Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on August 10, 1926 · 15
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 15

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 10, 1926
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4 r v t l r- r t 1 f l- l t r ri i i is J Lt r r- SALT M Ut 1 f X f 6 rHE r THE SALT TAKE TELEGRAM TOTUESDAYEVENING IN G Paid Advertising i t For Por Religion Isk Is Is' k Methodist t Urge v r LAKE E JUNALUSKA N N. C. C Aug Aus 10 AP Religion is a business and 11 1 Empl EmpI employ y advertising the Ep- Ep league assembly o ot the Methodist Episcopal opal church south session here was told I by Y denominational leaders Paid advertising was urged by D D. C. C F. F pastor of oC the Broadway Temple Methodistchurchchuich ot New York The h hope pe of or Protestant Christianity Chris Chris- Is bound up Jn n n young people peo peu- pie pe Dr W W. E E. J. J Gratz editor of oC the Epworth Herald Chicago ago told the assembly assen He deplored general condemnation of ot the present sent generation generation gen gen- ration of or youthadding that the chief menace to pi progress ogress Is the older generation Dr J. J H. H Barnhart Sa Winston lem N. N C C. asserted that being a ChrI Christian Uan Is ththe biggest business ever undertaken by a human neing Eight essentials In the business of ot being a a. Christian he listed as de decision de- de regeneration service serice enthusiasm en en- en 11 pers verance optimism loyalty o alt and cooperation 0 0 Cond Condemned Youth Gets D Three Three Day y Reprieve LI LINCOLN COLN Neb Aug 10 AP AP- AP Donald Ringer 19 19 the youngest Nebraskan r ever condemned to deaths death today received a three-day three reprieve Governor McMullen Mc granted grant granted the third respite so thatthe board of ot pardons and arid paroles can hear RingersRinger'sapplication for commutation commutation com commutation of his sentence at Its regular regular regular reg regular monthly meeting August 13 The youths youth's second reprieve ex expired expired expired ex- ex today RingerlUnger was sentenced to be electrocuted electrocuted electrocuted elec elec- for tor tilethe murder In 1924 of or Carl Moore a Hastings Neb auto- mo automobile automobile auto auto- mo mobile salesman CIVIL AVIATION LEADER NAMED Continued from Crom page 1 boom But It Is ready for a good consistent healthy growth McCracken Is is' counsel for the National AirAll Transport con companypany and a military a aviator of or W World rl war experience during which he he hew w was s s- anan Instructor for thirteen months at Texas fields i i i t 4 1 OU 0 U buy b U Y every V r J I 4 1 t 1 i. i t. t ct if tin 0 of f your you r sj Mt I f f fl i. i t f V Ji S Schilling ChIlli n g Co Coffe f fee 1 i. i 2 i k f C. C 0 on n a approval p p r ov 1 I If f y you 0 ou r 9 J t d. d do 0 not 1 like 1 k e 1 t c r J J- ff i I t t t- i i YO you OU U do don not 0 t pay for 1 it t J Jt 7 t 9 ur gr grocer returns returns' r f t ii a ron on e Y You OU r your money y r t i 3 f K k-e k ep ep the e c C. o ff e e e. e J v i I cl r r h C 1 n ff J 2 J C coee 0 ee d It I I Z oj Jj I i J 1 j iT fEA r I 17 11 r tp 1 f l e l t t Baking t 4 4 extracts t a Oa B 1 in his lunchis right B I S CHEESE g g- UU Q L h J 1 i q A CO BRO AY STATE STATED THE IllE BIG STORE Clearance oi WASH VIAS GOODS Wash fabricsfrom our regular stock tremendously reduced and sensational purchases just received from our buyer who is now in the East have been grouped in m this gigantic for Ideal materials for children childrens s school wash fabric clearance Buy now next summer dresses andfor house dresses and aprons GROUP 1 GROUP3 P Plain ain Voiles Voils PRINTED d' d Printed Voiles C Printed Broadcloth R A Y YON 0 S Imported In a big variety of styles Exquisite colorings iniii all the popular shades Values to 7 5 Grand Floral and conventional de designs igns Regularly Regu Regu- Clearance Price j YARD to Grand Clearance Sale YARD GROUP 2 GROUP 4 Fast Ft Color Silk 6 Mixed e C C Prints A Cp Crepes Crepes' 2000 yards of Dolly Davis fastcolor Small Soft lustrous crepes in a wide variety of or orate prints designs very appropriate designs Beautifully blended colors ranging rang rang- ate for childrens children's school dresses and ing ins from pastel tel and brilliant t shades to forhouse dresses All full full Grand Clearance Price pieces YARD I browns brown to 1 25 and Grand darker Clearance combinations Sale Values YARD OUR Saturday 1 GREAT 4 Aug 14 f e r OfFER Days ys 1926 t i C MUST M e s the 1 CLOSE last Day AGAIN FAIR AGAIN FAIR WARNING OUR GREAT OFFER OF OFA I A FREE COLUMBIA MEDALLIONENDSTHIS WEEK AN EXCEPTIONAL OFFERING OF JUST REMEMBER THIS The Columbia Medallion BRAND NEW CORALIE Studios Studios have notified us that they could not ot renew our present contract I F ELT L T HATS A T Many have been deeply touched ed by the possession of Imperishable Imperishable Im Im- Im- Im l t perishable Columbia Medallions oftheir Dear Ones Many ha have ve told us that they would not part with them for any an- yS 1 C amount of money Many have medallionsof every 75 S memberof their families ARE YOU GOING TO WAIT VO Jo 8 AND BE DISAPPOINTED Next Saturday is is the last day AUERBACH'S QUALITY An ens announcement of happy shoppers of this into sort our always Millinery brings Depart Depart- dozens doz doz- P. P Pint In t J Jars 31 S H. H Heinz V. V Vinegar 1 ment that Coralie oralie Salt Lake hats hats women possess have a style already and learned quality S Swans Swan's wan D s Down own C Cake a k e Fi Flour our 2 the found popular op in lar no ripple other other felt brim New make crown this offering effects and of N NorseHorse orse C Crown rown K Kippered Ippel e d H Herring 2 for especial interest Fancy 2 2112 libby's Pineapple I I r Regular Size 1 D RB S S' S Shredded Wheat heat 1 lOc Dc j ance Quart Jars Boneless Pigs Feet D Delightfully pretty frocks of Ai All Styles Swifts Swift's s Premium Bologna Oc O- cr i I r in in printed a wide ide flock variety dot or of plain becoming voiles Cr OSS 81 ac k we II s Y h 81 oaters styles Just the thing to finish the summer in comfort Greatly S SegoSega ego Milk Ilk I T Tall a II Cans U reduced to 1 I Kippered Salmon lb I I AUERBACH'S MEAT DEPT 4 Sugar Cured Corned BeefDeef Ib lb 4 Sugar Oared Eastern Bacon Ib lh Other c clearance summer prices d dresses at Sui Sugar ar Cured Eastern Ham nam Whole Half lf or op Ib lb 38 tat 1 9 14 9 Fresh Salmon or extra fine D i i- D 1 A I c Former Diving Champ Arid And Others Will Give Thrilling Exhibition v At t. t Pool on Labor Day 4 L 1 i I c 7 I tt tM 1 of 4 w r q k Del Cel R. R Fairbanks one time holder of IntermountaIn diving championship who with other water water wa water stars will p. p perform p at the Lagoon Lagoon La Lagoon water freshwater swimming cool In In- aa thrilling exhibition as one of the big features forLabor ab r. r Day Cay P LANs S are already forming forming- for for- the for- thethe greatest Labor Day celebra- tiontion fo Lagoon has has ever held This Labor Day will Willbe be different from MY any other ever observed a at t Lagoon The program program will thrill Interest and give you jou the time Ume of your jour life life There will be something doing every every minute with new fun for every every- v ry- ry body Plan now to be at LagoLagoon La n Labor Day Dayl 0 Among Among- oU other er events events will be spectacular spectacular spectacular spec spec- diving exhibitions by local expert divers and swimmers one of whom will be Delamar R n. Fairbanks Fair Fairbanks banks formerfornier holder of the Intermountain intermountain Inter Intermountain mountain diving championship an an- ci an- old an- oldold ci time time fiddlers' fiddlers contest and a twins twin bathing revue It will be great fun for tor all y 1 Grand Movie Ball at Lagoon Tonight Will Will- Be Will- Be Will- BeBe Most Novel Affair Only Two More Chances to Win in- Dig in BigDig Intermountain Fox Trot Contest COME pOME to Lagoon tonight Theres There'sTheres- aa thrill waiting forfoi everyone e for those who participate in th the dancing will also be filmed In moving mov- Ing inglogpictures will be e shown at Pantages Vantages Theatre during the week weel of August 18 Tonight is the night of the eighth In theseries pf fox trot contests which are being conducted at Lagoon Lagoon La Lagoon each Tuesday night in ord order r to choose the best dancers to compete compete comcorn pete in thefinals August 31 In competition for sliversilver prize trophies valued at at which are now nov on display In the window of Square Deal Jeweler South Main Salt Lake Lale City There will be only onemore preliminary pre pre- contest after tonight which will be next nett Tuesday night Because time is getting short and ind because dancers must first appear and win in the preliminary contests contests contests con contests before being permitted to lo en enter enter tn- tn ter tel the finals tonight's contest of offers offers of- of fers a double opportunity W Win in a place In thefinals finals and and get in a movIe The moving picture will also be be- beat at Lagoon to take pictures plc- plc tures of picnickers and bathers on Wednesday Hooper West Weber and anc Plain City Will Enjoy Lagoon Outing Aug 17 Three thriving communitiescommunities- Hooper West Weber and Plain City will will Join In a big day at Lagoon Tuesday August 17 Plans are go- Ing going go- go Ing forward which will make this day one of the greatest in the season sea season There will be dancing bath- Ing bath- Ing bathing bath- bath Ing boating and more than 30 forms of thrilling amusement In addition addi- tIon addition addi addition there will be a prize for the largest family In attendance and contest will be held in which all all- willwill vIII be allowed to compete Davis Co Old Folks Folk W Will ill Be Entertained At Lagoon Aug 17 The wisdom and beauty of mature old age are being recognized In Davis County and next Tuesday iY one week from today the old folks folk of this district will be feted fete at Rt beautiful Lagoon resort Arrangements Arrant Arrange ments are being made for their heir transportation n to the retort resort and plans for their entertainment In Include Include In- In cludeelude musical programs and i 1 ments Come Next Saturday and Enjoy Supreme Coolness And Great Fun at Lagoon When Saturday arrives a and d you vou get get- aa a. halfbalf holiday come holiday come to T Lacoon Vo o matter where you IOU are come are come to Lagoon where it Is cool It Is beautiful beautiful beautiful beau beau- at Lagoon your afternoon will be filled with enjoyment Come par next Saturday for or it is la nearIng the endof the season and the time to 10 get summer enjoyment Is now while the season is on YOUNG YOUNG AMERICAN AMERICAN GIRLTELLS OF OF- OF LIFE WITH HINDU Continued from page 1 1 unassuming He She was v cultured culture and polite His accent his his' whole makeup was totally different from that of any American college man And I 1 was only 18 years old One day after class class It it was In 1917 we we met on Oil the campus I Iwas Iwas I- waswas thrilled He He told me of hisIlls home In India of the great Sleat palace he lived in tn of oC the enormous enormous esta estate te his family owned In East B Bengal He was studying at the university university sity he said at the behest of ot hl his elder brother who wanted him to learn American social and business customs And to have become thoroughly Americanized except for Cor the color of his skin his turban turban turban tur turban andhis beautiful flashing smile Now that I think itover I believe elleve It was his smile that I really fell for After that we wI were together often To thinkthat an Indian InMan prince had picked me out for tor his attentions attentions atten atten- swept me off my feet teet H He was the most romantic I have ever seen r r PROPOSED When we were returning from the he theatre one one night man- of man man- ofof or the worl world noblemanIndian asked me Betty Kurlow native of Chicago university freshman n un- un year old girl to narry him hint I kissed him thenfor for- the for- thethe first time I I. I ask asked d but one that we we live e In tn America promised and married Al Almost we were most secretly in a small Chicago No Noon on one but my family amily knew of oC our marriage Mother and fa i faith faI- ther th ther r both opposed It but later they can came e to like as as as' much as I I. I We Ye established ourselves ourselves' In a small apartment and lived In Chicago Chi Chicago cag almost a In perfect peace and happiness I q quit it school and kept house for him hint while he con con- his studies When we had lived there thre almost twelve months Abin wi- wi wite te to his his' family In Calcutta Calcutta Calcutta Cal Caland told them of oC our mar inar They were furious His brother sent a a. scathing let let- letter let let- terter denouncing him for for marrying an unclean one one It was then that I first noticed a hint of stubbornness of oC ss in my husband two husband two qual- Ities qualities which he developed so surprisingly surprisingly later on In her next article to appear appear appear ap ap-ap- ap pear tomorrow tomorrow Miss Kurlow tells how she learned her husband husband husbus band was white anti agitator how the family priest objected to her race and how she was forced to seclude herself in in the family palace in theheart of the jungle I MEXICO CHURCH FIGHTSITUATION IS MORETENSE Continued from rom page 1 1 church i Is attempting to set up a state within a state but hesaid the beliefs of ththe Mexican people do not rIot harmonize w with the Mexican Mex-Ican la laws ws and constitution n. n To askand to try for derogation derogation deroga- tiontion of ot these laws the archbishop said Is not going against the sovereignty soy sov of ot the nation Replying to Calles Calles' statement that Protestant ministers are doing their work tranquilly he he- ald said ald If JC t this ls Is true It Is one more proof that his Idea Is to attack the Catholic religion the religion the religion ot of a majority of the nation nation or or that the Protestant ministers do not ilot mind the intromission of civil powers In theirtheli purely religIous matters malters and submit voluntarily to It it a a thing which Catholics cannot do in accord accord ac- ac cord coid with the divine constitution of the church MEXICO CITY Aug 10 AP APA APA AP- AP A panic was averted In Ina Ina in- aa downtown theater tleater last Jast night during during during dur during a Joint debate on the religious question when a battle with pistols pistols pis pis- leis over politics took place In front of or the theater The rhe feelingreeling Inside the theater was tense when a group of congre congressmen staged a free for fight t with pis- pis tos to's The audience In the theater became highly excited thinking the shooting was brought about by the religious us controversy OlderOrder was soon restored andthe debate continued con con- None one of the fighterslighters was killed oi of or wounded Lagoon Is Ready to Greet Murray People Tomorrow in City's Biggest Celebration A A. A CORDIAL invitation isextended to Join with Murray city on Oil whatpromises to be the greatest annual outing ever staged bythis up coming community at Lagoon Lagoon Lagoon La Lagoon tomorrow The outing is be being being ct- ct ing sponsored by A Greater Murray Murray Mur- Mur ray lay League which consists consist of business busi busl- ne ness Iless s and ind men ana women women women wo wo-wo- wo men of Murray and plans S 'S s completed completed comcorn that tOe cui l ing ng to tomorrow to tomorrow will be ul one to D D- D Du 1 u Ic mem- mem for lor a long time Ma ay pleasure pleas pleas- ureore seel seekers rs and mId other ors ls at Lagoon tomorrow will also nave an opportunity to get In a movie which will be made right on the grounds by a moving picture operator from I Hollywood Murray businesshouses ana ant stores will close tomorrow at 12 noon At 1 p Pi m. m th the parade will to move towardSalt Lake City and Lagoon La Lagoon It is expected the parade will- be will will- be will- bebe about two miles in length It lt will be headed by the Lagoon cali- ope cali- cali ope Leading th the line of of automobiles automobiles automo automobiles bibs will be Mayor I I. I Lester and city officials followed by the Robinson's Robinsons Rob Robinson's Junior band civic andnd fraternal fraternal fraternal fra fra- organizations business men and citizens The automobiles will vili will- be will- bebe gaily decorated with bannersand placards announcing the destination and purpose of the long parade At At 3 I pp. p m m. m there will be a horseshoe horseshoe horse horse- sho shoe tournament In which all are Invited in invited invited In- In to ent r and try their skill third 5 5 At 5 p. p m m. a baseball game will begin in competition for a purse of 50 00 The game will be between n the Murray AH All tars Stars and a picked team of baseball geniuses it is ex expected expected expected ex- ex the competition will vill be keen From 7 to 8 pp. p m m. a special program will be given at Lagoons' Lagoons open air theatre which will feature a by l ay Mayor r Lester Other members on the tue program Include mu music lc and dance numbers Prizes totaling in cashand merchandise donated by merchants and business men of Murray Murray Mur Murray will b be given away during the days day's events I C. C A. A Douglas Circus And Elgin Four Male Quartet Will Appear At t Lagoon Sunday Two free entertainments commencing commencing comcorn at 4 4 and 7 p. p ro m. will be presented next Sunday by entertainers entertainentertain- ers who are attracting most favorable favorable favorable favor favorable attention whenever they ap ap-ap- ap pear There will bethe C C. A A. A Douglas Douglas Doug Douglas trained animal circus In clever tricks and stunts that wi will amaze and thrill the onlookers at Lagoons Lagoon's open air theatre next Sunday Then capping the delight of this enter- enter the well known Elgin our lour male quartet will vili present a ar ar a- rr gram of singing that will vill carry you away in harmonious melo melody I I- TheThe Elgin Four will be remembered for their performance over radio broadcasting station where they give frequent hour l. l PRIMARIES HELD IN FOUR STATES Continued from Crom page 1 1 1 over three aspirants for the Democratic Democratic Democratic Dem Dem- gubernatorial nomination Seventeen men twelve Republi- canscans and five Democrats aspire to to- be to- be to- bebe lieutenant govern governor l' l Large fields likewise seek nomination to other state offices Nomineesfor congress the tIle legislature and count county county coun count ty offices also were being voted on- A on A constitutional amendment which would permit benefited property to to- be to- be to- bebe assessed for Improvements at attracted at- at little attention LIGHTVOTE PREDICTED Political workers said today that interest In the primary has been sluggish and anel predicted a a. light vote Issues were few and of ot no great consequence they said Chief Interest in Arkansas'Arkansas Democratic Democratic Democratic Dem Dem- primary centered In the gu- bernatorIal gubernatorial gubernatorial gu gu-gu- gu nomination Governor Tom om J J. Terral is opposed by John John- E E E. Martineau judge of PulaskI chancery court They waged a a. I bitter campaign the governor charging that Judge Martineau l drank to excess while the judge accused the governor of oC abusing his power in m Issuing secret paroles to convicts Minor Wallace a former Anti- Anti Saloon league lecturer is opposing Representative Hartsill flagon for for In the fifth district Representative J. J N N. Tillman of the thIrd th district alsohas opposition In Inthe Inthe in- thethe person ierson of Karl Greenshaw Har- rIson Harrison Har liar rison attorney Senator T T. H H. Caraway Is ts without with out opposition County judicial and legislative posts also are being voted voted voted vot voted op A record vote was predicted The Nebraska primary was re regarded regarded regarded re- re by political leaders as merely mere meie- ly the opening of the fall election campaign between the McMullen and Bryan forces for tor control of the state administration Charles Bryan who sought the I vice presIdency on the Democratic Democratic ticket In 1924 and relinquished a good chance for tor re- re re refection as governor governor governor gov gov- Is unopposed for tor the Democratic Democratic Democratic Demo Democratic gubernatorial l' l nomination Governor Adam McMullen rullen confi- dentdent of made no special special cial I Issue sue In his c campaign against his is Republican opponent Ired Fred G. G Johnson of of Hastings s former at- torn at at- torn tomey y general Osmond I Jf 1 Byron Pender attorney La Inde pendent candidate and Roy M. M Harrop Omaha Progressive are unopposed for tor the tire gubernatorial nomination Ion Congressional nominees were be being being be- be ing chosen in six districts Three John H n. Morehead Democrat first district I t E Edgar gar car iJo Howard D Democrat third district and Robert G G. Sun Sim Simmons mons Republican sixth district have no opposition The other three e congressional Willis G G. Sears Republican second second secsee ond district Ashton Democrat fifth district and M M. O O. l Republican fourth district face strong opponents L Movies of Happy y Kids Kids I Merry Picnickersand Bathers to Be Filmed At Lagoon Wednesday Citizens of Murray on Lively Outing to Com CornsIn For Share of FuFun- I Fun n n- IT I IT ITS IT'S TRUE TRUE the th the movies o are coming m f ft to Lagoon o And l Wednesday d d will will- be will- bebe a big day for kiddies carefree picnickers and jolly bathers bath bathers when the Hollywood movie I man mallfocuses es his camera and begins to turn the crank Imagine seeing yourself in the movies movies' You'll behe fibleble to see these pictures at Pantages Pantages Pantages Pan- Pan theatre during the week of August 18 Movingpictures will be taken at- the at it the concessions at the riding de devices de- de e- e vices at the lunch stands and the gardens And at 5 p p. p m m. the cini- cini will take tale his stand at the fresh water bathing pool and Wai- Wai Beach Heinie Hot Dog Man Now Has Sandwiches hes' hes HeinieHeinle for years known as the hot dog man has now acquired the sandwich and lunch counter at Lagoon and Is now In a position to serve his patrons In very short or order or- or der Heinie Heinie's s special Is a combina- tiontion cheese and hamburger sandwich sand sand- Just try it it-It it It Is a gustatory knockout Other snappy tasty Items include toasted cheese sandwich sand sand- woh ham sandwich er plain coffee milk or buttermilk and delicious cakes and pastry Heinle's two stands are located Just across the midway from the northeast north northeast corner of the dance hall I t ture ure Community Market Day Will Be Every Monday A special weekly tl eat for patrons of the Community Market Marlet hahas been by Manager E E. It L. of the Market Marlet at Lagoon resort It will be oe every Monday except Lab r Va Day during the remainder of oC the resort season is rs at the Community Market Marlet re- re ret t jve tickets ts entitling them to gi s at the Lagoon concessions at one half to third one the prices usually d This Is a rare lare chance to obtain much amusement at small l expendi- expendi I Ogden's Four Stake Schools Will Stage Big Dance at Lagoon FridayNight Friday the thirteenth Is being dubbed a lucky day by the Ogden Mount Ogden Weber and and North Weber We ber stake Sunday Sunda schools On this date these four Cour Ogden stakes will conduct a great dancing party at Lagoon Eddie Clay and company of Salt Lake e h have b been engaged to ee res ngai demonstrate t a the latest dances I Draught root beer and soda water will be distributed during the dance It i Is understood there are other features fea tea tures tuns This dance is being given especially especial especially for officers teachers second In Intermediate intermediate In in- department students theological theological theological the the- department students and members of the parents' parents departments depart departments A cordial invitation is extended ex extended to join them In this big social I gathering ii i

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