The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 9, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1934
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Servedby the United Press BLYTHEVIL THE DOMINANT NKWSPAl'EH Ob" NOHTIljSA SI' AUKANHAS AND KOUTHHAST MISKOUIU IllfflF EDITION VOL. .XXX—NO. 2&2 UlyllH'vnTj Daily News lilyllKvilli' Ccnrifi- Mississippi Vol'ey U-ailer UlythevilK- Herald l.YTIIKVlLLK, AUKANSAS. TI'I'SIIAV. JANIIAUY SINCI.K COPTICS I' 1 IV1-5 Little Rock Gun Battle ! Fr,tal to Kennett Man LITTLE UOCK. Jan. 1).—Ruins "Lefty" F.tibanto.. 28. of Kcnnett. j Mo., "died in a hospital here las'. I night'ol isun wumds ,c«-iv:d in. a nmning .suite with dau-ctiws here ve.sterday. A brother. Ancel A. Eubante. 22., aho said l» be l-'om Kcnneit. is in I . r U trc city jail, and Hush Nichols. 32. ! PdisktUVe Occupies Itsclllfrom Ot- vicinity of Hayli. Mo. is ',V, , , V ; • i l • confined to a hospital with l . i .. _. \Y / - ( U I n-iiifir- Lull"'"-" "•" *• \ TO FIGHT ['S charge stavisky siain jSirikors S ei/c Chicago Milk, Dump It into Roud lo End French Scandal » 1 ' o el a y With Liquor )uestion. LI'ITLE KOCH. Jan. 8 (UPi — indications were lliis afternoon ihat a new refunding bill will be introduced in hot', houses of the 1 gislature. Gov. J. M. Fulrf.P la! senate conimitv.t: told a spec that. shot wounds. The trio was surprised by Iwo nffic°--s afl!-r huldiii'/ '.,p six msn at an" oil carnjianj and escaping with S(52 in cash. The slain convict was bc:n-.; suuqr.t by fie Dimkh'n county slnr- iif at Kennel', when he was shot ! here, his brother to!d olliccrs. "i Crooner Brands Suit for Senarale Maintenance "Shakedown Racket." PARIS. Jan. U iUP) —Charges j (hal Alexander Snclia SluvLsky wns . killed by police Ui end a financial I scandal Ihreateninu lo lilasl the: careers of muny public nii'ii were! made lodny by iH-wsiiapcrs. Socialists and rHiln wing fin- The organization tl'.e 1934-M announce definite'-; later today «•»• • n j -i-1-.ctlicv or iif.i Oils will be done.- L j MU I The governor today was study-! y | f||l I ing several rcfiir.ilfng bills asj possible substitutes to liie measure j i;ow being considi-ied. , II was not knov.-.i whether the I f-r.vernor had approved any,.of the i hills. ' ! Senator Norilcet f.l Forrest City ;n a pii-]m-c-d r.-aiemem today forecast that anther refunding UN would te introduced williin a sl.orl Lime. Smilli St«-s n.inger Simultaneously with this announcement Stat' Comptroller t - tic t Uriltin Smith told United Press: "Any plan that undertakes to assume full responsibility on S155,- OOO.COO with no brighter outlook than we have today merely defers the obligation with the result that the uphappy situation v.ill be con- M.inlly proturding Stself and the general assembly 'r.ay seek to repudiate the enlire iransaciion. -Thr f-USBeslioii might be ad\ jnced thnt our creditors c^Tisider an olltr c-mbraclnc S1CO.COO.GOO' al 4 per cent, amended over 'M jtars and supports.-! by a constitutional amendincni. acknowledging ihe debl and creating a' first lien on highway Meetings Arc Schedulec [or New Libcrlv, Leacli- ville and Manila. hat will cnn- otlon acreage in the Chick- "-'.'•-wiia district of :liis county has I.Q«:; virtually compelled. ' it was iiii'ounccd today by J. E. Cni/. cu-'inv itiiriculinral auciil. and the Prst "of a series <f meetings at LOH ANCIULKS. Jan. D ' Ui'J- OIK- oi Ihe mosi billcrly lo-.ight d^mi-Mic trials In I.d- Aiwdi-:, Ic^al b^tfiry \'.as fon.-.i-n loday as l.uciy ValliM 1 preji-vri! to conlcsi niisccnd'jc: charge, (•! ills f-Miang- <u wife, tin- fotmiv r'ay Webb. Branding he: sui! lor si'p.rau- P'aintimini-c? a " racket," Valie:- expre.'-srd '-. ri-udy v.illing- ncss to parade hi-: p;-«! love lil>- ::i open court, all'! in tin- next Lreall: imjju-.'iied hc-r own comlucl •AJlli irilc-d insinuations. Val>e has been making a motion picture here. The suit was Pled yr-'rrday. C-iati"-:: v.c-rc kept secret. sc.Heo or, Mrs. Vallee's n-micsl. H;s eyes 'i:!a7i:i? in anger. '.!.' criioii'-r oid- rred them made p.iolic. In the suit .Miss Webb accused i.ifieu as Alice K:,\-J. blond Sineer and n-tre-s, The othr-r v.eie iclerred lo only as Jane ncu No. 1 and Jam Don Nn. 2. Misr, Faye, who vicontly denied ;>>•.- and VaHec-. he:- formir i-m- aneier, whu lied as his Credit j Municipal bank collapsed in it' S30.000.00fl ruin, was Informally j executed so lhal lit- could not con- less. j The charges followed immediate-: ly upon the resignation of Minis- I t't-r of Colonies Albert Dalamh-, 1 . i mentioned as having advised an: Insurance cmnpiiny lo buy Slav-; isky's .worthless bonds. i CHI FIRE LOSS Chief's Report S h o \v s Goo'l Record Mnrlc by Blylhevillc Depnrimcnl. A sharp decline in fire losses Chicago's Supply of Fresh Milk Virtually Exhausted Tdvclay. CIIICAOO, .Ian. 'J. (l)l'l—Stveril i Immlit-d (aim itrike jilrkels crln- I |ili d a Sun Line milk Ir-.dn nrar IliirlingUin, WIs., this afternoon and mined aco.OtK; gallons o( milk. plan wi' urower: . i be explained will be Ncv. Refundingilook ft- b«*-*«at;ia the legislature Irrtay as both houses discussed Vdiior in .somrr form. By a vote of 20 to 0 the senate passed a bill by Represenlntivn Nance o! Bcnton coiinly lega ing Ihe manufacture of wine tliu stale for out of state consumption. 11 was sen! to the gov- L-nor for Ills sigiwnre. Dfbalp Whisky Bill P.epresentnlivr Sinnrtfleld's t)il v.hieli legalizes 111" sale of whisky v:ine, and beer of an alcoholic content, of more tliini 3.2 per cent vhich was reported favorably b\ tilt house iemper:.nce comniittei and recoaiuiendcd Cor passage, wa i.iidcr discussion -rhcn the house for lunch At lhal time the house had re- • Fred jccled an amendmenl permitting culp, 10 per cent of the qualified elec- Inrs in n county to call for a vote on whether or lift the county rl.onld be dry or vrr.t. Defeat ol this amendment came IT it was cxplainc-l tliat under the bill in its present form an election would be held in March, 1934. :.Mowing counties lo decide the liquor question, aiv; thai automata-ally al every rcneral flection ihr-reaflei the qu^tion would be voted upon. An aniL-ndmenl to exempt wine rnf. Iyer from a -U cents a gallon >::x was adopted, as wns an ninend- iiu-nt which provid-r that wine and clci-r may be consumed on me prnnises with merJs only. t;nder tin bill I'quor would rokl only in package form for cfl premises consumption and would be sold .only from state ivnert liquor store:, A control aiillicrily would \>j treated to make al! purchases and control sale of all li<ii:or in the :lale. Profit and taxes would go Ib the stale. Atk;: Aiintlicr Session v-hich the lo cotton tomorrow. - Heelings arc scl'idulcd for Licerly. at 2 P. M. V-Xj-iesday. !•"! at Leanluilli! and Manila al •30 P. M. Other meetings will i- announced shortly. C C Langston o( Number Nine s chairman of t'-.r county com- iiittec; in general charge of the eduction campaign in the Chicka- rawbai.district. Other members arc j. F. Tucker of Biylheville and lolin F. Eeordcn cf F,?a<-hville. The following tov-iKhip commil- icc-j have been nnmiii: Chickasawbc. lownsliip: J. H- Kmari, Jr.. chairman. John. S.inotli- erman. D. G. Moo-r:. Waller Stewart. <J. F. Scraps B. A. Bugg and C«rl Bean, all of Blyll'.cville. Bowcn: Harvey Hart, chairman. I> H. Raspberry, C. C. Wadlcy and G. W. Poster all ol Gosnell.j Clear I^ake: J. M. Aycock. chair-j i.ian, !>. B. Jarrcti Henry Lutes. all of Blvthevillc. [ Hickman: E. C. Adkisson. chair- nian. R. H. Ore™ and W. TS. Lenin, all of Huffman, and T. E. Talc of Armorel Neal: W. H. Bry,-nt. c-hnir-ian. p'oycr. were planning miiirinioiiy. v.:is cbaracd wilh kcepins; a love fysl with iiisii at Miami IJr-ach, Fla.. last January and February. Dates and places r-rc "well known t.c Vaiicc." ihi: con-ii!aim alleged. /\!k"itd phoinarau'.is showiii;: the iwo embracing wt-'C ciled. Miss Faye cli.ivjctcrixed the £s as ••ridiculous." ;i.stiL-d Into a Ctucayo Micel and : i f:;-.|jt'iri-(l a truck and dum]* d its :::ill: sitjiply. Ttains wcv* h.iuUtl :,:^ its m'.-a^n 1 .-.up[;ly. la':ii\H. curi- milk cans by the .score littered the pi'.vimenl ulu-r conli-nts. al . c ho\Mi here, in ilieir vloloni dylit to cm olf the ,ind hUin-.vays hlnckcd by pirki-t-i and the cit- 1 .scirttd rulHin- of only babies and Invalids, as the cordon i-ptitem-d. CillCAOO, Jan. 0. (OP)—Moral Judge John P. Barnes today is- .siii-d u temporary injunction re- I straining Ihc Pure Milk association, da.r/men'b' cooperative, from I ini~rta-lng with milk shipments to Chicago. Tiie injunction was obtained by tin- Economy Dairy Products company. so-called Independeni milk distributing concern, which charg- past year it was revealed In a ."I I!i33 summary released to<lay by Roy Head, chief of the filythevillc ire department. A check of fire losses during 1033 shows damage amounting to S52.M2, an unusually !o-.v figure S52.3G2. an unusually low figure. | Tlie year's loss was the lowest fci- ' any 12 months period in recent vcars. Had the report been, confined to firc.s actually occurring within the city limits an even smaller tola! would have resulted .since the fire listed as causing the heaviest loss short distance outside the I'irst Soviet Envoy Arrives Va'llce said he wv; ready to dis-j^j. ' linlits However the depnrt- provo the charkes. Inienl has made -it-'a practice .lo in-.i ..-I- will U hKpw-'.to.- answe? cillllc nll rirc s in which'-tild of city! even- charge slic hns mad-.-." ne (i remei , ) lns been rendered, • ' faiu. "I hope I never have lo do| Tllp 55000 loss at the farmers! ii. I don't want t? blast her b;il j, !n oiwi-nted uv Alc >' erii Brothers,, rv?ntually cvrrylnlng h:is to b« t'roughl out, then we will let Mrs. Valles's voice .'peak for iiscll." was ] istc( i hy Chief Head as the : heaviest of the year. The gin isi localed outside the city limits. Thc ; Vallec said he considered him- 1 llcxL | M -gest loss, S4.MO, was in Ihe. ill! generous toy providing hei'|\v. D. Chamblin residence fire. The; ith SIM a wcc-fc since their sep- t i,i r d heaviest loss occurred in the! aralion lasl April. Divorce Actions Filed Here This Week Davis, M. 1.. Cnitc: Reid, and Bruce L. C. I'ierce. al! of Lrichville. Canadian: C. E. Crigger, chairman. A. T. air.*»:an and Dave Abbot!. all of Amuie!. Half' Moon: Kerry Buck, chairman. H. D. Shancvfclt and Tom Alexander, all of Elythevillc. blnze which gutted the building on Ash strcei owned by J. A. f.ecch; and occupied ill that time by the! Kami Equipment company. The loss was set at SS.OOO. . '. Estimates of damage in Chief Fbht divorce actions were filed j Head's report for the year are, r.Vii imuiix ^^ yt-stcrdaylbased on actual replacement cost>, in chin er in enaicer> snd today. corn I coii i D.Kit.on ( nd, n l conscqncnlly are much lower. insl . llla , s . a , ml csli matcs cd pickets were operating in violation of the Sherman mill-trust act. Federal protection .thts Riven Mrlkc breakers came while viciencJ wns spreading rapidly, supplies of milk were Swindling to almost nothing, and pence negotiations wers encoimierlng almost Impassable barriers. Violence Spreads Tin 1 action came at a time wlien • serious outbreaks were considered Imminent. The Independent dairy companies were continuing their efforts, to break Ihe blockade by VfMtm- l^mrr T ]piTinsrinii<; ni » nl »B HHraln loads of milk from WaltCI Mllg UllLOIlSClOUS wlsconsln , wmts _ A lrpliuie\ s.Hp- WIlPll Broil«hl M ere ">™ ls were inslitutcd by ono dairy, tt IlLIl Ulou = n ' ' ^ ' ^ „„,, aUcm , )Ui to push through truck h'Oni Koseliind loday. bads of milk were continuing. _ : i" liovliKj bands ot armed terror" a •lio Bl^lhnvilii hftspl.o. tfib "tier- on ' and a u-nsiu-d shuildcr. Hi- .still unconscious an hour niter 111,' acelrtitit. Tin? driver of tile car which struck Kim,', whose name was no'. lmm?dialely available, told ambulance attendants Hint King walked Into th? fide of his machln-. 5 ' " Dig Lake: Harry Cowan, chair- j ,.- 0 ,,y an a siippor: for children IHISII. W. I. Montgomery. EpierL ough i claudc Cooper, alloiney. Pavis. J. 11. David all of Manila.! rU£ .,-j. Doiisihten vs nick Uoughilector: E. M Woodard. cnair-1 u . n ; married 1910. separated 1031. o.-'i'ition. Claude Cooper, attorney.: Wotxiard. cnair-1 man, T. V. Mar:iu and B. U. f.ill. of Di-ll. A. ••'. Lewis and S.] Ti:ulcnb;ng. M:ni:!:(. and R. C. 1 ose. TJosehind. — Ie5 ind™nmes| The'fire department ph di'™'! 118 nlns in 19:i3 as compared with 170 runs in 1932 and as many «': •• more in 1931. of the fires I were listed by Chief Head as folllows: defective wiring. 3; cigaretie gasoline. 1: smoking meat, tires. 1; electric motors. 2: oil explosion. 1: gins. •!'. spontaneous combustion. 1: sparks on dry roof. 14: oil stoves. 8: overheated stoves. 13: suspected arson, 1: cotton hull • ,n ,, il ji 'e. ': cotton compress. 2; lisht- Abfcou v? Bessie^Abbott, j nin! ,_ ,. car rm! , 15; nu( , s an ,i tlieir voyage s'ousht." Claude Cooijci. attorney. Sarah Wilson vs Matt Wilson, mnnied 1929. separated. 1033. in- diei.i'.ii=. Claud-.- "coper, attorney.:^ ,'Bertha Gcau vs Leamon Gcan.r _ married 1926. .:eiu:ated. 1933. -"- 11 - made oniyip cl i ow , ;; ,f.Angers nnvsky ilefu, new Soviet amljassador William C. Hijlliu. new Unitid Slates hands for the cann'raman as (hey aniv was to from Europe Alexunder Troya- lo 111,- United Stales, and ambassndnr lu nussia. clasp i- in New Yuri:. Troyniioviky I up his new ilurips and Bullitt lo report i.n the site for I a U. S. Embassy lie inspected in Moscow. ci I rate independent producers and King sustained a frnctrred skull | distributors, 'organized dairymen v,recked milk plan'.s, halted mll- n,ad trains, and destroyed milk U'.icks allcmplln:; lo run. Ihe tiuckadc. Thi! city's reserve sup-' Ijly divlndtcd lo ta than 500,000 ouarls. This was being rallohcd i.t emergency stations to hospitals i,mi babies. All deliveries within ! ihe 'clly. which normally con- j'iimes J.SIKI.ncO miavis of fresh mllK had erased. 1'itkcls Stnp Private Autos Kcstainant chain: and larger hotels continued ti, serve milk In lh?ir customers. The supply .on I'lind. however, v,us sullicient to 1 last not more than 2-1 hours. • 1 Small restaurant, ami groceries v.t-ie without fresh milk. The demand for canned milk was heavy end there was no shortage. Princrs R^rHan Waits While Alexis Dodges Law SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 9 (UP) —Prince Alexis Mriivani sinned a ciuick disappearance in the Pacific northwest today while his $-iO.- 000.000 princess, the former Barbara Hultoii. Woolworlh heiress, waited puticntly in n luxions hotel j suite here for resumption of their!. Mn " y rcsldellts of thc clly dr -°,'' e . ii 1 ' • l f i T iVlunicipa! Lourt issue Subsidy Files Destroyed be I by Outgoing Postmaster Geort- married 1929. seiiaiatixl. 1931. tic-j w;il ; m}m : 12: unknown. 10: grass, •i-rlion. Clauc:^ Copper, atiorney. U. d^rette stubs in ccllon. 2: Alma Flarry vs Charley n " rr i'-l] lo |, 0 'quarters. 1: run to Manila. 1 mairicd April 10. 1930. separated.' ;pril 27. 19:;0. desertion. Claude Cooper, attorney. Mac Clark vs. honeymoon to the orient. Meanwhile il developed that thc shift in their plans, presumably 'caused by the activities of o pro\ cess server, mlplil bring cancella- Itlon nf the honeymoon triix Orders : to return the princess $125.000 prl- . o ,. rn . Un at Informal Session '»'<• railroad car to the east were u t' ul l " J """<" " j countermanded and It was on a irom farmers not members of Ihc Pure Milk r.ssociatiMi. which call- tii Ihc ftrike las: Saturday in I-iol^st against a proposed reduction In price lo producers. Pickets Lloppt-d many of these nutomoblles ai.d dumped ihi- few qiiarLs of milk they contalr.'.d. into Chester Clark. .,..„ ^.. ...... married 1922. separated. 1533. Ivy W. Crawford, allor- WASHINGTOX, Jan. 9. (UP)— ('ignilifs. Official files of the txxsl&ffice dc- cry. partmcnt containing information on' Catlicrinc ocean and air mail subsidies werc|iirnmleti. Ed Cool- destroyed on order cf former Post-j • master General Walter Brown's sec- \ IVsiji) V/)I*A" rotary when he left office lasU ''I'"' * March, according lo l?stimony to-! Draiviett vs. Otis attciney. Operation of Ihc fire department , 1 '• C was considerably less expensive to Acquitted riTacllPV III OCV- Ihe city in 1933 than in 1932 the! c 1 A 1 'M , report also shows. Volunteer fire- 111011 OUUUay ASKS 1>TW men naid S3.011 in 1032, received r r c • ' onlv S2301 In I933 while truck lira ot OCI'VICC. drclv , ;iftr| - only S2.301 In IOS3 while truck drivers were paid only $2.740 compared to $3,000 in 1932. Part of thi-. i reduction in expenses was attributed lo Ihe smaller number " f this n-.on.lns. ahhn,:,,, ,.v was P'.it; inii:".>wn Il0<> "- ' ., -. A majority of ll.e men-.b-r.-; Ihe council met al a lawyers , 1 nffice at in o •<•!(-; 1-. lo hrar in-! « JONKSRORO. Ark. Jan 7. -The Rev. Dale Crow Icy. one of II:" :torm centers in Joncsboro's re- Most of the ino-rins -sefiion in ir.i- house was lakri up on a res- r.-ulion by Reprcsonlalive Tacketl cf Garland coumv wliich would ninniorialiirc Goverror Futrell to' call another spccia' session immed- i:'tely upon adjonr:!tncm of l'<e ircsccnl one fo th-t a liquor bill lould be passed. Governor l-iilrel 1 has .said that • ( ealteitlon and taxation of liquor -s beyond the power of Ihi- pu-si-n: refunding session. Und?r Represei:!ative Nance's lill. which passed thc senate, a l.ix of 10 ce-iits ix-r gallon is placed on wine manufactured In' it-,e state and a Sf)00 license fee ir charged the mar-iifacturer. Rcv- i-ri'.cf from both retirees would be i.'.ccl lo pay debts incurred by tlivorslons from the- highway ftmd. The fenali- ndo-tid .1 r.-solution by Senators Bui'fV and Evans mcmoializiiiK conr:ess lo ipimifslon for collection of tolls ui the Uarda-elle-Russcllville Lridge spanning the Arkansas Cousideratirt! of a senate bill l.y Beaslcy to estaHLsli a 300-fool zone around tlw state withii which gas co'Jld be sold at I hi price prevailing In the adjoinnir stfllo wns :by at the senate cf airmail contract.":. Brown probably will be callod he- fore the committee to explain the allajed destruction of t.^e document.-,, ccmmitlee members indica- James Mayer, stenographer to the iws^masler gKieral. testifipd he vv.-.s instiiicled to bum Brown's olfirial files shortly before last March M Cotton Jr.n Marcli Jlay Jisly Oct- Dec Spnls ci YORK, rinsed firm- open !C61 105 high y? 1U77 1(19 111 11M ',107 112G low 1061 1001 10S2 1007 111G 1131 close 1009 1016 1032 1107 1125 ;no -losrri sioailv at 10;K>. -ip 10 New Orleans Cotton .. g mcnt expended S180 on nnsnnni- McMurdo. janitor of the ^ and oil in 1932 and only S120 m ij crc Baptist tabernacle her,-. ] farmers BailK Votes J" a 'nd S the pas? ™. '» "h .eirnon Sundav ni s h, at, Valuation of the city's fire raining cnulpmcm remained alm'v'. -- •ti.,,-^'^;;.";,';^,^ J 1n(1 brC n i T3. A. Lynch was reclccted stationary, the two trucks JUKI _,_,,, '._ _.. .„ „...,, other rquigment being valued "l I I iv i ii ii} ii ni,r.a iv v: •- Jthe Chlciigo river ° | burned or wrecked. .,. , .. . jn , 0 |ion. employed by major dislribut- Camoniia to qu"ltlon IhTprlUcc ™ f° "T'lP ^ 01 " ^,J 8 ^ ol j concerning a involving "I'j;™^; of thc P " a lawyer's ^''Others. • v vm p SO.OOO Gallons Violence occurred at many I»tnl3 outside the cily. At Wnlworth, i V.'is.. '2.000 pickets siornicd the V.'alR-crth Indepcntliiil Creamery, uumped 50.080 gpllf-nr. of milk, anil di.maged Hie plant. Working with military precision, the mob raiiVM Ihe plant and departed within 2U minutes. Ancther group n r farmers held iwo guards of the Lyon;. Wis.. milk company captive while they shot- i-.i-.r.dreds of holes 'hrough the m\K \ Republicans Will Make Fight on Veterans Issue :i 1C |-0';e of r.ncce.-s. At th: same titr.e Stock Price* Msrcli May July Oct A. T. and T. Ill 1-2 Anaconda Copper 133-1 Bethlehem Steel 35 3-4 Chrysler so Cities Service 2 1-8 Coca Cola 96 General American Tnuk 3-1 3-D jive Gencial Electric HI Ml General Motors 343-4! • International Haivc-sler 38 1-'J| Middlcwest Utilities 3-Hi| Montgomery Wain 21 3- New York C( litral 33 Packard 4 Phillips Pelrolcmv. 16 Radio Covp 03-1 Simmons Beds 17 3-u St. I.ouif-San Francisco 2 5-8 Standard of N. J 4-1 3-1 Texas Co 23 f>-3 May U. S. Steel 47 3-8 July clos:' NEW ORLEANS. Jan. D (UP)Cotlon closed -.cry steady. O|XMI high low i nn io;n 1C68 1050 1005 1073 1062 1091 1103 1120 1133 $34.207 in 1932 and $34357 in 1™the difference being found in the purchase of n small quantity 01 new hose. No depreciation if Itf'.cd in the chief's report. 1(182 10M 11U 112.T 1080 1095 1114 1125 1CW8 1072 1090 1103 1120 1133 Chicago Wheat Support was cryslalizlne bi-liind a picsenled ycslrrdiv by I.-ed (Hep.. P.i.'. This measure Squalor bill, lu- Sclr Wtlh Keroril STOCKHOLM d'pi—A wnaM.'. in Lnndskrona has so: n possible record by riving birth t'' five children this ytnr. She Iprc f.Ylns in Febr-iarv ."ml prod-.^e-" triplets not Ion;: before Christims Th:-, makes a total of 10 pr.vrny •jir.ce hc*r marriage in 192.V supporters ol Church Street Mission Ihe | IV rer cent uiyiucnu; -^ by ^ ^^.^'noT"^ "u- Rcv. Crowlcy declared that events , | j,^ on n uHuin of benefits which ' - - - - T3. A. Lynch was reclccted prcsi-. i|t many IH)S| ,,., ws .,,.) to admitted delil)ei-ate attempts to ea-.barrass; dent of ti'.e IMrmcrs Rink and ( lbllscs ' --d =-Mirf hii" a.-.i im- i-"v I-! Trust company m Ihe meet-: „ f veterans Ictjisiation the time to -forgive nnci forget ling of directors tcday. Ihr n-g\i-1 -""i™" the persecutions and unsavon- ex-liar ten p,»r com dividend was de- perieiices of the past and enter i dared. at this time uuo'n n new era of] Other officers elected to serve this fervice to Ood and community." -Institution this year are: Dr. I. R. Crowiev had announced imme-! Johnson, vice pn-^ds-nt: F. E. War- dlately after being cleared of cashier: Rcdiu-y L Uauister. murder charge that he would re- j Rlley B. Jones and Dixie Craw- turn lo Joncsboro and resume his j ford, assistant r a •Oners.' 1::-' djrec- 1 church work. MacMurdo war, ta-l (ors arc R. E. L-.-e Wilson jr. H. A. p j Srnlfln tally shot on Oct. 10. 1933. as lhc : Lync'i. C?cil Sh.w,-. .1. Louis Cher- . llfOCeriCS OlOlCn climax to an arcumcul and fac- ly. F. E. Warn-n. C- A. lii,-hAni> .Honal strife within tin- clinrch'anil I. R. Jn.-nsun. and between Ihe Rev. Ciowley and (rrpcratini: (hi- {(ii,r-|»iiit prosram j u tr ] irv Jn .. . 33 1-4 hich ftf 1-3 84 low 84 3-8 33 1-4 i-i 83 1-2 Chicago Corn o£ t05 °l One-fcurth of the co-eds at t' University of Washington c.mni wink, according to eye tes'.s n'.3: tr.erc. ' Phipmcn"; ^ her. used The Giants' Causeway, of Ireland, .nadc from WEATHER | .. . .. 0]>en high low closi.'jls built entirely of five and «iv 51 7-8 52 3-4 SI 7-8 S2 3-8isided columns, each aboul 20 iii.'li- r,3 a-S Ml-* W S-8 64 |es in dllinclrr. Grrmany Gct.s Wo«l j ARRANSAg '_ ,-„. and vvavmcl . COTTAGK GROVE. Ore. (UP>—: tm ,ighl end Wcdr.isday. iiipmcn"; of inccnsr cedar ium- for |Kiicl!s. ate brius hero to Germany. The maximum temperature here Bandits Escape, Using Woman Captive as Shield MQNROE CITY. Mo.. ,|in. tl. (L)P>— Four bandits, chased for 20 ir.ilcs by Hannibal police, kidnap'-d Mrs. Rcy Cnrpjnler'from her horn? ol the America'] Lesion. w - ls |herc toda yand. using licr as a (i-untcil upon to attrnct a number. j, nm!nl S :-\M. fo«?ht a stun battle if \otes from thc Democratic skip. | tt ^ t i T O m.cprs north of here. l Skidding to a stop in front of ! the Carpenter home with cflicer.: ] only about 100 yards behind, the c . j , w:_U» I bandits forced Mrs. Carpjnter into Store Las? Wl S nl .(.;•. Ci! r and drove away. • Police continued the pursuit uti- Dolnn's Ri-occry More al the In-11» the bandits stopped their car ti-t'.cction of nr.d the- Ar-[ B11(1 j, esa n shacilng. hoMin? th-?lr mrrsl Frisco brand:, war, entered j pr iy)n;r exposed W the cfflcers' fire, and an nssovtmo'.v, of r-rocertei| officers, fearing they mighi wound r.tir! ether articles taken last night.! ^ n , carpenter, withheld their fire. The thieves gained entrance to' Bullets'from the bandit weapons the building by knocking oul a| damaged the police aulr ,

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