The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK,)' CODBIER NEWS Oulboards Shown at New York Show Are Lightest In History By WAIiTfcK C. FARKES NKA Serilce Stan" Correspondent NEW YORK.—launched on a vave of prosperity, the 1937 Nai tlonal Motor Boat Show, New- York's 32d! annual cargo of promise for, wlnt«rbouni yachtsmen, actual, expectant and the merely wishful, Is In full swing at annd Central Palace The, show's-,."bigger/nnd' belter" aspects demand a* thesaurus of Dexler Ftllouslsh adjectives Pretloml- snce of iccrc.itlonal ciaft, embody. Ing; stock refitiemerils that in recent, years tinve been "extras." recalls (he lilgli;ilciing luxury of 192!}, Heavy demand for outboard motors indicates folk in the lower salary brackets have a spendable surplus, while an extra large flsel of , elaborately appointed fishing craft niggests that there's them that 'iins .the means to cater richly to their spselalized hobbl-js. Poppa, mama, and the kids are 'Ihe darlings of the designers who planned the 1937 cruisers and inboard runabouts. Next summer sull nnd thousands of families aflcr.t that ne\er before o-.uial so much ns a rowbaal, so family comfort, easy ilding, ecimouiy and ease ot operatloii_ are stressed, The new boats a're longer, and wider in beam, with Improvements |In living condition, lint piaclicnlly transform n family bo-xt Into a cruising siimmei cottage. Values aie the greatest in the his- tpry of the industiy While prices remain moderate (averaging $100 a foot up to 25 feet) ti;e new boats make comparable craft of depression jean, seem mete hull and paint jobs Cabinet work replaces carpentered lumber, the cockpits are room. Icr, with comfortably upholstered seals, and galleys and lavatories ^rc equipped with modern tool- proof plumbing Sound-proof engine plls.aiid cabin roofs Insulated ngr-inst the sun achieve quiet and cool cabins Vibration Is reduced to a minimum bj lavish use of rubber mountings for engines, instrument panels, Imtch covers and any olher gadgets suspected of containing a |M>lentlal rattle. * * * Reiersed Streamlining As tar 'as tile outward nppcnr- ( a_nce of this jear's fleet Is concern- By Harry Grayson llic tiny Elto 1*11! 15 pounds, and Ihe [lightest-outboard inolor ever marketed, lo giant heavy duty Diesels. Outboard mdtois are generally lighter, more jxjwcrful nnd smoother i nulling To achieve the laltel Impiovcment Johnson has introduced an alternate firing model. Evlnrude featmes a new cooling system pcrivl'Mng Increased eifi- clency nnd ample water at tioiling speeds * + * Gas Knglurs Ughlrr Lighter weight, increased power, and economical opciatlon also feature this gear's gasoline engines One Innovation is a self-contained fresh ,walcr cooling system Introduce,! by Lehman Tre accessory department Is located on the top llooi of the comehdonal j hull- Hundreds of Items Include cvcry- rtU "° <llrecU °" Ij"sl jou think that Ihose. pure •nchtsmcn, the sall-boalers, lo. whom a whirr of exhaust gas Isi nnalhema. .have been neglected, be uhtsed that not only nrc they in .lie show, but "bigger and betlcr" Lhnii ever. Out of some 120 craft .exhibited, norc than,50 are .sailboats: There nfo six, seven, and eight- foot Cape, Cod booU for joiiiig- slers, and n handsome 20-foot Luders class racing sloop Novel among _utility sail craft Is the 88~~ ' ~ ~' ' capable of It Is small ^ro^hlelltf^^aTT 01 ^^ 11 ^;^^^^^^^^ X.^A^ lie r4cte<t *? f f r ^-buckle? a,,<f • opposed to stieamlinlng's ldea\ I e ^"? ot a ^\ A \ Me »""• » " shlp- . blurit-nasfecT t**pcr-la!led teardrop SS M '^no. streamlined So whatj'iTreamlinlng" ls apparent*- c<vrcllllBhts ' Im " Is generally connned to superstructures pp extraneous gadgets, such as 'Ventilators, cleats, chocks, and .running lights - There has been such n tremendous increase In the number of •people anxious to tangle with sailfish, swordflsti, tunas, and oiher tough guys of Uie briny that, ncNl to pleasure boats, Interest this >ear centers In craft espsciall) designed for sport fishing, atict fealured by many Innovallons Typical and pace-setting Is the fishing boat designed by capt. Tom Clifford, famed sport nslicr- man Elto built his Ideas into a v38-footcr that Is a fkuutng museum of off-shore fishing contraptions. A cabin, forward houses galley nnd toilet and sleeps two There are berths for two more In the deckhouse, but when fishing, the entire deckhouse folds up to clear the deck foriwlld work with the rods Exhaust housings form supports for two 60-foDt outriggers Three steering wheels, strategically located abaft the windshield, above the deckhouse roof and in the center of the cockpit floor, give quick ma- ..rieuverablllty. in addition there are such fancj ideas as self-balling lUe bait v,cl!s and electrically refrigerated dead-bait boxes While the big boats arc sailing over the boundless main floor of the great exhibition hall, the mezzanine is offering a least for tlie mechanically-minded in a display oMiew engines They raYge from Chich-Cooter Game Date "Forgotten," Chicks Find Cooler officials had -forgotten the BlythcvIllc-CooUT basketball game scheduled for last night and when Hie Chick srjimd arrived at Cooter. Ihe Cooler team was unprepared for Ihe engagement, It was reported this morning. TYrry Believes McCarthy • ! Will Become Star lly Science Service NEW YORK—After he had gambled $-10,000 on yoii'iig Johnny McCarthy to come through ns a first sncker, Bill Terry," boss or Hie Giants, Intends to give tjic'yoimg- slcr obtained 'from Newark every chance to show. McCarthy will play first for Ihe club. t In place "I scouted him last season, and •hjncxevciy l'?.«spn..ip. n b.t;)levc that lie II bccotne'VV :star," 'says-*- Memphis BUI .-:-,-• . >: ---" •',•••''-• Do You Remember? One Year Agn Today — Ulzzy Dean announced lie would hold out fm n $60,000 sala'fy. n\c Years'Ago Tcitny —Anny lefeated/Duke, 25-23, In a basketball game nt West Point. Ten .Years Ago Today—Catalan won the' $5,000 Blsc'ayne Handicap at Hialcnh- Park,: Miami. pound " Dyer Dink, carrying four adults. ., enough to be carried Inboard Inside a standard 10-foot dinghy There nrc two entirely new Wlnabout models, n 15',4-foot, all- ihnhogany Snipe, and n ' 13-foot all-purpose boat suitable for beginners. The United slates still pays Civil War'ncnstom hmountlnj; to nearly 52,000.000 weekly. Play Billiards! Whplfsome Recreation Moderately Priced Blylheville Recreation Center 316 W. Main - Former Homo of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER AM'UJTON MARVIN CHAFPELL Read'Courier Newu want Adj. NEW YOrtK, Jan. 12.—If Rogers Hornsby's plans go through, the Browns' pitching staff of 1931 will be known. as the old gcnlle- iini from St, Louis. Hornsby -wants 1 something to .vllh ihe executives, spirit and office furniture that come with ' the new American League setup at Sportsman's Park. It appears as I though ihe Ilajah has ben stopped In trade negotiations, so lie's doing the next best thing. He's fulling back on a lot o* old bowl- •ng blokes. There nrc mighty few spring chickens on the Browns' hurling itnff now. Alphonse Thomas Is n. Elon Hogsett is 33. Russell Van 30, Ivy Paul Andrews ,vlll be 20 before ihe campaign Is veil under way. To this .'collection Hornsby would add the soulhpaws, Wild BUI Hal- Inhiui, now with Cincinnati, and Hill Walker, now with the Cardinals' .Hochester farm. Hallnhan is 32. Walker a year older. From the minors, Hornsby already .Ims obtained Lou Koupal 'mm: Seattle, and would bring In Sheriff Fred Blake, the old Cub new with Baltimore, and Willie Lmlolph of Oakland,; All of them are old enough to know better . « • • t I I^s llhikc's Curve. "You gotta have pitchers to get any place, and I ain't so sure all tlas winter pep stuff will make a lot of difference If we don't'change the ball club," says Homsby. ''It's all right. I'guess,- to become enthusiastic about our prospects'-but I'm hoping that the writers and tlie fans of St. Louis will iiot< expect too much of us,' '. • : ' "1 don't want lo start the 1937 season with the same staff that finished for me in 103G, I'm on the trail of every experienced pitcher In the business. If I can I'elp It, I'm not going to experiment with raw recruits. I want two or three pitchers who at least know how to pitch. And I don't care a darn how old they are: "I don't know If we can get Blake or.Lmlolph, but they're• the lype I want,, or course, I'd • like Schoolboy Rowp from De- troll. Bob Feller from .Cleveland, Monte Rcarson from the Yankees and pitchers of that kind. But'i can't, so I'm. doing Ihe'next best ."Don'.t laugh because I mention Blake.-lie's ihe right-hander who was with . Ihe' Cubs some years ago, He's been around, but I know Ills style. He's a curve-ball pitcher and fetice-buslers of the, American Lfftgue don't Jlke pllchers with ii .round-house curve. That's why I've picked ,Blake. . • ' Old'lioys-Come 'fhroiigli ' :,. •' "^oljpal wds .the .best pitcher fin the- Pacific Coast 'league. He's 1 33, but Bob Grove at!37'\yas thb'jl'n- est pitcher in ihe mutter of earned runs In our league last season. "The Indians, looking around for n steady soul lip aw, picked Earl Whllchill In a trade with Washington. He is 37. Pat Ma- lonc had a great year with the Yankees. He's 34. Some of the old boys are more valuable than inexperienced recruits." Hornsby also might mention the'fact that Jesse Hatncs wns : (i winner for the Cardinals at 43j ami that the Indians are bringing back the 32-year-old Joe Hevlng ami the 31-year-old Carl Fischer. "I believe that a change from Banquet To. Honor Chicki GridTeam Blylhcvlilc will toast the Chlcka- saws, outstanding claimants of Ihe Arkansas state grid championship for 1930, at a banquet at the Blue Room of the Ho lei Noble tonight. . At least 150 persons are expected to attend the banquet with Clyde "Shorty" Propst, head: coach of Southwestern University at Memphis as'the principal speaker. Besides the talk by Coach Propst the outstanding-event of the evening will probably be the presentation of gold footballs lo members of Uic Chlckasaw squad In honor of their achievement. Clar- mce'H. Wllson'wIH niake 'the.pres- entation of tlie gold footballs, emblematic of the state championship, to Head Coach Cariiey Laslle In behalf of chick funs. Laslle in lurn will matte.the Individual presentations to members of the varsity squad.; ,-. : ;•. ' Jesse Taylor, local attorney and member of one of the earliest of Ulylheville high, football teams, will act as toaslmaster, with the banquet to begin at 7 o'clock. Emmett Maum o; the sports staff of the Memphis Commercial Appeal and possibly sports writers from Jonesboro and other north- cast Arkansas cities will be in attendance. The banquet is » public affair and attendance of a large numbei of Chick fans Is expected, tickets being available at a dollar a plate the National to the America! League would help Walker and Hallahan," asserts Hornsby. "I'm not doing any second guessing on Frank Frlsch's judgment. I guess Prank knew what lie was doing when he passed on the left-hand- ers, but he was trying lo win a pennant, "I'm not trying lo win the 1937 pennant. I'm shooting for fifth place, maybe fourth. I must gi that hlgii to make good an the job,-'and.-keep In -step' with' tlie bright hopes' to be found in our office under the new deal." ' And Hornsby will bank on age<. athletes ,to enable the Browns to fall in step with the happy procession at-Sportsman's Park. Few- Get by Lopez BOSTON — Al Lopez, Boston Bees' catcher, set a new possec ball record In the majors when he allowed only one to get bj him. Pioneers' Goal Attained , • .ONTARIO.'Hid. (ui'i— When the first settlers arrived here in 1831 they planted biirr oaks in what U now the public .square.' Landscaping ; and fuel for'future', generations were .they;. objectives.' Almost a century-, laler,- flic las(. tree,, badly decayed, .was ci!t,do\v,n and sawed into lirew&od. ;, <.;; ';• .' ' WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone 167 -APPLEBAUM BROS. ; COTTON;co. Bertl e Bldg. BJytlievllJe, Ar*. NOTICE Privilege licenses, city auto licenses, street taxes and dog licenses are now due and payable. Your prompt attention will be appreciated. RUTH BLYTHE City Clerk. A flick of a finger... A touch of * foe... TO SHIFT! TO STOP! TOCO! HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE dealers everywhere invite you lo try the magically easy ;icn; way to ilrivo \rith Hudson's now Selective Automatic Shift. No need to null a gear lever or push a clutch pedal . . . ycl uoihing new lo learn. 111 T?road\vav BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Rlylheville, Ark On The Outside Looking Tn . ; By "DUKE" Ijslle to Ilk-liiiioiul Coach Carney Ijaslle Is due to eavc late'tonight, after the ban- uet In honor of his cliic'kasaws. nythlcal state grid champions, for Richmond, Va., lo talk over his x>sslblc appointment as line coach t V. M. I. ivllh school officials. Pooley Hubert, Ihe former Ala- ama star of Rose Bowl fame (Jan, , 1920), new head coach at V. M. ., wants Lnsllc as one of his as- Istants, In charge of the forward wall of his football team. Whether Lnsllc will Join the V. . L. staff, goes elsewhere imaybn ack to Alabama) or slays here Is cry much In doubt. It is iiwlcr- lood that the local school board as informally assured uislie of n alary raise If he remains "Shorly" l'roi>st "Shorty" Propst, the giant Soulh- I'cstern coach, who Ls lo make the >rincipal talk at tonight's banquet. S one or the football greats of past loulhern foolball. It was well over 10 yc.irs a§o, in "net Propst's last year as a player vas 1934. unless we're mistaken, hat "Shorty" was bouncing ball :arrlcrs nround on the turf. Propst vas ah allsouthern center at the Jntversity of Alabama and one of he best pivot men ever turned out in Dixie. Had he been fortunate enough to been a player ssv- ral years laler. with Ihe rls? of southern foolball lu Ihe national picture.' Propst would have made many an Ail-America team. Those who like lo think of their 'ootball heroes as real he-men will probably see the pattern they're looking for tonight if they can gaze at "Shorty" and let their magination strip about 12 years "rom his frame. on ,the park as any privately on-1 mted baseball club. I Whether softball sponsors will i want to continue their leagues with • tnc'advcnt of a Northeast. Arkan-1 iasfJcague baseball team here re-! mains lo bc-.seen. Very likely the girls' league, will be continued and we don't, look for tlie boys' league to be dissolved without al least a try this season. After all the soft, bailers able to dra\v enough customers'at a dime to pay for their lights, Based on prices charged elsewhere in the Northeast, Arkansas loop, 40 cents will be close to the admission charge lo. league games here! WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1937 WANT TO RUY SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COI'l'EDGE GIN CO. Highway 18 . Phone 331 ROXY Adm.~ Always 10 A 25c— Ic Tax . Show Kyfry ; Night Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday iilatinecs— i;15 Saturday Matinee — Continuous Showing — 1:00 Til! 11:00 I'. MJ Everything For Your Entertain, meat and Comfort Weds. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS! | Z Adults Admitted for I'rlee of ll All Children—lOc | Fairgrounds Hail I'urk Rental of the ball diamond to ie laid out on the fairgrounds sec- Ion of the municipal park and '• airgrounds by the fair association :o^ Fred S. saliba indicates that he New York Gianls really mean lusiness in backing a Blythevllle baseball learn. 'As we understand It, the Glaiits, -hrdugh Saliba, are lo pay sobo for use, of the park for games and Jracllcc sessions, paying their own bill- for lighting the field and for nalriteitance. The concession rights go with the lease. This will not prevcn'. use of the ayoiit at the fairgrounds for soft>all. we are told, nml it should not do Fo if local tnercliants want to continue Softball because after all ;oftball lias just ns much a claim Weds. - Thurs. T)k'k Powell and .loan lilondcll in "Gold Diggers of 1937? ., With Victor Moore, Glenda Karrell, I, ce Dixnn, Osgood Perkins and Rosalind Marquis A 14-karal cast in the New Year's first big musical treat;'Everything's new but Ihe name! Also Paramount News and Comedy —Admission— . . . Matinee—10 & 26c Night—1C & 3C C TUESDAY. JAN. .19— $50.00 BANK NIGHT! Last night Mr. B. Fresser was called for the S25.00—But he was net: present—Making' BANK DEPOSIT next week S50.00; CIGARETTES CAMELS, CHKSTErtFIELDS; .LUCKIES, ETC. ONE PACK FOR 1 Oc AVlTlI EACH PURCHASE OF SOc OP GASOLINE OR OIL AT THE MARTIN OIL STATION STEELE, RIO. SATURDAY 3 DAYS ONLY First Performance 2 P. M. Thursday t All; Performances Are FREE OPEN NIGHTS Don't Miss Seeing the HUMAN FORD It Sees! It Hears! it Talks! It Feels! It Can: —rciu! ,11ic serial number of a tlnllar bill front your pocket! —tell you Ihe make of your cigarette by smcll- : ing the smoke! v —greets visitors by name! —tell you tlie color anil kind of clotbing you are wearing! '• Apparently it has all the sensations of a Human Being AND MORE The sensation of the New York Show! See It FREE As Our Guest PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Fifth Gtul Walnut Hlythcville, Arki V -*. i.i,f.

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