authorities feared thai the Vfri- sfl liiul gone down in u>.' sinful as two oi her lifeboats and a uf plunks. apparently liau-h oov.ivi, n-i'ir- iraslied :i<)io;v 'Die (.iliinrhyd had no radio Leaving FDR's Recession Parley S-L.L>V :- :'::':V^ r*>-.: :; ;:' : ?*? IllllKJ ihousiinil T Prepare To Meel i, ers ;tt Border Anti- Smatlieis Charges Lynch Bill Opj To Politics WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 (UP)— Proponents of the anti-lynchlng oil! began a counter offensive against the senate filibuster today when Senator William H Smathers (Dem., N. J.) charged tbat the opposition was based on politics "Isn't it a fact that if the senator voted for this bill it would mean iiis political death in Louisiana?" Snmlhcrs asked Senator Allen J. Ellander mem, L A) who carried the oratorical burden when the filibusters resumed today. "My opposition goes further," Ellander said. -I'm convince pohlical equality between tin i I I KHANCIIIAI, Jan. 17. (UP) Oae | hundred thwraiid Chines,' troojw ili'uHi outer Mongolia were ri-po-l-l i ''il midy today Iu sweep wroxs 1 | Uiynaii province- to meet Hie j-ip-1 aiiEso at Hie f-asimi l;o,,|<<r. 'I lie Mongolian.-, hoped to cov.-r' quickly (he Larnn h-rrliory A u? t ciipim-ing Hie strategic eily of Palllnginlao. Chinese reports relayed lo flcinghui from irank-w said. CHInose clispalclu..s several rUivs "go reported lhat stiong Jnp.v | nest- contingents were being con- cenlraled lo-oimd iviplng for a campaign on (he border. At leant 20.000 Japanese ieenforcem«nts wore said lo have been rushed" lo the north rrom various seclio'is of China, the reports added Cliianj Maps Plans Meanwhile Generalissimo Uhi- ang Kai-shek and his northern army commanders wore mapping military operations along the f.o- Twins "\rc Horn Dead I Memphis llos])italjjj Leaving the While House after n c'miii'rcnce will] Huosovclt of combating Ihe recession. Labor U'udcr John J,cwls, left, and Financier Owen D. Young are pictured liere being Interviewed 'by reporters. Just before their urivul with other labor nnd Industrial leaders, ihc President had told n press cnnler.we Uuil nil holding companies convinced that January Civil Court Term Begins Today The January term of circuit civil court opened here today with Judge "'ill lead to social equality and social equality will bring the down- 'ajl of our civilization." State Policemen Open Safety "Sticker" Drive LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 17. (UP)state patrolmen todav clamped down in their drive against motorists who do not have safety stickers on their automobiles. All highway nfnpf»l*(r -irrap-tn,-! ,]>-i _ ** called Lungliai railroad, which enls thrcugli the center of Shantiui" _ province for a clasji with (he Japanese moving ( 0 the south. Latest reports circulated by nese sources said tlmt Tslniiig been recaptured by the Japanese for the Ihlrd lime. Bitter fighting was in progress southwest of the city, according to the reports and "must go." Lewis, spokeimim of the «raup. luid Hide to say us iie emerged. ; c races j , nc chlllese of cars Cl. E Keck of this city presiding, officers arrested drivers ui tim-i Qrly this afternoon the court In- which had not passed the Mfetv clructed a verdict in favor of [ tests. y Charles McGhee. plaintiff, and against David Baker for possession of a truck and trailer. Bradley and Partlow represented the plaintiff and Claude P. Cooper was attorney for the defendant. An agreed judgment /or $800 was entered in favor of it. p. Carter and against the Bryant Gin Company, Inc. as damages for an injury sustained by Mr. Carter while working at (lie gin. Howard M. Little of Joncsboro was attorney for Carter. A number of motions were submitted in several cases Ihis morning. Most of them were to be passed upon later. Chicken Thieves Are Active Sunday Night Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Salib-i lost three chickens stolen. last night when were putting up II" Jil|.J- I Minis em or E perate resistance. 'Hie Domel, Japanese news agency, reported from Tsinan that une Japanese column moving eastward through Shantung province toward Tslngtao.jhac occupied', Kiaoc gtao.jhacL occupied', KiaochoiS A'dfiinm 'was' piftceedlh? atoiife proeeedllig along a railway in line will) another force moving south from Tsl.ig-, „ ..„ tao, it was .said, and a Junction' iwrtmcnt Investigator, told Hie Investigator Says It Was Started To Find 'Leaks' . In Departments :.:->. >.-iU _i—V;Sto/* v ,,^ WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. (UP)— Louis R. Cilavls, former Interior de- v.-ould be effecled soon. Bailey Delays Decision On Clemency Petition ate public lands committee today tlmt wire tapping of department elephones was started after he dls- cur.sed with secretary of Interior Harold L. fckes leakage of confl- dcntlai Information. | Qlavis denied that the White to one of life imprisonment - ,..„ ,.„,.„, Attorneys for Sims, in presenting some one stole them from their 1 tlle leniency petition, charged tin- poultry house In the rear of their favor al)lc publicity over the prison- home, 124 East Kentucky avenue er>s axe slaying of his wife in At the John Durham house, fi09 Sallnc county May 9, 1937 prevented South Lake Street, (here were six j a falr tria l- Attorneys for the state, in opposing (lie petition, charged that Sims received a fair Irial and the fact Burglars Take Liquor From Crosstown Shop 'Hip Crosstown Liquor shop was burglarized, two gallons of liquor nnd several- smaller bottles being : lolen, early Sunday morning. The gluss of tlie front door was broken to gain entrance. The theft was discovered about 4 o'clock by a newspaper carrier who notified police. Patrolmen Dick Potter and Lee Warrington, who Investigated, found that a rock had been used to break tlte glass before the door \v»is unlocked. Wins a Prize, Sues a Million (UT6UI BURNS _ I don't believe this depression would be half as bad If people would null talkin' about it. Some of these |x>!ltlca) speeches make anybody uneasy. The other nlgiit my uncle went to hear one of them fellas lecture and lie painted such a bad picture of our .economic condition that my uncle got panicky. He ran home nnd got his wife's diamond ring nnd took It down to the Jeweler and said "I've Jest got to raise some money and I want you to take this diamond out and sell It and put in a Imitation stone," The Jeweler said "I'm awfully = ._ _„„„,. sorry but I done that for your j suing" "sponsors "olfthe"' contest wife a year ago." ,__• Peaceful Smoke Ends In Shattering Blast • REGfNA, Sask. (UP) — George Lowry, town constable of Woodrow. Sask.., filled Ids briar pipe and settled back In his chair for n that he admitted being intoxicated peaceful smoke when Hie crime was committed «as j suddenly a loud blnst sha' Approves Appropriat i o n Measure; Expect Sup- piemen lal Appeal . , -- .-_ :;-y WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. (UP) — The house appropriations committee today reported u $5 nnvy department supply Hie HIM fiscal year, including funds for construction of two new super dreadnaiights and 20 other warships for national on the sens. The appropriation wns $2fi,72:i,- 180 over navy funds for the current fiscal year bill $11,139,907 tinder requests of the budget bureau. The .supply Mil is expected to Nnv York, Clevelniicl Mny, or,s lJrj><> Assumption < f Responsibility WASHINGTON,, Jan. n. ,()!>) -- ' Mayor Morli-llo l.nOiiardla of New Vork ami Mayor Harold n. llinlon of Cleveland twluy upiK'ulccl Io the federal government Io assume re- sponsllilllly for einployuuMit of [Ilioiisiinds made Idle by Hie Ijiisliu-ss I recession. I "I want to .suggest another public 1 works program," Iddimnlln wM, "(hat would help Ihe heavy goods Industries." "Meanwhile business and ' Industry should adjust Itself to cooperate wllh the government Io malnlnln sales when ferternl spending Is i>nd- ed HKaln." "We should fix Iho worklm; day and work week," UiCllianlla'snld, "on a flexible busts to provide for local conditions." He urged uniform child labor and social security Inws. This he suld "would boll the problem dou'ii (o the iniejiiploynbles who always will be with us. You cnn't httve 1:10,1)00.001) people and not hiiVo miem|)loyables." liurlon offered the rollowliiu: Sliiiiulnllon of private employment by 11 policy Hint, will "stabilize public confidence by ndopllnit- a program following rensoniiWe course and lending (o an Intelligible conclusion." 2. Continuance of and expansion of the Works Progress Administration program Io provide for nil em- ployables. 3. Adoption by states and local governments of prominent social security and public assistance programs. MKMPIIU). ,lan, n. (UP)—Phy- si'. .(ins 111 M Joseph's hospital rc- venli-d lodny Ihiil "Hinmi;,e twins," .nui »l biitli, were bom Id a tuiiiiK M''liiplil« imillu'i- yiMenlav. 'llii- were jnlnvd, dijo l» In.-.'. 1.1 Hi bill for .. HOCK, Jim. 17 (UP) — Altorneys for Lester \V. Urockcl- luirst loday submitted u petition for permission to seek n writ of conuii nouls to-the stale supreme court. Delay in this submission will slay .selling of Ihe dutu of the youlliful convicted slayer's exccn- lion nl least a week. If the high tribunal grants the tl'inf ucfs\>f f n m~ n.„ ii T, . I Bov Struck By Sherifl's Car Sustains Broken Leg OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 17—Bobble Frnnler, Jive-yenr-old son of Mr. and Mrs. liobcrt L. Prnzlur, living («o miles west of Osccolu on tlie V. I 1 . Wlulon place, suffered a broken leg and slight scnlp wound when accidentnlly struck by nn nti- tomoblln driven by Sheriff Hale Jackson on Osceola's main street, be followed lids week by n supple- Hale avenue, late Saturday after-' - ' " "- ' loon. Saturday was the fifth birthday mcntary message Irom President Roosevelt requesting authprlm'.lon beyond the $553.200,484 figure to disposed of lortiiy. no ground for clemency. ten commonest causes for students i flunking out in their examinations. \ SlOCK Time is given as the only cure | ' Pilling" is classed as another j NEW YORK, Jan 17 common cause. ' Ihis pipe, scattering ashes, tobacco WPA Spends $2,600,000 land bits of pipe around the room. Constable Lowry had somehow it In State In 17 Months LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 17. (UP) — Stale Progress Administrator Floyd Sharp revealed that, n total of $2.- COO.OOO was spent for construction In \VT/\ projects In Arkansas from (UP) _-'J«'y I, 1935. through Nov. 1937 Wew York Cotton Stocks drifted lower in fjiilet No esilmate of Ihe tolM mileage ! ing. Utilities met liquidation but involved wus released, but Sharp ' most other groups reacted on reall- sfi ' c ' work Imcl been done in 59 of NEW YORK. Jan. 17. Cotloti closed steady. I open high low close Mar 851 B53 848 850 May 857 8CO 854 July 861 874 860 Oct 869 871 807 I Dec 872 875 871 j ration. [A. T. & T. ... (UI'J—i Anacomln Cop. of Hobby, whose mother hnd given for himself. In his JDV. he started carry out a program In make 'ilm two nickels Io purchase n gill American Heels second Io none fltloat. The house will begin con.sWer- Ine I lie measure tomorrow If the trcnsmy-posloiTicc supply bill ;s Io run across the street to make Ills purchase find ran from between two cars directly in the pnth ol Mr. Jackson's automobile. Mr. Jackson, wlio had Just bucked out from the curb In front of Mnssen- Klll Drug .Store and .started down the street, Immediately carried him to the office of Dr. C. M. Harwell whero X-rnys showed n transverse fracture nbovo the knee of the left '"". and a slight scalp wound. After receiving treatment, he was taken to his home by his parent. 1 ; and Mr. Jackson, ills condition Is satisfactory. 'Hie accident, occurred at (he busy rush hour of Salurdriy afternoon's business Just before dark. According to witnesses, the accident U'.TS unavoidable. bu'iisl luine surKtiiii .Mild DC liHfcv- ni t . iii:,t ilm,. known to M'li.iii'i' Unit "Hiiiniesc vi' l,,n 5o1n,',l In r.irii •d il w medli'td twins" Mast ".Sliime.'.r Iwlns" Imvn joined nl DH- hips or al the il tlie spine, 'he snlcl. Cai'Mir, nn Brockclhurst's Attorneys In Petition For Writ Of LiTor Covani Nobis Sunday, Near Driver, Mosl Serious Near Here iii Months Two dead nnd seven Injured la Ihe toll of the highway accident yi'Meiduy iilternoon which was the nio.-.t fx'rlous truillc tragedy Involving Illytlicvlllc people ivlilch .'i. mnnnger of the uilliwestern Bell Telephone com- puny here, was Inslanlly killed nnd Mrs. Blllle Hurst, owner of lilllie's Iteuity slio]), died wlUiln a few mmute.s after two cars collided at Driver, 23 miles south of here, at 3:30 o'clock. The most seriously injured nre: Harold Siulbury, 21, son of Mrs. J, Cl. Sudbiiry, Venion Ducr, 32, of I'lllsliurgh, PH., W ) 10 wns em _ ployed here toinporaiily, Hal Moi 1 - Bnn, 37. who came hero from Memphis four monlhs ago, and Miss Mollle Fisher, 22, formerly of Wynne, Ark., who hns been em- . ployed here; moiling, Mr. mid Mrs. for the past six clovis Crockett licimlsslon to Ille the cllmrst will likely be Diock- In nnd young diuiBhter, Mary Allec, foi-iiierly of here nnd now of Wilson, were Ics:; seriously Injured. They were In the second car. Recovery K.v|)tclcil Physicians announced this afternoon tlmt the iiirce men, who are at the Blythevllle hospital, are expected to recover unless compll- """ develop. Mr. Smlbury, who Lnnokc county circuit court on the sanity question. Tlio supreme court nlllrmcd the decision of the Phillips county circuit court In the,, case In which Frank Bell was rendered u judgment ,qf $500 ngamst the Helena wliolcsnle grocery company for Injuries sustained when Iho concern's truck struck n vwigon mi which Uell wns riding, Tlie courl lield (hut Bell was Injured while the Iruck driver Wllllnm T. Lnw- liorn "was In prosccullon of business" for Hie uraccry corn- puny. Denim Works 57 Ycora ' MALDEN, Moss, (UP)—Dr. Edmund R. Brown, nonrlng 81), lins retired after 57 years us, a dentist. One of his enrllcsl, assoclnles was Dr. Wllllnm T. o. Morton, fumed ns tho physician who first administered oilier for nn operation. Envoy Posts Up : on Rough Seat 857 862 810 875 1 Assoc. U. (;. Beth. Sir-el Boeing Air Chrysler . . Cities Service the 15 counties. It was announced 14C !-2 that much repair work was under- j 35 taken in Ihc program. However, n p ... n 7 3.4 majority of Hie funds was expended I O3VS llltieSS I rCVCntS 03 1-2 Ol) »ew construction. 34 1-0 Tlie largest single expenditure GO 1-2 wn s i" Fort Smitli where all pro- 1 7-u jecl.s were for hard surfaced nia- Spot.s closed steady at SCO off 3 I Oen - Mot ' 'Int. Harvest. Coca Cola 124 S-4 terlnl. The total was S452.5C5. Oen.. Eloc 437-3 Outstanding projects In other • Mont.gomery Ward Phillips Pet. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. n (UP) -Cotton futures closed steady to-, ! s'di'enlv' nisi dai. March was up one point at ISL '"" """• "'""'' unchanged at 873! t ..j towns were: Batesvllle tall hard G7 ;( . 8 surfaced) $91.691; Cnmden. 538,913; 35 i-3 DeQueen, $24,100; E! Dorado. 542.- N Y Central .. IB 3-4'•"*'• Forrest City (all hard sur- Pnckard '.'.'.'.'.'. 51-4 fac «f>. $117.127; and Helena. Kadio 39 1-2 25 1-2 Expenditures by districts were: Number uere one point The sweetness of victory turned sour for 16-year-old Marian Shadley, above, when the prize she won in a Chicago community beauty contest turned out to be a S5 liquor certificate. A non-drinker, Marian and her father declared her feelings were damaged a million dollars' worth by laughter, hoots and ridicule of the theater audience when she was given the award. Now she's iF67 and other nu higher. open high | 0(v closi; Mar 863 867 863 867 May 870 873 8GB 873 July 873 877 Oct 880 881 _ Dec 882a ... ! Spots closed steady j changed at 876. I 872 878 877 882b and un- May July May July open high low 97 3-8 98 1-4 97 ,. 8 .4 Vac. SW. Oil X. J. Texas Corp. .. U. S. Smelt. . U. S Steel .,. 22 1-4 number one, two. Newport, $109.022; Camden, $370.210; ]5 5 . 8! number three. Little Rock. $1.085.- r,ci i 555; number ; $764.830. four. Fort Smitli. ,;o 1-4 B1 '- 4 9I l ' 2 Chicago Corn open high M 60 1-2 GO 5-8 Cl Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111,. Jan. 17. (Ul'i—Hogs: receipts, 15.00. Top. 8,75 Heavy weights, 8.50-8.65 Light weights, Y.75-8.50 Bulk sows, 6.25-6,65 Cstiliv receipts, 4,500 fleers. 6.00-8.50 Slaughter steers, 5.75-11.25 Mixed yearlings, heifers. 0.50-7.50 .Slaughter heifers. 5.50-9.55 lleef cows, S.OO-O.Ofl Cuttors and low cutlers, 4.00-1.75 close Ti'.e North Sea, fifth largest .^a CO 1-8 In Hie world, has an average drpth low 60 60 5-8 CO 3-4 of 300 feet. Reception of Delegation Leaps To Death From Memphis Hotel Window MEMPHIS. Jan. 17. (UP)—A man, Identified as B. H. Low of ffarriman, Temv. leaped to his death from the eleventh floor of the William Len hotel today. His body fell onto an automobile, which was parked In front, of the hotel. It then bounced Into the street. Scores of persons, hurrying to work, saw the death leap. LITTLE HOCK, Jan. 17. (UP)— Governor Carl E. Dnllcy today refused to receive a delegation from the second congressional district seeking a special elecllon to fill the vncaticy left by (lie resignation of Senator John E. Miller of Scarcy. The governor In deci:!-. ing against seeing Ihe delegation! said his physician had advised him to limit his work on return to the statehonse lo the shortest period possible. Atlaclies of the governor's cif- lice said the chief executive would set a date within the next few days to receive the delegation mil discuss the problem of a special election In the district. Owl beetles carry a pair of conspicuous eye-spots on their backs to frighten their enemies: the real eyes are quite small. Everj' four years enough newsprint is wade for a strip ns wide as a newspaper and long enough (o reach to the sun and back. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, cooler tonight; Tuesday partly cloudy. Memphis—Fair and colder lo- nighl; lowest temperature. 40 to 40; Tuesday partly cloudy. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 07, minimum 36. clear, according (o Samuel P. Norrls, om- j clat weather observer. It's a rough seat that John Cudahy holds as he clears a slone wall on this hunter at Punchestown, Ireland, above, and the seat he holds as newly- was at first believed to be critically Injured, was Improved today. Mr, Ducr, who became worse (luring Iho night, was also Improved today and Mr. Morgan's condition la slightly better than the others. Miss Hires, ..whose .'neck ivas broken and her chest crushed, iww' dead when -passing motorists pulled her from the car. Mrs Hurst's entire liody. was broken ?.nd minified and she had « .-severe scalp wound. . Mr. Smlbury has' a concussion of (lie brain and lacerations of llii! sculp and on his .back, below the right shoulder. Mr. Ducr lias Internal Injuries, a crushed chest, and several fractured ribs. Mr. Morgan hns four fraclurod ribs and an Injury in the region of his left kidney.' They are at, the Bly- thevllle hospilal, where they we've brought in Holt ami swift am- biil.inces. Miss Mollie Fisher, who was also brought to the hospital here, was later removed to the Memphis Baptist hospital. She has n. fractured right leg; and her riant knee is dislocated. Mrs. Crockett has a broken chest bone, severe cuts and bruises. Mr. Crockett, who is manager of the Lee Wilson service station, received a scalp wound and less serious cuts and bruises. Mary Alice, vho wns riding on (he rear s.e;\t, eccived only minor ;;:r?tche3 fcout the face. After first aid treatment was given at Osceoia Ihcy \vcrc removed to their home. Mechanical Defect Blamed Tiie tragedy \ias either caused by a tire blowing out of a defective left front wheel, it was believed after an investigation. Mr. Mor- who was driver of the party of six enroiitc to Memphis, told the slory from his lied at the Blythevllle hospital. He said lie believed tlie left front wheel became defective as the car suddenly swerved to the center of the road and that he could )>ot conlrol it. Tlie Crocketts' car, which was coming north from Wilson, was struck on the left front side by the Blyllievillc car before either driver could apply brakes in time to prevent the- accident. Mrs. Hurst's car overturned twice before it fell on its side in a ditcn. This car was practically demolished. Tlie Wilson car. which had its front end crushed, did not overturn. Funeral Services Tomorrow Funeral services for the two young friends will be lield tomorrow, "'tfs for Mrs. Hurst will be held at 10 o'clock at the home of Miss Allyce Nelson with the Rev. H. I/.nn Wirle, ""tor of First Methodist church, officiating, and (lie remains c-iji be taken to Oloha. Hiss., near Hattles- I-nrir. for burial Wednesday. Pallbearers will be: W. B. McMullin, A. H. Wallace. Victor SUIwell of Camden, Bob Owyn, ROJ- Nelson anci Dr. P. I,. Husband, Cobb Fu• 7 j Yi "7 jo — — uml ur - r - i'- nusoanci, cooo FU- appoinled Urn ed Stales minis- | neral home Is In charge of funtsrat ter to Ireland is no cinch either, arrangements. Th c Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor Ireland, .Gaelic incidentally, is ' or the constitution ended the 15-year- old Irish Free State, gives Ireland mucli greater freedom < from British dominance. ^ Tuesday afternoon, two o'clock, at Ihc First Bapllst church. Burial will be made at Maple Grove cems- Oontlnued on Pags 3

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