The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on May 23, 1920 · Page 19
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 19

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1920
Page 19
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tCowtf of Appeals District of ohm Ma Prit The Chief Jostle Mr JoaiixM Eobb and Mr Justice Van OrsdeL - Admission Carolina Hall Masoo Thamu G AValah and Bartoa A Bao Jr - j No 2388 Trimbls ys Anaya Jnrtgment f - flrjned wita cost on authority of sectloa 2 of rule 18 No 1299 la re Duncan petition lot re - aearlajr denied No 12W French Battery and Carbon Oom-Iny No 1299 PrestoUte Company ts yrencn Battery and Cartxn Company renewal of mo - JBon for rehearing denied No 18816 Btlggn vs Bnronlotr et iaL motion for rehearing denied No 13310 Caldwell vs Hopkins motion for rehearing denied opinion and decree modified o as oSdlvide costs equally between appellant and appellee Adjourned from day Jo day Supreme Court District Colombia EQITY DIVISION 1 Chief Justice McCoy Miller vs Miller rule returnable May 28 KaintHTs attorney SVV Gnsack Higdon vs Hisdot temporary alimony awarded Plaintiffs attorney T M Baker defendants attorneys J C Foster and L O Grossman Bayne vs Hackleyr rule returnable May 28 Plaintiffs attorney Thomas M Baker Assignment for Monday May 24 No 278 Capayas vs Capiyas on trial Attorneys Thomas Patterson Quigley Williamson No 333 Klklns vs Elkins Attorneys DongliiR Lambert No 363 Cnorley vs Balllnger Attorneys Bell Marshall Kice Sullivan No 341 Cogswell vs Cogswell Attorneys - Downing Stafford Jt No 419 George vs Taggart Attorneys J 0nr Jeff ords Dutton Sherier Sleman EQUITY DIVISION 2 Mr Justice Bailey Roberts vs Ruben sale confirmed and S V Gusack and Julian W Whiting appointed trustees to convey Plaintiffs attorney S V Gusack Assignment for Monday May 24 No 268 Equitable Surety Company vs National Capital Bank of Washington Attorneys Bradley Marlow Bell Marshall Ulce No 404 Ellison vs Ellison et al Attorneys Jeffords Dutton Donovan Heller In re lunacy of Mary E Lapham Attorneys Whiting Sullivan No 398 Jackson et al vs Lomax Attorneys Porter Wilson Williams No 410 Walker vs Klncheloe et al Attorneys Scott Bell Marshall Bice Gert - inan No 412 Klotz vs Klote et aL Attorneys Brandenburg Leckle Cox Sherier No 483 Beach vs Beach et aL Attorneys Flynn Gusack No 416 Shughrue vs Shughrue et al Attorneys Grossman Miller - No 418 Pryor vs Pryor et al Attorneys Gusack Newmyer No 420 McKitrick vs McKJtrick et al Attorneys Hawken Havell Turnage No 422 Montero vs Montero Attorney Bailey No 422 Jost vs Smith et al Attorneys Hegarty Flynn Quinn C1HCOIT DIVISION 1 Mr Justice Hits No B59 Humphreys vs Copeland trial Attorneys Gusack Darr No 195 DeMarr vs Washington Railway and Electric Company - Attorneys Jackson Whlteford i No 411 Notes vs Washington and Electric Company Attorneys Newmyer WMteiord No 287 Burke vs Anacostla and ro - toman Klver Railroad Companf Attorneys Lambert Yeatman Whlteford No 2T9 Beavers vs w miuoi smT Ordnance Company Attorneys Shlnn Bcnics Fotev ONeill Chamberlin No ii99 Smith vs Redman West Davis on Whiteford Attorneys CIRCUIT DIVISION 2 Mr Justice Slddons Assignment for Monday May 24 No 556 Cronan vs Cronan Attorneys Hlnton Cox Peter Hogan No 304 Marranes vs Burr Attorneys Offutt Imlay Darr Whiteford Darr No 332 Dickinson vs Washington rest Attorneys Canisi Johnson Lambert No 32 Riley vs Capital Traction Company Attorneys MeriUat Sholes Hogan No 34 Swift vs Musher Attorneys Jones Wells Hogan Donovan OBIMINAL DIVISION 1 Mr Justice Gould Asslenment for Monday aiay United States vs Philip S trial Cockrell on At - At Iflntwood lot 181 itaoea Bcall to Pol and Fanny Scallaf HO v 8421 and M33 fteorrta are mrr sonar 8089 lot mMArgaret Mlnnhsn to Nornun A Cos ion jiv r t 2148 N it mr squaw 69 lot lfig Marearet Mtnshsn to Samuel S and Bay B upper - i CRIMINAL DIVISION 2 Mr Justice Stafford Assignment for Monday May 24 In re estate of Timothy Brosnan torneys Gardiner FergUBon Johnson No 10 J M Stein Co vs Sexsmith torneys Giesy OBrien No 28 W Marr vs Flatter Attorneys Finckel Brewn Marshall No 57 Totten vs Edwards Attorneys Pretzfelder Nanck No 59 Gary vs Evans Attorneya Teat - man Mather No V60 Suit vs Falnberg Attorneys Grant Koenigsberger No 61 Bean vs Brothers Attorneys Jttan - No G5 Baden vs Rosenthal Attorneya Heideman Stein No 68 United States vs Potomac Electric Power Company Attorneys Mason Sherrier No 69 Dyson vs Congressional Sight - Seeing Auto Company Attorneys Colvin Turnage No 72 ONeale vs Colbert Attorneys Cralghill Glbbs Colbert No 77 King vs Stinson Attorneys Bnrk - Jirt Jeffords Dutton No 9Vx ilarsnaii vs waBmiiKiuii n and Electric Company Attorneys muh Sherrier No 55 Dugan vs Kldwell Attorneys Wheatley Lee No 9 Casbarian vs Jacobaon Attorneys Giesy Tobriner Graham BANKRUPTCY DIVISION Chief Justice McCoy In re Bartholomew F Smith report of special master ratified DISTRICT DIVISION Chief Justice McCoy In re condemnation for Anacostla Park hearing continued to June 12 In re opening of Webster and Allison streets continued to June 5 PROBATE DIVISION Mr Justice Bailey In re Priscilla E Barkley supplemental petition filed Estate of C G Aufrecht will dated August 27 1903 filed with codicil of November 22 1911 Estate of Arthur B Suit petition for letters of administration filed Attorney H A Grant Estate of Adelaide C Beall order of sale Attorney S V Hayden Estate of Isidor Grosner order appointing Sylvan S Grosner guardian ad litem Attorneys Tobriner Graham Estate of Eliza B Seltman petition to transfer bonds Attorneys Toomey Toomey Estate of Ttlphon Provost petition for letters of administration filed Attorneys Minor Gatley Sc Rowland Estate of Cephas H Sinclair - will dated April 3 1912 filed with codicils of December 27 1812 and January 19 1915 Estate of George F Pyles win admitted to probate and letters testamentary granted to Mary C Pyles bond 1000 Attorney George C Gertman Estate of Stuart M Leitzell order to sell nromlssorv note Attorney R B Dickey L Estate of Denis W Cherrier letters of administration granted to Marguerite Cherrier bond 2000 Estate of Martha S Gant order of publication Attorneys Wlnneld it Gillin Estate of David W Phillips letters of administration granted to Jennie A Phillips bond 400 Attorney A D Smith Equity Suits Truin aifT South of Tennyson at irest of a1 mrj square 2006 lot 82 haries B Winarfl to Julian H Ingraham 810 Thirty - fifth pL se between B and tf - square 5454 lot 19 North Handle Highland Juliah H Ingram et nx Eleanor to Kennetn O Robinson 10 North of Dlx at east of Stxty - nrst st ne equare 5260 lot 10 Alice - P Bemmicx w Mattie Jones 10 O st sw between Ninth and Tenth ata square 384 part lot 26 Minnie Brown to Andrew I Chappelear etnx Winnie E 10 O st sw between Ninth and Tenth sta square SS4 part lot 28 Minnie Brown to Louis E Gates et ur Gladys C - 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secure Washington Six Per Cent Permanent Building Association 2000 Square 69 lot 157 Isaac CroweU et ux Annie to National Savings and Trust Company to secure American Security and Trust Company 3500 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 1020 part original lot 7 OttoDled - rich et ux Lisette C to Chapln Brown and Henry H Bergmann to secure Oriental Bmld - - hg Association No 6 1000 Square 459 part original lot 6 Aaron Apn - Keln et ux Yetta to George M Emmerich and Douglas S Maciall to secure Washington Six Per Cent Permanent Building Association 4000t Square 8078 lot 23 Newman Zarin et Ox Yetta to Thomas Bradley and Thomas D Harper to secure Frederick W Miller 1000 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 1754 lot 22 Addis H Snow to Henry E Davis and William L Mltter to secure Jessie Kr Webster 5000 8 years 6 per cent semiannually Same to same to secure same 2300 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 1768 lots 19 and 20 Benjamin F Crown and Catherine M Crown to George W Offutt Jr and Thomas J Giles to secure M Willson Offutt 900 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Square 419 part original lot 8 Nathan Kronman et aL to National Savings and Trust Company to secure American Security and Trust Company 13000 1 2 and 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Square 2862 lot 93 Charles W Heritage et ux Katie C to Washington Loan and Trust Company to secure Equitable Cooperative Building Association 5000 Square 2862 lot 93 Charles W Heritage et ux Katie C to William K Hartung and Frank A Gibbons to secure Hartley E Truax 2500 monthly payments 0 per cent Square 2551 lot 7 Alida M Henriques to Jesse H Hedges and F Eliot Middleton to secure Charles D Weidenhamer 300891 monthly payments 6 per cent Accuse Woman of Infanticide Lynchbnrg Va May 22 Martha Carter aged about 30 is In jail here charged with Infanticide in Campbell county An inquest today decidfed that the child of the woman which was found late yesterday in a wood near her home in Fair - view Heights was strangled to death The police say the woman admitted the baby was hers but that it was born dead Russians Whov SlnjopBIoi re MdtqaWMIfes a Itforithiby - theStaifc Revalr May 22 Happy Russia has now a bloodrred chair 6 jppetry and enough blood - ted poets to eat up aH her meager crops - The newshas been broughtf rpmiBolshevia by - tlie plxilolb - gist Prqii Day id Grmnit who lf six months in tie Spalernt MOn Petro - grad and then jescaped ihto 3PmlaiuL He has ail the latest newsi abput soviet educatidn and many - - 8trilcing - f acts about thi blood - red pbetsj Commissary of Education Liunat - charsky is the blood - red poets - Maecenas Lunatcharskys has fused all Petrqgrads three high schools into a single university abolished the legal medical and other useless faculties and replaced them hy grim modernist mathematical and sociological - facultiesfaculties Only one concession is made to the arts That Is a chair of poetry The first professor of bolshevik which means cublst - futuristexpres - sionist - dadaist - azott - verse is an American - Russo - Pinri who is up to his neck in blank verse and blood In Oregon he called himself Gustav Sales in Finland Kusta Kallio and in Russia something else If Sales ever gets back to native Finland he will find a rope ready for he was convicted of slaughtering 30 innocent bourgeois during the red revolt of JanuaryJanuary - April 1918 Best and bloodiest of all the bol shevik poets Is Antonii Lebedieff He began as a cubist and has now turned azotist a Greeks - derived word meaning nitrogeneous which la supposed to express the inert placidity of iebe - dieffs verse In reality Lebedieffs verse resembles nitric acid Unlike most red poets Lebedieff is an edu Icated man His father was judge of the assize court of Kharkoff Lebedieff achieved fame by his war song beginning Dali mui otstavku Bogu which means We have sent God into retirement and which proceeda to explain that the whole bourgeois population of the suffering world1 should be roasted alive SiQulte as bloody as Lebedieff and quite as azotistlcal Is the carpenter Andrea Kossovetsky who has also been a soldier and who lost an arm desoribehow aolshavik hero b6w lb9Uffifep4s one after the otter on the edge l a quarry pit into which he hurte their corpses and how he refused to eat oir Bleep until more victima were brought The redi poitj Jurt Seminoff fought t6r three weeks in the poets battalion of the1 red army but qulpkly got jack to 1 Moscow because of ill health In 1918 ha be came known through A food - reauial - tioninsr - raids - 3n the country round Moscow hiett he slew peasants burned cabins wholesale and carried off or allowed his braves to carry off the peasants prettiest girht Belga bolshevik poet of blood is a jSpPfl thihp Lunatcharsky ees to that All poets who are not in the poets battalion are maintained by the state They get 14000 rubles ra month oj if they have been crowned bythe Proletarian Culture Clabwhich sits in the famous Morosoff palace In Moscow 18000 rubles whfereaa a mere professor of mathematics sets only 6000 rubles Copyright 1820 4IC0H0I IS THIEFS LOOT Druggist Is Glad RobBer Selected Kind Thats Nonpoisonous Evidetiy bent on the manufacture of illicit liquor a thief yesterday en tered the store of Guy Neely 300 Eleventh street southeast and stole three gallons of grain alcohoL The druggist declared that he is glad the thief selected the nonpoison ous brand for the reason that cubV tomers or tne crook will suffer ric ill effects Cured His Rupture I - was badly ruptured while llftng a trunk seTeral years ao Doctors aaid my only hon of cure Wai an operation Trusses did me nov good Finally I got hold of something that quickly and completely cured me Tears hare passed and the rupture has never returned although I km doing hard work as a carpenter There was no operation not lost time bo trouble I haTe nothing to sell but will give full Information about how you may and a complete cure without operation if yon write to me Eugene M Pull en Carpenter Better cut out this notice and show It to any others who are ruptured you may save a life or at least stop the misery of rupture and tne worry ana uanger ox an operation Bolsheyikl ITireatdn Existence of Nations Socialistic Cabinet Formed bvBraiiikg Stockholm May 22 Hjatmaf Branting Swedens firateitixen and her socialist minister has reached the peak of hie ambition He U prime minister chief of Europes only wholly socialist Cabinet - and Swedens unchallenged bonsai History rushes Just three years back the conservative prime minister Knut Hammarskjold declared a socialist cabinet in Stockholm is as Impossible as an anarchist cabinet in Washington The impossible has happened And noy - with Hjalmar Branting in power the question is not whether his lame brand of socialism will sue - cumb to a new conservative reaction but whether it will resist the storm of the extremists of the other wing who modestly call themselves left socialists but who in reality are uncompromisingly bolshevik Branting has no majority in either chamber and he is at war with the conservatives with the liberals and with the bolsheviks - The conserva - i - tives and bolsheviks wont have him at any cost and though the liberals are less antagonistic former Premier Eden declares that his party will stoutly resist dogmatic social ism Bantlng worst offense in bolshevik eyes is that he la fiercely anti - bblshevlk Thrice this year he has publicly predicted that soviet Russia will - collapse and despite Czar Trotskys victories he sticks to his prophecy Brantlnga second offense is that he has made it up with King Gustav V For 40 - years Branting and Gustav lbathed - one another - Branting the boy says history went to the famous Beskow school whither Gustav and the three other sons of old King Oscar went and Branting says legend snowballed Gustav mercilessly and blackened1 his princely eye With grim smiles Stockholms bol - shevlkis waited to see what Gustav and Branting would do when they met as king and premier Swedish custom required that the king should designate his premier your excellence and that the premier should kiss the kings hand Would Brant - ing become an excellency Would he Icissitheyalhi ixexr day ftroraiaUftherioolshevil - socialists camera rOarbfaerisloiu xiraniing as rengace was lampooneq laj - xne DoisneviiQ Tress jiwiucnijnos - caw subsidiiea and hoIsherncJ editor Stroofflu penned - the Tepigramt pnoe nranung - B nst Kissea uustavsnosej today Brantlnga nOBev kisseStlOtts tavaiflBLw So war was declared - s It is being carriedon by - programiau The bolsheviks have reiteratectheir - program of 1917 a repnblio arsinifle chamber soviet administration Jtia universal expropriation They f add the demand that Sweden expel - - from her soil Karl Liebkhechts murderer - who is living an arcadian life among1 the Iceland moss and anemones of rLidingoe Island north of Stockholm cityi v Brahtings next big Job Is to beat the bolsheviks Copyright 1820 by Edward Marahan Syndt dlcateInc 538000 ASKED OF ALIEN ENEMY SXILt UNDER CURB - a3iva3KfflIMfflSPS7lS - 5S - - SH - i mzmxzmL M - - gmrmzmtmvmm iiittleHpgr of WaRi - 4Lur - - 1 - zcmi2 x VSUllUUU9 UCU1K JUU Lcur - Sii Hew York Drug Concern JBiles Suit to Eecover Alleged ikft Erom German Firm Suit tO establish a rlolm rt A than half a million dollars against stocks of an enemy concern now held in custody of the alien property custodian and the treashrflr - nt tho United States was instituted in th1 toLinui aupreme uourt yesterday by Merck Company a drug flrtn of New York The suit was brought jointly against Francis PGarvan alien property custodian John Burke treasurer and the members of a copartner - ship firm in Darmstadt Germany Service on the alien firm is sought by publication The petition alleges that a formal claim was filed with the Attorney General and the alien property custodian by the complainant firm for 538000 being a debt owed to the drug firm by the German concern It is averred that stocks of the alien organization amounting to 3750000 were seized by the alien property custodian on April 4 1918 and May 5 1919 and sold at public auction There were more than 8000 shares of this stock it is alleged and some of it is now in the possession of Treasurer Burke The firm of Merck Company whose New York address is No 45 - Park place asks thecotirt for a decree directing the payment of enough of the seized property to defray the amount of their debt against the German firm together with Interest T T Ansberry and George T Farrell appeared as counsel for the New York concern MS7 r - stv - for MyMohihsJJmm 7VWUM virnw jhu auc niuiuIliElvu I ta o7naHevrxorK jsn - uermi - vs - jSai PariSMay2J - Althdugh ai yearvfet anda half - - has passed since thewaiJS yex oeen xeaioreu m auropeani cnun - - tss vtries andthere fs little hope AtooriirSy VVUAftSV4 Vfc AOWW 4BUibMUU0fJ loirs belnr lifted for aflongTUmhenVeVL 2 Travelers In allountrlea are - still Kgig ir 1 SS mumreu xo comply wiu mu - jiuuy ing formalities in connection with i naRsnnrta and - c - Irph lint - tli most i tfife troublesome of aU is the inslstencerif on the French prefect of police - risatV - s which promises to outlive all othefVgM formalities The visaand - the - necejiJ sity for the Americans remaining ini VAflAMAi1M JMillU - VvF i J - i ud ixivtu luau o luruuguk vu uVr - wrr - ww y - j - nunareas ot visits dally to the pre - - eieM fects office where delay reaches any tf - - rhr fmm throa linnra a nlAt s3 j I M - r vw TMvifjrr - f4 day before the signature is glvenjprjgj witnout wnicn Americans cannotisf AVPn ofiiw hAwiA i3ftfifri T1A TflHori mimui a - UtArZiir I othftp band nag na annniAA - Zi slight alleviation for travelers desirfetl lnir to malffi trurmfn W - n frvm Ji - - - - - - - - - Jr JESftJ trance to itatyr A special lylaax wnicn win be given by any ItauanHSH consulate wUI be talid forV slx - l months ss American passports which - areTV amani4A1 frit nA T3wl4 - AtM T1M ji4 Spain no longer need American visas iL although the visas of the countries toV - t - De yiBiiea are still aemandedand are ranstne1 unTinvitTiM tn tho tnimiitn J who have neglected to conform - - Witli United Slates The British - rovernv j ment has lso seen the opportunity to - gi reap a harvest from the1 tourists and j has raised the cost of British visak W to ten shillings instead of five vThe fef tourists are struck by this Inequality fJ i of charges and are suggesting here 3 - i that America and France unite iny - p raising the charges against any cottn - fS try now charging more than pre - watiiV rates for what after all is moreaii question of intenfatlonal courtesy - efei than a means of protection against t Undesirables JcT Copyriffht 1920 by the Bun and New Tertg - i Herald -IM GIVING AWAY iltk Sarah Miller ts George B Mil - UtKfW dirorce PUlntiffs attorney S No mer V Gusace o 3789 John W Bayne rs Lillian E llacklcy Injunction Plaintiffs attorney Thomaa M Baker No 3788T Ada M 8parki ts - George M Emmerich et al to snbstitute truarte Plaintiffs attorney J A Maedel No 37806 Sallle V B Whitehnrst t Benjamin W Wliltehnnjt dlTorce Plaintiffs attorneys Offutt Imlay No 37899 Merck Co ts yTaneia P Gar Tan alien property cnstodlan et al to establish claim Plaintiffs attorney T T Ansberry Lawsuits No 63707 Frances B Wood ts Bernard E Case Judgment of municipal courtfor 300 Plaintiffs attorney F W H1U Jr No 63708 Caasius L SteTens ts Walter T Eller Silas M Smith and Ue Sheetz note 5000 Plahitlffs attorneys Loylnt Haa - ner No 63709 Commercial National Bank ts Bobert E Darls certiorari Defendants at - torney Michael C OBrien No 63710 Firemans Fnnd Insurance Company Ti William N Klght replerin Plaintiffs attorney J C Adkins m W i OLA - irii Jaisat REAL ESTATE TBANSFEES Twenty - third and B sts se square 5500 lots 1 39 and 40 Bandle Highland Sngle O Harrison to John 0 and Nora N Gray 10 Sonth of B st east of Twenty - second st se square 662 lots S 800 and S01 Bandle Highlands Catherine A Bealor to James G Tackier et ex Lula M 10 2204 L at nw square 248 lot 61 Annie P Ifannion to rioyd B Whlttock 10 1120 Morse st ne souare 40L lot ft Ttn jldad Male E Offntt to Nannie B Brown 10 ovum ux nniiiini coat ux XTreaiy - iourul Be nfc - square - 4287 lot24and 25J West Wood - ridgPrJaniea B Chamberlin to Kathleen M Chanxperlin 10 OflnrwDod - lot 181 EdTraitT - BL ScMrmer et nx Mahel E t Prance BcaliaVflO Tew - r hm - Mti 3 fthf a vm S ner cent semiannnally Square 2008 lot 32 Julian H Ingram et ux Eleanor to Edson W Briggs and Kenneth C Boblnaon to eecure Chery Chase Realty Company 900 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 4287 lots 24 and 25 James B Chain - twTiln vt hi Kathleen M t Clarence V Welch and Harry B Pitts to secure Helen B Welch 1700 1 year 6 per cent semiannually Square 34 part lot 28 Andrew J Chappelear et ux Winnie E to Irrimt Williamson and Walter J Pilling to secure C R Phillips 1750 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Same to William K Harttrog and Frank A GVbbDDB to secure H N D Parker 1250 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 384 part lot 26 Louis E Gates et ux Gladys C to Irrlng Williamson and Walter J Pilling to eecure C B Phillips 1750 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Same to William K Hartung and Frank A Gibbons to secure H N D Parker 1450 monthly payments 8 per cent Same to same to secure same 250 monthly - payments 6 per cent Square 2836 lot 98 Amato Tossa et al to National SaTings and Trust Company to secure American Security and Trust Company 3000 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Square south of 153 all ot equare Perry Belmont et ux Jessie to Wilton J Lambert and Christopher H Pope to secure first mortgage 6 per cent 2 - year gold bond Perry Belmont to the amount of 200000 payable March 2 1922 6 per cent quarterly Square 2870 lots 63 and 64 Claud Bowyer to William Todd and Herman B Gasch to secure William 8 Phlllrps 2656 12 24 and 36 months 6 per cent Chichester lota 290 and 298 Columbus M Gibbons et ux Mae C to Bobert H Jtone and James Strayer to secure Generieye Lee 1500 monthly payments 6 per cent Chichester lots 291 and 292 Frederick W Hennlngs et ux Virgie A to George O Watson and Simon Bube to secure the Anacostla Bank 1500 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Chichester lots 291 and 292 Frederick W Hennlngs et ux Vfcrgie A to Bobert H Stone and James Strayer to secure GenerleTe Lee 1500 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 542 lot 54 John T Gant et nx Lillian M to National Barings and Trust Company to secure American Security and Trust Company 1650 3 years 6 per cent semiannually Same to Thomas snd William H Brown to secure Mary A Tjorsch 1150 monthly payments 6 per cent Square 4145 lot 14 Earle E Mattern et nx C Kathrrn to Charles S Mulr and Claud L1t - 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itors I gave away hundreds of pairs of overalls now I am going to give away HUNDREDS OF STRAW HATS Get measured for a suit for which you will pay only 2775 and then take your choice of a NEW STRAW HAT The hat wont cost you a penny Ready - made suits are coming down every day but even in price they will have to come down a long way before they equal my prices same quality considered and they never will equal in satisfaction and appearance a tailor - made suit How can they Made for no one in particular they are not going to fit any one in par ticular i lm IuHSmSSSP i J lrr - - ryvTfYr a T SSHssfpssBk fTga1l - 2j SHHflRp ekBaBBBBBsssHsftaW inflalr tilSsstfl iZMB jaBBBBElliPiaBBBBBBBBBBV W J WsPV UbBBBSLtT aBtalBBBBB k vk MHr sB - iiPllllliiH I BBBBBBBBBBbH JB bI BBBBBbH PLP d JKiBBBBBBBBMBlBBBBBBBBBBl l SaBaBBBBBBBBM f V 1 JbBSjT - U JGFMMNl v JbbbbbbbbB I aMSBBBBBBBBB I V I mMffTBBBBBM 5WSPBWMS - BBBBBBBBBb1 I HBBL0i jssWsallaiy HBr7 VBaK sLSbbbbbH K bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbB WMWmM ByIH Am HaslV S0Kfh aPsPsWasTli Bsl fVl - 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tailoring shop or rekdy - made house in the city Try and gef that material iiiii J suit short of 45 or 50 or even more It cant be dffiSV ftheray tried it only TO COME BACK TO ME FOR A REAJEMjS4JN Although I bought hundreds ot straw hats this will probably be t my laslweek of this offer because men have been buying suitsat a tremendous rate and my work rooms are choked With orders so I advise that you come TOMORROW or Tuesday REMEMBER YOU toTHE STRAW MrF J0 iSOLtKFEEJY FREEH tf m These straw hats are the 1920 styles No old or cheap stuff You know I would not do that They are hats that mateh In quality and style any you can find in the best furnishings andhat storesr lentjtZoftSlzesj plenty of styles We guaranlteeyou will r IUU UtS Ut yuiiuiv gy the 611 Seventh TAILOR Remember the - e fas J - V S - X MIT i Vst4Si - v - i W - 1l gr - S t - VS ffi - Vl I if yjjti5i - i - jiitf5AM - V2Trt m ftJt lfi - 3r - fz S fv f jWsvr4sae fflrstiS 8 - s - lv fraTStfjetsag - J wm pgr mam rnMfi Sl t n n 2 mm wS vVff Ft - 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