The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 20, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEW; SATURDAY, OCTODEn' 20, ITBlLEyriElD Burnelt's Eleven Wages I Stubborn But Losing I Baltic Against Locals. Spotting Johnnie Burnett Shawnee eleven to a 7 (joint and then stepping out In fron 25 to 7. tbe Blytheville hlg school Chickasaws annexed the fourth consecutive triumph of tli season In as many games n Haley Pick! last night. Carney Lastie's Maroon am While machine salted away Ib 1D34 Mississippi county champion ship and continued as a Icadlm contender for the northeast Ar kansas title by overjmwcrlng t desperately battling but somewba lighter learn from the consolidai- ed scliool at Joiner in south Mis sissippl county. A good crowd was on hand to watch the struggle..and a large group of Osccola district fans found plenty to cheer about when Slurwnco registered the first louch- Uown of the game. Their enthusiasm was short lived howcvci when Tipton, Cliick wingman galloped C9 yards to put the ball almost on top of the Shawnce goal line from where it was lug Bed over for a touchdown and Cnplnln Blackivcll, Chick end. caught a 26-yard heave from Mosley over Shawnce's goal line for another touchdown Dint, sent Bh> thcvillp into the lead bsforc the first half ended. The Chicks acl dcd two more in the last half I-atla Stands Out Latla, dimimitive halfback was the spark plug of the Shnwncc attack, with Jack Smothcrman Armorel youth, also showing the Chicks a shifty pair of hips P 1 r" L » vi mps. r, Wright, Slia«.mce right end. followed the ball well on punls .The two Chick ends, Tlplon and BlnckwelJ reached (lie peak of their nerformance so far this stasou while Pnrtlc, Chick center, who was a doubtful starter light, up to game time because 01 the death of a relative, was a bulwark of defensive strength and an accurate passer. Mosley, cbkk In Gridiron SpotlightJToday •7 r-^arrri'^^jsa^ r'.rrrLX'r;-^: sirs »;~™ ± .menca (acklc post; runnlnc at ri E ht, Uobblc Wilson, 150-|,on nd Southern Methodist baekfic' Georgia Te ch will shoot against Michigan. inely the start of his in Tipton cut .straight down Hie dellnc nnd raced G9 yar<' ore he was dragged down ohind on Shawnce's one .,.., arkcr. Saliba shot through Shnw ec's right, guard for Ihc touch- oivn but fnllcd to kick the extra quartci, turned In a , . • - "• " IIKW iuu of ball carrying and oifset faulty qimrtcrbacSing early in Ihc game by good judgment in the lasi half His punting was below par and the ^ Chicks continued to show a the kick-oif Elating .weakness department.' Polities .slowed up with botl- olnt. Hlackwell Makes Touchdown Latin's good punllns Kept the ill In Dlytlicvillc territory early i the second quarter. A let-up In ntta's consistent kicklni;, howcv- nntl the ball shot oil the side his toe for a weak 10 yard boot it of bounds on Blylhcvllle's 36 iid line as he was aiming for olfln corner." Here the Chick offense got umlcnvjiy nnd tbe Jocnls kept possession of the ball until they crossed Shawncc's goal line Saliba and . Mosley alternated In' rushing .to h first down on Ely- llicville's 411 yard line. Locke nnd Moslcy picked up another to Shaw- ncc's 4-1 yard line. Afosley, fall- nil! to nnd a receiver for an in- I tended pass open, gained four the 6nmcp' !lrds - Another play failed to coin 1 Of Ills wn Hie rds bell from i; ynrd Shnw- touch- o extra own line. Dlylhovlllc mnrclicd up the Held to their own M ynrd line and then Salllja broke thrmiKli on a 27 ynrd jaunt to Shawnee's 39. Passes fnllcd and Shnwncc took the ball on Its 22 yard line ns Mosloy kicked out of bounds. Latin kicked 'out and an intercepted pass gave Shawnee the ball again on Its 30 yard line. Lntta's kicking neat Job :»• •• i tii UULEL H.LU11S IV till Blytlieyillc in particular suffcrin" set backs, Illegal i, se of thc ,,„,,„; anrt|' rl «n Moslcy heaved to costing BlyttievJllc yardage. Thc considerable r Maroon and ' WJilte clad Chickasiuvs sfarlcd oil as ir they game away niennt to stow tlic early hut soon met "trouble in a stalwart Shawnec goal l[ ne dc- Jense and some proficient punting. The Chicks kicked off to ^. Asnicy, Shawnee center > on Shan-nee's 20-yard line and Ashey looked like a hard nmnln? back as he tiasted up (he ndcl lo. Shawnce's 48-yord Hue An itle penalty handicapped Slia«- r --- w -'v» .«. 1 | i,vj J.JJJLUI1 for a first down on Shawncc's 31 >'" rff 'Inc. Sallba picked up 5 >'» r <ls. Mosley stepped back with the pigskin, faked a throw to one corner of thc field, turned and tossed the ball to thc opposite corner where Blacksvcll, already over the goal line, gatherer) u in Saliba's kick for poln twas good Again the ball went back into a - fallcd to 'finTTToTe awnec' line but Moslcy's H iPt °" vras eooti f " '« d 8 flrsl dow " °» Shaw- C-yard line. Mosley picked n fn K BWUnd " sllt a fumble by E . Saliba on the nc.M play was recovered for a loss of 2 yards. Mosley tried a pass that fel! incomplete as n t- M*W ^ '° '"'""P 1 M M- Mosley kicked weakly to Latta he ™^ M ; !*-*«* 'ta« a"S marker " " aCk '° the ^?^ Shanncc Cashes In 1^*^ C , OUld ' n e"--KOing and ho tces 32 ' s '-™ gaming on the exchanse. Shaw- Ulytbcvillc territory until shortly before the half ended when Moslcy and Locke romped from deep In Hlythevllle territory to Shawnce's 40 yard line hi ihrcc =;;« e pive first downs as thc half missed a rolling kickoll . again forced the Chicks back and they brought -It up agnln to Shawnee's 2S yard line before being forced to kick over thc goal line. Tile third quarter ended scoreless; Shawnec having the ball on Us 34 ynrd line. Trick Play Ix>scs A spread formation lost 12 yards for Shawnec when the Chicks quickly solved thc trick and spilled Smothcrman on a lateral far behind < the line. Lalta kicked • to Blythevlllc 41 yard line and the Chicks were on their way again Moslcy .picked up Ifi ynrds to Shawnce's 44. yard line. Thc Shawnec defense was pnll- cd In lightly and Moslcy, taking cognizance of the situation, began t" run the ends ;stcadlly. Saliba got 9 yards, Locke managed 3 Mosley took 5 nnd the ball moved io Shawncc's 2G yard line. Saliba grabbed fi more, Moslcy made 15 around right end and Saltba rammed to Shawnee's 2 yard line Locke lost 4, caught back of the line. Moslcy moved It np to Shaw- ncc's one yard line and tumbled as he raced over the goal line wiih the bull btit Saliba recovered or a touchdown. His try for point ended. : Moslej Piirtlc Lnnsford .. Walker .... Tipton ..... Moslcy Craig Locke ... E. Saliba ivas bad. Tipton Intercepted a pass on ... ^« „ lv ,,, Ll g MLKOIl as the second nnlf opeiled and it dribbled over the Blythcvillc goal ine, Moslcy lugging l t . back to the 13 yard line. Saliba mnde 3 yards but the play wns called back and Dij'theville penalized" to «., one •nrd line for roughing. Moslcy ----- ...... «^.,.v mcKcu ,' Otl ° llt to B 'y«ievlllc-s 25 yard UP 4 yards around rigM end bu c," 0 ' Thc Chlck llnc «'>otl,ered n fiimWn ^.. „ - '.V ™ a "«' Shawnce's attnck. n lalcral fnillnir ""' Laliji kicked over the goal it to he A quick kick from close behind Vr^nt ^/ te! ^ "« Mocked y Grant and recovered bv Shaw « Jf Blytheville', 28-yard ," n^n." b S k Ior -Shawnee and urne Us grtddcrs were quick to '° thdl bls ^"w the touchd AI/LEY OOP Shnwncc's 45 yard line and . lugged It, back to the 40 ynrd line to start tlw next Chick drive' Moslcy sprinted, around left end for 20 yards and'-a' first down on Shawnee's 20 ynrd line. A reverse lost ground but Mosley picked up 15 to the Shawnce 10 ynrd line Saltba added - 3. Mosley made 5 more and Saliba added n foot Moslcy went over for the touchdown. The try for i»int wns bad With a minute left to play Laslie sent In a number of Blythe- villc substitutes. Up until the li\r,l minute the Chicks Had pmve,, wilh but one substitute nnd shnw- nce with but two. Shawnee fumbled twice nnd Blythcvillc once before the game ended with Blv- theville in possession of 'the ball on Shnwncc's 22 ynrd line. The lineups: ' Blythcvillc Pos Blnckwell LE Rnydcr LT Ijindscy . LG C . . RG . RT RE Shnwncc • •• P. Speck — Johnson . Adanm • Ashley Grant •.. O.. Speck Wright QB - Smotherman Lalta ... LH ... RH FB A. Saliba Clack Scoring ^touchdowns: Blythev'iiie Blackwell, Mosley. — Smotherman.' Extra poinls-Blythevlllo, E. Snllbn (place kick with Mosley holding brill)- Shawnce—Lattn (line ptny) Substlulions— Blythcvillc Harris, Larkln, Meredith, Baxter, W. Shnwncc—Slnyton, ' j. Matthews (Missouri) referee: Mlchie, umpire; Potter head linesman; Holland, fluid' judge. , Burns. Speck. Olficials ^, T "° Jnleraec0o ' n » 1 slr "SA ' te - «'«' ""> Minnesota-Pitt M. in Dallas. Above are four ' ^ ™ "" "> <»><> -w nave Blylheville-Shawnef Statistics Ky J. P. FRIEND B'ville Shawnec 18 7 M . 8 . 4 3 First, Downs No. Penalties Yds. of penalties . F. Passes (att) . F. Passes (comp) Passes (In(c) Yds Rtd lute Passes 13 Yds Ret a Kicks, Passes 95 Yds from Passes (P) 12 Yds from Sc'mage 208 Total Gain 479 Yds Lost 13 No. Punts o Yds of Punts 100 Avc of Punts lfi.7 Fumbles 4 Fumbles Kcc 5 Clytheviile Ind. Record (Rushing) Losing Bettors Eat Nuts In Tree, Haul Fertilizer POMEROY, o. (UP) - Baseball fans performed some funny antics hereabouts during and after the World Scries, all because Ihcy Picked thc wrong teams RW Holmes, of Syracuse, o pulled a toy express train loaded with barnyard fertilizer from East Pomcroy to Miclcllcuort, a distance of our miles, because he bet Carl' " fame"'" Wi " thc Eixlh WHAT? NO CATS? ~V Joe Stanley, Pomeroy, an ex- S l1 " nyc ,V" mbc ' 1 10 " crow's icst in a tall sycamore tree on the OHO River bank in the Heart of •he city anil ate peanuts furnished r^om-/'sT !C ' Bl ' 0vcrymm '- ! ™ •Schoolboy" Ro"c\ould 'win u^ wmcs during (lie scries. By HamlJ' .. ll In hs path latin " ,«'*•* 0" a reverse , ,K C 1 follow ^KHh an 8 . yard run that gave Shawnee a first $,!1°" the Chtcf[ ' s 18 -J-«d Una. Shawnee made little on two plays but a 15-yard, penalty for rough- ^f, , aga .'? st B1 J' l!l «vi«e sent the r ti ^CWck'sone.yaM line. Latla raced over left end for the touchdown. , -.Ha: followed 'by engineering >.the extra point BlylheVille came back with' a rush. .'Tipton took the klckoiT on his . own 30;« yard line - near the east sideline and headed north for Bhawnte'a »oal; Aided by THESE BIG CATS USUALLY HANG AROUND WATER HOLES-SO JUST DO MY CAT HUNT/W WHERE THERE AlMT WLLEY OOP, DEEP IN 1HE JUNGLE, IS DESPERATELY TRYIN& NOT TO FINPA LIKELY T'BE ANY/ GREAT, SPOTTED CAT THE LACK OF A HIDE OF TH/S ,MESOZOIC KITTY IS ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN HIM AND I MAfZRIAGE TO KIN& &UZ'S DAUGMTEC,THE PRINCESS WOOTi ETOOr 1 AINT GONNA FIND NO SPOTTED CATS - S O IF COSJ'T FIND ANY,EJrHER SETTIN' OKAY/ •t 3 15 5 1 I 0 71 1 81 153 17 10 2GB 28.8 3 2 Snliba Locke Craig No. Huns . 24 19 .. 8 1 Yds. Gnd. 175 00 33 Yds. Ave. Lost Gain 7.3 4.4 3.8 Individual Records (passes) Blackwell 2 51 0 2 Tipton 0 10.5 Football Results Arkansas College 31, Liltle Hock Junior College 0. Arkansas State C, Ilendrix 0. Arkansas Tech 0, Magnolia A. & Jonesboro Baptists o, Northwest Mif.sLssippi Junior College 0 (tie). Pine Bluff 31, Kosciusfco, Miss 7 Walnut Rldgc 21, Newport 7 Paragould 21, Sloan-Hendrix 0. Jonesboro 10, Batesville 0. JJot Springs 13, Little nock 0 Benton 14, North Little Rock 0 Canulen 20, Tcxarkana 0. Hcndereon Teachers 3«, Arkamns Teachers 0. Ozarks 7, Ouachita 0. Jon:sboro Juniors 40, Blytheville Juniors 0. Scarcy 36, Lonokc G. I'ordycc 12, Warren 0. McGchce 12, Crossett 0 Forrest City 44, Parkin 7 Marianna 21, Earlc 0. Osccola 13, Wilson 7. Read Courier news want Ads. Whirl winds Win Over Papooses JONESnOHO, Ark., Oct. 20.— Jone.sljoj-o junior hlglrs Whirlwind turned into a. scoring storm here yesterday as Hie locals walked through a visiting BlyOiei'illc junior high tcnm by a score of 41) to 0. The lighter visiting eleven jiev- _r e<it started against Joncsboro's team but fonyht cJesperately (hni- uut (he game. "Grudge" Match Will Open At Armory Monday A' "gnidge" match between two local youths who know little about wrestling but are very much in earni'sl, according to promoters, will open Monday night's wrestling show at the armory here Bob McLeocl and Robert Luke Giants' Downfall Cited .As Proof of Honest ALBANY,'N. Y. (UP)undoubtedly Is basically hone, Mam-(Bill) .VfeCorry, Miani'T,., - Albany club of the Inicrniifion' i>l taague. is convinced. it baseball | s sincere"thmr'lh recent and unsuccessful (lie Giants io «.(„ the >- pennant," -••-- — ".HI HUIJUl^ LJIIKC ".'lllnl.l t "1? , UlP Jr ir who wm lnlx i" Hie Lea 8u? pennant," McCorrv sm af air. They are down for a one "'""> Glnuls had ' to f?cc c fan match, no time limit and have '" 1 "" 1 - " atlon, simply Caruthersville Draws With Charleston, 7-7 CAKIJTHERSVIbLE, Mo. — ' Janiliiersville Tigers sprang a s..>- :;iisc to football circles here Friday afternoon when they held lh'_ strong 'Charleston lilue Jays to i 7-7 tie. Chiirbston had been :xpcclc?d to beat' She Bengals by it -least 12 iMlnls. Both teams scored in the first quarter, and he game ended with Charleston laving ilia ball on the Tiger mc-fout line, and three downs or Etiiolher tally. Creech and ilccaslin stood out, offensively, for he Tigers, while Bynum and Hardwick were (he principal ground " lers for thc Blue Jays. O:i :nse, Londn, Hompton and R. "grudge," it L s sta°ted! feiltllre , reniuncr- uccnusc of Teams Organized at Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark—Four basketball teams have been organized in the Lepanto high school. T. W. Darter, superintendent or the school is coaching the boys and H A. Carney, member of tile high school 'acuity, is coaching the girls. The Freddie t-, , <i reie Knlchcl of Birmingham will take on Scotty Williams of Louisville Ky. . ' In the seml-windup John Manor Seattle, Wash., and Tiger Moore of Miami, P)a., ivill get together. 6,555 See Hot Springs , Win Over Little Rock HOT SIDINGS. Ark., Oct 20- Hot Springs high school's Trojans turned in a decisive. 13 to 0 triumph over Little Rock hielr. school "i a hard fought game here last night before 6.500 howling fans The Trojans, led by ; Paul Lon- Binatti, triple threat artist extraordinary, chalked up their fifth straight win of the season hav!n<* previously defeated .Malvcrn Prcs- cptt, Jonesboro and Hope. ' It was a home coming celebra- 1011 for Hot Springs high school celebrated in grand fashion with he grid triumph. o ce cw w "'=h weren't BO ? n J anySLre " fe race. ,„ the' Pl.iy S d B .^ "" yet -those ^'clubs fmisl, nd nail anil were the mcai were he of knocking out tne Giants " -• --- a *»^ e'tfo. j-iiti .. —» ".^.v^ov; ,ii vttiup con- first games are tentatively sched- S1 " cra bly this season over the past ulcd for November 3rd with Cam- few >' cars , D - ,, L - F1 °y<I. state agricultural statistician, estimated that Georgia s cotton crop Increased in value from S28,859,OCO in 1032 when there was no production control measures, to an estimated $82,663,000 in 1S34 und2r the Bankhead act and voluntary reduction .' Burns Registers Win Over Perkins Again CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo _ Ed Kanthe, Boston, Mass., took tw clone Burns, Palm 1 Bead] tcok two out of three from „, Perkins, Portland, Ore., over a re - --.- production. i n 1932, the ...production was 854,000 bales, in , ., turn, no-time limit' bout. These two wrestled to a 90-minutc draw here two weeks ajo. Osceola Seminoles Win Over Wilson Bulldogs OSCEOLA, Ark. - The Oscsola Seminoles defeated the Wilson Bulldogs 13 to 1 here Friday afternoon, with J. \v. Taylor scor- mgvi touchdown m the rirst and again in lli c fol ,rth quarter for the nume learn. Oidham made the extra \m\ni. Lynch cf Wilson scored both the touchdown and the extra point for the' 'isiling- loam The Scimnolcs play Afartrcd Tree lure ncs: Priciay. Read Courier News Want AcVr FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DEPT. WRESTLING Armory, Monday Night Freddie Knichcl vs. Scotty Williams of Kirniingham of Louisville Two Out of Three Falls - Two Hour Time Limit John M;irr, of Seattle vs. Tiger Moore, of Miami Two Out of Three Falls - One Hour Time Limit liob McLcod, Hlytheville vs. Robert Luke, lilylhcville One Fail - No Time Limit Georgia Planters Happy Over Increased Values ATLANTA, Ga. (UP) -Tobacco cottdn farmers of Georgia saw a their crops increase in con- ,...,„ ...'., ..... ' i^ 1 ' 105 ' 000 bales , '' s w e a crop or 933.000 bales., is in piosptft tKls Saturday Only Matinee & Night—10c - 25 Tiuck Jones Serial ' Cartoon' Sunday • Monday MATINEE & NITE—I0c-35c season ROXY last Time Today .MAT. & KITE—i'Oc - 25c John Wayne In Thrilling Adventure of Hie Early West 'TRAIL BEYOND' Cartoon Serial—Rin Tin Tin, Jr, "The Wolf Dog" Sunday - Monday MAT..and Nile—id c - 4"wu^c •" js <^URW£" y "I AIN'T MUCH ON "X": "•«••• c —. HIGH SOUNDIN' LANGUAGE"... But his heart speaks '' to the soul of mankind H with a simple elo- [•] quence...You'llwant ? : '| to cheer him as his ;•' simple vyords move a ' .; whole countryside to ; tears .. .and'laughter! '-1 Sunday, Oct. 21st; BASEBALL Osceola Ball Park, Osceola, Ark. Memphis Chicks vs. U.S. Engineers'Osceola GAMK CAM.K1) AT ,1:00 1>. M. ADM. 25c & SOc HE WAS HER MAN 1 AMIS C A G N E Y JOAN ^ BLONDELL VICTOR JORY FRANK CRAVtNJ Harry Grihhon Comedy Novclly — "Then Came the Yawn" TOM BROWN ANITA LOUISE ROCHELLE HUDSON HENRY B. WALTHALL DAVID LANDAU and STEFIN FETCHIT Produced bySolM.WurUel Directed by John Ford Para mount News I.wn Errol i\Iusical Short E X T R A! The First Pictures of (he Assassination of Kiiifr Alexander of Yurro Slavia.

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