The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia on September 19, 1908 · Page 2
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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
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Saturday, September 19, 1908
Page 2
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EnrWJarJTfl 2 - V - THE WASHINGTOJS POST SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19 1908 made it cleared the end Of the propeller blades by at least inches 5 Mr Wright think that this Wire after having been struck by the propeller Imbedded Itself in it and dragged it iTom Its Xastenlng This 4f t Um help less to control the rear rudder He says that he knew something had happened the instant the propeller blade was broken and flew off He did not dare look1 be - hind In trying to control tbe machine he found the rear rudder would not work The next Instant he cut off the motor and started to descend he Bays Only one propeller was working and this had a tendency to turn the machine inward The front planes worked all right and would unquestionably have righted the machine again in Mr frights opinion had he been at a greater height at the moment of tne accident say 200 feet or so He is convinced he could have made a comparatively easy landing if he had fallen from a greater height though it all happened in a very few seconds he says he felt be was getting tbe machine under control again as it uit the grounu lhat is to say he might hae righted it and glided down to safety The sbort distance from tne ground prevented this Heard Selfridge Shout He says that the only thing be beard Ueut Selfridge say as the machine was falling was 1b Oh The lieutenant must have jelled this because it Is almost impossible to bear a conversation with the propeller blades churning about Mr WrigM sajs he never eutlrely Iostcon - sciousness though he was dated for the first few minutes He Is an keenly interested as ever in his work and there will be no let - u when be gets well Thats as certain as kingdom come The little hospital was the center of much attraction all day long Scores of curious and morbidly Inclined visitors from this city rode to the fort and hung about the building asking questions of everyone whom they thought had any Information to dispense There were a number of sympathetic visitors during the day Thee included Octave Chanute the theoretical aeronautical expert who Is one of Mr Wrights closest pergonal friends and lio has taken a great interest In the career of tne brother since first they essayed tne problem of aerial navigation Chanute Visits Wright WILBUR WRIGHT WEEPS Aviators Brother Grieved by Fatal Accident DEPLORES OFFICERS DEATH First Thought Is Safety of Passengers He Says When News of Orvillei Mi hap at Fort - Myer Reaches Him in France Countermands Orders for Flights to Regret of Waiting Crowd Le Mans France Sept 18 Wilbur Wright brother of Orvllle Wright and who has been conducting a series of ex periraents here for several weeks with a wrignt aeroplane was very mucn per turbed when he beard this morning the news from Washfngton that his brothei had suffered an accident In which Lieut Thomas Selirtdge lost his life He at once countermanded the orders given for preparations for his flight today In which he purposed to try lor the Micnenn ana Aero Club prizes Mr Wright then sat down on a beam of the framework used to hold bis machine and bowed his head to hide ills emotion When he looked up again his eyes were swimming with tears and his mouth was twitching convulsively I had rather be killed myself he said than that we should be responsible for the death of Lieut Selfridge I feel that we guarantee all passengers against accident When we have a passenger we always think first of his safety Much as I love my brother I would rather have heard that he was dead than his companion And our poor old father What will he think He has always been nervous about our work One thing Is certain Until I am absolutely sure that no accident Is possible I will not take any one up with me again Was Ready for Flight Everything was ready barring a few final details at the field of Auvour where Mr Wright has been hying a huge crowd had assembled and the soldiers on duty found difficulty in keeplu the people back In tho private lnclosure were gathered all the notable aeroplanlsts of Europe as well as a number of for - Among tne latter cldent occurs With an apparatus fitted with one propeller the danger is much less Nevertheless it still exists and J donfess that I am absolutely nervous every time I experiment as I think that my propeller may break suddenly when In full action Delagrange is absolutely certain that aeroplanes will be the air machines of the future - Dirigible balloons may have their uses but aeroplanes will be the con querors of tbe air he argues BALLOONS MORE HAZARDOUS HOWTOFICHTPHTHISIS t Sweden to Show Its Advanced May Be Checked in Home HYGEEffE A PBLME FACTOR Editor Jones of Aeronautics Says Aero plane Fatalities Are Rartv New York Sept 18 Many members of the Aero Club and the Aeronautic society in this city look upon the death of Lieut Thomas E Selfridge by the accident to the Wright aeroplane at Fort Myer as the severest setback aeronautics ever has received but E La Rue Jones editor of Aeronautics pointed out in an interview that in the history of aeroplanes there have been only four deaths confpared with the great number In connection with the development of the balloon It is a question In the minds of aeronauts here whether the United States signal corps at Washington will Insist now upon a member of the aeronautical detachment of the army accompanying OrVllle Wright in his aeroplane when the final official tests are made FLY IN A STIFF BREEZE Aerenautic Corps Officers Sail in Baldwin Dirigible HAVE THRILLING TRIP IN AIR Fifteen - Mile - an - Hour Wind at St Joseph Causes Balloon to Sway and Plunge When Facing Current Accident Narrowly Averted in Descending To Slake Another Trial Today Nation Will Also Denounce Those Who Fear Presence of Consumptives Ex hibits in National Museum Rapidly Assuming Shape Conditions in Factories That Tend to Produce Disease lcn mlllturv attaches Mr Chanute saw Mr Wright for a few jere Co Eagjeg former Krltlsh military minutes In the morning and talked with i attache at Washington who came away nini about cvervtbln else except tbe ac - f rom the French army maneuvers In Cldent He was eager to talk over the cause of the mlsiap with me said he but I world not permit It That will do for another day Hes got back his spirit In fa - t I dort think be ever lost it and i e s going to accomplish more w onder - ful - things when he gets around again Talf ray word for It these brothers ix onlv just started If I am any Judge Touraine to witness Mr Wrights flights Mr Wright was In high spirits and was laughing and chatting with friends near the starting rail when he was called to the shed by Hart O Berg his European business manager and the news of the accident at Washington was broken fo Iilm The seriousness of his brother Or - villes injuries was minimized Wilbur Wright listened to the recital with tense drawn features It was ap parent that he expected the announce of human nature this accident isnt oing j ment of his brother s death When h to discourage them They have some - w as told that Orvllles injuries were not ainR of the stalot In their make - up serious a faint smile of relief flitted to Ti wrecked aeroplane was put In I thcorner8Iorvhi fl n hU - something approaching order jester - I He lu l get J1 - la morning bv Taylor and Furnlss I nS to W Berg he said i T j m - t is i JCow sou understand why I always and w locked In the aerial garage I ow u America with B le frhSTtrthOnllle Two heads are better than one VV - 1il II Ulltll Ml Illll 1UIIJ UCll mines his plans for the future Taj lor nam that he had made a complete in - pe tlon of thf motor and had found it praitically uninjured Wrights Sister at Bedside Mr WrlgittK sister Misf Katherine Wright arrived in this citv from Dayton Ohldi yesterdav afternoon at i 40 oi k She was met at the station by arles it Hint of New YoTk the Ii Wrglt brothers financial agent and Vt II hi mahnP be ii a i Then steppine up to his machine lie vv n taken to the Arlington Hotel out that the propeller was In where she remained last night i h ieP Rheath He A uie nuiri frut was inn uj uicuu Frank P n ii escorted nv ttr car rmrrca B1 nr Hiffinltv lth the transmission eear at I the Junction such as improper lubrication which would render one of the pro - 1 pellers Immovable j Orvllle wrote me that there was a Miss Wright was taken up to Mr th oVQ nf one of the propellers would be torn oft St Joseph Mo Sept IS In the face of a stiff breeze which blew from the south making an aerial trip dangerous Lieut B D Foulols and Sergt Edward Ward of the aeronautic corps took the Baldwin dirigible balloon out for Its flm trial trip in St Joseph about 5 oclock this evening Rising to a height of 300 feet they circled about the military tournament grounds for fifteen minutes before alighting Once in the air a strong wind blowing about fifteen miles an hour struck the balloon and turned its head from the southerly course on which It had been set Sergt Ward energetically worked the steering wheel and guided the balloon In a circle The wind made accurate steering almost Impossible and while the balloon answered the helm readily when going with the wind it swajed and plunged when facing tho breeie Bag Rocks Dangerously In descending an accident was narrowly averted Sergt Ward threw out a coil of rope to be seized from the ground Instead of reaching the ground It be came tangled and the end dangled IS to examine a machine Accident Puzzles Aviator Mr Wright said he could not under - feet from earth stand the accident at Washington from With his hand off the steering ap - tjie meager details given in the dispatch paratus the big bag rocked dangerously which said simply that a blade of the and the crowd which witnessed the flight j propeller bad become detached He feared another tragedy was imminent thought it impossible for the propeller to Sergt Ward regained the controller and I detach and break a blade and said that i a soldier managed to grab tbe rope as In all their experience this was the first the balloon dipped it was speedily brought to the ground Wind Was Strong The wind was blowing strong said I one piece thought the otei she was met by Lieut tho - m the onlj concelvable ay n Lieut Loulois Trying to fly in its face i L If mIT hch the accident might have happened a rather dangerous undertaking Led her to tort Myer In a there Wn som defect I Another trial trip is planned for to - ihe was Kmiling hcn she I mat - rial causing the axle to snap morrow It Is probable that Sergt Ward b her brother assistants Tavlor and Furnlss She had been assured by Mr FUnt that her brother was not dan - gerouslv luirt and she expressed her deep sense of gratification V lights bedside and the remained witn m J I ml I having the other still In action and thus stairs again she said it was her intention to obtain a cottage In the vicinity of the frt so she might be near her brother during his convalescence Mr Wrights broken thigh was reset yesterday morning by Capt Howard H Bailey the post surgeon and Dr L L Wctters of New Tork the physician who volunteered his services Just after the accident Tbe thigh was placed in f - plints and the broken ribs were held in place by a tight - fitting leather jacket Though of frail physique he rallied extremely well from the shock and was In good spirits throughout the day The surgeons say he will suffer a little pain for a week or two while the broken bones are knitting Recovery Will Take Long Capt Bailey In explaining the aviators chances of complete recovery said It probably would be at least nine months before Mr Wright will have the full ue Of his broken leg Of course he Mil be able to move about pn crutches long before that time The thigh is broken near the hip It was a clean break Charles R Flint said last night that Mr Wright had received a message from his brother but its contents would not bo revealed Mr Flnt said that he himself had had a cablegram from Wilbur Wrght saying the latter would not make any more flights in France until next Monday out of respect to the memory of Lieut Selfridge Mr Flint would not dlscusi the exact status of his financial relations with the Wrights He did say however that he was convinced they would both continue tne work wmen tney bad set ror themselves when they planned the conquest of the air Mr Flint visited Mr Wright In tlie morning Others who visited the hospital included Dr Zahm the aeronautical et - Eer whose guest Mr Wright was at the osmos Club and Brg Gen - Crozler chief of ordnance whoe guest the aviator was to have been Thursday night PABIS PEESS SYMPATHETIC Accident Held to Point Out Pen of At tempts to Fly Pari Sept lS - The French press is FjLi swinging the aeroplane rapidly around on Its axis This must have been the criti cal instant It then became necessary to operate the lever with the correct turning movement At the same time if the powei of the motor was cut off it would be eas to keep the machine on an even keel and allow it to descend on Its own planes May Not Have Loosed Lever The difficult doubtless was that to shut off the power it is necessary to let go the lever momentarily and In the mental confusion of an unprecedented mishap this may not have been done i his necessity of relinquishing the lever to shut off tho power Is a defect which I have been studving It could easily be remedied by a connection w hich would permit the foot instead of the arm to operate the cut - off After this explanation of what he believed had occurred at vCashington Air Wright was left alone to pull himself together A few minutes later a friend entered the shed and found him sitting with his head In his hands He looked up sadl and said If anything could make me abandon further work in solving the problem of heavicr - than - alr flight which has been my dream since I was 11 years old It would be an accident like this men springing up suddenly Mr Wright declared Xo we have solved this problem With us living is not an experiment it is a demonstration I will wait until 1 hear from Orv Hie The announcement of the postponement of the trials scheduled today and the reasons therefor which were at once made known created a profound Impression among those who had gathered at the fleld and there were many expressions oT deep sympathy from the local inhabitants Has Theory as to Cause After studing fuller dispatches Wilbur Wright gave It as his opinion that none of the explanations of the accident was adequate He said he had a theorj but he did not care to mention It in the absence of supporting facts It was evident that this theory concerns the transmis sion gear with which Orvllle wrote he will take the place next week of Lieut Selfridge who was to have assisted Lieut Loulois and who was killed n the wreck of the Wright aeroplane at Fort Mj er yesterday KNEW BOOMERANG VICTIM unanimous in Its expressions of profound Borrow for and sympathy with Orvile Wright in his accident at Washington The Mew Is gene ally held that this accident demonstrates that flying with ncavier - than - alr machines is still attend ed with great peril SZECHENYIS IN AUTO CRASH Former Miss Gladys Vandeibilt and Hus band Have a Narrow Escape Vienna Sept 18 Count and Countess Sxechenyi have suffered an automobile accident in Hungary Their injuries bow ever are confined to shock and a few bruises The - count and the countess who was mis uiaay vanaerbiit of New Tork were returning from the Hungarian army maneuvers when their car ran Into the pillar - of a bridge and was wrecked The occupants had a marvelous escape Continuing Mr Wright declared it was most important that the exact cause of the accident be established and he expressed the hope that his brothers assistants would be able to make a minute examination Wilbur Wright was - greatly concerned i at the effect the news may have on the health of his aged father FAVORS ONE PROPELLER Lieut Selfridge Coworker of Aeronaut Recently Killed Hammondsport N Y Sept 18 Lieut Selfridge of the United States signal corps had been deeply interested In air flight since Prof Alexander Graham Bell began his experiments here several years ago He was stationed last year at the aerial experiment station In Hammondsport and witnessed all the important flights by the aeronauts under the direction of Prof Bell Lieut Selfridge was a warm personal friend of Charles Oliver Jones who fell to death from the airship Boomerang in Maine several weeks ago The lieutenants advice had been of great help In the perfecting of the Boomerang and he supervised flights of the June Bug which established several records for short flights at Hammondsport last May When Orvlile Wright announced his trial flights at Fort Myer Lieut Selfridge was sent to the foit where his expert knowledge of aeronautics could be of best service to the government PARENTS TO COME HERE Hygiene observed In the home will be the most potent factor in checking the advance of consumption according to Dr Bertll Buhre secretary of the Swedish National Anti - Tuberculosis Association who is here to tell the International Tuberculosis Congress what his country Is doing in the great battle against that malady Dr Buhre who has begun the installation In the new National Museum building of the fine exhibit which Sweden has sent to the congress contends that parents either through Ignorance or neglect of hygienic principles are largely responsible for conditions which invite the germs of tuberculosis In support of this he points to the high deatrr rate from consumption among persons between tho ages of IS and 30 years or at a time of life when they can be of most value to the nation The reason for this he says is that because of this inattention to hygiene the child at a fender age Is susceptible to the germ which a few years later develops and finds a ready victim Isolation and Hygiene There Is certainly every reason to hope that the progress of consumption will be materially checked through a more exten sive system of isolation of consumptives In sanatoria and other establishments and through the introduction of better principles of hygiene into the dally life of the people said Dr Buhre In many cases especially In poor homes condi tions must necessarily baffle all our efforts to protect the growing child The consumptive member of the family however good his intentions may be cannot - possibly be as careful at home as he ought He neither can nor will permanently stay at a hospital separated from his family Considering that many affected persons die as a result of worry incident to such separation our best results ltseems to me would be obtained In making the home as hygienic and as cheerful as possible Public Baths a Necessity Dr Buhre Is a stanch believer In the efficacy of the public bath as a means of protecting health and preventing disease In no city he says where public baths have been estab lished Is the death rate as high as In cities where this Institution is unknown When told that Washington was without one he expressed surprise and added that he regarded the establishment of such an Institution a great public need In any city with such a mixed population Most emphatically It would pay both In the health and moral tone of the population for your city to have public baths In the big cities of Sweden there are numerous baths open to all classes People regard them as a necessity I look on them as a most effective agent in promoting good healthful surroundings I know of no Deiter puDllc or private philanthropy One lesult of the fight against tuberculosis deplored by Dr Buhre is the growing terror at the presence of the consumptive as he terms it Such alarm he declares Is not only unnecessary but in many cases cowardly It often tends to retard Drocrress of tho cure by imposing hardships on the victim Danger in Fear of Disease Dread of consumption has shown Itself In many ways he said and has become an enemy to society that threatens to counteract the campaign against tuberculosis It must there - rfore be combated in every possible way tnis is most easily done by teaching the public under what conditions and In what manner consumption becomes Infectious - While there are many details touching this point still under discussion on one point all scientific men agree namely that it Is the spu - off1 the eclipse any previous effort on the part the Rit fifatn One of tha features thfi MauuKbnsAttK collection will be the model of the State sanatorium at Rut - sasiu aiqao a aivuy vi Miwtm t covering more than 60 acres and equipped with the modern appliances to fight dls - 1 scase r j Menace in Factories I With - the Massachusetts exhibit will be I a collection Pf pictures that promises to be a center of interest They consist of scenes in everyday factory life in that State where thousands of lives are endangered because of an utter lack of protection to workmen from tbe deadly germs carried through dust In many of these factories It is shown that there are few if any safeguards It is to war against these conditions declared to bo a menace to an entire State that Massachusetts has sent a distinguished delegation of medical men to represent it in the congress Occupying considerable space on the second floor just west of the main stair way is an exhibit sent here by Nathan Straus New Yorks merchant philanthropist a brother of Oscar Straus Secretary of Commerce and Labor - Mr Straus has long been a liberal giver to charities in New Tork One of his chief alms has been to supply pure milk for slum babies 1 Preparation of Milk Shown Some years ago he established milk stations in the poorer quarters of the metropolis where pasteurized milk Is supplied at cost or where parents are too poor to pay this milk Is given free It is to show how this milk is prepared that Mr Straus has sent a complete apparatus The exhibit Is incharge of Miss R L Hearn who when the congress Is opened will give dally demon strations to instruct the public as to the process of pasteurization It is expected that by the middle of next week most of the delegates will have arrived Several of those who arrived this week yesterday went to Philadelphia for the tuberculosis conference In session there By the time the bulk of the dele gates arrive here for the opening sessions It is expected the official program win De reaay it is now in the hands of the printer and will it is thought be ready by Monday or Tuesday when 10000 copies will be distributed Added to Guest Fund Subscriptions to the local entertainment fund received by Charles J Bell treasurer yesterday bring the amount up to 12426 and are as follows James F Hood 13 Harris Shafer Co J10 Lens Lossau 115 John B Slemau Jr 13 A Sahli 1 W V Cox 10 Albert F Fox 110 Wlllard Hotel Company 200 Dr Charles Read Collins 110 Aldis B Browne 10 Dr C R Holmes 20 Dr and Mrs McKim 120 A P Clark Jr 130 W R Bushby 10 E H Snyder uo iu Albert Carey 125 S Kann Sons Co 25 B Richs Sons 13 Dr George B Welch 5 W A Wimsatt J25 Dr J C Boyd 120 Charles A Baker 15 Dr A C Yarrow HO Dr William C Owjnn 10 tttttttttttttt Open Saturday Evening Until 9 P M t j Lansburgh Bro I I 420 to 426 7th St 417 to 425 8th St J Neckwear and Ribbon Specials Just arrived in time for Saturdays sale of neckwear 23 dozen Imported Lace Stocks white and cream positively a regular 60c value Your choice 2 C one day each vw Real Irish Crochet Bows and Imported Lace Bows In many beautiful styles look UkeVSC 60c Choice each JKj Gibson Stocks with and without bows white and cream in very select pattarns look Hke - 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Gov Smith Reports Decrease in Cases in Manilas Little Outbreak A net decrease of six In the number of cases of cholera in Manila was reported yesterday by Gov Gen Smith of the Philippines The report adds This little outbreak was due entirely to Infection from the provinces and the concealment of the cases by relatives and friends This enabled the cholera to get a hold before the health department had any knowledge of the state of affairs A large corps of Inspectors and disin - Action He Says Adds Another Big Item to Heavy Expenses Incurred by His Illness Hospital Physicians Attack System by Which Handling of Appropriation Is Put in Other Hands As a result of action by the District Board of Charities Rodney Rose the rattlesnake victim who was admitted to Emergency Hospital as a free patient yesterday was notified he must pay for the treatment he has received since he entered the institution This he - will not receive Drorjer treatment Consequently hundreds of sufferers prom ise 10 pay - something at some Ume The Board of Charities does not remit the patient never settles his bill and the hospital has to stand the loss If a person enters the institution suf fering from toothache and certain other ailments not regarded as emergency cases by the board the hospital must enner ireai me cases at a loss or turn the sufferers away Frequently cases are brought in which we consider emerg encies out which the board does not If we administer treatment which Involves the use of bandages anesthetics stimulants and other materials the cost of the treatment must be shouldered by iuo iiu3ptais private income instead of by the appropriation which was created for this special purpose Turns Back 3000 Last year the Board of Charities turned back about 13000 which could have been disbursed wisely by the hospital These views are shared it is said br all physicians who have been attached to tbe hospital In the past several vears They contend the appropriation should be placed in the hands of the hosnlta1 di rectors who they assert are better fit ted to Judge emergency cases than representatives of the Board of Charities Rose was approached by one of the boara s representatives it is alleged who Peter Grogan 817 - 819 - 821 - 823 Seventh Si Bet H and I Su A I PIANOS For Rent 400 - 5500 Monthly iiafrims pce announcement came as a surprise to remained with him for nearly half an feet ws have been employed an the fire turn of the consumntlve and that in I department and chemical engines are whjch carries the disease from one now DeIng used for disinfecting purposes 1213 FHNW OPTICIANS Delagrange Declares Accidents Such as Wright Mishap Sure to Happen Specl Ctblc to The Wuhinrton Post Paris Sept lS - Speaklng of the accident to Orvllle Wrights aeroplane at Wash ington Leon Delagrange the well - known aviator said today This accident was foreseen by all competent aeronauts All apparatuses ttted with twp propellers are bound to supply sad surprises like this Why wish to fly so hlght Height signifies nothing If an aeroplane can rise S yards it can rise 100 yards but it I certainly more difficult to fly 0 Inches from the ground than E0 yards i t can easuy understand the feeling I which drives aviators to rise to a srret Phelght The slgfif tetfs with the crowd i wmen aamires tne conductors intrepidity until tie moment when the inevitable ac Oklahoma Congressman Awaits Decision on Legality of Payments Representative Carter of Oklahoma has written to the Postmaster General that until the legality of payments of rent for the postoffice building at Aid - more Okla has been satisfactorily determined he will not accept any further payment on that account Mr Carter has a one - third Interest In the postoffice at Ardmore which has been rented by the government since 1900 several years before be was elected to Congress Attention was recently called to the the statute forbidding the renting of buildings for the use of the Postoffice Department from members of Congress but the fact that the renting of the biilldng person to another Various other diseases such as smallpox measles scarlet fever whooping cough mumps c can be caught during a casual meeting with an Infected person Such however Is not the case with consumption A person to be infected with tuberculosis must be subjected to an attack of tubercular bacilli in great quantities and for a considerable time And It must also be remembered that not ail forms of tuberculosis are dangerous Only certain forms have significance in this connection No Great Danger in Bone Disease Tuberculosis of - the bones Joint3 glands c so common in children is not particularly dangerous to other per sons tenner is tuberculosis of the lungs under all circumstances InfectIou3 It depends on whether it is attended by a cougn or not Practically speaking it Is only the so - called open lung tuber culosis with more or less abundant expectoration which can be spld to play an Important part in spreading the dUease To offset what he describes as con sumption terror Dr Buhre will spread broadcast through the coming congress a pamphlet prepared by the Swedish Na tional Anti - Tuberculosis Association which Is strong In its denunciation of persons whose minds are filled with unnecessary fears of the disease At the National Museum yesterday work of Installing the exhibits which will form an interesting feature of the congress went forward A small army of workmen was busy from early morning until late last night unpacking and putting In place miniature models of modern sanitarium buildings State Exhibits in Place The two floors of the building reserved for the exhibits of the congress are rapidly filling with tlje material sent by Individual States to show the visiting Euro pean scientists that America has not This together with the vigilance exercised by the police wjll soon put this little outbreak under complete control ARMY ORDERS Leaves of absence hv been granted Capt H P Hobts Sortnteenth inlantrr Lieut B O Ruttencutter First lnfantrr Capt Garrison Mc - Caskej Pltteenth Infantry CapL H L Brown medical corps Ma W O Cambrlll pajmast - r Capt EdwarJ T Winston tnlted States a my retired recruiting oflKer upon the occasion of Ills next c Belli visit o Durham N C will proceed to ReldsTille N 5 f or the purpose of classified - as emereenev rhtinin rrtnin Mr ii ciHssinea ii emergency obtaining certain evidence required to complete the trial of an enlisted man at Fort Monroe Va and upon completion of this duty will return to Durham Capt Rogers F Gardner coast artillery corps to Washington barracks D C - and report to the commanding officer ot the general hospital at that post for ob nation and treatment Ma William H TScbppat ordnance depart ment to New Tork city for the purpose of attending a meeting of the Joint army and nary board on smokeless powder to be held October 3 and 3 and upon the completion ot this duty will return to his proper station Lieut Col Orln B Mltcham ordnance department to West Point N Y on official business pertaining to the inspection ot seacoast armament and the two field batteries at that p ace and upon the completion of this duty will return to his proper station Col John D C Hosklni coast artillery corps Is retired from active service to Uke effect December 27 First Lieut William H Winters Thirteenth cavalry Is d tailed as professor of military science and tactics at the Kamebameha schools Honolulu H T Rose He explained that he already was under heavy expense and that during his illness many bills had accumulated which must be paid without delay Directors of the hospital and the house staff were Informed by the Board of Charities that Rose must pay for his treatment Under the circumstances the charities board said It could not contribute any pf the appropriation Congress provides shall be paid through the board when emergency cases are treated This action on the part of the Board of Charities Is said to have met the disapproval of physicians at the hospital Congress Appropriates 15000 Congress annually appropriates HS - 000 for the treatment of emergency cases at Emergency Hospital to be paid to the institution by the board of charities The board uses Its own Judgment In deciding which are emergency cases In making this appropriation Congress provides that for each emergency case which requires temporary treatment the hospital shall receive L20 a day For every emergency case which recejyes immediate treatment after which the patient Is discharged 65 cents is paid to the institution To determine whether a case shall be representa - ORDERS TO NAVAL OFFICERS Lieut L 8 Shapley to the United States Naval Academy Annapolis Md Lieut R C Davla to navy yard Mare Island Cal duty department ot steam engineering of that yard Midshipman A D Denney to duty North enemies Already Massachusetts New York Illinois Ohio Iowa Maine Michigan Missouri Colorado Maryland Washington and Oklahoma have exhibits in place Of the foreign exhibits those of Sweden and Swltserland are completed Colorado that haven to which many a sufferer from the East has gone to find relief up to this time has perhaps the most complete exhibit of its kind Installed It consists of models of hospitals and sanatoria all Resigned fo give fresh air Buuusiii ana comiorr 10 tne patient J2XSr eCtf h b1 WW 3 expVctedto been laggard in the great world fleht rmiin rvnv n against one of mankinds most dreaded MldfUiproan W A Lee jr to Idaho Oetohr application of tbe statute to his case doubtful It Is probable that an opinion will be asked of the Attorney General DISUKED SOILED TRANSFERS Physician Urges Trolley Patrons Wot to Accept Such Exchanges Editor post Why not make it equally unlawful for street car conductors to smear tickets and transfers with spit before handing them to passengers If passengers would refuse to accept a cplt - daubed transfer the habit would practically cease before the first session of the Intetrnatlonal congress on tubercu losis takes place next week JJ KL WUSUATC M D I Postuml The name which stands for a I National Food I Beverage I j that has benefited minions Theres a Reason 1908 Midshipmen A T BldwelL O W Struble p L Holland and F R Norton to Montgomery Mldrhlpman L C Stark to Montana October 2 190 Midshipman W F Amsden to duty New Hampshire October 2 IKS Midshipman W Le R Heiberg to duty Mississippi Ottobei 2 IMS Mldshliman C A Harris to Montgomery Midshipman C A Schlpfer to Paducah Surg J A Murphy to temporary duty Franklin navy yard Norfolk Va 8urg - A M D McCarmlck to the naval recruiting station Baltimore Md P A Surg U W Bishop to duty United States naval hospital New Tork N Y Asat Surg T O Foster to duty United States naval hospital Newport R I Asst Surge E O Mackenzie c r Sterne and J R Phelps to duty n attendance on the court of Instruction United States naval medical school Washington D a October 1 108 Aest Surgi S B Henry and H A Olttnar appointed assistant surgeons In the navy from September 10 1901 Actln Asat Surgs H B McMurdo and U C Whiteside to duty la attendanoe on the course of Instruction United States naval medical school Washington D a October 1 lOg P A Paymaster J N Jordan to Celtic when commissioned Movements of Naval Vessel Arrived Idaho at Hampton Roads Yankton and Relief at vCavlt Sall - d Glacier and Panther from Albany for Manila Idaho from Norfolk for Hamntnn I Roads tive of the board calls at the hospital twice a week makes a canvas of the patients and reports to tbe board patients are questioned relative to thejr incomes and If one says he may at some future date be able to pay at least something for treatment accorded him he is stricken from the charity Hit and the hospital does not set the regulation fee of 1L20 Consequently say the physicians the institution fails to benefit by the appropriation provided for Its maintenance And seldom they add do patients who have been primarily admitted as emergency cases settle their bills If an emergency patient says he is not able to pay for treatment the Institution then receives the specified fee Fee for Each Case One of the physicians who declines to permit the use ot his name for obvious reasons explains the situation thus About five years ago Congress permitted the disbursement of the appropriation by the directors of the Instltu tlon Under this system tbe hospital was able to care for hundreds of cases which now must be treated at a loss Tbe appropriation however was turned over to the Board of Charities with instructions that a specified fee should be paid to the hospital for every emergency case treated leaving the matter entirely to the discretion of the board Under this system a representative of the board calls regularly at the hospital to learn If patients are able to pay for treatment Frequently a patient will say he Is able to pay when he Is not for he assumes that if he plead poverty hour Rose finally admitted he mlaht possibly at some future time be able to pay for his treatment He has been at the hospital nearly a month during which time medicine meals and board not to mention other services have been extended The hospital must stand this expense until Rose is in a position to pay his bil which he says will be some time The patient contends he was an emer - gencj case and that as Congress Appropriates funds for such cases he should receive the benefit Rose Walks in Grounds For the first time since he was admitted to the Institution Rose yesterday walked about the hospital grounds He was accompanied by Dr William C Carr under whose treatment he has recovered When he returned to the ward after two hours In the open he expressed himself fit to resume his duties at the Zoo Dr Carr however persuaded him to remain at the hospital several days longer Last night Rose said he would lose no time in getting back to work Dr Carr oeueves tne patient is out of danger and that If he takes care of himself he will run no chances of a relapse BODY OF MISS PAIR0 FOUND Harpers Headache Remedy Formerly caned Harpers Brats Food fs alTraly Indorsed Benaktrry Hoes Carlo Ireland Robert X Harper Washington Bt CSI Mrs Bagenal wlshee to have seat to above ad dress six botuea ef Harpers Brala Feed to neuralgia juice M casts per bottle She laelosefl postal note for U shillings equal t UzS Sold at amggUts 23 Hunyadi Janos T Take ff half glass B upon arising I in the morning I m and enjoy good ff health all Jf day jfr vr It Is Tbe Best Natural Laxative Water FOR CONSTIPATION Washington Woman Was Victim of Yacht Accident at Maine Resort Deer Isle Me Sept 18 The body of Hiss Alice Pajro of Washington D C who was drowned with six other persons by the capsizing of the yacht Minnie Belle oft Oak Island on the night of September 10 was found today by Capt George E Haskell and Irving Gowc of this place The body was taken to a local undertaking room and prepared for shipment to Washington It was identified by clothing and laundry marks This Is the first body recovered since the night of the tragedy wften two were found DENOUNCES VACCINATION Constant Reader Urges Parents to Organize Opposition to Practice Editor Post Are we again to be subjected to the diabolical scene of having our children scraped and cut and cow Juice Injected Into their pure innocent bodies un der the pretence of preventing smaii pox 7 Does our health department claim the right to this irrespective of the wish of the parent If so It Is time parents show their indignation In no uncertain tone A CONSTANT READER OF THE POST LICENSED TO MARRY Francis P Morgan M sod niiabeth Andrews SO Rev Samuel H Woodrow COLDS For colds in the head and chsst take Rhinitis Tablets One of the best and quickest remedies tn use Relieves cold tn the bead In one or two days 100 in bottle for Us EVANS drug store 924 F St N W CHRISTIAN XANDERS Pride of Va - Port A peerless Wine vinous and of delightful mellow taste Rich In Iron blood enriching The wine for convalescents 3 gal 75c full qt Qsalltj flnq 7ft Cf Phase X J74 Hoase 3U9 I HI dl No braqea houses 1425 S20 Suits to Order An opening special which we offer this week We positively guarantee these suits to be superior In every way to CS suits made elsewhere SCHWARTZ PELZMAN TsSot 505 - 507 7th St HEALTH OFFICE RECORD Deaths l Charte J Casaldv 70 jrrs Soldiers Home Herman Eenilr U vra 1130 X H av av Sarah a Harden TJ vrs 1119 E Cap at Dennis Qalll 74 vrs N I ft nw Bnunael 8 Justh Is vrs tl D st n Atarth K Aanadale 21 yr 777 13 th st ne Jennie Winters U jra 411 S st aw Wm T MeClockr tl jrs 1030 7th st av Frederick Volsat 1 mo 2SU Wis are nw John Tleems J4 yr wt D tj 1 CoIucibos A Kins U rrs 777 2d st rw Emma Murray 14 rrs Tubrcalosi Hcspltal Nathan Johnson 2 dars ill Oit sw BIRTHS Frank and Oatsla Casey strL Wilson U and mIU Davla M Carl and Annie B - Doenrtr nor Wlnseld M and KithertM Ralcht tiri John T and Mary Healr trl Jacob and Dora Leaser hoi Randolph and Adelaide Martin boy Maartee A and Mafcfl K McAolff ftrL Ernest Kaad Jtnsle JU Xlehardean slrL Rlehirt B and Diss Ague Stevens toy Thomas and Mary J4 twan toy Harry S and Hose 8aer girt Lorenta and Xoee A Adams girt Theodora and Irene Berbers boy John and Elisabeth Xobraaoa bar Wlllen end Annie Telecn rlrl Jonas sad Gertrude Watts boy Charles and Adeline Warden bey Joha and Hauls Wheeler hoy 4f Hats for Men New rail Styles Now on Display SIDNEY WESTfifSSSr Br Wth end G SU FRITZ REUTER HOTEL AND RATHSKELLAR Four - and - a - half and Pa ave nw OYSTERS AffO GAME Music by Minsters Orchestra Always the Same Thorps Berkeley Rye 813 7 St N W Phone Main J14L Special PrTftt Delivery Av Ortt Tpnic BHsIr Iron Quinine and Strychnine the greatest tonic In the world full pint bottlef for Sec Regular prlc5 tNNKU - SMlvH

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