The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1943
Page 4
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PAGE FOOT Bm'HEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS (THE BLYimVILLE COURIER NEWS 1 , THB COURIER NEWS CO. ; H W HAINES, Publisher SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Editor . JAMES A. GATENS, Advertising Manager ' GERALDYNE DAVIS, Circulation Manager Bole. National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wtner Co., New York, Chic a BO, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. .PubUsbed Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter nt the post- Office at Blj'thevllle, Arkansas, under act of Con,October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the ctty of Blytlievlllc, 20o per t utelc, or 85c per month. By mall, within a radius of 50 miles, $4.00 per Tear, $3XX> for six months, $1.00 Tor three months; gy mall outside 50 mile zone flO.OO jx>r year pi}able In advance \ . • ' Nazi Jiiters The Na/i& ) become victims of the'same weapon \\lneli they used very effectively caihci in llns slniygle—Mm •\\ar of neives 'Ihcy know that' sonio day soon Aiiglo-Aiiiei icaii forces will establish one 01 mote hridb'elicuds on." the .continent. o[ Win opi>, aiul unless, these aie desiiovcd piomptly,. Uiey will mean 1 the end ol Gciniany ns ; a inililiiry power . . The culiCrfl incident in this war will not be the cieation ol bridge' heads. Once the allies have coiisolidiil- ~ • ed a hold on any substantial arcu ( wheie oui men and weapons and supplies can be debaiked in substantial, numbers, the end of Hie win- will be • in sight , • ' , ; , : \Y<e_/havc established a' belligerent img around the Euiopean axis. In Britain i!> a tiemuidous toiicenlnition of soldiers, aimiuvteuts, munitions, plAnes and supplies These threaten Kiiiliind, Noi\\a\% Belgium, the Nelhcrlantls and France. They t<in be taken into UK; MediteiiaiiCiiii to Lind in France, Italy, Greece 01 even, inidci sonic circum- stancfs, Tin Rev ^ * • • • In Noith Alma we have' powerful foices, and also in (lie Middle ,KnKt,' capable of sinking thiough Knince, Italy, ^icecc, 'linker \yhcievet ^e .strike we shall linvi; huge, fleets of the best bombers and i nghteis the \\oild evei IMS scon, to protect oui convoys ,nul 10 operate, wilh ou^l^nd f^rces.^ind Iheio is nb,U(ck of air^Lase&'/fiWrwhicH'tiTfiy can operate. The' Nam know tliesc things. That i& why. they aie jitteiv. Ab long db \\e were in position to stiike only in a limited urea, Miller could count upon the strong defenses he has built along the Atlantic coast, and could keep A lelatively small force , ready lo nibli to wherever danger threatened. * * * 1 But no\v he tan not tell whether the attack \\ill conic in Finland or Norway, 01 fai awa\ in Gieetc or Italy, lie can even assume that it may come simultaneously in bolh places, and perhaps at-'the same lime along Ihe Atlantic coait in Fiance, Belgium or Holland. When \\c stnlu, on a second front, powerful .umics ol Russian, veterans , ;M|| be icadj lo cut Ihrough any point ' the Na/ib nun weaken lo reinforce their anti-invasion forces. This is going lo be a hot summer for i Hitler. Already he is beginning lo sweat ; in anticipation. Planing Vucatioiis begin |ilaii- goverumcnt The time has come .lo ning your vacation. All war agencies? are agreed that production will be benefited if you will lake a fen dav.s off lo rcsl, relax and refresh youibclf menially and physically. lUit traditional vacations are oui, hccansv neither transportation nor resort facilities are capable of handling them. So both for your own sake and that of the country, you should start.early to find out what, lliitt is possible, will do yon the most good. Touring vacations obviously are impossible. Yon will 1)0 sorry if you think you can go to some distant resort by {rain or plane, without sulfeving more than llic change will compensate for. You can't even ligure on staying home iiml driving to .shore, golf links «nd picnic grounds every day. One good lip is lo avoid Ihe most popular vacation periods, lo try lo find some resort within 50 miles of home, and Own lo uctllu down there, and really rcsl. •Honor System There is every indication that Ol'A Administrator, Brown's honor .system for non-csseutial molorisl.s /has mil 'worked, in (lie east, at least—and that is loo bad, because it leaves any realisr tic administration with no option except to get tough. 1 ! Government ,'inalysis of traffic rec- • ords luis con Tinned what eye-witness reports had disclosed. Sunday traffic fell off enormously while there was a ban on pleasure driving. As soon as the honor syslem was substituted in March, Sunday traffic rose ,lo approximately its former level, notwithstanding llic yinallcr lia.sic ration of gasoline now available. The Public HoatLs Administration survey relied upon automatic counters and payment of bridge and parkway lolls. Tliiwe cast no light upon the accompanying evil of ;i return to over- J'iisl driving. The M-mile .speed limit, designed to save bolh gasoline and , tires—and also to save lives and limbs where cars are riding on tires rccapper with .salvaged rubber—has become an unfunny joho. ] * * • Anybody silly enough lo play ball by poking along at ;!!"> mile.s is made to look like a fool or a prig. One reason for this—not llic only 'reason, and perhaps not the best, but certainly one—is a. comfortable feeling on the purl of the public?thal 'tlio: rubber•crisi.s i.s nearly-. over, that we have climbed over the hump, and that we can expect new lircs soon. 'The answers are that we can not expect new (ires for non-c.ssenliiU driving before the latter half of .19-I-1, if then, and Ihiil we can not count upon much gasoline and fuel oil for the cast imtil (ho projected invasion of the European continent is completed. * » * These answers are being given, piecemeal and timidly, Jjul any beneficial effect they might have is destroyed by confusing irresponsible counter-statements from persons who will not trouble to think Ihe situation through. There i.s a real danger Ilial the Ol'A will be driven back io the unpleasant enforcement methods from which il tried to relieve the motoring public. The only out would be for motorists generally lo realize (hat (hey are injuring both I lie war efl'prl and i.| lt .j v own selfish interests when they waste rubber, and gasoline, driving I'or pleasure and driving beyond the economical oo-milc speed limit. SO THEY SAY You know, Irays. uiis country would Ije lict- Irr oil if some ol us did m;ue thinking and less talking—Rubber Aiimliiisliatiir William M. Jcl'ers lo Louisiana iudusliialKts. SIDE GLANCES COM. iWi fcY NtA SIHVH;E, INC. T. M, REG. l£ B. PAI. orr. r-s "Rtilioniug sure is wonderful, Grandpa! Imagine Mom us |o go fishing while she jtoinfe llic scre'cns!" • '' • • THIS CURIOUS WORLD • By William Ferguson AND DESTRUCTIVE AND BCWvE A PERSON CAN BE ON HIS LAST LEGS AND STILL BE OM HIS" FIRST ONES," Says M. H. BREMSEK., .''DANDELION ROOTS, ' ROASTED AMD GROUND, ARE* USED ItJ SOME COUNTRIES AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR. NEXT; Dinosaurs in Dakota. NOTICE OK FII.1NG OF Al'i'l,!- ,CATION FOK UQUOIl 1'KKMIT Notice is hereby given I lint, Ihe undersigned lias filed with llic Commissioner of Revenues of (ho Sl;ite of Arkansas for permit to cell'nm! dispense vinous or spirll- us liquors for licveruge nl U'tail on llic premises described as ^ Mnin St.. Aimorcl. Ark. Application Is lor pcrmi!' tu he Issued for operation beginning on the lirsl \itny of July • UJ-J3 iiiid lo expire on Ihe :(0th day ol June. 1344. ns prescribed liy niillnlln d:it- ed Jnmmry 7. I!H8 und fiupplrmou- Inl Regulation No. 19 clleclive July 10. 1037. Armorel Drug Company IK. <J. Williams). 5-5-13 other crime involving moral lurpi tilde; Unit no to sell bee by the undersigned has been re vokcd within five years lust past and that (lie undersigned has nev c:r been convicted of violating the laws c:f this ulale. or nny oilier slalc, relating lo the s^le ol al- rohoHc liquors. Cl. C. Huwks. Subscribed and .worn (o before me Iliii -I day of Mny, itn.-j. Mabel H-jRim. Notary. iHeaM My cciinmiKMon expires All" 104G. 5 22. Rend Conner News want ads RHEUMATIC PAIN Put Our Way By J. K. Williams NOT 1C K Notice Is hereby Riven Ilial l!>c undersigned will within I lie lime Used by ln\v lo apply to Ihe COIH- mlsflaticr of Revenues ol Ihe State of Arkansas for a permit lo sell beer nt retail at .'100 K.-ul Mnin .St.. El.vlhevlllc. Mi«>)-i CiiiMily. The undersigned stale. 1 * lhat lip is a citizen of Arkansas, of ^ood moral character, thai he lias rrv- cr been convicted cf a felony i:r Our Hoarding House with Major bUT.FWHER.' IT TAKES UO 'WTsPR'NV THE BUiiO oui' IMtNGIMWlOM TO PLF\MT £::'[ OF SOUR f\TTC AMD ', CXUMPc, op CABBAGES.'-— \R> BUftT UP THE-bt CUODC,' *"' IDEM IS THE CLASSIC \l MOD BID SLEEPWM.KFP.V .. e OP 6ARDEM WHERE )\ ~"-TH\6 IS ^ FOOD EPICURUS TAUGHT TvA£ / > Gf-ROEM, fvMD NOU'lL \ ATHEMIMOS ^ITH \7 HAME TO SWIMG we ) BENCHE&.LEi^Y )l HOE, MOT TWANG r—(ii Wk»-%-r-V£3lV>rv||">i— \ GREEK, COUMM.' / KIMG JC-mUjClTlMEO 111' PEOPLE FAIMl_r:SSLV STEAK SO MUCH --- ---- . TVAAT HE KM16HTED NO CWPR.E1-- WAS A •.' MAPOLKX\ WV-V3 1-(AD ' PICURUS GETS BUM'S ROSH= nil Sfill Oi r — Bit Don't put off getting C-2223 to re- II | lw - o relieve pim.of mmculnr rheumatism mid other rlioim-.nlie pains. Caution: Use only us directed. First bottle purchase price- back if not satisfied. GOc mid 51.00. Today, buy C-2223 EXCELLENT DESIGNS 33:! I, DISCOUNT K. e. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Sill \V. Axh • SERIAL STQRV/ 1»ARK JUNGLES BY JOHN C. FLEMING & LOIS EBY < , ft COPYRIGHT, 1»4J. HEA SERVICE. iNC: DISCOVERY CHAPTER XXVII I 'B^ 1 * 11 ^ threw open the door and swept the anal! beam of his flashlight 'around the dark room. Suddenly it rested on the cot in the mrner. He saw the slender form of Allison sleeping there. Her short hair was tousled and her face looked sfartlingly white. He crossed the room quietly and, lay- Ing a hand on her shoul.ler, shook her gently. She sat up abruptly, and let out a small cry. "It's all right," Barry said in a low tone. "It's me, Barry." Allison rubbed her eyes like a frightened child trying to pull herself back to realities. "Barry," she said thickly. "But how'd you ever find this place?" "Tony got away iroin the guards and came to the camp for me What happened?" "We had just come out of the jungle—it was almost dawn," Allison said breathlessly. "Four men suddenly appeared from nowhere, threw blankets over our heads! lied our hands and brought us here." "It must have been the Quiche chief who is responsible for this," Barry said grimly. Allison suddenly caught hold of Barry's sleeve. "Wait a minute!" she said in a hushed voice. "Where is Tony riow?" "Outside tying up the guards Why?" "Listen!" Frpm- the next room came the sound of footsteps as they paced irealhing rapidly. He llnshcd on lis light and it caught and held in a tall, slender man with a iushy growth of beard covering hit face. His white ducks and hirl were badly soiled. For an nstanl all was deathly still except or the wind in the trees outside. Then, in sudden recognition, Barry cried, "Hall, is that you?" Hall's /ace broke into a wide jrin as ho stepped forward and wrung Barry's hand. forth over the plank back arid , flooring. "Do you hear (hat?" Allison said in a hushed voice. "Yes!" •"I've heard it ever since I've been here but 1 thought it was , Tony being held in that next room!" ' "Then there's someone else being held, prisoner here!" Barry said slowly. ' • . , - •,•*••• TIE stepped lo the door that opened into the adjoining room and threw the beam of his light to the keyhole. Then he tried the door. It was locked and the key was gone. "The guards must have the key," would be a cinch." - said. "Of course the Quid he said. Barry'swung out the door. moment he .was back. He turned Barry suggested. the key in the rusty lock one "I know sooner or later help would come!" Hall said quickly. ' sec you 'But I didn't expect to down here!" Allison stood quietly at Barry's :lbow. He glanced down at her and trailed, 'This is Jeff Hall, Miss Topping." "The man your company sent down firsl lo line up the inininy righls?" gasped Allison. "Thai's me," said Hall bitterly. 'I was only in Guatemala 10 days when I landed in Ibis place." 'You dicln'l over reach Ihe Quiche village?" Barry asked. "I was on my wuy (here when was ambushed and brought here." Barry said thoughtfully, "Can .he Quiches he behind all Uiis?" "I thought so al firsl," Hall answered soberly. "I5ut .since then I've changed my mind, i'vc had plenty of time lo lliink, you know." "Then what is the answer?" "I Ihtnk there's somebody a lol more worldly than this primitive Indian tribe behind the whole scheme. Every night as I've lain here on my col I've heard the rumble of cart wheels going up and down the slope. I think they're working some of llic cinnabar mines and hauling the ore lo a hidden smelling place near the coast. ' Barry stared at him. "You're kidding! "Neither kidding nor drunk " retorted Hall. Barry Ihought rapidly. "If (hat's true it isn't the Quiches!" lie cried "They don't give a rap for money. But where do you supirasc they're selling their quicksilver? Government reports show that \vi aren't getting any from, dowi here." "The Axis nations need it as badly as we do, you know," Hal: said quietly. "Fishing boats could carry it out to larger boats ou> o£ sight of land. On this coast il In a ways mined •Qi some •lies have »1 quicksilver, 1 "Yes, [ checked thai when 1 Hrsl swung the door back slowly, level- arrived here but il was only , Ing. his automatic into the dark- little and the only »j>c they mad D.CS?. Allison stood behind him, of it was to trade it to the coasla mlians for fishing rifihls. They I iked it as a curiosity, not for any i ommercial purpose. They wouldn't c working all night unless they verc being driven to it by some utsider." Thai sounds logical." Barry dmilted, "Listen!" Hall said suddenly. « * * A BOVE the sound of the wind "' as il swept through the pines ' hey could hear the distant rumble f heavy carl wheels as they bounced over (he rock strewn • lopes. Let's see what we can find," lall whispered. Barry nodded. Tony led the way on foot while Allison rode behind him on his mule. Barry and Hill! each led a tack mule. The night was inky ilack and the going was rough. : ony threaded his way, slowly, •auliously, and the rest followed. ' I'he distant rumble grew slowly more distinct. The sky to [he east ' vas awash with gray ]j s hl when ' lie procession suddenly slopped ' Tony cried out, "Here is their i path!" H was a winding trail of deep ! •ills thai led up from Ihe sea t Garry Hashed on his light and ( stooped. He tame up with some- I hini; in his hand and said ex- • ciledly. : "Hall, you're right, look at this ' ore lhat has spilled from the carls. . It's red as Ihe fires of hell!" Hall look a bit of it in the palm ' of his hand and put the lighl di- •cclly on It. "That's cinnabar, all right!" he said. Blackness hud begun lo melt from the sky as the little group wound wearily up Ihe trail. A lillock ahead loomed through the murkincss. Tony scrambled ur> (lie side of it with the stealth of ah animal. When he reached the top he called in a hushed, excited voice, "Just beyond." He was pointing with his hand. "It's the mine!" • , Allison wailed while Barry and Hal! fought their way up the sharp bunk. When Ihe scene unfolded before (hem Ihey could plainly sec a dozen or more Indians digging out the precious ore. Tony was pointing again and saying excitedly, ; "They're all Quiches but Iwo!" "The two monladores from the now chide grove!" Allison gasped. Barry sucked in his breath. His gaze had swept past the monta- dores lo ihe huge figure emerging from the mine. "All Quiches but three," he said grimly. For the huge figure was plainly Jose. (To Be Continued) WARNING ORDER WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT, CHtCKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI, COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . .L. K. Sclmllz, Plaintiff, . vs. . No. 8160 VVilnia Schulla, Defendant. The defendant, Wilina SchulU, Is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in thu caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of (he plaintiff, L. R. SchulU. Dated this 13 clay of April. 1313. Harvey Morris, clerk By Doris Muir. I), c. H. O. Par How, Ally, for PUT. L. B. Colcman, Ally, ad ijtcin. •i/14-21-28-5/5 MOROLINE FOR MINOR BURNS\ -•-•—.--^-.••••( CUTS^X PETROLEUM JELLY @ ^mmmammmmmf^a*. Swearengen & Co. SPOT COTTON BKOKKKS Blrthevllle. Ark. Wayne Chick Poultry Fwds li'sist un Wayne quality when uyinc fncds of all kinds. HAYS STORE, DODGE H MOUTH REPAIRS The Chrysler Corporation has supplied repair parts (o lake care "of an average of SEVEN YEARS' REPLACEMENTS on each and every Chrysler-made car and truck! Louis George Motor Co. 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