Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah on December 18, 1921 · 13
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Salt Lake Telegram from Salt Lake City, Utah · 13

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 18, 1921
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c MORNING DECEMBER 18 8 1921 THE S SALT LT LAKE TELEGRAM 3 T f III III III II III IIIIII II HI III III IIIIII I nil SEE J NON S TAG E AND S eRE E N I III II I I II ri-I ri 1 fennie Talmadge I On American Screen Constance Talmadge whimsical tanta- tanta captivating as ever Is the star National Womans Woman's Place the tre First traction which will commence an en- en Cement gement offour days days' at the American production Miss Talmadge goes for for politics As a society girl just c rom abroad she becomes a can can- l late te for mayor maor of oC the town running opposition to Freddy Bleecker a well rhefhe production Is brimming over with situations and has a delightful nance with a spicy dash of adventure add considerably to Its entertainment lue Womans Woman's Place Is an original story f Itten especially for Constance Tal- Tal idge by John Emerson and Anita Loos prepared thescenarios for some the ithe stars star's mostsuccessful screen ye- leS ve- ve les Ies ThIS ThU would Indicate t that at Con be rIght fright at home In a picture I this type Kenneth Harlan who has hag been Con- Con ince'sinces leading man iman In some of her re- re iti First National releases again plays plaS her In Womans omans Pla Place e. e prominent In the cast are Has- Has rd Short Florence Short Ina ma Linden and Jack Connolly s' s added Vs-added added a attractions the American Miss Iss Gladys Mitchel soloist art an ar airplane swingewing and R. R Owen eeten's tens ten's orchestra In musical novel novel- 3 to B Be Beel Be- sensen el n at Regular Prices Contrary o to the tIle policy that was was wa pur- pur ed at the opening night perform- perform Aphrodite In New York last and more recently at the Audi Audi- Chicago the regular 3 scale 11 pr prevail vall here on the opening opening- night Ithe Salt Lake theatre Thursday Dember Dember De- De 29 9 9 where three nights and a matinee will be given So eat was theinterest In the opening performances of or this sensation New York and Chicago that or- or estra seats seals were scaled at 10 each ille- ille speculators u reaped a harvest i f aas ts ts- OO ei In many I instances es as much mITch as OO each for tickets rt ii dl of r 1 the is e ea a glories staging staging- g gorn of orn on a aa ancient cobs colos- t employing employing- a cast of ot people Its fits presentation It required five ars ars' to prepare this sensational work American stage the play being sed on the original French novel by bye err erre e Louys which Is regarded as of f the worldsworld's literary classics of or Demetrios a famous Greek for tor Chrysis one of the most courtesans of all times is Its erneems It Ill 1 Russell 1 i. i at Gem Villiam Iam RussellsRussell's latest picture is losing losing- River He lie willwUl appear In tn n It for three days at the Gem there the there cy Singing River Ri is said tobe a ar a- rr r rr that fits the William Fox star to as It is a R Uvel lively tale of the In the West when crooks aed havoc with those men who were In Ing ng to make good honestly It re- re I ired brave men to clean up this gang ough It took a long time Russell I ets' etsetsa a gang of oC these land band and cattle and he erases a large larg-e blot from and landscape landscape and wins the girl who the heroine of the story yola Vale pla plays s 's Russell and and- Ing Ing lag Ingan an extremely pretty girl she sheds she- ds'ds' ds to ds-to to the wild Western atmosphere most st piquant flavor I K Keep v ep Your Secrets I ays Mrs Mary Carr vo have a sad habit of discuss discuss- their most intimate affairs with ia aures aves friends and even mere ac- ac They tell teU of or their worries dr Ir home life their little triumphs dd they they they discuss their fl- fl and in nine cases out of ten eully ully misplace their confidences If I cannot keep your own secrets how ou rou ou suppose that any anyone one else will r re carefully guard them Mary Carr leading player in illiam Ullam Foxs Fox's photoplay Over the the- IU 11 IU Mrs 1 Carr Is regarded as the of allail screen mothers TIer Her o ge of the clear Understanding I Is to the tie mother due largely 3 j t hat that she isthe mother of six chil- chil en en n four of oC whom appear in this chU 1 plc- plc of Carleton's famous poem Is e where Is a native of Philadelphia e f began her stage career She re- Lined re- Lined re- re Lined on the stage several years un- un It was only after ich persuasion that she was willing willing- her work on the stage stag stag- j Matinees lOc lOc- kk G EM Nights C 4 Children First Run Pictures Only i mi ssell IN ng River e. e colorful and thrilling story of ot the old West In which Stalwart Stalwart Stal Stab wart Bill wins win Snappy Comedy New Organ TODAY AND MONDAY A First Run Crackerjack Smashing Feature THE TE DIVIDE DVE i 1 1 With two splendid stars at their best best best- Rosemary i Rex Ballard I 1 c J If Across thy Divide Is there a a. thousand ways It has hal the action it it t has the sympathy which Inspires you to has hall thehe heart rt interest applause when the big big moment arrives There Is no story the dramatic stand of oC under dog conquers so gripping gripping- a as in I physical al combat HURRICANE HUTCH COMEDY r 73 i wf r. r i I K t 4 p S S S b e S I S S S j 5 5 S SS a I S l' l l- S l'- S S 55 5 i II I I S S I I I N t r es I C 4 t Ii II i I I S S S S S 5 S t I t 4 I II SJ I II I II I I 6 p S S S S- S S- t I S 5 i S t S S 'S S S- S S S e S 'S S e S S S h D 0 S sm S I C I II I I A tropical moon silveredslivered on oi Southern j A beautiful woman with an Invalid In Invalid husband I A handsome skipper and love love of of a kind I I t S Too weak to fight he he watched his his wife's honor S S S approach the the- verge of the chasm I Then camecam- er j r glorious strength strength and and revenge I An unusual I I S I ly powerful drama- S drama ALSO S 'S BABY PEGGY eS S S Supported by her herpal pal pal pal- v 5 TEDDY THE DANE 5 S 4 S In her r latest t Century comedy comedy- O 5 S GET E RICH Q QUICK tJ PEGGY ci r.- r. 5 5 5 S. S S 5 I International News Weekly S S Cowan at the Wurlitzer S t S S 'S S S S S S k S S I t 1 5 S S S S S 4 S 5 Si i 5 I t I PAULINE FREDERICK THE FREDERICK THE COW GIRL I Sc S S SS- SS tp S see t ii S. S e Ss s II I I II I I. I e i I eel I. I Pauline FredericksFrederick's great love is for the out of doors She is shown at the left in a roping outfit At the right she Is leading two of her saddle horses to the blacksmith shop The group of cowboys in the center from left to right includes Bill Smith of Texas Joe Mooney tie de Ray Kane Canadian broncho busting busting bust busting champion Ray Bell one of the fastest steer ropers on earth and Buddy Sterling steer roping champion Behind Bell and Sterling are Chief Walter Harris ridi riding ng and roping chanpion Chick Morrison onone time worldsworld's champion bulldogger and Ji Jimmie mie Kennedy expert broncho buster All II are Miss FredericksFrederick's personal friends Chief I want you tomeet my boys I I- saidsaideald Pauline rauline Frederick the famous dramatic dra dramatic star to Colin Cohn Campbell her di director di- di rector Just before they started filming Jackson GregorysGregory's novel Judith of Blue Blue- Lake Blue- Lake Blue- LakeLake Ranch at thestudio at Holly Hollywood Ive made them all up and and- t and- I t they're ready ready- dY to go to o work k Campbell I scratched a e h his headead and looked In wonderment at the outfit Then he laughed and a few minutes afterwards afterwards after afterwards haps the he e b best was S group shaking or of r real hands t cowboys with f that perhaps perhaps per pert ever rode Into to Hollywood to take part part- In part In rei a picture r Miss Frederickhasbeen sortof a patron saint to the cowboys In the West rest andher enthusiastic support of the van- ous various various vari van ous rodeosand roundups held in the Western Vestern part of the country has made her exceedingly popular with them so that when they learned she was going to film Jackson GregorysGregory's r widely l known nal d story o of ranch life which will be e called Two Kinds of Women omen on the screen many of the best known contest ropers riders and bulldoggers volunteered their services es to help her in n any way y they I I JI shoe rn J could She had helped t them so 0 often they said that they ey wanted an opportunity opportunity rt to help her Adozen of these cowboys co s 's waived all ceremony and packing their outfits and horses took trains for Los Angeles and appeared at the C R-C studio waited for MissHiss Frederick to arrive and toldher they were all set to do a anything sil they could to rehe help the picture ct e ea along salary along salary g g- oror time no object at all It was a very pretty tribute to the popularity of MissHiss Frederick and she was very glad to have them as these boys bOs while rank amateurs as actors and willing to admit It were unsurpassable unsurpassable unsur- passablepassable as horsemen and each of them had won first honors In some ofthe hardest ridden rodeos and roundups In Inthe Inthe in- thethe West MEET THE GANG I But let Iet us Introduce you to them At Atthe Atthe I the left near Miss Frederick is DIll Bill Smith of Texas who has had enough adventures to fill flU a book For several years Bill was a deputy sheriff sherif along the Rio GrandeGrands river In the dayswhen himself and and- all and- all and- all every man was a law unto all arguing was done a six Ix shooter About the only time Bill slides offoft a 8 horse is to eat and sleep Joe Mooney comes next one of the best- all best- all best best- allall round doggone cowboys west of the and gk hell he'll il rid ride Joe aZ anything rides rn rne em e f four straight if legs s. s sufi up Ills His pet pastime is breaking wild horses Ills His favorite recreation Is to climb Into the mid middle dIe of a horse and have plenty of onen ODen territory round him The The- lit littletie fellow next to him Is Ray nay Kane who holds the broncho busting championship cha of Canada and who has I won honors In every riding contest he has entered during the past three years Kane packed down from the Pendleton roundup to do his bit for Miss red Fred I crick erNext Next Is Ray nay Bell one of the fastest steer ropers in the world He lie holds all sorts of oC records for roping In 1920 he he- won he- won he- wonwon the steer roping contest at Pendleton Pendleton Pendle Pendle- the best e ropers in the e coun coun- o ton against n try aft He won the broncho o b busting tI c championship championship cham cham- at Seward Neb and at Boise Ida He also scooped up a few more honors this year at Walla WallaWalia Wash and Pendleton HERE ARE REAL CHAMPIONS The husky lookinglad with one hand hand- inin his pocket is Buddy Sterling He Tie won the steer roping championship of or the world in 1919 Frontier day celebration ai lit Cheyenne and won the riding championships championships champion- champion ships at Bozeman Mont Loveland Colo Cob and Casper Wyo against some or or- the or- the or- thethe best cowboys in the West Vest As a steer bulldogger where the rider dives from his horse onto the neck of a steer steel few and throws him Sterling hitshas equals Chief Just back of and Belr-and Sterling Is Walter Harris His mother was a full blooded Creek Indian and he has lived on cattle ranches all his life The Chief has won Innumerable ridingand roping contests throughout the West Vest and what heha doesn't know about horses Is not W worth knowing Next To to him is Chick Morrison who at ofte time held the bulldogging championship championship cham cham- of the world Chick was born born- and born- and born- andand raised on a cattle ranch in Colorado and Is known to almost every horse lover west of the Buffalo Bufalo Bill in induced In- In him to ride with his hla show for a couple of years ears and then Chick quit and went back tohis ranch where he spends most of his time breaking and ant training horses Recently he has been achieving quite a reputation as a trainer of polo 1010 polo- P POntIs P The little chap at ai the right is TImmie I Kennedy Kenned who hashal punchedcattle in an all of the big Western Vestern cattle stages He lIe Is Isan I an anan expert bronchobuster and roper roper roper-at at least he was an expert buster until a wild horse fell over backwards with him and broke Jimmies Jimmie's hip He Tie still limps from this when he walks walles but In a saddle the Injury has made little little- difference to him him OF COURSE SHE'S PROUD So do you wonder that Miss Frederick was very proud of her boys when they Joined up with her picture They were willing to do any kindof riding or roping roping rop roping for her but collectively and Individually 1 hadto they climb rm almost I into t boiled quit c cold shirts when and d s spike they i tailed dress coats for one of the big SC scenes in the picture This sure is dealing us out a a. lot of misery said Buddy Sterling the spokesman spokesman spokesman spokes spokesman to Miss Frederick rederick We Ve sure want to help this picture along butall of us would sooner the wildest Texas steers or break a bunchof horses than to wear this society gear Miss Frederick explained to them that the dress clothes were absolutely necessary necessary neces- sarysary that she was going to give a a- I dance at her big ranch home in the picture and that the script called for tor her cowboys to appear in dress suits All right then said Joe Mooney If you say so well we'll all got get Into these thick outfits if it you'll let us wearour own boots Miss I Frederick rederick agreed to this And so Bill Bm Joe Ray Chick Jimmie and the rest of them spent an uncomfortable uncomfortable uncom- fortablehour strapping themselves into theircotillion clothes None of the clothes fitted as they should They put them on much as a landsman would climb into a diving suit Why rhy civilized human beings wanted to wear stiffshirts andstarched collars wasn't even worth debating so far a as they were vere concerned but it is doubtful if they wouldhave haves have- t put t them on for anyone In the world but J Jand Miss s Frederick r dlc r They fumed a and dr fussed s and wiggled and cussed and when it was all over they laughed long and loud loud- at loud- at loud- atat themselves and at one another BRONCHO BUSTERS COMPLAIN Fine looking c cowhands we are ealdsaid Bill Dill Smith Ye er chirped In Ray I Kane lne and we aint any y better a as actors o S yI And then Miss I Frederick e arrived ed In a gorgeous evening gown accompanied by Alise her Swiss maid and two big makeup boxes Lunch time already asked Chick Morrison No rm Tm going to make you OU bo boys s up That was almost the finishing blow Makeup on a cowhand Paint and powder powder powder pow powder on the windblown faceof a buckaroo Well they had sunk low en enough ugh to put on spike tailed coatshard bawd boiled shirts I and stiff collars why collars why not keep leep I on And o one by r. r one they h sat In the operating op sah de d go hll e crating t g ga chair a while Miss Frederick k antI and her maid worked fast and expertly with rouge powderand n eye pencils n It was was- a ri a fine Job Only one thing was l lacking k according to Bill Smith Smith Smith-a a shot of oC perfume Never has a more self conscious an and l embarrassed set of ot men walked Into a studio than Miss Fredericks Frederick's cowboys In their dress suits andmid makeup It was wall was- a wall- aa trying tring day for them quite the most trying they have lived through In their with adventurous 1 ni it their lr It lives courage but sustained they rne got o through hr away h their eager desire to go to deleted to-deleted deleted by censor censor If if necessary for Miss PollyFolly As Asfar Asfar As- farfar as acting was concerned they were about two points above zero and perhaps perhaps per perhaps It was a good thing I for their r i In Inability inability in- in ability to act kept them natural u and d thisnaturalness produced results that it would have been difficult for experts In screen technique to achieve The following day the Frederick company company company com company went on location to one of the biggest biggest biggest big biggest and mostmoat picturesque cattle ranches In California and the boys w went nt along to help create atmosphere The owners owner of the e ranchheld a roundup u In honorof fl w rd Miss Frederick and n Incidentally t to allow her cameramen to get some Unusual unusual unusual un unusual cattle scenes SURPRISED THE NATIVES The ranch foreman Coreman asked Miss Frederick Fred Fred- erickcrick if she would like hike to have her picture cowboys work alon along with his regular cowboys Miss Frederick looked at him for Cor a a. moment as though won wonder- Ing wondering wonder wonder- Ing whether or not the foreman was having fun tun with her then she realized that neither he nor the other cattlemen at the ranch realized that the picture cowboys held championships In all parts of the tIme country for riding roping and steer bulldogging Miss Frederick told the foreman she would be greatly pleased if he lie would lether boys bos help Inthe in in- the in- thethe roundup A halfhalthour later the ranch owners owner the foreman and other ranch hands sat sat- In satin sat- inin their saddlestheir mouths opened In In- amam amazement ement as they watched the stunts the the moving picture cowboys were doing doing- They saw Ray Bell rope and tie a ater In a little less than thirty seconds seconds seconds sec sec- sec sec- Ray Kane Iane flopped one In thirty thirty- two seconds then they saw BUddy Sterling Sterling Ster Sterling dive onto the neck of the biggest steer In sight and with apparent ease throw him The regular cowboys on the ranch kept their ropes in their hands and stared In amazement at Miss Frederick's Fredericks Fred Fred- 1 ericks erick's actors Up to that moment they had had nothing but contempt for mov- Ing moving moving ing picture cowboys but here were movie cowboys roping cattle anddo- do Ing other stunts faster and more expertly expertly ex expertly than the bestbeat men they had ever seen They were bewildered Then Miss Frederick rode over to the ranch owners and told them who the movie cowboys were and of all the championships they had won In all parts of the country for tor the past four years Everyone e had d a good laugh after which the cowboys g to tod were e Introduced n e to whig the ranchmen collectively and individually Scandal at at Wilkes With Mack in Leading Role 5 5 I C 5 ill ill- S V S ft i I M ii tt S N 7 55 V. V S S S tS 5 lr S S' S 7 S S 1 4 ei ei- S 4 S t Willard Mack who will portray a new type of role as Pelham Franklin in Cosmo HamiltonsHamilton's drama Scandal which opens at the Wilkes tonight Following Scandal Mr Mack will present Smooth as Silk Chance Chanc and The Big S Linder Takes Sail Off Mule Virgil is a smart mule Virgil works In the movies movies like like many others The The- Theother other day was Virgil's offoft day or in picture parlance Virgil was temperamental temtern And thereby hangs a tale or of of woe this emotional mule was working for Max Linder the agile little l French rench film star who Is making a burlesque on The Three Musketeers which he hohe calls The Last of the Musketeers it came came- nene near E being ing the last of Max he The scene called for tor the comedian to ride the animal which Is la supposed to be obstinate and sit Bit down throwing throwing- the star off oft backwards Max lax mounted f feathered hat sword and all The camera bbe began an to register laughs then something something- happened Vir- Vir gil ih got rt temP temperamental P a Max got mad og whether he dug dug- his spurs too heavily or whether the tip of his sword touched Virgil's flank nobody flank nobody will ever know but out at t rate for any a minute there was WILS was- a WIL- Sa a little wild west vest rodeo After Atter the dust had cleared a away way poor Ioor Max was picked up In the the- dirt after flying through the air eighteen feet teet He landed on all fours tours painfully scraping scraping- his fingernails offoft as he slid He was rushedto the hospital where where- firstaidald waswaa given g Hewas able to resume work three days later Then Virgil was content to be led back to the barn f. f Herberb Rawlinson Becomes Author Herb Rawlinson starring for Universal Uni versal versa In Blarney an adaptation of R. R Q U. Kirks Kirk's Saturday Evening Post story Malloy has dipped his pen into authorsauthor's Ink how Herb Herthdid It B. B T T. Ix Lowe we- we Jr adapted the version which pleased Rawlinson very much In one one- scene It calls for tor him to do a spectacular slide down a cable fifteen cable fifteen stories of or pure thrill May I change one scene asked Herb I if S 1 tp Surely assented the writer what do you want to do eliminate the the- sliding down part Nope ope he replied just add this Stops at eleventh story dangles In I midair Gives a yell holds on with one hand and leg kicks other arm and leg In air then descends just descends Just for tor a sort of ot nerve tonic you know Thenhe breezed through the door whistling Over the BoundingBounding- Main Ten minutes later hater Eddie recovered sufficiently to write in the added thrill thrill scene I Motion picture exhibitors In the Mid- dIe Middle Mid Mid- dledIe West Vest are granting granting- credit to their patrons says A. A L. L Grey general manager manager manager man manager for the D D. D W. W Griffith interests This novel practice Is reported from nine Middle West and Southern states Exhibitors report that many of their best patrons pay cash when in funds an arid d give their I I. I O O. Us U.'s when they are not F S- S r GOSSIP OF THE RIAL TO I ContinUed Continued from page 1 1 l V follo the feminine film fans which rivals that of many of the most popular stars S Frank Mayo in Dr Jim drew goodly sized Crowds to the last night where th picture opened peneda a weeks week's run S At the American today Constan Constance e e Talmadge in Womans Place is the attraction while at the G ni m Manager A A. 3 J. J Davis has booked big Bill Russell in n Singing River e 1 Among the coming attractions billed at the Salt Lake is II Aphrodite the companion piece to II ChuOhu Chu Chin Chow seen here here- ll last t season Manager announces that during the engagement of II Aphrodite December ber 29 30 and 31 ther therA will 1 be nora raise raLe e iin admission prices nor Will there be any II cut cut in the production A three-dollar three top price will prevail during the local engagement December 19 and 20 the Orpheum theatre will willwillbe be the scene of the long rehearsed for Name It the American legion show in which many of our most prominent society people will be featured Miss Helen Sheets and C. C C. C Brooks supported by the entire company company com corn pany will offer their trot Fox Wedding while Lloyd Weeter as andanti Larry Taylor as will offer their own version of interpretive dancing as it should be Mrs L. L W W. will imitate Frances White singing People Y You oil See on Broadway while Ina Anson willivill do an oriental dance which is said by the er to be a really clever bitof f work Mrs Paul F. F Keyser as the mechanical doll is bound to gain a lot of laughs while the dear theatregoing public will have theirfirst opportunity towatch an honest to goodness million-dollar million c chorus oruswork in two long rows Name It is sure to be sold out e early so if by any oversight you have overlooked the purchase of your seats get busy at once C Word reaches the city ofthe marriage in Seattle Wash of Earle Hodgins formerly with the Ralph Cloninger Stock company of this city to o Miss Sue Hanley a Seattle society girl Mr 1 Hodgins has been playing leading roles with the Seigel Stock company of that city for the past season and is now on tour with the same company Walter Rand traveling representative forthe United Artists corporation composed of PickfordFairbanks Chaplin and Griffith spent several daysin the city during the past week Mr Rand was the guest of his father H H. A. A Rand ofthe Isis theatre 4 Another prominent film man in the city at the present time is A. A S. S Aronson vice president and general manager of the Goldwyn Film company Mr Aronson is here in conference withCharles Knickerbocker local Goldwyn manager arranging for a showing of the gre great greit t Goldwyn three million spectacle picture Theodora

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