Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 1, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1895
Page 2
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TO PUT ON needed flesh, no mat- R-r liow you've lost it, U!;c V:. Piercc-'a TV//-Golden Jlc-dical Dis•'"'••' covery. It worka wonder:-*. By restoring tlic normal ac' lion of the de-ranged or::a:;.'. and functions, il bullilr, t!ic flesh up to ;i cr.fo and healthy standard—promptly, pleasantly a:id naturally. The weak, emaciated, thin, pale auJ puny are made strong, plurap, round siid rosy. Nothing so effective ns .1 strength restorer and flesh maker is known to medical science; this puts on healthyjlcslt net the fat of cod liver oil «;;id its filthy compounds. It rouses every orfran of ttc body to activity, purifies, enriches and vitalizes the blood so that tbe body feels refreshed and Rtrer.ftthcned. If you arc too thin, too •weak, too nervous, it maybe that the food assimilation is at fault. A certain amount of bile is necessary for the reception of the fat foods in the blood. Too often the liver holds back this ek-;nc:it winch would help digestion. T'r. I'icrce's Golden Medical Discovery Etl'.r.iilnUR, tones up and invigorates the liver, nourishes the blood, and the muscler., stomach und nerves f;et tlie rich blood tiiiiy r.-cjuirc. Spent Kunilrcu'u oi Dollars with no Benefit. M. J. COM- :i-..-; '•[ ;; Sar^fnt Sl.._ Kaxbury, Mais., v.-ritc.:. , " Aitvr andcon;:'.ip:iliun •/.•it!: untold afjony for :.l !. -...<. 18 months, I r.m iinnc th:iu ptenscc! to ::;iy ll.il r-flcr usinj£ JJr. I'i'.-rC'..'.. ("<ol'_!c.-n iicdi'c.-il Dl. roverv ,'itiU T'lcasnul ri-lUf.' i>ir or.c month, I u;i>; c-tititcly cured, and fror! t!;.it day lo'this 1 i'.o r.". ;:noiv, tlianlc Cod, wiv.l '.".x-:i a ftliglil hcncljche- i.-. I p.iid a doctor on Trcinont St., Boflto:), in OMC '!..}• (for his advice <X'iy.) Hit ann . J. C bcaefil. I (;ot nn-r; rdirf//: oni hour from your medicines. ,ts f:ir ;is my Moninch was concerned, than from nil Hie ollirr i:n:rlie!ne I used. If any person who n-.M't this is sulfcrinK from dynpepxin or constipation nncl will m<- your medicine as I have doutr, lie will ucvcr regret it." MR. RUNKLES' Why Mm, COURTSHIP. Kunlclei lit "Rather Sburp on nim" at Time*. '"No, I can't say as I was married to my. husband, Mr. Eunlclc.s, throuph Jupt what you folks nowadays would call love. It came mostly about in this way: When I was a girl about six- teem Mr. Kunldes took a stronfr hank- erln' after uio and he did considorabla escortin' with mo, poin' to several places, ai>' bein' seen there with him • it potent that wi- wr:s keepin' company, an' Mr. Runkk-s wu.s a mighty Btrou^ man and no one could come up to him Inflst flphtin', and the other fcllera were feared of hi:n, owin'to his brn^a if another feller started g-oin.' with rno ho' pull him limb from limb, ICcnv, there wn.s :i lot of nice, slick fellers ' that look a h:ml;crin' after me, bnt thcj' was foard oC Mr. Ilunkles and you eonld not pet one of tlicm to go near me, rauch less start kccpin'company. "All this went mighty hard on rue, for I was a ;;'irl of no very poor nppcar- anccs, arid when i t came to dancin' and smart back talk not a pirl could come near up-to me. I can't say as Mr. Eunkles wa:; the kind of IJIMJ that I could take :i .strong 1 hankerm' after. Ho was too bifr and what you might call 'rnw-boncd' in them days. JIc ivas not given to talk at all and I had just to keep t^uiet when he v/as kcepiu' company, if that could bo called kcepin' company. Thing's went on iu this way and 1 didn't see any thing's tellin' of a change. I knew Mr. Ennkles was de- teruiined-liku and nothin' would happen unless some of the fellers that had •» hanUcrin' after me would stand up flghty and not be feardof Mr. Kunklcs. "Thar >va.-.i one feller I shall never iorpfct, and he w;is a niee feller, tho nicest one of them all; ho was a feller named Davo Ilai-ris, arid I did like Dave, and Uavo did like me; bnt Dave hncl not the spiritof fightin' in him and ho would have imlhin'to do with me, owin' to Mr. flunkies' iutentionsiu that line. At last, I speaks up to him and Bays: 'Mr. Harris, why-don't yoti come and see me no more?' and he says back to mt: Td lilce to awfully, Miss Lrig-gs, but, don't you know, I kinder hate to face.tho wrath of Mr. Kunklcs. 1 And then J tell him not to mind Mr. Buckles, bnt he wotiUUnot look at tho case in that wny. 'You know I ain't no good at .fist-tls'htin'* he said, 'but jou know I think the world and all of ijou.' I says to him: 'Be a man, Dave -Harris, a-nd make n, stand for your rights and my own as American citi- aens to do our own free will, 1 but Davo would say to everything I said: 'You know I ain't no pood fist-fightin'.' "Then I got very proud-like and had nothin' to .--ay to him. I was g'ettin 1 -well up in twenties, and things did 'look serious to me—mylcolcswasfadin' «nd Mr. Euukles showed no sijrns of yicldin.' 1 was so tired of trying to hold oat, I t.riw no fellers would come near me, owin 1 to their bein' feard of 'Mr. Kunklc*. I came to terms and wo -wns married, and that is the reason 'that I n.m rather sharp on Mr. Eunkles tit times, as you may have noticed."— Kate Field's Washington. YARNS BY PILOTS. Chills ArouiHl Iho Kiidlgitor When the Men IVero Off Dnty. •liroujrh t in the Spree,did you?" asked HIS OBJECT. ">roufrtntcprce,youase c . ., m n ii_ WKr, "o the r,or,;? jacket of the sioucb Hat, ono Senator Allen lells V\ hy ne *•;' .11 f (.lot lt "TJnc' Toby," a man for whom Bart- Jett's week luisnioi-c-attractions thaw the /" hot and grassy cot ton field, not lonp npo .f took ft "di'-y oft" in pui-suit of his favor, ite nmusewcnU He baited his hook, . ondlonjr niv.l patiently sat upon the <• 'bank'of' the siro-.'.m. vainly waiting for J a T>ltj^*-Ttt"l;:st. under tho combined in- ^^BgSjncc of t!'0 \vv::-mth of the day and r"ttTe.shi£r?ri--i!'- inoveincntof the stream, , Uac' Toby tVM :islocp. Eternal vijri- ? lance is the price of trout, and while ' our -weary "."'Tier slept an enormous ,«• fish took the '.'Kit and pulled him in the f. creek. Of coin-so this awakened the 4 " old man, ami lie W- s orerhcard to in-' 'f mure, as he tlounaercd about in tho > Vater: "For dc Lord's sake, Toby, am f dis jri*"*ali r.-fishin', or am dis fish n 'r arnis^rin-rj-Voath^Companioa. S THE first ISnffli&h dictionary contained only nouns atsU verbs, the nouns £ In ono column and the verbs in an' Other. rainy afternoon as we all sat around the steam pipes. •'Xo, she brought me in. Do j-ou think 1 ara Hercules? That's his specialty," answered the Slouch Oat. '•Tell the young man the Hercules' story." "(,!i-t out; do you :-nlco me for a neivs- pnper syndicate? Tell it yourself," rejoined the LGIIJT JiKiket. "Well," began the Slouch liat, "ller- ctilus -is very fond of a jolce, and ho tolls 'cm a j/ood deal better than anybody around here, for he's been at it, i:::in and boy, ever since I remember. So vi-ro.1 ycsirs ago there was a bit of .'.cure about sickness on foreign ships. 1 lercules jfot the Sprco. We'll call him tlerctiles because that isn't liis name. It's r.otnethinfr very li' : <-' '*•• though. Well, ns I was suyiug 1 , .Mr. Hercules boarded the Dulolamjffi about two hundred mile-5 out. There wus sickness in the steerage and the health ofiiccr didn't do a thing but hold that same .steamer for thrco days when she reached quarantine. Hercules was star.din;,' on thu bridge that evening when thu Spree ffot abeam the yellow hotisc over on SU'.ten Island, and whom does lie see balancing and juggling' around in ;L cauoc below but his young neighbor, Johnson. "'Hi, there, young man,' sings out Hercules, 'will you tell my wife that I'm detained at quarantine and won't be homo to-night?" "And .Johnson, boiuff an obliging young fellow, anil thinking a good deal of Hercules, as everybody does, said 'yep' and pretty soon went in. And when he got homo that night what docs he do but forget oil about that message until next day and then ho goes over to our friend's house "'Mrs. Hercules,'be said, 'I saw your husband on tbo Spree and he does not know when he'll get back.'. "Well, as you may imagine, young man, Mrs. Hercules took on dreadfully, and when, after that utcamer got out of quarantine, her husband came home she looked him over mighty careful. " 'Have a nice time?' she asked. " 'Never had a better in my life,' says he. " 'Who were with you?' " ' Oh, a great many ladies and gentlemen,' he answered. "Then she told him what young Johnson had said. 'Well, my dear,' said Ilercules, slow and deliberate like, 'young Johnson was quitu right. 1 was on a Spree, but that young person neglected to say that it was the steamer Spree, and that I was in quarantine.' "Then she didn't ask any more questions for awhile. "Women are curious," remarked the bearded pilot. "Hut I tell you, man, they are the light of our lives. They do poster a fellow with questions, though, especially if that follow is a pilot juat come aboard the steamer they're on. Why, they light on you before you get over tho rail. They want to know all about receptions, and horse shows, and campflre teas, and art exhibitions, ami theaters, just as though they thought a pilot put in his time on shore going to swell society rackets. Now, of course, you've got to sneak civil, for if a pilot was uncivil to a woman, and I never know ot one who was, why, she'd complain to the captain, and then ihcro would be a row." "Don't talk to me about women," said lie of the: long jacket-. "The men ask just-as many questions. If they meet a prize-fighter on board a steamer he wants to know how this and that slugger arc training, and if it is likely that he can make a match with so-and- so, and what his chances arc. Just as though a pilot were a walking com- pt'iijium of reports. And then as likely as not some well groomed old chap will come up and ask you about the price of stocks, and the state of the market. '.My goodness! 1 I said to one of those broker chaps. 'I'm a pilot. That's the only kind of steering I know about.' "Well, I don't blame people for being a. bit curious when they've been at sea a week, with nothing to do but sleep and eat and sit on (leek. And, young man, you ought to see them grab tho newspapers. We always carry a file of papers, of course, aud when the passengers get hold of them it's fun to see them ciiving into them. Certain Wanted toShowl hit Prjsent-Wre'.ched Condition Is Due to Carlisle'., Refusal to Execute the Law. Ono L'KO for Wealth. Lord Aberdeen is reported as telling the following story of himself: Re left London at midnight in a sleeping car for the north. In the morning when he was 'awakened he saw a stranger opposite him. "Excuse tne," said the stranger; "may I ask if you are rich?" Somewhat surprised, his lordship replied that he was tolerably well to do. "May I ask," continued the stranger, "how rich you are?" "Well, if it will do you any good to know," v.-ns the reply, "I suppose I have several hundred thousand pounds." ••Well," went on the stranger, "if I were as rich as you, and snored as loud- Iv r.s you. I should take a whole ear so as not to interrupt the sleep of others." —Youth's Companion. .VII YVUJiln Professional Ethics. Dr. !•"., a physician of Jilontpelicr, was in the habit of employing a very ingenious artilice. When he came to a town where he was not known he pro- leaded to have lost his dog. and ordered the puUlij crier to offer, with beat of drum. r. reward of twenty-five louis to whoever should bring it to him. The crier took care to mention all the titles and academic honors of the doe- tor, as well us his place of residence. He soon became the talk of the town. "Do vou know?" says one, "that a famous" physician has come here, a very clover fellow?- lie must be very rich, for he offers twenty-five louis for finding his dog." The dog tvas not found, but patients were.—.London Telesrraph. j.v, Jan. 31.--A jvtition of 1 the leather and hide trade of the city : of New York favoring the issue of >:>00.000,000 in bonds, was presented by Si_-n- 1 ator Dill. (dem.. N. V.) who ru-markeil , that this petition was said to be signed : "without regard to party." ( Senator Peffer (pop.. Kan.) i:i<m 1 duced a bill "providing for a sp • a , cluetioiL to take the sense of the : v<> pie on several questions relating i< the financial policy of the govern ment." He wished to submit some pre . liminary remarks on the subject, but , was prevented by an objection by .Sen| ator Harris (clem., Tenn.). | The resolution heretofore offered by I Senator Allen (pop., Xeb.) declaring that the secretary of the treasury ! should e:corcise his discretion by redeeming all forms of paper money in silver coin whenever he is satisfied that a systematic attempt is being made to deplete the treasury of gold coin, was laid.before the senate, and Senator Allen proceeded to speak upon it. He had prepared it, he said, not because In; had any hope of its being agreed to; but in order to show that the "present, wretched and unsatisfactory condition is due to the persistent and dogmatic refusal of the secretary of the treasury to execute the plain provisions of the law." He declared his belief that there was an organized and systematic attempt on the part of the national banks to overthrow the people. It was no wonder, be said, that the senator from Missouri (Senator Vest) cried out Wednesday in his n.nguish against the interference of the executive with the legislative department of the government. Senator Allen's resolution finally went over and the senate proceeded with the consideration of the District of Columbia appropriation-bill. Senator Teller (rep., Col.) offered in the senate an amendment to the tariff law increasing to two dollars per barrel the tax on .beer. The senate committee on education and labor reported favorably the amendment of Senator Turpie to the sundry civil bill, making the rate of pay for printers and bookbinders employed at the government printing office fifty eents nn hour. JloUHO ProcccUIiig:*- WASHINGTON', Jan. 31.—The house met at- 11 o'clock Thursday pursuant to the rule adopted Wednesday. Less, than a score of members were present at thnt hour to greet with their applause the reappearance of Speaker Crisp, who looked better for his ten clays'rest. Prayer was-offered by Dr. Everett (dem., Mass.). House bill providing for a series of regulations for tbe navigation of the great hikes was taken up a.ncl passed oil motion of Mr. White (rep., 0.) Saturday, February 28, was sot apart for the delivery of eulogies upon the lato Senator Vance, of North Carolina. Senate, bill was passed changing -the dates of holding terms of court in North Dakota and giving the officers of the count the same fees as an; paid for like services in the state of Oregon. Several private bills were passed and at 12 o'clock thu house went into committee of the whole, Mr. Uockery (dem., Mo.) in the chair, to further discuss the lieilly Pacific railroad debt refunding bill. Mr. Han-is (dem.. Kan.) resumed his speech against the bill,. Mr. JJoatuer (dem., La.) who made the minority report of the committee, spoke against the bill and in favor of a substitute to be oCured by him providing that the government should take possession of the road iu case of default in the obligations, and a coin- mission to be appointed by the president should operate it until It could bo sold. The house cor.imitU:e on interstate and foreign c-ommeive has ordered favorably reported the bill authorising the construction of a bridge across the St.. Louis river between Wisconsin and Minnesota, at a point to be rictormined by the secretary of war. Ktmnion of Vct*-r»tis of thp Potoilmr. CHICAGO. Jan. at.—Survivors of the Grand Army of the Potomac banqueted at the Grand Pacific and then entertained each other with their recollection of the trying ordeals they shared together. The banquet was, given by the western society of the army, but among their invited guests were many who belong to the eastern branch. Sllfo in Cuntral Aim-ridi. PlERHE, S. D., Jan. 31.—A chain of evidence is now at hrnid which has convinced most of the people here that Taylor, the missing state treasurer, left this country about January 12. He has been traced to Chicago, Indiana, Memphis. Teuu... and Pensacola, Fla.. and from there he sailed for Key West and embarked for Central America. MOTHERS \Vc Offer You a Remedy Which ) S Insures Safety to Life of Mothcrand Child. \ I "MOTHER'S "j&SJgJI FRIENIT rtRu! ' \fccr yslnp ono boctle of "MonrERS'5 : FlllEND" I suffered bul lUilo pnln, and dirt J : noi exDorlonce tbnt wcnUuess afterward. I iijuiil in suck cases.-ilKS. A^'IE GAGE, I prln£3. Knn. • Svn'-by Mull or Express.on r»c«lptof prtc«, IL i>rrbot!>. iloot to iIotLersm*£led Free- Sold by all DmreUt*. BIUDFIETJD REGHUTOB CO., ltUnU,.G». Mrs. A. E. Lantcr Bush's Mills, Ohio. Strained Nerves Palpitation of the Heart and A General Break Down The Good Effect of Hood's was Marker', and Permanent. "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: —I was taken dn-wn >lck lait DecemSer, and bccama very weak with nervooj troutile, paljiltatlon of the heart, and a genera] break down. 1 liud a good ph3 - slcl.ia, but lingered alon^ gcttlnj; no better. I could alt ap only about hall » d:iy, until tbo 18th o! March, when I concluded 1 would give Hood's Sarsapa- Hood's s ?> Cures rllla a trial. VTicn I had used i t a short time,' eonld get up and go all about tho house all day I have never enjoyed perfect health, bat »m now taking my fitth bottle of Hood's Sarsar*- rllla, and know It lias helped me wonderfully I have used D.ood'3 Pills, and think them «t ceUent." MKU. A. E. LAHTKR, Bush's M11U, Onlo. Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptlf »nd afflclently, on the liver and bowels. 25c. SUGGESTIONS Mntloiml TO CONGRESS. Hoard of TriKlo Tuk«-rt Action *>n tho I'-luanrliil QnnKtloo. \VASIIINOTO.V, Jan. 31.— The National board of tru.de continued its sessions Thursday. Tlie fin:rnuial sittuition was a.yain liroug-bt forward bj' the coiu- jjittee on Cnanec through the submission of some resolutions deulnring 1 a plan for :ivcrtiny a crisis. These resolutions were adopted without objection. They declare in favor of the rollrL-iuent and cancellation of all lentil tenfl.. i r notes, and tho extension of tlia national bunkinf, 1 ' system. In tlie event of congress failing to act :i. nonpartisan monetary commission to sn^"- appropriate legislation to tho succeeding 1 con^re.ss was reco/.u- mended. Dr. .,'. L. floward, of Chester, Pa., was selected a vice president of the national board ar.d •rtuniLton A. Hill of Boston, Mass., was celected secretary and treasurer of ilie board for the ensuinf,' year. Washington was a^ain selected for the meeting- in IS'JC, and the fourth Tuesday in January selected as the date. A resolution calling on members of the house to vote for the Xica- •ag-ua canal bill as it has passed tho senate, was adopted. SURROUND WEI-HAI-WEI. Inpunesc Hombaritlii(r Tbat City nnd Aro In I'oHflts.ston of Ono I-oi-t. LOXDO.V, Jan. 31.—A Central News lispateh from Che Foo under date of January 31 says thnt 'Wei-Hni-YVei is completely surrounded by the Japanese 'orci-s and is being- bombarded by land nnd sea. The Chinese have beg'un to retreat, and if not already captured will soon be taken prisoners. A dispatch to the Globe says tho Japanese infantry have captured tlie eastern fovt at Wci-Uai-Wci, but the guns of the other fort, across the bay- are doin^ excellent execution ag-ainst the captured fort aiid the Chinese are hopeful that they will be able to hold the remaining- fort and dislodg-e tho enemy from the eastern works. EXPRESS-CAR ROBBED. Southern Pacific Tmln IK-li! Up and SIO,- OGl) in Mexican Silver T:ikcu. PHOENIX, A. T., Jan. 3!.—Southern Pacific west-bound train Xo. 20 was bold up G miles this side of Wilcox Wednesday nig-ht at 8:35 by a party of masked men. They separated the express-car from the train, hauled it 5 miles west and putting- six shots of: dvnamite on the through safe blew it wide open. It contained S10,OOU in Mexican silver, which was removed. The trail of the robbers was marked Thursday morning- by a profuse scattering in the Sulphur Spring's valley of the Mexican dollars. MAJESTIC LAUNCH ED. Culcssttl ISritlnh Buttlcshlp ChrlutencU at , Jan. 3J. — The colossal battleship Majestic was launched at, Portsmouth at noon Thursday with great ceremony. The vessel was christened bv the marchioness of Lome. Rev. J:imvs Kirk, D. D., Dead. PrrrsBUKGil, Pa., Jan. 31. — Rev. James Kirk, D. D., a prominent minister, died at his home On. Brownsville avenue at 1:30 o'clock Thursday morn ing. Lie was taken ill Friday with pneumonia. Kev. Kirk was born in Ireland in 1S1G and for fifty -two years has been engaged in religious work and is widely known. lie was doctor of both theology and medicine. Sentcn.-^d to lie H.H:i;r«.<i. JACKSOX. Miss., Jan. 31.—John Wells. a voting white man. was sentenced to hang ou March CO by the court in Tallahatchie county Wednesday night. Eight months ago he assr-ssinated his sweetheart. Miss Lizzie Hefner, in Tallahatchie county, bv shooting her in the back with a Winchester. ST. JOHN'S. X. F., Jan. 30.—The inhabitants of rft. Johns awoke Wednesday morning- to lind the city placarded with largv billsealling'upon. the people to agitate for the annexation of Newfoundland to the United States. The placards are unsigned, but it is bu- lieved they owe their orig-in to a fac- tiou of radical politicians in this city who have been avowing- anuexationist principles for years past. Hii-li tiffined to :ui .\rclil>i>hoi>. I'liii.AHKi.l'inA. Jan. 3L-—The will of Ueruard Conway. who died here last Wednesday, has lj,-en admitted to pro- bato. Of hise.stati- of «GOU,0(W, hi-'lu- qneaths $100.0U» to Archbishop II...-";. of Philadelphia, "or his successor ..: said ofiiet 1 ," fur the p\irpo.--c oi ednca'.iny: and supportiu.T the orphans left destitute- in tlu: aroii-di OCe>e. To \\ hlsky Trust C:IN<- Snturttu>'. , Jan. 31. — Ju.lye Crossoup Tlinrsday tu-.i-nin^ named Salurday for lu-ari:i^ counsel on both sides of the wiii.sky t'.",i>t controversy, on the motion iir.idi; on belialf of the majority stork holders for tlie dissolution of the reccu'cr-liip in.^tit'.Heil Monday oveu- i;i^ at Juilge tiro.sscnp'.-j resideueo. To Work n llrl.-i.-Nuuio IH-poslt. O.'.I.'.:IA. Ni-b.. -l-in. 31.-- A company with !jl.iii) : ).i)0i) eai>it;il \vas incorporated in Nebraska, to-day to'wurk a recently discovered jrrirulstojie deposit at Ed^v- mont. S. I). The depv»,it is Said to be inexhaustible and ,V.JO men are to bo employed. >'0 Clew IO !llK 1'U.tr Will VUICI'. SAX l''i;ANCiS!CO. Cal.. Jan. 31. — The best talent at the. disposal of tho Sut) Francisco detective force has been unable to locate the stolen will of the late James (j. Fair or to apprehend the thief. They are absolutely in the dark regarding 1 the culprit. Er,KXK7.Eii Lose;, of .Maniona, Fla., was born perfectly black some sixty- four years ago. lie is now ns white as any white mun i in the country. THE A1AKKKTS. OrRln, rrovUioui, £Co. CHICAGO, Jan. 81. — Quiet and easy. Winter Patents, Si602i2,75; stroljfbts, *:.8Aai(»; w clcar.-), K.15i-',30, seconds, il.W^OU: low grades, !>U!0 ai.SS. Spriiis'-Patuats, isT.L'OnS.J.O; sir:il(,'lu.«. 4i^OiJ-.60: ba.kcrs','*l.90<Ji2J; low urados, *l."j ©I. SO; Red Dun. SLKiii'- 7 *: ^J'". £!.SO,&!.50. WHEAT— Active, unscitlocl anil lower. -\ T o. 2 oish, 50it5Io; Jnniiary, MjlO't'c: May. S-'.VJ 53?ic. Cons-MfXlor.itcly acUru and weak. No. 2 and No. - Yellow, -lie: .Vo 3. 39c, anO No. 3 Ycl'.ow. :«Vlc; May. «W®-nc; .luly, -13»JiH3;6c. OATS— Fulr trailing unU easiL-i'. Casn No. -'. : Mny.'.'SJj ji-'Oii. Siimpies hltflicr; suy- ll, Xo. S, ^Ol-iiJWO. 1 ^-; No. a H'hlto. SO.-i o.S.aiS'jstSXc; -N'o. 'J While. Slt&Kc. ]{VE— Sells very well imd lioltls llrm, Xo. S n store, Me. Sample lots, ni'j.51^c; May Jo- llvei-y. 5-c. BAltLET— Firm. Offerings small. Comnioa No, -I. -ISiJn-c; No. It, Wii,wc, nnd . N'o. m KNOWLEDGE •Snna> oomfort and improvement awl i-ij.i* "w ni-rsAiiial enj"Viuent when -•/July use" The many, who live be*- -vr thin others aiij enjoy life morv,, with , *• expendi tun.-, I,.- more promptly ...J:i[.<ti:iC ihc nuriil's best products to be :KH.H!> of physical being, will attest frf value '..i iiL-iilth of the pure liquid .ixjtt'nv [.riiK'ij'les enibnuvJ it) tlie "iiiiidy, ^vrup i;l Figs. ii- CMivilt-Di-i- is due to its presenting '.. tV.t I'.iru. i:iu>: acceptable and pleiis- -,'it to the ta*U-, the ri.-fri->.!i:!ii;-:inti truly >rr.eiki:i! properties of a jK-rft'Oi. Inx- ,riv?; i-iiei:t;::iily cleiin.x-ng the system, iiMK-iiiiiir eo'v!>,' headaches ami fevers .11.1 |H-.ri'iiu:iei:t!y euriiu: conj-tipsition, ; h:s.-i !i:vi"j s:iili-f:iCi.ii"i't<' millions and i>v:il of 'he medical it net-- i)u tin 1 Kid• rccls without wenfc- .,i;ip Uti'M', .in-! ii i.- perfectly free frois T-rv obji-oi'Mtii.bk- snb.«t:uice. ^yriKi of !'i> is to i s:il« by ah drug- ~,';n-tureii by the California Fig Syrup :.. v.nly, rt-liuM- na::if is printed ou every •juk:.}.''-, ai— tli. iiriine, Syvup of Figs, .,i,i ;A-iiu! -V..-1: iniorr.ifcd, yon vill '"i*. . - . . - i n~. _. .; with t .'S"ion. . . MESS Polls— Trading w-.a moderately active. Prices higbcr. QuotaUons ramja.I al S-'J.rjJ 9.871-4 for c..sli rejrular: JO."S3'JS7« ;or Jan- uary.auil JS.OOitIO.li) lor May. JUA.HD— Kuilicractlvo and hlgbor. Quotations ranged at ill -15 4450 for cash: )s).5^i;.5-'!-J for January, and fa.5JWQO.53 for May. UVK POCL.TUY— Per pound: Turkeys, Chlcltcas. ?«)Sc: Ducks, &3U;: Gcesc, BUTTEK— Creamery, 12^21!:; Dairy, SjJ-Mj; P:iCltin(;Stocl;.."a,Oc. OILS— HeadliBlit. 17S tesi, S'Jc; Gasoline.^ deij's. 10s; 7a deB a, 8c; Niipbthu, C3 de^'s, 7c. Liguoiis— Whisky <luoted steady ai$].2-.' par 'callon tor !ii(jhwlnos. NEW YOHK, Jau. 31.. Fr.oun— State and western dull, weak. \ViiEA-r— No. - red steady, uiu-har.tri-d: February rxl.'i ii&7c: March. 57>i '/.Si'Jic: .May. W{5 5S?io; Jane, SS^c: July, 5S P-lfiit5K.';o: August, 58.'j«W''.>c. COUN— No. - dull, weaker. Foliruary, -17;;U 47;^c: Mav. 47!S-"i8e: July. •17.';fj.fS'/.c. OATS— No. -, quiot. steady February. 03'/43 3S?ic: May. S2."-jc; Suite, :t7^-)i)!ic: WCSILTII, S-l'.-C't.-lOl-ic. BKET— Dull. Kxtra n:css. S7.i");i,7.7J; family. iU.T.X3.JJ.OU. _ POHK— Qu:et, steady. Mess, flJ.i">Jili.i.). LAKO — CJuiot, steadier. Sioadi-renderod, $C.75 ::s.ti:<l. ljLTTt:i:-Finic.v llrm; Wus'.orn C:i!.-.v. 10 J ]5i:; ilo. creaiiJcry, M if '-•';: do. lacloi-y, ilo: rolls, l-!c; Kitfi.is. 2lc; iniitaLion crc-Jirtii.-ry, }\>& ISo: June rre.imcry, :i'ii^i),:. CiiEBSE—Quiet. easy. State, lar.-c. f'QIIVo; Co. tancv colorcJ. HKc; do. white, loyiiillci do. small, M.-S-iH?ie; part skims, '•t'.'s'&Jv: full hltiros, 2c. Kfics— Fair demand, llraicr. Western, 27c; Limed, 17 u .-l' 1 . Live Stock. ClIlCA.-n. JllTV 31, Hoos—Quality UOL so ffowl. M:irlc«t rather active and feeling iinn. Prices uboui 5c b)«her. S;ilus ranged ui $.'.70.!.3.90 for l j ta; jtTSijJ lOfnr lij,'in; ..3 S0,13.05 lor roiiffh piclt1ns: t-'iWil.-O for raised, anil HW^-I.SO for hy.ivj- yiiiilJiii^' and snipping lots. CATTl.B-.vl:irl:ctrulher active. Prices w«.ik and icooii irr.ides steudy with common weaker. Quo-..l!'»is raided at, H.So&S.M for cfiolci; to extrasUljil)ii"« Steers: $!.30i4b3 for soo-J to choic-e do ; J3SoJ,4.-IO for fair to good: S3.30'j) S.'JO for common to medium do.: S3-OOi£3.&) for Butchers'Steers: SJ.OJ £19) Tor Stockers; Ji 001A flu r °r Feeders: ct.30 K.70 for Cows: U.7&a3.50 for Hc.fers: $I.r5g3.75 for Bulls: t2.7afc.U5 for Tex.is Steers, and EiOoaS.SJ for Veal Calves. Illllllllllllllllllllll PAP CALENDAR For * * *. 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia. Desk Calendar is brightest and handsoineit o l a ii—lull of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of, the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. Vou won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnl stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFQ. CO., Mention thli piper. Hlttfard, Conn. MIIMI + lllllllllllltll Gold Withdrawn at Chicajo. WJ.SHT.NGTOX. Jan. 31. —The treasury departmunt is informed t3:at sjCn),CiX) in g-oid vras withdra^vn from the sub- treasnry at Chiwigo Thursuay. Tte prof p*ct of teller from drasllc cathartics for persons troi.blod wtili constipation Is poor I"rteed True thfjact upon thx bowels, but tbls th-rrinwltti vli'lfnce. and their opcm Ion tends to waken tbe Intestines, ;md is prejudicial to the s'miiacn. Hostett-r., si'«n>ch Blue s Is an <-(T- tual lait.iilVH, !> tit n?lth«r )::ipe< .ior cn- fecb^p-. Furthenrore, It iiromows digest! nand a rPimlar?i'llon ot ib" live- and kidncjf. It If an efficient harrli-r against a"d remfdy for maiala] cornpal: tsand raonai&tlMii. ai-d Lsor^r-'a: ben pflt TO tne we-ik, n-r? -IH an' a?^<l A-? a medlci mil .'tlmuL-ini il cannot t.e surn-''£sed. Fhj.slr-tans cnrdlallj 1 rec^inirnfnrt -i.:un!lis |irof»s'onai 'n flo:si>me'il N fn'lj borne nut hy p-p.i'.ir esp* 1 ' rt^no". App- ili^ Bud sleep J-re both Inirroycd bv ihlsasreoabl« Inrtjorain nnd alt-ratlve. Children Cry for Pitcher's Caj«toriar Forihe.t t'red fi-e'mii «-i?b hesdacbe. tske a 'ew dohe^ of Rirjt-.bar'.'s Hills. One a dose Sold hy B. F. Ketslicg and Keys one drug- eiore. Children Cry for Pitcher's f Wliy Ci.Ihlrcn'Fr. I. The C'luso of Iretfulncfii in children is largely 'Owjr;^ 10 the oxietenceo' ft-mbch worms. Tboe pe^ls of childhood ii;(l'.icr;fc the lining of iho tiomdcb. which is followed hy VvfiH flunhed chf-tks ac<! 'riitab'e. ucrvous condition, wh'iib ^c-mc-t.nji > (,'i)d in spat-mf. Tbc safes'. Mircsi^and^b-.-ii!. remedy 10 i-err.ovo the worm- i- KinehnrtV Worm cizcnue-. Sold hy B. F K^ctiSnR-anfi Keyctonc druf store. TTheo Babv iras sick. WB E»W> bcr Corforii. C OTIS u Child. Etc cnoO tor Casuxi^ sou tx«nm<3 MIKS. KLC ciuuc w> Oaxurt*. Wnen BDO £uU2 Cnuoreu, &n«, ^u C»u« or itnl Tired Krrllig. 'J'he warm rummer d«vt> develop the latent gi rm» of (JUcate, caused by lorpid and inactive livtr — tlcknees aoocer or !a;er will follow, unle-s the liver Is reudi-reJ nciive. ted the best remedy kDO«fo reproduce activity ol this organ is Klnehart's Liver Pilie. Aci promptly and effectively. Sold by B. F. B-eeoling anc Koystoco drug fctore. Children Cry foi Castoria. If your chiid Is fretful, give Rine- harl'a Worm IjCZtcgts. A do^ or two will rta,cive it e cauee, which ia owing to wcirrut. Sold by B. F. Kces- licg &ca Keiticne crug- tiore. Par Or,-r Firtj V«r* Winslow'a SimtDjufe Syrup hae aud for over fifty \ears by mtl- lioos of molhcri 'or tbfair chileren wt)t-e teetliioK. *Ufi perfect buccess. Iv Eoothco me chiid. fccfieoti tbe gume, alla^ca.!! pain, curee svild COliC, and Is ihe bftt reiaedy for diarrtcei. It wl 1 relieve tbe.poor liille iufterer im- mediaiely. Sold by druggiatt lo every part of the world. Twenty-five ceoti a bottle. Be sure and ask for • Mrs. Winslow's Soothlrg Syrup," and t»ke> no other kiad. . : ^?^S£^&^.:fcvT^;k^^

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